Related article: Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:37:26 -0700 From: barry97 Subject: The Air Force Part 2 The End of Basic TrainingThis is my new e-mail address barry97shaw.ca Do not send e-mail to my old address barry97telus.com because it no longer exists.This is only meant to be read by people of consenting age.The Air Force Part 2. The End of Basic TrainingIt had been an eventful bus ride from London to Halifax. Yes long but mostly boring. I had gotten off the train wend around to the parking lot as instructed from the recruiting centre. I walked toward a group of young men my age. They looked as if they were waiting for a ride. I asked if they were waiting for a bus to Cornwallis. One of the men in the group said yes.Soon a military bus arrived and I got on board along with the other dozen or so men. A man other than the driver had called our names as we boarded the bus. After sitting the bus pulled away and into traffic. We were soon out of Halifax in the open country.I ended up sitting beside a chubby man in his late teens with dark brown hair and brown eyes. We introduced each other. His name was Chuck. We didn't say much along the way and hour later the bus pulled in front of this gate. The bus pulled up to a large building and we were told to get out. A man shouted at us as we got out of the bus to hurry it up and grab our gear off the bus and line up. This I soon found out would be a regular thing being yelled at.We were processed with haircuts, issued uniforms as well as other military things. We were instructed how we were to shine our shoes, how to make our beds and other important things we were to do on a daily bases. I was surprised how large the mess hall was and how much food there was. That first day I learned was an easy day although it didn't feel like it at the time.The next days and weeks we were to march, run, swim, shoot, do push up, sit ups and other physical activities. I was beginning to get use to the yelling out of orders and name calling by our two corporals. I saw the men I had arrived with turn from skinny or plump bodies to hard toned bodies. I had been a hundred and twenty skinny pounds, five six when I entered basic training and now with only two weeks left was a hundred and thirty five tone pounds. I didn't have much time to admire the men those first few weeks. I was always on the go and by the end of the day only wanted to collapse into bed.I was proud walking past the main stadium and saluting the last day of basic training. I had passed and would be ready to go on to my next training. At the last minute our troop was told we wouldn't be leaving the base for another week. I was disappointed because I wanted to move on. I had never left base during the fifteen weeks of basic training. We were told the last weekend we were not to leave base. There was little to do that last week. We wouldn't have to march etc because our training was finished. That's when I began to really notice how hot my fellow troop was. The shortest was about five-five and the tallest about six-five all were in excellent shape now that basic training was over. After dinner I had watched TV in the upstair lounge and now lay in bed waiting for sleep to arrive.I woke up having to take a leak in the worse way. When I got to the washroom I went to the urinal and began to piss. I don't know why but my cock got rock hard and I began to masturbate for the very first time since arriving at basic training. I heard they put something in our food to prevent us from getting horny but for the last couple of days we were given special food. I now figured that's why I was horny because my sure was hard. The new food must not have had stuff it in to prevent our barracks not to get horny. I held my balls in my hand. Just then I heard something behind me. "What are you doing Barry?" Some one said. I turned my head to see Mark a man in his late teens behind me."Nothing." I said putting my hard cock in my green boxers."Yes you are Barry. Do we guys turn you on?" Mark asked."Of coarse not." I answered."Why else would you have a boner when there are only guys around. I think you're a homo." Mark said."No I'm not." I answered."I'm going to tell everyone in Pedo Pussy Pics the morning you are anyway. That is unless you do me a favour." Mark said."Like what?" I asked turning and facing Mark.""Come in the cubic and blow me." Mark said."What? Your kidding. What Pedo Pussy Pics if someone walks in?" I asked."That's why we're going in the cubical dummy." Mark said."No way. I'm not sucking you. Who's going to believe you? Besides I thought you had to take a piss. Why else would you be in here?" I asked I knew I was being bold but figured I would take the chance by pushing my point. Maybe Mark did know I would love to suck him. I just wanted him to force me to suck him."I do have to piss. I'll meet you in the cubical after I piss. You know all the guys believe anything I tell them. You should know that by now." Mark said. I knew he was right. Ever since the first day Mark had become the leader of us all."Okay, you win. I'll meet you in this first cubical. I'll leave the door unlocked for you." I said."Okay." Mark answered.I walked over to the first cubical and walked in and closed the door but didn't lock it. I could hear Mark as his urine sprayed in the urinal and knew he wouldn't be long. Then I heard his footsteps approaching the cubical and the door opened. He walked in and pushed his green boxers to his knees. "Take a good look at what you want." Mark said.His cock was a good thick six inches and as hard as a cock could get. I wanted to wrap my lips around it. I wanted to hold his big hairy cum filled balls in my hand. I wanted to feel his muscular body. I just wanted him in the worse way."Go ahead give me head." Mark said.I opened my mouth taking his large mushroom size cock head in my mouth feeling his balls with my hand and with my other hand I began to message his chest. He shoved his cock further down my throat and I gobbled it up. It was like heaven. A cock in my mouth at long last after weeks of no cock. I head Mark moaning above me. "Suck it. Oh fuck your good." Mark said.I ran my tongue around the shaft of his cock as he rocked forward sending his cock down my throat. I could tell he wanted to get off. Actually needed to get off. His balls felt heavy in my hands. "Suck my cock. Oh fuck suck it. Your mouth is so warm." Mark said.I wanted to shout. "I'm sucking your delicious cock but of coarse my mouth was full of his cock. He pushed his cock down my throat. He kept pulling his cock out until only my lips covered his thick cock head and rammed it down my throat again. His balls felt so heavy.Suddenly I heard Mark moaning and knew any minute he would be shooting his load. "Take my cum. Fuck take it all Barry." He moaned Then as he pushed his cock deep in my throat and braced himself I felt his cock vibrate and knew he was shooting his load. He pulled his cock out to my lips letting go another spurt of his cum. It flowed all over my tongue. It was salty and tasted delicious. I hadn't realized I was jacking off until suddenly I could feel my balls churning and the spray of my own cum was all over my hand.Mark's cock slipped out of my mouth and I licked his Pedo Pussy Pics creamy cock head. "That was good." I said."Maybe I should let all the guys you're a great cock sucker." Mark said."No please don' t tell anyone you promised." I saidWhat will happen next. Watch for Part 3. barry97shaw.ca It may take me some time to write Part 3.

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