Related article: Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 11:29:07 -0800 (PST) From: Will Anderson Subject: Acting Out A Childhood FantasyIn my early adolescent years, at age 12, I first discovered the joys of masturbation. Ever since I have enjoyed this solitary pursuit of self pleasure. As I masturbate I usually envision all manner of sexual fantasies, and imagine myself in a variety of scenarios like......being molested and raped by older boys or an older girl, being seduced as an young alter boy by a priest, asked to my scoutmaster's tent for my group initiation with all the staff, given a sex lecture & demonstration by a friend's mother or father, molested by a friend's uncle on a camping trip, raped in a prison or concentration camp, forced into sexual slavery as a young boy, hitting on a younger neighbor boy, forced into sex by a coach in the shower, etc, etc. I never lacked for ideas.Throughout my teen years I became a compulsive masturbator, which continues on to this day, but to a lesser extent as I grew older, and discovered the joys of m2m sex. As a kid I became very good at entertaining myself, jacking off to all of the fantasies mentioned above, and many more, as I would jack off. I never had intercourse with a girl until college, and never participated in m2m sex until my late 20's. I was definitely a late bloomer. But that didn't stop me from my solitary pleasure. I used to ejaculate into panties that I had stolen from girls I knew in the neighborhood, and over the course of many weeks the cotton would become crusty and yellowed with dozens and dozens of youthful spermloads poured into them. After months of cum being spurted into these panties, they'd almost stand up by themselves ... and smelled great as I would sniff and lick my own dried cum during my next jack off session. Occasionally I would succumb to feelings of guilt, thinking I might be mentally weird, and I would refrain for a week or so ... but my incredibly strong and persistant libido would eventually get the best of me, and I'd return to old habits and desires.I'm in my 60's now, and I'm fortunate to have a number of very nice male sex partners that I enjoy very much. One in particular is quite special....my friend Scotty. He and I live at opposite ends of the state and we see each other only a few times a year. But when we do it's gangbusters. Our last get together was so memorable that it compelled me to sit down and write this account of this final encounter in his hotel room.I called his room the morning he was to depart, and he said that he was waiting for me. We chatted for awhile, and I started sharing with him a description of my early sexual beginnings as an adolescent, my compulsiveness as a masturbator, and how much I enjoyed fantasy and role playing. He said it was ironic as I had just described him at that age. He said that it would be a big turn on for him to act out one of my favorite fantasies with me that morning. I told him that I had a scoutmaster named Gary (true), who was reputed to enjoy young boys occasionally. This had been hearsay for years, but I had never personally been Loli Porn approached by him.....and never was. The whole subject was very hush hush, and I was never really sure if it was true of not. Anyway, I told Scotty that one of my frequent jack off fantasies from age 13 on, was that I would be asked to come to Gary's tent late one summer night at camp, and participate in a "rite of passage" to become one of the camp staff the following summer. Scotty was to be Gary, and seduce me as a 14yo camper. He loved the idea.When I arrived at his hotel room door, I was greeted at the door as young Billy, with Scotty's usual smile and hug, and an offer of fresh juice and rolls, which he had in his hotel suite.Scotty kept in character as Gary the scoutmaster....and all of a sudden, I was mentally taken back almost 50 years as a 14yo Loli Porn boy scout at summer camp. Gary/Scotty had on only a t-shirt and I could see the tip of his penis peeking out below the bottom, but didn't say anything. He said that the assistant leader, Lenny, would be by shortly (actually another mutual friend - Robert was coming by about that time, and Scotty had told him about our role playing scenario). I stood, and Gary sat down in a chair in front of me, and told me that this was a yearly ritual wherein selected 14yo Explorer boys are interviewed and initiated to the inner circle, then to become one of the counselors. He said that there was a physical side of this honor, and that he would have to check me out to ensure that I was equipped to fulfill expected duties. He gave me a lecture on boyhood hormones, sexual desires, puberty, masturbation, the need for absolute discretion, and other related subjects. In his excitment I could see his penis starting to grow erect and protrude further beneath his t-shirt....a good indicator of what was to come.He started by reaching out and stroking the front of my courderoy pants, then running his hand over my fly and patting my penis beneath. I was already semi-erect with anticipation, so my protruding package instantly responded to his touch.Gary commented, "I see that you're enjoying this Billy. Do you want me to continue?""Yes sir, please do. And yes, I assure you I'm enjoying it."He asked, "How often do you masturbate young man?"I replied, "At least twice a day, sometimes more.""Have you ever been masturbated or sucked off by another boy?""No sir, but I think about it a lot. I think I'd like it....I'm just afraid to approach anyone""How long have you been masturbating?""Since my first year in the troop, when I stole a pair of Laurie Brody's underpants and got so excited that I jacked off into them. That's the first time anything ever shot out of my dick.""So you like mastutrbating into girl's underpants? There's nothing unhealthy about that. How would you like for me to masturbate you tonight? Would you be embarrassed?""No sir. Wow....I think I would really enjoy that.""Are you surprised that I'm asking all these questions, and proposing such things?""No sir. Some of the older boys told me about this when they knew I was coming here.""So you're comfortable with having sex with me, and even Lenny?""Yes sir, that's what I was hoping would happen. I'm a little nervous tho....this is my first time. And I've been jacking off for days just thinking about tonight.""Okay, Im satisfied. I guess we can proceed with your initiation young man"With that Gary dropped to his knees, reached up and unfastened my belt buckle, and unzipped my pants. He slowly slid them to the floor, and I stepped out of them. Gary took off my shoes and sox. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, and took off my t-shirt. I was standing in front of him in just my pristine white cotton Calvin Klein underpants. My rising young penis was bluging beneath the cotton. He was visibly excited at this sight, and lightly stroked the bulge with his palm, with a soft humm."Very nice Billy. I think you're going to do just fine on our staff."He reached into the leg opening of my underpants and cupped my balls then his finger ran up and down the sensitive underside of my now-fully-erect young penis. It twitched at the touch, and Gary liked that. He ran both his hands down the back of my briefs and fondled my ass, letting one finger linger on my anus. I moaned softly in pleasure. Now he had both hands roaming inside my underpants, tittilating my Loli Porn balls, my asshole, my rock-hard penis, and I was starting to squirm a little in my pleasureable response to his fondling.Gary slowly slid my tented underpants down my thighs until the elastic band slid past my penis, which was bent down beneath the cotton. As he pulled, my stiff penis sprang upward, and Gary coo'd at the sight of this virgin adolescent cock before him, bobbing straight out and stiff as a stick, with its nice pink circumcised head. I stepped out of my briefs and spread my legs a little to give him better access. He ran his hands under my crotch, slowly stroked my penis, and again tickled my asshole. His cock was now erect, dripping pre-cum liquid, standing straight out, and Gary removed his t-shirt."Let's play with each other for awhile....does that sound okay?"Emboldened by his suggestion, I reached out and touched his hard 7" penis........which is the first cock I had ever touched other that my own. I'd never seen an adult male in full erection before, and the sight almost took my breath away. Gary was beautiful."Let me lay down on the bed, and you can examine me more closely, if you'd like Billy."I nodded, and he did so, then spread his legs wide, exposing his balls and asshole. I ran my young hands up and down on his cock, around his hairy balls, and over his asshole, as I examined him in total fascination. Gary groaned with delight. It was quite exciting for a 14yo kid to be able to touch and fondle a grown man's genitalia like this. His cock twitched and jumped every time I touched it."Do you ever jack off Gary?", I asked."You bet I do. And it feels just as good at age 50 as it did when I was 14 like you. Billy, every man and boy jacks off whether they care to admit it or not....probably even your dad.""Wow, do you really think so? Will I get to see you shoot your sperm tonight?""Well, before the night is thru, you'll probably have your opportunity.""Okay young man, let's switch positions. I'd like to check you out your equipment."He rose, naked, from the bed, then gently laid me down. Gary spread my legs and closely examined my cock and balls, opened my tiny piss slit, then my spread asshole. Before I realized what he was doing, he bent forward and took my penis in his mouth and started bobbing up and down. God, it felt wonderful!!! I couldn't believe it.....I was actually getting my first blow job. I'd heard of a blow job, but had only fantasized about it when I masturbated. And here, my own scoutmaster, who I loved and adored, was sucking me off. He ran his tongue up and down my penis, then over my balls, then back up my cock, then down to my asshole. I was amazed when he actually flicked his tongue up my butt hole. But the feeling was incredible. Luckily I had bathed and my hole was clean. This went on for a good ten minutes as I moaned a writhed spread eagle on the bed, completely naked."So Billy, how do you like getting a blow job and an nice ass reaming?""My God sir, it's incredible... better than I ever imagined. Keep doing it."And he did just that for another ten minutes, giving me a tongue bath in every orifice. He asked me to tell him if I was getting close to cumming. He said that once most boys ejaculate, they tend to lose their sexual desire, and he wanted to prolong our activities quite a bit longer, especially with Lenny arriving soon. I had to ask him to back off twice in the next few minutes because I could Loli Porn feel that familiar feeling approaching."Would you like to do that to me Billy?""Gee, I don't know......b-b-but maybe I could try."I rose from the bed, sank to my knees, and he stood in front of me with his huge penis sticking straight out. Damn it was big, and I just couldn't take my eyes off it. It seemed perfectly natural to just bend forward and put my lips around his dick. It was kind of strange at first, but then instinct took over, and my mouth began sliding up and down on Gary's cock like a pro. I could taste the droplets of seeping fluid at the tip of his tiny slit as I ran my tongue into it. It was kind of salty, just like my own cum. Gary's penis was just like mine, only a lot bigger and his hanging balls were much hairier. I cupped his balls as I sucked his dick. I was suddenly in heaven! I couldn't believe that I was actually giving my first blow job....and I found it quite arousing.Just then there was a knock on the door - Lenny had arrived. Gary told me to lie spread wide on the bed, and slowly masturbate so that Lenny could appreciate the full impact of what he was about to see. I did this gladly. Lenny was the senior counselor, about 19 years old - very athletic, with a swimmers build, curly blonde hair, and gorgeous. Lenny entered (actually our friend Robert). When he glanced over at me, he stopped dead in his tracks, blew out his breath, and said............"Wow, just lookie at young Billy jackin' off!!" I can see you two have been busy. Billy, you're one beautiful boy! And look at that great looking cock. Can I help with that?"His clothes literally flew off his body, and in an instant he was down to his underpants, and his penis was starting to tent the front just as mine had done earlier. He knelt by the side on the bed, and extended his right hand to cover mine. Then he removed it, took a bottle of KY lube and poured it on the tip of my penis. I stopped stroking in anticipation to what he was going to do. Then he took over and started masturbating me."This, young man, is what's called a handjob. Like it? Hey Gary , Billy has the perfect sized penis for this. Look how easily my hand fits, and slides up and down."Gary responded, "You ought to try your mouth Lenny...he seems to like that even more."That's all it took for Lenny to drop his underpants, crawl in-between my legs and lower his mouth onto my slippery erection. The warm mouth over the lubricated penis was an erotic combination that almost made me almost cum right then and there. I quickly gasped that I was about to cum, and Lenny backed off. Gary, in the meantime, had produced a life-like rubber dildo, and suggested that they might try that up my ass to see how I liked it. They had me get got on all fours, and Gary run two fingers up my hole with some KY to loosen me up. Lenny, slid beneath me into the 69 position, and took my cock in his mouth again."Okay Billy, just relax. This may hurt a bit at first, but that'll go away. I'll go slow. Just let me know if I'm hurting you - okay? Most of the boys have really loved this."I nodded, and Gary very slowly introduced the slippery dildo up my asshole. He was right, it did hurt a little at first, but that subsided with his patient pacing Pretty soon the six inch penis-like dildo was all the way inside me. Gary started sliding it in and out in time with Lenny's sucking below. Then I noticed that Lenny's erect cock, was jutting straight up right in front of me, just begging to be sucked. I lowered my head and took his dick in my mouth...again, seemed only natural, and it felt great. His penis was a little smaller than Gary's, but equally responsive. After a few minutes of the dildo plowing my anal passage, Gary withdrew it, and said...."Okay Billy Boy, it's time for the real thing. Loli Porn Now that you're all loosened up, I am going to fuck you in the ass myself......is that alright with you?""Gee Gary, I dunno. You're dick is awlfully big. Will it hurt?""Doubt it, especially after you've done so well, and adjusted to that dildo. Your asshole is stretched pretty well. Let's try it, Loli Porn and if you tell me if it hurts too much, tell me tol pull out"I braced for Gary's penetration up Loli Porn my virgin hole, but his cock slid in just as easily and painlessly as the dildo before it.....a little tighter. But, knowing it Gary's real pulsing penis inside me, I found the feeling divine. I imagined I was a Laurie Brody, with her underpants around her ankles, and it was me fucking her asshole. Gary quickened his pace, and pretty soon his hard cock was pistoning in and out of my hole with nice ryhthmic strokes......and the feeling of being fucked, at last, was euphoric, especially with Lenny's mouth around my cock, and his cock in my mouth.......all at the same time.Lenny moaned loudly and exclaimed, "This is an awesome view Billy....I can look up and see Gary's glistening cock sliding in and out of your asshole right behind your bouncing balls, as I suck your beautiful cock, and you suck mine. It doesn't get any better than this."I had always dreamed about what it would be like to be fucked by another boy, and now it was happening.....and by my own beloved scoutmaster even. And it felt wonderful. This was truly everything I'd hoped for. We went along in these positions until I announced that I was about to cum.....then they decided to break off for a brief rest before consummating the evening with three pent-up orgasms.We sat around naked, each of us still sporting our throbbing erections, and discussed our preferences and turn ons. Lenny's dick was almost as big as Gary's but a lot thinner, and it curved downward. Gary asked my if I'd ever eaten my own cum, and I confessed that I did it all the time after I jacked off upside down and ejaculated into my own mouth."Do you like the taste of cum?""You bet...and it's gotten so it's my favorite way to jack off now. I like to sneak off into the woods, take off all my clothes, and masturbate surrounded by nature, and when I feel my climax coming, I hunker upside down up against a tree or boulder, then I shoot my load down into my mouth and face, and eat my own cum. It's really more fun that way."Gary looked at Lenny, then at me, and asked, "How'd you like to taste our cum tonight?""I don't know. I never thought about it, but I'll bet it would be fun.....okay I'll try it. It'll be interesting to see if it tastes the same as mine. Do you think it will?""Well, we'll find out, and you can tell us if it does Billy."They laid me back down on the bed, spread wide, with my head hanging over the foot. Gary crawled between my legs, and Lenny stood on the floor in front of my face. Then Gary started sucking me off again, and doing magic with his tongue up and down my shaft, around my balls, and into my asshole. Lenny shoved his hard cock between my lips and started fucking my mouth in rhythm with Gary. After a few minutes to this, Gary spoke."Okay Billy, we want you cum first......and do it in my mouth. Tell us when you're ready to shoot young man.....okay? I want to taste your boy cum when you're ready."It didn't take long for the floodgates to open, and I quickly experienced one of the stronger orgasms I've ever felt. I must have spurted a gallon of sperm into Gary's mouth as I humped up into his face with every spurt. God it was intense!! When I finally came to my senses, Gary had climbed off the bed, walked around next to Lenny, and leaned over me with his cheeks bulging, and mumbled that he was going to give me my own cum back......Before he did that, he placed his mouth close to Lenny's, I watched with fascination, as the entire volume of my semen poured from Gary's mouth into my Lenny's. The two of them swirled the semen around their their mouths as they French kissed."Okay Billy, open your mouth to taste your first load of fresh cum.....your own"They both leaned down and each kissed me, with my own cum pouring from each of their mouths into mine. I savored the welcome taste, then swallowed it down. Talk about an evening of fabulous firsts.....and it was juct beginning."Alright Lenny, time to add our sperm to Billy's."Lenny reinserted his penis in my mouth, and pumped in and out, as Gary masturbated himself next to him, awaiting his turn. I could tell that Lenny was getting close to orgasm because his mouth humping started to become more and more frenzied. Then he pulled out, stroked his cock a few times. He told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I awaited my first taste Loli Porn of another boy's cum. Lenny grunted loudly, and we all watched as his first squirt of jizm ejaculated onto my cheek, then my tongue, then my nose, then finally back into my mouth.....it just kept coming and coming. I was licking my lips and swallowing as fast as I could. I was ao enthralled with the moment, that I was jacking off again, even tho I had just cum a few minutes before.When Lenny withdrew, and I had a wonderful upview of Gary as he started masturbating faster. And as he did he leaned down and licked Lenny's sperm off my face, then deposited it in my mouth with another sloppy kiss. Then he inserted his hard cock in my mouth and mouthfucked me for a few strokes before announcing,"Okay boys, here it comes. I'm gonna cum now.....get ready Billy!!"I opened my mouth, extended my tongue, and prepared for the second cum blast. It came almost immediately. Gary rubbed his spurting cock all over my face as he ejaculated until his warm pearly white sperm completely covered my face. He shot the final few spurts in my mouth so I could enjoy the taste. When he was thru shooting, they both leaned down and started licking my face, pushing the cum with their tongues into my mouth. Thoughout all this, I kept jacking off. Just as they finished their erotic task, I arched off the bed and I came again. They watched my second cumload shoot straight up in the air and land on my stomach, cock and balls in a white pool. They were on it in an instant with their tongues, and licked me clean.Then the two of them collapsed on the bed, and lay on either side of me, exhausted. We all just laid there for a good fifteen minutes not speaking, as we recovered and caught our breath. Eventually, we all came down from our respective states of euphoria.Gary finally said, "Young man...You have to be the finest recruit we've had in years. You are one horny young puppy, and we love you. Welcome to the fold Billy!!!!"

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