Related article: Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 09:58:26 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 5Across the Alley V With Dale and John gone most of the time at the University, and Jack working such long hours at his job, I found my time becoming my own again. The changes in my life had brought a renewed vigor to my writing, and my editor in New York, was pleased with the new material I was sending him. I was working away on a piece for The Advocate, one morning, when the phone rang. "Hello?" I picked up the receiver and my coffee cup at the same time. "I'd like to speak to Stony Austin please." The voice was deep and masculine in my ear, but I was puzzled that he'd used my pen name. No one had ever called me by my Nn Model Forum pen name before, and Nn Model Forum I didn't keep a phone number under it either. "So how did you find me?" I decided to be blunt. I didn't want a fan of my writing stalking me, especially now that I had Jack and the boys in my life. "Uh...through a lot of detective work..." He must have sensed I wasn't too happy with the call. "Can you just hear me out? If you say no, I'll hang up and you'll never hear from me again. Honest, I'm not a stalker...well not a dangerous one anyway." His voice had a pleading edge to it. "To whom am I speaking?" I was trying to keep it as formal as possible, but he had one sexy voice. Not to mention I wanted to know how he'd gotten my number without knowing my real name. "Herb Kline." He took a deep breath, almost waiting for me to hang up. "So, Mister Herb Kline, to what do I owe this unexpected phone call?" I put my emphasis on the word unexpected. "Well," he began. "Let me say first, that I represent a group, that has long admired your writing." "So?" "We pieced together from various articles and stories you've published over the past few years, that you must live in Phoenix or in one of the `burbs." "Uh huh." "A friend in New York, was able to make an exchange with an employee at your publisher's for your real name. The rest was easy as looking you up in the phone book." "You still haven't told me why you've called me." "We, our little group, would like to invite you to join us for dinner at one of our little get togethers. We meet a couple of times a month and eat a good meal, and enjoy each other's company for the evening." "What kind of group are we talking about Mister Kline?" "Please, call me Herb." "Fine Herb. What kind of group is it?" "Well, ultimately, it is a sex club for men." His voice was a bit hesitant as he spoke Nn Model Forum these words. "There's more to us than just sex, and a year or so ago, we decided that you were one of the most stimulating writers publishing today, and we wanted to meet you if possible." He paused a moment, giving me a chance to say something, but I choose to remain silent. "It was like pulling teeth to get your real name. Phil, our New York friend, had a hard time even hooking up with the employee at your publisher's, and it took him more than six months to wheedle you name out of him after he did." "So what did Phil have to do to get my name?" This was beginning to sound interesting. "Well, let's just say that the employee at your publisher's has some exotic tastes when it comes to sexual practices, and almost none of his interests coincided with poor Phil's. Phil is a trouper though, and he gave his all for the cause we set him to do." I was even more interested now. "So," I toyed with the possibilities in my mind for a moment. "What is the next step in this drama Herb?" "Well, could we possibly meet in some neutral place of your choice to have a face to face and discuss it?" "I suppose so." I thought about it for a moment, and suggested a Chinese restaurant that I liked in central Phoenix that served very tolerable Dim Sum. The place was so busy and noisy, we could discuss sex with animals with impunity because no one would hear even if they could speak English, which was probably not to great a possibility. I mentioned the name to Herb. "I know it well. When can we meet?" "Today?" "Today's fine. Lunch then?" "I'll be there at noon. How will I know you?" "I'll know you Stony. I've seen your photograph in the gay press from time to time." I tried to remember when I'd had a photo published, and couldn't think of a single instance when the photo published with an article was actually me. I liked this bit of chicanery his faulty confidence gave me. "Well, give me a clue about yourself anyway." Herb laughed. "How's tall dark and handsome?" "Fine, put a flower in your lapel. You are wearing a suit aren't you?" He agreed to a carnation, and we hung up. The China Palace was bustling with activity when I walked into Nn Model Forum the door. The big red booths with their tables draped with white cloth, were packed with a mixture of Chinese men and a few Anglo business men who had traveled enough to have developed a taste for the exotic in food at least. I told Chang, the seater, I'd be having a guest, and would like a booth so we could talk while we ate. He nodded, and in barely understandable English, blurted too fast; "Fiminit." True to his word, in five minutes, a booth vacated, and the bus boys were on it in a flash. As Chang, lead me to it they had it cleaned and reset by the time we had worked our way through the crowd and the steaming carts of Dim Sum delicacies being pushed by white jacketed Chinese waiters. I took a seat, and was poured a steaming cup of fragrant jasmine tea from a large stainless teapot a tea boy then sat down on the table. He leaned over slightly in a bow, and lifted the teapot lid. "Empty, this way." He bowed again, closed the lid and was gone. What he'd meant, was when the pot was empty, if I opened the lid, he'd return with a fresh pot. I glanced at my watch, and saw it was a minute before noon. The front door opened, and a tall darkly handsome man and shorter, no less handsome boy walked into the restaurant. Chang bowed to them and spoke his fiminit warning, but I saw the agreed upon carnation, and walked up to Herb and the boy. "Herb Klein?" He looked at me blankly. "Herb," I said, having a bit of fun at his expense. "You don't remember me do you?" He looked stricken. Obviously he didn't want some guy from his past he couldn't remember joining him at our meeting. His face flushed. "Uh...Gee, I'm drawing a blank here. Where did we meet?" I grinned. Now that the tables were turned, he was the one uncomfortable with the familiarity. I notched it up one. "At your club. It's been a while, but we had a great time that night didn't we?" I looked at the boy, he was hardly legal, and was smiling at me while he glanced at Herb. "What was your name again? I'm sorry, I've drawn a complete blank." "Stony Austin." I offered my hand, and he lamely shook it. A shit eating grin spread on his face as he quickly realized he'd been played with. "Stony, I'm really glad you agrees to meet with me." He pumped my hand too long, and finally I pulled it away. "I've got a booth in the back of the room." I turned and led the way. "So who is your pretty young friend?" We were sliding into the booth with the boy between us. "This is Danny." Herb introduced his friend, and I poured them both tea, having snagged an unused cup from a set table we'd passed on the way back to the booth. "Nice to meet you Danny," I offered my hand, which the boy shook once before returning his hands to his lap beneath the white tablecloth. A steam cart trundled up to the table, and the waiter, began showing us the selection of Dim Sum. I pointed to several small plates, and the waiter deftly placed them on the table. I finished selecting and shooed him away. Danny's eyes were looking at the selections with trepidation. He'd obviously never been to a Dim Sum restaurant before. "It looks like you keep him home and in the dark," I said to Herb. "I've only known Danny for a few days. He's new to Phoenix from Iowa. There's a lot he doesn't know yet, but he's willing to learn. Aren't you Danny?" The boy nodded, his strawberry blond hair falling slightly over his right eye. I'd yet to hear him speak. I picked up a Shu Mai dumpling with my chopsticks and sprinkled it with a dab of hot sauce, and popped it into my mouth. The silkiness of the pasta covering on my tongue, sending a thrill to my taste buds, followed instantly by the clutch at my throat from the heat of the sauce, and the wonderful flavor of the pork stuffing and little round of sausage my teeth cut into. My juices flowed at the flavor, and I smiled. Herb picked up his chop sticks and helped himself to a pot sticker. Danny sat quietly with his hands still in his lap, watching the two of us eating the delicious food. I realized, he was at a Nn Model Forum loss about chopsticks, and there being no other utensils on the table, he wasn't about to make a fool of himself. I took a second Shu Mai with my sticks, and held it up to his mouth. He looked slightly frightened, and glared hard at the morsel under his nose. "Don't worry Danny, it's just pork and pasta." He sniffed suspiciously at the food, and then opened his lips slightly. "Open wide," I said, pushing the dumpling Nn Model Forum into his mouth. "Take the whole thing in and chew it slowly. They're my favorite Din Sum." He chewed slowly as instructed, and as the flavors filled his mouth, he let a grin spread over his face. His blue eyes lighted up with delight at this new treat. I raised my hand and waved at one of the bus boys. When he arrived at the table, I told him to bring a fork for Danny. He didn't understand, so I pantomimed eating with a Western utensil. He smiled and nodded, disappearing for what seemed like an instant before he was back with a fork. "There Dan," I handed him the fork. "Chopsticks are an acquired affectation. A fork works just as well." Herb was grinning at the two of us. "Well," he said, around a second dumpling. "I enjoyed watching you feed the little bird." Danny blushed, and speared a pot sticker on the tines of his fork. "So why are we here Herb?" I picked up a Sha Su Bow, and peeled the little square of paper off it's bottom. "Try this Dan, they have Chinese Barbecue pork inside. Delicious." He took it with timid fingers, and smelled it before tasting a little of the bun. "To speak bluntly, we, our little group that is, would like you to join us for dinner at our next meeting. Ultimately, we'd like to offer you an exclusive membership if you'd accept it." "And so this is really a sex club?" Herb nodded. "Is Danny a member?" "Not a member, but one of the toys." I glanced at Danny when he said this and saw the boys neck and face darken with another blush. I found it charming. "That's a bit blunt isn't it?" I glared briefly at Herb. "Danny knows all about it, and understands what his part of the scenario is." "And just what is his part?" I watched Danny eating silently, chewing, looking down to avoid eye contact with either of us. "He responded to our invitation on the internet. He's here of his own accord, and is really looking forward to you breaking him in." "Breaking him in?" I'd stopped eating. "We paid his fare from Iowa, so he could join us." "How old are you Danny?" I looked at the boy, who now seemed younger than ever. His blue eyes caught mine briefly, and then were back on the table top. "Eighteen," His voice was barely audible over the noisy restaurant crowd. "What about your parents back in Iowa? What do they think of this?" He looked into my eyes a bit longer this time, and I saw pain there. He looked ready to tear up. "His parents," Herb interjected. "Kicked him out of the house when he told them he thought he might be gay. His dad beat him up pretty badly, and told him never to show his face in their house again." "Your mother agree with this?" I put a hand on his shoulder. He was trembling slightly. He looked up at me and nodded. "You're going to have him crying here in a minute," Herb said. I looked back to him, and raised my eyebrows. "His mother was the one who told him to get out first. Apparently, they are farm folks and don't have any truck with homosexuality. They were hassling him about finding a girl and settling down and producing some new farm hands for the family. They had even picked out the bimbo for him to marry. A cow from the next spread over, who Danny describes as man hungry." "He was desperate to get away from Iowa, and was living in a feeld hand's flop house. He found us on the computer at the local library, and answered our ad. When he explained his situation, we had a quick conference and wired him the money for a bus ticket. He showed up here in Phoenix four days ago, penniless, and with almost no clothes to his name. Some of the guys in our group, were kind enough to contribute to a fund to get him situated. He has some decent clothes now, and I'd guess h isn't hungry anymore, and he's been staying at my place, waiting to meet you." "Me?" "Danny's a virgin, Stony. We want to make a gift of him to you if you'll join our club." My mouth dropped open. "I...uh..." I was speechless. I picked up the teacup, and sipped the hot fragrant beverage, thinking. "Herb," I began, sipping once more before setting the cup down. "I have a lover, and two sons in college. Well, actually they are my lover's sons, but we have become a happy family. "I appreciate what you are offering, and I certainly wouldn't want to hurt Danny's feelings, but..." Danny was looking at me intently, listening with his eyes glistening, and his chin quivering and dimpled. I hesitated. "Danny, is this what you want?" He nodded, and then looked back to the table top. "He wants a family Stony. We think you can give him what he needs." "Just what makes you think that?" "Your stories. The situations you write about. Men and boys together." I looked at Danny as he spoke, and saw large tears coursing down his flushed cheeks. I handed him my napkin, and watched him wipe his tears away. "Danny, are you sure this is what you want? I can certainly talk to Jack, my lover about it tonight, and the boys when they get home from school..." My voice trailed off, as my mind flooded with thoughts suddenly. "Herb, this is going to be impossible." "No it isn't. We've thought about you for a long time. He would be more than welcome in any of our beds, if we all didn't have boys already. We needed a new member to take Danny into his heart and home." A steam cart trundled up to the table just then, and the waiter began showing off his Dim Sum Choices. I waved him away, and watched him push on to the next table while I thought. The boy was certainly in need, and from what I understood now, willing. He needed a teacher to bring him out in a caring way. If that didn't happen, he'd most likely end up on the streets prey to every kind of degradation and disease the gay lifestyle was prone to. I couldn't see this innocent boy subjected to that. He needed a chance to be himself, to learn about himself in good time, with caring, loving men, who would respect him. I put a hand under the tablecloth and patted Danny's knee. He looked up at me, and tried to smile. He was still trembling under my touch. "Herb, you put me in an awkward position..." "I know it Stony, and I apologize for doing it, but it seemed a good idea at the time." I thought about the situation for a while longer, sipping tea silently. Finally, a plan began t materialize in my mind. I patted Danny's knee again, and set my cup down. My hand was shaking a little, and I slopped a bit of tea onto the white tablecloth. "Danny," I put a finger under his chin to bring his eyes up to mine again. "Will you allow me to bring you home with me as a trial to see if you like our situation? After all, this needs to be acceptable to you first doesn't it?" He nodded quickly. "In that case Herb, I guess we'll give it a tryout. When is this dinner party you've scheduled?" "Not scheduled yet. You tell me." "Can I include my lover and his sons?" "Are the boys aware?" I nodded this time, understanding what he was asking. "They introduced me to their father. They were the ones who brought him out after their mother dumped them all." "Sounds like a happy family." "We'll see." I motioned for a check, and slid out of the booth. "Come on Dan, you might as well come home with me now, so you can start making your mind up about me and my family." He smiled at me, sun coming into his face for the first time since he'd entered the restaurant. "That's great Stony," Herb said. "I'll tell the guys in the club. When did you want to have the dinner scheduled?" Give us a week, and then schedule it on Saturday. My family will all be available then, and we will have gotten to know each other by then, and should know more about what we want to do." I paid the tab, and we walked out into the bright Phoenix sunlight. Danny was walking next to me now, and Herb trailed along slightly behind us. Danny's hand slipped into mine, and I squeezed it gently, and felt him return the squeeze. "This is me." Herb had stopped in front of a late model Lexus. I'll call you with the details Stony." "Fine." I waved with my free hand, and Danny and I walked to my older Mercedes convertible several cars down the line. I asked Danny if he could drive, and he nodded. A man of few words. I handed him the keys, and stepped around to the passenger side. "Neat," he said, and smiled broadly as he opened the door.End

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