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Thank you.Albuquerque Skaterboys - Part 12 Daniel was returning from one of his friend's home when he noticed the grey-primered Lincoln parked in front of his Westgate home. The older car belonged to his brother's best friend, Dominic. Also, Daniel knew that the sixteen-year old gangster must be there waiting for him so that the eleven-year old boy could submit to the sexual desires of the older boy. For almost two weeks, Dominic had been using Daniel to fulfill his own sexual needs. However, Daniel saw the family car parked in the driveway so he knew that his mother must be home. This made the young boy feel better since he did not think Dominic would attempt anything with him though the Daniel had recently learned to enjoy the illicit activities. The sandy-haired skaterboy wondered if the teen gangster was so brazen as to have the young boy submit to his carnal demands with his mother present. Slowly, Daniel walked up to the side of his modest house while making sure to avoid being seen by anyone inside. The young boy stealthily made his way Kds Fuck around the side of the unkept home through a yard strewn with weeds till he reached the backyard littered with a broken-down swing set and a beat-up aluminum shed. Unsure of not having been seen, Daniel sat quietly against the back of the small house resting and waiting to see if anyone had noticed his approach. While sitting there contemplating his next move, Daniel could hear noises coming from his mother's bedroom window. Squeaks and grunts could be heard emanating in a muffled tone. Kds Fuck Like a cat, the nimble boy crawled under the open window to listen better and to sneak a peek as to what was causing the strange noises which reminded him of people wrestling. He could make out his mother's voice clearly but it sounded strange and eerie. Daniel could make out Dominic's deep voice every so often. Both voices were muffled but one could make out intensity in the tone of each person. Mixed in was a sound that reminded the prepubescent boy of jumping on a bed. Daniel wondered what both his mother and Dominic were doing in her room that was causing such a commotion. Carefully, Daniel stood up and peered into the window which had the curtains apart slightly. The sandy-haired boy in a dirty white t-shirt and grey jeans looked in and saw a sight that startled him so much that he almost fell back. What Daniel saw was his mother and Dominic both naked on her bed engaged in a animal-like display of anal sex. The small boy was shocked to see his naked mother atop the bed on her hands and knees taking the sixteen-year old's thick cock in the ass from behind. A sublime glow radiated from her face which told the eleven-year old boy that his dear mom was enjoying the carnal act being performed on her by this teen thug. The forty-year old woman's face was red from the effort of being penetrated anally. Grunts of pleasure would burst forth from her lips with each thrust by the teen boy. A bit dumbstruck as to the unimaginable sight that he was witnessing, Daniel stood wide-eyed and mouth agape as he stared in the window. Daniel was looking directly at Dominic who seemed intent on pursuing his pleasure by thrusting with wild abandon into the naked older woman when the virile sixteen-year old looked up and noticed the sandy-haired skaterboy spying through the partly open window. Noticing Daniel peering through the window with a look of disbelief plastered on his cute face, Dominic gave the son of the woman that he was fucking doggy-style a naughty wink that indicated that the teen thug was unabashedly unashamed about being discovered in performing this sordid act. Startled at being discovered, the lithe boy dropped down quickly and scampered behind a delapidated aluminum shed to hide. For long minutes, Daniel hid behind the beat-up shed with his heart racing at having been discovered. He was afraid that his mother would come out half-naked and demand from him the details of what he had seen. The young boy was still unsure if he could bring himself to accept what he had just stumbled upon by accident. Daniel could not believe that his own dear mother would ever have anything to do with a person like Dominic especially sex. How could his mother have done that he told himself. Yet, Daniel could still see in his mind the thick cock of the teen thug sliding into his mother's butt. This unexpected twist-of-events repelled the small boy but he found a strange desire to want it for himself ever since that first time it happened to him. Twenty tense minutes passed by as young Daniel hid behind the shed waiting for the grey-primered Lincoln to leave. Finally, the eleven-year old could hear the roar of the engine as it started and the sound of the powerful sound system being turned on. Peeking out toward the street, Daniel saw the car containing Dominic drive away. The worst part the young boy thought was that now he would have to go inside his house. This especially disturbed him because he did not know how he could look his mother directly in th eye knowing that just a few minutes earlier she was engaged in a puerile sex act. Never in his entire life would Daniel have thought his mother capable of participating in such dirty deeds. Yet, he told himself he had done the same. However, the small boy had clung to the notion that he had been made to participate in the illicit sex acts which saved his own fragile sense of masculinity and gave him a valuable excuse should he be discovered. So, what was his mother's excuse he thought? Surely, his mother was not forced to do it like him. From the look of pleasure on his mother's face, Daniel surmised that her particpation appeared willing. Daniel was reminded of the terrific pleasure that he felt when he was fucked in the ass my Dominic and a strange hunger to experience it arose from deep within. The sandy-haired boy felt a stirring around his tight boyhole as the memory of the thick cock plunging inside it came flooding back. If he had been home, Daniel told himself that Kds Fuck it would have been him and not his mother being fucked on that bed. In some way, Daniel blamed himself for the unbelievable scene that he had just witnessed. Faced with these disturbing and daunting questions, Daniel made his way quietly around the modest house till he came to the front door. He unlocked the front door and walked inside while making as much noise as possible so his mother could hear just in case she was still in a state of undress which he did not want to see. The last thing he wanted to find was his mother naked. "Mom?" said Daniel as he walked carefully down the hallway towards his mother's room which was across from his own messy room, "Uh...I'm home from Rudy's house...Mom?" Daniel saw his mom exit from her room hastily as she closed the door behind her which was unusual since she normally left it open. Kds Fuck The woman in her forties had her bathrobe wrapped around her like she had either just gotten out of the shower or had just gotten out of bed. "Uh...Danny...you're home. That's good!" Daniel's mother said appearing unnerved at her son's return home, "I thought you were going Kds Fuck to stay longer. Uh..did you have fun?" The woman had her sandy blonde hair mussed up and her face was flushed as if she had just ran a mile. Looking at her, Daniel kept seeing the image of his mother naked and being fucked. "Ummm, I was going to stay longer but Rudy was going to see his Uncle Tony. He lives in the North Valley. He asked me if I could go so I could meet him but I thought you were at work and I didn't want to go unless I got permission," explained Daniel as he gazed at his mother as she and him walked towards the kitchen where she got herself a glass of milk, "Uh, are you sick or something?" The woman smiled innocently and shook her head as she gave her young son a motherly caress across his forehead. "Yeah...I wasn't really feeling too good, you know," admitted Daniel's mother as she sat down with a tired look on her face, "So, I called in. Probably means I have to do a double shift tomorrow or Saturday. That kinda sucks, huh?" Daniel nodded sympathetically as his mother got up and went back towards her room to rest. "Want me to warm up a pizza from the freezer for lunch, mom?" asked Daniel as he got up to check what was available. "Sure," responded the woman dressed in the bathrobe, "And next time you want to go with Rudy to go see his uncle just go. Okay, Danny?" The eleven-year old boy pulled out a frozen pepperoni pizza. Still drinking her milk, Daniel's mother slowly got up and walked into the hallway. "Thanks, mom," answered Daniel as he heard his mother's bedroom door close. The lithe skaterboy thought about going to his friend Rudy's house tomorrow since he knew that he would most likely be home alone all day and night since his mom would have to make up her hours by working a double shift. Daniel had a feeling that if he stayed home that Dominic would show up wanting the young boy to submit to his advances. The young boy could still feel the strong desire to be penetrated and dominated that was rekindled by the strange sight he had witnessed earlier. Feeling this strange hunger for something other then food, Daniel put his frozen pizza in the microwave to warm it up for himself and his mom.-------------------- In Springer, New Mexico, Daniel's older brother, Patrick, was being let out of the solitary confinement cell at the Boy's Detention Center where he had been for the past two days after getting into a fight. Patrick was fifteen years old and stood five-feet and seven-inches tall with a weight of one hundred and forty pounds on an athletic frame. He shared the same features of his younger brother except that his sandy-blonde hair was cut extremely short making him look bald. His right eye sported a bruise where he had been struck. Currently, he was dressed in the standard institutional light blue shirt and black slacks provided by the State of New Mexico to the juvenile offenders in its care. Because he had been caught and convicted on his second car burglary, Patrick was going to be incarcerated for at least nine-months more. The fifteen-year old boy hated the New Nexico Boys School. Because most of the other inmates were either Hispanic or Black and Patrick was white, he found it really difficult to make friends with anyone. The small congregation of black inmates stayed together and the other inmates steered clear of them because getting into trouble with one usually meant trouble with the whole group. There was a white clique but it had no real power in the politics of the juvenile prison so it mainly existed for protection of its few members who put up a false bravado of Aryan power for image sake if anything at all. The Hispanic boys who were the majority mostly spent their time fighting amongst themselves because they usually divided up by where they came from. Patrick spent the first few weeks hanging out with another white boy name Stan who was seventeen but he found his constant racist comments irritating so he began to avoid hanging out with him. Deep down in his mind, Patrick knew it was unwise to be a lone wolf inside the juvenile prison so he had spent the past week striking up casual conversations with any of the Hispanic inmates who would chat back. Two days earlier, Patrick noticed a lop-sided fight breaking out in the recreation area. It involved three of the Hispanic boys jumping a solitary Hispanic boy who was the leader of a rival gang. The single boy was a tough-looking sixteen-year old named Chavo that reminded Patrick of his best friend, Dominic. This tough-looking kid appeared able to take care of himself but Patrick didn't like anyone Kds Fuck being jumped by a group of guys. It was for that reason that Patrick had joined in to make the odds more fair by helping Chavo against his attackers. Patrick joined the fray with fists flying. Though the other boys were bigger and outweighed him, Patrick gave as many strikes as he took. The fight had not lasted too long before the guards arrived but Patrick had taken quite a few blows which resulted in the black eye, a cut lip and sore ribs. When the guards asked who was to blame, Patrick took responsibility since he knew that it would give him a few days away from the other inmates and that, perhaps, he might have won the respect of his fellow inmates by showing that he could be counted on to stand up if called to. After sitting in the punishment cell alone for two days nursing his bruises and cut lip, Patrick was finally let out into the same recreation area where he wandered next to a cinderblock wall where he sat down to watch a group of Hispanic boys playing basketball. Patrick noticed another boy sitting at the far end of the cinderblock wall watching the same group of older boys playing basketball. He had never spoken to this other boy who was about thirteen-years of age. He knew from Stan that his name was Alex and he was three inches smaller than Patrick and weighed 100 pounds at most giving him a thin and gangly appearance. Kds Fuck He had chestnut brown hair that was a bit long and looked mussed up always. His eyes were hazel and they had a nervous quality about them in that he avoided direct eye contact. The young boy always looked edgy like he was about to be struck. Alex was white like Patrick but hung around exclusively with a group of Hispanic boys but seemed to especially hang around Chavo. Patrick noticed that Chavo used Alex like his own personal servant and the younger boy did each task without complaint. The younger boy had an aura of submission which made Patrick feel a bit sorry for him for a moment. He had noticed that a handful of the older boys in the Latino and black groups had a similar arrangement with a younger member so Patrick thought nothing of it since he had his own worries at the moment. Patrick noticed a group of five Latino boys moving toward where he was sitting. "Hey," said a dark-skinned Hispanic boy who walked up to Patrick and looked him over Kds Fuck like he was sizing him up to fight, "You're the vato from the fight the other day, huh?" Patrick steeled himself to defend himself because he was unsure if this Hispanic boy was a friend of the other boys he had gotten into a fight with and was looking for payback on their behalf. "Y_Yeah," replied Patrick replied trying hard to sound calm though he was extremely nervous, "Why'd you want to know, homey?" The other boys in the recreation area were all staring at the group of Hispanic boys surrounding Patrick. They all seemed to expect another fight to break out including Patrick. For a moment, the group of Hispanic boys around Patrick looked at each other and then at Patrick who was beginning to get really nervous . "You've got balls, homey," said a deep voice from behind the group of Hispanic boys, "You didn't have to get my back in that fight but you did. I got for respect for that." Patrick watched anxiously as the tough-looking sixteen-year old that he had jumped in to help in the fight walked imperiously through the group of Hispanic boys who parted to let him through to where Patrick was sitting. "Uh...thanks," answered Patrick feeling a bit relieved that he wasn't about to get beaten up, "I've been jumped a few times back home and I know how it feels. It sucks." Chavo laughed which caused all the other Hispanic boys to laugh as well. It made Patrick feel much better. "Ain't that the truth, homey," sighed Chavo as he sat down by Patrick, "So, where you from?" The other Hispanic boys moved off causing the eyes of the other boys in the recreation area to shift from Patrick and Chavo to elsewhere. The only one who kept looking was Alex who seemed to be waiting for something to happen. "Well...I'm from Albuquerque," said Patrick a little flustered at sitting there with the leader of the strongest gang in the juvenile correction facility, "I live in Westgate." The older teen nodded as he watched the Hispanic boys who had just left them began shooting the basketball in turns. "What're you in for?" asked Chano a moment later. "Uhm...burglary," responded Patrick, "I did a second one while I was on probation. It was fucking stupid, I guess. I got sent to this shitty place for nine months, bro. I hate it!" Chavo gave a little smile as if he understood too well. "Don't sweat it, homey," Chavo said casually, "I've been here almost a year but I'm getting out soon. It's why those dudes jumped me the other day. They wanted to show everyone who was going to be boss around here when I'm gone. I could have handled them but you got my back. It helps me cause no one will try that shit again. They'll be afraid someone they don't know about will back me up just like you did. Now, I can just coast till I get out of this fucking place. I owe you one." The tough-looking sixteen-year old extended his hand towards the slighter white boy who looked at it momentarily before shaking it. "It's cool," answered Patrick feeling more relaxed then he had ever been since he had arrived to the Springer Boy's Juvenile detention Center. "Homey, I pay my debts," said Chavo looking at Patrick intensely, "You ain't a man if you don't live up to your responsibilities, you know?" Patrick understood and looked around the recreation area a little unsure what to say. "I know what you're saying," answered Patrick staring at the ground, "Being homies is cool with me." "What do you miss from home, bro?" asked Chavo with a serious look on his rugged face, "I'm sure there is something you miss like fuck." Patrick stayed quiet for a moment as he thought about all the things he hated about Springer and what he missed most. There was so much it was difficult to list them all. In reality, Patrick just missed being with his mom and little brother but he did not want to tell Chavo that because he was afraid that it would make him sound like a scared little kid. "Well,...I miss hanging with my homies back home...or toking it up....and partying with the bitches," said Patrick haltingly, "You know how it is, dawg. I got so many things I can't tell you them all." The tough-looking sixteen-year old inmate nodded understandingly as he leaned back against the cinderblock wall. "True, dawg, so true. You got yourself a sweet ho back home?" asked Chavo closing his serious eyes. "I got me lots of hoes back home, dawg," quickly answered Patrick though it was untrue that he had more than a handful of sexual experiences, "I hate this fucking place cause I can't get me any sweet pootang. My cock feels like its going to fall off from not getting any. Bro, I don't know how you could handle it this long. I'm soooo fucking horny. My nuts are ready to bust already!" "I know what you mean, bro," said Chavo as he opened his hazel eyes and stood up leisurely stretching his strong-looking arms, "It's pretty rough in here. Well, I'll find a way to pay you back for your help, homey. Anyone messes with you, just let me know, alright?" The other Hispanic boys stopped playing basketball and stood around as if waiting for a sign from Chavo as to what they were supposed to do. "Thanks," responded Patrick as he watched Chavo walk away. He noticed that Alex stood up and had quickly ran to be by Chavo's side. The thirteen-year old white boy looked rather delicate and small against the older and bulkier Hispanic teen as they both walked away towards the main building with the other Hispanic boys who Kds Fuck had surrounded Patrick bringing up the rear. Patrick felt a sense of relief now that he had found himself an influential friend in this forsaken place. He told himself that he would be getting his most peaceful sleep tonight since he had arrived.-------------------- The following morning after seeing his mom and Dominic together, Daniel was barely getting out of the shower when he heard the doorbell ring. His mother had left for work early so the eleven-year old boy was alone at home. He tried to ignore it in the hopes that whoever it was would go away. However, the bell kept on ringing and ringing. Daniel had an idea as to who it was at the door this mid-morning and a sense of dread fell over him causing a bad case of nerves. Hastily pulling on a pair of blue sweats over his still wet body, Daniel made his way to the front door as the door bell kept on making it known that someone was trying to Kds Fuck be noticed outside. Slowly, the bare-chested boy with the glistening wet skin opened the front door for the guest anxious to enter. "Hey! It's about time!" exclaimed a well-built teen age boy who wore his gangster persona proudly, "I thought my bitch wasn't going to answer. Come on and open up for me, alright?" Dominic looked in through the screen door with a menacing look that told the younger boy that he should do as he was told. Nervously, Daniel unlocked and opened the screen door for the sixteen-year old gangster that he had seen having anal sex with his mom the day before. "H_hey, w_what's up, Dominic?" replied Daniel with a bit of a stammer as the much bigger boy walked past him with a commanding air, "I was in the shower...that's why it took me so long to get to the door." The Hispanic boy looked over the half-naked white boy with a bit of a leer as he stood in the middle of the living room fondling his crotch with his left hand. "Nice. Getting ready for me, huh?" said the teen thug dismissively as Daniel closed the front door and locked it. "K_kinda. I was going...going to go out to my friend's house," nervously explained the thin blonde boy as his eyes looked at the large bulge in the baggy jeans of the teen boy's crotch area, "After you and I were done of course, you know,...doing what we do, you know." The teen boy gave a quick nod towards the young boy's bedroom which was more a command than a suggestion. "It's good you didn't wear too much, bitch," said Dominic as the small boy shuffled slowly past him resigned to his fate of sexually servicing this older boy, "Makes it easier for me to get my lovin', you know." Dominic reached out with his right hand and groped the eleven-year old boy's right round buttock which was protected by a thin layer of fabric from the sweat pants. He squeezed and groped it like it was a soft grapefruit. It pleased the tough youth that the small boy did not flinch nor pull away which told him that the sandy-haired youngster was learning his place with him. As they entered the small boy's bedroom which had clothes and blankets strewn all over, the older boy slipped both hands under the slightly under-sized sweatpants and kneaded the bare buttocks of Daniel who accepted it without question. "Fuck, bitch! You got a fine ass. No...no, this ass is mine!" said Dominic Kds Fuck with a tone of finality as he pulled the too-small sweatpants down so that the young boy had his genitals and backside exposed for him to access, "Isn't that right, bitch?" Daniel quietly nodded as he submitted to the groping and touching of the older boy who continued dominating him. Somewhere in the back of his young mind, the bare-chested boy enjoyed a stronger, older male making him submit to his will. "Yuummmmy," commented Dominic as he removed his hands from under the small boy's sweatpants and turned the smaller boy aound so he was facing him, "I bet you've been craving my sweet candy, huh, bitch?" Daniel looked up at the hard brown eyes of the teen thug standing before him and blushed as he understood the intent of the older boy's hands on his shoulders pressing him down to his knees. Daniel relented and fell to his knees as he began working on the buttons of the loose jeans that Dominic was wearing. "I...I did miss it," mumbled Daniel as he dropped the jeans down to the older boy's ankles while Dominic undid the buttons on his grey shirt revealing his solid chest. He enjoyed the sense of power it gave him to have this cute young boy bend to his sexual urges. "Hell yeah, bitch, my cock has you and your mom hooked!" said Dominic with a sense of self-satifaction that made the older boy look more imposing to the younger boy who was slipping the white boxers down from Dominic's waist freeing the already stiff cock awaiting his attention, "Did you see how she likes it up the ass like you, bitch? I bet you kinda freaked out yesterday, huh?" Daniel looked up at the bragging teen thug as he gripped with both hands the ferocious looking cock that Dominic proudly possessed. The powerful penis throbbed with almost electric power in his small hands sending a strong desire through the small boy to feel it inside his own butt once more. "Y_yeah,...I..I saw," stammered the sandy-haired eleven-year old as he concentrated his gaze upon the thick cock in his small hands portruding from the curly bush of black pubes on the crotch of the young thug. Dominic threw his shirt into a corner with a triumphant smile and stepped out of his underwear and trousers. "I been banging her since I got out of Springer," bragged the Hispanic teen as he looked down on the kneeling small boy handling his hard cock, "The real funny part is that she asked me that one day I stayed overnight with your bro while you was at your grandmas's house. I got up to get some water late in the night dressed only in my boxers and she found me in the kitchen. Of course, I had my cock all hard when she walked in. She must have liked what she saw cause the next moment I was fucking her brains out. She has been wanting it ever since. Don't you see how she's so nice to me, bitch? It's cause of the cock. It's got you too, huh? Don't act like I can't see it in your eyes, bitch. Come on. Suck it cause I know you want it really bad." Resigned to performing the sex act, Daniel took the warm round tip of the teen thug's cock in his mouth and sucked on it softly. It tasted so good thought Daniel. Dominic hurried the young boy by taking his hand and pressing on Daniel's head so that more of his stiff dick went into his mouth. "Yeeeah," moaned the older boy as he felt the sandy-haired boy begin sucking hard on his erection, "I think you give better head then your mom, bitch. Mmmmmmmmm, yeaaaah." The sixteen-year old gangster thrust his cock commandingly into the small boy's mouth driving it deep into the youngster's accepting throat. Daniel had to relax and accept the snake-like cock slipping in-and-out of his tender oral cavity. He could feel the strong hands of the much bigger boy holding his head in place while Dominic fucked his mouth. "Oh yeah....this is so good....you are a fuckin' good cocksucker," said Dominic admiringly as he thrust his youthful hardon into Kds Fuck the hot mouth of the little brother of his best friend. The teen gangster slid his hardon deep into the young boy's mouth with each stroke before he would slide it back out to let the cute youngster the opportunity to take a breath. This went on over and over with each thrust bringing the strong youth closer and closer to his much sought after orgasm. "Suck it...suck your papi, bitch!" urged Dominic as he continued to drive his cock into young Daniel's oral cavity with strong thrusts, "Oh yeah...oh yeahhhhhh!" Groans of pleasure were coming from the older boy as the young boy sucked hard on the stiff cock slipping in-and-out of his small mouth. Finally, Daniel felt the hard penis in his mouth spasm really hard and his mouth was suddenly flooded by a warm liquid that was thick like cream. "Aaaaaah.....drink my cum, baby, drink my cummmmm!!!" groaned Dominic as his muscular body seized in the throes of a wonderful orgasm striking him like a thunderbolt, "Suck haaaaaarddderrrr!!!" Daniel felt the older boy drive the twitching cock deep into his tight throat where Dominic held it so that all his creamy jism squirted down the throat of the eleven-year old boy. Daniel could not pull away as Dominic was holding his head with his stronger grasp. Yet, Daniel had no desire to pull away because he had a strong sense of accomplishment in bringing this older boy to orgasm and swallowing his thick cum with more ease. The lithe skaterboy swallowed all the manjuice that the teen gangster spurted into his throat so none was wasted. His first time seemed so long ago when he could barely handle performing oral sex on another guy. Now, Daniel felt that sucking cock was fun. "Fuuuuuuck, bitch! You didn't waste any of my sweet cream, huh?" said Dominic as he slowly pulled his still hard cock out of the young boy's mouth, "I knew you would love the taste of my dick when I first met you. Don't you, bitch?" As he stood back up, Daniel saw that his own small cock was hard and tenting out his sweatpants. As well, Daniel noticed that he could taste the older boy's cum in the back of his throat and it tasted rather good to him he thought. He told himself that never in his young life would he have ever thought that he would enjoy the taste of semen and he wondered why he thought it would taste yucky. "Uh-huh," agreed Daniel as he without prompting began removing his sweatpants as the older teen boy watched, "Sucking you is fun...kinda like you told me the first time." The teen boy smiled triumphantly over the naked eleven-year old. "So, now you need my cock up your sweet ass, bitch?" said Dominic as he looked the young boy directly in the eyes with a commanding stare, "Just like your mama does? Tell me how much you like it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, bitch!" The small white boy blushed at the Hispanic teen's allegations but he knew it was true. Daniel had a strong desire to submit to this older and stronger male. He wanted to feel the thick cock that he had just sucked driving deep into his ass with no mercy like he had seen his mom enjoy the day before. All day he told himself that what bothered him was that his mother had even had sex with Dominic. However after being with Dominic, he realized what really bothered him about it was that his mother was now his rival for Dominic's sexual attention. Seeing his mother enjoying this terrific cock had made him jealous because it should have been him that was being fucked yesterday. "I...I want you to...to fuck me," Daniel responded in a clear voice that showed that he had resigned himself to being submissive to this teen thug's sexual whims, "Papi." Obediently, Daniel climbed on his unmade bed and assumed the doggyy-style position exposing his puckered boyhole to the naked teen with the impressive erection. It was the exact same position that Daniel had seen his mother being fucked in the ass by Dominic the day before. "Damn....you and your mother sure do like taking it up the ass," mused the older boy as he put the plump tip of his hardon at the tightly clenched entrance to the naked boy's butt, "Your big bro would freak out really sick if he ever knew that his mom and little brother were wanting my cock so bad all the time, huh?" The sixteen-year old's stiff cock glistened from the Kds Fuck younger boy's saliva which acted like a lubricant. Slowly, Dominic pressed his rock-like member against the naked boy's pink sphincter until it slowly relented and his engorged cocktip slipped into Daniel causing a moan of pleasure to escape his supple lips. "Like that, huh?" declared the well-built teen boy as he thrust his hard cock deep into the lithe body of the small white boy who bit his lower lip as he felt his insides being moved aside by the thick erection, "Tell me how much Kds Fuck you like it, bitch....come on!" The Hispanic gang member began thrusting his hard dick with powerful strokes into the much smaller white boy. The force of the strokes was so powerful that the smooth buttocks of the young boy slapped against the taught abdomen of the older teen boy. Each stroke inward drove the small skaterboy to groan with exquisite pleasure as he felt the seven-inches of hard cock enter his ass. Strangely, each jolt of pleasure caused by every penetration felt better and better as the sodomy continued. "It's...aaaaaah...true," admitted the sandy-haired sixth-grader as Dominic smiled wickedly, "Fuck...me....please...please!" Hearing the truth from the supple youngster caused the teen thug to increase his ass-fucking of the smaller-framed boy. His hardon was a blur as it slid in-and-out of the tight boyhole with a machine-like rapidty. "Bitch...you're fuckin' tighter then your mama!" Dominic blurted out between groans as he felt the young boy's tight sphincter muscle clamp around his hard dick causing very intense pleasure, "Oh yessss...aaaahhhh...take it all, bitch....take it all!!!" The powerful thrusts of the teen boy's cock made the hardened member slide in deep into the lithe body of the naked smaller boy. Daniel was becoming drunk by the power of the wonderful cock entering him so that his eyesight was becoming blurred. His own small cock felt much harder then he could remember it being before. The tiny member seemed to throb like it was about to explode. It was strange that being fucked in the ass was giving him so much more pleasure then jerking off. "I'mmmm cuuuuummmming!!!" moaned Daniel as the tidal wave of carnal pleasure overwhelmed all his senses and tensed his eleven-year old body causing his anal muscles to clench tighter on the teen hardon it encircled, "Aaaaaaaaahhhh....aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!" The wicked pleasure of being powerfully sodomized caused the naked white boy to shake uncontrollably and his small cock twitched like a tree in a tornado. Dominic gave a deep hard thrust before he felt his own explosion of pleasure shake his muscular body. "Fuuuuuck!!!" groaned Dominic as he pushed his thick cock deep into the eleven-year old boy and squirted a wealthy dose of thick mancream inside the tender child's bowels, "I....ahhhhh....love fucking your.....aaaah.....sweet ass, bitch!!!!" To Daniel, the steel-like cock that was buried deep inside his butt seemed like a snake moving inside him. Dominic ground his abdomen against the silky smooth buttocks of the young boy he was sodomizing so that every generous drop of thick semen was delivered into his young sex partner. It gave the teen boy pleasure to know that this sweet-looking Kds Fuck boy would be carrying his thick jism inside him for the next few days. "That was sooo good," said Daniel softly without realizing that he had said it out loud since his composure was still addled from the incredible orgasm that he had just experienced, "Uhm...I mean...I hope you like it, you know." Dominic fondled the sandy-haired boy's soft buttocks as he savored the last remanants of his hard-earned climax. Daniel looked back to see the teen boy giving him a triumphant grin as he pulled his beautiful Hispanic cock out of his white ass. This resulted in a low slurping sound as the seven-inches of teen hardon slid out of the tight boyhole of the naked skaterboy. Daniel felt a sense of loss as the delightful instrument of mind-numbing pleasure left from where he thought it naturally belonged. The still slightly dazed young boy turned around and sat facing the naked teen thug whose cock still protruded proudly from his muscular crotch. Anal sex with this older boy had given Daniel the best natural high that he had ever felt. "You're the hottest fuck around, bitch," Dominic said as he looked down on the naked white boy he had just fucked anally, "I think I want to fuck you again. But, I like having my nipples sucked. Do that for me, bitch, alright." The sixteen-year old boy with the well-defined body and coffee-and-cream colored skin lay down on the young boy's messy bed. He patted his muscular chest which was smooth. Not really sure what Dominic intended for him to do, Daniel quietly looked puzzled. "Suck my nipples, bitch," commanded the teen thug as he ran his right hand fore-finger around his right nipple, "That way I can rest some more so I can fuck that sweet ass of yours. I can see it in your eyes when you look at my snake that you want it, bitch!" The white boy blushed at what he knew was the truth in that he really did enjoy being fucked in his butt. This coarse teen boy knew it and relished using him for that purpose. In the back of his young mind, Daniel had come to the realization that he must be gay which was both liberating and frightening. At least, the only ones who knew for sure was mainly him and Dominic. "Alright," mumbled Daniel as he crawled to the right side of the prone naked Hispanic gangster who had his dark eyes closed. The eleven-year old boy lowered his head over the teen thug's bare chest and he flicked his tongue over the right nipple. In slow, long strokes the supple skaterboy ran his moist tongue over each of Dominic's nipples. Every once in awhile, Daniel would plant soft kisses on the Hispanic youth's taut chest. Also, his eyes would dart to the seven-inch member of the Hispanic teen boy and each time it would increase his urge to be fucked by it. The older boy sensed the younger boy's hunger for his cock so Dominic let the eleven-year old lick and kiss his nipple for almost ten minutes while he savored the pleasure and sense of control it gave him. "You want my cock don't you?" asked the teen thug suddently after being silent for a long time causing the younger boy to be startled, "Bitch, I got you wrapped around my cock sooo bad it ain't funny." Daniel blushed and he continued to lick the older boy's smooth chest. The naked white boy slowly and carefully ran his moist tongue over the older Hispanic boy's chest and abdomen till he was licking around the base of the stonger boy's stiff cock. This act made him feel more subservient to the teen thug's whims which Daniel accepted much more easily each time. The proud member protruding from the teen thug's smooth abdomen seemed to jut straight up in the air like a weapon stirring the small white boy's desire to be impaled on it into a ferocious desire. "Uh...I...I think you're ready," mumbled Daniel in a soft voice as he upwardly licked the Latino boy's hard stomach, "I'm...I'm just saying cause its gotten...you know...hard." The eleven-year old boy continued to lick the dark nipples of Dominic who did not say anything for a few moments so that Daniel was unsure if the older teen boy had heard him. "What if I don't want to fuck you anymore, bitch," Dominic finally said in a low serious voice, "What do you think about that, huh?" Daniel looked up dumbstruck and unsure of what to say. "How...how come?" mumbled the naked blonde boy sounding obviously disappointed at the possibility of rejection, "Well,....I mean, uhm....you know, it's cool." Confused and a bit hurt, Daniel felt like a prize had been snatched from his grasp especially one that he had wanted so badly. Dominic looked at the skinny skaterboy coldly for a moment. "You're a liar, bitch! You know you want my cock badly," growled the tough-looking teen as he grabbed the young blonde boy by the back of his neck with his strong left Kds Fuck hand and pulled the smaller youth till their faces were only an inch apart, "Tell me how much you want it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, bitch!" A look of fear was on Daniel's angelic face as he stared into the harsh eyes of the older Latino boy. The fear was not from any physical harm that the older boy might do to him but that he was admitting to someone other than to himself that he did indeed enjoy being fucked in the ass which would only validate in his youthful mind the conclusion that he had reached in that he must be a homosexual. Daniel accepted the fact that he was surrendering the last vestiges of his tattered masculinity to the more powerful machismo of the virile teen thug who held him by the nape of his neck. "Puh_please...fuck me," Daniel said softly as he stared into the stronger and older boy's hazel eyes which beamed with a triumphant stare, "You're right...I like getting fucked." After hearing this admission from the naked white boy, Dominic smiled contentedly as he savored this admission which testified to his virility that had addicted this sweet-looking young boy to his cock. In a smooth motion, Dominic pulled the much smaller boy till he lay on his back and the older Latino boy was atop him similar Kds Fuck to a jungle cat jumping its prey. The eleven-year old boy could feel the rock hard cock of the older Hispanic boy pressed against his bare buttocks waiting eagerly to enter him once more. His tight boyhole puckered as it awaited the wonderful member to enter its sublime embrace. He looked up into the unmerciful stare of Dominic who looked down at him like he was delicacy to be savored at his leisure no matter how capricious it may be. "Who keeps you happy, bitch?" demanded Dominic as he positioned his stiff hardon at the still-tender anus of the young naked boy laying underneath him with his skinny legs spread apart, "Who fucks your sweet white ass till its full of sweet Latino spunk, huh?" The blonde boy looked up bravely at the tough teen gang member who was hovering over him slowly sliding the bulbuous tip of his beautiful dick into his more-than willing asshole. The puckered boyhole held firm for but a moment before relenting to the hard cock pressing against it and allowing the wonderful organ entrance into the naked preteen's body. It was like a proud king entering his kingdom. "You...you do," stammered the eleven-year old boy accepting his fate at being sodomized once more by this much stronger youth, "F_fuck me ...please...please." Deep inside, Daniel knew that he was speaking the truth out loud and that he really did want to feel this strong Latino gang member to fuck him over and over. Somehow, he felt so much closer to this harsh, demanding Hispanic teen who was forcing him to submit to his sexual desires than to anyone else he had known before. It made Daniel feel loved and important especially to be needed by someone who was so cold and selfish. The naked young boy let out a gasp of pleasure as he felt the tough Hispanic boy drive the last four inches of his hard seven-inch cock deep into his ass with a powerful thrust that sent a shudder though the cute preadolescent. Daniel let out a soft gasp as he savored the thick cock inside him and the strong body of the Hispanic thug stop him. At that moment, Daniel felt a great deal of love and desire for Dominic that washed away any trepidations or doubts he had about the older boy before. "Damn...you're still fucking tight after I fucked you so good a little while ago," commented Dominic as he ground his crotch against the silky smooth buttocks of the small boy he had impaled with his thick hardon, "You're a damn better piece of ass then your mom, bitch! I bet you want me to fuck you good and hard,...huh, bitch?" Daniel nodded as he felt the seven-inches of the teen thug stirring within his bowels like a a long stick stirring his innards. The hard dick seemed to throb inside Daniel and it felt so good and natural to him that he wanted it to never end. Instinctively, the eleven-year old boy wrapped his bare legs around the much stronger youth so that their carnal embrace would not be broken. Without reservation, the strong thug began fucking the naked white boy with an almost wild ferocity that made the thick cock a blur as it drove in-and-out of the eleven-year old boy's accepting asshole. The fierce fucking made loud, wet sounds that were drowned out slightly by the small boy's gulps and squeaks of pleasure which uncontrollably issued from his throat. Dominic could feel the younger boy whom he was driving his hardon into clutching at him and embracing him tightly like he was holding on for dear life. He enjoyed the sense of power he was experiencing. It made him feel incredibly strong to have bent this young boy to service his sexual desires and whims. "Don't stop....harder(uh).....harder," begged the naked white boy as he felt the hard cock drive repeatedly and deeply into his slim body, "Please...papi...fuck me...(gulp)...fuck me...please!" Each inward stroke caused a ripple of decadent delight to flow through Daniel causing his vision to blur. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter and the sexual act being performed by this Hispanic teen upon this younger white boy became the whole world to both. Dominic increased his powerful thrusting till he was practically slamming his seven-inches of hard cock into the tight ass of the eleven-year old boy who lay beneath him. It caused the younger boy to orgasm powerfully which shook his slim body as he clutched his somdomizer like he was desperately holding on or else would be washed away by its incredible force. His small cock quivered as waves of intense pleasure shook his slight yet athletic body and limbs. Daniel let out a series of groans and his cute face contorted as the wonderful cock still driving in-and-out of his boyhole continued its piston-like motions. "Come on..bitch...uh......uh....come on," moaned Dominic who continued his merciless assault on the tender boy who was clutching him in the throes of his own tsunami-like orgasm, "Make your papi...cum...ooooh......let him fill your ass up...with his hot spunk, bitch!" Daniel felt his powerful orgasm subside slowly and his arms and legs felt week. However, the hard dick sliding into his ass with powerful strokes by the teen thug atop him kept the eleven-year old on the edge of the arrival of another strong orgasm and Daniel wanted to drown in the carnal joy once more. The sixteen-year old's seven-inches of manhood drove deep into the smaller boy's anus with a primal power. "Harrrrder.....harrrrder!" moaned young Daniel as he literally begged the older teen to continue his powerful fucking of his slim body, "Fuuuck me....please...please!" The eleven-year old boy was sweating profusely and his tender features were askew from the contortions the anal fornication was imposing upon him. Suddenly, the teen gang member stiffened in Daniel's tight embrace and the older boy drove his hard cock deep where Daniel could feel it twitching wildly inside his bowels as it spurted another generous dose of teen cum. "Aaaaaah...take it allll...bitch!!!" moaned Dominic as he shook wildly from the explosive orgasm that was his reward for buttfucking this cute blonde boy so strongly, "Ooooohh yeeaaaahhh!!!!" Dominic felt his balls emptying themselves in three hefty spurts that sent out a wave of mind-numbing pleasure thoughout his being with each spurt of thick Kds Fuck cream inside the naked younger boy. Daniel felt the wonderful cock delivering its payload of manjuice inside him like a spraying firehose and another powerful orgasm that he knew he was on the verge of having took hold of his tender frame. The eleven-year old boy shook uncontrollably as this devestating orgasm flooded him with a numbing pleasure that emptied him of all conscious thought. The two boys were lost in their own private world of carnality and fornication that was so primal that it was like watching two wild animals engaged in hot sex that mattered more than life itself. "Aaaaah.....Aaaaaah......Aaaaaah," softly moaned young Daniel as the powerful second orgasm brought about by Dominic fucking his ass slowly subsided leaving the preteen blonde boy physically drained and his overwhelemed mind unable to comprehend anything, "I...love...you!" Drained of all his vital energy by engaging in such an incredible act of sodomy, the smaller boy slid off the much stronger body of the older teen boy atop him and slumped to lay weakly on his messy bed. Daniel could still feel the wonderful cock of the older teen thug still hard deep inside his butthole. However, that was all he could Kds Fuck comprehend since he was in a delirious state of mind brought about by the two successive orgasms he had just experienced. "Fuuuck....that was soooo good!" exclaimed Dominic who had recovered quickly from cumming so hard and was looking down like a victor does the vanquished upon Daniel who lay unmoving as if drugged beneath him, "Bitch, I fucked you so good you've practically passed out from taking my python up that tight ass of yours, huh?" He laughed a triumphant laugh as he pulled his still hard cock out of the naked white boy causing it to make a loud wet noise. He noticed that the eleven-year old boy's sphincter was a rosy pink from having been penetrated so fiercely and that it seemed to pucker close much more slowly then before. Right before it closed, some thick cream-like jism dribbled out. Dominic knew that he had popped the young boy's cherry because the sphincter muscle puckered close slowly. Anyone else fucking this blonde boy would realize right away that Daniel was no virgin and had been fucked hard and good by a virile cock. It gave Dominic great pride to know that he had deflowered the young white boy and that this small white boy would remember for the rest of his life who had first fucked him. It reminded him of his days back at Springer Boy's Juevenile Detention Center. Daniel looked at Dominic with his eyes half open as he watched the older boy get up off him and off the bed. Dominic looked the younger boy in the eyes with a look of satifaction and triumph. "This was a good fuck, bitch," commented Dominic as he dressed himself while the eleven-year old boy lay dazed from the fierce sex that they had both just enjoyed, "Who knew my best bro's little brother had such a sweet ass for fucking. I'm one fucking lucky dog to have gotten such a sweet bitch like you. There ain't too many guys who can say that they are better pieces of ass than their mom, huh?" Still too dazed to answer, Daniel just shrugged weakly as the tough-looking teen finished dressing and walked down the hallway. He could hear Dominic getting a can of soda from the fridge right before he heard the front door open and slam shut. A minute later, he could hear the growl of the Lincoln starting up and the loud music emanating from the powerful stereo system which slowly faded as went down the street. The eleven-year old boy fell asleep naked from the incredible exertion inflicted upon his tender body by the sex acts he had just engaged in with the teen thug who had just left. About an hour later, Daniel was awaken by the doorbell buzzing over and over. A bit startled that he had passed out from the wonderful orgasms given to him by Dominic's wonderful cock, the blonde boy looked around to find something to put on quickly. He was so glad that his mother had not returned home to find him asleep naked because she would wonder why he was sleeping nude in the first place. How could he admit to her that he had just been fucked in the ass by Patrick's best friend, Dominic? It would be especially awkward since he had recently found out that she was enjoying the pleasures of his hard cock as well. It was not something a young boy admitted to his own mom. Daniel saw the sweatpants that he wore earlier laying discarded haphazardly on the floor and quickly put them on as he ran down the hall almost stumbling. Reaching the front door, Daniel tugged the small sweatpants upward before openning the worn wooden door. He was a bit surprised to see his friend, Rudy, standing there with his skateboard. Rudy wore a faded baby-blue t-shirt , a red baseball cap and blue-jean shorts. "Hey, dude, what's up?" said Rudy as he gazed through the torn screen door at his half-dressed skating buddy, "I was waiting for you at my house but since you didn't show up I came over to check out if everything is alright. Uh...Is everything cool?" The half-dressed boy blushed and looked around a bit confused. He had forgotten about his going to Rudy's house to skate this morning because it was lost during the morning's unbelievable sexual encounter. In a stange way, it almost seemed like a wonderful dream to Daniel. It was funny how great orgasms could make an excellent act of sodomy almost surreal. "No..I mean, yeah," stammered Daniel his voice a bit hoarse due to dryness, "I kinda fell asleep, dude. Sorry about that. Uhm, you still want to go? I can take a quick shower. That is if you still want to, dude." Rudy looked at his fellow eleven-year old friend who had his blonde hair all mussed up, his eyes were droopy and looked a bit unsure of anything like he was shaking off the effects of a powerful drug. However, Rudy knew that Daniel was a clean kid who had experimented with pot because of his older brother, Patrick, but had not taken it up as a habit. "That's cool with me, dude," answered Rudy as he opened the screen door and walked into the still messy house, "You got any soda?" Rudy noticed that his blonde friend had a slight bulge in his tight sweatpants but he averted his eyes away quickly so not to bring attention to it. Daniel had noticed as well and he blushed a light pink that was noticeable because of his fair skin. "I think we got something in the fridge, dude" replied Daniel as he walked toward the bathroom, "Just chill and I'll be out really quick, okay?" Rudy went into the kitchen and opened the fridge where he found himself a can of the discount soda. He returned to the living room where he put his skateboard by the couch. In the bathroom, Daniel had jumped into the shower and had quickly begun to wash himself. The refreshing water running over his nude body seemed to wake him up and clear his mind. Also, Daniel noticed that the barely-warm water running between his smooth buttcheeks highlighted how tender his butthole had become from having been penetrated and violated so ferociously by the hard cock of the teen thug that was there earlier bending him to his puerile whims. Whims he would submit to without any hesitation he thought to himself now that he had experienced his first good ass-fucking. Daniel had to force himself to think of other things to keep his thoughts from drifting back to Dominic and his heavenly dick. As the blonde boy showered, the Hispanic boy went into his friend's messy bedroom and sat on the unmade bed drinking his soda. It looked normal because he knew that Daniel wasn't a neat person. Clothes were strewn all over and the sheets were tossed everywhere. However, the bed looked much more messy then usual like a wrestling match had taken place because the mattress was pushed slightly off the bed. The pillow was scrunched against the headboard where the imprint of Daniel's head could still be made out. That must be where he was asleep when I arrived thought Rudy. Below the pillow where Daniel's lower half of his body would have lain was a wet spot about the four to five inches wide. For a second, Rudy wondered if Daniel had a bed wetting problem. Taking a closer look because he was curious, Rudy sniffed the wet spot and noticed that it did not smell like urine. Rather, the spot was wet from a sticky liquid that Rudy concluded was semen because it was so gooey. He ran his finger over it and he noticed that it had the same consistency as the spunk that he had seen Matt ejaculate. The Hispanic boy wondered if his fellow eleven-year old was already capable of producing jism since he wasn't able to do so himself yet. "Something wrong?" asked Daniel as he walked back into Kds Fuck his bedroom from the shower dressed only with a towel wrapped around his waist, "Spill some soda? It's alright, dude. I was going to wash my sheets later tonight." Caught offguard, Rudy jumped back quickly to his sitting position. "No, dude, I was....just sitting here is all. Nothing's wrong," answered Rudy as he sipped his beverage in an attempt to act innocent, "I better go inside to let you dress, okay?" Rudy got up off the messy bed and began to walk towards the bedroom doorway. "It's okay, dude," Daniel said calmly as he began pulling some clothes out of a broken dresser whose drawer he had to wrestle out to open, "I don't mind being naked around you. You're my skater buddy and best friend. It's kinda like we're, you know,...brothers. Know what I mean?" Rudy nodded and sat back on the bed. The eleven-year old Hispanic boy was comfortable showing his naked body with certain people only because he had sex with them. But, he had never been naked with Daniel before because they never were in a sexual situation with each other besides watching the porno movie with a group of other boys a few weeks earlier and it felt a little strange being there watching him undress. Daniel had let his wet towel drop off his damp body and was beginning to put on his clean pair of red-and-white checkered boxers. The Hispanic boy could only see the backside of his fellow skater and could not determine if Daniel was Kds Fuck erect or not still. Rudy tried to keep his eyes averted but he noticed that Daniel had a body similar to his own except that Daniel was a bit more toned. Plus, Daniel was fair skinned while his skin was a soft caramel color. His experienced eyes noticed that his blonde friend once again had a tent in his boxers as he struggled to put on a green and white t-shirt. Daniel looked up to catch Rudy gazing at his crotch. "Uhm...how was your uncle's, dude?" asked the blonde skaterboy as he finished pulling his shirt down over his slim torso, "My mom told me I could go with you next time. I can hardly wait. He must be a cool dude. All my uncles are kinda jerks to me and my mom." Rudy sat on the bed a bit embarassed at having been caught watching his good friend's bulging crotch. He knew it wasn't cool for guys to look at the crotch of another guy but his recent sexual awakening with Matt and Tony had made him naturally curious about the cocks of other guys. "That's cool. I might go later this week," responded Rudy trying to sound nonchalant about the situation, "Yeah...he's a cool dude. You'll like him alot." Rudy looked away as Daniel pulled his silk-like black basketball shorts up his legs till they hung loosely on his slim hips. The sheerness of the material did little to hide the fact that the blonde boy was still sporting an obvious erection. Daniel tried to press his erect manhood by pressing it down but it did little to hide the tent in his basketball shorts. "Fuck, dude, I don't know why I'm so hard," said Daniel sounding exasperated by his inability to rid himself of the proud erection which was a testament to his youthful stamina, "You ever get that way, huh?" Rudy looked at his friend's tenting shorts since it's existence had been admitted to just now. "Perhaps you need to jerk off, dude," replied Rudy trying to sound helpful, "That helps me when I get like that." The Hispanic boy felt his own small cock getting hard but it was not obvious since he was wearing jean shorts and the heavier material concealed his arousal very well. "Nyaah, I did that this morning," answered Daniel who was obviously lying about the type of sex he had participated in earlier that morning before the Hispanic boy had arrived, "It was fucking great! I guess I'm just a stud, dude. It's going to drive all the Kds Fuck girls wild! I bet my dick is way bigger than yours, dude, like those guys in that porno we saw. Remember that?" The blonde skaterboy sat on the messy bed beside his dark-haired skater buddy. "I remember kinda how your brother's friend had that big dick, too," added Rudy who remembered the incident where Dominic first had Daniel perform oral sex on him while the other boys present watched including Daniels' older brother, "But, he made you do that stuff....uhm....you know, like the porno." As he said it, Rudy felt that he had broached a tender subject with his good friend and he felt a sense of regret in bringing it up. Daniel stared at his friend for a moment looking a little stunned but he knew deep inside that Rudy had seen him perform oral sex on Dominic so there had to be a time that it would have to be brought out and talked about between them. "Yeah...like that day with the porno," said Daniel a bit meekly as he felt his charade at masculinity beginning to evaporate, "I'm...I'm not gay, you know. He made me do it. You saw how it was, dude. I had no choice. He was going to have you do it too. He said so. My mom getting home saved you from doing it." Daniel looked away for a moment because he did not want to admit to anymore sexual encounters with Dominic. Misreading his turning away from him, Rudy was unsure if his fellow skater was going to cry. "Uh...dude...it's okay," said Rudy trying to soothe his friend's tender confidence which seemed unusually more broken from the one act of oral sex that he was made to perform weeks earlier, "I know you're not gay. I'm not gay. But, if that dude had told me to suck his cock after you did I would have cause I know that he would have beat my ass. After all, we're skaters and bros which means we stick together. Right?" The Hispanic boy put his Kds Fuck hand on the white boy's shoulder. Daniel turned to Kds Fuck look at Rudy with a grateful smile because he felt his broken masculinity mend slightly. "Thanks, dude," responded Daniel as he stood up feeling better that his good skater buddy was not critical of the homosexual act that he had performed in his presence weeks earlier. Rudy noticed that the tent in his friend's shorts had disappeared. "Let's go out and do some crazy ollies off that curb near the school, okay?" said Rudy as he stood up while his own erection subsided. Daniel smiled and he got his beat-up skateboard out from underneath the bed and both boys made their way outside to enjoy the fresh air and skateboarding with good friends that hot afternoon in the Westgate section of Albuquerque.------------------- That same day around ten-fifteen in the late evening, all the juvenile inmates of the Springer Boy's Dentention Center were all in their bunks. Like all the inmates, Patrick shared a dorm room with three other boys. The dorm room was one of four in a bungalow that was supervised by a guard who was stationed at a desk and checked in on the boys every couple of hours. The fifteen-year old boy was laying on his hard mattress with his thin pillow and a white sheet that smelled of instituional cleaner. It was a smell that he had gotten used to over the past few weeks that he had been incarcerated there. He wore a white t-shirt and blue boxers like most, if not all, of the inmates did during sleep. Patrick lay on his back staring up at the darkness with his hands folded behind his neck. It had been a good day since it was his first day without being afraid of getting jumped by one of the other inmates. The other inmates treated him with more respect and even asked him to play basketball during the recreation time. The black eye and bruised ribs were a small price to pay for having bought the respect of his fellow inmates he thought to himself. In the dark, he could hear his fellow roommates stirring in their bunks as restless as he was. The guy to his left liked to twist and turn all night he noticed while the one across from him made funny noises when he was asleep. The third roommate who was located diagnally from his bunk was unusually quiet<
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