Related article: Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 19:15:22 +0000 From: Jake Carlaisle Subject: "Against the Bookcase",MB,BearAgainst the Book Case By J.CarlaislePlease note that the following is a work of fiction; all characters, locations and events depicted exist only in the writer's mind and on the page. If you are offended by such material (men partaking in hard-core homosexual activity), or if your are forbidden by law to view such content (either due to age or location) then please leave now. (Also note that I am English, and ergo some language may be a little strange to users from USA/Australia etc...)This is my first piece of Gay Erotic fiction, written for my own pleasure, but hopefully you will enjoy it too! Please give me constructive feedback so that I can improve.Enjoy it lads! x I watched him bend over, pinstriped trousers stretching to accommodate the sizeable, rounded arse that I knew was hidden inside. I was sat on the second row from the front and had a perfect view of Mr.Carlaisle. You might think it strange that a boy so young (only 16 at the time) would find the man attractive: late 20's (possibly early 30's), an English Teacher; not particularly well toned (in fact a few ounces overweight), wavy red-brown hair that fell around his neck, giving him the look of a baroque composer one might see in an etching. His lips were very full and his eyes chesnut, which sparkled as he talked about a poem or one of his favourite novels. He wore thick framed designer glasses and a ring in the top of on ear (a lingering sign of his youth). He always wore a suit, usually pinstriped, and I found this insatiably attractive: seeing the thin white stripes forming contour lines over his plump but pert bum. I have always had an attraction to older men (especially my teachers), and this formed the basis for many of my masturbation fantasies. The bell rang to signal the end of the school day and I was told to stay behind as I had forgotten to hand in an essay (this was a fairly regular occurrence since English was not my best subject); although Mr.Carlaisle was generally a nice guy and we got on well he tended to get angry if work wasn't handed in, but this was for our own good, as he would tell us repeatedly. Anyway, I thought it was sexy when he was angry, his voice became deep, he would bring his face close to yours and you could smell his incredible masculine musk and a gorgeous overtone of aftershave, I would drink his sent in and it sent jolts of excitement to my cock....which by now was starting to stiffen quickly and uncontrollably..... "Mark, this really isn't good enough...you've had 3 WEEKS for goodness sake!" "Sir, please, I'll do it for next week-" "It has to be submitted tomorrow, Mark!" "Well then I'll do it tonight-" "Good, and I'll be phoning home to make sure." "Oh sir!" I whined "Come on Mark, what do you expect me to do?" "Please don't, my Mum'll go crazy." "I don't care Mark, That's my final word." He lingered there for a moment, I could smell him, his reek of pure virility drawing me to him like a iron filings to a magnet. The scent that flooded my nostrils engulfed me entirely and began to mess with my head as I lost control, closed my eyes, parted my lips slightly, lent forward and kissed him. It seemed like the kiss lasted for an eternity, as though every clock had stopped to listen to the beauty of the moment, but in reality it may have been seconds. To my surprise and elation, he kissed back! At first my tongue thrust into his mouth and was flailing around in a feral state of lust but then, unexpectedly his strong, wet tongue began to tangle with my own in a sweet, mellifluous dance of desire. As suddenly as it had begun, the moment of passion was over, he must have opened his eyes and realised what he was doing for he pushed back against my shoulders and looked me up and down with an odd disbelief in his face. "Mark" It was neither statement nor question. I was silent for a few moments, and looked anywhere but his eyes. "Sir...I'm sorry, I don't know what I was doing," a torrent of excuse cascaded frantically out of my mouth "I didn't mean to I just wasn't thinking it was a stupid thing to-" I was silenced as he took my face in his hands and locked his mouth over mine once again. This time the kiss was more tender, long and slow. I took the time to taste his mouth, sweet, like honey....soft and wet. It was too much to handle, I was overwhelmed by the ecstasy of it all, and my hand my Pthc Forum left hand moved, excitedly and tentatively to his shoulder. The feeling of the smooth pinstriped nylon sent shivers through me and I clutched at his suit. Almost of its own volition my right hand came about Mr.Carlaise and landed firmly on his round, pinstriped arse. His body jumped involuntarily at this movement but still remained locked in the kiss. I moved my hand about and explored the squeezable, undulating hills of the man's sizeable bum cheeks. And squeeze I did, clutching, grasping, gripping roughly and longingly. I was in heaven. He pulled away from the kiss. A gentle, wet sound as our lips parted. Only then did I realise how rough his stubble was on my face, like sand around the cotton-soft flower-bud of his lips. I wanted more. He looked me in the eyes once more. I stared straight back. A smile was lighting up his face. A soft grin. I smiled back. I leaned forward and entwined my head around his neck for a moment, like a swan, before biting his ear lobe, gently, wanting to consume the great expanse of man that I could hardly hold in my arms. I whispered in his ear: "I've wanted this for so long..." As if in response, Mr.Carlaisle grabbed my arse with a firm, solid and warm hand. It felt so right....and soooo wrong. We ran our hands over one another's' bodies, exploring backs, arms, arses and hips through thin layers of clothes. His hot breath erupted in sharp gasps between kisses, tongues curling about one another, licking ears and necks. He seemed to be pushing me, not away, but directing me- directing me towards the store room in the corner of the classroom, a small walk-in cupboard used to store Books, Novels and other equipment. He pushed me up against the door and wrenched it open behind my back. We fell into the darkness and he pulled the door closed behind us, slamming me against a bookcase. I pulled him further towards my body, gripping his back, I wanted to feel all of the man's weight on me....so hot against my skin. Amidst all the groping and kissing, I reached down and slowly undid his leather belt, he did not notice, but needless to say he was incredibly surprised when his pinstriped trousers suddenly fell about his ankles. "Mark," he whispered, suddenly nervous "I'm not really sure we should be...What if we get caught?" I reached down into his trousers, still loose around his ankles and fumbled in the pockets for a key. I quickly went behind Mr.Carlaisle and locked the door. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the dim light and I saw him grin, a sexy, cheeky smile in the dark. I looked him up and down, thick, strong legs, covered in close growing, dark brown hair. At the top of these great pillars I saw something which made my balls turn, a pair of white Y-Fronts: the underwear was a little loose, bright white and thin, the crotch was full and dangled invitingly, I knew the package inside must be large and heavy. I stepped forward and grabbed the man's crotch, a firm, tight grip. He gasped as my hands fondled his cock and balls, he crotch was hot and inviting, semi-hard: long and thick, but not upright and rigid quite yet. I could also feel a damp spot where his nob had been hanging and pre-cum had soaked through the material. We looked one another in the eye and briefly kissed. I slid my hands into the man's white Y-Fronts slipped them down his legs. I crouched down in front of the man's groin: a thick, dense bush of brown, almost black curly hair greeted me. I smiled: "You're cut." "Yeah...Sorry, Its-" "No. I like it." I grinned up at him and opened wide. First I just took the head in my mouth, red, wet and fat. I sucked hard, my very first taste of cock. The head was wet with pre-cum which I licked off lovingly, it was bitter sweet, but tasted of man and I lapped it up, my own cock drenching itself in my juices. I flicked my tongue in and out of his piss slit- salty and soft in my mouth. I edged a little further down, wanting to taste his whole nob, circling my tongue around the top as I eased my way down onto his still slightly floppy dick. I looked up at him- his head tipped back Pthc Forum eyes closed, he noticed him moaning slightly- soft breaths- little more than exhalations, but tainted with a pure lusty pleasure. His cock was stiffening in my throat, his moans were becoming more intense as I held it in my mouth. I could feel it engorging and lengthening, I did not move at first for fear of choking, but slowly I began gyrating my head on his cock, backing off until the head was in my lips and then forcing it down till it filled my throat. I gagged slightly and I felt the shiny, bare head, throbbing in my throat. and Mr.Carlaisle reached down and stroked my head, running his big, warm hands through my hair. I brought myself up to speed, quickening, now that his rod was at full mast. His legs began to twitch and his moans louder, more intense. He placed both hands on my head and began to fuck my face. I reached up the man's thighs and grabbed his bare ass, forcing his cock down my throat and groping his naked, chubby flesh. His legs started to twitch and I felt he was about to climax. I did not want him to cum yet, this might be my only chance and I wanted more from this gorgeous specimen of man. I took his cock out of my mouth and stood up, kissing him, letting him taste his own nob. I reached down, mouths still locked together, grunting and breathing, and grabbed his heavy balls, squeezing vigorously, gripping hard. With a free hand I began to unbutton his lilac shit, loosening his tie slightly. When I had finally opened the garment up a reached forward and began to feel and massage the mans chest: I could feel them, big and full, the peaks were fat and juicy. I parted lips and kissed my way down his stubbled neck to his right, fleshy peaked nipple. I and admired looked for a second. They were just as I imagined, large, round and red, his chest covered with a thick, Pthc Forum dark, manly fur. His stomach protruded slightly in a cute, hairy beer belly, and his upper torso was vast, broad and strong. Well filled out: heavy but well proportioned like a rugby player. I bit down hard on his nipple. "Ooooaaaaarr!" He exclaimed in pain and ecstasy. I nibbled and licked, loving every second. His shout of pain turning into little gasps of joy. I adored big nipples, especially on older guys. This close to his armpits I could smell the sweat reeking from him. I needed more...more. I reached behind and took one of his large bum cheeks in each hand and began to massage them, grabbing them and squeezing them, pushing the fat, peachy cheeks together and then pulling them apart. Each one was heavy and smooth. I knew then what I wanted more than anything else, and I was about to get it. I took my mouth off of his nipple and, quite suddenly flipped him round so that he was facing the wall, his back to me. I saw his big, round, white cheeks in front of my face. Smooth and pale. "Mark, what are you-? Ooooohhhh....." He groaned as I forced my face between his cheeks. This was my ultimate fantasy: To rim Mr.Carlaisle's hole. Although his cheeks were hairless, his crack was another story, a thick forest of dark hair filled the deep, chasmic valley. I forced my tongue inside his arse. His hole was so tight, so fleshy and raw, and wet too, with sweat. It tasted simply orgasmic. I licked all around, dipping quickly in and out, my thick, strong tongue pointed to reach further and deeper into the man's hairy bum. I wriggled my face against his hole and spat into the dark crack, licking up and down, chewing, tongue moving in and out, anywhere I could reach- simply eating my teacher's ass. Above me, I could see him bent over onto a book case, crippled by the pleasure, moaning and gasping in between short bursts of breath. He could not move his legs too far apart as his trousers and pants still hung around his ankles and this meant I had to use my hands to prize his cheeks open, I loved the way their vast, smooth mast gripped my face as I ate his hole. I put a hand between his thick thighs and jerked his thick, stiff cock at the same time. Eventually he turned round again, I let him taste himself; this seemed to turn him on, his kiss was more passionate as he tasted his own hairy ass. He looked into my eyes once more. Now his glinted with lust. He suddenly reached forward and yanked down my trousers, which fell about my feet. He kneeled before me, looking into my eyes the whole time and slid my black briefs down my legs: lightly haired, but not so much as his. He kneaded my ass Pthc Forum cheeks together and stared longingly at my young, uncut, 6" cock, standing tall before him. He lent forward and wrapped a rough, warm hand around my cock, easing the foreskin back tenderly and slowly. I closed my eyes and felt him caress my bollocks, dangling low and full to bursting in my hairy sack. Clearly and experienced cock-sucker (though I knew he was married), he took my whole nob in his mouth at once, furiously sucking and jerking it, causing me to let out a soft, elongated moan. It sat in his warm, wet throat as his eager tongue lapped and licked it. I was carried away with the pleasure, hands placed firmly in my teacher's head, fingers entwined in his thick hair, raping his face repeatedly. He was gently moaning as he sucked, clearly enjoying the pleasure he was giving his student. Before I could stop and control myself, I realised I was about to cum. Suddenly I shook violently and cried out, forcing Mr.Carlaisle's head onto my cock, gripping his face tightly onto my groin and making him choke on the cum I shot into his throat. My knees buckled slightly under the intense pleasure and I waited for the orgasm to subside before dragging my long, wet cock out of his mouth. It was now beginning to loose its stiffness, and he sucked on the head a little as it left his lips. I realised then that he hadn't spat the semen from his mouth (as I had expected him to). To my surprise he stood, opened his mouth and kissed me, sharing my own, thick, creamy cum with me. Our mouths locked tightly together as we swirled the viscous cream between us, tongues stirring the potent tasting juice. Mr.Carlaisle moved away and swallowed the remaining cum. licking his lips, taking in every drop of my saliva and semen. His breath was hot and damp against my ear as he whispered- "My turn now, Mark...are you ready?" My cock leapt in excitement, quickly stiffening once more- I knew what he was about to do. Slowly he reached down and removed my shoes, taking the trousers off of my legs before standing back up again and kissing his way down my chest as he unbuttoned my shirt, removed my tie and flung them in the corner. He then did the same to himself. It was incredibly erotic. I could see his manly bulk, towering above me, smell his incredible scent and feel the masculine heat that the naked man before me exuded. He took a firm grip on my shoulders and in a swift motion, lifted me up and backed me into a shelf, I felt the leather-bound spines on my naked back. He rested my parted legs on his furry thighs and passionately kissed me as he eased me over his groin. I shiver ran through me as Mr.Carlaisle's stiff, cut cock-head made contact with my tight, tight hole. It was still wet from my mouth. He eased against me, sitting me down, gravity did its work and the pressure increased. Suddenly, the head broke through my ass-hole. I gasped in pain and grabbed Mr.Carlaisle. He was slow and steady, but the pain was so intense, being stabbed by this thick, hot meat. I whimpered and clutched at his back and his warm, soft wavy hair. He held me Pthc Forum and kissed my face and mouth tenderly, as a father might hold and kiss a young child. I suddenly felt his tightly curled pubes brush against my tight arse-cheeks, his hilt firm against my hole: I was sat on Mr.Carlaisle's cock. With a rush of lustful desire, the pain seemed to vanish, at the realisation that I was now joined in an incredible Pthc Forum sexual union with the root of one of my deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. We held this position- his cock buried within my warm tunnel, sat on him, leant up against a book case in the dark. He kissed me, slowly and softly....lovingly. Without thinking a whispered into his ear: "Sir....I....I love you." I realised how foolish thissounded, expecting him to stop and withdraw. "I love you too, Mark" He responded in a whisper, and kissed me with those full, soft lips. He than began to move, only little undulations at first. In and out a little, tenderly and sensitively. I felt his strong rod touching something inside me, sending little electric jolts of pleasure through me. My cock was now fully erect once more, and dribbling pre-cum that wiped itself onto Mr.Carlaisle's furry belly. "Oh god..." I whimpered as he gathered speed...."Oh God... Oh.... Yes....Ugh..." His long rod was now being drawn, almost out of my hole and then being eased back in with growing force. My hole was wide: stretched and aching for his cock. His speed increased, becoming a rhythmic pounding, I could feel every ridge and vain of his incredible nob moving inside me. He began to grunt- a deep, coarse, manly sound, with every thrust. He took his hands from my back held the shelf just above my head, so that I was supported, only by his stiff sword which he rammed into me. His grunts mingled with my breathless obscenities. "Oh fuck....yes....fuck me, oh god fuck my arse..." "Tell me you love me Mark....tell me again...." "I love you...Aaah!...urgh...oh fuck, I love you sir, Fuck me harder...please..." I could barely speak, his pounding making my speech fluctuate with a constant vibrato. "Fuck! Fuck!" He shouted suddenly. I felt his nob in my arse, swelling, twitching "OOOOH! OH FUCK!" He was going to cum. He closed his eyes, his face contorted wildly with lust. I grabbed onto him, fingers gripping madly into his hair as I pulled my self onto his sword for a final thrust. His cock exploded inside me, I felt jizz shoot up inside me, hot like a liquid fire, his nob madly twitching of its own accord. "OH GOD.......FUCK!" He screamed and kissed me hard and furiously, his tongue vigorously flailing inside my mouth. His orgasm seemed to last an age...more and more cum flooding my tight hole. The intensity of the pleasure overcame me and, without warning, I shot again, all over the fur covered torso of my teacher and lover. He ground his hips slowly against me. He opened his eyes and his face relaxed. We stared at each other....faces slowly curling into satisfied smiles. His eyes twinkled and he began to laugh, I laughed with him. He leaned his forehead against mine, still looking into my eyes. "I suppose I can forgive you for not handing in your essay then..." I grinned and kissed him, a swift, cheeky kiss. I gave a quiet gasp as he pulled himself out of me. He still held me for a while, limbs entwined as he longingly kissed my mouth. Time passed and we had to leave, though the both of us could have willingly stayed in one another's warm embrace for hours. He began to wipe my cum off his chest, pausing every now and again to dip his fingers into his mouth and taste it. I watched him as he dressed, my eyes feasting on the site of his spread arse when he reached to pull on his trousers. I dressed myself, both of us in silence, still awestruck at what had just happened. When we were both clothed he stood and was about to leave. He turned to me and came close to my face. "Mark, you know you can't tell anyone about this....not a word you understand" he said severely. I thought perhaps he was angry, he sounded so stern, perhaps he realised just how very wrong what had just happened was. Then his face broke into a grin- "Same time next week?" Pthc Forum With a quick kiss, he guided me out of the door, explaining he would follow in a few moments to avoid any suspicion. He slapped my arse firmly as I left. I wore an enormous smile for the rest of the day, I walked home brightly and excitedly, I could hardly believe what had happened in the cupboard; a wanking fantasy come true. He could not wait for the next time, would Mr.Carlaisle keep his promise? Could this have just been one beautiful dream? I thought to myself....but no, it had happened, it was very, very real.....the cum still oozing out of my tight hole was testimony to that.------------------------------------------------Please leave feedback.

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