Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 09:28:16 -0800 (PST) From: Story Writer Subject: Adam Dancer - Chapter ElevenWARNING: This story is fiction and any names, elements or places in this account are drawn totally from my own imagination. If you have a problem with material like this, then please do not read it. Though the chapters deal with homosexual exploration by young boys, I try to also get into affection, conflict and difficulties for boys who a trying to discover who they are and what their relationships are all about.If you are too young to be reading these stories then please leave and return when you are of age. Comments are welcomed. I can be reached at feestyoreayesyahoo.com. I want to thank all the people who have sent emails to me. I have enjoyed the comments and loved the suggestions. I sometimes have let character development dilute the sexual activity a bit, so forgive me. Chapter Eleven Kevin and Liam The welcome home banner, spread across the top of the garage, seemed a little overdone to Liam, but he was moved by the sentiment and the rude comments and scrawled signatures that celebrated his return from hospital. He had been in the pediatric ward for four days, his time filled with physical therapy, Mum visits and Kevin. It was astonishing to the young athlete, that being side-lined with an injury, normally a horrible thing to reflect upon, was not even close to what now dominated his thoughts.Each visit by Kevin had been incredibly joyous and fun and sometimes profound. How could it be that Liam, the hunky little ladies-man, was head-over-heels in love with an effeminate little poof? The more he shared time and space with the fetching little boy, the more he discovered layers of complexities that, in the aggregate, declared little Kevin an odd compilation of beauty, naturalness, spontaneity, femininity, kindness, creativity, grace, comedy, empathy, intelligence and sexuality. Kevin always seemed to look to the well-being of people who mattered to him.They both loved expressing themselves poetically, consciously wanting to say things that were different, were articulate. Each wondered, naively, if it was the homosexuality they both were experiencing that impelled them to speak in phrases that bordered on the theatrical.Kevin had an infectious joie de vivre, without dismissing serious reflections. It kindled a free sort of exchange of ideas and observations. There never seemed to be awkward pauses when the two little boys were together. The words only relented when they quietly contemplated something together or found joy in quietly sitting close and wondering how anyone could look and smell so good.And the lovely fair-haired Kevin helped Liam discover some of his own uniqueness. Liam looked inside and liked what he saw. Besides the obvious, as with his athleticism and strength, he allowed himself to realize he was quite a loyal and patient sort. He saw he was a bit carefree with certain company. Liam liked his own emerging playfulness and willingness to unabashedly play-act and sing with his boyfriend. And he was making peace with himself over his social, sexual and emotional attraction to a young boy.I have a boyfriend! What a bloody dangerous word for a lad to use and accept. But that is what Kevin was. He was more than a mate, because Liam's affection for Kevin was now beyond merely liking. Kevin intruded into all of Liam's thoughts.More and more, Liam fantasized having erotic intimacies with the beautiful homosexual boy. And Liam shed the vestiges of internal shame to relish thoughts about kissing that boy on every inch of his lithe, soft body; about kissing and sucking on the delicious-looking little penis he had inspected as they shared urgent pisses together. And, without even broaching the subject of what masculine lads and cute little fairies did in bed together, Liam and Kevin tacitly agreed to make erotic sex play something that had few restrictions. The only rules the two boys suggested to one another was that love-making had to be totally shared, free of violence and never the product of coercion.Liam was a virgin who now openly accepted that he felt stimulated by certain thoughts like the contemplation of sucking on Kevin's delicious and pretty little stiff penis, until the little fairy boy ejaculated tiny jets of semen excitedly into Liam's sucking mouth. He now giggled to himself that he was a cocksucker wanna-be.Liam delighted in the imagined sensation of a gloriously nude Kevin crouching seductively, being as girly as he wanted. He imagined his little boy lover seizing Liam's quite long, thick penis and joyously licking the rounded glans and kissing the length of the prodigious cock; and then embracing the shaft of Liam's cock with his stretched lips and happily giving Liam an enraptured blowjob.Liam knew that he now had a fresh and profoundly erotic desire emerge that he could hardly believe he contemplated. He told himself: "Fuck the jock limitations!" and happily embraced this erotic possibility. Liam, the muscular athlete, wanted to do something very feminine and queer with Kevin sometime when they were making love. Liam was now fantasizing giving his body in a way he never could have considered a short while back.When the time came in their love-making, Liam hoped that he merely had to nod toward his own small, smooth and well-shaped bottom, spreading the strong, smooth ass cheeks. It would be an unspoken, urgent plea for Kevin to agree to mount him. It would ask Kevin to lewdly ease his stiff two-inch penis into Liam's little pink anus. Yes, this jock wanted to be fucked in the bottom by his adorable little fairy "boyfriend".************************************************************************ "Mum Pedo Nymphets and Dad have given the okay for an overnight, tonight." Liam announced to his lover over the phone."My parents said your parents need to be warned about my midnight kitchen raids." Kevin said, knowing he actually would never do that in another person's house."Kevin, I am totally out of my mind thinking about being in bed all night with you." Liam confessed."I am going nuts too, Liam. But can I get a promise out of you?" Kevin said in a begging tone."You want me to promise what, Kevin?""I want you to promise to be patient with me, because it was mostly sex with Adam and Brian and I am new to actual love-making." Kevin confessed."Being in bed with another boy is totally new to me, you little tease! Let me sort this out. You want me to do what I cannot avoid doing, anyway. I want to hold hands with you and hold you close. I want to cuddle and kiss and look at you. I want to whisper things as I pull away your long hair and press my lips to your delicate little ear. I want to bathe you. I want to hear you breath and demand that you go to toilet when you fart. I want to be a part of you. I want to undress you and strip for you. I want to gaze on your beautiful, little boy body in subdued light that plays with your smooth curves and casts sexy shadows. I want to delay the really hot sex stuff by almost worshipping you.""Aha! Kevin said with a laugh. "I like that wildly horny announcement, Liam! I think we might set a Guinness record for length of foreplay. I want it so bad to be the way you described.""I bet most boys our age who admit that other boys are sexy never follow-through." Liam said."And if they do actually `experiment', they probably grunt and suck and fuck and sheepishly run off, half-dressed, without having said more than:`Hey, watch those teeth! Don't cum in my mouth! Hey, that hurts! Suck my dick, not my balls!' Kevin said with a little bit of sadness in his humor."I promise to be different, Kev. It's more than getting off for me. I can honestly tell you, little man, that if I was limited to hugging and kissing and holding your beautiful nude body, I would still be as happy as a boy can be.""That's right, Liam. But you can be sure that I am game to do anything you want sexually. I trust you and love you and want you!"*********************************************************************** When Kevin was invited to Liam's house, he dramatically demanded that Adam scoot over to his place after school."It is a mercy mission, Adam. I am worried that my fairy ways will seriously make Liam's parents worry." Kevin confided."Kev, didn't you see the parents at the hospital? Surely you must have been fine with them." Adam reassured."I saw Mrs. Coe twice, but we were basically quiet and let her ask all the questions." Kevin said. "And she didn't break out the cross, silver bullet and garlic, right?""But Adam, eating dinner is different. I am such a faggy boy, don't you see the problem?" Kevin asked. "Please come right over and help me with a role-play."Adam could not contain his laughter about how Kevin worried over being rejected by Dr. and Mrs. Coe. Surely they knew that Liam's new friend was a fairy. If they objected to little Kevin, Adam decided, they would have hinted to Liam that they didn't want their little athlete sleeping with a poof.While biking rapidly over to Kevin's house, Adam realized that Kevin was not in a casual relationship with a menu of raging sex and then, on to another stimulating boy. Kevin was a dear friend to Adam, but clearly in love with Liam.Adam sat at the dining room table at Kevin's house, pretending to be Phillip Coe, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Coe lectured on and did research in the area of equine medicine at the U Cal Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.Kevin walked into the dining room, trying to take the mince out of his step and holding his hands behind his back, in order to avoid flamboyant hand gestures."Jesus, Kevin! Are you trying to look like the Queen's consort rather than the Queen?" Adam asked."Shit, Adam I don't know what to do!" Kevin shouted with frustration."Calm down. I have an idea. Buy one of Dr. Coe's books at the University bookstore. Read the summary on the jacket and then carry Pedo Nymphets it to the table, thus occupying your angelic hands, and ask him to sign the book.""He will think that is so kiss-ass, Adam. Wait I could slip into the kitchen and insist on helping Liam's Mum take a dish to the dinner table.""Actually that is a good idea, Kevin." Adam decided."Young man," the imitation Dad said. "What subjects at school do you enjoy?"Kevin raised his eyebrows, pursed his lips thoughtfully and declared:"I just cannot get enough PE; it makes me feel extra fit, sir. I run lots and am considering running track or cross-country.""Stop! That is so fucking bogus!" Adam yelled. "Be honest, Kevin. I think they will like you a lot. Hell, you manage to be popular in the middle-school mine field, even though you are very girlish. They already know you are a fag, so just be your adorable self.""Liam doesn't mind that I am homosexual." Kevin decided."And Liam is a masculine-acting homosexual. I bet that Dr. Coe has figured out that his cute son is sexually attracted to you." Adam said with conviction."And they agreed to let me sleep with him. The thing is, Adam, I am so afraid that this dream is going to suddenly end when Liam regains his sanity.""Before you came along, Liam was bull-shitting himself about his sexuality. People just don't understand that all homosexuals are not swishy, limp-wristed fairies. And even though you are effeminate, you are not a silly shit. You are such a sweetie, Kevin, and the opposite of a phony. This sweetness you have is natural for you and it is very appealing.""Thanks, Adam. I think I need to trust Liam to stick by me. I will be fine now." Kevin said as he hugged Adam's body tightly.************************************************************************"Thank you for helping to set the table, Kevin." Phillip Coe said."My pleasure, sir," Kevin replied as he noticed the uncanny resemblance between the slender and casually dressed dad and his lovely son. "I did a Google on you, Dr. Coe and see that you were a bit of a rugby brute.""Hah, I was hardly a brute, Kevin, but thank you for thinking that.""Kevin thinks that I am a brute, Da! Can you fancy that?" Liam chimed in."In rugby, I think Liam might be a tough little scrummer." Phillip said. He looked into Kevin's eyes and set a kind, soft gaze on the tiny lad.Kevin looked back with a rush of relief. The man was telling him that he was welcome and liked. There were no uncomfortable questions, no superficial spoken devices to avoid. There was no wading into dangerous water."Liam tells me that you have a friend who is a brilliant dancer." Mrs. Coe said to Kevin."Oh, yes Adam is beyond awesome when he performs on stage." Kevin responded."Didn't he dance in the Nutcracker last December, Kevin?" The dad asked."Jesus, is that what they call it when boys do the splits?" Liam giggled."I almost fainted when Adam jumped up and landed on the floor in the splits!" Kevin confided, spilling his words melodically, with punctuations of laughter. He suddenly froze as he realized he had lapsed into full-girly mode."Whew, does he have good health insurance, Kevin?" Dr. Coe asked with a flourish of his hands. The man seemed, to Kevin, determined to let the pretty little fairy know that he liked very much Kevin's sweet and enthusiastic demeanor.After dinner Dr. Coe asked Kevin to come to his study. As Kevin sat and fidgeted in a swiveling, leather office chair, Dr. Coe came around and dropped a framed photo in Kevin's lap. It was a picture of two boys posing for the camera in Speedo swimsuits. They were both beautiful brown-haired preteens who were looking affectionately into one another's eyes, each lovely face Pedo Nymphets framed by flowing long brown hair."Do those boys seem in love, Kevin?" the man asked gently, a hand lightly grasping Kevin's delicate shoulder."Yes they do. Which boy are you?" Kevin asked with a soft wistfulness in his voice."That is me on the left. And I was madly in love with Henri." Phillip admitted. "Did he leave you?" Kevin asked."No we are still friends. Mrs. Coe and I visit them in Lyon when we can." Phillip explained."Do you still love him?" Kevin asked bravely."Yes, but it is a different love now, Kevin. We have no regrets for expressing our love that summer in the Costa del Sol. Just as you and Liam will probably make love as boys and, perhaps find love later with a woman.""Would you hate me if I told you I am totally homosexual, Phillip?" Kevin asked, hoping he would say no."How could I ever hate such a sweet and honest boy? Kevin, I am not stunned that you are totally homosexual. I also know from observing and talking candidly with Liam that his attraction to you makes any feelings towards girls pale in comparison.""Are you disappointed in Liam for loving a poof?" Kevin asked."As I have fond memories of my summer with a gorgeous boy, I would be a hypocrite to feel let down by the most wonderful boy the world has ever seen." Phillip declared. "Just be patient with Liam, for you have awakened a lovely part of my son that will confuse him, at times.""And he may grow into a man who still loves me but wants a wife and a family." Kevin said, understanding that Liam's dad was not trying to cast him aside, but rather was trying to help Kevin see that time can alter relationships."I am going to say something that may set you to running for the door, Kevin. My love for Henri changed because he became a man. I do not find men attractive. I still find young boys to be beautiful. You are physically ravishing, Kevin and though I would never do anything sexual with you, or any other boy, seeing and hearing you arouses me." The handsome dad admitted."Don't worry, Phillip, I don't feel at all afraid. I know exactly what you mean about men. Men are sort of icky to me when it comes to thoughts of making out." Kevin said. "What scares me, Phillip, is if I grow up and just cannot stand the idea of sucking off a man or touching the vagina of a woman, where the hell do I go?""Kevin, try to live for today. You will find ways to love and be loved when you are grown up.""Is it okay for me to make love with Liam tonight?" Kevin asked with a blush."Yes." Phillip said as he thought to himself about being grateful that his beautiful son's first time will be with a kind, sweet, lovely little fairy.Phillip knew that it will be love-making, not glorified wanking. Phillip knew that Liam didn't need his first homosexual experience to be a furtive event with guilt tainting the whole thing. The dad realized that his first time had been a wonderful, lovely memory. He could still happily visualize going down to his knees to suck on Henri's wet and aroused cock and later contentedly lying on his back, anus displayed erotically and feeling Henri's stiff penis plunge deep into his grasping little rectum." *************************************************************************"Kevin, do you mind if I take a shower, alone, so I can be totally clean for you? I want to do it alone because I want you to first see my nude body when you strip me in bed.""I want to do the same thing, Liam. I want to smell good for you.""I am so new to this, sweetheart. Is there anything I need to do in the shower?""Pick a fruity tasting soap and shampoo, Liam. And be sure to use a hair dryer like I plan to do so our hair looks and feels sexy.""What about, um, my little hole?""Soap up your anus, babe and stick a soapy finger deep in your rectum and sort of gently scrub the `tunnel of love' real clean.""EW, even with beautiful you, Kev, I do not want to find any ickies on my dick.""Jesus, Liam, you are going from boy-sex 101 to graduate level buggering.""Kevin, this is so hot!""Liam, I talked to your dad.""I know and I suppose you learned that cock sucking is in my DNA.""Yes I did. He was so open and sweet.""He thinks you are a hottie, Kev.""Well he sure likes boys better than men, just like we do.""Should we have a cherry "lost virginity" cake?" Liam wondered."Oh yes and you symbolically blow out the candles and then blow me!"***********************************************************************When Liam left Kevin sitting on his bed, he stood nude in his bathroom. He liked his image in the mirror very much, but wondered if the delicate little boy waiting for him might be intimidated by Liam's athletic body.His face was smooth and dominated by large and alert eyes. They were like sparkling emeralds that seemed at times contemplative and other times, in the tension of football battle, fiery and stern.His brow was unfurrowed, Pedo Nymphets with a tiny indentation that seemed to bisect a solid nose with small, oval shaped nostrils under a straight and sturdy structure that quaked involuntarily, when he was feeling intensities of emotion.A full and sensuous mouth, with generously proportioned lips, opened up to reveal neat and straight white teeth that were dominated by large central incisors.His chin was solid and unflawed, like the surface of a perfectly crafted porcelain cup.His adorably large ears seemed to be trying to escape from a thatch of willful auburn hair, which never seemed content to rest gracefully away from his eyes.Liam had a sturdy neck that fought to be athletic but confessed its boyishness with a smooth front, free of signs of a pressing larynx.The boy's shoulders were wide and muscular, crowning slender arms, sculpted robustly with the beginnings of prominent biceps. The forearms seemed promising in their ability to lift another little boy and hold him in erotic contemplation of a burst of body kisses.Pectoral definition was soft and subtle. It let another boy being seduced plead to touch and kiss and suck the tiny pink nipples that stood out erotically from a boy's strengthening chest; a chest which, in the glory of pubescence, kept the smoothness and softness ideal for the kissing mouth of a beautiful fairy boy.The slim torso had ribs fighting to be noticed against the glowing, tanned skin. They seductively found definition now when Liam lifted his slender arms and erotically arched his back.A vertically accented navel was a gentle depression in an abdomen that was beginning to flaunt a precocious ridge of hardness. It was an inviting path for finger play by a more girlish lover, feeling the impending firmness that contrasted with Kevin's baby softness.Liam liked the shape of his hips that protruded slightly and erotically in modest protest at the easily encircled waist. He liked being so boyishly slim.Liam's examined his bottom which he found invitingly firm and smooth, soft to the touch until the moments he flexed the round little cheeks. Liam playfully spread his bottom cheeks, revealing a tiny pink pucker, with sphincter muscles protecting the boy hole from anything but welcomed fingers and cocks.There below a trace of reddish little wisps of pubic hair, Liam admired his penis that rested in majestic length. He marveled that It was a good four inches unaroused, threatening to thrill a certain little boy fairy. Liam fingered the thick, alabaster shaft that rested haughtily above a hairless, tight scrotum that contained almost manly sized balls. As Liam fondled his penis, it responded by stiffening to a imposing length of eight inches, from base to bright red glans, poking out from the silky confines of his foreskin.Liam's legs had the trim and powerful lines of a runner. He knew he was still a boy, yet he liked being masculine and hoped his body would be a delight for a more submissive and girlish little boy; a gorgeous fairy still waiting to cleanse his body to receive Liam's hands, lips, tongue and penis.Liam glowed with the realization that probably the beautiful little Kevin would throb with desire and excitement when he slowly disrobed Liam, the strikingly sexy little athlete.Liam rushed the shower, because he could not stand delaying his first homosexual adventure with a boy he already loved. And now he put clothes back on so they could cuddle and kiss clothed before they stripped one another for a lengthy Pedo Nymphets foreplay and then loss of virginity orally and anally.Kevin was narcissistic in a generous way. He felt profound stimulation as he now posed before the bathroom mirror. Kevin posed and examined what he saw of his soft, lovely body, contemplating the reactions of boys and one special sturdy and sweet football lad.Kevin decided that his silky form had aesthetic appeal to lots of people. Adults who never as much as contemplated a sexual union with a boy might study his soft, boyish body and feel moved emotionally, in the same way they might react to Donatello's bronze of David.Girls may either feel emotionally moved or sense and relish a high level of feminine charm.Heterosexual boys may find sexual stimulation or appreciate the delicate, unthreatening charm of a very pretty little cocksucker.But now, there was a bit of concern that Liam would be disappointed in Kevin's body. The slim, healthy boy was quite pre-pubescent looking. Even though his tiny two inch long erection was now shooting far with his ejaculation, some going over his head when intensely excited about sucking Liam's big beautiful cock. Would Liam be satisfied? Kevin was physically a little boy, suiting him well to his fairy boy persona. He would now find out if his slight and Pedo Nymphets boyish body and effeminate style was as stimulating in a loving relationship as it was to Adam in a largely sexual game. He adored Adam, but Liam was more than a sexy friend. This was a matter of love to be expressed emotionally and sexually.*************************************************************************"I feel so awkward, Liam." Kevin said as he stood in his Nike Dri-FIT Tech Pants and sleeveless crossover top."You look the opposite, Kevin. You look graceful." Liam seated in an easy chair, reassured."The words don't come right to my lips. I guess it is that my usual girly-boy act is just that, an act. I am a boy who happens to be soft and wanting to be gentle; and going over the top as a fairy queen sex machine was fun with Brian and Adam, but all wrong with you.""Come to me my worried little sweetheart." Liam said with arms out-stretched.Reluctance and all subtleties were abandoned as a tiny boy leaped into the lap of his lover. The shock of having a human projectile slam onto his body forced an undignified grunt combined with a laugh. Pretence and planning happily gave way to spontaneity.Nestled in Liam's arms, facing him with legs bent, Kevin kissed Liam on the nose. The knees Pedo Nymphets that flanked his hips urged Liam to seize them with a secure grip, to provide perfect leverage for a kiss. Boy lips first touched lightly as noses bumped. It was funny and sweet, almost adding to the delight the beautiful little boys felt. Kevin placed tiny fingers on the cheeks of his lovely boyfriend's adoring face and gently canted Liam's head to allow a passionate kiss.Furtive lips sealed tightly as the two little boys secured themselves in a tight, urgent embrace. Kevin's soft little bottom rested purposely against Liam's erect, straining cock. He happily moved his flexing mounds in a circular motion as Liam's aroused penis playfully, yet helplessly made erotic discoveries.Liam filled his hands with silky blond tresses, savoring the taste of Kevin's tiny mouth and licking the perfectly formed front teeth. They had their eyes open, loving the oh-so-close images of long eyelashes, flashing pupils and fluttering eyelids.Liam had never even considered before how delicious a boys mouth could be. He savored the shared and mixed saliva, stimulated in oral pleasure into avid secretions of mouth-filling liquids. To Liam, it was a sort of hint at the intensely personal discharges of semen by his pretty little Kevin, soon to be felt, smelled and tasted.Swirling tongues, also seemed erotically symbolic, acting like substitute penises, plunging into dueling explorations of lovely mouths. Liam and Kevin played their little tongues in flamboyant stabs and licks, at times chaotic and dissonant. When they performed with a shared rhythm, Kevin pretended the tongues were dancing a very intimate pas de deux.The intense focus on kissing, an activity that set flared little nostrils to send warm air upon upper lips, began to have major tactile distractions. One set of small, girlish fingers competed with another that had greater strength and roughness from sports. The small boys were now abandoning all shyness as they fondled soft, smooth bodies."I want you so badly, my little sweet boy. Everything about you makes me wonder how I could deserve you." Liam whispered into Kevin's ear."You speak when making love, Liam. I want to say words to you also. Does it seem as if the words add even more to my love-making?" Kevin asked.Liam was inspired to express his excitement in a soliloquy of passionately expressed love."The sound of your voice is adorable and can only make what we are doing together more than ever pure beautiful sharing." Liam replied, adding a kiss to a tender ear. "All my senses are sent to pure joy by you. I hear your breathing. I hear your little heart beating against mine. I hear your sweet voice fill me with loving words. I taste your honey-tinged mouth and your delicate little ear. I imagine the taste of your nipples and your tummy and your precious, little penis. I feel the magic softness of your smooth little bottom. I dream of feeling, in minutes soon, the perfect line from your tiny scrotum to the now hidden treasure of you tight little boy hole. My hands beg to caress your sweet little knob of a penis that projects sweetly to be first stroked and later sucked by adoring lips. And nothing on earth smells as glorious as a certain little boy's body, a natural, special boy smell heightened by the fruity odor of bath soap.""May I strip you nude, Liam?" Kevin asked with contrasting simplicity."Please undress me, Kevin. I want you to finish so you can do anything you want with my body, after I have taken off your clothes and finally seen your sweet little fairy body."Kevin, keen to see the beautiful body of Liam Coe made fast work of the shoes and socks. There was mirthful laughter as he held onto the waistband of Liam's running trousers. "Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Little Kevin shouted as he fell to his knees with pants and undies securely in his grasp. His footballer was refreshingly naked and grinning as he caught the astonished expression on the pretty little fairy's face."What do you think of this my pretty little lover?" Liam asked as he pointed at his ample and dripping cock."Get on the bed and get ready for some amazing lips, big boy!" Kevin announced as he threw the clothes aside. In no time, pretty little Kevin stood watching Liam leap ceremoniously into bed, lying on his back with his thighs spread lewdly. Kevin pounced on Liam, giggling and straddling the athletic little lover, offering his body for stripping, as he arched his back and raised his hands toward the ceiling.Liam did not dawdle, but happily pulled off clothes rapidly. It was fun and a little funny for them, until Liam pulled down Kevin's Spiderman Underoos. He was stunned by the beauty of the small, but perfectly formed little circumcised penis. It stood in almost vertical position, pointing above a tiny, compact scrotum, hairless and containing grape-sized balls. It seemed so pristine, with nary a hair sprouting from the flat tummy."Bye for now Kiwi Boy! Kevin is going to take a trip around the world." The newly denuded young boy announced."What the hell is a trip around the world, mate?" Liam asked."It is a trip you are SO going to enjoy, Liam. Your gorgeous body is the world and my mouth is the Good Ship Lollipop, traveling a kissing trail on every inch of unexplored land, including gliding between two rounded mountains, into a dark crevasse." Kevin explained as he lifted anchor and planted a starting-point kiss on the curious boy's forehead."Aha, Matey, will the Good Ship Lollipop, spend time at the Equator?" Liam asked as he naughtily wiggled his imposing mast."You will see, love, that my favorite ports are in the tropical zone, where I might have to cut through a pubic forest to get to a tasty port."Kevin began his journey kissing eyebrows and then touching each eyelid gently with his exploring tongue. The tiny fairy experienced an erotically paradoxical patience, as he happily dwelled on the smiling face of his boyfriend. The lips were revisited, as the Lollipop crew went caving inside Liam's cooperatively open mouth. The expedition inspired fingers to tickle the ears of the exploring boy.Predictably, the Lollipop glided south over the cliff of boyish chin and along the sublime estuary neck. A tell-tale trail of boy saliva pointed inevitably to the circular islands of pink nipples. Kevin teased the rising nub of a nipple with his tongue and then kissed the enticing place that needed sucking. Kevin suckled like a toddler on the breast of this lovely boy. It was a new and beautifully tender thing for the lad from Down Under. He caressed the soft cheeks of the little boy whose mouth inspired both Pedo Nymphets a sense of oneness with a boy he loved and a flood of lascivious sensations at his nipples and down to his throbbing cock.Liam wondered how anything could be more glorious and stimulating. He knew that if he and Kevin could continue this pleasure, without touching Liam's erect penis, he could keep his cock from exploding with a massive ejaculation of semen. He was aroused and emotionally touched by the kissing and sucking little boy. The sights and sensations made it seem like he was dreaming and viewing himself being worshipped by Kevin's relentless and tender little mouth, seeing himself covered with kisses by a beautiful little fairy.Kevin suddenly became playful and silly. It was somehow an acceptable sort of deviation from the massively salacious oral acts. He covered Liam's belly button with his mouth and blasted a lewd and loud raspberry."Stop that!" Liam protested, his pretense adding to the good laugh they shared.Kevin's mouth traveled through lightly-haired pubes, and onto one thigh and then another. Liam squirmed a bit, sensing that his penis was at the stage of hair-trigger. Kevin relished the softness at Liam's inner thighs, licking a trail over the seductive stretches of the right quadriceps femoris tendon. His lips dwelled there, adoring this taut and trembling part of his boyfriend.It was a journey of discovery for Kevin. He knew it was just right to pay homage to such a beautiful body of his adorable and virile boy lover.Few words were spoken as lips and tongue touched and kissed down Liam's thighs and over his knees. A light bit of white covered the mending left knee, directed Kevin to kiss the right knee and slide his mouth down the shin, past the ankle and to the feet."Oh Kev, that tickles!" Liam half-heartedly protested as his tiny toes each had a tender kiss and suck. It was like sucking a series of little penises for Kevin, forcing a giggle at the ludicrous comparison of these minute digits compared to the almost frighteningly large cock that waited impatiently between Liam's legs."Please turn over." Kevin begged, as his small hands guided a rotation until the gorgeous athlete was lying prone. Kevin began at the nape of Liam's neck and trailed rapidly down to the twin mounds of Liam's perfectly formed bottom. Soon enough the surface of the smooth, hairless ass cheeks glistened from paths of saliva. Kevin's tiny penis pulsed at the erotic sensation of kissing Liam's bottom. He wanted more and rudely spread the cheeks apart, widening the crack and revealing a most beautiful boy hole. Kevin meekly extended his tongue to touch the tight opening."Is it okay, to do this Liam?" Kevin asked as his mouth exhaled warmth onto the tiny, clenched anus."Please do it, Kevin." Liam implored, spreading his legs wider and consciously relaxing the sphincter muscles to aid entry of a probing tongue.Kevin pressed his tongue like a little penis and slipped the tip past the rim and into the warm recesses of Liam's love hole. Kevin was now in an emotional flight of joy, licking inside the narrow tube of the rectum. Try as he might, Liam had difficulty controlling the squeezing his bottom did to the licking tongue, now inside of him. It was beyond erotic for Kevin. He was doing something so taboo and perverted, but it was beautiful to him."Liam, may I suck your cock now?" Kevin asked after he removed his tongue from inside Liam's anus and planted random kisses on the tensing cheeks."I want that so much, Kevin." The masculine boyfriend almost shouted.Kevin studied the enormous, gloriously beautiful penis, holding the shaft with his left hand. His fingers seemed like those of an infant as they fastened upon the thick alabaster erection. Kevin lowered his head with determination and stuck his tongue upon the fiery red glans. The foreskin was peeled down by Kevin for total attention to the throbbing and wet cockhead. He tongued the piss slit and then licked around the glans, savoring the slightly bitter taste of Liam's pre-cum discharge. To him, it was nectar of the gods. He swirled his tongue rapidly around the glans, feeling a bit of an involuntary jerk as the sensitive underside of the cockhead was licked. Now, Kevin summoned his courage and spread his lips widely to suck the juicy cockhead into his mouth.It was majestic and exciting for little Kevin to suck on Liam's penis, easing the glans past the lips so a portion of the shaft was tightly held by lewdly stretched fairy boy lips. Kevin set into a routine of sucking cock and rocking the cockhead in and out of his sucking and licking mouth.Liam was in the throes of perfect ecstasy, witnessing and feeling a beautiful little girly boy down between his legs. It was so amazing to him to see little Kevin enjoying his cock so much as the imposing length was pumped in and out of that petite little perfect mouth. The distortion of a widely open mouth with lips pushed to their limits seemed a joyous sacrifice by the cock-sucking little fairy boy, yet it was patently obvious that the little cocksucker was in girly-boy heaven.Kevin calmly eased Liam's enormous cock out of his pretty mouth, his chin bearing traces of saliva and boy juice. He grinned and looked up at a smiling face."Are you ready for the most amazing thing a crazed little fairy cocksucker can do to another boy?" Kevin asked with an incongruous look of calm."I think I know what you mean. Please do it!" Liam Pedo Nymphets pleaded."I tried this with Adam but his cock is really little, Liam, but the way I do it will work, if you lie still as possible." Kevin explained.Kevin paused over Liam's Pedo Nymphets long penis and canted his head so that the angle of his throat matched perfectly the angle of the eight inches of beautiful cock. Without kissing or licking, the girly-boy surrounded the imposing and trembling glans with his fatigued but willing lips and slowly lowered his head. The skin of the shaft slid easily until half of the huge penis was in Kevin's mouth. Kevin felt the cockhead pressing against the relaxing muscles of his throat and he allowed the penis to penetrate deeply. Liam stifled a gasp as he felt the warmth and tightness as his huge penis invaded the tiny boy's throat.Kevin's penis jerked in contrast to the calm of sliding eight inches of boy cock totally into his mouth. His stretched lips touched pubes and scrotum, creating a sight for Liam that challenged mightily his sense of self-control. The leaking of boy juice threatened to inspire gagging, so Kevin eased the huge cock out of his throat.Now, Kevin avidly sucked Liam off, pumping the cock in and out and licking the head of Liam's penis frantically."Oh Kevin, this is Pedo Nymphets so wonderful! Please stop, because I want to blow you before I orgasm." Liam begged.They kissed for a bit until Liam went around the world on the delightfully girlish body of his favorite little fairy.Liam amazed himself by enjoying probing Kevin's tiny boy-hole with his tongue. He realized that he was not easily embarrassed with anything that the two little homosexual boys enjoyed.Liam was thrilled to have Kevin's tiny penis in his mouth. He relished its stiffness and delicious taste as he made the two inch boy-cock rock in and out of his sucking mouth. The beauty of the boy he was blowing made this sex act something he would always remember. He tasted the perfect little balls before sucking Kevin to the edge of orgasm.They twisted around until each had a penis in Pedo Nymphets his little cock-sucking mouth. Kevin was on top and writhed cutely, light as a feather, for shared fellatio.Liam took his mouth off of Kevin's stiff little cock and exclaimed:"Kevin, I want you to fuck me in the ass now and shoot semen inside me!"Kevin happily complied; astonished at how avid Liam was to surrender his bottom to Kevin's little cock. He lay Liam on his back and helped him place his legs on Kevin's soft, little shoulders. The pink pucker was so inviting as Kevin fingered the boy-hole with gel. He mounted his lover and sank his tiny penis into his lover's anus. As Kevin fucked his adorable boyfriend, he fondled and masturbated the huge penis between them. In minutes, Kevin could not hold back. His penis jerked and spurted little streams of semen inside Liam's rectum. He went quite mad bucking in and out of Liam's anus until he emerged and went down on Liam.Kevin fellated frantically until he felt the widening of the piss hole and the swelling of thee glans. Kevin took the penis out of his mouth and aimed the head of the cock toward his lips.Liam's penis shot a powerful stream of semen that landed on Kevin's upper lip, dripping lewdly on his mouth and down his chin. Again his penis spat semen onto Kevin's soft cheeks, in his hair and on his neck and chest. It was beautiful to both of them as Pedo Nymphets they slid their faces over Liam's semen and allowed sperm to be tasted and shared with kisses.The two boys kissed gently as they cuddled and caressed. They grew tired with a pleasant fatigue and fell asleep embracing. Comments sent to feestyoreayesyahoo.com are welcome. Cruel ones will be discarded.

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