Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 17:16:39 -0700 (PDT) From: Aihu Fist Subject: A Dream in Urdu 2A dream in UrduBy Aihu FistPart 2I touched my head again and felt something crusty; I rubbed it a little and looked at it. It was caked blood! One boy ran away and came back with a sling and a stone. He pointed to himself and then to my head. Did I get it right, was he saying that he had hit me with a stone? As a consequence, I was tied down from the waist to my feet? They all roared with laughter at the expression on my face. I didn't have much time to talk or to try to understand what was so funny. Down went my head and one more boy positioned himself and his cute little rod to penetrate my mouth. My jaws were getting sore and my skin turned baby pink. The sun was about to roast me alive, I gathered. Without much of an explanation the eldest kids left in a hurry, raising their pajamas high above the pelvis. The smallest of all, who hadn't yet performed Dark Collection Bbs on me, remained seated and threw a few rocks at me, trying to hit my sleepy manhood. It was as if they didn't consider me a human being. But where was I, and who was I, kept drumming through my aching skull like a lost mantra. There wasn't much time for pondering about things. The big boys were back with poles and plastic. In a short notice they had the poles up in the soil and had the plastic fastened to them. I had a roof over me, at last. They were going to keep me here and shield me from the sun. Why did they not untie me and lead me to a shelter or to their home?I smacked my lips to indicate that I needed something to drink. The tallest boy lowered his pajamas, heaved a long penis over them and pissed a whole load into a beaker. He offered it mockingly to me, but I shook my head. No need to tell him no, two other big boys got hold of my mouth, kept it open, and he just poured it in. I nearly gagged but they shut my mouth instantly. Gosh, I swallowed it and it didn't taste that bad, it wasn't even remotely salty.I lay there all afternoon and the sun was about to set when three adults showed up. They wore big turbans, a waistcoat over a long sleeve shirt and baggy trousers. A few words were exchanged with the older boys, who immediately shot in action. The eldest pointed to my feet and waist and as a result I got freed. Then, the one with a grey beard barked once more at them, after which they hurriedly left the scene. That is, they tried to leave. The pre-teens were not allowed to go. What was going on? His `grey eminence' poked at me with his a weird stick, which looked more like a scepter. However, at the end of it, it felt like it was made of rubber. It was quite fat and round like an elongated door knob, or...I didn't want to think about it. I was shaken out of my reverie by a raw command directed at me. I grasped I had to get onto my feet. I felt dizzy, and my head spun like a yoyo. The rubber knob pressed against my pectorals, and then it went down over my belly to my navel and ended up resting on my slender but still dormant penis. It didn't move from there. Grey (old man), as I will call him, seemed to enjoy his game. The knob proceeded to the end of my cock. The gland being wrapped up in a long foreskin seemed to be something he got excited about. The man was old, but his hands were swift and used to controlling that stick. He let it descend all the way to where the gland makes a difference with the shaft. He patted it gently and then pushed back the foreskin, causing a bit of swelling there. But seemingly, he wanted more. He tried to pull the skin back with the stick, but it didn't work. He stomped his heels on the ground keeping his eyes on me for ages. He turned around and ordered something for me to do. I didn't get it. He snapped at me some words that sounded rude; his eyes shooting anger at me. His two friends, who looked like they were his sons, grabbed me by my arms and turned me round with my back to him. I felt the stick running a line from my neck to my lower back, where it rested a few seconds. The stick continued its way just above my crack, where it started to rub.Another snap from Grey and the two made me bend over, and with a kick at both my feet they spread my legs. The stick was now about to descend the crack gully. It was a weird thing for me to stand like that, but I had no bad feelings about it. I felt as innocent as a child, no evil thinking or paranoid thoughts, whatsoever arose in me. My thinking was in images of some sort, when I wanted to say something; I seemed to be using some babble language. Nothing in me was coherent. I had to use body language to communicate with them, and every time I did they laughed at me. I closed my eyes again, I am sure this was a not the dream I wanted to continue. I wanted the hot yellow water to carry on washing my face.Grey clapped in his hands, and one of his friends, who was really a very handsome man indeed, opened up a shoulder bag from which he got a collar of some sort. It was quite small, more like a wristlet. The stick touched my chin and pushed it up forcing me to look at the ceiling. I felt the guy fumbling with my private parts and clip something to them. When the stick left my chin I looked down and noticed that a `wristlet' had been tied around my balls and cock. A strong long chain led from it to one of the poles. In short I was tethered like a horse by my cock and balls. It was not a leather leash but a copper one, which sat so tight it made my balls tingle.One little boy, who I assumed was not older than nine, made fun of me, throwing more rocks at my cock and butt. Occasionally the men tugged at the chain, so my cock danced like crazy. That was the best show they ever had.Grey told the kids off and shooed them away. When they were gone, the old man, obviously tired of the day sat himself down on the ground. You may find this strange, but I had no desire to run. I just stood there like a horse in the stable, ready to be saddled and ridden. I looked meekly at them while touching the copper noose around my balls. It was shiny and pretty. I liked it. I beamed at them and they smiled back at me. Then the two younger men, they were much older than me, although I didn't even know how old I was anymore, got closer to me. They seemed to ask permission first from the Grey, who nodded, and they proceeded. Maybe a bit of humour would make them my friends, I thought. So, I started snorting and whining like a horse, and yes they liked it. I scraped my left foot in the ground like horses do, and shook my imaginary manesOne of the men, thin, sinewy, big eyes and a hairless chin who I will call the Sweetman, connected to my game, and whispered unintelligible words in my ear; like a horse whisperer does. I felt aroused by it. The other man was black as the night, with a dark curly mustache, his body thin and agile like a snake. He began to stroke my backside, very softly at first and then slapped it very hard repeatedly. I had not expected this and jumped as it stung very badly. I whinnied harder and wanted to race around them. Sweetman, who had whispered in my ear, now stroked my belly. It sounded as if he said "easy, boy, now easy", but I am not sure. A finger ran over my spine like it was counting the vertebras. They looked at each other and grinned. I saw it from the corner of my eyes, as they were standing by my flanks. The dark handsome one placed his hand over my face and held it real tight and shushed me. His middle finger touching my nose bridge and the other fingers my cheeks. With his right hand he grabbed my left arse cheek and squeezed it gently.Maybe they were brothers, they understood each other without talking and simultaneously without interfering with one another they worked on me, as if to pacify me. Now one hand weighed my ball sack gently, cupping it, rocking it, feeling me up. I became nervous again and trampled the earth with my bare feet. I got to stand on my toes and neighed harder. That strong hand came down hard again on my backside. Once, twice! It hurt for real this Dark Collection Bbs time and I could not say all but acting shocked and angry. In response to that, he only showed me his ivory white teeth and tauntingly stuck his tongue between them. Sweetman weighed my balls was much nicer to me, he let go of the sack, and move up to the shaft which began to grow in volume. He then gently pulled the foreskin back. But it got stuck half way and so remained safe in its fleshy sheath. I began to trample a little nervous. He wanted to continue the pulling, but I pulled back instinctively, having my rod slip out of his hands. He was quick to get hold of it and increased the tightness of his fingers around it. He tried in vain and it hurt; No one had ever tried to pull my foreskin over my gland. I began to sob like a child, tears soon running wild over my cheeks. The children pranced around me and shouted at me making gestures with their fingers entering a hole in their other hand. The youngest boy struck my balls hard with his fist and other boys made a big show rotating their hips and pushing their loins forward, while making faces at me. The message was clear, no words needed. They were up to something.Grey yelled and they stopped immediately. They seemed afraid of him. I was left to stand there for minutes. Then one of them left, the disciplinarian one, only to come back with a young boy of about twelve years old. In front of me, he was without any hesitation on the man's part, stripped of his pajamas and kurta and stood before me in a tiny loincloth, which in my opinion, looked quite filled .The boy was obviously embarrassed and kept his eyes closed. Grey slapped him on the back of his head as a warning that he should heed their commands. The tough guy ripped even that small patch from his loins, so the young lad stood now stark naked by my side.Then Grey got up and picked up a few twigs. He seemed to have no patience with this boy and whipped him on his calves. The boy Dark Collection Bbs jumped and curled up next to me. Then the Sweet guy picked him up and told him something. The boy nodded and moved behind me, so I could not see what the plan was. I snorted again and neighed heavily. The boy placed both of his hands on my hamstrings and began softly to massage them. That had a heating effect on me. I shook my head backward and whinnied suppressing the volume, though. The sheer touch of his nimble fingers on my nerves in my gluttons drove me insane. Did I hear him giggle? Yes, he actually did.Grey barked again something harsh; for some reason he seemed to be very agitated. It was a bit of surprise when the boy came to stand in front of me; his face opposing my nipples. And what a face, his eyes shone with a light that only boys can show. Fiery eyes, black as coal and equal coloured eyelashes that seemed so thin and long, it made him look like a pretty girl. The black line at the bottom of his eyes was nature's permanent eyeliner.Another yell was let out, and things changed dramatically for the both of us. The boy sank lower with his head and took me in full surprise when he swallowed the full length of my cock. His head bobbing like a buoy on the sea. I snorted a couple of times, indulging in the treatment. The boy looked up at me and now seemed truly in heaven as well. So why, had he hesitated so long? The bobbing went faster and I poked harder into his wet mouth. Suddenly, I endured another hard spanking of my already sore buns.My cock unplugged from the boys oral cavity, and to my surprise and pride sported a naked gland. All cheered, but my rod was now untamable and they wanted the show to go on. The boy was yelled at again. Now both men grabbed him for a change. Sweetman laced the boy's arms around his neck and held him by his butt tight to his belly. Gently massaging the boy's arse and slowly parting the cheeks. I was now looking at what resembled a pink brown flower. Black as I called the dark one, took me from my tether and led me to the old man, who was waiting for me with a tin on his lap. I remember I could not even read what it said. I had gone illiterate? He unscrewed the lid and poured some of the content onto my deflating rod. He wasn't Dark Collection Bbs going to let it deflate itself. I thought he was going to take care of the exposed penis head. He rubbed it nicely which instantly made it erect and ready for a second round.Next, Black led me back under the tarpaulin. He squeezed my hams firmly and got hold of my invigorated rod. The boy was still held steadfast; his little hole was shining a fluorescent pink. One more whisper in my other ear sufficed to make the blood flow to my cock. Gently but determinedly, I was coaxed into approaching my new little friend. My leash was guided through the legs of Sweetman. I was nervous and started to grind my hoofs, whipping my manes dancing from side to side, holding my hips with my hands. But Black hauled me in, thus I got closer and closer, until my rod's mouth touched the little rosebud. Sweetman nodded at me, confirming that it was positively a good move. He leaned with the boy in his arms against one of the poles. A last tug at the leash and I touched down. It made one hell of a squishy sound when my foreskin collided with the boy's portal.But I got nowhere. Grey hurled abuse at me and angrily ran over to my side. His raw hand got hold of my cock and with all his might pulled the foreskin way back which revealed the massive knob glittering in oil.A new tug at the leash brought me back to the boy, Dark Collection Bbs who was not frightened at all. Ready for a new stab, I aimed well and suddenly it dawned on me that I had hands and that I could lead my cock into the boy's arse. So, I did; first a little pushing, then a little deeper and finally followed up by the hardest push I could muster. The orifice seemed to expand easily and embrace my gentle knob. The boy sighed deeply and he began to moan as I moved in harder. I was much too hot and horny now to even let anyone come in between. I was a stud, and I was going to breed with pussies. I don't recall having mated with real pussies, but this pussy was a boy's. I hoped he would become pregnant, Dark Collection Bbs and I would take care of the foal. In a strange tongue I told the lad about my love for him and his tight pussy. I would make him very happy. He seemed to understand me because he grunted and groaned louder and louder.Then Grey clapped his hands, the show was nearly over and he was waiting for the climax. I suppose he was happy with his stud. I felt the boy's arse muscles tighten every time I moved back in, scouring the deep entrails of it. Sweetman helped us by skewering the boy real well on my rigid rod. When I came to an explosion, I shot an uncountable load of sperm in there, and began whining uncontrollably.The boy had goose bumps all over his skin. He trembled and shivered with every squirt of mine. I wanted to hug him, but a tug at my leash made me bounce back, and my cock lost control and flopped out of the boy warm stranglehold, squirting the rest of it on the his bum."Amriki", the bad guy shouted at me. He had never shouted or called me like that. Was that my name or a command? They carried the boy off and I was tethered to the pole again. It was getting colder and they must have seen it, for Sweetman, after everybody had gone home, had come back with a blanket for me.This was the first day of my life as a horseman. There were many rules, which I didn't understand. When the men had left the scene, some of the finest young boys came to see me, and not only see me. I became their mare. They did not want me to ride them, which was fine with me mentally, but it was harder for my cock not show my interest in riding them. The one who tried to ride me first, was a fifteen year old lad. He made it crystal clear that he wanted to taste my backside. I knew I was stud, but I was too damn curious about letting slip a chance away like that, so I let him force me to sit on all fours and shove his hard buck's shaft up my horse pussy.That was an unforgivable mistake on my part, one that I would regret for the rest of my horseman life. I should never have allowed anyone to ride me, for I was the one who rides. It seemed to be an unwritten law that man can ride a boy but not otherwise. I had let that happen and I hadn't been informed of the consequences. But it was too late. The news was out the next day. I got the gist of the why of a punishment.Grey had me tied up at my hands and was whipping the hell out of me. I never saw that boy again. No more sweet talk from the Sweetman, no more nice strokes on my butt by Black. However, Grey still enjoyed whipping my arse with his twigs. My butt cheeks were scarred with crisscross marks. But it made no difference to the old bastard. I couldn't do much as the two `brothers' were watching to defend myself, as one hold the leash steadfast and tug it with every lash I got. The Baddie kept salt in a bucket which he used as a threat to keep my obedient.I only realized what the norm was when at night both men took turns on me. But I for a blanket, I was still naked, and even that was to be taken away from me. All the boys were called for, to witness this public humiliation. However, they were told to strip and masturbate while watching me getting punished severely.When Black pushed my body down, plastering my belly against the rocks, and had spat in his hands, I guessed what I was in for. However, I found the grinding and scrubbing of this hairless body to be so masculine, that it turned me on. He noticed it and yelled at me, sticking his finger straight up into my arse. Next, I had something fleshier and warmer up there. I realized he used me now like I had used the boy. I was a pussy to him. Respect thrown out of the window, I was going to be used like a real slave pussy, because I had allowed younger boys to ride me. It was stupid of me, but I did try to resist Black, because his dick was not as nice as boy's. When he realized I refused to succumb to his rape, he asked for Grey's stick and placed it against my sphincter. That's when I realized what the knob was for; why it was made of rubber. It was all shiny with oil and he rammed it inside of me with no second thoughts. I arched back in pain and screamed in agony. Everyone cheered the Black and threw rocks at me. Fortunately they avoided my face, but my manhood was hit several times. The giant rod pulled in and out and sometimes he would turn it around, grinding my innards hot.I could see the audience; surely there must have been a hundred of men and boys, some eating popcorn and drinking Coke. I could see them wanking madly at the scene. Some of them Dark Collection Bbs had seated themselves with their legs spread, fingering their anus with one or two fingers. I presumed all those who did that had already lost their virginity to these bearded men, who were now abusing me.I wasn't going to ride the boys no more. I was going to be the men's and boy's whore forever, unless I tried to escape. But where should I go? Where was I? I still had no idea and could not even speak a proper language. My thoughts were abruptly put on hold as Black pulled out the rubber penis, placed his cock against my hole, ready to made his last pushes and slaps against my backside. He grunted like a fat a boar, and spilled it in me. Having pulled out his fat dick, seemed to have been the sign for the youth to pelt me with more pebbles. They cheered the baddie on, and they jeered at me when Sweetman took over from Black, and Grey slapped his thighs in delight of what was to come.You like this? Let me know atAihufistyahoo.com

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