Related article: Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 15:12:55 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 7Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a divorced man who has been devastated by the divorce and Nn Bbs then turns his tragedy into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters. Thanks again to my editor, Bill, for his valuable assistance in cleaning up my errors. Agony & EcstasyChapter 7Holidays and ChallengesFor the first time in memory, the Michigan High School Football Championship Games were to be held at Ford Field in Detroit. John was excited when his team of officials was selected for the Class A Championship Game, and knew that the game would be televised. He loved football and seeing the excitement of the young boys who were competing for glory for their respective schools.John was the head referee, and all of his penalty calls would be heard by the crowd in Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, and by the television audience. He was standing at the 50-yard line for the coin toss that would start the game, so he didn't hear the television announcer's comments."Standing on the 50-yard line is one of the most popular officials in the state of Michigan," Trevor Thompson announced. "John Miller was a talented wide receiver in high school, but his college career at the University of Michigan was cut short by a career-ending knee injury. Miller's a favorite with coaches and players because he teaches the boys how to play the game without calling unnecessary penalties. We've been told that this is the 19th year that Miller has officiated high school football, and his crew of officials always get picked for the championship game for the largest high schools in Michigan. We salute John Miller for his dedication to his favorite sport!""I heard today that John Miller has never taken any pay for officiating high school football games and volunteers his time at soup kitchens and homeless shelters in the Detroit Area!" David Wilbur added. "He's a great role model for the boys who are competing here today and my hat's off Nn Bbs to this great citizen."In the Williamson home, Margaret's sister, Liz was watching the football game with her husband, David and her son Davie. "He's not a role model, he's a pervert!" Liz exclaimed. "If he had taken the pay, he could have supported Margaret better! Change the fucking channel! I won't watch him acting like he's important! He's a fucking loser!"David Williamson hated his wife and both of her sisters. He had considered divorcing Liz but was afraid of losing everything in legal fees. His girlfriend was very understanding and was patiently waiting for Davie to reach the age of 18 so they could avoid child support. He was envious of John for getting rid of Margaret and her two nasty sisters without any financial burden. "Go watch the television in the bedroom!" David said to his ugly wife. "Davie and I are going to watch the game here in the family room and we don't need your nasty comments and foul language!"Liz stormed out of the room, but not without cussing at her husband and son. She was furious that John Miller was still living in the home on the lake while her sister was sitting in the Wayne County Jail. She had loaned Margaret money for bail and legal fees and knew that she would never get that money back. Margaret had been fired from her job with the State of Michigan, and would have a really hard time finding a decent job if she ever got out of jail. Nn Bbs Margaret's outbursts in the County Jail had resulted in another 30-day sentence, and Liz was humiliated at having a "jail bird" sister.Johnny Miller was at the home of his in-laws when the game started. Kirsty was nursing Little John while her parents; Jeff and Karen Walker praised John Miller. Johnny knew that his father loved football, but didn't know that his father was volunteering at the soup kitchens and homeless shelters. His heart swelled with pride when he listened to the praise of the two announcers.After the football game, John and his officiating crew headed for Kelly's Pub for the best hamburgers and coldest beer in Detroit. They celebrated the end of another football season and reminisced about their favorite games and plays during the year. It was a sad time because they wouldn't be together until the next fall, but they all promised to return for John's 20th year. He'd already told his friends that he would retire after one more year, but the group hoped that he would change his mind.The winter months in Michigan are bad for the painting business. With the downturn of the automobile industry and increased taxes, people were leaving Michigan by the thousands. Home sales were down and bank foreclosures were at an all time high. New home construction was almost non-existent, and business at Taylor Paint was dismal.Jim Taylor filed his income taxes and wondered how much longer he could stay in business. Sales of paint normally picked up in the spring months, but it wasn't looking good for the survival of his business. His main hope for the future was based on securing a distributorship for Sherwin Williams paint, but he needed to establish long term commitments from more painting contractors before that would happen.Jim had always been honest with John about the state of the paint business and had shown John the sales data. They both knew that the business was in trouble, and tried to figure out how to get the distributorship."At least we aren't unlucky like this guy!" Jim said to John. He handed John the Detroit News where the headlines said, "CEO Trampled by Elephants". Jim had read the entire article, but John wasn't interested. John had his own problems to think about, and hearing about a rich man who had been killed while on an African Safari was meaningless.Later, John was at home, looking at his declining checkbook balance. His clothes dryer had just quit and he didn't want to spend the money to buy a new one. He needed tires for his Silverado truck, and his truck and home insurance premiums were due. When his furnace quit working, he tried to heat the house with his wood-burning stove, but that was becoming a major hassle to cut and haul wood. He finally relented and called a repairman to look at his furnace. It was old and the repair cost was higher than replacing the entire unit. John bit the bullet and bought a new furnace on a two-year payment plan. He bought some used tires for the truck, but couldn't afford to replace the clothes dryer. Instead he strung rope across the family room and hung his clothes to dry.Johnny, Kirsty and Little John dropped in for an unexpected visit, and the two adults were shocked when they saw the wet clothes hanging in the family room. Johnny wished that he would win the lottery to help his father financially. Nn Bbs He offered to buy his father a new clothes dryer, but John refused the generous offer."I'll get a new clothes dryer in the spring when my hours at the paint store go back up," John hedged. He knew that Taylor Paint was in financial trouble, but didn't want to accept charity from his son. He knew that Johnny and Kirsty wanted to move out of their one-bedroom apartment to have a room for Little John, and he didn't want to take the money that they were saving for a new home.It was a fateful evening when John was returning to his home after painting several rooms at a homeless shelter. Jim Taylor wanted to help John financially, but his own income was dropping along with the sales of paint and wallpaper. Jim said goodbye to his friend and watched John drive away in the 5-year old pickup truck.John headed home and saw that a car was on the side of the road and two elderly ladies were looking at a rear tire. John could see that the tire was flat and that the ladies were in an area of town that wasn't safe, especially with night approaching. He made a U-turn and went back to offer his assistance.Martha Jenkins and Betty Anderson were widow sisters and they were visibly upset about the flat tire. They didn't own a cell phone, and they'd been hoping that a police officer would rescue them. They were apprehensive when they saw the pickup truck pull in behind their Buick Lesabre.John parked his truck, turned on the emergency flashers, and approached the two elderly ladies. He was surprised to see that both of the ladies were wearing white gloves and that reminded him of how his own mother had dressed when she was going to church or a special social event. It had been a long time since he had seen any woman wearing white gloves, so he approached the women very carefully."I see that you have a flat," John said. "Do you have a spare tire?"Martha Jenkins was 80 years old; she knew that she and her sister were vulnerable with a disabled car. She looked at the handsome man and was concerned when she saw the paint on his clothes. She tried to remain calm, but was fearful for her safety and that of her sister.Betty Anderson saw the handsome man smile and listened to what he was saying. Something about this man told her that he was a good person, and she replied, "We think there's a spare tire in the trunk.""I apologize for my clothing," John said. "I've been doing some painting with a friend and I'm headed home to shower and change. I don't normally look this ragged!"Martha hit the trunk release on the key chain, and the trunk opened. She was on alert for any form of attack and clutched the spray can of Mace, just in case!John knew that the ladies were afraid of him and he kept talking calmly to them. He offered to change the tire and was relieved when the ladies agreed."We have to pay him!" Betty whispered to Martha. "Is $100 enough?"John overheard what Betty had whispered and replied, "God didn't put us on this earth to take advantage of one another! Please don't be afraid of me. Here's my driver's license so you know who I am. My name is John Miller, and I work at Taylor Paint in Detroit. Please let me help you and I won't accept a cent for helping two beautiful ladies like you!"Betty accepted the driver's license from John and read the information. She watched John removing the spare tire and jack from the trunk and listened to what he was saying."It's cold out here, so maybe you two ladies would like to sit in my truck while I change your tire," John offered. "The truck's still running and the heater will keep you warm. I see that you're both beautifully dressed, so pull off the plastic that I put on the seat before I left the painting job. I sure don't want to damage Nn Bbs your clothing."Betty and Martha took John's offer and waited in the truck while they watched him change the tire. They were both very relieved that someone was helping them in their time of need. They were surprised when a police cruiser stopped in front of their car while John was changing the tire."Hi John, it looks like you're being a Good Samaritan again!" Greg Cook said to his friend. "Do you need any help?"John wiped the grease from his hand onto his jeans and shook hands with his friend. Greg was one of the police officers who had witnessed Margaret's destruction of John's home and murder of his beloved dog, Barney. Greg had been a key witness during the divorce trial and the two men had become friends."I'm almost finished, but those two ladies seemed afraid of me," John replied. "Maybe you can convince them that I'm not a serial killer and that they need a new set of tires."Greg laughed and told John that he looked like a bum with his paint-splattered clothing. He walked back to the truck and talked to the two ladies and told them that he knew John and that the man was a great person.Betty and Martha were relieved that the police officer had stopped and were embarrassed that they were afraid of John Miller. They both thanked the police officer and agreed that they would buy a new set of tires for their car.Greg stayed until John finished changing the tire and thanked him for helping the elderly ladies. He saw that the other tires on the car were worn and was pleased when John said he would follow the ladies home to make sure they didn't have another flat tire.When Betty and Martha arrived at their home, they were relieved. They parked the car in the garage and asked John to come inside for a cup of tea.John knew that elderly people liked company and didn't want to offend the two ladies by refusing their hospitality. He smiled and accepted their offer.Betty and Martha were excited about having a visitor to their home. They rarely had company, except for visits from people wanting money from them or trying to influence important decisions that they had to make. They were gracious hosts and kept thanking John for helping them in their time of need."Are you sure that we can't pay you something?" Betty asked John."I'm just happy that I was driving by and saw your car on the side of the road," John replied. "Like I told you earlier, I couldn't accept any money from two beautiful ladies for doing what a man's supposed to do!""It's wonderful to meet a nice young man like you!" Martha said."It's been a long time since anyone called me a young man!" John teased."Should we go into the dining room?" Betty asked Martha. "The tea's ready.""You know that all of the bulbs are burned out in the chandelier," Martha replied."Oh, I forgot," Betty replied. "I guess that we'll have to pay Mr. Kramer to put in the new bulbs. I still think that $100 is too much to change four bulbs but we can't climb up on a ladder at our age!""Someone was going to charge you $100 to change four light bulbs?" John asked incredulously. "I'll change them Nn Bbs for nothing! Do you have the bulbs?""You've done too much for us already!" Betty insisted. "We can't expect you to do things for us for free when we can afford to pay! We told Mr. Kramer that we had the bulbs, but he insisted that it wasn't safe for us to change them and that he would be doing us a favor to change them for $100.""$100 is highway robbery," John said. "Where are the bulbs?"Betty and Martha were just thrilled that the handsome man was being so friendly and offering to change the bulbs. Betty went to the closet and returned with a package of the bulbs and handed them to John."Let's have our tea and cookies before you do all of that work!" Martha said.John laughed and took the package of bulbs. He was tall enough to reach the chandelier without using a ladder and changed the bulbs in less than two minutes. He turned on the light switch and the room was brightly lit."Martha thinks that we should take out two of the bulbs when we entertain," Betty said to John. "I like the room bright when we pay our bills, but we both like the lights down lower during meals.""What you need is a dimmer switch," John replied. "A dimmer switch costs less than $20 and I can put one in for you in about 10 minutes.""Mr. Kramer wants $250," Betty replied. "We're two old widows and we don't like strangers doing work in our home, but we know that he's screwing us!"John laughed at hearing the distinguished woman when she used vulgar language. He loved hearing Martha chew out her sister for cussing in front of a guest, and told the ladies that Mr. Kramer was indeed trying to `screw them' with his exorbitant charges.The ladies insisted that John sit down and have tea and cookies with them, and then asked him about his job and life.John found the two ladies a treat to be around. They both were very interested when he gave a brief description of his life. The more he talked, the more they asked. To John, it was like he was talking to a friend of his parents, and he answered their questions honestly, even when it came to his divorce.Betty and Martha were pleased to have a visitor and they shared information about their own lives. Their husbands had died over 10 years earlier and they had lived together ever since. Sometimes they both talked at the same time, so it was difficult for John to follow both conversations. It was pure entertainment for John to see the faces of the two ladies light up when they talked about their lives together. The only time that their moods changed was when one of them slipped and mentioned someone named Jimmy. The person saying that name apologized quickly, and John saw that tears formed in the eyes of both ladies. He knew enough not to ask who Jimmy was, and guessed that it was a son or husband.Betty saw that John had taken one of each type of cookie on the plate and asked him which type he liked the most. There was always competition between the two sisters and she hoped that John would say that he liked the cookies that she had baked more than her sisters."These are wonderful cookies!" John said. "I can tell that they're homemade, Nn Bbs and it brings back memories of my childhood to eat cookies like these. When I was young, my favorite was chocolate chip cookies, but now I like ginger snaps just as much. I'm a good cook, but I always seem to burn anything that I bake. I love both types!""You're trying to trap him into saying your cookies are better than mine!" Martha said. "The paperboy and the boy who mows our lawn like mine the best!"John laughed while he listened to the two women bickering about their baking expertise. It was refreshing to see that the ladies were comfortable enough in his presence to relax and be themselves."I hate to break up this family feud, but we should talk about the tires on your car," John said. "The spare tire is for emergency only, and you need four new tires to be safe when you leave this beautiful home. I really don't want you to drive it until the tires are replaced.""How much do new tires cost?" Betty asked. "Is $1,000 enough? Where should we take our car?""How about I come over tomorrow and take the car to Discount Tires?" John offered. "I'll leave my truck here in case you have an emergency. I'm not sure, but a set of Michelin tires shouldn't cost more than $500 including mounting, balancing and a road hazard warranty. How does that sound?""You've done too much for us already!" Martha said. "We can't ask you to do that unless you let us pay your for your time!""I told you before that God didn't put us on this earth to take advantage of others," John replied. "I'd be happy to help you!"John didn't realize it at that time, but his life was going to be drastically changed for his kindness to the Nn Bbs two elderly ladies. He was pleased that they accepted his offer and told them that he would be back the next day at noon.After John left, Betty and Martha talked about the wonderful young man who had rescued them. They shared how nice it was to have a visitor who wasn't trying to force them to make an important decision during their time of bereavement."Helen Baxter said we could take our time, and so did Thomas Kendrick," Martha said to her sister. "I'm very suspicious when those other people try to tell us who to choose and to make a decision quickly.""We can't let the company go without a leader forever," Betty said. "Young people are always impatient! Why can't they slow down and let us decide in our own time?"The two sisters talked about their visitor and started planning a meal to share with John Miller. They both hoped that he would have supper with them and wanted everything to be perfect. It was a great way to avoid the stress of making an important decision about the family business.John drove home to his empty home and thought about Barney. He reflected back on how wonderful it was to have a happy dog waiting for attention when he got home. He missed Barney but couldn't afford the cost of raising a puppy, especially the bills for a veterinarian. He had made corned beef and cabbage the previous day, and he put the large pot on the stove to heat up while he undressed and took a quick shower. He was trying to reduce his heating bills by keeping the house at 60 degrees during the winter and by taking fast showers to conserve the hot water. The only time that he turned the thermostat up was when his grandson was coming to visit. He was going to baby sit on Saturday night while Johnny and Kirsty went out to a movie. He loved taking care of his grandson, but he also hoped the infant wouldn't poop his diaper when the parents were away. He didn't mind changing a wet diaper, but cleaning up the mushy stool caused him to gag.John took down his laundry from the ropes and hoped that he would be able to afford a rebuilt clothes dryer when he got his next paycheck. He thought about the unfortunate people at the soup kitchens and homeless shelters and felt guilty for his own feelings of despair. He was far better off than the unfortunate people and thanked God for giving him a place to live and food on the table.Early the next morning, Betty and Martha were having a friendly argument about the menu for the evening meal. They finally decided on a pot roast with homemade biscuits, followed by apple pie and vanilla ice cream. They were both excited about John Miller coming to take their car for new tires and hoped that he would stay and have supper with them."I'll put $1,000 in this envelope for John," Betty said. "Let's tell him that he can keep what's left over from buying the tires!""I bet he won't take it!" Martha said. "He's an Nn Bbs honest man and we don't want to insult him!""He reminds me of Jimmy when Jimmy was younger," Betty said softly. "Our nephew changed when he got older and I'm sure he was doing something dishonest.""Please don't say anything bad about the dead!" Martha replied. "It hurts to hear that name."John wasn't surprised to see both women waiting at the door when he got to their home. Both gave him a hug and thanked him for coming to their home to help them with the car tires. He was surprised by the hugs, but kissed both of the women on the cheek during their greetings."Can you have supper with us tonight?" Betty asked. "We're having a pot roast with homemade biscuits and apple pie for dessert!""I have the day off from work, so I'd love to have supper with you!" John replied. "I get tired of my own cooking and pot roast sounds great!""We made some sandwiches in case you are hungry," Betty said. "You have a choice of turkey or ham! Please have lunch with us."John smiled and accepted the offer to have lunch with the two ladies. A simple lunch of sandwiches would have been great, but he was shocked when the ladies started bringing out dishes of potato salad, fruit salad, sandwiches on homemade bread and beef vegetable soup."You didn't have to go to all of this bother making lunch for me," John said. "I'm not used to eating such great food!"The two women were in heaven! It had been a long time since a man had visited and shared a meal with them, and they were the perfect hostesses. John tried to hold back on his intake of food, but the meal was fantastic and the chocolate cake was impossible to resist."I'd weigh Nn Bbs 500 pounds if I ate like this every day!" John teased. He was stuffed and drank a cup of coffee while he talked to his wonderful new friends.Betty and Martha learned more about John during the meal, and were excited when they learned of his college degrees in Engineering and Master's Degree in Business Administration. They shared in John's grief when he told them about Barney and how the pet had died. They both knew the grief from losing a loved one and shared more about their lives as children and during their married lives. Neither one had had any children, but they detailed how happy their lives had been. They looked at the pictures of Little John and saw the pride in John's face when he talked about his son, daughter-in- law and grandson.John finally left with the Buick and promised that he would be back as soon as possible with the new tires installed. He had a surprise for the two ladies, but Nn Bbs he didn't tell them what he had planned.By 3:00 p.m., John returned to the house and the two ladies were excited to see the new tires. John was surprised to see that a set of new tires was a big deal for the ladies, so he gave a detailed explanation of every decision he had made in their behalf and how the mechanics had completed the work."The guys at Discount Tire were surprised that your other tires weren't flat," John said. "The tread was worn through and the cords were showing. You have a three year warranty and they will rotate and balance the tires for the next three years for free."John gave Betty the receipt for the tires and the warranty information that he said should be left in the glove compartment of the Buick. He counted out the change from the $1,000 and handed it to Betty. Even though he had felt stuffed after the fantastic lunch, the aromas of the pot roast and apple pie were stimulating his taste buds. He couldn't remember the last time that he had savored the fragrance of a freshly baked pie."I wish that you'd let us pay you for your time!" Betty said when she accepted the envelope."I'll accept money from you for my time if you let me pay you for that fantastic lunch," John teased.Betty and Martha gave up and insisted on giving John a hug for his time. They were happy to have their guest and were shocked when John said, "I have a surprise for you! I stopped at The Home Depot and found a dimmer switch that I think will work great on your dining room chandelier. If you show me where your electrical supply box is, I'll install it and we can see if it works!"Betty and Martha were thrilled! They insisted on paying for the dimmer switch and couldn't wait to see how it worked in their dining room. In less than 10 minutes, John was finished with the installation and the switch worked perfectly.John refused to accept any money for installing the new switch, but the two women insisted on paying at least the cost from The Home Depot. John relented and accepted $11.95 for the switch and showed Betty and Martha how to use it."It's wonderful!" both women exclaimed. Now they could have the lights on bright for paying their bills and writing letters and dim the lights during meals. They took turns testing the new switch and loved the infinite range of lighting that was now available to them."Let's go into the parlor and have a cocktail before supper," Betty suggested. "We have a few different types of alcohol in the liquor cabinet.""Maybe John doesn't drink alcohol!" Martha exclaimed. "We don't want to insult our guest!""I'm sorry if I offended you," Betty said to John. "Please forgive me!""I'm not offended," John replied. "In fact, I enjoy a Manhattan when I'm unwinding from a day at work.""We both love Manhattans!" Betty said. "I'll get some ice while Martha shows you our liquor cabinet. I hope that we have the right ingredients."John was shocked when Martha led him into the formal living room. He hadn't heard anyone call a living room a parlor since the days he'd spent on the farm with his grandparents."This looks like a real Persian rug!" John exclaimed. "My God, it's beautiful!""Our nephew gave it to us," Martha said. "He wanted to give us all new furniture for this house, but it didn't seem right to have new furniture in a home that's over 100 years old. All of the plumbing and electrical wiring was replaced about 10 years ago, but we've kept the furniture the way it was when Horace died. Horace was Betty's husband and I moved here after my Clifford died. We're two old ladies who don't want to leave our home, even for a vacation."John was impressed with the antique furnishings in the parlor. He wasn't an expert in antiques, but he could tell that the furniture was beautiful and extremely valuable. He walked up to the mahogany liquor cabinet and ran his fingers over the detailed carving on the frames of the glass doors and the inlaid black walnut on the drawer fronts. He was pleased to find Crown Royal whiskey, Martini & Rossi vermouth and beautiful cut crystal glasses. These two women were high class in everything that they owned and how they acted."We like nice things," Martha said to John. "The glasses are Waterford crystal and the liquor cabinet and most of the furniture in this room are Chippendale. All four lamps are original Tiffany, and people have tried to buy the furnishings from us. That's one reason that we don't invite people into this room, but you're a special guest!"Betty came in with an ice bucket and put it on the beautiful liquor cabinet. She could tell that John was impressed with the furnishings, but she made light of the value by saying, "Most of these things are older than we are! If you see anything you like, we'll give it to you.""These furnishings are worth a fortune!" John exclaimed. "This is the most beautiful room that I've ever seen!"John made his special recipe for Manhattans with the only change being the use of Crown Royal instead of Canadian Club whiskey. He was surprised when the two elderly ladies sipped the strong drinks and complimented him on the flavor.Betty and Martha loved having company, and John was becoming one of their favorites. They talked about their lives and filled John in on their childhood adventures and how important their home was.John was comfortable talking to the two ladies and explained where he was living and working. He told them about his parents and how much he missed them. He was surprised when both of the ladies asked for another drink before supper, but he mixed another batch of Manhattans and joined in the second drink.The supper was fantastic, and John was stuffed before he left for home. He was pleased that the large meal had helped him handle the two large drinks before driving home. The last thing he needed was a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol!When he got home, John made a large Manhattan and headed for the basement and his computer. He still hadn't watched the rest of "Gang Initiation" and wanted to see the blonde boy in action again. He thought about watching the first part of the movie and remembered that he had shot two huge loads of cum when he saw the blonde boy get ravaged. He knew that all of the actors were willing participants in the gay action, but it was still exciting to see the hairless boy get fucked at both ends by teen boys and adult men. He ran the movie on fast-forward to the part where the boy had agreed to be initiated into the gang of teens.John was again reminded that Boy Charm Productions always produced the best gay videos in the world. Most of the videos had a music background, but this one had dialogue that John could understand, even though he hadn't spoken Czech since the days with his grandparents.The blonde haired boy was with his friend and was preparing for the gang initiation. Without showing the gross details, the boy and teen went through a regimen of enemas before showering together. John understood that both boys had refrained from any form of sexual release for three days to make the initiation a success.The real action started when the blonde boy was taken to an apartment where four handsome teen boys were waiting. The four teens were wearing only underwear that clung to their bodies like spandex. Each teen was very handsome, and the bulges in the front of their underwear left no doubt that they were males and were packing some serious meat."Take off your clothes," one of the teens told the blonde boy. "We want to see all of your body before we decide if you can become a member."The blonde boy removed his clothes and covered his hairless genitals with his hands. He was embarrassed that he didn't have any pubic hair and wished that all of the other guys were nude. His wish was quickly granted when the first teen Nn Bbs dropped his thin briefs and told the boy to suck his dick.This was what John was hoping for. He loved to see young guys sucking cock and hoped the boy would get a mouthful of fresh cum to swallow. John unzipped his jeans and released his erect cock to the cool air of the basement. He gently stroked his hard cock and watched the boy suck all of the teen's cock down his throat. The boy was an experienced cocksucker and had no trouble taking what looked to be six inches of thick meat. John was pleasantly surprised when the teen pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth and blew a huge load of cum on the boy's face and into his mouth. One long rope of cum had coated the left lens of the boy's glasses, but he never hesitated and gulped down most of the cum.One of the reasons John loved the Boy Charm movies was because they never repeated the same footage over and over to extend the length of the movie. It was more realistic to see a teenager get erect and blow his load in less than five minutes instead of dragging the action out for 15 or 20 minutes.A second teenager released his erect cock and drove it into the mouth of the blonde boy. He didn't last long before he pulled out and shot at least seven volleys of fresh cum into the hungry boy's mouth. The camera work was spectacular! Every rope of cum went directly into the mouth of the boy and it was very obvious that every drop was quickly swallowed.John's cock erupted with his first orgasm in three days. He caught most of his semen in his hand and slurped it off while he watched the blonde boy gulping down the second load from a teen. John paused the movie while his body came down from his intense orgasm. This was the best gay video he had ever seen, and he planned on making a copy just in case the original was lost or damaged. He watched another ten minutes of the movie and whacked out another batch of cum before closing the computer file. The blonde boy had sucked off all of the teens and his face was covered in cum. Both lenses of his glasses were covered in fresh cum and cum dripped off of his face.John removed the DVD from his computer and hid it in the ceiling of the basement. There was still another 20 minutes remaining in the movie, and he wondered how the action could get any better. He knew that most porn movies saved the hottest action for the last scenes, and he couldn't imagine what could be hotter than what he had already watched.He went to bed and wished that he had a teen or boy to cuddle and share sex with. After being married to Margaret, he vowed that he would never get married again. He didn't hate women, but he didn't need a woman to satisfy his sexual needs. He drifted off to sleep while thinking about Jamie and their special relationship. He needed more than his hand for sexual fulfillment, and dreamed of the intimate times he had shared with boys in his past years. Stay tuned!!! Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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