Related article: Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 03:57:32 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 44Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a man who has been devastated by divorce and enters into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure. Don't expect constant descriptions of erotic sex in this story. I always want to develop a plot and characters before the hot action starts.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters.Thanks again to Bill for his editing skills. Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 44John and Nicklas accepted the applause and congratulations of the crew of the Sea & Jungle IV before heading for John's stateroom. Only then when they were alone could they really talk about their ordeal."I feel like I'm dreaming," Nicklas admitted while hugging his father and sobbing on John's shoulder. "It was a nightmare to be kidnapped and see those nasty men who wanted to kill us. Now it doesn't seem real to be here on the 4 again with you. Please hug me and tell me that I'm not dreaming. I don't want to be away from you for a second.""I'm really sorry that this happened to you," John emphasized while returning the hug from his son. He was still weak from the ordeal, especially after drowning and being resuscitated. "I'm supposed to protect you and I failed miserably.""Don't you ever say that to me again!" Nicklas insisted. "You didn't kidnap me, Robert Ducharme did. I was sure that you and I would be killed, but we've survived. I still can't believe that we're safe. Am I dreaming?""When I hired Butch Mendez, I knew that he was a very experienced man," John said, "I never dreamed that he would have to rescue us from a bunch of shitheads who were going to kill us after stealing from our company. I would have died out there in the ocean without you and Butch. There are times that I wish I could go back to working for Chrysler Corporation and live a quiet life on Long Lake in Michigan. I was broke and struggling to make my mortgage payments, but I didn't have anyone trying to kidnap me or kill me. Ever since I took over this company I've been exposed to some horrible criminals. First it was the fights around the Arrowhead Lodge where many people died. Then Derek Kaufman and I had that shootout with the bank robbers. Now I've dragged you down and you were forced to kill people. No parent should ever do what I did to you.""Are you fucking stupid?" Nicklas demanded, "Do you think for one minute that you're responsible for us being kidnapped? Those assholes treated us like shit and were gonna kill us for money. I wanted to kill all of them, including Robert Ducharme and Delano Genovesi! You taught me how to handle a shotgun, rifle and different handguns when we were in the Czech Republic. I didn't realize it at the time I Ls Bbs was being trained, that I might have to shoot a gun at a human to save my own life. When we were trying to get out of that ship, do you remember when that fuckhead came up behind you? If I didn't know how to shoot, you'd be dead right now and I'd be an orphan again or dead. I love you and would grab a gun and shoot everyone on this ship to protect your life.""Right now, we're in the Ls Bbs safest place in the entire world." John said. "This yacht has weapons and speed that can keep us safe, even if we didn't have armed security officers aboard. Let's shower and get some clean clothes on before our family arrives. I'm going to ask Uncle Bobby to find a counselor for us to talk to about our abduction and what we did to escape. Before we do anything, we should call Proud Les Domov so Kvetka can talk to both of us. It's evening there and we might catch her with Mike, Lodak and Jan before they all go to bed.""I forgot that Mike, Lodak and Jan were going there for Spring Break," Nicklas admitted, "Can I call them right now?"John just smiled and listened to the conversation on the speaker phone. Nicky, Lodak, Jan, Kvetka and Sasha talked so fast in Czech, that John could only understand bits and pieces of what they were saying. He knew that Mike would be totally lost, and finally asked to talk to Mike after understanding that his Czech friends were relieved that they were safe."That was insane to listen to them talking so fast in Czech," John said to Mike Mahon. "We wanted to call you so you would all know that we're alive and safe. When you're back in Michigan, we'll give you the details of what we've been through. Nicky and I had to kill some men to escape. Robert Ducharme is dead and we suspect that Delano Genovesi died too. They were the ones who masterminded our abductions.""I'm just relieved to hear your voice again," Mike admitted. "I wanted to leave here and fly to the Bahamas when I heard that you were taken, but everyone and everything here was locked down tight. Maybe now we can relax. We all were terrified that you and Nicklas would be killed. I should have been there to help protect you.""This has been a `wakeup call' for all of us," John said, "Anyone can be shot or taken so we have to let Butch and his people protect us. If you had been here, the no-goods might have killed you to take me and Nicky away. We wanted to talk to you even before we showered and got ready to see Johnny and Katelyn. They will be arriving soon and then we'll eat and get drunk.""I understand and will make some Manhattans here for us to join the celebration," Mike said. "When I was a drug addict, I didn't have anything that anyone else wanted. Now I have a great job and money, so I have to give up some of my personal freedom to be safe.""Nicky and I need to get ready to meet our family here on the 4," John said, "We both love all of you.""Are you gonna tell anyone that I shit my pants?" Nicklas asked when the call to the Czech Republic ended, "I really don't want people to know.""You already told Butch the truth," John replied. "Actually, your diarrhea saved our lives. If we had been with Jose and Juan in that stateroom deep in the ship, they would have killed both of us before fighting for their own lives when Butch and the security officers started shooting.""My friends at school talk bad about their parents," Nicklas said, "They say that their parents are stupid and worthless. My father's the best man in the entire world, and I want to be just like him when I grow up.""You're already grown up," John said while hugging his son, "Just think back to the good and bad times in your life. Good or bad, those experiences were necessary to get you where you are right now. The same goes for me. I have to be more careful in the future to keep you and me safe. I sure don't want to ever fire a gun at another human being again.""Do you remember the necklaces and pendants that we had before the ones Butch gave us?" Nicklas asked, "I'll never forget how you gave me that beautiful necklace and how when we put them together, they fit perfectly. I still feel horrible that I lost mine last summer." *********************************** John remembered when Nicklas had gone camping with some friends and had lost his necklace while wrestling in the sand. The gold chains and platinum pendants were a special Christmas gift when they were at Proud Les Domov, the orphanage in the Czech Republic. When the pendants were put together, they formed a beautiful heart with both John's and Nicklas' names perfectly displayed. When Nicklas had lost his necklace and pendant, John had stopped wearing his matching set. John had sent some people to search the beach area with metal detectors, but they had been unsuccessful. John had contacted a jeweler about making a replacement, but knew that it wouldn't be the same for Nicklas. He gave up and decided not to wear his own necklace.Taylor Coleman, a talented private detective, had saved the day. Taylor had people search the beach area again and then started contacting pawn shops in the area. Right before John and Nicklas flew to Nassau; Taylor had talked to John and let him know that he had found the necklace in a pawn shop. He promised to bring it to Nassau, but hadn't arrived before John and Nicklas were abducted. John had Ls Bbs brought his own necklace to the Bahamas but had left Ls Bbs it in his home in Nassau. ************************************** When John and Nicklas got out of the huge shower, they were pleased to see four special stewards waiting for them with warm towels and clean clothes."We were afraid that we'd never see you again," Alekos admitted. He and his twin brother Antonis had spent many erotic nights with John or Nicklas and Alek and Toni had begged their uncle, Master Captain Dimitri Kostas to let them serve in the master stateroom.John and Nicklas hugged the identical twin boys and saw that puberty was changing their voices and the shapes of their bodies. Both boys were still drop dead cute and full of energy.Nikkos and Constantine, two other favorite stewards were also in the stateroom to do whatever they could to make John and Nicklas comfortable. Everyone knew that John and Nicklas had been abducted, but they didn't know that both of their friends had to kill men to escape. When they heard a knock at the door to the Jungle Stateroom, both Nikkos and Constantine pulled out Smith & Wesson 45 caliber semi-automatic weapons and ordered John and Nicklas into the bathroom. They made sure that the bathroom door was locked from the inside before they approached the reinforced door. Constantine looked through the peephole and recognized both Amy Wentworth and Sue Nyquist, security officers. Everyone relaxed when Amy and Sue were in the stateroom to talk to John Miller."I just talked to Butch and he gave me some info to share with you," Amy said to John when they came out of the bathroom. "Do you want to talk in private?""Everyone in this room is special to me and my family," John began. "I don't have a problem with all of us sitting down and being honest with each other. Nothing could be worse than what Nicky and I have been through.""I made you a Manhattan," Alek said excitedly. Ls Bbs "I still remember your special recipe.""One part Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth, three parts Canadian Club whiskey, half a teaspoon of maraschino cherry juice and served over cracked ice, not crushed," Toni recited.John had to laugh at the two beautiful boys. They Ls Bbs both soaked up the praise that he gave them when he sipped his favorite drink. "Perfect!" John exclaimed. "Absolutely, perfect!"Constantine had opened a bottle of the Ceska Skalisce wine and offered chilled glasses to everyone in the stateroom. Amy and Sue were polite in refusing the special wine, and watched even the young Greek twins take a glass of wine before they sat down."When you left the Abu Barden and it blew up, we had a chopper and the Harrier jet following two helicopters," Amy began. "One chopper blew up and we suspect that Robert Ducharme was aboard and was killed instantly along with some of his henchmen."John hated Robert for planning the abduction and ransom demands, but also felt terrible for Philippe Ducharme. His close friend had lost a son, and John didn't know how to reach out to comfort Philippe."The Harrier tracked the other chopper to Cat Island and we suspect that at least one person got off before the chopper left again and headed for Miami," Amy said. "Our chopper was hit with hostile fire and had to make an emergency landing in Nassau. The Harrier was in international waters when it splashed the chopper.""What do you mean `splashed'?" Nicklas asked."The jet avoided hostile fire from the chopper and fired an air to air missile," Sue said, "The chopper disintegrated and everyone aboard was vaporized."John recoiled in shock at how Amy and Sue could talk about violent military type action in such a matter of fact manner, like they were talking about a new movie in the theatre."Do we know who was aboard?" John asked when he regained his composure. He was thinking about Delano Genovesi, the son of one of his closest friends, Mario Genovesi. Mario was one of his best friends and John feared that Delano was already dead."Not yet," Sue replied. "Butch is busy taking care of a lot of details right now. He might know more by the time he gets here. He wants to remind you to contact the Swiss bank to retrieve the ransom money.""I already did that before Nicky and I showered," John admitted. "I got a recording that my transaction would be handled in less than one business day. I'll call when the bank is officially open for business to make sure that the shitheads don't get a Ls Bbs cent of money from our company.""What happened to you and Nicklas?" Alek asked."We know from Uncle Dimitri that you were kidnapped, but we don't know how you escaped," Toni added, "Everyone on this ship loves you and wants to see you again so they know that you're alive. I've never seen Uncle Dimitri so emotional. He ran and hugged you and Nicklas, and everyone loved seeing him show how much Ls Bbs he loves you. He always insists on spotless uniforms and exceptional service, but we all saw him prove that he's human when he ran to hug you.""Dimitri is a wonderful person," John said, "I remember when I first met him. He's the most professional person that I've ever met, and when he and I are alone, he's the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for. Butch told me that Dimitri helped find out where Nicky and I were being held. I hope that I can talk to him in private to thank him for his dedication.""My dad and I were treated like shit," Nicklas began, "I was sick and had diarrhea. I went with my dad and Robert Ducharme to my dad's office, because we thought that Kvetka was calling from the Czech Republic. Those creeps used drugs to put us down so they could haul us away. We woke up on a ship with Robert Ducharme, Philippe's son, and Delano Genovesi, Mario's son, pointing guns at us. They made my dad transfer 2 billion dollars to their bank accounts."Everyone in the stateroom looked at Nicklas and realized that John Miller was letting his son describe their ordeal. They wondered why John was silent, but hung on every word of what Nicklas was saying.John knew that Nicklas needed to talk about his ordeal to get in touch with his true feelings about being so near to death. He watched Nicklas walk back and forth in the stateroom and saw the emotions boiling out of his son."I crapped my pants for the second time and the shitheads argued over who would clean up my mess," Nicklas continued, "John and I were handcuffed, and John offered to clean up the nasty mess that was running down my legs."Everyone in the room had experienced diarrhea and empathized with Nicklas when he admitted how embarrassed he had been. They were all surprised that Nicklas was being honest with them in describing a very humiliating experience."One of the terrorists took me and John to the head," Nicklas continued, "I can't even tell you how bad I smelled. Dad used toilet paper and paper towels to clean me up and then threw my nasty sweat pants against the wall. The asshole turned away from the stench and my dad took him out.""How?" Alek asked."Dad's hands were cuffed together, but he put his hands over Jose's head and choked him," Nicklas said, "I really don't want to talk about the rest of what happened," Nicklas collapsed on the leather sofa and unsuccessfully tried to choke back his tears of emotion."My son has been very brave in what he already told you," John said while hugging Nicky, "He and I had to kill men to even try to get away from that ship. Nicky and I have both been trained in firing rifles, shotguns and handguns, and the training helped keep us alive. Butch Mendez and his strike teams came aboard and rescued us. When we left that ship, an explosion on that ship flipped our boat over and I was knocked unconscious. Butch dove down and rescued me, and Nicky and Gerald performed CPR or I wouldn't be talking to you right now."Alek and Toni had tears running down their faces when they hugged John and Nicklas. Every crew member knew only the barest details of the abductions, and now they knew the truth. They both wanted to share intimacy with John and Nicklas, but knew that the Miller family would soon arrive for a family reunion and there was to be a fantastic buffet meal. They would be celebrities when the crew heard them describe the ordeals of John and Nicklas. Master Captain Dimitri Kostas had been in constant contact with Butch and Dante, and was proud of his crew for being allowed to help in the rescue. The entire crew came alive when Dimitri announced that John and Nicklas were safe and headed for their ship. Everyone wanted to be included in the biggest celebration ever, but they had limited time and resources so they decided on an endless buffet. They knew that people would be coming and going to the ship and all of the crewmembers were excited to take part in the celebrations.Amy and Sue were both proud to be part of the Sea & Jungle Security Force. They remembered when Butch Mendez had interviewed them and offered them a job that they could only dream about. Amy had left the regular security officer ranks and had gone to the remedial training to join the strike teams. She was proud that she and two other females had been included in the strike teams that had boarded the Abu Barden and had rescued John and Nicklas. ******************************************** "Don't ever underestimate the power of a female," John said, "I've seen Amy and Sue in action, and they are definitely ass kickers!"The laughter broke the tension in the exotic stateroom. John took control and made sure that everyone was ready before he and Nicklas left the stateroom to head for the top deck where the helicopters would land. He held the hand of his son and leaned over and kissed Nicklas on the cheek. "I love you!" John said.The first chopper landed, and John and Nicklas were almost knocked over by the hugs and tears of their family members. Johnny Miller and Katelyn Albright led the assault and were quickly followed by Kirsty Miller, Zach and Brooke Albright. John and Nicklas barely had a chance to recover from the physical hugging and tears of their family members when more people landed and demanded a chance to hug.Christina Karpov was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, but the clothing didn't hide her perfect body from view. She ran to hug John and then turned her attention to Nicklas. She was joined by Bobby Goldman, his wife and son, along with the friends of Zach and Brooke. Tom & Judy Jeffries, friends of John and their son, Jamie and his boyfriend, Hunter Harwood ran to hug John and Nicklas and join in the celebration.John and Nicklas were swarmed by people who wanted to hug them and celebrate. John greeted the people, but his emotions were mixed. He was still reeling from the horror of being abducted and having to kill men to escape. He thanked God for saving him and Nicky from certain death and tried to join in the celebrations.Nicklas was tuned in to the emotions of his father and pulled John aside. "What's wrong? We're safe and with our family and friends.""Katelyn and Johnny, will you please come with me and Nicky to talk?" John asked. When the family was in a corner of the main lounge, John said, "We're all celebrating, but my true friend, Philippe is alone and mourning the loss of his son. The most difficult grief of any is the death of our own child. We all know that Robert certainly wasn't a child, but Philippe's hurting right now and I'm worried about him.""He wanted to resign, but Katelyn and I insisted that we need him," Johnny said. "What can we do?""What can I say to a man who's lost his only son?" Katelyn asked. "Robert was a criminal, but Philippe must be agonizing over how we will treat him. Johnny and I told him how much we need him, but he needs to hear it from you, Dad.""I think we need to take a family trip to Nassau right now," John said. "I can't expect Philippe to join us here on the 4, but he needs to hear from all of us that we still want him to be the president of our company. I need to talk to him and I hope that you all understand how I feel. I'm not coming back here tonight to party and celebrate. I want to be with Philippe and help him grieve over the loss of his only son.""I'm gonna stay too," Nicklas insisted, "What can I say to him to help him?""You don't have to say anything," John replied. "We'll just hug him and make sure that he's not alone. Katelyn and Johnny, would you please come back here and explain to our family and friends why we need to be with him?""Thanks for including me and Katelyn," Johnny said while hugging his father. "Butch will probably shit when he hears that you want to leave the protection of the Sea & Jungle IV."John walked up to Amy and Sue and told them his plans for leaving the luxury yacht. Amy immediately took control and organized a Ls Bbs detail of armed security officers to ride in the helicopter back to Nassau. ******************************* Philippe Ducharme was in his mansion and talking softly with Dante Jenkins, Head of Security for the gated community when he heard the sound of the approaching helicopter. He was grieving for the loss of his son and knew that no body had been recovered. Philippe had lost his wife to cancer 10 years earlier and now he had lost his only child. He felt worthless and his depression was so severe that he was considering suicide. When he saw John Miller get out of the chopper along with Nicklas, Johnny and Katelyn, he wanted to hide."True friends stick together, no matter what happens," Dante said softly while hugging his boss and best friend. He had been alerted that the visitors would arrive, but he hadn't said anything to Philippe. Instead he said, "We have guests to greet. These people love you like I do and want to help us all understand and accept what has happened."Philippe feared that John Miller would punch him in the mouth, but tried to stop shaking to meet his visitors. Instead of being hit, Philippe was hugged by John and the rest of the Miller family. He sobbed when he realized that they were all there just to be with him and not to talk about the horrible events.It took over an hour for John to convince Philippe that they were a team that had to stick together to keep the company going forward. John reminded Philippe of the conditions at Proud Les Domov, the orphanage in the Czech Republic, and how they had worked together to make it a beautiful place for unwanted children. He used that as an example to try to focus Philippe's mind on the future of the company, and not on the past few days.Everyone listened to Philippe talk about Robert's embezzlement and other crimes and empathized with their special friend. Robert had always been a difficult child who demanded more and always felt he was a victim of racism. The internal audits had uncovered the embezzlement and Philippe was ready to fire his son and call the police.John didn't want to hear about the crimes committed by Robert, but knew that Philippe needed to talk about what his Ls Bbs son had done. John listened and saw the agony in the face of his friend when Philippe talked about Robert."You and I made a promise to each other to take this company into the future," John finally said, "I need you. The company needs you. Yes, this will be a nasty event in the media, but we can handle it if we stick together. Please don't quit when we need you the most!"Philippe broke down sobbing when he understood that John Miller and his family weren't blaming him for the actions of his son. He knew that many people were aboard the Sea & Jungle IV to celebrate the safety of John and Nicklas, and was humbled and so grateful when both Nicklas and John asked to spend the night with him."My dad said something very profound to me that I'll never forget," Nicklas began, "Everything that has happened to us in the past was necessary to get us where we are right now. When I was living on the streets of villages in the Czech Republic, I sold my body and stole whatever I could to get food. I was ugly and everyone treated me like shit. You were there when I met John for the first time so you know that I'm telling the truth. I wanted to die and thought about how to end my own life. I had to fight my own urges to give up and die. Now I know what life and death really mean. I'll never quit and won't let any friend of mine give up, and that includes you."John, Nicklas and Philippe spent three days together in the mansion that Philippe owned. They attended the memorial service for Robert and everyone tried to help Philippe cope with the loss. John and Nicklas flew back and forth from the island to the luxury yacht, but focused their attention on Philippe. *************************************** Christina had been working her magic with the media and law enforcement agencies, and her efforts were paying big dividends. The media had reported the abduction of the wealthy American, but had very limited information to report. Only when John and Nicklas were safely aboard the Sea & Jungle IV, Christina led a media press conference that was broadcast immediately around the world but still gave only sketchy information. The reporters screamed questions at Christina, but she was a professional and knew how to control the media frenzy. She appeared calm and repeated each question before starting her reply. She deferred all questions about the perpetrators of the abductions to the Bahamian law enforcement officers and the FBI.In the Czech Republic, Kvetka was relieved when John and Nicklas talked to her on the telephone. The Czech security officers had total control of the orphanage and were in constant contact with INTERPOL and Butch Mendez. The security lock down had been ended, but more security officers were on duty in all areas of the orphanage grounds. In Miami, Florida, a cigarette boat slipped into a remote marina and let out a single passenger. Delano Genovesi had waited until midnight before risking the boat trip to Miami where he had planned to meet his lover. He didn't know yet that Franco would never share his bed again, and looked forward to meeting his lover at their apartment in Miami. He still had several thousand dollars in a bank account, and wanted to have Franco handle the transfer of the 2 billion dollars to places around the world. They had Ls Bbs planned the betrayal of Robert Ducharme and planned to buy an entire island and create a resort that catered to men who wanted boys and girls to fuck. Delano had been frustrated when his phone calls to the cell phone of his lover had gone unanswered. He still believed that Franco Ls Bbs had left Cat Island safely and would be waiting for him at their new apartment.When Delano arrived at the apartment, he wasn't ready for who was waiting for him inside."Come in and make yourself comfortable," Mario Genovesi said to his youngest son."How did you find me?" Delano asked."Your mother and I have done our best to give you a good life and we trusted you to stay in the drug treatment facility in Canada," Mario said softly, "We both love you, but you've broken our hearts and our trust with what you've done.""Where's Franco?" Delano asked."Your lover died when his helicopter disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean," Michael Costanza said. "Your father and I have been searching for you ever since you left the treatment center in Toronto. You should have remembered that I'm the financial expert for the family business, and that I would be able to track any big money transaction. John Miller is a special friend of ours, and you've been caught doing something terrible.""I don't know what you're talking about," Delano lied. "Franco isn't dead! Where have you Ls Bbs taken him?""John Miller is one of my closest friends, and you conspired to abduct him and demand ransom," Mario said. "John Miller saved your life when he gave me that shipping crate filled with drugs, but you never even thanked him. Instead, you conspired to abduct him and steal money that is intended to create orphanages for unwanted children around the world. Your lover is dead. I brought you into this world and I should be the one to take you out, but Michael has a better plan for you.""I don't believe you that Franco's dead!" Delano insisted. "Just get out of here and leave me alone!""That's exactly what we're going to do," Mario said, "I'm finished with protecting you. You and your accomplices will all get justice after Michael and I leave here. The local MS 13 leader and the Capressi family know of your location. By the way, the money that you thought was going to buy that island has all been Ls Bbs returned to the Sea & Jungle bank account in Switzerland. Michael has wiped out your personal bank account too, so now you can decide where you will go and how you will live.""You can't do that to me!" Delano insisted. "I'll call Mother! You can't leave me here where those shitheads will kill me!""Your mother won't be home when you call," Mario said, "I love you, but I also hate you for what you've done. Michael and I will leave you now, and I hope that you have some time to think about your life and regret the decisions that you made. You no longer exist as my son."Mario Genovesi and Michael Costanza left Delano in the apartment and got inside the limo to travel to the airport. They both knew that Delano would be dead before they arrived in Detroit, but also knew that the young man had signed his own death warrant by abducting John Miller and betraying the infamous gang and a Mafia family.During the flight back to Detroit, Michael looked at his closest friend and saw a single tear going down Mario's cheek. Michael knew that Mario had always been connected emotionally to his youngest son, and he suspected that the emotional bond had just been broken permanently by Delano's death. He called the stewardess over and asked for two drinks of scotch whiskey on ice. Death was a constant companion if a man was active in the Mafia, but now it was a strange experience for two men who had broken the ties Ls Bbs to organized crime. Michael knew that the Capressi family would be outraged by the death of Franco and would demand retribution. He would use all of his contacts to explain what had happened and that Mario and the rest of the Genovesi family had not contributed to Franco's death.The death of Delano Genovesi was only a small article in the Miami Herald newspaper on page four of the first section. The article intimated that the death of a white male to multiple gunshot wounds appeared to be gang related. At the time of the newspaper article, the body hadn't been identified. Michael Costanza used his influence, along with help from Butch Mendez, to convince the law enforcement agencies to conceal the identity of the deceased person. Members of MS 13 had arrived at the apartment just as enforcers for the Capressi family were leaving the apartment. A violent gunfight erupted on the streets of Miami and didn't end until seven men were killed, but only one body was left for the police. MS 13 thugs and the Mafia enforcers carried away their dead and wounded soldiers and vowed revenge. Instead of reporting on a gang war in Miami, the police decided to stifle the media. Witnesses to the furious gun fight refused to admit that they had seen anything. The people knew that snitches ended up dead along with their family members.Michael Costanza handled many special situations for his friend and boss, Mario Genovesi. He had the legal papers to claim Delano's body and immediately had it taken to a crematorium. The ashes were scattered over the ocean near Miami, and Michael hoped that the Capressi family and their Colombian associates would accept that retribution had been made for the death of Franco Capressi and the botched abduction and loss of many MS 13 soldiers. He was wrong on all counts... ******************************************** John and Nicklas returned to Michigan and realized that their personal lives now would be affected by a higher level of security. Butch Mendez had met with them several times and insisted that they allow his security officers to be with them at all times."I know that you saved my life down in the Bahamas, but I can't live in a bubble," John said in frustration to Butch, "I have people to see and places to go to do my job, or the company will suffer. Spring is coming and I can't wait to get out on Long Lake to do some fishing in my little aluminum boat. That boat belonged to my father, and Johnny and Kirsty had it fixed for me after Margaret took an axe to it. You told me that even the President of the United States could be killed if a professional assassin had a contract. Nicky needs to be with his friends at school functions and I need to have some space or I'll suffocate.""I understand," Butch admitted. "You saved my life in Northern Michigan when you tackled me and got me out of the line of fire in the Cashier's office of the hospital. You may not realize it, but you had already saved my life when you hired me to work for our company. Then you gave me control of all security issues, the title of Vice President, and a huge salary so I can spoil my wife and children. Yes I pulled you out of the ocean, but I still owe you more than I can ever repay. I'll talk to my officers and see if we can protect you and Nicklas without being so obvious. Katelyn and Johnny have talked to me about the same issues. You already know that people can abduct you or a member of your family to get ransom. The days that you can walk down the streets alone are gone, but we can try to let you and your family members have some freedom."John hugged Butch and thanked him for understanding his concerns. The two men promised to spend more time together, but also knew that their job responsibilities would make that very difficult. Nicklas had started calling Butch, Uncle Butch, and that started a new tradition. Johnny, Kirsty and Little John all joined Nicklas in referring to Roberto and Elizabeth Mendez as Uncle Butch and Aunt Liz.Before John and Nicklas headed back to Detroit, they had several nights of intimacy with the crew and passengers aboard the Sea & Jungle IV. For John, the highlight of the vacation was a night of unbelievable sex with Tiki and Maki, the two black boys from Nassau and Alek and Toni, the identical twin Greek boys. John was completely worn out from the insatiable young boys who covered him with kisses and generous coatings of young male semen. John lost track of how many young cocks he sucked before he collapsed and let the four boys flood his anal passage with boy cream.Nicklas was guiding several young friends in a variety of sex games that determined who would be sucked or fucked. With Zach, Toby and Nathan from Idaho and Jamie Jeffries and Hunter Harwood, Nicklas had plenty of boy cock to drool over. On the same night that John was entertaining the young black boys and the twin Greeks; Nicklas invited Nikkos and Constantine, the two exceptionally handsome stewards to join the orgy.Everyone slept in late on the last night of the special voyage of the Sea & Jungle IV. John and Nicklas met in the main lounge and they both laughed at how sore they both were after a night of sex to be remembered for the rest of their lives.When the Sea & Jungle jet arrived at Metro Airport, several news reporters were waiting to take pictures and videos of the special passengers. Amy Wentworth and Sue Nyquist, two special security officers, were ready along with several other men to keep the reporters away from John, Nicklas, Johnny, Kirsty and Little John. ********************* John and Nicklas went to their home on Peninsular Drive and wanted to unwind after their ordeal and the celebration on the Sea & Jungle IV. They were riding in an Escalade with Butch and Sue Nyquist when they saw a black limousine in their driveway."Mario asked to talk to you," Butch said. "I can tell him to come back later, but I think you and Nicklas should talk to him now. It will help all of you cope with what happened, and I know that Mario needs to tell you how sorry he is for what his son did.""We talked to Philippe about his son, Robert, and now we need to do the same with Mario," John said to Nicklas. He was pleased that his son agreed and walked up to Mario and hugged him.Everyone went inside where John, Nicklas, Mario and Michael Costanza talked in the family room about Delano and the kidnapping. Mario was very emotional and said that he wouldn't blame John for hating him for what Delano had done."We've been friends for a long time and I won't let this mess change that," John said, "We can't forget the past, but also we can't live in it. Let's go forward and face the future together."Everyone hugged and shared their emotions. John knew that Michael and Mario were still connected to the Mafia and hoped that they would be able to convince the other families to forget the past and move forward.Things calmed down and John returned to the North American Operations Headquarters in Detroit and buried himself in the responsibilities of his important job. Nicklas was pleased that he and John spent more time together, now that basketball season had ended. Nicklas was proud that his father had taken him to every practice and game, just like John had done during the football season.John loved to entertain the young friends of his son and spoiled the boys with homemade chicken soup, pizza, spaghetti and a variety of meats cooked on the outdoor gas grille. He loved cooking and teenaged boys were always hungry and devoured everything but the table and chairs. John just laughed when the visitors praised his cooking skills and said that they wished their parents would take lessons from him.Nicklas laughed and invited his friends to spend weekends learning how to cook from his father. Nicky loved to cook and started writing down the special recipes that he loved the most. When he lived in the Czech Republic, he had never heard of a Coney Island hot dog. Now that he was living in Michigan, he quickly learned that the Michigan food laws prohibited the use of "meat by-products" in hot dogs, sausages, Ls Bbs bologna, and other specialty meats. U.S. Congressmen had tried to spread the Michigan laws across the entire United States, but lobbyists from meat producing companies used their influence to block the changes. Nicklas loved John's description of "meat by-products" which were ears, udders, snouts and other refuse that should only be ground up for pet food. John called "meat by-products", tits, tails and touch holes, and Nicklas loved to repeat the description. He had insisted on shipping Kogel hotdogs to the orphanage in the Czech Republic along with Coney Island sauce from Flint and Detroit so the children would be able to taste the best hot dogs in the world.When the school year ended, Nicklas loved learning more water skiing skills from Mike Mahon and his father. They were spending most of their time skiing and fishing on Long Lake near Novi and couldn't wait to head north to the Arrowhead Lodge in northern Michigan when the weather got warmer. Marty Wadsworth and his boyfriend, Toby Balcolm were constantly exchanging emails with Nicklas and kept begging him to move up north so they could spend quality time together.John was at the headquarters and ready to leave for the day. He looked for Nicky and wasn't surprised to see his son with a group of teens in the jungle area. John walked up to his son and saw that Nicky was talking to a very handsome boy. John looked at the face of Nicky's friend and felt his heart almost stop."Dad, this is my new friend, Del," Nicklas said to John, "Del, this is my father, John Miller.""I'm pleased to meet you," Del said while offering his hand to the handsome man. He loved being in the United States and couldn't believe that a jungle with monkeys and tropical birds could exist in a state that had snow in the winter.John thought that he would pass out when he looked at the handsome young teenager. He tried to speak, but his words were muddled and refused to come out. Even with the drastic changes in the appearance of the boy, John was able to recognize him. It was obvious that the boy didn't recognize John. John thought back to the time when he had met the boy called Del, and remembered that his face was disguised."Del, I've gotta take a leak," Nicklas said to his friend. "I'll be right back."Del watched his new friend run towards the toilet area and turned to walk to the crates to get more bananas to give to the monkeys. He never expected the important man to even shake his hand, remembering that his mother had told him that he had to behave while she was in training. He was surprised to meet Nicklas and was pleased that the handsome boy was so friendly. He recognized the name, John Miller, and knew that the man was a billionaire and the head of the company.John looked at the boy and was shocked at the changes since Ls Bbs they had met before in Vancouver. The protruding ears had been surgically corrected and the eyeglasses that were as thick as Coke bottles were gone; no longer needed now that the boy had contact lenses. The boy had gained at least 20 pounds and his crooked teeth were now adorned with bright blue braces that were very stylish for teenagers. The changes were startling for John and he would have to remember to call his friend, Malcolm LaPartierre in British Columbia to thank him for transforming the boy's appearance. The boy was timid during their last meeting but now he had self confidence that would help him succeed in the future.Del was feeding the monkeys and didn't see John walk up behind him. He wished that Nicklas would come back soon so they could spend time together before lunch. They had made plans to eat in the beautiful restaurant/cafeteria and then had talked about going to see a movie in the auditorium.John walked behind the boy and said softly, "When he was young, he looked different from the other birds on the pond. They called him an ugly ducking and never played with him. When he grew up, he became a beautiful swan and all of the ducks were jealous of his beauty."Delbert Pittinger had tears running down his face when he recognized the voice and the story. He couldn't believe that the man who had chosen him from all of the handsome boys at the special party in Vancouver was with him again. He turned and couldn't focus because his eyes were filled with tears. He wiped away the tears and whispered to himself, "John?""My little swan has grown and become beautiful," John said with a big smile. He opened his arms and was nearly knocked over when Delbert flew across the floor and jumped into his embrace.Delbert sobbed and tried to talk, but his words came out garbled because of his emotions. He wanted to tell John about all of the changes in his life and struggled to compose himself. His entire life had changed since that fateful night in Vancouver, and now he was with the man that he knew had rescued him and his mother from destitution.John held the boy tightly and felt Delbert's body shake with emotions. He was holding Delbert when Nicklas ran into the jungle area, yelling, "Did someone hurt Del? I'll kill whoever hurt him!""No one hurt him so calm down," John said to his son, "Let's go over by the waterfall and sit down so we can all talk in private."Nicklas was still angry that someone had upset his new friend, but he watched John carry Del over to the koi pond at the base of the huge waterfall.Delbert was trying to talk, but he was still too emotional to explain anything to Nicklas. John came to his rescue and said to Nicklas, "Do you remember me telling you about a special party I attended in Vancouver where I met a boy who reminded me of you?"Nicklas remembered the story and it brought back memories of when he first met John at Proud Les Domov in the Czech Republic. Nicklas knew that he had been ugly, but John had loved him from the first day that they had met. He said to Del, "You told me that your name was Del. I never dreamed that you were the Delbert that John told me about. This is awesome!"Security guards and other people approached the trio and were ready to help calm the boy down, but John motioned them away. It took several minutes before Delbert got control of his emotions. He released the death grip that he had on John and then hugged him again with Nicklas joining in on the hug."So much has happened," Delbert began. "I don't know where to start.""Take your time," Nicklas said. "We wanna hear everything.""Malcolm never told any of us who was helping our families," Delbert said. "He made appointments for me to see a reconstructive surgeon, an orthodontist and an ophthalmologist. My mother didn't have any insurance, but Malcolm took care of everything. The surgeon fixed my ears so they don't stick out, and guys at school stopped teasing me. I had to wear a retainer for a while before I got these braces to straighten my teeth and fix my bite. Then I had Lasik surgery to correct my vision and get rid of those nasty glasses. I wear contacts now and love them. My glasses were heavy and always scratched and I hated them. The biggest change of all is when my mother got hired to work in the Sea & Jungle store in Vancouver and we moved into a really nice house."John just smiled and let Delbert tell Nicklas about the changes in his life. John had talked to Malcolm several times and knew about the drastic changes in the life of his young friend, but seeing the results was shocking."Can Del come home with us?" Nicklas asked his father."Mom said that I'm supposed to stay with her in the temporary housing here in this building," Delbert replied. "She's in training all this week and then we head back home. I love being here in the United States but I was starting to get bored until I met Nicklas. I'd love to go with you so we can talk and have fun Ls Bbs together.""I think we can convince people to let Delbert go with us," John said with a big smile. He was already making another plan to let Delbert spend more time away from Vancouver."Malcolm told all of us guys that we can't tell anyone about the party," Delbert said. "Officially, we all work for Malcolm's investment company and run errands in the office areas or model clothes in commercials. I work in one of Malcolm's clothing stores where I show guys the current fashions. I get a ton of new clothes to keep and that sure made a difference at school. Before I started working there, I only had worn out clothes that had been patched and the other guys always ridiculed me."Nicklas and John listened to Delbert describe his life in Vancouver and saw how emotional the boy had become about his own life and the lives of others. Delbert explained how he had found two boys at school who were being picked on and bullied Ls Bbs by some not-so-nice guys. He had befriended the boys and gave them some of the clothes from his new job and convinced his friends to help protect the two boys. Delbert also smiled when he told John that Kelly Osmund, the cute boy at Delbert's school, was now his boyfriend. John remembered Kelly from the wild party and how Kelly had been picked by Delbert to be his sex partner for the night."Kelly's dad got out of jail and hasn't been drunk or arrested since that time when Kelly went to the party to pay their bills," Delbert said. "His dad is a truck driver for the Sea & Jungle Company and only has a beer or two and never gets drunk. Kelly and I really love each other and I can't wait to talk to him. I know that I can't tell him about you and your job, but I want him to know that I met Nicklas here. Kelly will be jealous that he's not with us."John, Nicklas and Delbert had lunch together and then left the NAO Headquarters to go to the home of John and Nicklas on Long Lake. Delbert had never tried to water ski, so Nicklas wanted him to learn. John called Mike Mahon and was pleased that his handsome friend agreed to help Delbert learn the basics of skiing.Delbert was thrilled to meet Mike and both Lodak and Jan from the Czech Republic. His circle of friends was expanding and he loved it. He saw the security officers who were always around John and Nicklas and wondered how anyone had any privacy. He loved Kelly and longed to be with his lover again when he returned to Vancouver.There was a big celebration when Delbert was able to get up on two skis and make a circle around the lake. He was tired and sore from the many falls, but loved the attention from all of his new friends. He was shocked to sit in the powerful ski boat when Nicklas rode one ski and put on a show by cutting back and forth across the wake of the boat. He wasn't ready to see John Miller grab a slalom ski and perform a flying start by jumping off the dock at the instant that the slack was taken out of the ski rope. He cheered wildly when he saw how the mature man could ski as well as Nicklas or even better. When Delbert saw Mike Mahon barefoot skiing, Delbert was hooked and dreamed of being a professional water skier. He screamed his appreciation at spending a fantastic afternoon with Nicklas and John and begged to call Kelly in Vancouver. He had Nicklas take pictures of him driving the powerful ski boat and knew that Kelly would be happy for him but also jealous.John had been using his cell phone to make important calls and had everyone on the deck of his home where he was grilling steaks and baked potatoes for their evening meal when he dropped a bomb. "The formal training for your mother will end this weekend, and I was wondering if you would like to invite your mother, Kelly and his father to take a vacation with us," John said to Delbert. "You can be the one to call them and invite them to spend a week or two on a boat that travels the ocean." John didn't want to spoil the fun he would have when Delbert, Kelly and their parents would see the Sea & Jungle IV for the first time."Kelly's dad won't be able to go," Delbert said sadly, "I love Kelly and want him to be here, but there is no way they could afford the cost of flying to Michigan. My mom has to go back to work next week or lose her job. She loves the store and I've never seen her so happy.""You don't know what my dad can do," Nicklas said to his new friend, "What if they could all be with us for a vacation of fun in the Bahamas? I have special friends there who can suck the whites out of your eyes!"Delbert laughed and couldn't believe that he was in Michigan with special friends and talking about a dream vacation. He thought back to the day that he begged Malcolm to attend the sex party and had feared that he would be sent home without any money to rescue his mother from disaster. He smiled when he remembered how the special man named John was given first choice of all the boys and had walked back and forth, examining all of the handsome boys before stopping in front of him. He had sobbed when he believed that he would be sent home, but the strange man had selected him above all the handsome boys. Now he was living a life that he had never dreamed could be lived by anyone in the world.John just laughed and watched Nicklas work his magic with Delbert. Even before the boys wolfed down the steaks, grilled vegetables and salads, Delbert had made the calls to invite his lover and father to vacation in the United States. Delbert didn't know where they would go on their vacation but he was excited that he had been allowed to make the invitation.Kelly ran around the house, screaming with excitement about taking a vacation in the United States. He didn't have the details, but knew that someone would contact him and his father the next day. He ran to the neighbors' houses and bragged about going to Florida and then called all of his friends from school. He had his cell phone and showed everyone the digital pictures that Delbert had sent to him. No one could believe the beauty of the Sea & Jungle North American Headquarters building in Detroit, especially the jungle area that was alive with monkeys and exotic tropical birds. ********************************** John had always refused to be a guest on any talk shows, but Christina had begged him to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to announce a fund drive for the Zednik-Miller Foundation. Jay Leno began his introduction by saying, "Tonight we're honored to have two special visitors who represent one of the most successful corporations in the entire world. Our first guest is an avid outdoorsman who travels the world on exotic hunting and fishing trips while directing the operations of the largest import company in the world. Please welcome my friend, another vintage car collector, the Chief Executive Officer of the Sea & Jungle Imports Company, Mr. John Miller!"John walked onto the stage, but before he greeted Jay Leno, he shook hands with Kevin Eubanks, the band leader who provided the music and was also the straight man for the jokes from the famous host. He had always enjoyed talking to Kevin when he was in the Los Angeles area for business meetings or to attend fund raisers. He avoided events with stars from the film industry, mainly because he felt that most of the stars were conceited and expected everyone to be awestruck by their attendance. Many of the stars had aged and were no longer commanding the huge salaries to make movies, but they all still wanted everyone to recognize them and treat them like royalty. John had offended many past and current stars when he had to be introduced to Ls Bbs them at the social events instead of the instant recognition that they expected. John shook Jay Leno's hand and immediately started teasing the host. "You were supposed to meet me at the drag strip before the show," John said. "I got two tickets for speeding and I wasn't even driving my car at the time.""If you had that 1970 Chevelle, 454 cubic inch, 450 horsepower, it idles over 100 miles an hour," Jay teased. "I didn't want to be humiliated with my Yugo.""Next time I'll get the bet in writing," John teased back."I'm honored that you're here tonight," Jay said after they had sat down. "I know that you've avoided any public appearances, and we're pleased to help you announce your fund drive for a very worthy cause.""I still think that you only invited me to get Christina to appear," John teased."She's a lot more attractive than you are," Jay joked. "You and I have been to several fund raising dinners together for a variety of worthy causes, and I'm honored that you came here tonight to launch an effort that will fund orphanages around the world. Before we talk about the Zednik-Miller Foundation, I'm sure that our audience would like to hear about your hunting and fishing adventures. You have a dream job that most men would kill to have.""I have to admit that I love my job," John said. "I appointed key people so I can travel around the world to hunt and fish in some of the most exotic destinations in the world.""I heard that you have achieved some impressive hunting goals. Why don't you tell our audience what you've achieved," Jay suggested."There are 45 different species of wild sheep in the world, and I've been lucky enough to bag the Super 40," John replied. "That means that I have bagged and formally recorded 40 different species of sheep from countries around the world. All of the animals have been mounted and are on display at the North American Headquarters of the Sea & Jungle Imports Company in Detroit, Michigan.""For the benefit of our audience, I'll add that there are only four men alive today that have recorded the Super 40," Jay added. "I also heard that you have had some interesting altercations with members of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.""I think that the PETA members are funny," John replied. "They can't accept that anyone should eat meat or hunt and fish to feed their families. PETA members want everyone to become vegetarians and let animals reproduce and take over the world. I got a lot of hate mail when a special billboard appeared near our North American Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.""Here is a picture of that billboard," Jay said. The audience roared when they read the message. "There's Plenty of Room for God's Creatures, Right Next to the Mashed Potatoes!""I don't think that humans got to the top of the food chain to be vegetarians," John added. "My friends and I never waste anything that we take from the wild. All of the meat is used and the hides and mounted trophies are put on display and the fish are treated the same way.""I see that you're wearing all leather tonight," Jay Ls Bbs said. "I can also see the letters coming in right now from all of the anti-hunting people of the world. Dear Mr. Leno...""I'm wearing clothing made from animals that I harvested legally from around the world," John replied."Have you ever done anything illegal when you were hunting?" Jay asked."Well, actually I did," John replied. "I was in Northern Michigan hunting geese when I made a mistake and shot a swan. Swans are big and white, just like Canadian geese or snow geese, but I should have recognized the difference. I went out to get the bird and found a game warden waiting for me.""What did you do?" Jay asked."I had to think fast," John replied. "I knew that I'd lose my hunting license and get a big fine, so I did what was normal.""What was that?" Jay asked."I lied," John said with a straight face. "I told the game warden that I had a wife and two children who were starving ever since I lost my job with General Motors. I told him that I needed to kill something or my kids would go to bed hungry again. The game warden bought my sad story and told me that the swan was dead and that it shouldn't go to waste. He let me go without a fine after I promised to never kill a swan again.""You lied and got away with it," Jay said. "Do you feel guilty about lying?""Not really," John replied. "I was walking down the street about a Ls Bbs week later and I ran into the same game warden. He recognized me and wanted to talk. He asked, `I have to know. What did that swan taste like?'""What did you tell him?" Jay asked."I told him the truth," John said. "It tasted like a cross between a bald eagle and a spotted owl and my family loved it."The audience roared when they realized that John Miller had spun a wild tale to entertain everyone. It was a funny joke that Jay Leno had never expected from his friend."I don't want to be anywhere near the mailbox for the next few weeks," Jay laughed. "Every animal lover in the world will be chewing me out for having you here tonight after hearing that story. I hope that everyone knows that you were telling a joke and not the truth.""I've never broken a game law when I was hunting or fishing," John said honestly."Before we get your beautiful assistant out here, why don't you tell the audience about your hunting records," Jay said."I have the world record Kodiak bear in the Boone & Crocket record book, along with seven other animals that were large enough to qualify," John replied. "All of those trophies were taken with firearms. I also have one world record and six other animals that are registered in the Polk & Young record book for archery hunting.""I heard that you might be the last man to be allowed to use a handgun to take the four species of bears," Jay said. "Why don't you explain why?""Hunting black bears can be dangerous, but using a 44 caliber magnum pistol gives the hunter a degree of safety if he places the shot properly," John said. "A large black bear might weigh over 500 pounds. The next larger bear is the grizzly, and they are very aggressive and dangerous. They often weigh over 800 pounds and will attack other animals and humans. The largest is the Alaskan brownie, which is a strain of the grizzly. My world record tipped the scales at 1800 pounds. Probably the most dangerous bear is the polar bear. Anything on the ice is food for a polar bear and that includes other bears. I took a record polar bear with a handgun and we had to load it fast on the helicopter and get away quickly. Three other bears scented the kill and were headed there for a meal.""I remind the viewers that hunting polar bears is legal," Jay added."It takes a while to get a polar bear license and I had to hire a professional guide who backed me up with a very high powered rifle," John added. "I did the same when I hunted the Alaskan brownie. No one can take a chance if a wounded bear decides to charge. I was lucky that all of my shots took the bears without any backup shots.""What else have you hunted?" Jay asked."I've hunted for the best people in the world to help run the Sea & Jungle Imports Company," John replied. "Philippe Ducharme is the president of our company, and he's the main reason that we're so successful. When I took control of the company, we only had white males in positions of authority and responsibility. Now we have females and other minorities in key positions around the world.""I know that we agreed not to dwell on the events that occurred in the Bahamas where you and your adopted son were abducted," Jay said. "I know that people around the world were relieved when you were rescued from your abductors.""Nicklas Zednik is the reason that we created the Zednik-Miller Foundation" John said. "I met him near a small village in the Czech Republic and his plight opened my eyes to the needs of orphans around the world. I adopted him and he's been the inspiration for our company to look for ways to rescue orphans and the innocent victims of war around the world.""This is the moment that I've been waiting for," Jay said. "Here tonight is the Vice-President in charge of Public Relations for the Sea & Jungle Imports Company, a woman who every red-blooded man in the world will recognize from previous issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit specials. Please welcome the beautiful, Christina!"The audience cheered when Christina Karpov walked out on the stage to greet John and Jay Leno. She hugged John and kissed him on the cheek and shook the hand of the famous host. Everyone knew that she normally only used her first name and respected her wishes."Boy, you really rate!" Jay teased. "You get a hug and kiss and all I get is a handshake.""You should see the size of the paychecks that I sign for her," John teased back."I was hoping to be here with Matt Damon," Christina said. "He's a real hunk! Where is he?""Now both you and I know where we stand," Jay joked to John. "Matt Damon's my next guest, but first we need to talk about the foundation that has impressed the entire world.""When John adopted Nicklas Zednik, the boy kept the name of his deceased parents and added John's last name to his," Christina offered. "The Zednik-Miller Foundation is expanding and we're looking for donations and political support from people around the world to rescue orphans from the ravages of war and poverty. We have just opened our 50th orphanage and the need is for hundreds more to save the children of the world. We also support hospitals around the world to treat the unfortunate adults and children who have been
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