Related article: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 21:10:02 +0000 From: william michael Subject: Aged Beef 2The following is the second installment in a series that will tell the tale of a man in his latter years exploring new elements of his sexuality to include masturbation, mutual masturbation, man to man, group activities, exhibitionism and whatever else might come his way. If you are not interested in these activities or are not of legal age, please move on. For all others, please enjoy and I look forward to your comments.Nelson Merriweather awoke that morning feeling pretty good. The day before he had engaged in a hot masturbation session with his neighbor and friend, Fred Anderson. In and of itself the session had been great fun and very satisfying. Nelson had come to appreciate the joy of self gratification for its own sake and he was particularly happy to have shared it with Fred, who was in need of some serious relief as it was distracting him from his writing. However much fun it was, the stiff nine inches that was lying along his stomach told him that further adventures awaited. This morning he had in mind to try something new. He rolled out of bed, naked as usual with his engorged manhood pointing the way. After a visit to the bathroom he made his way to the den where his computer was located. Several years ago when he began consulting, he purchased a top of the line webcam arrangement that allowed him to conduct meetings with clients worldwide. He found it a valuable business tool but lately other possibilities had become evident. As his interest in masturbation had deepened he began to do some research and found more then a few sites that allowed for real time amateur performances as well as posting of prerecorded video clips. He had spent more than a little time in the last month using the clips and watching a few live performances to enhance is enjoyment.This morning he was going to place himself before the public for the first time. He arranged the camera angle and chair so that he would be visible from shoulder to knees. He had a tube of lube gel handy and was logged on to his preferred site in moments. His cock was already hard and dripping with anticipation. Once Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics he was satisfied with the way things looked on his playback screen he clicked on the `broadcast' button and he was on screen. He quickly realized it was fun watching himself on the small screen slowly running his hand up and down his beefy shaft. It wasn't more then a minute or so when the first viewer name popped up on the `watchers' list. By the time five minutes had passed fully a dozen screen names were showing along with their age and location. One of the reasons Nelson picked this site was that it seemed to have a fair number of members from the general area of his Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics new hometown. While his left hand continued to slide up and down his cock, his right worked the wireless remote to check out the profiles of a few of the watchers and he found them to be varied and in some cases quite interesting. About ten minutes had passed when he got a blinking message alert and when he clicked on it a message window popped up with a name, a invitation to view a webcam and a short "hi, like what I see" message.He accepted the cam invite and typed back, one handed "Hi, glad you do." The image that popped up showed a full screen of a well built man, with moderate light colored body hair, a very prominent tanline of a very small swimsuit and a very nice looking cock of around eight inches and massive underslung balls. Nelson's cock twitched and oozed a bit more rapidly. A large Instant Message window accompanied the cam window and contained the following:"Hey, 55 year old single male here, loving the way you're stroking that big dick."Nelson replied;"Thanks, again, 60 year old widowed man here, like what you're showing too.""My name is Phil. This may sound forward but since we are watching each other jerking off, what the heck. You ever stroke off with another guy? I mean together real time?""I'm Nelson. Yes, in fact did it for the first time in a very long time yesterday with a friend.""Cool. Would you like to do it with me sometime? We only live about ten miles apart.""I don't know. Yesterday was with a guy I've known almost a year. Not sure about doing it with a stranger.""I understand. Maybe we could meet somewhere first or talk on the phone. I'd really like to get together with you. Haven't seen such a hot guy our age in a long time around here."Despite Nelson's stated apprehension, the hardness of his cock and tickling in his balls were definitely trying to tell him something. He continued to squeeze serious amounts of precum out of his pisshole. Lube gel wasn't a need right now. Nelson wrote back,"You mean you want to talk now while we are on camera?""If you'd like. I can talk through my computer hookup, how about you?""Yeah, I have video conferencing setup. Okay, give me your number and I'll call.""Great. 899-555-2121."Nelson pulled up his phone link, put on his head set and punched in the number. Two rings later the connection was made."Hi, Nelson? This is Phil""Hi, Phil.""Man, I'm so glad you called. You are one hot Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics looking guy. It's hard to believe you're sixty. And damn that is one hot cock.""Thanks, Phil. You look damn good yourself. Looks like you spend a fair amount of time in a gym. And you're not lacking in the cock department yourself.""Thanks, man. I gotta tell you I'm really straining to hold back here. Been at if for over an hour watching different guys but when I saw yours I nearly lost my load. I am so close to the edge right now.""I haven't been at it that long, Phil, but seeing and talking to you and being watched by all these guys has me pretty close. If you shoot your load, I gotta think mine won't be far behind.""Oh god yeah, I want to see you blow that sweet load. Oh man, just thinking about it has me ready to...ahhhhh godddd, fuuckkkkkkkkk."Phil's cock began to expel a thick wad of cum with each shout. A line of cum would spurt out about an inch then drop down his shaft dragging more cream with it. Then another spurt would follow. Three good lines of cum ran down his shaft and began to pool on the over sized balls resting on the seat cushion. His head was back and his body was shaking. True to his word Nelson followed right behind and his grunts, although not as loud as Phil were still audible and his flow of cum was soon running down the long thick shaft and running onto his belly. As his eyes focused on the computer again he could see additional message request bubbles pop up with varies comments and exclamations. He smiled knowing so many other guys had watched him shoot his load."Oh, man, Nelson. That was so good. I love the way your cum just streamed out of your cock like that. Young guys are so proud of how far they can shoot but I think it's so hot when it just runs down and coats a cock and makes such a mess.""Thanks, Phil. You're put out a nice load too. You know, maybe us getting together wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. What would you suggest?""If you wouldn't mind the ride, I have a nice hot tub and secluded pool. We could have a lot of fun."Nelson wasn't sure how much fun Phil had in mind but he was sure he could handle himself okay."Okay, Phil, give me an address and I'll look up the directions and be there by noon, how's that sound?""Great, man. Gives us a chance to clean up and recharge. I'm at 452 S. Maple, in Settlersville. Just a couple of towns away.""Okay, got it, see you at noon.""Great." Phil was first to break the connection. Nelson left the cam link open as he continued to rub his first cum load of the day into his cock and belly while his appreciative audience watched and offered some more complimentary comments. This was going to open up some interesting opportunities. After another five minutes or so, he closed down the cam and logged off the site. He went in and took a shower, shaved and then had a good breakfast. Based on the directions he figured he'd allow himself a half hour to get to Phil's house. It took a bit longer due to midday traffic on a few roads and he arrived about five minutes after noon. The house was at the end of a long cul-de-sac in a nice section of town. He pulled into the drive and with some butterflies in his stomach walked to the door. He was dressed in a three button pullover, khaki cargo pants and docksiders with no socks. He rang the doorbell and in a moment he was greeted by the clothed version of the man he had shared his first cam masturbation session with."Nelson, it's great to meet you face to face. A very handsome face in fact. Please, come in.""Thanks, Phil. Nice place you've got here. Thanks for the invitation."Phil led Nelson into the foyer and said over his shoulder,"Hey are you kidding? You're the hottest thing I've seen on that site in months. You get a lot of younger guys but they don't do much for me and so many of the guys our age have let themselves go, you know."Nelson was a little embarrassed but more than a little pleased at what Phil was saying. He agreed that more then a few of their fellow seniors were in less then good shape and a Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics lot of the younger guys tended to be pushy, immature or in some cases so stoned when they were on camera as to be something less then appealing. Phil was leading the way to the rear of the house and they arrived at a very nice family/tv room that looked out over the backyard containing a kidney shaped in ground pool, separate hot tub, a small garden and all of it surrounded by a tall plank-on-plank fence. With the set back of the house on the lot and the arrangement on the neighboring houses, privacy was assured. Nelson thought that things could get interesting."This is a very nice set up, Phil.""Thanks, I've been here a couple of years and I like it a lot. Can I get you anything to drink?""Not right now, Phil, thanks.""I hope I don't sound to forward but would you mind if we got naked. It's usually how I am when I'm home and I'd really like to see your body up close now that you're here.""Sure, I guess that would be okay.""Terrific."And with that Phil began to peel off the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing. With no t-shirt underneath he was soon showing off his trim, well defined torso. He had the lean build of a swimmer or rock climber as opposed to a body builder. Nelson thought he looked very good indeed. He wasn't far behind and soon had his shirt and pants off. Phil beat him to full nudity by the simple expedient of having gone commando and when he dropped his shorts he revealed some very nice thighs, a hard trim ass and the eight inch cock that was so prominent in this morning's session. The lightly colored hair was actually blond as was the short buzz cut hair on his head. He stood openly admiring Nelson who was working his tight briefs down his legs. When he stood up his nine inch shaft was sticking straight out. Phil whistled softly."Damn, that looks so much better in person. So do you, buddy.""Thanks, Phil. You look really good yourself. Looks like you make good use of the pool."Phil laughed, "Actually that one is more for soaking and floating, too short for exercise. I go to the Y and use their pool for swimming and some light weight work.""Well, it's working for your."Phil just smiled and then motioned for Nelson to take a seat on the couch. Nelson sat near the edge of the thick seat cushions and leaned back, letting his legs spread a bit and let his cock flop back onto his stomach. Phil sat down close but not to close and took a similar posture. He began stroking his cock while looking at Nelson's fat hard dick. Nelson began to run his fingers slowly up and down the underside of his dick giving Phil a little tease. He wasn't sure why he was taking this approach but he was enjoying the way Phil was staring at his dick and he couldn't help playing up to him. He let his other hand toy with his ball sack and finally he let one finger and his thumb circle his shaft below the head and start a slow stroke. He was watching Phil whose cock was fully hard and beginning to drip at the tip, his breathing was heavy and his eyes were lidded but fixed on Nelson's big dick. Nelson was feeling a bit perverse and he tilted his cock towards Phil and gave it a few hard tugs. Phil groaned a bit and his free hand moved a bit towards Nelson who couldn't help but notice. Curious about Phil's intentions, Nelson continued to stroke his big dick with it pointed in Phil's direction. Nelson hadn't had another male's hand on his cock since he was fourteen and that was during a clumsy groping episode at summer camp. This could prove to be much more interesting. On a whim he let go of his dick and let if drop against his stomach and he continued to fondle his balls and with his now free hand he began to tweak his nipples.Phil let out another low groan and reached across and took Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics Nelson's big dick into his hand, wrapping his fingers around its thickness and giving it a squeeze. Nelson felt an electric thrill at the touch of another man and decided he liked it, a lot. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes to savor the sensation of Phil's hand running up and down his heavily drooling cock head, his grip easing and tightening like a heart beat. Nelson let his hand drop from his chest to the couch cushion and touched the side of Phil's leg. Phil's legs drifted wider so his right leg contacted Nelson's left. Nelson let his hand travel up over Phil's thigh until it touched Phil's huge balls. He slipped his hand under the smooth shaved skin and hefted the heavy pair, fondling and rubbing them. Phil groaned louder and gave Nelson's dick a hard squeeze and tug. Nelson kept his eyes closed and was really getting into the feelings he was experiencing when he felt Phil shift his weight on the couch and then a very different feeling on his cock. His eyes popped open to see the top of Phil's head in his lap and feeling the warm wet sensation of a pair of lips on his monster cock. He hadn't felt that in many years as his wife had stopped sucking his cock a long time ago. It may have been a guy doing it but right now he wasn't caring much at all. It felt good. The wet lips, the soft tongue and the firm hand at that base were driving fantastic sensations down his cock, through his balls and right to the base of his spine. He closed his eyes and took his hand off his balls and brought it to rest on Phil's head and started to push his hips a little, fucking Phil's mouth. Nelson was realizing that regardless of who was doing the sucking, he REALLY was enjoying having his cock worked over like this. He could feel the copious amounts of saliva flowing from Phil's mouth which created the wonderfully slippery feel of the hand that was stroking the base of his dick. The tongue that was flicking across his cockhead was sending shivers right up his spine. What was also clear is that Phil was really enjoying sucking Nelson's long fat cock. A constant stream of murmurs and gurgles and other happy sounds were mingling with the slurping and popping and generally wet noises resulting from the work his wet lips were performing.At some point Nelson could feel Phil move around on the couch so that he was now kneeling on the cushions next to him. This had removed Phil's huge ball sack from his hand so Nelson felt around and came up with Phil's hard dripping dick. Without a second thought he began to squeeze and tug on the very respectable piece of beef and was rewarded with an increase in tempo and volume of Phil's happy sounds. Nelson was genuinely pleased that the pleasure he was receiving was being returned in some measure. But as with all things pleasurable this one was coming to an end and in the end there was a lot of coming. Nelson began to feel that familiar tingle at the base of his cock and it spread to his balls. His hips began to move in slower, stronger thrusts and he mumbled,"Damn, Phil, I'm gonna blow my load."Phil acknowledged with a positive sounding gurgle and brought his lips to rest just below the head of that magnificent dick. Nelson gave two more hip thrusts and grunted in his usual style. He felt the first two shots leave his dick with the head still in Phil's mouth. Then Phil pulled the head out and placed it against his cheek and let the rest of the cum spill out onto his face. At this point he began to buck in Nelson's hand and with a low shout shot his load onto Nelson's hand and forearm. It was warm and wet and thick. Nelson's hand slid off the back of Phil's head as Phil slowly sat back on Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics his heels. Nelson rolled his head slightly to the left to look at his new cum buddy and saw that his face wore a questioning expression and a fair amount of thick cum on his lips, chin and cheek. His eyes darted about a bit and then came to rest on Nelson. He gave a little smile and then said,"Um, I guess I got a little carried away. I hope I didn't freak you out or anything.""Well, I was surprised when I felt your mouth on my dick but I can't deny it felt really, really good. I haven't been sucked off like that in decades."Phil snorted,"What a waste. That's a cock that deserves sucking every day. I don't do it much myself. I'm bisexual and when I get with a guy it's usually for hot jerking off, but I just couldn't resist that delicious piece of yours. And for what it's worth your hand felt really good on my cock. You have a really great technique.""Thanks, buddy. I've been practicing a lot the last year or so. Guess this gives me some things to think about. Interesting alternatives if you know what I mean.""I sure do. So, if you don't have any plans why don't we get cleaned up a bit and go take a soak in the hot tub?"Nelson smiled a bit and nodded his agreement. Phil rolled off the couched and grabbed Nelson's hand and yanked him to his feet. Instead of leading him to a bathroom, they walked out of the French door's to the patio where a rinse shower stood off to one side. Phil stepped under and pulled the chain to start the water flowing. He rubbed his face under the spray and removed the remains of Nelson's cum from his face and then his chest. As Phil stepped aside Nelson moved into place and rinsed off his hand, belly and crotch. Then Phil led the way to the hot tub that looked like it could comfortably seat four or five people. The water was soothingly warm, not hot and bubbling madly from the air jets. It felt very relaxing and they allowed themselves to be lulled into a semi awake state. After a few moments Phil looked over at Nelson and said,"I hope you'll give me a chance to work on that big cock of yours again sometime, man. I know it's not what we discussed earlier but I'd be glad to do it anytime you felt the need.""I appreciate that, Phil. I hadn't Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics even considered it as a possibility but I sure will from now on. I've had a lot of fun flying solo this last year but in the last day I've realized that it's a lot more fun with someone to share it with." Nelson was glad to see that Phil was smiling and nodding his head. They were sitting so they were at about a ninety degree angle from each other. Phil's foot was resting against Nelson's ankle and it was moving slowly up and down an inch or two. Nelson could feel his body reacting to the attention and his semi-rigid cock was beginning to respond. He could see that questioning look on Phil's face again and he gave a little nod, then slowly stood up in the whirlpool and turned to face Phil directly. His stiffening rod was beginning to rise and point directly at Phil's face. Phil moved forward a bit and smiled up at Nelson, "Hmm, I love the way you think. God, what a damn fine cock."He reached out and took that heavy shaft in his hand and began to give it a long slow stroke. He reached out with his tongue and gave it a lick around the head. Now that it was a conscious and welcomed task, he was taking his time and really enjoying it. He teased the pee hole with the tip of his tongue and got a nice groan from Nelson. He tongued the tip of the vee under the head and then worked down the underside until he came to Nelson's ball sack. He came back up and when he reached the top he popped that meaty head into his mouth and applied suction. His right hand was clamped on the shaft midway between the head and base and his left hand formed a ring around the balls and cock base Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics with the ball sack resting in his palm. His lips began a long slow slide down to his hand and then back up to the flange, saliva coating the shaft as he retreated. He continued this treatment for several moments then let his had slide further down as he sucked more and more of the shaft into his mouth. Nelson was really getting a thrill from this deliberate worship of his cock and he brought his hands to rest on the sides of Phil's head, not to coax but as simply a gesture of appreciation. Phil was once again moaning and mumbling his wet joy at having this magnificent cock to lavish his attention on. His own dick was rigid and aching and he managed to arrange himself so that his could straddle one of Nelson's legs and rub the underside of his dick against the wet shinbone. Nelson thought this was pretty sexy. With the warm afternoon sun beating down on the two men, the water bubbling about them and the slurping and moaning, this was better then any solo porno inspired jerking off that Nelson had ever done. He wasn't about to give up his solo pursuits but he definitely intended to explore his expanding horizons.Neither was sure of how much time had passed since the hot second session had begun but it was obvious that the two were fast approaching the time for release. Phil could feel the increase in precum flow and the pulling up of Nelson's balls. Nelson could sense the increased urgency in which Phil was dog humping his leg. Once more Nelson signaled his imminent release by tell Phil he was getting so close. This time Phil had something else in mind though. He popped the hard cock out of his mouth, the shaft dripping with his saliva. He gripped it tight below the head and stood up quickly, bringing his own cock up against Nelson's. He opened his hand and captured his cock and pressed it against Nelson's and began a furious stroking. His other hand was on Nelson's hip and Nelson had grabbed onto Phil's shoulders for support. They both had their heads tipped back and with a couple of grunts, groans and `omigods' they both erupted almost simultaneously. Two batches of thick creamy cum oozed out of the pair of purple cock heads, flowing over and down, coating cocks and a hand and what ever skin was in reach. The two men hunched and jerked and vibrated as the deep orgasms they felt rippled through their bodies like earthquake shockwaves. When it was over they slumped a bit, each using the other for support. Nelson let his arms drop as did Phil. They looked at each other and smiled."Damn, Phil, that was amazing. I've seen that done on video before but that was a first for me. Your cock felt so hot against mine.""I'm glad you liked it, Nelson. It's one of my favorite ways to share masturbating with a buddy. Never did it with such a great dick before though. Come on, let's rinse off before this gets into the filter."They climbed out of the hot tub and used the shower to rinse again. Then they jumped into the pool and swam a bit to cool off. When they got out, Phil offered Nelson something to drink while they dried off naked in the sun. By now it was mid afternoon and reluctantly Phil indicated he needed to get ready for an evening business appointment otherwise he would ask Nelson to stay for dinner and some more fun. Nelson said he understood and would gladly Pthc Loli Kiddy Pics take a rain check. Phil was genuinely pleased at the future prospects for fun with his new big dicked `sexy senior' as he jokingly called Nelson, and himself. They dressed, made sure they had each other's phone numbers and email and Nelson departed, happy and sated. He took his time getting home and rolled into the driveway of his house late in the afternoon. He looked over at Fred's house and wondered how his writing was coming along. He shrugged and walked into his house. He checked his machine for messages and then went to the computer. When the screen came up there was an IM window from the video sharing site. He opened it and found the following."Hey there, stud. Caught your performance this morning and really got off on seeing you working that great big piece of meat. Hard to believe you're sixty. Wanted to offer you an invitation to join some friends and me for a little get together with the intention of starting a masturbation/oral sex group. If you are at all interested shoot me back a response and I'll send details and the list of interested persons. That way you can check their profiles. Hope to hear from you."It took Nelson all of about 15 seconds to ponder the invitation before sending back his response, in the affirmative. He smiled as he began to peel off his clothes and head to the bathroom for a long soapy shower. Maybe being retired isn't going to be so bad after all.More to cum...

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