Related article: Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 17:04:50 +0800 From: "solark36yahoo.co.uk" Subject: 15 Hartford 14Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and not intended for minors or those judged unable by law to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and not intended.The author reserves all rights to this work.Author's pre-story note:Thanks for all the emails, mostly encouraging me to continue to write. There were suggestions regarding the direction of the story. (Thanks for all the ideas!) I had to write with my heart on this one. So, forgive me if the plot direction is not what you've hoped it would be. Let me assure all those who have written their suggestions, it is in storage and would be put to good use, if not in this story, in other stories that I hope to write. My thanks to all who have written to me. 15 HARTFORDThe story so far:Michael and Martin finally work out their problems with the help of Donald and Sally. They still have each other, but they still have other things to work out ... Part 14 - Exorcising DemonsMartin was so glad to have Michael sleeping next to him. He had missed Michael very much. He had his right arm across Michael and Michael was sleeping on his left arm. His left arm was getting numb. He shifted himself and managed to get his arm free, feeling all the needles and pins as the blood started to flow again. Michael's head was on his chest. Martin felt loved. He was painfully aware of his own hard member and Michael's pressing against his thigh.Martin looked at the ceiling. He never thought that Michael would be here. He had been feeling lonely for months going to bed alone. When he moved to Edinburgh, he felt even lonelier. He had thought that he would not see Michael again. Who would have thought that Michael would come after him and wanted him back after all that he had done.Martin heard a giggle. He looked down and saw Michael looking at him. He was awake after all. Michael started to stroke Martin's dick through his shorts. Martin was feeling so good. It was so long since he had been touched this way. He wanted to stop his lover. He looked down at Michael and saw him looking so contented. He felt afraid to stop Michael. Martin closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations. Suddenly he felt something wet around his dick. He opened his eyes and saw Michael engulfing his whole dick with his mouth."No Michael, it's dangerous. You might get infected ...""You're enjoying this, or else why are you so hard?" Michael said.Martin panicked. He did not want Michael to end up infected and dying. He tried to push Michael away, but Michael had him pinned down. He wanted to shout, but he was afraid that Michael would not be happy. Michael was insistent and was sucking harder. Martin was scared, but the build up within him became more and more urgent. Martin tried to think of non-sexual things but it did not work. Martin could not control himself. Finally, the urgent feeling tipped over the threshold and he came. He felt the waves of his orgasm but he was feeling empty. He had infected his lover.Michael finished and looked up. Martin looked in shock. It Little Lolita Nymphets Nude wasn't Michael. It was Will giving him the blow job. Will smiled. It turned into a grin. Then his eyes began to grow wider and wilder. Then his face got redder. His mouth was dripping with Martin's semen. Slowly he started to laugh. It was a hollow laugh. The sound reverberated throughout the room."You're mine, now Martin McBain. You're mine! And soon, Michael Watson will be mine as well. Soon, both of you will be mine! Hahahahaha!"Martin stared in horror. The face was no longer the Will that he knew. The face became almost demonic. He saw a shadow moving by his side. He turned to see his sister standing over him. Her voice was clear and precise. "What you are doing is evil! You'll get that nice young man dead with AIDS. You'll be the cause of that young man's death ... death ... death ...""No! I love Michael! I will not allow him to die. No! No!""Martin! Martin!" Michael shook the sleeping man. "Wake up, Martin! It's just a nightmare!"Michael shook Martin's shoulders rigorously and Martin opened his eyes. Michael could see panic and fear in them."It's just a dream, love. I'm here!" Michael said.Martin hugged Michael and started to sob. "Please believe me, Michael, I'll never do anything to hurt you!"Michael let the sobbing man calm down and said, "I believe you. It was just a nightmare. Do you want to talk about it?"Martin told Michael his dream. Michael listened attentively and when he ended, said, "Martin, I know you're concerned about infecting Little Lolita Nymphets Nude me. I won't force you to do anything. I promise you. I just want to be with you. Even if I never have sex again, I'll stand by you."Martin kept silent. His tears had not stopped.Michael grew concerned, "Martin, what's the matter?"Martin sniffed, "I'm so blessed. I don't know if I deserve you. I know that you'd stand by me. I just wish I didn't let Will ...""Martin," Michael said, "what's done can't be undone. I've forgiven you. It's time to forgive yourself. It's time to move on. Don't dwell in the past. See a doctor on Monday and ask for the test.""But won't the doctor know that I'm gay when I ask for the test?"Michael smiled, "All he'll know is that you've been sexually active. Many straight guys also ask for the test because of their visits to prostitutes. Don't worry. Doctors are discreet. If you don't want to let them know, make up a story. Just say you'd unprotected sex in a drunken stupor and you were afraid. So long as you get the time period correct, the details don't matter.""I'm afraid.""Look Martin, do it for your peace of mind and mine," Michael said. "Once you know for sure, you can decide what the next step is. We'll abstain from any activity until the doctor can tell you the results with certainty. That should take me to after I graduate."Martin noticed that Michael was tired. He looked at his bedside clock and realised it was only two in the morning."Sorry, love, for waking you up. Let's get some sleep and talk about this in the morning.""Good idea."-----Whatever mid-life crisis that Martin may have had had withered away. The anxiety of his situation now with HIV had overshadowed whatever feelings he had about being forty-two. If not for the intervention of the Taylors and his subsequent reconciliation with Michael, he would probably be Little Lolita Nymphets Nude worse off. He thought of the love that Michael had shown him. That was helping him cope with the negative feelings he had at the moment.He had gone to the doctors two months before to be tested for HIV. When the doctor asked him why he wanted the test, he decided to tell the truth. The doctor treated him with the utmost respect. He was very professional and also very caring. A few days later, the doctor sent him the results. They were negative. Martin was advised to do the test again after a few months so that the test could be more conclusive. He was now outside the doctor's clinic, hoping that the test would be negative again. The clinic was crowded. There were about ten other patients there. He would have to wait for quite a while.His mind wandered to his insecurities. He knew that Michael loved him but he still felt that Michael was wasting his time on him. Surely the abstinence from sex would make him look for another guy. Part of him was afraid of losing Michael. There was another part of him which wanted to let Michael go, wanting to allow Michael to enjoy his youth. Yet another part of Martin chided him for thinking so lowly of Michael.He questioned himself, trying to discover the reasons that a young attractive young man like Michael would even want to love a plain middle-aged man like himself. He knew that this was an old question, a question that was answered by Michael himself. Yet, with the assurances of Michael, Martin could not see the logic. He reminded himself that love is sometimes beyond logic. He did not want to lose Michael, but he could also understand why if Michael decided to 'dump' him.His mind brought him back to the weekend that Michael had spent with him in Edinburgh. They had made decisions and resolutions. Saturday night telephone calls were compulsory. They had never missed those. Michael had to put his heart and mind into his studies. From his short conversations over the telephone with Michael, Martin could tell that Michael was really working hard. Martin had promised to see the doctor. He was fulfilling that resolution right then. Martin had resolved not to slip into depression. That was difficult and Martin did not know if he was succeeding or not because the depressive thoughts still invaded his mind when he was not in the office. Martin had promised to exercise to keep fit. He had put in quite a bit of walking everyday when he took his early morning forty-five minute walks."Mr. McBain," a voice called out. "You can see the doctor now."Martin dragged himself into the doctor's consultation room.Just as two months before, the doctor was very professional and caring. A blood sample was taken and the doctor asked him some questions. Martin answered truthfully and the doctor did not appear to doubt his answers."Mr. McBain, don't worry. I don't think you're infected. And don't worry about what I think of you," the doctor smiled as he said. "I noticed that your eyes are not looking at me when I talk. You seem a nice man, Mr. McBain. Your 'friend' just took advantage of you. Perhaps that's why he came onto you in the first place.""I'm gay, doctor," Martin said softly."So are many people," the doctor said. "I'm here to treat you, not to judge you. Have you been taking the medicine that I've given you?""Yes, doctor.""Has any of the side effects showed up?""Well ..." Martin started. "At first I had a mild nausea. But of late, I have this rash Little Lolita Nymphets Nude ...""Rash? Where?" the doctor asked."Well, it started on my lower back. It started to spread downwards. It's not itchy. When I wear my briefs, the rash smarts when the cotton material rubs against it. I think it may be spreading. Could you do something for me?""I'll give you some corticoid cream.""Thank you."Martin received his blood test results a week later and was told to stop his medication. The doctor was quite sure he did not have the virus. However, Martin wanted to be doubly sure. The doctor told him to do another test six weeks later.-----Martin was nervous. He was accompanying Mrs. Watson to Michael's graduation. Michael had managed to get a 2-1 or, in other words, graduated with honours, second class upper. Mrs. Watson saw Martin being so excited. When she asked him, Martin told her the reason for his excitement."You'd better calm down. You look more excited than the graduating class!" Mrs. Watson laughed."I'm so happy, Mrs. ..." Martin started but stammered when he saw Mrs. Watson's glare, "... I mean ... Jo." Mrs. Watson had insisted that Martin called her Jo. Both of them were about five years apart but Martin was still very formal because Mrs. Watson was his mother-in-law; well, almost."I just can't help it!" Martin said."I guess I would, too, if I'd news like that. But do try to calm down. You'd attract attention. You don't want that, do you?""No," admitted Martin.Martin and Mrs. Watson took their seats. There were the normal speeches made by the guest of honour and the dean. Martin did not listen to the speeches, he was busy Little Lolita Nymphets Nude trying to find out which of the dark robed youngsters in front was Michael. He was really at a lost. He tried to get back to the speech given by the dean, but he could make neither head nor tail of it. He gave up. He let his mind wander to the good times that he and Michael had. He was looking forward to be with his lover again. Then, he was bothered by the thought of not being able to be with Michael every day. Martin was still stationed in Edinburgh and Michael has had three job offers within Birmingham. Martin knew that their relationship was going to be a long distance relationship.The roll of names was read and each graduand went up to receive his or her degree. After the names for the bulk of the graduates were read out, the honours roll was read. Michael was one of fifteen to have graduated from the Academy with honours, second class upper. Michael looked to the crowd and locked his eyes on Martin when he found him. He took a bow and gave a grin as he came back up, his eyes re-locking on Martin's.The little tea party on the grounds of the Academy was dignified, but Michael felt a little restrained. He would rather have a quiet time alone with Martin and his family. He was still in his graduation gown and was posing for pictures with his classmates. Mrs. Watson was beaming, as was Martin. Michael looked at Martin and his mother and realised how lucky he was to have a mother who was so understanding. She had accepted his lover and they were now very good friends."Let's go," Michael said to his mother and Martin when he was sure that all the photographs that needed to be taken were taken."Don't take off that gown yet, Mike," Mrs. Watson told her son. "I have arranged for Charlene and Adam meet me at the photo studio. We need to get one of the whole family."Michael groaned. He felt like a spectacle walking around with the gown on. It was not difficult to put the thing back on except that his gown was a little too big and it was held in place by safety pins. His mother had helped him pin it up perfectly. If he were to take it off and then wear it again, it may not appear so perfect the second time.When they were in the car, Mrs. Watson said, "I believe Martin has some news for you ...""Yes?" Michael asked. He had noticed that Martin was in exceptionally high spirits but had hardly said anything during the tea party."I got my results back yesterday. I am not infected!"Michael gave a small cheer, "Yes! That's good news indeed. I'm so happy for you!""Thanks mate, for sticking by me," said Martin."I must admit that I was afraid for both of you when I heard about the incident," Mrs. Watson said. "I've nothing against both of you, but I was afraid that Mike may also be infected.""Mom!" Michael wailed."Look, Mike. I'm your mother. Mothers are supposed to be worried about things like that. Martin, I know that you'll not intentionally infect Michael, but I just worry.""Why didn't you say anything? We could've done something to reassure you, Jo," Martin asked."I love both of you," Mrs. Watson declared. "If you'd decided not to see each other, I'd worry that both of you would miss each other terribly. So you see, either way, I'd be worrying.""Oh Mom, I've never known you to be such a worrier!" Michael exclaimed."I assure you, Jo, I'd die before causing him harm," Martin chipped in."Both of you are very dear to me and I know that you love each other very much. It was quite upsetting for me to see both of you in a crisis. I'm glad that the crisis is over.""It took a crisis to realise how much Martin meant to me," Michael said."Me too," said Martin.-----The Taylors had a bouncing baby boy. Both Donald and Sally were very happy. Fortunately, they had the help of their parents and so both of them could continue to work. The first few months were sheer hell for them. They had to wake up in the ungodly hours to change the baby and feed him. After three months, friends could make out the dark circles around their eyes, indicating their unrestful nights.Mrs. Watson visited them during one weekend with Charlene and Adam."You must be really tired out," said Mrs. Watson. "I've some tonic soup prepared by Mrs. Chow, the proprietress of the restaurant I work in. It's supposed to strengthen you, especially when you keep late nights.""Thank you," Sally said cautiously."Don't worry, it's not bitter and is really quite tasty. It's actually chicken soup with some Chinese herbs in it. I have tasted it myself and I assure you that it doesn't taste ghastly," Mrs. Watson said when she noticed the expression of uncertainty on Sally's face."And how are you two?" Sally asked the twins."Fine!" said Adam. Adam had grown quite tall and lanky. Sally noticed that he had also grown to be quite handsome. No doubt, he would be the target of many girls."Okay. Can I see the baby?" Charlene asked."Sure," Sally said."Charlene!" Mrs. Watson exclaimed. "The baby's probably asleep.""Don't worry, Mrs. Watson," Sally said. "Actually, Donny's in the room changing him. He had to go potty just before you came.""Eeeewww," said Adam. "You mean Mr. Taylor is actually in there cleaning the baby?"Sally laughed. "Surely, you'll have to learn doing that, Adam. Babies are cute Little Lolita Nymphets Nude but there's another side to having babies, too.""You've got to look after them!" said Charlene in a teasing tone. "Adam, if you want to settle down and start a family, you'll have to stop being a male chauvinist and start becoming a more sensitive guy."Adam kept quiet for a while. He asked Sally, "Can I go and see how Donald is doing?"Charlene's eyes went wide open. She was about to make another comment when she caught her mother's glare. She kept her mouth shut."Sure," Sally said. "It's the first door to the right, there." Sally pointed to the room where her husband and son was. "You can go, too, Charlene." The twins walked quietly towards the room."I brought a copy of Michael's graduation picture for you," Mrs. Watson said as she took out a large envelope from her bag."Oh! It's beautiful!" exclaimed Sally as she gazed upon the picture that was taken in the studio. "Didn't the twins ask why Martin was in the picture?""Actually, we took one of the family, one of Michael and Martin, one of Michael with the twins, one of Michael with me and this one. I thought this would be what made the family complete. The twins didn't ask much because I told them Martin helped to put Michael through school and so should accompany me to the graduation. They seemed to accept it.""So, how is Michael? I just received a letter from him. It was from France.""Both of them went to France and should be now in Holland, in Amsterdam. When Martin confirmed that he was not infected with HIV, the two of them decided to take a holiday to celebrate the graduation, the end of the crisis ...""A honeymoon of sorts?" Sally asked.Mrs. Watson laughed. "I think it was. I think they deserved it. After all, they're really in love.""I know that relationships have all sorts of crises, but I really do hope that they'll have no more such crises again. It was a really grave one, wasn't it?""If it wasn't for both of you helping, I don't think they would've made it.""It was nothing, really. I got a holiday from it.""That's not the only bit of good news.""Oh, pray tell, Mrs. Watson, there's more good news?" Sally asked with a glint of amusement in her eyes."Before their holiday, Michael had a call from Edinburgh. He was asked to go for an interview for the university there.""You mean Martin actually pulled a few strings?""Not exactly. Martin mentioned that he had asked if there were openings for a laboratory assistant there but thought that one position was not going to be easy for Michael to get a job there. Michael applied anyway though he'd already three offers in Birmingham. The professor was impressed with Michael's results. He gave the interview because he wanted to know why Michael applied. He knew that Michael was able to get better paying jobs.""Mrs. Watson, I don't mean to be rude, but did he get the job?" Sally interrupted."Yes, he did. Michael was truthful during the interview. He admitted that he was gay and he was applying for the job to be near to his lover. At first the professor was not too keen on Michael. When he found out that Martin was Michael's lover, he changed his mind. He even said he would help Michael get a scholarship for a higher degree if Michael showed him he was capable.""That IS tremendous good news!" Sally said. "Now they can be together. This is so romantic, as if it was straight out of a fairy tale!""Yes. When Michael found out that he'd be starting work only in November, he asked Martin if they could go off somewhere. That's how the plans for the holiday started. They should be back on Sunday.""Is this Michael's first trip out of Britain?""Yes. Their Friday dinners had Michael very interested in wine and he wanted to visit the wine-growing region in France. He planned the whole itinerary!""Good afternoon, Mrs. Watson!" Donald called from the doorway of the room he was in."Where's the baby darling?" Sally asked."Look for yourself!" Behind him was Adam carrying the little baby."Adam, are you sure you can handle the baby?" Mrs. Watson asked worriedly."Yes mom.""It's not fair. The baby cried when I carried him but he is so comfortable with Adam!" complained Charlene.As Adam brought the baby towards his mother, Sally introduced her new son to Mrs. Watson, "Meet little Kenneth Charles Taylor.""We call him Kenny," Donald said.Adam carefully gave little Kenny to Sally."He's a beautiful child!" exclaimed Mrs. Watson. "He has your eyes, Sally, and your chin, Donald. He must make you very proud!""And very tired," said Donald."Ah! The first months are tiring but they will pass," said Mrs. Watson."How did you do it? You had twins! They must've been a handful!" Sally asked."Two handfuls, actually. It was difficult, especially when Leonard, their father, was on night duty. I had to manage on my own. When he was on day duty, he helped.""Were they difficult?" asked Sally, causing the twins to look down."Well, they were as difficult as normal babies, I'd imagine. Michael was as difficult as them," Mrs. Watson said with a smile."But they turned out okay, didn't they?" Donald said."Yes. Actually, the difficult part is not when they're babies, it's when they're growing. The older they grow, the more difficult it becomes.""We aren't that difficult, are we?" whined Charlene.Mrs. Watson smiled. "When you've children of your own, you'll understand."-----Martin and Michael had a great time in Burgundy country. The wine was very good and the scenery was beautiful. French days were beautiful and romantic. Not knowing the attitudes of the French towards them, Michael and Martin did not dare to show their affection for each other publicly. They managed to put up with a bed and breakfast in the town of Autun. Using that as their base, they travelled to the various attractions that this part of France had to offer.The hugh Roman structures present in the city showed the history of the country of France. The two of them spent one whole day visiting the Roman ruins and exploring the architecture of the churches. They were quite tired out when they returned to their 'base'."The architecture and history of the places we visited today were really something, weren't they?" Michael said."They really stood the test of time!" Martin remarked.Michael let off a sigh."What's the matter, Mike?""We've been tested of late. I'm just glad we didn't fall away."Martin nodded. He gave a gentle smile and said, "I'm glad, too." He leaned over and gave Michael a kiss on his lips."I love you, Martin," Michael said softly.Martin did not reply. His kiss said it for him. There were no words spoken. They were tired after all the travelling the day had brought. They cuddled, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies as they drifted off to sleep.The next day, they visited the vineyards. Burgundy was famous for their wines. They had hired a personal guide to bring them down to the vineyards and winery. Though they had seen pictures of vineyards, it was their first live experience of vines.The vine's woody stems looked like capital T's with the green branches spreading out from the stem and the 'arms'. Wires running across the rows of vine plants provided the green soft branches a kind of 'frame' on which the creeping branches could rest and grow. The grapes were nestled among the leaves. From afar, the dark red grapes were very easy to spot. They contrasted well with the luscious green leaves. The green variety of the fruits were harder to spot, but once spotted, the abundance of the grapes could be seen. The guide explained the importance of the drier season during the maturing of the fruit. Conditions such as these would enhance the quality of the wine made.Next they went to the winery where they were shown the traditional way wine was made in the region. They saw wine press and the oak barrels where the wine matured. They were also given a glimpse of the modern winery but did not have the time to have a complete tour of the premises. They were, however, given a lesson on wine tasting and how to tell a good wine from a poorer one.Martin bought three large bottles of wine. One was for dinner that night, the other two were to be gifts. One for the Watson family and the other for their hosts at the bed and breakfast. At Michael's suggestion, he bought two smaller bottles of wine for the picnic that was planned for the next day.Michael brought several postcard pictures and decided to send them to his family. He also included one in a letter he sent to Sally and Donald.The next day would be the last day the both of them had in the countryside. Michael planned Little Lolita Nymphets Nude a picnic. He had prepared some food and borrowed a big picnic basket from their hosts. He had asked the hosts to join them but the hosts declined. Michael did not know if they suspected that Michael and Martin were lovers. If Little Lolita Nymphets Nude they knew Little Lolita Nymphets Nude anything, they did not say anything. Martin and Michael were very careful not to cause any unpleasantness. As far as they could, they kept quiet when they were in their room and they tried to act as friends when in the company of their hosts.Their hosts picked a very picturesque spot in the outskirts of the city. There were quite a number of tourists around, and Martin and Michael knew that they would not be alone. They did not mind. From the beginning, when they had set foot in France, the two agreed that they would be prudent in their behaviour.An American couple came to join them. As a favour, Michael took photographs of the couple with the scenery as the background. They chatted a while and offered the couple some sandwiches, but the couple wanted to move on."That was a nice couple," commented Michael when the couple had left them."I don't think that they're married. I didn't see any wedding rings," Martin said."I think they're just friends. They didn't touch each other much when they talked to us.""It may be so, but we're lovers and we aren't touching each other much either.""That's different," Michael said, "we'll be off to a gay B&B tomorrow. We'll be able to hug and kiss and do anything we'd like to ...""Except making love in public, I hope?" Martin asked with a grin."I don't know. Little Lolita Nymphets Nude If we run out of money, we may have to give a few shows to tide over the shortage." The both of them laughed.The holiday had helped them to be less stressed. The few months before were difficult, to say the least. Martin and Michael hardly saw each other. They did speak to each other over the telephone but both of them had their own share of problems. For Michael, the final exams were of the utmost importance. He had to go through his studies whilst worrying about Martin. For Martin, the worry was of the possibility of being HIV positive.When Michael had suggested the holiday, Martin absolutely jumped at the idea. He had been trying to get Michael to go away for a holiday with him the previous year. Michael had not agreed because he had wanted to work to help supplement his mother's income. This time, with a permanent job, Michael could afford to spend some time with Martin. The internet gave very good information and Michael set up all the arrangements.Though it was their last night together, they slept early because they knew that it would be tiring the next day. They had to get to the airport to catch their flight to Amsterdam. That involved a two hour journey to the airport and then about an hour of waiting time before they got on their flight to Amsterdam. Reaching Amsterdam, they would have to find their way by bus to the B&B that Michael had booked."I had a wonderful day today, Mike," Martin said as Michael turned off the light Little Lolita Nymphets Nude and got to bed. They had a twin sharing room."Can I sleep with you tonight?" Michael asked."You know you're welcome.""Do you think the bed will stand the weight?"Martin laughed, "I'm sure it can." He threw up his bedcovers as an invitation.Michael's eyes had, in the mean time, adjusted to the dark. He gave a grin. "I think it would be more inviting if you took off the extra clothes!"Martin was only wearing his boxers. He had no shirt on. Without a word, Martin got up and removed his boxers. That last remark by Michael had given him an erection. He climbed back into his bed and held his covers up as an invitiation.Michael removed his clothes and climbed into Martin's bed. He turned to face Martin and placed his lips on Martin's. They held each other as they kissed and explored each other's mouths with their tongues. Each was painfully aware of the hardened dick of the other."Let's sixty-nine!" Michael gasped. Martin paused, not really knowing what to do. That did not matter, Michael moved and his mouth found his target. Once Martin saw Michael's dick hard in front of him, he did not need to be told what to do. They licked and sucked each other.Michael gasped as he began to feel his orgasm nearing. He released Martin's dick and whispered loudly, "I'm coming!"Martin heard but stimulated the throbbing organ harder. Michael went over the edge, panting and sucking Martin's dick all the harder. Michael's first spurt, went to the back of Martin's throat. He was also reaching the point of no return, but he could not say a word. Michael felt Martin swell and guessed it was also time. After their breathing returned to normal, Michael moved back into Martin's arms and kissed him. Tired after the day's activities, the both of them drifted off easily into dreamland.Michael's wrist-watch's alarm went off at half-past five in the morning. Martin awoke and shook Michael's shoulder, "Mike, it's time to get up."Michael stirred and slowly opened his eyes. "Good morning beautiful.""Good morning love. I'm getting out of bed and getting dressed. What time do we need to be at the train station?""We have plenty of time. We don't need to hurry, though we can't be too leisurely either."Michael stretched out for a kiss and Martin gave him a peck. Michael made a face, "That's all I get?""No doubt you can get more, but I think it'll take too much time if it continues. I'm weak, you know." Martin shot back with a grin."Alright, but once settled in Amsterdam tonight, I expect something a lot better.""I'm counting on it!" Martin answered excitedly.-----to be continuedAuthor's note: Thanks for the letters. I am greatly encouraged by all of you who send me feedback. If you have anything to say to me, mail me! So don't be shy. I respond to every person who sends me a comment.Soul Lark solark36yahoo.co.uk

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