Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 23:01:57 BST From: exotica_eroticatalk21.com Subject: Agassi's Ball SkillsTim Henmans and Andre Agassi's sexualities and sexual orientations are not as portrayed in this fictional stroy of love, lust and masculinity. Powerful arms thrust the long ridged length of a professional tennis racket through the stale air of the stadiums training court. The strong arms where that of chiseled Andre Agassi. He worked the court, atempting and failing to beat the fustration and agression from his exhausted body. He had played badly that day, but the sweat and anger of the match had slowly started to dry and evaporated with time. Howevewr he was still left with a strong fustration. He longed for the chance to have some serious sport, horizontally speaking. God the way he was feeling he could fuck the horns off an angry bull. But his performance of late had been as poor on as off he pitch. The emense strain of rushing from world tornement to another had begun to show on his once verile young face. He was, indeed, getting to old for his sport and what was worst his one escape clause, great sex with any women who cared for a good hard ramming had become tired old and unfun. He had also lost the great sense of the hunt he once had with women now openly throughing themseleves at him. But when he looked in the mirror in the mourning he did not see this tired almost middle aged (in his own self pittying mind anyway) man, he instead saw the same Andre of ten years before. The hair that sparsely scatered his rough rugged manly torso, the thick stuble that lay across his brooding sexy and handsome face, and those strong powerful thick hairy arms reflected the hot horny younger man which lay inside him. The same young man who was looking to re-egnite that sexual spark and passion which had begun to fade into his thirties. Just the word, sex, was enough to drive him into a pit of sexual fustration and meloncholy. He thought he'd take a shower to "cool Russian Pthc off", if there was any heat there Russian Pthc to start with. When he entered the shower however he would be confronted by the very esence of what he was both longing to capture and atempting to destroy...Tim Henman strode cockly into the hot showers of the stadiums showers, through to the next round, the new young blood had finally arrived to tennis. God he felt horny, the destruction of a man always made him feel victourious - ripe and ready for a hard fuck. He had met up with a married couple that last night, the women - sad bitch - was no longer satisfied with her middle aged husbands waneing lubedo and the man in a vien atempt to regan his lost verile youth had sugested a threesome iwth a young hung male which is where he had come in, he fucked them both left right and centre but it was the man was particularly interested in. He love to belittle and ominate older tired men, being gay he had to fuck women as hobby to really ridicule thier husbands. His body was that of a matureing boy, smooth supple skin, pert hard little nipples and a tight hairless bubble but. One look from his deep bottle blue child like eyes could send any man over the edge he bet. He soaped up his hot young body and through the thick sufercateing steam of the shower notice the large muscular craneing figure of Andre Agassi slide wantingly through the door. Tim's lips moistened at the thought of the supposively straight mans thick member deep in his mouth. He nodded to show apreciation and agnolegement of the fadeing star. Andre stood in the shower next to him, Tim decided to edge closer.Andre Agassi sornted into the showers lazily only to see a youthful portrait of himself standing seductively before him. The young Henman was leting hot water flow down his tonned body dimpleing every inch of his smooth skin. This site vizzarely aroused the rugged man who had fucked more women than he could remember. He stood next to Henmen maintaining his manly aggresive lofty posture and began to wash and hopeing but not knowing what for. He closed his eyes and imagined showing the cocky young stud what a real man was fucking him every which way showing that older is better. His cock began to swell at the thought of this so he turned to conceal his cock. Closeing his eyes again and soaping up further he thought again of the thing he would never have the guts to do. Thinking for a further five minutes about this strong fantasy and how he would use his hand to forfil he desire once he got back to his hotel room he began to feel something. Something pushing ease and teaseing round his pert tight little hairy tanned arse. e enedietly opened his small but meanigngful eyes ad turned to find a young hot Henman on all fours lick his pert ass. He swallow hard and his cock shot up straight in the air. Tim stood up and Andre felt a hot hard cut cock wet agianst his rough arse. Tim licked the back of his ear and whispered seductive in hot heavy breaths - "i know you want me - your cock proved it". Tim pushed the larger man hard against the wall of the shower makeing it hard for Andre to breath. "Im gonna fuck you hard till you bleed old man!" he shouted right next to Andre's ear. Andre felt the boys cock in his crack, Tims arms and hands were runing up and down his front in a fast sexual motion, rubbin teaseing on his cock, balss, belly and nipple. Tims cock was wet with per cum and grind against the outer walls of the mans ass. Tim soon stoped being quiet so careing though he gripped the back of Andre hair and pushed his face harder into the wall. "You like that old man, your so pathetic, a little boy like me is gonna fuck you harder than you can take..." Andre was now face his fear, that he was past it over the hill and ripe for death. But he was gonna shake free of those restraints. With this hsi large manly hands gripped Tims slender arms and pulled him roun to the side till he hit the wall with a thud. "No little boy im the man and im gonna show u how to fuck." He held Tim next to the wall with his big arms pushing down hard on Tims back. Andre took the bar of soap and jammed it hard into Tims arse. Through gritted teath he said to tim "That hurts hard well not as much as this"..He slide the soap out and jammed his thick hairy vieny dick into Tims little baby arse, as he pounded and pumped hard fast and agressive, harder than he fucked or served in his life, he new he was that man again, the virour and rate of which he was fucking tims little arse proved this. Pulling on Tims hair, whom had water welling up in his eyes and was quietly wimpering whilast biteing his lower lips Andre new he was the same Andre of five or even ten years before.......... You Like? Please e-mail and tell me what you think and what other celebs or stories youd like me to write about for you. My e-mail is exotica_eroticatalk21.com . Hope to hear from you! Mt other story online at the moment is When Robbie (as in Williams) met Ricky (as in Martin) if you liked this you will ove that! C ya

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