Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 08:02:49 -0700 From: Jay roberts Subject: "Accounting Boy's Debt, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay Adult/FriendsThe upcoming invitation to Perry Manfred had to be treated a little like a military campaign. There must be nothing left to chance. I had my lover boy softened up to be a real fuck buddy, but there was much to be planned.It was set for tonight. I mixed some cocktails and opened the secret drawer in the side of the bar. I added a sprinkling of Viagra and a very little roofie that I pounded into powder in a porcelain pistil. I hummed as I prepared my potion, like Merlin. Oh shit, was I ever evil! But I didn't want to risk a misstep in this affair of the...cock?But the masterstroke was my invitation to George Morris to join us. Unfortunately, my other regular, Chuck was in bed with the flu. Nn Magazine Models But George is a better choice. George is a beautiful young black man, slim, cobalt, shiny and muscled, a sculptor's model. Besides, I have a theory that white, Christian, American bois felt more able to let it all out with someone of a different ethnicity. You may remember in the first part I mentioned that he and Chuck were the only gay employees.George arrived. "Hi hot one, get undressed!" I ordered"Yes Massa. Can I have a drink first?""Yeah, there is a shaker on the bar. Help yourself. I'm going to freshen up."When I returned to the living room, George was feeling the effects of my concoction (get it, cock-shun). The dear lad was already undressed and leaning over my carved desk with his scrumptious ass shining in the late afternoon sun coming in the window. He was well into his sexual frenzy."Hey Boss man, fuck me. Unless you get a real good fuck started, I ain't goin' plant the corn or pick the cotton."He was such a riot.But I loved his ass. I was already up and ready and put my arms around his slim body and put my cock at his pretty hole. He pushed back. We both let out a long low moan of excitement. I began to give a few tentative thrusts, while George babbled in tongues.Just then, a knock on the door. "Hark," I said to my fuckee. There is someone at the door.""Per chance it is our victim, I mean, boy, Perry."Perry walked in. Nn Magazine Models He stopped in the middle of his entrance and stared at George's handsome upturned ass and my long prong moving in and out.He flushed bright red. I saw it. "What you always wanted, Perry, a good ass to fuck. I know how you feel. Get undressed and go in bareback. George will never get pregnant.With a cry of excitement, the former straight 8 lad chucked his clothes and pushed me aside and entered George in one fell swoop. Naturally George cried out. "Hey foolish boy. Be a little respectful of my valuable and self loved ass. Enter a room or an ass with delicacy.""Yes George," he mumbled politely, but then entered again with a little too much verve."Perry, I will throw you off permanently if you don't behave."I was enjoying all this interplay. I bet Perry, in his wildest dreams, a week ago, could not imagine fucking a guy, a black guy yet. But now he was chastised enough and he really began a lovely fuck. In and out he went, drooling spit on the polished ebony back, caressing the bottom boy's ass and leaning over rub Nn Magazine Models the dimples."Fuckers get drinks served to them," I said as I handed Perry a tall drink. He quaffed it on one swallow. "Hey Perry, you ever use a sex stimulant, like poppers?""Does it look like I need one? I'm flying from the sex and the drink. I know there was something in it, but I don't give a shit."I handed Perry the small brown bottle. "Here close one nostril and inhale with the other. It will send you to another plane."He was in a totally passive obedient mood. He took it and did it. I watched him almost fall off his fuck position; he was so rocked by the inhalant. I steadied him and watched his round eyes close in ecstasy. This was the moment I had been waiting for. The moment that I would claim my prize and make the big loan worthwhile. I went behind Perry and steadied his ass. He looked back at me. "Hey Wes," he slurred. "Don't mess around with me back. My ass has a sign: 'Keep off the Ass'.""I'm not doing anything to scare you...yet, just making nice." What an ass, I thought, fuzzy with boi hair, but so muscular that the two halves allowed a clear view of the dark hairy valley between them. "You have such a pretty asshole. Did you know it?""Don't look at it, and don't talk about it. You're making it feel funny and puckery.""Oh I see the puckering. It is also pushing and puffing out. I think it wants attention. Don't be mean to it."I pinched his ass cheeks and tickled his ass dimples. It was having some effect. "That's not too bad, but quit it.""How about this, lover?"I wet my finger and rubbed his ass ring. That produced a long moan, but he kept up fucking of George. George was still speaking in tongues and singing some ancient African ditty.Then I leaned close to the picture book ass and stuck out my long tongue. I can bend it and turn it into a small prick. I did this and jabbed in and out. Perry was getting really mad and scared. "Please stop it.""It's only my tongue, not my cock. Just enjoy."Now I reached in deeper and encountered his small walnut of a prostate. I pressed it with my tongue. "Oh shit," he called, turning around to glare at me. You are doing the naughty. Just use that tongue more...harder. I think I am getting close to coming."I put my hands on his lean shanks and aimed my cock at his pulsing hole. I put the head of my cock just inside his cock ring. He was slathering spit and moaning loudly."Hey Perry CPA Boy. Do you want me to stop?""If you stop, I'll call the mob and get you rubbed out. You fucking bastard, get with the program, give me a hard fuck.?That was all I needed. I backed up, almost out of the hot passage and then firmed pushed forward. He reared up in passion. "Oh, where has your prick been all my life when it should have been in my pooper. Keep it up. I'm coming closer."George's cock was flopping up and down as Perry fucked him. He reached around and grabbed it in his hand and began stroking in time to his fuck, which was timed according to my fuck.There were three guys in this room, floating high near the ceiling. We were only aware of the intense stimulation our asses and cocks were receiving. George was the first to walk the plank and fall off. "Oh shit. Here I go. I'm goin' drown this desk top."Next I felt an intense fluttering of sweet Perry's young ass. It felt like a dozen hands were milking my cock. I tried, to the extent of almost fainting, to keep from coming, but it was hopeless. I gave way. My cock jumped and spewed many times, washing Perry's virgin asshole. That did it for him. He began automatic fucking, doing everything to reach his cum, then it hit him. He shouted a wail of disbelieve and brimmed over and then shot and pulsed a gallon of cum.It took awhile for us to come down from this. I had the coffee maker set on timer and I padded into the kitchen, naked, and came back with brownies and steaming mugs of Brazilian coffee.Perry held a brownie in his hand. "It this a funny brownie?"George and I laughed. "It's straight, just like you."When George left, I held Perry in my arms as we snuggled on the couch. We kissed for the first time. He was some great kisser and his tongue and mine got engaged to marry. He asked me, "Was sex with me worth $100,000?""No," I told him, about $20,000 and I intend to get my money's worth.""Yeah, I'm your bottom and loving it. How about later tonight?" ****Had Perry been in my office a little later he might have heard this conversation. "Hello Paulie, yeah it's me. Are you going to return my brief case, the one Perry delivered to you?""Why return it? It's filled with newspapers.""Well it's a valuable one, made for me in Italy.""Say did you scheme work out? Did you nail that cutey?""I sure did. Thanks for your help in rigging up all that debt. I mailed you a check for $1000.""It was easy to make him think he was a loser, cause he was the dumbest sports bettor I every met."End

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