Related article: Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 16:51:07 EDT From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 39This story is (C)Copyright 2007, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.Note to Reader: After writing this chapter, it appears that I've now `set the stage' for the remainder, or majority of, the rest of my story. There are still several more surprises in store for the reader and the characters in the story. If you haven't read "Sail Away" yet... might I suggest that you do, because there is one more `big' bang heading towards the `estate'. Thanks to those who've commented on the story, thus far.A Lesson In Time, Chapter Thirty Nine The mixed feelings between being aroused and embarrassed played heavily on my mind, as my mother began to wash the dirt and sweaty grime off of my back; while I knelt on hands and knees next to the examination table."Now Jordan", mom said, "You don't care if I call you by your real name do you? It's much easier talking to you that way, since I'm going to recommend that you become Master Kevin's personal caregiver. I think even my son would appreciate calling you Jordan as compared to `boy' or `it' or `slave'. It makes for a more meaningful bond if you understand what I'm trying to accomplish here with you two males.""No ma'am", Jordan quietly answered; sounding hesitant about why my mother was acting more like a maternal figure than a domineering mistress of the house. "I would like that very much ma'am.""Good", she replied. "Kevin will need a lot of care and attention over the next few days, I'm sure; just from what he's been put through and I thought you'd do a better job at tending to his needs as compared to John Henry.""Yes ma'am" came the reply."Now, even though we can't remove Kevin's hood, we can at least remove his paw covers and clean him up in between his toes and trim his nails real nice. But, we don't want to ever get his mitts wet, because they are a `cost item' that we can prevent receiving any damage.""Yes ma'am" Jordan said, this time sounding just a tad more interested."So, why don't you finish up washing and drying Kevin's back, while I look through the rest of all the cabinets and cupboards to see what we have available to get Kevin all prettied up. We'll get him up on the table when you're finished with his back... oh, and don't forget to scrub really well just below his neckline."It was easy to tell that Jordan had taken over the scrubbing of my back; just by the way the wet cloth glided over my skin, as compared to the harshness that my mom was using.Several times, Jordan's flesh made contact with mine; sending signals to my brain that kept my sexual arousal on high alert. Beyond the scent of the `girly ' smelling soap, Jordan's own sexual scent penetrated my sense of smell.Past the thuds and clicks of mom's searching through everything, Jordan managed to keep his attention focused on me. He didn't even rub my skin dry; but opted to do nothing more than to use the fluffy towel to pat my skin, absorbing the droplets of water with gentleness."Well done, young slave", mom said; as if she was starting to accumulate a series of accolades for Jordan. "I'll have you a well trained servant slave in no time, if you continue with such diligence.""Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am", came the joyful sounding, proper Junior Model Galleries response."Now let's see here. How about we take this plastic clamp, to clamp off Kevin 's piss plumbing and then we can remove his collection bag for the time being. We can arrange it so that we can take the clamp off again once our sweet Kevin is on the table."Another proper response from Jordan, told me that he was either accepting his new role on the estate or else he was just doing his best to accommodate my mom's wishes.I was pretty sure that Jordan's hands were the ones I felt beneath me; clamping off the catheter and removing the pee bag from my thigh."Okay Kevin, let's see if you can stand up and then we'll both help my baby boy onto the table so we can get my baby all clean and pretty", mom said in what used to be her normal way of talking to me when I was just a toddler.I brought myself up and raised my arms and instantly felt the table in front of me. Without the use of my fingers, and just with my padded hands I pulled myself up onto my feet; but my head was still spinning, as I began to teeter back and forth.For some reason, I didn't recall the table being this low to the ground; but thankful that it was, as four hands got me turned around so that my butt was now firmly planted on the cold steel table top.A bit more re-arranging and I was flat on my back with my hands resting comfortably on my stomach. All I heard was a bit of noise overhead, some more water running and a few soft foot steps behind me."Jordan, was there any instructions from Mr. Alderton that I need to know about, before we get involved here?" mom questioned."Ma'am, yes ma'am. The only thing that Mr. Alderton told us to do was to make sure that Master Kevin got a bottle of stuff from one of the pink bottles in the `frig before he ate ma'am." Kevin said with a sound of assurance.I heard my mother move over to the `mini-frig' and apparently, with ease, located the correct bottle."All these new things Mr. Alderton comes up with, sometimes get me confused. I guess we can just remove the training penis from Kevin's mouth and let him suckle the nipple", mom said."Ma'am, no ma'am", Jordan interjected with `pride'. "I can remove that cap and then just twist the bottle on to the trainer in Master Kevin's mouth ma' am. That is... if that meets with your approval.""Six of one, half dozen of the other", mom said. "I guess it matter not, because one way or the other somebody is going to have to hold the bottle for Kevin anyway. But, I'm sure that by now Kevin's throat must be getting sore having to suck as he has been, for this length of time."Nothing much was said, but I felt my mothers fingers starting to massage my throat as her other hand took hold of the latex trainer and eased it out of my mouth. Mom continued in silence for several minutes, massaging more sore throat as I breathed in air in a more `human' fashion.Finally I was able to say, "thanks mom"; which she seemed to appreciate."Kevin are you thirsty?" she asked."I'm drier than a popcorn fart", I replied."Kevin, let's not have you taking advantage of your mother like this", she responded.There was more noise, but nothing loud. It just sounded dull but noticeable. Then, mom gave instructions to Jordan and soon things started to change."Put that pail on the hook, underneath the table so we can catch anything that runs down that hole at the end. Pull those straps down, all of them. Put that over there. Put this over here. Get that thing a little closer to the table. Put the towels on this little tray table. Put your bath water over here", were just a few of the directions mom handed out.Someone lifted my left leg and connected it to one of the straps. "I like using the straps instead of chains. Chains make to much noise and besides... chains make me feel like I'm back down in one of our standard training rooms. Al least for today, I can feel more respectable about working with Kevin."My leg went up and out as the strap was being pulled; guessing that Jordan had been assigned that particular task. Next, my right leg was up in the air, matching the height and spread of the left."Now Kevin, I'm going to give you your drink, while your little friend starts to wash you", mom once again spoke as if I was still a little boy.I opened my mouth just as soon as the nipple touched my lips. She made quick work of easing the entire length of the nipple into my mouth as I began to suckle it.`My, my... you really ARE thirsty", mom said apologetically."Now just be careful when you remove his mitts. You don't want to get the mitts laying where water and soap will get on them", mom said to Jordan.Mom said a few more incidental things to Jordan, as he began to gently wash my hand, finger, arm and pit. I felt so comfortable, finally, but knew that even with the degree of humiliation I was feeling behind my hood; that more than likely there was more to come.I finished the bottle without incident, which came as a surprise to my mother, because she remarked; "Kevin, it appears that you've accepted and learned a great deal since leaving on your internship. I would have thought perhaps you'd struggle with sucking the nipple but it appears as if you've learned well."Whatever was in this particular bottle must have been laced with yet another formidable and delicate narcotic of some sort.My only thoughts were of the passive attention that Jordan was applying to my body, ever so careful with my fresh ear piercings; but some of it due to mom 's incessant directions.For some strange reason, unknown to me; my mind was starting to revert to the days of yester year. Every time mom called me `my baby boy', `my little angel' and a host of other names; I started to feel as if I truly was back in my formative years.With the one arm and ear done, Jordan moved to the next arm; as mom moved aside, Junior Model Galleries apparently now between my outstretched legs."Does my little angel need to tinkle?" she asked."Yes, mommy", I said; not knowing why the hell I replied that way."My goodness! I haven't seen a ring this big since... I don't know when", mommy said rather excitedly.I could feel her lifting my dick up towards the ceiling, as she carefully unwrapped the gauze bandage from the end of my dick. "Mr. Junior Model Galleries Alderton sure has done an excellent job putting your pretty ring in son. I think he gets better at it every time he gets a chance to perform such a thing. I wished all boys, just as soon as they are born, would get ringed. It would make controlling some of them a lot easier.""Yes mommy, I think you're right", I said as I noticed my words starting to sound slurred."Well, I'm sure that by now you know that the cute slave, John Henry, had to spend two years as a normal slave. He went through a lot, at the hands of his own father; and if you ask me, his mother isn't much better. All the nasty things she's done just so that John Henry and his friend Paul couldn't live their lives together as Master and slave makes me ill. Would you like to someday with a man or a woman, son?"My mind wasn't racing to answer her question. I was more in tune with Jordan' s manipulation of the newer and larger nipple ring on my right tit. It hurt, but not in a bad way; as he raised it up to clean and disinfect it, and moved on to do the same to the remaining nipple.Mom was still silent, waiting for my answer. I could feel her gently laying my dick down on to the flesh of my abdomen and then apparently she'd removed the clamp from the catheter; as I soon felt the hot liquid pumping out of my body upwards towards my chest."Goodness, gracious... my baby boy sure did have a full bladder", she said rather plainly. "But with the baby's pee, it will also help to sanitize the new hole in your penis so I'm going to make sure that some of it keeps running down onto my baby's new pee hole.""Thanks mommy", I said; trying to stave off any more remarks from her; as I continued to have visions of Jordan and myself having rampant sexual escapes in the weeks ahead. She never again asked my sexual preferences; just because she already knew the answer. I'm thinking that the question was more of a benefit to Jordan and the rest of the slaves here on the estate, not to her or me. The gentleness of both mom and Jordan became overwhelming, leaving me only the blind visions of how the two were now working towards getting me all clean. I sure wished that this damn hood wasn't covering my head and face.Finally the `steady' flow of piss stopped. The occasional and normal drops worked their way down the catheter and onto my body as mom was now running a finger over my tightly stretched nuts, making rather crude comments on how it used to be when she would bath me each and every night before bedtime.By the time I was all `clean and pretty', mom had instructed Jordan to give me a good, slow and `deep' enema. Mom had even pulled up a stool alongside of my head so she could keep a keen eye on Jordan, while talking to me."When your little friend is finished with your enema, we'll get you wiped down real good back there and then go over your new decorations one more time, and I'll let Jordan wrap up my boy's penis so any blood doesn't spot your fresh smelling body. My baby's penis isn't really bleeding all that much, but for at least one day, we'd best keep it under wraps.""Yes mommy", I replied.Even with Jordan's slow introduction of the warm soapy water up my butt, I was still feeling sexually charged up. Thankfully, since my cock had been through so much already, it wasn't in any mood to try for an erection. As the water trickled into unknown depths, Jordan slowly massaged my balls, saying to mom; "this is one part of Master Kevin that I really like".Mom just had to ask the slave why, to which he answered "well... not to sound strange or nothing, but out of all the nuts I've had to suck and lick, I like your son's the best."There were a few more minutes of explanatory comments by both Junior Model Galleries of them, while my stomach kept stretching from the water. It seemed as if they were talking like I wasn't even in the room, or else that it didn't matter to either of them that I was hearing every word, every syllable.Mom's attention turned back to me, asking me question after question; which I naturally had to answer.Then without even considering that a slave was in the room, mom started to describe most all of the changes that the estate was already in the process of taking; in order that it, the estate, becomes the best in the land, turning out nothing but the finest in male slave flesh world wide.Changes, that I knew that I would accept; just knowing that the end result would benefit our entire family. After all, what child wouldn't want to help his parents build a legacy in such a business?There would be a drastic reduction in the number of current slaves, coming within the next five calendar days. There was to be a conversion of "Slave Junior Model Galleries Barn Number Three", to accommodate `younger' indentured slaves. The land currently cleared by the `worker slaves' would become additional pasture for what was to become a "marketable beef market". The current round of slaves who'd been pulling wagons and the one or two cart ponies would start to earn their keep by being used as a `respectable means of transportation' to and from town starting within a week. Slaves assigned to such duties as `farm and garden slaves' would be housed together, thus permitting an even earlier rise in their daily schedule.Several more, less identifiable, changes were forthcoming; but they wouldn't start until the above mentioned ones were well in hand plus having a new " Estate Master" overseeing everything. The bit with the new, Estate Manager, had me a bit concerned; as I honestly wasn't even thinking about it for the last few hours.Mom made it a point to tell me that "as of this moment", that Doc and Frank had been picked up by the Feds and that the four youths who had "abused and molested" me had also been arrested by the local Sheriff. It didn't sound all that important that she told me, but I guess just knowing that bit of information was supposed to make me feel better about what I was currently going through.I couldn't even begin to say what number of enemas that Jordan had performed on me by this time. All I knew was that I wasn't in distress nor was I any longer feeling strange or timid having mom around; seeing me like this and even participating in my bath time.Mom continued talking, but with every passing minute her voice seemed to get a little more subtle and yet it sounded almost as if she was telling me, all over again, how I was to act and to grow up to become a man of means and substance.Comments like, "you should always remember to listen to and obey those in control, and not to fear their reasonable requests".Another comment seemed to have struck a cord in my inner self when she said, "remember all of the things you learned in church... especially to honor thy father and thy mother". For the life of me, I couldn't imagine why, now of all times, she would have dragged my elementary religious upbringing into today's world. Today, was nothing like fifteen years ago. Today was almost the complete opposite; except that today, like then, we have legalized slavery.Jordan's work was nearing completion. I could tell that it was, just by the familiar fragrance of the body oil he was applying to my skin. His more than attentive massaging of the oils into my scrotum was more than I could bare; but like the `good son' that I am, I prevailed without any embarrassing incident.Mom continued with, "You know how much we all love your sister Kevin; and it is because of that special love we all have for her that we've decided to make a few changes in her summer schedule.""That's good mommy", I blurted out, again not thinking first, but only feeling the strange inner sensation of wanting to please my parents."Well Kev, it appears that your little friend across the street, where we had planned on placing your sister for the summer; has decided that he wants to learn and explore the indenturement industry, just like you."As soon as mom said that... my mind went racing with all of the times the two of us boys used to play ball in his back yard or watch television up in his room. We were close back then, but as the years moved forward, the two of us seemed to have parted ways, amicably. But I'd never forget the teenage, puberty, crush I had on him; just because he was a year older than me and he's the one who showed me how to jerk off, and his pecker was twice the size of mine at the time."So what dad and I have decided to do is to allow your sister to stay with the boys mother for no more than a month and then we will relocate her to the ` estate'. I'm sure that you will be more than happy to see her, and to see just how much she has settled down. Mr. Alderton and his staff have done a great job with her attitude and character.""Sounds great mommy", I said; as Jordan's magical fingers began rubbing the oil into the skin which made up the shaft of my penis."Your father has even offered the young boy a job for the summer. Isn't that great? Daddy was going to offer him an internship much like yours, but since he only wants to have one intern on the road at a time; he thinks that perhaps your friend will find working here on the estate a good balance of not only the actuality of indenturement, but also it might allow him some hands on experience before actually taking up an internship with our company."I instantly thought of all the things that I could show and teach him; just from my short stint on the road. I could even discuss our company with him in greater detail than those stiff pricks back at our main corporate headquarters could ever teach him. I mean... look what they didn't tell me, let alone, look what they didn't teach me. Why all of a sudden I began thinking of my former buddy as nothing more than a cock to suck and an ass to fuck, I'll never know; but the sensational vision running rampant in my head did little to keep my mind on what was going on around me. I wonder if I should call him Tyler, or just `boy', or what.Just then, the sounds of footsteps moving down the hall caught my attention. It didn't take long to discover that dad; Mr. Alderton and John Henry were now in the room with us."Ah, here we are at last; as one happy family", dad said as he approached. " So many bodies in this small room, one would think that having it enlarged just might be something to add on to the `to do' list"The free persons all chuckled and ultimately agreed that enlarging this space would be deemed appropriate. The two slaves, plus myself remained properly silent."So much continues to go forward around the estate, yet so much seems to be lacking in our attention; that I'm sort of wishing that either the days were longer or that Junior Model Galleries we had more spare time to spend here until things got on an even keel", dad said; apparently aimed at my mother."Now sweetie kums", mom said "I've already planned ahead for myself. When I get back to the city tomorrow noon, I'm going to hit the ground running. First thing I've got to do is to check on our daughter and make sure her lessons have been progressing as planned. I'm hoping, too, that by the end of the week that she'll be more than ready to accept life and what we've offered her. There is one thing though, that has just come to mind and perhaps we should discuss it later this evening.""Fine dear", dad said rather begrudgingly."As you can see honey, I've gotten the slave to wash our baby boy and get him ready for a good nights rest. And, I also have filled him in on most of the plans that we have for our new acquisition. I think that the medicine Mr. Alderton gave him up at the processing center plus what he's had down here has allowed him to think things through much more than if he hadn't gotten his meds. Kevin understands his role here now, much better than before and I feel as if he wants to please his parents and the Junior Model Galleries company more now than he did before", mommy said with her standard domineering voice."Time will tell my sweets", dad replied. "I'm not concerned so much about how Kevin will act tomorrow in the court room as I am about how he will react to staying here the whole summer; with everything that you and I have outlined and planned for this place. You know as well as I do that none of this was supposed to happen for a few years yet and now it has fallen upon us like a building under demolition.""But honey poo", mom piped up rather sternly, "every time we take on a new venture you get this same way. But everything always works out to our betterment and to the benefit of all the employees. Just look how hard every one has worked here since arriving. They've all set aside their own needs and Junior Model Galleries wants and have consumed their very existence on the situation here."Mom and dad spent a few more minutes, conversing back and forth in their normal business/parental manner before they both seemed to turn their attention back to me."John Henry has prepared a meal for Kevin and for the slave. Our people have begun fixing everyone a great looking dinner upstairs, so we best be thinking about wrapping things up down here so we can enjoy the company of those who' ve worked so diligently today', dad said enthusiastically.Mommy leaned in towards my ear and bid me a farewell. She wasn't planning Junior Model Galleries on seeing me anymore until her return next week. Her lips felt warm and moist against mine, as her hand made one last run down my chest and over my freshly cleaned cock. Her departure left me with mixed emotions, which didn't last to long.The next time I heard daddy's voice it was coming from between my legs. Along with his voice grabbing my attention; his hands were slowly running up and down my legs which seemed to get my sexual drive into a higher gear."Your work continues to amaze me", dad said to Mr. Alderton. "The boy's legs are smooth like glass. Our new depilatory system will insure any and all slave owners of a more productive life for their slaves, in place of spending time shaving them constantly. It will be interesting to see if the `365' lotion performs as well as all of the others.""Quite true Sir", Mr. Alderton replied. "The one good thing about the new ` 365' is that it only cost pennies more to make than any of the others but we' ll be selling it at a much higher retail.""That's what I like about you Alderton; you're always looking out for the company's best interest. Now let's get busy discussing my `boy' here before we go and join the others for dinner.""Surely Sir, that would be appropriate", came Mr. Alderton's response."Kevin, do you understand everything your mother has told you?""Yes daddy, I'm pretty sure I do", came my reply"Just so you know, and let me be clear about this Kevin... Jordan will be YOUR slave. He is to tend to ALL of your needs. Jordan will also responsible to John Henry as he is now our official `trustee'. Jordan will be by your side twenty four seven. ""Yes daddy, thanks", I said almost as if I was back even further in years."I don't want you to think that your parents are treating your unfairly or even cruelly. The medications we gave you are nothing like what Doc and Frank had been feeding you. Any meds we give you are only to allow us to better understand the mindset of an ordinary slave boy. Not that you're a slave, but your every action and deed will enable us to better perfect our meds; which in turn will be just one more benefit to the company and to you and your siblings. It's not like you are doing this for our individual pleasure, so just think of it as another way your helping the company grow; much like your performance tomorrow in the court room.""Yes daddy", I replied."Performance?", I thought. What "performance" is daddy talking about?"It sounds as if Master Kevin has started to feel the onset of the meds from earlier", Mr. Alderton said rather assuredly. "It probably won't be long before he is totally reliant on Jordan and others to do for him. His mental regression should stop... oh say... at around 8 or 9 years of age by tomorrow morning. We only need to give him one yellow supplement bottle and then one blue one that I've already prepared.""Just everyone remember that none of this is to get back to his mother", daddy said in a forceful tone.For a split second, I thought I Junior Model Galleries heard Jordan say something, but he quickly stifled his remarks."And I need you two slaves to remember, that while Master Kevin is receiving these meds, that you have to remember that his mind isn't that of an adult. Some words you say, he probably won't totally understand, so be gentle with him, unless you want to feel the tip of a bullwhip ripping the flesh from your body", daddy said kinda nicely."I heard everybody respond to daddy's comment and everybody seemed to be in agreement; which made me feel so warm and comfy."Now what about the missing rings?", dad questioned."Well Sir, I thought it best to wait until Mrs. Latimore had left for the city before I installed the last ones", Alderton said politely."Kevin, I just want you to know that you are getting two more rings before to long. They are just for helping us to better understand and teach new slave owners the proper and dignified way to treat and handle their property. In time, all of the rings will be taken off and then you'll be back to normal, just like before. You'll finally understand what it's like in this business, learning it from the bottom up.""Oh, daddy... thank you so much for being so nice to me. I really like the way everybody has treated me so well and with so much respect", I said; almost, not quite sure, if even I knew what I just said or what `door' I had just opened up."While we're all here, let's get Master Kevin down from this table. And you slaves get busy filling up the yellow bottle for him. And `boy' don't forget to put a good amount of grease on Master Kevin's trainer before you go and stick it back in his mouth tonight", dad said in what sounded as an almost humorous voice.The hands that released my bindings must have belonged to daddy and Mr. Alderton, as there was that faint feeling of wisps Junior Model Galleries of body hair brushing against my now sensitive skin."Make sure that Master Kevin drinks the whole bottle of yellow, before he eats dinner and then after dinner give him the bottle that Mr. Alderton has left in his room", dad said as my feet and then knees touched the floor.The scent of man overpowered my senses quite rapidly, even before I felt the light fabric of what I knew was that of men's pants, expensive pants.My ears detected the sound of metal. Metal belonging to a zipper; which quickly turned all of my attention to the soft, delicate, fragrant, smooth texture of a man's penis.My lips parted, allowing the hard shaft of manhood to enter my mouth. I began sucking on the dick with every known and needed fiber in my body. I needed, wanted and even desired to suck the cock; which for some reason seemed more reasonable now than ever before. It was almost like a toy, a boy simply playing in his own world."And don't forget to put Master Kevin's tail in either. I've left it on his sleeping pad. You boys will have to exercise patients putting it in because it is the largest I could find around here, `for now'. We'll see how well you slaves can really follow orders when I return in the morning", Mr. Alderton said, from somewhere off to my right, as I continued to administer the best cock sucking job I'd done up till now on the dick that was now buried deep in my throat, allowing me to feel the course curly pubic hairs brush against my lips."I'm pretty sure that Master Zeb will appreciate all of this and more", dad said rather quietly. To Be Continued... Comments to Sanibelboysaol.com

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