Related article: Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:29:58 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 30Across the Alley XXX I worked the dirty boulevard for a week, husbanding every dollar for our trip. I spent only enough to buy dope for Michael to keep him from getting sick. I also cut his fix gradually until by the end of the week, he was getting about half of what he was used to getting. His body noticed the difference, but all he could see was the cooking of the fix, and the injection. His immediate response to being injected, was the same as when he was taking a full hit of the shit. I kept it hidden from him when I was out so he wouldn't find it and shoot up the whole stash of junk at once. This process, had made him grumpy and withdrawn, but he stuck it out with me. Steve and Sally finally gave up trying to interest tricks in a three way with the two of them, and had started making a little money every night. Sally needed the apartment to take her johns to, so Steve hooked up with tricks and usually did them in their cars, or was taken to a local motel for sex. After a week, they had gathered a thousand dollars between them, and I figured it would only get better. I was getting anxious to get on the road. I liked Hollywood, and the money was easy, but I knew if I didn't get Michael out of town soon, he'd get pulled back into the drugs as soon as he felt well enough to start hustling again. I told Steve and Sally that we would be leaving on Saturday. My thoughts were we'd take a bus East, but I was worried that Michael would get sick in front of people on the bus and tried to figure out what alternatives we had. We talked about it a time or two, and were drawing blanks for solutions. I was walking the street on the last Friday night, and noticed a car parked on the corner with a sign in the window that it was for sale by the owner for five hundred dollars, and a telephone number to call. When I got back to the apartment, and Michael and I were winding down for the night, I happened to mention that it would be nice if we could drive to New York, but that I didn't know how to drive. "Well, shit," Michael said. "I can drive. I learned when I was a kid from a neighbor man who taught me in exchange for blow jobs." "Let's go see the car in the morning to see if it would get us to New York." "Deal," he said. Neither of us got much sleep that night. The excitement of the trip and the possibility of buying a car to drive East in style. But all those thoughts and anxieties, didn't stop us from making it with each other. There was something about Michael that just turned me on. I found it hard to keep my hands off him, and from his reaction, he must Child Modeling Nn Video have felt something similar, because, he seemed to spend hours making my body sing with his tongue, teaching me things about my erogenous zones that I never knew existed. His mouth became my favorite erotic toy, and I loved feeling him play with Child Modeling Nn Video me using it. I also grew to love his fat cock sliding into me again and again. He said he loved to fuck me, because it felt like he was totally with me, and nothing stood between us when we made love. As morning arrived with the first tentative bird calls, we both drifted in and out of sleep. I heard the Mexican gardener singing softly as he went about doing what ever he did. We laid in bed half asleep, and held each other close while we drowsed. I heard Sally in the bathroom brushing her teeth, and decided to get up. We had gotten so used to each other, that I didn't think twice about going into the Bathroom with her still nude, and had my morning piss. She brushed away while I pissed, then reminded me to put the lid sown before she walked out to through their bedroom and slipped into her robe to cover her nakedness. She had a slim tight body, with firm breasts, and I suppose if any girl could cause my bone to get hard, Sally would have been it. I watched her limply as she made her way to the kitchen. Steve was already out in the yard picking oranges. "Get up sleepyhead," I shook Michael lightly. "Todays the big day. We need to go see about that car." He opened his eyes, and grinned at me. His purple bruises had shaded off into muddy yellows and grays. In a day or two the evidence of his beating would have vanished like Hollywood in our rearview mirror. While he headed to the toilet, I pulled on my pants, and went to the kitchen. Sally was just putting the coffee on to perk, and Steve was slicing oranges. I got the squeezer out and started working on juicing them. Sally pulled some eggs and bacon out of the fridge, and started frying breakfast. By the time Michael wandered into the room, she had the table set and was pouring coffee into the mugs. I poured orange juice into four glasses, and set them around in their places, and started handing Sally one plate at a time so she could put four thick slices of bacon and a big spoonful of scrambled eggs on each plate. The toaster was Child Modeling Nn Video on the table with a loaf of bread, and we each made our own as we wanted it. The talk around the table was about how nice the weather had been of late, and how wonderful the blooming oranges and lemons smelled in the yard. Sally had never seen anything like the citrus trees before, and had developed a deep love of the fresh fruit off the trees in winter. She had found a tree in a neighboring apartment complex that had large green scaly pear shaped fruit growing on it, and had pulled a few off. The Mexican Gardener had told her they were very good, but had to be soft. They sat in a row on the counter, and when she felt them with her fingers, she discovered that one felt like it might be ripe. When she sliced into the fruit, she was shocked that the interior was just as green as the skin. There was a large egg shaped seed in the center, and the soft flesh of the fruit had a musk like odor. She took a thin slice with the knife, and offered it to me. I took a bite, and made a face. I expected a fruit like sweetness, but the flat buttery taste threw me. "Well, it tastes like an old sock." I spit the fruit out into my hand. "The gardener thinks it's something special." Sally cut another slice and passed it across the table to Steve. He looked at it carefully before laying it down on the side of his plate. Michael laughed. "That's an Alligator pear. Some people call them Avocados. You can eat them that way, but the Mexicans eat them chopped up with onions and chili peppers and lime juice. They taste pretty good with corn tortillas fried until they get hard. They call it Guakasomething." "Well," Sally said. "We never had nothin' like that back home. I'll have to get some chili peppers and try that Guaka stuff. Where can I get the peppers and those tortillas?" "There's a Mexican market down on Beverly Boulevard at Normandy." Michael picked up half of the pear Sally had put on the table, and sprinkled it with salt and a little pepper. He scooped out a spoonful and ate it with relish. "I love `em." After the breakfast dishes were washed, we all got dressed, and walked over to the corner and used the pay phone to call the telephone number on the sign in the car. The woman who was selling it agreed to meet us at the car in a few minutes, so we hiked down to where it was parked and waited for the woman to arrive. A little while later, a large black woman came toddling down the street, and as she got closer, her smile spread wider across her face. "Hi," she said. "I'm Alice. You the ones wanta buy my car?" "I do," I stepped out in front. "Honey you don't look old enough to drive that thank away." "I ain't. But he is." I pointed at Michael. "He knows how to drive, and he's old enough." "Do he have a driver's license?" She looked Michael up and down with wise eyes. "No I don't yet, but I'll get one. You need a car to drive to get a license. Does this ol' thang run?" "Honey it run like a rabbit, jus don't stop too good is all." She chuckled. "Needs some brakes on it." "How bad are they?" "Well, you gotta pumpem up real good ever time you need to stop. If you jus put the peddle to the floor, ain't nothin' gonna happen." "Can we drive it around a little?" She looked at the bunch of us standing there expectantly. "Ain't none of you gots a license is they? Sheeit. I guess I gots to get in and drive you `round if you gonna buy it off me." She unlocked the door, and slid in behind the wheel and unlocked the passenger door. Sally, Steve, and I climbed into the back seat, and Michael slid in next to Alice so he could watch what she did with the brakes. Alice fired up the engine, and popped the clutch and caused the car to backfire a time or two. "This a good ol' car. Get you any where Child Modeling Nn Video you want to go." She looked over her shoulder, and when the traffic allowed, she pulled into the street. She drove West on the Child Modeling Nn Video Boulevard for a few blocks, and than turned right and went up to Sunset. At sunset, we caught a stop light, and while the car stopped with her pumping her foot like a banjo player, once we were stopped on the slight hill, the car began to ease backward. Her pumping didn't seem to be doing the trick, so she gunned the motor, and kept it racing until the light changed. She headed back toward the street where she lived, and stopped the car in front of her apartment house. She carefully angled the tires into the curb, and killed the engine. "There," she wheezed. "You gonna buy my car?" "I'll give you four hundred for it in cash right now." She looked over the seat back at me, and held out her hand. I counted the money out laying each bill atop the last in her palm. When I reached the agreed upon sum, she smiled, and patted my cheek, and climbed out with a heaving chest trying to get her breath. "It's a better flat land car than it is drivin' these hills." She grinned back in through the open window. Michael had slipped behind the wheel, and started the engine. "Jus a minit boy," she started feeling around her ample bosom and then extracted a piece of yellow paper. "This the title. You don't got one of these, the police stop you, they might think it be stolen or somethin'. She took out a pencil and licked the tip. "Now who de new owner." I had her put Michael's name on the paper, and when she had signed it over to him, she slapped the roof, and told us to have fun and remember to pump it hard if we planned on stopping. She turned and waddled off up the street. Michael drove us around for a while, until he and I decided it was time to get our stuff together and hit the road. At the apartment, it just took us a few minutes to pack our few things and load them into the car. Steve and Sally stood on the sidewalk waving as we drove off toward our new destiny. I waved from the passenger side until we turned the corner and couldn't see them anymore. I felt a pang of sadness, but I knew things would get better for Michael and me. We had New York to look forward to now, but we had to get there. Of course, neither of us knew how to get to the highway that would take us out of town. We pulled into a Richfield gas station, and filled up the tank with gas and checked the oil and water. It was a quart low on both and we filled them as well. The young attendant, washed our windshield and tried to tell us how to get to route 66 which would eventually take us out of town. He didn't know the names of the streets, but by carefully noting his directions we found ourselves back on Sunset Boulevard headed East. We laughed when we saw that it was the highway to our escape and we'd have never known. The desert to the East was all ready hot, and we had to stop to buy something to carry with us to drink. The little service station in a place called San Bernardino, sold us a canvas bag which we were told to fill up and hang on the front of the car so the air rushing around it would make it cool to drink, and if the car over heated we could use the water to replace what boiled out. Neither of us had any idea what he was talking about, but followed his instructions anyway. He topped our oil and water off, and filled the gas tank and sold us a five gallon can full of gas which he insisted we would need to cross the desert to the next place we could buy gas. The whole deal cost us four dollars and some change. The high desert smelled clean and wonderful after the thick air of Los Angeles. We took our time, and often pulled off the road to explore the side roads. Most of them led to outlying ranches, but occasionally, they led to some beautiful canyon or oasis in the desert. One of these roads, appeared late in the afternoon, and we decided to take it to maybe find a place to Child Modeling Nn Video park for the night. We had some fruit to eat, but figured we could sleep in the car to save money. The oasis we pulled up to at the end of the road, sat in a basin at the entrance to a beautiful little canyon. A stream of clear cool water splashed down the incline of the canyon, and leveled for a brief run across the bedrock before dropping in a fall for about fifteen feet into a clear deep pool. Get two boys hat and tired, and give them a clear deep pool of water, and you get skinny dipping. We set rocks behind the tires to keep the car from rolling, and stripped off as quickly as we could and plunged in. The water was cold on our hot skin but after a few minutes, Child Modeling Nn Video our bodies got used to it, and we swam and played invigorated and stimulated in every way. Afterward, we laid on a flat rock above the pond, letting the waning sun to dry our skin and hair. We lay there, eating bananas, and watching birds come into the water to drink their last water for the day. Later, as the sun was finally slipping below the lip of the rising mountain, a herd of deer appeared out of the canyon, and began browsing on a field of rich grass across the pool of water. They seemed to be aware of us, and occasionally stood chewing their food and watching us intently for a few minutes before returning to their grazing. Michael, rolled over and looked at me laying beside him, and put his hand on my naked stomach. He rubbed my skin lightly, and then leaned over to kiss me. I opened my mouth, and accepted his tongue. That always made me begin to get hard. He rolled over onto me, and I could feel he was getting hard as well. We tussled and kissed for a while until both of us had raging hard-ons, and were anxious to experience each other in deeper more satisfying ways. "Let's get in the back seat of the car." Michael stood up and pulled me to my feet. His hard-on waving in front of his as he led me by my cock gripped in his hand to the car. We climbed in the back seat, and he immediately swallowed my cock to the pubes. He sucked me slowly and lovingly while I lay back across the seat and raised up on my elbows and watched him work. He occasionally looked up to see what effect his love making was having on me. I put a hand in his damp hair, and rubbed his head while he sucked. After he had me on the brink a time or two, and had pulled off to keep me from coming, he got up and told me he wanted me inside him. Leaning over the trunk of the car, I used spit to lube him up, and entered him slowly and completely. He grunted as my balls slapped against his, and I began to slow fuck him. He told me he wanted me to fuck him forever. I laughed and said I didn't think I'd last that long in his tight ass. We humped and screwed for several minutes, pausing several times to slow the climax, and when he began to grunt and moan under my thrusts, I knew he wasn't going to be able to hold off once more, and so I speeded my thrusts, and joined him as he tightened his sphincter on my shaft, and began painting the trunk of the car white. I flooded his channel with my own paint, and we lay there spooned like that, still connected, until my cock softened and slipped from his ass with a plop. We walked back down to the pool, and cleaned up again. After dressing, we ate another banana, and watched the last of the light fade out of the sky and the stars begin to appear in their millions. We heard the deer suddenly bolt off across the desert, and waited quietly watching for what had frightened them. After a moment, without seeing it come to the water, a large mountain lion was suddenly lapping water noisily at the edge not far from where we sat. The big cat finished his drink, and looked directly at us his bright eyes collecting the dimming light and reflecting it back. We held our breath, and finally the cat sauntered off toward the canyon, and as it had come, disappeared as if by magic right in front of our straining eyes. "We better go somewhere else to sleep tonight," Michael said. "He might come back." We made our way back to the car in the starlight, and drove out of the oasis by half a mile, and parked again. We climbed into the back seat, and entwined ourselves together, and after a long kiss, we drifted off to sleep. The light in my eyes, was bright and blinding. I sat up, pushing Michael off me, and waking him up at the same time. I held a hand up trying unsuccessfully to see who was holding the flashlight in my eyes. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" The voice out of the dark behind the blinding light, was deep and masculine. Michael sat up quickly, and tried to shade his eyes. "You think we got us a couple a queers Forny?" The voice hooked up an octave at the end. "Shore looks like it if you ast me." The second voice was less masculine, but no less mysterious behind the light. "Come on out a that car boys, and don't do nuthin' rash. We're cops." My heart sank. I didn't like the way this was playing out. "Shit," I muttered under my breath, and piled out of the car with my hands up to show I wasn't armed. Michael was right behind me, and I knew he was worried about the stash of his drug under the front seat.End

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