Related article: Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:44:16 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 59Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome. Those so far have been very helpful in that they have given me the encouragement to persevere!This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. If you have trouble with the English educational system, or English usage, let me know. ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By Joel Chapter 34 Part Three * Sunday September 3rd 1944 "Let me get in beside you, move over!" I was prodded awake with the urgent whisper in my ear. "I didn't hear you come to bed last night and it's nearly eight o'clock. Tell me what happened last night!" I moved and he slid under the covers. I turned to face him and put a hand out and a finger over his lips. "Shush," I said. He wasn't to be silenced. "I think I've been dreaming, but I don't know. I heard people being happy in my head. Was it you?" "I was happy," I said, "Both of us were happy, but you must have dreamed about it." "Did you..." I nodded. He smiled back. "I knew. That's why I had that happy dream....." He looked over me at Lachlan. "He's happy too, I can see it." He looked back at me. "....And us.... ...today?" I smiled again. He reached for my arm and grasped it. "...Promise?" Today was a bit chaotic. Andrew and I stayed quietly together for about half an hour. A quietness which Real Cp Hardcore must have been a torment for him as I knew he was bursting to ask questions. Andrew, though, was Real Cp Hardcore learning a bit of patience. In the end we got up, washed together at the sink and dressed in clean shirts - Nanny had washed mine - and shorts and went down to the kitchen. Only Nanny was around. We said lazy-bones was still snoring his head off. She said cheese for supper often had that effect. I thought to myself that Lachlan's contented sleep was due to other things - he had come to terms with being nearly seventeen, he knew of things he was capable of and the effect he had on others. We had finished eating well before he emerged and then Uncle Edward and Auntie Della came down in a rush as they had to get to the village church to make sure the rector saw them there as the Banns for their marriage were to be called Real Cp Hardcore for the first time. Aunt Della asked if I minded staying around the next afternoon as she had arranged for the piano tuner to come and she wanted me to be on hand as he might want assistance. I wondered what assistance I could give but agreed. She said she and Nanny were going to Ipswich then, so, looking pointedly at her two sons, she wanted someone responsible to be in charge when he came. We strolled off to the jetty and Andrew could hardly contain himself until we sat down and took our shirts off to enjoy the morning sun. "Aren't you going to tell me anything?" groused Andrew as neither Lachlan nor I said anything but looked at each other slightly chuckling at Andrew's patent inquisitiveness and impatience for details. "I don't know what you're talking about and I'm sure Jacko doesn't either." "You think I got the runs deliberately so you could...." he looked from one to the other of us "....Potty say he always knows when Grantham's been rambling 'cos he looks like the cat that's just had cream. You two, you've done nothing but grin at each other this morning. Jacko's got that look on his face when he's had seconds at dinner and as for you...." Poor Andrew was lost for words. I took the plunge. "Yes, Andrew, we did. We can't tell you what it's like because it's very personal. You'll know." Lachlan put his hand out and put it on Andrew's arm and repeated, "You'll know." It was the way he said that phrase which said it all. Andrew was silent after that. He looked at me questioningly. I nodded. Another pact had been made. Lunch was wonderful. Roast pheasant, game chips, Cumberland sauce, peas, carrots - I counted six vegetables. As it was several special celebrations we boys were allowed a whole glass of wine. We stood in memory of Lachlan and Andrew's father and his birthday. Both boys were solemn and knew the full nature of that toast. We toasted Uncle Edward's promotion, we toasted their mother's coming birthday and we toasted the fact they were getting married. Finally we toasted the news that day that British troops had entered Brussels and the hope that the war would soon end.. Even I was full after all the food as there had been a huge steamed pud with jam for afters. The grown-ups said they were off to their beds for a rest. Lachlan looked at me and winked. We boys lazed outside on the grass making sure Andrew did not expose his earthly possessions as Georgie's two sisters were clearing up and doing the washing up. We appeared ready for a cup of tea at four o'clock to be met by a rather distraught Aunt Della. She had mislaid a brooch with great sentimental value as it was the last thing their father had given her. She was sure she must have dropped it in the restaurant last night. Uncle Edward took charge. Two 'phone calls later it had been located. Yes, the owner of the restaurant had found it and it was at his house in Ipswich. Lachlan offered to go with Uncle Edward when he went to catch the train. His bicycle could be tied to the back of the cab. He would then go to the man's house, collect the bracelet and cycle home. When this was all arranged, Andrew looked at me meaningfully and I wondered if things were planned somewhere. The cab came on time, the bicycle was strapped on and Lachlan said he would see Edward off on his train before setting out for the man's house. The cab went and slowly and deliberately two boys went to the boat-house. Andrew was rather impatient but I managed to contain his eagerness. I said we had plenty of time and it was no good rushing things. I asked him if he was sure. He looked at me and clasped his arms round my waist with his head on my chest. "Of course I'm sure. Are you?" As we spread the blanket, on some of the soft boat cushions, I said I was sure but we had to be safe. I said if he thought things were not right or not going right we would stop. I was straightening out the blanket under my knees as I said that. He rubbed my bare back. "I trust you," he said quietly and confidently. I felt like a giant as I cuddled him to me and started to anoint him. He was relaxed and nuzzled my lips and chin as I probed. I wondered as he was so much smaller than me if I should continue but his urgency dictated that I carried on. I was rather amazed. As I probed he opened easily, much more easily than his older brother and not only that, he seem Real Cp Hardcore wider as both my fingers went in to the second knuckle without a flinch. He was moaning softly and nuzzling me and Real Cp Hardcore his hands were clutching at my back as I worked my fingers in and out. Without thinking I rolled him on top of me and he knelt across me clutching at my shoulders. Somehow my prick pressed on his ring and I was in. He pushed back and the whole of me entered him. Andrew was now in charge. He bucked up and down making louder and louder noises from deep in his adolescent throat. I could see his little Adam's Apple moving up and down as the ligaments in his throat tightened and loosened. I was ready and with a heave of my buttocks my spunk pulsed up my length. He was madly moving up and down and gobbets of spunk and other debris poured out coating the base of my shaft and running into my pubic hair. With a great "Aaaaaah" he sat up straight, his rampant cock pointing skywards. A huge stream of almost cream flew upwards splattering down on my chest. He flopped forward onto me and I took his weight with my arms fully round him.. We hugged for what seemed like ages as he descended from some immeasurable height of rapture. He was licking and kissing me just as his brother had done the previous day. Slowly we both returned to normality and huddled side by side stroking each other, assuring each other of our complete and Real Cp Hardcore utter secureness in our feelings. I knew I wanted him. As with Lachlan I knew when he was ready. He recovered much more quickly than his brother had the day before and his hard, stubby rod was pressing into me as we lay side by side. I licked his closed eyelids and dabbed his nose with my tongue. His mouth opened and we played with each other's tongues as I passed him the jar. I turned onto my back and he followed those moves I had made on him. As with Lachlan I raised my legs and he lay between them. I put a hand on his buttock and slowly we, together, guided him into my welcoming embrace. He entered that embrace fully and looked at me closely as together, his hips and my hips moving in synchrony, we met at the summit of another peak. He came, with more and more urgent thrusts, then, with that impish smile on his face, released my second pent-up load for me with sharp, fast strokes. We lay face to face for a long time. I was aware that we would have to wash ourselves somehow before going back. It was still full light as we led each other running along the bank to the pool, which, though cold on first entry, cleansed us. We scampered back to the boat-house and shivered a bit as we hastily donned our clothes over still damp bodies. Real Cp Hardcore We were giggling and holding onto each other not wanting to lose touch and to continue the momentous occasion. The rough blanket helped to dry us sufficiently and we packed the covering and the cushions away. As we walked back to the house he kept taking sly little glances up at me. We had been away so long that Lachlan was back and playing Gin Rummy with his mother and Nanny Saunders. They were so absorbed our explanations that we had gone for a long walk and had jumped in the pool for a dare were accepted - that is, except by Lachlan. His eyes wrinkled up as he looked at us with the imp telling the implausible tale. I just stood and smiled. My two new friends, my two new soon-to-be cousins, were no longer virgins. They had learned things and forged bonds with me so strong I knew would never break. Their relationship with each other would need to be tested. Andrew demanded more food and we were sent to the kitchen where we demolished the remains of the pork pie, Andrew, ever-thoughtful, taking a portion in for his brother. In bed that night the whispered tale was repeated for Lachlan's benefit. Once each, over the course of an hour of telling and retelling, Andrew and I helped Lachlan to reach that exhilarating pinnacle of experience as we felt and rubbed, and licked and lapped him, then, exhausted, happy, bonded by inexpressible ties, we fell asleep. * A bony fist rapping on my shoulder woke me first and then the other two. It was still dark, the dawn just about to break. An insistent whispering came close up. "Do come on up, you gret beasts, youm too fond of your bed!" I got another rap. It was young Georgie.. "Grandad do say to get you together to see the milking. Ef you're to be here you hev to see all country ways." He rapped at Lachlan who moaned and groaned. "Do you get yourself up, bor." Lachlan had been dealt with in the middle of the bed last night so I was on the edge. I more or less fell out, still groggy, but with the makings of a morning hardon. Georgie was tugging at the covers which Andrew, still comatose, was trying wrap round himself. Georgie must have spotted my semi-stiffness. "Don't you worry, I ain't affeared o' seeing you like that. I've seen that Billy times enough and he ain't the size of you as big and as daft as he be, and that Peggy Finch says he could thread a needle with it 'cause it ain't any camel like the rector says as in the Bible." I was immediately awake. "I thought your grandma said she'd been going out with a sailor?" Two heads popped up in the bed. One could almost see the ears twitching. Georgie snickered. 'Thet may be as well, but I tell you thet Billy got a real doing offa her behind thet auld haystack last toime he was on leave 'cos I was there and I watched. She squealed like a pig with thet gret boar thet he aint an' she give him a right bashing on the ear an' say he was a dirty beast for messing on her leg. He waren't happy when he came to bed I tell you. I kept quiet 'cause..." He must have spotted the two gawping bodies. "....Do I tell you to get up!" He tugged at the sheet. Lachan had a full-grown hardon. Georgie laughed. "Do you get down that lane she'd have that before breakfast and no mistake!" He was full of gossip but was also getting exasperated. "I do drive you down that lane like you are if I had my grandad's auld whip!" Three now awake, highly amused boys shuffled into shorts, shirts and plimsolls with Georgie keeping up his gossip. "And Billy, I told him moust nights thass no good a-pulling on thet ould thing 'cause it aint gonna mek it grow no more 'cause it's bin like thet forever! An' thass a fact! He do grunt and tell I to shut my gob! Daft booger!" He surveyed his group and gave further instructions to put on pullovers as "it do strike a cold these mornings but they beasts mek it warm in the byre". We followed Georgie at a brisk trot. We arrived at the farmyard just as the last of the large, black and white cows were being herded into the milking parlour. We watched fascinated as each cow seemed to know her place. Some going forward and others waiting patiently, swishing their tails and eying the watchers quite peacefully. Georgie kept up a running commentary. Each cow was known by name, their attributes were detailed. We then followed him into the warm, almost sweet-smelling parlour, where the cows were cleaned and the milking apparatus attached by two middle- aged farm-hands. Grandad Catchpole was there, pipe in mouth, watching, saying nothing. Our presence was acknowledged by three silent nods. Real Cp Hardcore All was quiet efficiency the silence broken only by the whirring of the pumps and the soft lowing of the cows. Georgie kept us informed of all that was going on, a constant stream of precise information in that wonderful burr of his. When it was over he led us outside. "Do you want to be country you hev to larn country, bor, thass what I'm a telling ya!" We thanked him. We Real Cp Hardcore knew we three had been accepted into 'the country'. Georgie was our guide. He was our guarantor. We walked him back to the house. Still silent. It wasn't even six o'clock yet. Lachlan made a pot of tea. I opened the range and made toast. We were still sitting talking when Nanny Saunders came downstairs. She wrinkled her nose as she came into the kitchen, then smiled. The faintest aroma of the byre told her all. Georgie wasn't even reprimanded for passing on that juicy bit of previous gossip. In fact, we knew more as Billy's ill-fated involvement, his meagre assets and his nightly habits were our tidbits. We knew that Billy was the possessor of a short prick and also suffered from that bane of the young, hot-blooded male, premature ejaculation and that like all boys he made use of the stillness of the night to relieve his built-up tensions, albeit with his young brother as witness. So when Georgie had bid us good day as he had to go and supervise his little herd we three delighted boys went down to the jetty and revelled in these pieces of essential information. We laughed, not unkindly, at poor Billy's predicaments and Lachlan promised he would check on Billy's attributes somehow when he saw him next.. Lachlan said he wondered if Georgie really knew what Billy was doing. Andrew snickered, "'Cause he do, ya daft booger!" Lachlan looked at Andrew sternly. "I hope you're not taking the mickey out of Georgie and his accent!" Andrew looked shocked. He looked straight at Lachlan, then shook his head. "You know I would never do that! He's our friend!" We spent the morning roaming the fields. We explored those that had been cut and saw the fields with the precious sugar beet which would be harvested later. Lachlan and Andrew after Lachlan's straight questioning were especially close that morning and I could guess why. We had an early lunch and I was left in the drawing-room as the ladies left to catch the bus from the village to Ipswich. The piano tuner was due at two fifteen and arrived on the dot. A small man with a small moustache and a red countrified face. He tried the piano first and announced it just needed a good tuning. I had heard our piano being tuned at home but watched, fascinated, as his skilful hands twisted the pegs while he told me exactly what he had been doing. I found out he was the organist of a church in Ipswich and taught piano two days a week. When he finished he played quietly first, listening for any remaining defects. Satisfied there were none he played the slow movement of a Beethoven Sonata. It was tender, peaceful, beautiful. He said I should play then. I said I couldn't play as well as he could. He smiled, "do your best". I did. I played him three of my Grade Six pieces I knew by heart. As I finished and turned he said I had a good style and technique and I must have a good teacher. And, I must keep on. He went just after three o'clock and I sat outside on the lawn reading until about four o'clock. My concentration was broken by a sharp whistle which came from the direction of the path to the river at the end of the lawn. I looked up. A small figure beckoned me, it was Andrew. I sat on the jetty with Andrew and Lachlan either side of me, their arms laced round my back, while they said what a wonderful time they had just experienced.. Lachlan said he had never felt closer to his brother and although he was an insufferable little toad most of the time he could put up with him. Andrew said that just because he had a bigger cock than Billy Catchpole it didn't mean he was any less of a fool than Billy especially as he couldn't contain himself in just the same way. "Just because you got me all worked up the first time and I couldn't get back in!" "You know what Captain Harrison says... Never pull the pin until you're ready to throw..." From the advantage of my greater height I put my arms round the pair of them and drew them over me. "Haven't you buried the hatchet for even a moment?" I said. My choice of metaphor was most inappropriate I realised and they roared with laughter. "Of course, and it's all your fault if we can't squabble as much!" said Real Cp Hardcore Lachlan. "Get him!" said Andrew. Real Cp Hardcore The pair of them hadn't planned in detail the next episode in our growing relationship. However, I was powerless when the pair turned on me, laughing and giggling. I was upended on the jetty and manhandled into the relative privacy of the boat-house where I was stripped amongst much giggling and laughing and subjected to a complete exploration by hands, tongues, arms, legs, heads, noses of anywhere where touch, taste, smell could be experienced. I came twice without any difficulty aided by hands, mouths, tongues. I don't know, I was almost delirious with both desire and fulfilment. Finally, I lay exhausted on the boat cushions they had used for their own love-making and they sat either side of me like two attentive pages awaiting their master's instructions. The quietness was broken by two imperious raps on the closed door. We froze. I was naked and cum-spattered. The two boys still had shirts on but these were open and round their shoulders. Where their shorts were I couldn't see... "Do you come on out when ya a-finished with thet gret cousin of yourn. An' do you clean him up 'cause his auntie want him on that piano." How long Georgie had been outside or what he had witnessed was anybody's guess. He'd watched the fateful encounter between Billy and Peggy, what had he seen or heard today? Georgie was a gossip - would we be the subjects of stories spread? "Do you come on out or do I hev ta fetch ya? I count ta three then I get's ya?" I somehow scrabbled my shorts on which had been thrown onto the side of the boat and the boys quickly hoisted their shorts and pulled shirts down to cover bare chests. We heard, "One, Two, Three," and the door opened. "Do I tell ya again, come on out! I'da seen thee manky pizzles this marning so thee's nawthing that Billy nor I nor thass ould billy-goat ain't got." Georgie stood at the open door, a long-suffering look on his face. "I suppose you'da say there's Real Cp Hardcore a time and place for everything?" The unanswerable question was left hanging in the air as we filed out of the boat- house under the watchful eye of Georgie. "Do you go ta'Ipswich sailing in the morning there's room for a little 'un." The price of silence? Nods. No! Georgie laughed. "I knas what thee thinks. I wouldna say." Lachlan turned and gave him a playful smack on his backside. "You toad!" Andrew reached out and put an arm round his shoulder. We marched up to the house. I was bringing up the rear so Real Cp Hardcore was able to scamper up the stairs to sluice away the evidence of an enjoyable encounter. I appeared, cleansed, combed and reasonably tidy, with the two books of pieces from the bottom of my suitcase. The boys had somehow cleaned themselves up in the downstairs lav. Aunt Della and Nanny Saunders came through from kitchen chores and with Georgie also there, sitting smugly in the centre, I launched into my repertoire. I played for about twenty minutes and when I finished there was an enthusiastic round of applause led by Georgie. "Thass a good bit of music you've larned," he said quite enthusiastically for the usually slow spoken Georgie. "I like that ould Bach the best. You can't have anything ta beat ould Bach. That ould Grieg I like...." The Bach piece had been played somewhere in the middle. The Grieg near the end. How did Georgie know the composers? Georgie turned round to Aunt Della. "...but thass a good bit a playing, if I say so, eh, Missus Cameron?" he continued in the rather stunned silence. "Missus Pretyman do say ould Bach he be the best and I do agree." He shook his head. "Thass ould Bach." Lachlan spoke first. "And how do you know all about music, Georgie?" Georgie gave him a withering look. "Do I hev to tell ya the time a day as well?" Aunt Della laughed. "Mrs Pretyman at the big house has been giving Georgie piano lessons for years, hasn't she, Georgie?" "Thass true and she be foine and a gret lady. And thass Mr Vickery at the school he does too." I don't think Lachlan was convinced. "Play something then, Georgie." He got another look. "You've heard yer cousin." "Please, Georgie," Andrew said quietly. I got up from the stool and Georgie sat down. I knew it was Bach because of the structure and sound. It was perfect, clean, fluent. He finished. stood up and looked at Lachlan. "Thass ould Bach. Thass a Prelude. I ain't larned the Fugue yet. Mr Vickery say I can start on thet great thing next term. And when I grows a bit he'll teach me on the organ" Nanny Saunders sat with a quiet smile. Andrew got up and gave Georgie a hug. "If you will play like that for me you can come sailing with me anytime." "And me," said Lachlan quietly. We all sat and had supper that night and Georgie told us the tale of having to wait for the bus after school one day so went into the school hall saw the grand piano was open, sat down and played a piece. The school caretaker came in. "Thass ould fool started a-shouting 'Get off thet piano, bor, your a-ruin it!'," Georgie waved an imaginary broom. "I didn't tek any notice and the ould fool went on a-raving. Then it was all quiet and I thought, ould fool's gone. When I'da finished and got up there a- standing there was the ould headmaster and Mr Vickery. That ould headmaster he say to Mr Vickery 'that boy must have further tuition'..," These last words said with no hint of accent. "....I see Mr Vickery every day now when I wait for thet ould bus." Lachlan was very quiet when we went upstairs to bed. I wondered if he was regretting anything about his highly emotional involvement with Andrew that afternoon. No, it wasn't that. We were lying quietly in bed. Even Andrew was not chuntering on. "I am a fool," began Lachlan. I expected Andrew to jump in and affirm this assessment of himself. He kept quiet. Lachlan continued quietly, "I doubted young Georgie and he showed me there are things I don't know." "I don't think Georgie will hold that against you," I said. "He's accepted us all as friends. I know that and Andrew knows that and, surely, you know that?" "And you know you don't know everything, anyway," said Andrew slowly. "But Potty said that he'd follow you into battle anywhere.... ....and so would I!" Andrew leaned over me as I was in the middle and gripped his brother's arm. ..."You know that, don't you?" I moved aside so that Andrew could climb over me. He hugged his brother. "There are times Lachlan Cameron when....." The unmistakable tones of Nanny Saunders were in his voice! ".....you get too serious with yourself. Georgie would never have given you that look, nor say that about giving you the time of day, if he was angry with you. He wouldn't have said anything - you would have been shut out. And then when Real Cp Hardcore he went home you had a special smile and thanks from him." Andrew, I thought, was another ancient head on young shoulders. Things lightened up after that and they both told me, in fits and starts, because the highly charged emotions of the afternoon between two loving brothers were still very much to the fore, of how they had made true love between them. Andrew had been first in giving himself to his wonderful, loving, caring, older brother. His eyes shone as he said how he didn't know that such wonderful things could happen. He was much more in command of language and was able to express how he felt with words. Lachlan, although he told in detail of the way he had explored his brother's body and the way he'd raised both of them to the heights, conveyed the depth of his love for his brother by those unvoiced actions of touching and feeling when he had no more words to express his emotions. That night, three boys shared all the love they could declare for each other by the focussing of all these spoken and unspoken thoughts into acts of absolute surrender to each other. Their love for me for giving them the knowledge of the means of expressing their love for each other was so genuine and heartfelt I was overwhelmed. How could I repay this love adequately? The shedding of our seed was only the outward signs that night. Three boys had forged bonds which would never break! I had the brothers I had never had before! * I slept deeply, savouring the warmth of their affection but was awake early and turned to watch the two brothers sleeping beside me, their arms round each other's bare shoulders, their breathing almost synchronised. I thought back to those few hours before, musing on how they had together, just through holding, stroking and touching, brought me to two cataclysmic outpourings between my own efforts to give them that ineffable pleasure as well. My silent contemplation was broken, not by the sounds of birds through the open window but by the door being opened quietly. A head came round, it was Georgie. He saw I was awake and came over o the bed, standing beside Lachlan who slept on. "Thass toime we do get a-going," he whispered, "Thass a good ould tide." He looked down at the sleeping figures. He put a hand out and laid it gently on Lachlan's head. He didn't stir. "Thass a foine pair o' cousins you've got and thass a fact! You tek good care of them and they'll tek good care of you!" He took his hand away and stood looking down at them. "And shall you wek 'em or shall I?" "Let's do it together," I said. He smiled and we, together, shook them slowly awake. "Do you come on!" he whispered urgently in Lachlan's only just arousing ear, "Thass all they dumb beasts out there ha' been a-milked and all I see is gret dumb beasts here asleep. Do you get up, Lachlan!" Lachlan rolled over, smiled and put his arms out and put them round Georgie's waist. "I'm a great dumb beast, I know, Georgie Catchpole. Get my clothes and I'll be up in two shakes...." There was a snicker behind him, Andrew was awake, "...of the great dumb beast's tail. I should watch out, Georgie, it might poke your eye out!" Georgie laughed, "Thass what ould Billy say and I say you'm ain't got a hope there, bor, thass a laugh an' all." Lachlan let go of him and Georgie picked up the heap of discarded garments from the night before. Georgie eyed Lachlan as he slid out of bed and stood up. "I'll say to that gal Peggy that I knas of a good young soldier man who'd a do for her better than all those ould sailors." Even in the dawn gloom I saw poor Lachlan go red as a beetroot. As he stood by the bed Andrew poked him in the backside. "And don't forget, Captain Harrison says don't pull the trigger till you see the whites of their eyes. You could teach that to Billy too!" Geogie could see Lachlan's confusion. "Don't you a-worry, bor, she aint a gallivanting yet awhile cause she'm due in 'tober." "I thought Nanny Saunders said she and your grandma had only just found out," I said.. I got the withering look. "Them's gossip too much, them's don't look and listen!" He turned his attention to Lachlan. "Do you put those clothes on! They ould folk up Ipswich don't what to see that ould thing hangin' out to dry!" He looked at us. I was half sitting up in bed holding onto Andrew and we were both heaving with laughter. "And you, together, get thy selves moving." He wrinkled his nose. "Tha can wash when we'm back." He reached out and poked Lachlan in the stomach as he was still just holding his shorts reeling from Georgie's diatribe. "Do you get a move on you gret lummox we'm a- wasting good time." Lachlan was in shock, Andrew and I were still giggling, as we followed Georgie down to the boathouse. Georgie was a whirlwind. He helped the boys get the boat into position then with Andrew on the rudder, Lachlan controlling the sails, me in the middle of the boat and Georgie perched as far forward as he could get, we set off at a good lick for Ipswich. There was a smile on Georgie's face all the way. The greetings we got from the dockside were the usual banter, this time enlivened by Georgie's replies. We docked at the jetty and Andrew and Georgie exchanged places. He was an expert with the rudder and he and Lachlan sailed us back as a perfect team. "Thass not too bad," he said as we got out at the jetty. He refused breakfast saying he had to get to his goats. All too soon my stay was coming to an end. I would be going home tomorrow. We spent the morning cleaning the boat and making plans for the weekend in October when I would be coming back down for the wedding. The usual banter between the brothers was quieter. We had an early lunch as Lachlan said he wanted to show me an old fort about a mile away which went back to the Romans. As we tramped along the narrow lanes and crossed the fields to get there I noticed a suspicious bulge in Lachlan's shorts pocket which he kept exploring. I guessed what it was and when we reached the grassy knoll, protected by a small stand of trees he said he wanted Andrew and me to know how much he cared for us and how happy he had been over the past fortnight. Andrew said he was the best brother anyone could wish for and he was glad he could tell him everything and not be afraid to tell him. He smiled his impish smile at me. "My great cousin, thank you!" Under the warming last rays of that sunny summer we three made wonderful love. First Andrew thrust his seed and his love into his so-admired and so-cherished elder brother. Lachlan then with his love unspokenly thanked me and showed how he treasured our growing friendship. My love for my little Flea was communicated not only with my entry and its consequences but also by the looks we saw on each others faces constantly during that wonderfully prolonged triumphal deed. We lay for a long time, quite silent, listening to the birds around and the other soft sounds of a perfect countryside until a second trio of slow, deliberate expressions of our boyish passions finalised that commitment to brotherly care, to caritas - the value, the trust we felt between us. Lachlan lay below me in my arms for a long, long time after my explosion had rid me of any meaning of time and space. "I never knew I could have two such loving and dear friends, my brother and you!" he said sweetly and softly. Flea was more urgent in his passion with me as we rolled and fought like young tigers to get the utmost from the intense craving of our bodily needs. Not only bodily needs but those deep, deep feelings which are coupled with those needs entirely when two beings are combined as we were that day. Lachlan's encounter with Andrew was sweetness itself. I wanted to stroke their golden tanned bodies as they gently moved together but knew I must not break that spell. There were joint gasps as Lachlan's climax came. Andrew's young hips worked in complete harmony with the slow thrusts and withdrawals that Lachlan was making. Finally, as if Andrew knew the exact moment his body arched forcing his brother even deeper into him. As they hugged then kissed each other slowly and with such tenderness I wept silently with joy. We were exhausted as we lay still again after all our passions were spent but also remained vibrating and vibrant within us. Lazily, leisurely we made our way back, pausing to jump headlong into the pool and wash the debris of the day from our heated, sweaty bodies. We tidied ourselves up in the bedroom then the boys insisted I played to them again. I had to play my Bach piece three times, the timeless figurations of that fragment of the French Suite flowed from my fingers as never before. I noticed Lachlan's chest heaving with some hidden, barely suppressed emotion just before I played it a second time. Mrs Cameron came in during Real Cp Hardcore my third repetition. "You must never give up playing, Jacko, I only wish I had carried on." I thanked her then for inviting me to stay. I had brought the photo frame down with me and I asked her to accept it as both thanks for looking after me the last fortnight but also for her birthday. The boys also presented her with the things they'd bought and I noticed, after supper, that a photograph of her loved sons was in the frame and placed prominently on the side table. We had a lovely supper and played our board games afterwards before going to bed. There, before we slept, we each produced two further outpourings, once each where one willing partner lapped and licked and sucked on lips, and ears, and chests and nipples while the other lapped and licked and sucked below taking the creamy offering and sharing it with soft kisses and sensitive clashing tongues. We rested. I was aware in that quiet time that a summer of happiness and contentment, of the achievement of so many new things, had passed. I, and others, had progressed through some gateway in our lives.... Here, tonight, there was a rapport between us now so that some imperceptible signal moved us on. We were as one, as with gentle hands, caresses, tender touches of lips and tongues, gradually, inexorably, each was brought to that final, fourth fulfilment of such a momentous day. * We slept long and late. Mrs Cameron and I were to catch the ten o'clock train from Ipswich to London for me to continue my journey home to Kerslake. Home? Kerslake, Ulvescott, here in Suffolk, were all now home for me. As we waited for the taxi-cab to arrive Mrs Cameron rushed indoors to retrieve some forgotten item necessary for her trip to the publisher. I thanked the boys for teaching me to sail and to swim. They smiled enigmatic smiles - I hadn't taught them anything - I had drawn out of them the realisation of their great brotherly love for each other and for me their 'gret dark' soon-to-be-real cousin. I had thought long and hard of what I could Real Cp Hardcore leave with them as a token of remembrance. I had nothing, then I remembered. As we stood waiting I felt in my school jacket pocket and gave them each a lieutenant's pip. We said nothing, just looked at each other. A sudden scurrying set of footsteps made us look around. It was Georgie. He thrust a parcel at me, something wrapped in a page from a newspaper. I opened it. It was an intricately woven corn dolly. "I made thet wi' the last of thet field o' wheat last week. When I gave ould rector one he said it went back to pagan times and he thanked me and said it was just roight for an ould pagan like me. But he hed a smile on his ould face. Thass for you!" I had a smile on my face as I accepted that gift. Georgie was someone else I would never forget. I surprised him by giving him a hug. As we stepped apart he looked up at me, "An' don't you be afeared o' that ould gal Peggy. She won't be a-seeing that Lachlan, I'll see to that. An' thass a fact!" Experience of that sort would have to come to Lachlan from other sources, not from someone who scattered her wares. Georgie knew. It wasn't quite tearful farewells between the boys and myself. We knew we would be seeing each other in a couple of months time. We each had school to contend with. Flea had to face up to meeting the thugs. Lachs with protecting him. Their allies, Potty, Sibs and Cartwright would be there to be pillars of strength but Bradley would be at the military college. I would be starting my examination year and would soon celebrate my fifteenth birthday. As the cab started off, the boys waved and the last voice was Georgie's "An' don't forget thet ould Bach!" To be continued... Glossary The Suffolk accent is a soft burr with many dialect words, only a few have been used in this tale. You can still hear it especially in the villages. There is a predilection for malapropisms: I heard two elderly ladies gossiping on a bus one day with one proudly saying she'd been invited to Norwich (in the adjoining county of Norfolk) to see 'thet ould new bishop a-being concentrated'.Bor: boy -- Used indiscriminately for man, boy, friend, foe.Daft booger: Silly bugger! Almost a term of endearment!Do: Pronounced 'dew' usually. It is used in almost every Suffolk sentence and has a ultitude of meanings. It means 'if you do', 'if you don't', 'or else', 'otherwise', 'if you had', 'if you hadn't', etc. A mother might say to a child "Do you come here, do I give 'e a sweet", meaning 'If you come here, I'll give you a sweet'. On the other hand if she said "Do you come here, do I give 'e a thick ear", she would mean, 'If you don't come here, I'll give you a good thump!" So, listen to the context! Even people in the next village are regarded as 'furriners' (foreigners)!Gret: Great -- Gret lummox: Large, ungainly boyHev: Have. Usually a verb but 'a hev' is a con or scam. Country people are wary of townees who put prices up , "thet's a hev, and thass a fact!"Ould: Old, but used as a universal modifier, even before 'new'. {See bishop quote.)Pizzle: PenisThass a fact That's a fact: A confirming statement. Used to emphasize a point, even of gossip.Vittles: Victuals: Food Bawdsey Manor, the home of the Quilter family pre-war (Roger Quilter the composer [Children's Overture, 1919] was a relative of the owner, Sir Cuthbert Quilter). It was taken over pre-war as an experimental station for the development of radar by Sir Robert Watson- Watt and his team. An odd fact is that although the tall aeriels were visible for miles they were never attacked during the War. The German planes used to use them for guidance when flying in during the day. They never knew they were being tracked by the radar beams! Felixstowe pier had the centre section blown up to deter any German invasion. Although road signs were obliterated in the area no-one remembered until well into the War that the end of the pier facing out to sea had Felixstowe painted on it in large letters. In fact, Lord Haw-Haw (William Joyce), the British/Irish announcer on German Radio (hanged in the Tower at the end of the war for treason), mentioned that the church clock on St John's Church was ten minutes slow. German reconnaissance planes were a constant feature. Mrs Wallis Simpson stayed at Beach House while awaiting the divorce hearings at Ipswich Court in 1936. Edward VIII visited her there before his abdication. The house was demolished after the War and a block of apartments now stands there. Shotley: HMS GANGES. The famous (or some say, infamous) land-based training school for boys for the Royal Navy. Now closed. The churchyard with two churches is Trimley St Mary and Trimley St Martin. Very rare.To be continued....

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