16 Thu April 17 2014 - 04:24:02
Location: uk
Your Name: Tony
Age: 51
Email: tjzukki@sky.com
Comments: Hi there. I am a very young at heart 51 year old, living in hope to find my dream. To feel the warmth and closeness of a breast feeding relationship. The bond and oneness would be amazing, I am a deep soul seaching for that true connection. Take care.x

17 Wed April 16 2014 - 19:38:25
Location: Fairhope, AL
Your Name: rosemary
Age: 58
Email: rosemary28801@yahoo.com
Comments: I am seeking an ANR with a Caucasian, non smoker, ddf, intelligent and sometimes Dominant gentleman who would like to explore this intimate behavior with me ideally in a committed long term monogamous relationship. I am not able to relocate at this time and prefer that you come to me or be local. I am 5'5" long brunette hair, hazel eyes and soft and curvy. I enjoy being active and enjoy many different kinds of things. I am not shy but neither do I try and impose my agenda on another. I try to be congenial and want the same. I enjoy humor, music, being outdoors, travel and the arts. I am college educated, responsible, sane, sometimes witty, artsy, musical and tender.
I am not interested in adult babies, Do not have children at home, they are grown, and do not want to have more. I am not currently lactating and am working on it. My email is rosemary28801@yahoo.com. Thank you for your interest. rosemary

18 Tue April 15 2014 - 19:16:34
Location: San Antonio Texas
Your Name: Hector
Age: 55
Email: Dgx1003@gmail.com
Comments: I'm searching for a serious ANR in the San Antonio or surrounding area! I'm an older gentleman and it seems no one cares to have an ANR with a mature man! I love suckling and crave breastmilk but it's so hard to find. It's been 4 years of searching I'm beginning to give up! Is there any mature ladies that care to breastfeed this nice gentleman! I'll be happy to dry feed also! I hope to hear from u soon! Desperate ANR lover!

19 Mon April 14 2014 - 12:56:25
Location: East Phoenix Valley, AZ
Your Name: Becca
Age: 23
Email: makemelaugh7@yahoo.com
Comments: I'm looking for an ANR within the context of a relationship, or some sort of commitment at the very least. While I haven't been involved with ANR before, I know that it takes a lot of work and it truly bonds two people together. As a result, it's important for me to have us really care about each other :) I'm very much looking forward to being induced someday.

About me: Full-time student, hard working, and kind hearted. I'm a relatively tall (5'9") bbw with brown hair, blue/green eyes, and a giant smile.

About you: I'm looking for someone who is around my age (no more than 30) who is a professional or student. Please have your life together for the most part and be wanting to have a balanced relationship. Physically, I'd like you to be taller than me, and I'm a sucker for smiles.

*If you're interested, please contact me via email, NOT yahoo instant messenger (because I never use it, so I wont get your response).

20 Mon April 14 2014 - 07:48:59
Location: Dallas (Plano), TX
Your Name: Raj
Age: 39
Email: anrtxman@gmail.com
Comments: I am a guy in Plano, TX in DFW area. I am looking for a woman for ANR/ABF in the area. Dry nursing is good. If there is any woman in around who shares similar interest, please drop me an email.

21 Sun April 13 2014 - 11:47:36
Location: SE Wisconsin
Your Name: Robert
Age: 66
Email: intomacy@hotmail.com
Comments: Intelligent man with a great sense of humor, six feet tall, about 190 pounds, now retired, live alone in a condo. I am not looking for sex,
I am looking for one female to suckle. Let's build a marvelous, communicative, intimate, warm, and sensitive relationship in our own ANR world.

22 Sun April 13 2014 - 06:15:14
Location: SanAntonio/Austin area
Your Name: Alvin
Age: 40
Email: txhunter2063@yahoo.com
Comments: Seeking ABF/ANR with a lactating woman. any age open minded friendly and who can host,and is full enough to feed..limited to suckling only and a friendship and its privileges, or an ANR with a woman who seeks to induce. We can discuss the time to such a relationship and love the trust and intimacy that this brings. Write "milk" in the subject line to weed out the spam.

Thank you

23 Fri April 11 2014 - 17:35:27
Location: Florida
Your Name: James
Age: 23
Email: jhan1@ufl.edu
Comments: This board is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, and I would love to have the chance to experience such a bond with a woman. Just being honest, I like breasts on the larger side and have no reservations about race or size or shape. Hopefully we can have a decent conversation, but I am posting this to reflect my serious intention to suck for you. I am single, tall, young, fit and would be most willing to send a pic, just email me!

24 Fri April 11 2014 - 16:23:48
Location: Burbank California
Your Name: ISO Pacifiers :)
Age: 34
Email: socalnursing@gmail.com
Comments: People would describe me as attractive, kind, athletic, funny, passionate and an all around great guy.

I discovered my love of nursing a few years ago when I dated a Spanish woman with children who never lost her milk. She asked me one day if I'd like to drink from her, and the rest was history.I absolutely love heavy natural breasts with large thick nipples

I have also enjoyed suckling other x's and such.

I'd prefer an attractive in shape woman who is large up top and I must admit I find it odd how most of the women posting here fail to address their looks. Looks are not everything but they are important for most men and I'd like to know about the breasts and nipples you're interested in being nursed from.

Yes I am also interested in a LTR and I am open to any age from early 20's to 50's


25 Fri April 11 2014 - 09:21:31
Location: Near Boston
Your Name: Anon
Age: 27
Email: Mufassa010405@aol.com
Comments: Hi I'm a 27 year old guy that has always been interested in ANR/ ABF. If you are a woman close to my age, I would be open to exploring this as part of a committed relationship. If you are an older woman interested in this, I would be open to it but in a more casual nature. Email me if interested!

26 Fri April 11 2014 - 08:34:01
Location: SF Bay Area
Your Name: Milky Dreams
Age: 32
Email: dream.fantasize@gmail.com
Comments: I am MAN looking for a WOMAN who can separate passion from sexuality:

Just curious to explore induced lactation (or ANR/ABF). I am open to discussion with anyone interested. Your age (just be an adult), ethnicity/religion, relationship status does not matter to me.

Please write "moon" in subject-line if you wish to drop me a line.


27 Thu April 10 2014 - 21:02:53
Location: Central Maryland
Your Name: Jimmy
Age: 42
Email: jaydaviz45@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi Ladies. I have been seeking an ANR for quite some time now. I am a professional man who has a strong desire to be nursed and to suckle a like minded woman. I find ANR to be the ultimate way that a man and woman can bond and develop an intimate relationship. If you are in Maryland, please send me an email. I don't bite; just suckle.

28 Wed April 09 2014 - 22:03:40
Your Name: M4M
Age: Age shouldn't matter .... I am old enough
Email: ilovecleavage@yahoo.com
Comments: I am interested in friendship/partnership(non-marriage,non-dating)with a woman seeking to induce lactation or a lactating woman seeking attention for breastfeeding and/or breastpumping,or anything having to do with lactation. I am understanding of the commitment involved and I am prepared for that. I would hope you are relatively close in location(32216,32245)to facilitate daily meeting(2-4, or more hrs.) even maybe more than once daily on occasion. I am a lactophiliac and this is my yearning and I have knowledge about,experience BFng and inducing lactation and using galactogogues, breastpumping and inducing protocols to start the production of breastmilk. I truly desire suckling(On-The-Breast)and find anything breast-centric sensual and erotic(mazophilia). I enjoy administering full-body massage in many positions while On The Breast. I think that Breast Feeding can be done ANYWHERE ANYTIME within reason and I do have fantasies I would love to become a reality ... LOL. Finally, the woman must love her breasts and love breastfeeding, she can be assertive-to-dominant in her desires but not into extreme FEMDOM. I think I have hit on some important points for the woman I am seeking for friendship and I await communication from a LOCAL interested woman.

29 Wed April 09 2014 - 11:47:01
Location: Western Sonoma County, CA
Your Name: provide later
Age: 56
Email: infinite_wisdom@yahoo.com
Comments: Hello! Thanks for reading my post. I'm 56 years young, SWF, easy on the eyes, intelligent, funny, tall & curvy. Searching for a youthful & active SWM late 40s to early 60s who has a sincere interest in a committed ANR/ABF (and LTR). Must live nearby (for obvious reasons), be D&D free (420 ok). Please include the phrase MILK AND COOKIES in your subject line; tell me about yourself and your interest in this lifestyle. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

30 Tue April 08 2014 - 20:27:41
Location: (North Central) Iowa
Your Name: milkmaiden37
Age: 38
Email: milkmaiden37@yahoo.com
Comments: I am a 38 yo female who has recently induced lactation. I long to have full milky breasts with a man who can't get enough of them.

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