Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 06:20:39 AST From: Mitchel Richards Subject: aftershock (highschool) Well doesn't it suck to be all alone every night. Well it does for me, I seem to always lonely. I'm not some loser with no friends, it's just that I feel like I'm missing something to complete my life. I have many friends and they are all good friends but they just can't fill that void I feel. Well maybe I should tell you about myself. My name is Alex Brady I am 15 and I'm 5'8", I weight about 150 pounds I have light brown hair with brown eyes I would say I'm built I'd sooner say I'm defined but what else is there to do when your lonely but to workout and stay in shape. I live with my Mom and younger brother Chase. My Dad walked out on us when Chase and I were very young so we don't remember him. My Mom is a lawyer and a really good one too. I'm 2 years older than my younger brother but he sometimes hangs out with my friends and I. My best friend is Josh he is 15 with blonde hair with blue eyes. Josh works out as well. My brother Case is a pretty cool guy he is 5'6" he has brown hair with brown eyes and for some weird reason he likes to dye his hair different colors. I live in Orlando, Florida it's a nice place and the beach is near. I live in a neighborhood where most of the houses are big cause most of the adults are rich. The area is clean and is quiet so I can't complain much. Well here I am sitting in my room on a Saturday night bored and feeling a little depressed. I try not to be depressed but sometimes you can't help it. I should be out having fun but nope I'm sitting in front of my computer. Josh called earlier and asked if I wanted to go to a party but I said I didn't feel like it so he went alone. Finally I got fed up and left my room and went downstairs. "Mom I'm going out for a bit ok" I asked. " sure Alex" she replied. I went up stairs and jumped in the shower, after I got out of the shower I dressed up nicely and brushed my hair and teeth then left for the party. As I was walking down the street I started thinking about why I was feeling depressed, I never came to a decision because I was at the party. I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. A girl from school answered "Hi Alex we didn't think you were coming" she said. "Well I changed my mind" I said. She stepped aside to let me in and I went to find Josh, He was dancing with a girl from our math class. I got a drink from the kitchen and headed back to the living room and sat in a chair. "Alex I thought you said you didn't feel like coming" Josh yelled walking to me. " changed my mind". " cool" they were playing all kinds of music but when they played the new song 'bye bye bye' from N'sync I instantly liked the song. They played 'show me the meaning of being lonely' by the backstreet boys and that got me a little depressed but I didn't let it show. I was looking around the room when I saw him. I never saw him before and figured he was related to someone here. He looked my way and walked over towards me "you must be Alex" He asked. "How did you know". "Everyone I talked to always said something about how I should get to know you." " so you know my name, what's yours." " I'm Cory nice to meet you Alex." we shook hands and started chatting. Soon we were talking like we were friends forever. I introduced him to Josh. I got sick of the loud music and went outside to get some fresh air. Cory was outside when I got there. We talked some more and I found out that he just moved here from Canada. He had lived in a place called Prince Edward Island it was a province in Canada, I never even heard of it. His Father was promoted and they had to move here. I welcomed Cory to Orlando. I realized that I wasn't feeling depressed anymore and I kept staring at Cory. I was confused, Was I gay? I decided to go home, I said good bye to Josh and as I was leaving Cory asked where I lived. I told him and found out his house was on the way so we walked together. "Alex thanks for being nice to me" Cory said. "No problem Cory yo'ure a nice guy and I hope we can be good friends." I told him. We exchanged Uncensored Pthc Videos phone numbers and went our separate ways. I walked in the house and Mom was watching T.V. "Hi mom" I said. "Hi sweetie how was the party" she asked. 'Ok but how did you know I went to the party" I asked confused. " oh a guy named Cory asked me to tell you to call him when you got home" she said. I went to my room and stripped to my boxers and collapsed on my bed. Why was I staring at Cory? Am I gay? "RING, RING" " hello" "is Alex home" " speaking" " Alex it's Cory did you just get home" " yeah I did what are you up to" " nothing just about to go to bed" " same here" " Alex would you like to go to the mall with me tomorrow." " sure what time." " just call me when your ready ok" " ok talk to you tomorrow" we hung up and I laid in bed thinking about why I was staring at Cory. I woke up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run. I noticed that I wasn't under the covers so I must have fallen asleep soon after getting off the phone. I walked back to my room and climbed under the covers and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning I climbed out of bed and headed towards the bathroom, Chase was just getting up as well "morning bro" he said. "Morning" I replied. I had my shower and walked downstairs to eat breakfast. After I ate I called Cory. "Hello." "is Cory there." "Who may I ask is calling." "Alex." " just a moment please." I waited for Cory to pickup and when he did he told me he would be at my house in 5 minutes. Cory showed up 5 minutes later and we left. We walked around for a bit, he bought some pants and shirts. I got a couple CD's, I noticed that the new single by N'sync was out and grabbed it hoping he didn't see it. "You like them too" he asked. "Yeah" I answered. I paid for my CD and we left to get something to eat. After eating we headed to my house, no one was home when we Uncensored Pthc Videos got their so we went to my room, Cory was walking ahead of me and I couldn't help but look at his cute butt. We went in my room and I shut the door behind me . Uncensored Pthc Videos Cory tried on his clothes and I didn't mind the view at all. Wait why was I thinking these things. I then noticed Cory staring at me with just his pants on " Alex what's wrong" he asked. "Nothing just thinking" I said quickly. I got up and put the N'sync Cd in my stereo and played it. I sat on my bed and was just sitting there when I started to cry. I'm not sure why but I did, it wasn't loud crying just quiet sobs. Cory looked at me worried and asked "Alex what's wrong." he sat down beside me. " you know you can tell me anything right" he said. "Thanks Cory it really means a lot to me" I said. I wanted to tell Cory what was going through my mind but I wasn't even sure if I knew what it was. "Hey Cory, wanna stay over tonight" I asked him. "Sure if it's ok with your parents" he replied. " I'll go ask" I said. I ran downstairs and asked my mom and Uncensored Pthc Videos she said sure. I ran back up the stairs and told Cory to phone and ask his parents. After Cory called hi parents we walked to the video store to get some movies. We went straight to my room and put the first movie in my VCR it was 'Cruel intentions'. I had already seen but I liked it so I didn't mind watching it again. We sat on my bed and watched the movie while chatting a bit. We fell asleep while watching the movie. We didn't even get a chance to watch the second movie but we were both tired. I had a horrible time sleeping I guess I had too much on my mind. We woke up around 9. "Cory if you want you can have a shower before we go eat breakfast" I told him. "Thanks Alex" he replied. While Cory was gone I sat on my bed trying to decide what to do. I was deep in thought when Cory came out of the bathroom with a pair of shorts on. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Cory had a smooth but defined chest, he had a scar in the middle of his stomach. "What" Cory asked. "Nothing just noticed that scar it's big" I lied. " oh this I got it when I was little I fell on the ground and cut my stomach I had to get stitches" he said pointing to his scar. We got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. "So Cory what do you want to do today" I asked him. " not sure I have to go home for a bit but after that we can do whatever" Cory said. "Ok how long will you be" I asked. "Not sure I'll call you before I come over ok" Cory replied. "Sure." After Cory left I cleaned my room up and just basically sat around the house Josh called, and came over for a bit. We played my playstation and listened to music. "Alex what do you think of Cory" Josh asked me. "He a nice guy Why" I asked. "Just wondering, I thought the same thing too" he said. We just sat around for a bit till Josh had to go. Mom walked in the door and went downstairs to greet her. "Hi mom how was your day" I asked. "Fine Alex how was your day" my mom asked. " ok." I went back to my room and watched some T.V. I brought the movies back and noticed that it was getting late. " I wonder where Cory is" I said to myself. I picked up the phone and dialed his number " hello is Cory there" I asked. " no he is still at a friends house" they said. " this is Alex and he was at my house but he left this morning saying he had to go home for a bit" I said. "Yes, he was but he never came home" the person said. "Ok thanks" I said. I hung up and ran downstairs. " mom Cory never got home this morning" I yelled. "Alex I'm sure he's ok" she assured me. I called Josh and told him what was happening. "Alex come on I'll help you find him." "Thanks Josh." I left and met up with Josh we looked everywhere for Cory. We were about to give up when we saw a bunch of Uncensored Pthc Videos kids yelling, we ran over and saw two guys beating up someone. "Hey you get the hell away from him" Josh yelled. they stopped and glared at Josh. "You want trouble cause if so you found it" one of the guys said. I tried to figure out who they were besting and I noticed a shirt that I had seen before, actually I had seen it earlier today on Cory. I then noticed the face the person, it was Cory. "Josh it's Cory" I said flatly. "Oh you mean that faggot" the bigger of the two guys said pointing to Cory. I started to walk towards Cory when The smaller guy stood in front of me "where do you think your going" he asked. "Get the fuck out of my face NOW!!!" I said pissed off. "Whatcha gonna do if I don't" he snarled. I grabbed him and slammed my fist into his face then pushed him aside. I walked to Cory and knelt down to help him. I felt someone touch my shoulder, it was Josh. I looked past him and noticed that the two guys were getting up the bigger one had a bloody nose and bleeding lip. Cory was barely awake. "Josh call for help Please" "sure I'll be right back" I held Cory. " come on Cory stay with me. You can't leave me I need you, you make me happy to be around you, I only met you but you have already done something that on one ever could, you got me to fall in love with you." I said with tears in my eyes. "Don't cry Alex, please" Cory said weakly. "Cory you heard me" I said surprised. "Yeah and I feel the same way" he said before he passed out. Help came shortly after, they brought Cory to the hospital. I called my mom and she picked me up and took me to the hospital. I walked in the building and went to the desk "excuse me I'm looking for a Cory Simmons" I asked the lady. "Yes he was brought in a half hour ago, that's all I can tell you you'll have to ask his parents about how he is, they are over there" she said pointing to a couple sitting in a corner the lady was crying. I walked over to the couple. They looked up when I got close and the lady jumped up and hugged me while thanking me for helping her son. " thanks for helping our son" he husband said. "Cory is my friend I would do anything to help him" I said. A doctor came over to us "Cory is still in critical condition, he lost a lot of blood and we are trying to get some brought from the blood bank but they don't seem to have any" the doctor said. "Take mine" I said. I was brought back to a room where the doctor checked Uncensored Pthc Videos my type. "You the same type are you sure you want to do this" he asked me. "Yes anything to save him" I said. The doctor took some blood and I felt weak from the amount he needed. A nurse came in the room with a wheelchair. She wheeled me into the waiting room next to Cory's parents. "Alex we thank you again, where are your parents" they asked. "Please call her Uncensored Pthc Videos she dropped me off" I said very weak. I gave them my number and her husband called. 10 minutes later my mom was running in the hospital. "Alex, are you alright" "yeah mom I'm fine Cory isn't though" I said crying. "Alex he'll be ok but why are you so pale" she asked. "Cory needed blood and I have the same type so I gave him some of mine" I said. "Alex I'm so proud of you" she said as she hugged me. I introduced her to Cory's parents. The doctor came out and hour later and told us Cory was stable and that we could see him. Cory's parents went first and came out a bit later saying Cory was asking for me. I walked to the door scared of what he would look like now. I opened the door and slowly walked in the room. " Hi Alex" Cory said. "Umm hi Cory" I said. "Come here I'm not gonna bite" "sorry." I walked over to the side of the bed, Cory grabbed my hand which surprised me "Alex I didn't forget what you said to me earlier, I want you to know that the real reason that I came over to you was because I liked you, I wanted to get to know you and I'm glad I did, Alex you are what I have been looking for and I want to ask you a question ok" "sure Cory" I told him. "Alex, will you go out with me" he asked with tears in his eyes. I took my free hand and wiped his tears away, I leaned over the bed and kissed him. "Does that answer your question Cory" I asked. He nodded. "Alex my parents told me what you did tonight and I want to thank you" he said. "Cory I had to get you here I couldn't let you die in my arms" I said. " I mean they told me about you giving the doctors blood to save my life, I owe you my life Alex" he said starting to cry. I hugged him and told him it was alright. "Alex would you stay with me tonight please" "sure Cory anything for you, I just have to tell my mom ok I'll be right back" I said. " ok but please hurry" Cory said as I was walking out the door. "Mom Cory wants me to stay with him" I told her. She looked at Cory's parents and they nodded in approval. "Sure Alex" I gave her a hug and they all left. I Went to Cory's room where the nurse's were setting up a cot next to Cory"s bed. When the nurses left he looked at me and smiled saying " you won't need the cot." "Cory you almost died maybe I should" I said. "Like hell I'm gonna make my first boyfriend sleep on a cot when he can sleep with me, Alex we are just gonna sleep so don't worry" he reassured me. I climb into the bed beside him and he wrapped his arms around me and clung to me as if I was leaving forever. "Alex I was so scared that I would lose you after just meeting you" he said crying into my chest. "Cory I'm not going anywhere without you ok" I said. He nodded but was still crying, he was really scared about dying and i don't blame him. I started to sing a song that I like Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel? My life was complete I thought I was whole Why do I feel like I'm losing control? Never knew that love could feel like this and you changed my world with just one kiss. How can it be that right here with me there's an angel? It's a miracle Your love is like a river peaceful and deep your soul is like a secret That I could never keep When I look into your eyes I know that it's true God must of spent A little more time On you In all of creation All things great and small You are the one that surpasses them all More precious than Any diamond or pearl They broke the mold When you came into this world And I'm trying hard to figure out Just how I ever did without The warmth of your smile The heart of a child That's deep inside Leaves me purifiedI looked down and saw the Cory was asleep with his arms around me, I fell asleep shortly after.

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