Related article: Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:13:07 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 33Please don't be upset with references to Federal Agencies. The same applies to sex between adults and younger people.Thanks to Bill for his editing skills.I'm back from a much needed vacation. Thanks to you who have taken the time to write to me about this story.Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 33John Miller still couldn't believe the sex that he had shared with the horny boys at the Arrowhead Lodge. He dreamed about the days when he could have Nicky living with him in Michigan, but knew that the boy had to return to the Czech Republic for school and more lessons in English before the boy was ready to be a Michigander.When the company jet landed in Nassau, John was pleased to see Philippe waiting with a limo to take the two men and two boys to the luxury estate. Everyone hugged Philippe and listened to his plans for their brief visit before the boys had to return to the Czech Republic."You were in Canada when the axe fell again," Philippe began. The federal agencies arrested over 50 drug dealers, and most of them were Colombians living in the United States illegally. Two U.S. Senators and three Congressmen went down at the same time for their involvement in the drug traffic, and the mayor of Detroit and the governor of Illinois will join the ranks of a federal prison.""Holy Shit!" John exclaimed. "Now I know why Butch didn't want us to go back to Detroit!""Butch is brilliant in how he's taking care of our company," Philippe said. "I've asked him to help me develop the world wide security force to be prepared for the future. With Butch's contacts in the FBI, DEA and Interpol, we need someone like him to make sure our associates are safe around the world.""Please keep me posted on what he's doing," John asked. "When I hired him, I knew that he was talented, but after what happened in Michigan, I was thrilled! I still can't believe that he was interviewing for an entry position as a security guard!""I remember when Helen first interviewed me," Mike added. "I was living in my beat up car and thought that I would starve before I landed a job. Then she sent me into your office, and my life hasn't been the same ever since.""Helen has been the key person in the NAO Headquarters for a long time," John said. "She found Christina, Mike and Butch, and now she's finally getting paid what she's worth! James Stanton never gave her the recognition that she deserved.""I'm still thrilled with my title and responsibilities," Philippe admitted. "You certainly proved that you aren't a racist like James Stanton in the moves that you made.""I don't judge a person by the color of their skin or their physical sex," John replied. "My father taught me to watch people and see how they treat others before making a judgment. The NAO people had been treated like shit, but now I think that they understand that they are part of a huge family of caring people. Every day I get emails from associates who are thanking me for rescuing their families from adversity.""What's adversity?" Nicklas asked. His English language skills were still challenged when John and the security officers talked too fast or used words that he didn't understand."Adversity is hard to explain," John said while hugging his son. "Do you remember the Pani family back in the Czech Republic? They were starving and about to lose their home because Josef Pani couldn't find work. A hurricane hit New Orleans, and many of our associates lost their homes in the storm and floods. One of our associates in California died of a heart attack and left a wife and three children with no money or future. Those are examples of adversity. Technically it means something the opposite of good or bad things or events."Nicklas understood, and listened while his father explained how the associates were helped Underage Home by the "Family First Fund" to buy new homes. The wife and children of the associate in California would get money for the rest of their lives, just like they did when the man had been working for the store."I wish you could Underage Home stay here longer than two days," Philippe said when the limo arrived at the mansion where John and his friends would stay."We need to get Nicky and Jan back home," John replied. "With the crap that's going down in the United States, I don't feel safe having the boys away from the safety of the orphanage. Butch wouldn't even consider having us back in Detroit until things calm down."Nicklas and Jan loved the tropical climate of the Bahamas because it reminded them of the jungle at the NAO Headquarters. Their excitement was obvious when they saw Tiki and Maki waiting at the mansion to welcome them and take care of their luggage.Tiki and Maki were excited to see the two white boys and made it obvious with their hugs and kisses. The two island boys were wearing very thin loincloths that left nothing to the imagination of the two Czech boys.Nicklas lusted after the two dark skinned boys and saw that the thin pouches were stretched to the limit with hard meat. He took a chance and drilled his tongue inside Maki's mouth when the handsome boy kissed him."Why don't we let the boys get acquainted while you and I have a drink and talk business," Philippe said with a big smile. He could see that Mike Mahon's shorts were tented and knew Underage Home that the handsome blonde wanted to join the boys for some intimacy.John laughed at the obvious attraction between the two black boys and their new guests, and knew that his boys would be safe with several bodyguards watching over them. He walked with Philippe and wasn't surprised to see that Nicklas had his hand inside the pouch in the front of Maki's body."Butch came here yesterday to make sure that we had enough security for your visit," Philippe said while making Manhattans for himself and John Miller. "He said that more arrests were made around your country and some of your Czech bodyguards will arrive tomorrow to fly to Europe with you and your boys.""Butch is dedicated to protecting me and my family," John said. "He's told me about some of the arrests, and he's concerned about my safety when I return to Detroit."The two men talked about business and enjoyed their conversation. Business around the world had improved and profits had never been higher.Back in the island mansion, Nicklas was sucking Maki while Jan was ramming his huge cock inside Tiki's tight ass. Mike lubed up his cock and buried it to the hair in Maki's ass while he kissed whoever came close enough.Maki and Tiki had heard about the boy with the red hair and green eyes, and had begged Philippe to bring Nicklas to the island retreat. They both loved the snow white skin of the young boy and couldn't believe that the thin red hairs above the uncut cock were real. They had sucked and fucked white men before, but had never had white boys join them for sexual release.Nicklas and Jan loved sucking the black cocks of the two young island boys. Even when a load of cum was deposited deep inside the ass of a willing recipient, the cum wasn't wasted. A hungry mouth was quickly there to suck and gulp down the tangy sauce until every drop was consumed.When it was time for the evening feast, all of the boys had trouble walking. John and Philippe laughed and knew that the boys had been very busy during their cocktails and business discussions."I want to live here!" Nicklas exclaimed during the feast of broiled red snapper and grouper. "Why can't I go to school here with Tiki and Maki?""I seem to remember you wanting to live at my home in Michigan," John replied. "Then when you saw the Arrowhead Lodge, you wanted to live there with Marty and Toby. Then you wanted to live in Toronto so you could see the Phantom of the Opera every day!"Nicklas laughed and admitted that he loved every single place that John had taken him and Jan during their trip. He thought back to the early years of his life and started sobbing. He had considered suicide when he was living under the bridge and never dreamed that he would have a safe place to live with good food to eat. Now he was seeing how wonderful life could be.John hugged Nicklas and spoke softly to his son in Czech. He loved Nicky and wanted his son to see the world without ever having to worry about being safe or where he would get his next meal.When Nicklas and Jan returned to the Proud Les Domo orphanage, they were celebrities with the other children. The two boys had digital images to prove where they had traveled, and wished that all of the orphans had been with them to enjoy the vacation.It was another tearful time when John said goodbye to his son. Mike had tears flowing down his face too when he bid farewell to Lodak and Jan.When John returned to Michigan, he was flooded with emails and business decisions. He was working late one evening when he got the phone call from Mario."I'm in my office at the club, and I was wondering if you have some time to talk to me in private," Mario said. "The club's closed, but we still have security officers at both doors.""I can be there in about 20 minutes," John replied. He hung up and wondered why Mario was at the club so late, and why his friend wanted to talk to him in private. He could only imagine that Mario had some private information to share about the drug arrests and what the Mafia families were doing.When John left the NAO Headquarters, Derek Kaufman and Lindsey Hunter rode with him in the Hummer to the front of the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club. During the winter months, the club activity usually ended after the evening meal. John left his security guards at the front door and walked towards Mario's office. He saw that the door was open and heard loud voices inside. He stopped and was shocked at what he heard!"I was going to whack you at your home so you could watch me slice off your wife's tits and carve out her pussy!" a strange voice yelled. "I wanted you to watch her bleed to death before I carved up your body!""You're a dead man if you harm me or any of my family!" Mario exclaimed. "Your entire family will die horrible deaths for even threatening me!""Get on your knees and suck my cock!" the angry voice yelled. "I whacked your two guards at the back door and will blast my way out of here after I cut off your balls and cock and watch you bleed to death!""I'll never suck your cock!" Mario yelled. He hoped that his security officers would hear the heated argument, but knew that his remote office was soundproof and no one would hear his pleas.John was in shock! He knew that he didn't have time to run back to the front door to get his bodyguards. He had to act quickly and violently!"Suck this cock or I'll blow off both of your knees!" the angry voice yelled. "I have a silencer on this weapon, and no one will hear the shots!"John pulled out his Berretta and slid back the slide until he saw that a brass cartridge was in the chamber. He carefully released the safety and braced himself for a deadly altercation. He saw that the office door was ajar, and knew that he would have to act fast to protect Mario and his own life. He took a deep breath and kicked open the office door and immediately began firing his semiautomatic weapon!Guisseppe Pagliano wheeled around when he heard the kick that threw the office door open. He wasn't fast enough when three rounds from John's Berretta hit him in the chest and threw him against the wall of the office. Guisseppe's Glock spit out one round that hit the office wall before he collapsed on the floor.Mario jumped up and ran to John Underage Home Miller. He grabbed the Berretta out Underage Home of John's shaking hands and pumped three more shots into the head of his attacker.John thought that he would pass out when he saw the carnage that he had created. He had just killed a man, and he fought to stay conscious!Mario hugged John and guided him to one of the leather chairs in the office. "He's dead!" Mario said when the four armed security officers rushed in with their weapons ready."WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?" Derek screamed."Check the back door!" Lindsey said when he realized that John and Mario were alive and unharmed. "CALL BUTCH!""John's okay, he's just upset for what he and I just did." Mario said calmly. "John just saved my life!""Who the fuck is this guy?" Derek demanded to know."His name's Guisseppe Pagliano and he's a paid assassin," Mario replied. "I'm afraid that you'll find two dead security guards at the pool entrance to this club."John fought to stay conscious and felt his stomach rolling. He leaned over and vomited on the carpet and was afraid that he was going to prison for the rest of his life. He would never see Nicky or his family again, and tears flowed down his face."Butch, we need you here at the Yacht Club right now!" Derek Kaufman said to his boss. "Lindsey and I are with John and Mario, and they're both safe! Matt Russell called in some reinforcements, but we need you here immediately!"Butch Mendez knew that his men would never call him at home with an urgent call unless something very bad had happened. He yelled to his wife and children before jumping in the Escalade to rush to the exclusive club. When he drove up to the front door, he saw that several of his security officers had arrived and were brandishing assault rifles."Circle the club and establish a perimeter!" Butch ordered. He still didn't know what had happened at the club, but he wasn't taking any chances with the safety of his boss."They're in the office!" Derek said to his boss and close friend. "There's a DB (Dead Body) in there, and John's the shooter!""SHIT!" Butch exclaimed. He ran to the office and saw that John Miller was alive and appeared to be safe, but very upset."I KILLED HIM!" John admitted to Butch. "I DIDN'T HAVE ANY CHOICE! HE WAS GONNA Underage Home KILL MARIO!"Butch took control and listened to John and Mario explain what had happened in the private office. He was sick when he realized that his boss had fired three shots into the chest of the dead man on the floor, and demanded to know what had happened."WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY?" Butch demanded."His name's Guisseppe Pagliano." Mario replied. "He's an assassin!""FUCK!" Butch exclaimed. "His face is blown away so I can't recognize him! He's on the FBI's Most Wanted List!""Please let me and my friends take care of this." Mario pleaded. "The two dead men at the back door were sent here by one of the five families to protect me, but now this looks like an inside job. Please let me call my friends to clean up this mess.""Are you okay?" Butch asked John."I've never killed a man before!" John choked out."Do you remember me telling you that some people deserve to die?" Butch asked softly. "When I was working for the FBI, we took out some shitheads and no one ever found out.""But I never dreamed that I would kill a man!" John insisted."He might have lived after you shot him, but I blew his head apart!" Mario insisted. "He could never live with his brains splattered on the walls of this office. You just saved my life and the lives of my family, and I can't express my thanks to you! Please Underage Home let my friends take care of everything."Butch listened to Mario, and decided that Mario and his friends could take care of the terrible situation. He listened when Mario made a phone call and said calmly, "I've done some painting in my office and need some carpentry work."Butch smiled and explained what Mario was saying to whoever he had called. "When someone says that they have `done some painting' it means that they have painted the walls with the blood of a shithead. Asking his friend to provide `carpentry work' means that he needs help disposing of a dead body.""Am I going to prison?" John asked."I trust Mario and his friends to clean up this mess," Butch said calmly. "Let me take care of this with Mario's help."John's mind was reeling with the magnitude of what he had done at the club. He had protected Mario from certain death, but he still couldn't accept that he had killed the man."Derek, I want you and Lindsey to contact all of our men and tell them that Mario will be at the front door for the club to identify his friends when they arrive. I don't want anyone to call any more of our people to come here."Before John left the club, two painting company vans had arrived. Each van was filled with men that left no doubt that they were connected to the Mafia. He let Butch drive him back to his home on Peninsular Drive and was surprised to see several security officers walking around and carrying assault rifles. When he got inside his home he saw Mike Mahon waiting for him with tears flowing down his face."JOHN!" Mike screamed when he saw his special friend. "No one would tell me what was wrong, and I was afraid that you were dead!"John hugged Mike and tried to comfort his special friend. "I need the biggest Manhattan in the world right now. Can you make me one, please?"Mike sobbed on John's shoulder and still couldn't believe that his friend was safe and home with him."Take care of him." Butch said to Mike. "John's had a VERY bad night!"John accepted the drink from Mike and wolfed it down. Mike was shocked and knew that something horrible had happened to upset John so Underage Home much. He refilled John's glass and begged to know what had happened. He knew that it must be very serious from John's gulping down the booze and wondered if John would be honest with him.John was so upset that he couldn't put the words together to tell Mike what had happened at the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club.Butch came to John's rescue and said, "John whacked a real shithead tonight. He saved Mario's life by shooting a Mafia assassin at the club."Mike sobbed and hugged John. He should have been with John at the club, but he had gone to visit some of his college buddies. Now he wanted to hear the details of how John had saved Mario's life."I'm proud of you for what you did Underage Home tonight," Butch said to John. "I've told you before that some people deserve to die, and you just got rid of one of the 10 most wanted men in America! Think about Mario! You saved his life tonight. Another thing that I'm pleased about is the way you took that shithead out. You pumped three shots right into his heart and stopped him cold!"Butch knew that Mario was a "made man" and that the ripple effects of the attempted assassination would take out many more of the Pagliano family. "Hitting" a made man was a death sentence for the entire family. He called his wife and explained that he needed to stay with John Miller until the next day. He calmed his wife's fears that John wasn't hurt, and said that he had to take care of business.Mike cuddled next to John in the bedroom and held his favorite man until John fell asleep. Mike was still upset that John had killed a man, but was relieved that both John and Mario were alive and safe. He could tell that John was dreaming, and held John close all night when the nightmares caused John to toss around and scream in pain.When Underage Home John woke up the next morning, he saw that Mike was with him and awake. "How long have you been awake?" he asked Mike."Just a few minutes," Mike lied. "How are you feeling?""Like I got run over by a truck." John admitted. He looked at Mike's eyes and knew that his young friend hadn't slept at all the previous night, and he felt guilty.After showering together, the two men went to the kitchen where Derek had fresh coffee waiting, along with orange juice, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs."Thanks," John said to Derek. "My stomach's still upset over what happened last night. It still seems like a nightmare to me."Their discussion was interrupted by the door chimes, and John was going to answer the door. He felt Butch grab him and push him towards his bedroom. "Get in there and put on your body armor!"John and Mike followed Butch's instructions before walking into the living room where Derek had greeted the guests. The two new arrivals had been stopped by the security guards outside the house before being allowed inside John's home."John!" Michael Costanza yelled before hugging John and Mike. Paulo Carpetti waited his turn to hug the two men and joined Michael in thanking John for saving Mario's life."Mario is fine and relaxing at home," Michael said after accepting a cup of coffee from Derek. "You saved Mario's life and the lives of Delano and Mario's wife last night. If there is ANYTHING that we can do for you, please let us know.""I know that Mario called some people to clean up the mess in the club office," Derek said. "Butch told us to let your people handle everything and not to ask any questions.""The office walls have been cleaned and painted and the carpet has been replaced," Paulo said. "The dead bodyguards are gone and their families will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Our friends will handle everything to find out who ordered the hit on Mario and take care of them in an appropriate way."John felt nauseated when he thought about what `an appropriate way' meant. It couldn't be anything good, and he didn't want to know the details."We suspect that Guisseppe Pagliano was working for the Colombians," Paulo said. "The feds have arrested a bunch of the Colombians and are looking for many more from what we have heard.""The FBI and DEA are sweeping the country to find the main men connected to the Colombian organization," Butch admitted. "We'll never stop the drug trade in this country, but we might be able to disrupt their supply lines. Now you know why I didn't want you to bring Nicklas and Jan here to Detroit. Our informants alerted us that something big was going down, but we didn't know that Mario was the target.""I hope that you'll continue to work with us and exchange information," Michael said to Butch."It's a strange partnership, but I've worked with Mario's family in the past," Butch admitted. "The Genovesi family turned legitimate a long time ago and has been VERY helpful to me when I was still working for the FBI."John smiled when he thought about the FBI working with the Mafia. He was finally accepting what he had done the previous night, and was pleased that Butch and Mario were working together. He was thankful that Nicky and Jan were safe in the Czech Republic and hoped that no one would ever know that he had killed the assassin.John decided to take the day off from work and called Helen to let her know. She was surprised, but agreed to cancel all of John's appointments for the day.John felt guilty for taking Butch away from his family. He apologized to his friend and listened to Butch telling him to accept a higher level of protection from the security officers. Time passed, and the news reports about drug arrests and "hits" around the country finally died down. Spring had arrived, and John wanted to go to the Czech Republic to visit the orphanage and take a very special fishing trip.Before he left for the Czech Republic, John spent his days traveling around the United States and visiting every single outlet store in his vast empire. The store managers recognized him as soon as he appeared, and they rolled out the red carpet for the important executive and his bodyguards. John was pleased that the store managers had followed his instructions and had sent their housekeeping people Underage Home to Detroit for the expert training from Howard Cole. The individual stores showed the results in immaculate showrooms and spotless restroom facilities for the customers. Business boomed, and the media and investors begged for a piece of the action.John was never going to let the Sea & Jungle Imports Company go public and sell stock. He resisted all attempts to take his company public, and basked in the media spotlight. He still refused to appear on talk shows, but knew that Christina had been on all of the major talk shows.Christina Karpov loved her new job, and the attention of the media. She was masterful in manipulating every interview into an appeal for people to contribute to the Miller-Zednik Foundation that John had created to help orphans around the world. The contributions flowed in, and the foundation was soon the most affluent foundation in the entire world.John was busy with his intense responsibilities, but he never forgot where he had come from. He spent many evenings with his two aunts, and laughed to himself about the way the two elderly ladies always wanted to have cocktails in their parlor. He dreamed about leaving everything to spend the rest of his life with Nicky in the Czech Republic, but he knew that he had to continue leading the company into the future.When the legal proceedings began for Jacob Coleman and Glen Young, John relied on Bobby Goldman to take control. Bobby knew John's past and would do anything that he could to protect his friend and boss and the Sea & Jungle Imports Company. The Grand Jury Hearings lasted two days before the evidence against both Jacob Coleman and Glen Young was found sufficient to bring charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Andrei Datsuk had testified in the hearings and asked that both men be extradited to Zimbabwe to face the murder charges. With several countries ready to prosecute the two men, the appeals would take several months before the United States Supreme Court would be handed the difficult decision of determining where the men would be prosecuted.Before John left for the Czech Republic, he went to visit his two aunts. He wasn't surprised when the two ladies wanted to visit the parlor for cocktails."Let's have another Manhattan and talk about what you want to do with your company," Aunt Betty said."It's not my company, it's OUR Company!" John insisted. "There were some huge bank accounts in the Bahamas and in Europe that James Stanton created, and I've transferred most of the money to the Miller-Zednik Foundation. I want to create and fund orphanages around the world to rescue helpless children.""That's wonderful!" Aunt Betty exclaimed. "What happened to the loans that those men got to buy the land and screw our company?""I hope that you aren't angry with me, but I let the families keep their homes and one car for each family," John replied. "The bank in the Bahamas foreclosed on the cottages and other properties and sold them to pay off a portion of the debts. We lost some money but got rid of some nasty people and sent a very clear message to the entire country that we won't let anyone screw us.""Wonderful!" Aunt Martha exclaimed. "When can we see Nicklas and Jan again?""Mike and I want the boys and Lodak to come here this summer," John replied. "Pavel Pekar found Lodak's birth certificate, so she'll be able to get a passport and come here this summer."Mike smiled when he thought about his girlfriend and boyfriend coming to the U.S. for vacation. He admitted to the two elderly ladies that he was in love with both Lodak and Jan.Aunt Betty and Aunt Martha were very open minded about sexual issues and couldn't wait to meet the special girl. They looked at the pictures in Mike's wallet and marveled at the beauty of the young girl.After a wonderful meal with the two ladies, John and Mike returned to their home to pack for their trip to Europe. They were both excited about seeing their lovers again, and spent a restless night together in John's bed. They were going to surprise everyone with their visit, and couldn't wait to be with their lovers.Kvetka answered the phone at the Proud Les Domo orphanage and was excited when she realized that John and Mike were arriving soon in a surprise visit. When the call ended, she ran to the porch and blew the air horn one long blast.Children and adults ran to the porch when they realized that John Miller would soon be there. Nicklas screamed with joy when Kvetka used the amplifier to confirm that his father would arrive very soon.John had decided to ride in a limo with his Czech bodyguards so he and Mike could see the countryside. Spring rains had brought out the flowers and the air was crisp and clean.When the limo arrived at the front gate, John and Mike weren't surprised to see Nicklas, Lodak and Jan waiting with tears Underage Home of joy flowing down their faces.John opened the door of the limo and was nearly knocked over when the children jumped in to give him and Mike hugs and kisses. It had only been a few months since he had seen Nicky, but it was obvious that the boy was growing and putting on some muscle. There was a special muscle that John wanted to see, but he would have to wait until they were alone in his bedroom to view the changes."You're just in time for supper!" Kvetka said excitedly when she greeted John and Mike on the front porch of the orphanage. "Thank you for coming here to be with us! We have many new children who want to meet you!""Take me to bed and fuck me!" Nicklas whispered to John. "We can eat later!"Mike laughed when he heard the whispered offer. He had similar offers from Lodak and Jan and waited to see what John would do."We'll have lots of time to be alone," John said to Nicklas. "Mike and I are planning to spend a month here."The adults and children cheered loudly when they heard that John and Mike were planning to stay for an entire month. They loved having the Americans visit and had many things to show them during the extended visit.After a wonderful meal, John and Mike met with the adults to hear about the recent changes at the orphanage."We now have 180 children," Kvetka said proudly. Vaclav Parkov has called me several times to thank us for making room for special needs children, and he even came here for a brief visit." She read the names of each new child and explained why each child was homeless. Many of the new arrivals were physically challenged and needed special care. Several of the children had been in residential homes that were no better than jail cells, with no special training to help the children cope with their physical limitations.John knew that Vaclav Parkov was the President of the Czech Republic and the President had invited him to a special dinner party in Prague. He really didn't want to get involved in politics in the United States or in the Czech Republic, but also knew that important contacts could be made if he accepted the invitation. Hearing that several of the new children were handicapped, blind or deaf caused tears to flow down his face. He was thrilled that Kvetka had hired adults with special training to help the special needs children and to train the other adults so they could nurture the needy.Nicklas, Lodak and Jan were pacing back and forth outside the conference room. They were anxiously waiting for John and Mike to come out of the meeting so they could have sex."Philippe has been here several times to see the new construction," Sasha said. "The new village hall is finished along with the building for the doctors, dentists and hair care specialists. The new school will be finished before this fall. The entire village comes here for care."John was thrilled with the reports. The two new wings of the dormitories would be finished in about two months. He was very excited to hear Josef Pani report on the new equipment that had arrived for the furniture factory. Josef was very emotional when he gave his report, and thought back to the time when his family was starving because he couldn't find a job. He had paid a heavy price for hurting Nicklas, but John Miller had rescued him and his family. John thought back to the previous Christmas Day when he and Nicklas had visited the Pani home. Josef had used Nicklas for sex, didn't pay him and had hit the boy in anger, but this was a different man standing in front of the adults working at the orphanage."The boats you ordered arrived, but the big one is missing the propeller," Sasha said.John tried not to laugh and decided to wait to demonstrate that the new boat didn't need a propeller. It was a jet boat that he wanted to use to take a very special fishing trip and hoped that Sasha would be driving the boat.When the meeting ended, John scooped up Nicklas and carried his boy up the spiral staircase towards the master bedroom. Nicklas had tears of joy flowing down his face when he realized that John was taking him to the bedroom to make love. His slender cock was hard and throbbing and he felt John's hand slip inside his sweat pants and a finger probing his rosebud.John was anxious to get Nicky undressed to see the effects of puberty, and didn't want to waste any time in claiming the boy's ass for his own! Before he carried Nicky through the doorway, he had the boy's pants and underwear down to expose the snow white cheeks of Nicky's tight ass. He didn't waste any time in dumping Nicky on the bed and swallowing the 5 inches of uncut cock. Before he could even check out the increase in the thin red hairs above Nicky's cock, the boy's dick flooded John's mouth with sweet boy sauce.John had been so excited about having sex with Nicky that he had never closed the door to Underage Home the bedroom. Mike, Lodak and Jan closed the door quickly before they headed for Mike's room for some 3-way sex.John held the sweet juice in his mouth and pulled off Nicky's tool to kiss his boy and share the liquid treasure. John and Nicky traded the juice back and forth between their mouths before finally swallowing."FUCK ME!" Nicky screamed.John was going to remind his son that they made love and didn't fuck, but decided to wait until later. He tore off his clothes and saw Underage Home that Nicky had pulled off his clothes and had his legs spread wide apart with his feet in the air. The pink target was ready and Nicky pulled the cheeks of his ass apart to open the hole. John didn't waste any time in coating his cock with spit before driving it inside his boy. Normally he would have rimmed Nicky, but lust took control of their coupling. John moaned when he felt his cock slide deep inside Nicky's oven and didn't waste any time in slamming his cock to the hilt. The moans from his boy drove him wild, and John hammered his cock in and out of the gripping hole until he blasted a huge load of cum deep inside Nicky's ass. He continued hammering away on the willing boy and his cock never softened. Instead the mixture of semen and anal fluids lubricated the tight channel and John continued fucking the boy until he climaxed for the second time. Only then did John collapse on top of Nicky while he slowly kept his cock moving in and out of the well fucked hole.Nicklas was in heaven! He loved John Miller with every fiber of his body and loved having the man deep inside his body. Nothing was better than having John blast his man juice inside his anus, unless the load was going in his mouth.John licked away the tears of joy from Nicky's face and then licked down on Nicky's hard belly. He was rewarded when he found another batch of boy pudding that Nicky had shot on his belly during the hot fuck. He slurped up the tasty juice and noticed that Nicky had more thin red hairs on each side of his developing cock. He licked the slender shaft and noticed that it was longer and thicker."Your dick has grown and you have more hairs!" John exclaimed. "Your voice is changing too!""Will you still love me if I had thick hair like Yuri?" Nicky asked. He was worried that John might only want hairless boys for his sex partner."I'll always love you!" John said emphatically. "Even if you have a hairy chest and a voice as deep as Philippe's I'll always want to make love with you!"Nicky's smile lit up the entire bedroom. He was thrilled that John and Mike had come to visit and wanted to spend the next month with his legs in the air.In the next bedroom, Mike was eating Lodak's pussy while Jan stretched Mike's ass with his huge cock. Lodak's loud orgasm triggered Jan's cock to flood Mike's tight ass. Before they were through, Mike had fucked both Lodak and Jan and watched his two lovers in a 69.John fucked Nicky two more times during the night and lifted his own legs to let Nicky fuck him. It was a wonderful night of bonding between the two lovers, and they slept in late the next day. After they showered together and sucked another load of cum each, they went down for breakfast.Kvetka knew that John and Nicklas would be hungry after their intense night of sex, and served them a hearty breakfast of sausages, biscuits and gravy and eggs, coffee and apple juice. She just smiled when Mike, Lodak and Jan came into the dining room. All three of the late arrivals were walking funny, and Kvetka knew that Mike and Jan had huge cocks that had caused the difficulty in walking.When breakfast was finished, John asked Kvetka to ask Sasha to meet him in the living room. John sat with the special man and asked him to describe the river and the pool where the huge sturgeon were caught."The river is full of rocks and rapids," Sasha said. "I'm too old to try and pull a boat against the current. The steep walls around the deep pool of water are too steep to climb down and the passage is not safe for a helicopter. Only once did anyone try to go there with a helicopter, and it crashed and sank. Four men died and their bodies floated down the river."John thanked Sasha for the information and asked the man to help him launch the new boat."We don't have a propeller for the boat, and even if we did, it would be destroyed by the rocks in the river," Sasha insisted.John explained that the boat was a jet boat, and didn't use a Underage Home propeller. He saw the confusion on Sasha's face, and decided to demonstrate the versatility of the special boat.Sasha was shocked when the boat was launched and by the sound of the powerful engine. With John driving the boat, it flew across the lake and through water that was only a foot deep.John slowed the boat down, with Nicklas begging to drive it. He could never refuse his son's desires and switched places so Nicky could drive. He sat close to the boy in case Nicklas lost control, and was pleased when his son drove the boat perfectly. He was more interested in how Sasha would handle the boat when it was his turn.Sasha never dreamed that a boat could move without a propeller, but when he took his turn he was thrilled! After several minutes of testing the boat on the huge lake, John suggested that Sasha take the boat into the river. When the boat went past the first area of rapids, Sasha was elated! This boat could travel up the river if someone knew how to avoid the huge rocks that could crush the aluminum hull."This boat is made to be pounded by rocks," John explained after Sasha turned the boat around to go back to the safety of the lake. "The hull is made of aluminum with Styrofoam in between the layers of aluminum so it can take a real pounding. Do you think that we could take this boat up to the pool of sturgeon?""YES!" Sasha said excitedly. "It will be dangerous, but I think I can do it! We don't have any fishing rods that can catch the sturgeon. They are huge and will break anything that we have.""I thought about that when I ordered this boat," John replied. "I had some ocean fishing rods, reels and braided line shipped here and found the packages in my bedroom. I also ordered some special helmets and life preservers that are used in white water rafting! All that we will need is some bait, and I bet we can catch some pickerel in the lake and flavor them with sardine oil. I researched fishing for sturgeon, and I think we have everything that we need."Nicklas was excited about the proposed trip up the river, and begged to go along. John could never refuse his son, and agreed that Nicky could go if he followed the safety instructions of Sasha.The happy fishermen returned to the orphanage and were excited about their dangerous trip. The Czech bodyguards argued about the danger, but relented when John said that the large boat would easily handle five people so two armed guards could go on the dangerous trip.After another night of passionate sex, John and Nicklas were up early to get ready for the dangerous fishing trip. They were having breakfast when Kvetka tried to convince them that it was too dangerous and to forget about the sturgeon. If something bad happened, there would be no way for a rescue party to reach the fishermen."We'll wear the protective helmets and life jackets," John replied. "If we get lucky, we'll blow an air horn to let you know that we're bringing back a big fish. If you hear the air horn, alert the villagers so they can share in our success."When the trip began, the entire adult staff and all of the children of the orphanage were at the shoreline to wish the fishermen success and safety. Sasha was driving the boat with John, Nicklas and two armed guards riding along.When they hit the first area of rapids, John was awed by how Sasha knew where to aim the powerful boat. They traveled up the dangerous river until they got to an area where a large tree blocked their path. Sasha aimed the boat to the shore and tied it to a tree before pulling out a chainsaw. He had predicted a problem with trees from his previous trip up the river, and cut away the tree so it could float down the rapids and into the lake. Three more times they were forced to cut away trees before they hit the most dangerous rapids in the entire river. The boat bounced off several rocks and tossed the occupants around before Sasha steered the boat into the first deep pool area surrounded by high cliffs of rocks."We made it!" Sasha screamed excitedly. "Now we'll go through a narrow passage to the hidden pool where the sturgeon live!"John was thrilled! Everyone in the boat was bruised and sore from being thrown around when the boat bounced off the rocks, but everyone was excited when they were safely in the deep pools."Can I fish?" Nicklas begged.John could never say no to his son, but knew that sturgeons were very large and that he would have to help Nicky fight a fish if they were lucky. He baited the hook and explained that Nicky had to be very strong if he got a bite.Nicklas was thrilled that he was the first one to try and catch a fish. He listened to John's warnings that sturgeon were huge and would fight hard. He felt a strong tug on the fishing line and listened to Sasha tell him to wait until the fish swallowed the bait. Everyone on the boat watched the boy follow Sasha's instructions until the line started to move across the deep pool."NOW!" Sasha yelled. "Lift the rod and hold on tight!"Nicklas was nearly pulled out of the boat when the fish realized that it was hooked and started fighting.John grabbed Nicklas around the waist and kept his son from being pulled out of the boat. He praised his son and loved seeing the joy on Nicky's face. He continued praising his son and knew that it would take a long time to tire out the big fish.After 20 minutes, Nicklas was able to start bringing in line. The fish was tiring, and he was exhausted. When the fish came to the surface, everyone was shocked Underage Home to see a fish that was over six feet long!Sasha took control and used a gaff to hook the fish. One of the bodyguards listened to Sasha and tied a rope around the tail of the fish."It's a good fish, but it's a male and I know there are many large females with caviar here in this pool," Sasha said when the fish was safely tied to the boat. "Let's try again!""I can't do that again," Nicklas admitted. He wanted to catch a bigger fish, but he was exhausted and begged his father to take over.John was proud of his son, but had hoped that they would catch a large female sturgeon that was filled with caviar. He agreed to try his luck, and baited the hook and let the line take it to the bottom of the deep hole. He didn't have to wait long before he felt a heavy tug on the end of the fishing pole. He listened to Sasha and waited for the line to move. When he set the hook, the large ocean fishing rod bent over and he knew that he was in for a big fight.Sasha was thrilled that they had made it safely to the deep pool and that the sturgeon were still in the river. He saw the way the fish was fighting and knew it was very large. He watched John Miller fight the fish and knew that the man had caught large fish before by the way John handled the rod.John was soaked with sweat before he felt the fish coming up from the bottom of the deep pool after Underage Home over 40 minutes. His muscles were aching and he wondered if he would have to give the rod to someone else to bring in the large fish.Everyone was Underage Home looking over the side of the boat when the huge fish started coming up. They were shocked and were afraid that the fish would sink the boat when they saw it for the first time.Nicklas screamed and tried to hide behind one of the seats on the boat after he saw the fish. It looked like a submarine coming up, and he was sure that they would all die when the fish sank the boat.John was exhausted, but he continued fighting the fish and wished that he could look over the side of the boat to see what was scaring everyone. He continued fighting the fish until he heard the rifle shot echo around the steep walls of the deep pool of water.Sasha fired a second shot into the huge sturgeon, and John felt the fish stop fighting. For the first time he was able to look over the side of the boat and was startled by what he saw. The boat was 20 feet in length, and the fish looked to be almost the same length!Sasha was thrilled that they had caught a large female sturgeon, and knew that it would contain a large amount of caviar. He was thrilled, and praised John for his fishing skills."We could catch more fish here, but I think we should take these two fish back and let the others live," Sasha said. "I could never fight a big fish like the one John caught, and we don't want to waste what God has given us."Everyone agreed with Sasha, and wondered how they would ever get the huge fish in the boat. Sasha solved that concern when he said that they would tie the two fish to the boat and use the power of the boat to get through the rapids and back to the safety of the lake.John and Nicklas were thrilled with their fishing success, and hugged and kissed. Sasha Underage Home and the bodyguards congratulated the two successful fishermen, and were thrilled that they were going to head home.With the drag of the two large fish, the boat engine throbbed to go with the current of the dangerous river and maintain forward momentum. When they were about a half mile from the lake, Sasha told John to blow the air horn two times. He thought back to his last trip up the river many years ago, and was excited to complete the same trip that took a week in less than one day!Kvetka was outside with all of the adults and children of the orphanage when she heard two blasts on the air horn. Everyone screamed with joy when they heard the two blasts that told them that the men were returning with two fish.Many of the women from the village were waiting at the shoreline and hoped that the fishermen would return safely. They were prepared if the fishermen were successful, and hoped that they would have fish to share with their families.When the powerful boat came into view, everyone cheered and celebrated that the men were safe. When Sasha beached the boat on the sandy beach in front of the orphanage, men were waiting with ropes. Josef Pani had a John Deere tractor at the shoreline, and couldn't believe the size of the fish that was attached to the special boat.When the two fish were dragged up on the beach with the tractor, everyone was in shock at the size of the fish that John had caught! The women of the village had bags that looked like pillow cases and sharp knives ready to take care of the huge fish.Mike Mahon had his digital camera and took pictures of the happy fishermen with their huge catch. He made sure that both fish were measured before he let the villagers start to clean the fish.Tomas Bednik, brother of Sasha, owned the butcher shop in the village, and he hoped that he would have some of the sturgeon to smoke and sell in his store. He hugged his brother and congratulated him on a successful trip up the dangerous river."My brother would love to have a few kilograms of the fish to smoke and share with the villagers," Sasha said to John."How much do you think the big fish weighs?" John asked Sasha."About 900 kilograms," Sasha said happily. "The smaller fish probably weighs about 200 kilograms too!""HOLY SHIT!" Mike exclaimed. "You two got two fish that weigh over a ton!""Nicky, what do you want to do with your fish?" John asked his son."I want everyone in the village and here at the orphanage to have fish to eat!" Nicklas said excitedly. "I never dreamed that any fish could be that big!"John was thrilled that his son was thinking about other people and wanted to share. He thought back to the first time that he had met Nicklas, and the boy had hidden food under his shirt. The transformation was wonderful, and John was proud of his son for thinking of others."Tomas, you can supervise the cleaning of the fish and we only ask for enough to make one meal for the adults and children here at Proud Les Domo," John said to Tomas. "I know that you sold the surplus meat from this home at very low prices to the villagers, and I trust that you will do the same with these two fish."Tomas had tears of joy flowing down his face when he accepted the wonderful offer from John Miller and his son. He quickly organized the villagers and was overcome with emotions when he saw the caviar! "It's light blue!" Tomas screamed in Czech.John watched the villagers carefully remove a huge quantity of light blue caviar from the large fish and realized that it was worth a fortune. He remembered that Mario had told him that light blue caviar had sold for over $5,000 a kilogram, and was worth more than gold. He immediately wanted to save some of the caviar to take to Prague for the dinner party with the Czech President, and also wanted to send some back to the yacht club in Michigan. He watched the village women carefully remove the caviar and asked Sasha how much it would weigh."Over 150 kilograms!" Sasha said excitedly.John's mind was reeling when he realized that the caviar was worth a half million dollars or more if it was sold in the United States. The last thing that he wanted to do was destroy the tranquility of the Czech Republic, and quickly decided to keep the secrets of the hidden pools away from commercial fishermen."I'd like to take some caviar to the Czech President as a gift and send some back to Mario," John said to Mike and Sasha. "Mario wanted me to attend the Spring meeting of the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club next week, and he'll be thrilled if we can smuggle some of this caviar into Michigan.""I can handle the shipment to Mario," Mike said with a big smile on his face. "I wasn't always an honest person, and know ways to hide about 20 pounds of caviar in my luggage. A friend of mine has asked me to be in his wedding, and maybe you'll let me take him some as a VERY special gift.""That sounds wonderful!" John exclaimed. "Let's see. 20 pounds for your wedding gift, another 20 pounds for Mario and 20 pounds for the Czech President. Wonderful! The rest goes to the people here at the orphanage and in the village."Mike Mahon was shocked at the value of the caviar, and was thrilled that he would have a very special gift for Trent Williams and his new wife for their wedding. He had done the math in his head and knew that John was giving up caviar worth close to three quarters of a million dollars to share with other people. He was proud of his special friend and thanked him for his generosity.John watched the villagers taking care of the two fish and hugged Nicky and thanked his son for sharing with others. He looked at Mike's digital pictures of Nicky sitting on the largest sturgeon and holding the fishing rod in front of the fish that he had caught and was filled with pride. He couldn't wait to send the digital pictures to Underage Home his son so he and Kirsty could share in his joy. He knew that Helen would forward the pictures to every store in the United States to show what he and Nicklas had caught."What are those women doing?" John asked Sasha when he saw the women putting the head and cartilage structure of the two fish in large cloth bags."Nothing is wasted when we catch a sturgeon!" Sasha said excitedly. "The sturgeon don't have bones like most fish, and the spine and everything not kept for meat are boiled down to make stock for a wonderful fish soup. This is a dream come true for me to be safe after going up the river. I'm an old man, and I never dreamed that I would ever be able to go up the river again. Thank you for bringing that boat here so I could live a dream."John hugged Sasha and thanked him for his expert skills in driving the powerful boat up the dangerous rapids. He was exhausted after fighting the huge fish, and wanted to have supper and celebrate with everyone at the orphanage. He decided to take Nicklas into the orphanage to have a Manhattan and relax before the evening meal.The orphanage was alive with adults and children celebrating the return of their special man and his fishing success. During the meal, Nicklas entertained everyone with his description of how he had fought his sturgeon and had caught it by himself.John just laughed and never reminded his son that he had helped Nicky fight the smaller fish to the surface. Nicky was a typical fisherman who exaggerated his prowess and bragged about how he had accomplished what the listeners could only dream about. He loved his son and dreamed of the day when Nicklas would join Johnny Miller in running the Sea & Jungle Company.After a long cocktail time in the living room, John was ready for bed and more sex with his special boy. He held Nicky's hand and led the boy up the spiral staircase and into their bedroom. They hugged and kissed before going into separate bathrooms to flush their bodies of waste in preparation for intimacy.John was pleased to see a bottle of Ceska Skalice wine in a bucket of ice when he walked out of his huge shower area. He smiled and knew that either Kvetka or Sasha had delivered the wonderful wine for him to share with his small lover.When Nicklas came into the room, he was wearing only a thin red silk robe. The horny boy opened the robe to show that he was wearing only a red thong that barely covered his erect boy jewels."GOD, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!" John exclaimed when he saw his young lover. He wanted to rip the thong off from his boy's treasures, but knew that he had all night to have sex with the beautiful young boy. The red of the robe and thong were a perfect match for the red hair of his young lover, and he was ready to devour the boy's genitals."Tonight, I'm in charge!" Nicklas insisted. "Get on the bed and lift your legs in the air!"John was shocked that his boy was taking charge, and tossed off his clothes and lifted his legs in the air to expose his anus to his young lover. He surrendered to the desires of his little lover and wondered what Nicklas was going to do with his body. He was surprised when Nicky lifted his body up and shoved two pillows under his back. He was now totally exposed to the desires of his son and was excited about what would happen next.Nicklas took the bottle of chilled wine and shoved the neck of the bottle inside John's ass.John screamed when he felt the ice cold wine flood his anal passage. He threw his head back on the pillow and felt the neck of the bottle going in and out of his hole and felt like he would explode.Nicklas used the bottle like a dildo and fucked John's hole and tipped the bottle to empty over half of the bottle deep inside John's body. Only when he realized that John's body was full of wine, did he pull the bottle out and shoved the half empty bottle into the ice bucket. He covered John's anus with his mouth and sucked all of the wine out and quickly swallowed it. He wasted no time in ramming his slender cock inside his adult lover and marveled at the cold flesh that he was fucking. He pounded his cock in and out of John's body until he shot his load of boy juice deep inside his lover.John was so overwhelmed by the intensity of the anal sex that he never realized that Yuri had come into the bedroom. His own cock had unloaded on his chest from being fucked by Nicky, and he struggled to stay conscious while Yuri sucked his recently fucked hole. He moaned when he felt a combination of wine and cum being sucked out of his ass, and couldn't believe that Nicky had planned this special event. It felt like his insides were being sucked out of his body, and he grabbed Nicky's cock to suck it into his mouth.Yuri was thrilled that Nicklas had included him in the sex with John Miller. He sucked until he was sure that he had eaten all of the cum and wine, and then shoved his hard cock inside John's ass. It had been a long time since he had shared sex with John, but he loved the man and what he had done to rescue the orphanage.John sucked another wad of cum out of Nicky's cock and felt his ass being flooded with Yuri's load. He clamped down his ass muscles to stimulate Yuri's cock and collapsed back on the bed. He was barely conscious when the boys filled his mouth and ass with more volleys of boy cum.Stay tuned...Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latson hotmail.com

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