Related article: Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 14:32:25 EDT From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 42This story is (C)Copyright 2007, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission. A Lesson In Time, Chapter Forty Two I was astounded Young Lolli Models to feel the ear plugs being taken out of my skull. The instant that I recovered my hearing, the birds and the cool evening wind seemed to occupy my initial sensory overload with their beautiful music."I'm going up to check on the slaves and Shaun for a little while, so take our `little boy' around back. I think Master Latimore and his Chief Financial Officer are there and they'll know what needs to be done, if anything", Mr. Alderton said; finishing his sentence in what I perceived to be bit of a humorous tone of voice."Sir, yes Sir" came the angelic voice of Jordan."Hustle up Jordan, unless you want somebody to punish you for being so lazy" , John Henry said rather rudely.The leash pulled sharply against the metal of my collar; as I could only increase my crawling speed just so much, unless I wanted to keel over face first into the cool blades of grass.It was easy to determine, that indeed, we were heading towards the gate which led to the Young Lolli Models swimming pool area. I could hear my daddy's voice and the softer, gentler voice of the man that worked from my daddy.The forgiving nature of the grass quickly gave way to the callous nature of the pea stones which formed the pools deck area. My knees had begun to hurt before we'd gotten into the courthouse and they both seemed to resist the notion that they had to carry my full weight; to Young Lolli Models wherever it was that I was being led."Here comes my little boy", dad said; stopping mid sentence with the other guy."Just bring Master Kevin to me, boy, and I'll take it from there", dad said rather authoritatively.The `scent' of my dad began to permeate my nostrils. It was a smell that I' d not soon, if ever, would forget; especially after dad and I bonded rather intimately just hours ago.I felt the leash go slack, as a few links of the chain made contact with my bare chest; only twice slapping my tender nipples and the adornments which hung from them. I felt the soft texture of dad's pant legs on either side of my head as his legs made contact with the only exposed part of my head; my ears.Gentleness overcame all of my thoughts and perceived ideas, as fingers gently took their place under my chin and lifted my head skyward."Son, let's get your mouth free of your dildo gag", daddy said rather firmly and before I had a chance to even contemplate the extraction process, dad had simply torn it from my throat and mouth; leaving me momentarily gasping for air and trying to adjust myself to overcome the mild discomfort of such a sudden action."Son, I was going to head back later this evening, but have decided to stay in town one more night. I don't suppose your mother will miss me all that much tonight anyway; seeing as how she will be looking in on your sister and having one final chat with your friend Tyler before he heads out here" daddy said with his work tone of voice, which always seemed rather firm and direct."John Henry, go inside and ask our temporary kitchen slave for that blue bottle in the refrigerator. I'm sure that by now, our `little boy' could use something cold to quench his thirst and mild hunger", dad said, once again in a more authoritive tone.John Henry properly excused himself and trotted off towards the house. "Now then Jordan, tell me what your schedule is for this evening. I've been so engrossed with all the crap going on around here that I've failed not only my " little one" but you as well. Tell me if you would, that which you'd normally be doing at this hour of the day."Jordan immediately went into one continuous, lengthy, quite descriptive dissertation as to what his former day would have entailed. My father seemed quite impressed with Jordan's knowledge pertaining to proper slave protocol and even praised the slave for his ability to have such devotion to his former Master's canine in the basement. I listened intently, myself, as Jordan described every detail of his life here on the ranch, and hearing him sound so gleeful about being the `bitch' for his former Master's dog.I hadn't realized that some how, during all of Jordan's commentary that daddy had eased two of his own fingers into my mouth; whereby I was instinctive sucking on them just like a proper slave would be expected to do. It didn't feel strange or even perverted to be showing daddy the respect and love he so much needed and yearned for. Afterall, he had worked his whole life for his entire family, sacrificing so much for all of us and now making sure that me and the rest of the siblings have something in life to help us to become successful slave brokers and more over, very wealthy.I momentarily thought back to the two milking sessions I had back at Windy Hills. If it hadn't been for dad's foresight, I just have lost out on a bundle of money, not to mention the rather pleasurable experience that I was afforded there. The thoughts of that machine milking my penis, somehow translated to the way that I was sucking on dad's fingers, which in all respects was transmitted via my mouth and tongue.Dad managed to interject several questions along the way; all of which were answered in proper slave form by Jordan. I can recall one specific question asked of Jordan. "Do you think that our "little boy" has that same tendency towards, say, a much larger beast; one of burden so to say?" I don't recall Jordan's answer, as it was rather long and detailed, but I'm sure that whatever Jordan had replied with, was more than likely factual."Damn it all slave, I thought you'd gotten lost or were sucking off the kitchen slave. Anytime you're given an order, you are to fulfill it promptly and without so much as having a second go by that is wasted. Let these words be a `lesson in time' for you slave. If you intend on maintaining your current status around here, I'd best not hear or see anymore of your dawdling because if I do... well... the first thing that's going to happen is that I or someone else is going to peel a good chuck of skin off your ass with a bullwhip. Do I make myself clear?"John Henry, feeling now more like a `normal' slave answered "Sir, Yes Sir"."I want to two of you fag slaves to get into the house and start upstairs all the way to the basement; making sure that not one speck of dust remains. When your done, I expect the two of you to eat your evening meal from the kitchen floor, like a proper and dignified slave", daddy barked at them.In unison came, "Sir, yes Sir"; after which I heard the two pairs of feet hustle back towards the main house."Damn a slave, that's why I let other men take care of them. It is to time consuming on my part. I'll almost feel glad to get the hell outta here, but not before I finish up some lose ends", daddy said with a degree of melancholy in his voice. Mr. Nettles', the Chief Financial Officer, whole heartedly agreed with dad saying, "Slaves can be such a handful, but when processed and trained properly, they've always given the company a healthy return on the dollar. Your new venture, here, should and most likely will, afford you and your family with wealth yet known.""Let me get my `baby boy' started on his meal and while I'm feeding him, we can continue with what we were doing", daddy said.I felt my Young Lolli Models dad's legs move away from my head, as he simultaneously extracted his two fingers from within my drooling mouth and lips. My leash went totally limp as I heard daddy shuffling his feet and the chair which he was sitting on."It's been years since I've feed any of my babys but this should prove to be a bit more, how should I say...filling."I felt dad's hands take hold of me, lifting me up, which brought me almost to an erect posture. In what felt like times past, I found myself sitting on daddy's lap. Thankfully he had positioned me so that my plug and tail somehow were positioned between his legs. I could tell, just by the feel against my naked flesh, that daddy had one of his erections struggling to get free of his trousers."Here comes your meal my `little one" dad said just as the icy cold latex nipple of the milk bottle touched my lips.No sooner had the nipple been placed completely into my mouth, that I started sucking it like it was a real dick. The coolness of the liquid immediately began to quench my thirst. Dad even let me hold the bottle all by myself with my mitted hands. It was the first time that anybody had allowed me to use my hands in such a long time, that everything was beginning to feel good, all over again. It also didn't take very long to understand, why now; I was allowed to use them.With my head resting against dad's chest, I was what you could say "cradled" within his masculine torso. Dad was making excellent use of both of his hands. It was rather nice, if not erotic, having dad's smooth hands coursing over my flesh. On my legs, my chest and my shoulders and neck; his hands seemed to sooth any conflicting emotions I may have had, away. He continued his dollars and cents conversation with Mr. Nettles all the while seemingly pleased and proud that he was exploring my body and flesh.I slowed down on my sucking of the nipple, hoping to prolong the ecstasy of dad's manipulations. It apparently worked, as dad turned his attention from Mr. Nettles, to me."You take to your bottle just like you did when you were much smaller and younger Kevin. It makes your mother and I proud, that you've taken it upon yourself to live the last few days as you have. I guess that by now you're ready to get back to normal. But I want to ask you to think, just for a moment, that would it not benefit you even more if you remained like any other slave for another day or two. You don't have to give me your answer now, but I just want you to give it some thought. With the daily journal that you're supposed to be keeping, I'm thinking that the added days just might make your journal entries something that we can use back at the office to redefine our slave protocol and maybe even use your notes in some of your classes that we put on for some of the younger children who just might find themselves enslaved one day. It sure would be a huge advantage towards being able to keep the kids on the `straight and narrow'.Dad remained silent for a minute or two as he began fingering my flaccid, yet bound and sore cock. When his hand glided over the tight skin of my inhumanely separated nuts, my brain went into overdrive. My cock, sore or not; began to respond. Young Lolli Models His other hand was playing with one of the nipple rings which made my tender teat seem to erect as well.Once dad had removed his hand from my dick, it slid down between my legs and discovered the base of the butt plug and tail. Dad seemed to take delight in slowly twisting the plug in a clockwise direction. I moaned in delight as my entire body seemed to tense up under dad's ministrations."There have already been countless changes around here Kevin", dad once more broke the silence. "And tomorrow will be a day to remember. Not only are a lot of the slaves being shipped out, but with all of the building material being delivered today and tomorrow, things will happen at a lightning pace' especially if I know your brother Zeb, the way I do. His no nonsense approach to slave training will allow you to see and hear, in the true since of the word, just how easily he gets his slaves to fall in line and tow the mark. It's to bad that the four new slaves will have to sleep in the Processing Barn until their new quarters are finished; but tomorrow they will get processed into our new system and I'm sure that Master Zeb will see to it that it is all done properly, not half assed; as had been the case around here. I'd even venture a guess in saying that Master Zeb, will even have the four slaves helping out, making Barn 4 into a thing of beauty and quite functional. And I don't want to make light of what your brother has said and asked about you. He is concerned about you son, as you probably would never have imagined. He wants only the best for you and your sister; and it wouldn't surprise me at all, if he didn't put a great deal of time and effort into explain every aspect of this business in a way that you can grasp easily."I began to process what dad was saying and it all seemed logical if not overly thoughtful of him and Zeb. I hadn't seen Zeb is such a long time and it would be good working alongside him, as student and still brothers.Dad pulled the empty bottle from my hands saying "we wouldn't want my ` little boy' getting air in his tummy, now would we". Mr. Nettles seemed to find that rather funny; as he abruptly let out a rather gleeful giggle."The one nice thing Sir", Nettles spoke, "is that with the courts releasing all of the assets from those two no-gooders, to you, that this place will have a healthy bank account to start things off on the right foot. I don't see why we can't even transfer some of the money that you've already spent, back into the corporate account. If we do that, then it is a win win situation. You get back your three quarters of a million dollars and this place still ends up with a healthy 2.2 million in cold hard cash. One hell of a way to start a business, I'd say.""Indeed Mr. Nettles, not to mention the value of this place. I'm estimating that it's worth over a million and a half on the lowest end of the scale", daddy replied."True Sir, but in time there will be no amount of money that could possibly be amassed to buy this place. With the figures I've managed to accrue for you, it is easy to see that with such an expanse of property here; that if it is all managed properly the grossly absurd cash flowing in here will be overwhelming. And, if you don't mind me saying so Sir... all done without having to resort to the lowest level of selling those nasty and tasteless videos like they used to do around here.""Well stated Mr. Nettles, yes indeed quite nicely put", my business like daddy said in such a way as to even invoke a small amount of chest pounding on my part. I was so proud Young Lolli Models of my daddy right now, and I don't understand why. We had never managed to do much of anything together like a lot of fathers and sons do; probably because of his past position in our country's government, but now things seemed to have done a one-eighty in just the last few weeks. "Nettles, I'm wondering about the new SIMS machine that will arrive on Monday. Are we sure that it has already been paid for? I don't want to have to pay myself twice for the same machine"."Sir, the machine was paid for by the State, for the primary purpose of being used by those males who find themselves indentured. I'm sure that the SIMS will prove invaluable just as soon as it is up and running and has been thoroughly tested Sir", came the reply."Indeed Nettles. Once again I find your quick and accurate memory one that has always served our company well over the years. Might I ask if you are being compensated properly for all of your hard work?""Well Sir, I'm paid a rather good wage for my work. I've got no complaints as to the salary which you have so graciously bestowed upon me and my family. My children will all be able to attend college without either of them having to work their way through.""And both of your children are boys if my memory serves me well. So how is it that neither of them has been seen around the office? Is it that they don't believe in the system or your valuable work? Or is it some moral ground that your family stands on that prevents them from even a short visit and tour", dad asked; seeming quite concerned and awaited the answer."NO Sir, nothing like that, nothing like that at all. It's just that they are so involved with their studies and after school activities that whenever I bring up the subject of coming to work one day with me, they always have something else planned for that day.""Well", dad started off. "It was brought to my attention about a month ago that one of your sons is gay. Not that there is nothing at all wrong with being gay, but I was wondering if that might have something to do with the whole business of not wanting to visit the office. Might he's afraid of seeing naked male flesh and finding himself aroused by all of it. He's not doing anything that could get him enslaved is he? If he is, then for certain I would strongly suggest that he visit the office. Such a visit, would most likely curb his wrongful ways quite easily. Just look at my own son here. Gay, intelligent, and willing without reservation to jump right into our company's business. I' m sure that he is going to succeed here and make himself an enormous amount of money."My chest puffed again upon hearing such words of confidence. Daddy sure does have a special way with words. I guess that is why he was and still is so successful.No sooner that I heard the metallic click of the gate behind me, that daddy eased me off of his lap. His last one on one contact with me, for the time being, was the gentle control of my cock as I slowly and awkwardly scooted off his lap."Am I ever glad that's over with", exclaimed Mr. Alderton. "I'll be the happiest man in the world come tomorrow when Zeb and his crew get here. Shaun is such a bumbling idiot, that I don't have the foggiest idea how on earth anything was ever completed around here.""Easy there my good friend", dad retorted. "One mus'unt place all of Shaun' s faults squarely on his shoulders. Afterall, a man's performance is only as good as those who trained and guided the man. In Shaun's case, you must recognize that the man has had an easy life here. Male flesh, sex, a beautiful environment are but a few of the amenities. How would, say, Kevin fare working here under such conditions and with those two ol' farts as his teachers. Not well, I'm sure.""Sorry Sir, but I've spent the better part of an hour trying to show him the proper way to do things in the barns and he seems rather hesitant to change his ways. I know that I can be, and have been rather harsh from time to time over the years, but this kid is nothing more than a grown up punk who thinks his farts don't stink. If it were left up to me, I'd have him packed and off the compound within the hour, but that's not my call." Mr. Alderton must have gotten his fill of Shaun and whatever it was the `set him off' was more than Mr. Alderton could handle; without of course, dealing out a rather reasonable amount of `education'."Alderton, let's keep our composure for now and the two of us can discuss it after dinner and if need be we'll confront Shaun about his shortcomings and go from there", dad said rather in nicely.Mr. Alderton seemed to have taken that last statement as more of a directive than a suggestion; as he quickly changed the topic to me.He and dad talked over, again, what had transpired in town and the two of them found much to laugh about when it came time to discuss Doc and Frank. I'm sure, even though I remained hooded, that there was some liquor sitting around, just because I could smell it with ease.Mr. Alderton began listing countless things that Zeb would have to attend to, almost immediately upon his arrival. It was nothing less than magical how Mr. Alderton could inspect, and form an opinion about anything pertaining to the training of slaves, regardless of where he was. Some of the things he mentioned even got my attention, especially when it came to processing the four teenagers who had Young Lolli Models engaged themselves with me in what was nothing less than wild and crazy sexual activities.There was a slight interruption, as the kitchen slave came out and announced that dinner was ready.Daddy, Mr. Alderton and Mr. Nettles all began to leave the pool area; leaving me to just kneel there like a discarded toy. It took but a few more seconds before dad came back for me and led me into the house; still on all fours and still by the leash.The plush carpet felt good on my knees, as did the conditioned air. I could only assume that dad had placed me under the table; just for the fact that once or twice my arms and shoulders `bumped' up against the table legs.Their voices once again rose to a level which I could easily here what each of Young Lolli Models them were saying. Most of their conversations centered on things like the four new slaves and the renovation of their `youth retention' facility. Dad brought up the topic of the pony slave; the one for which I'd received a ` formal punishment' for suggesting the unthinkable. He validated what I'd heard earlier. The slave in question was permanently transferred to the horse barn until such time as they found a master or mistress that had need of such a commodity. There he would eat, sleep and toil each and every day; without so much as the slightest possibility of sexual contact with another human being. As daddy so eloquently put it, "if he wants to be a pony, then a pony he shall be and we all know what happens with almost every single pony boy". To that end, a rather harmonious laughter erupted above me.I then felt a hand on my shoulder and then another one reaching my collar. Both hands seemed to be beckoning my body and mind towards the solicitor. It wasn't but a few seconds and my head was between the man's legs and for once, I couldn't discover whose crotch I was involved with. Without a familiar scent, I could only `assume' that Mr. Nettles needed servicing. The faint, dull sound of metal of his zipper alerted me, and then I felt the soft, spongy head of his cock brush against my cheek.It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that I was sucking cock under the table top. The sounds of the men seemed to have changed pitch and tempo as I slurped like a starved puppy on Mr. Nettles cock. There words seemed muffled now, but I guessing that was only due to the fact that I was concentrating on the task, versus what the men were saying above me.The only time the volume changed was if they needed something brought to the table. Other than that, it remained rather subdued at the dinner table while I performed oral copulations on Mr. Nettles.The man needed less than ten minutes to climax in my mouth. I could feel his cock rise to the occasion with little difficulty. His sperm tasted so much different than any of the slaves sperm did and a lot different than dads. He held me in place while his cock reverted back to it's flaccid state and then he removed his hand off of my head; signaling me that my services were no longer needed.I half expected at least one more cock being stuffed down my throat, but I suppose it was nothing but the intense amount of drugs and other stuff I'd consumed for the last two days."Nonsense", I heard my father say rather abruptly. "The slave has had at least one session in urinal duty and from what I saw on some of the videos he did quite well, even if it is my son.""Not that I'd ever want to impose myself on his abilities, but the thought did cross my mind as the need to urinate increases", said Mr. Nettles. "I've had the good fortune to avail myself of my oldest boy at home when the need arose, but that wasn't more than five or six times a week."There was an unearthly silence as Mr. Nettles concluded his comment. I didn' t understand much of the reasoning behind forcing a son to become his fathers piss collection depot, but since I'm still `learning the ropes' ... anything is possible. After all, there is a huge difference between a free man and a slave; isn't there.The tempo resumed just as soon as I felt someone's shoe rub up against me. My leash went tight, and I turned to follow it as another pair of trousers brushed my flesh and the magnificent fragrance of manliness filled my nostrils. I knew by the scent that I was kneeling obediently in front of Mr. Alderton's cock. I was mesmerized, as before, by his scent and the shear girth of his cock; so it took absolutely no thinking on my part before I began sucking his manly cock. Mr. Alderton showed a bit of his compassionate side, rubbing my scalp and massaging my sore ears while I remained `tethered' to his cock by my mouth. I was getting hornier by the minute, and I wasn't sure exactly why. Nobody mentioned that there were drugs in my last bottle, so I felt confident that my feelings were coming from deep down inside; much like when I erected when I was back in his office. But, there's always the possibility that daddy had laced my liquid dinner with something and didn't bother to tell me.The gentlemen continued conversing, talking more along the lines of what the ranch was going to do to keep the slaves busy while turning a profit at the same time. I guess, from listening such as I could, that the initial plan to raise beef was going to be the way of the future here. There was also going to be a big garden with which the slaves on hand could toil, supplying vegetables at least part of the year. Slaves and beef; a sure plan of financial success if everything, and I Young Lolli Models mean everything, worked as it was anticipated it would.I overheard daddy mention the topic of a doctor to replace Doc. Without Doc, even the normal, everyday townspeople would be left without a general practitioner. He said that Ms. Mudfart was already inquiring as to who she knew would appreciate such an opportunity. A medical practice, established for decades, along with being the doctor who looked after slaves and our family would certainly have a `captive' audience in this small town.Mr. Alderton's contribution to the conversation was about having the residents of the town to start getting used to seeing more and more of `properly attired' slaves. He seemed blatantly upset that those few slaves who had been so fortunate to have been "loaned" out prior to today were afforded the ill-gotten privilege to wear clothes. He was even more adamant about the fact that trucks and cars had been used in the past to transport supplies between the ranch and town. His suggestion of using pony boys to pull wagons and carts instead of polluting the air and wasting gasoline, was a huge success. Just as long as I don't have to be the pony boy pulling a carriage, naked and all ringed up, into town, the idea sorta sounded great; not to mention the aspect of it also being pleasing to the eye."It sounds to me", started Mr. Nettles, "that this entire county is about to get a rather rude awakening into the new century. To bad that these people ` were' so laid back and allowed progress to simply pass them by. Now, perhaps, even the lamest of them will see the potential of the National Standard Slavery Reform Act and get on board. From what I've seen so far, the families around here are nothing more than inbred to begin with. God only knows how many of them deserve to be enslaved themselves, but with good courts, honest cops and a steady and firm hand from all of us; this town will move ahead rather swiftly. All, with the end result being more financial security to Mr. Latimore's children."There was a tumultuous amount of laughter as Mr. Alderton diverted his attention from having his dick worshiped to saying, "I can see it now. In less that a year the entire town will have somebody from their own family pulling a carriage or buggy around town. Some of these hicks will probably be hitching their old ladies up with a bridle and bit and having the bitch pulling the carriage in no time".Mr. Alderton's cock erupted into my mouth with a flood of hot and steamy semen. It was only the second time he'd made a deposit, but the flavor of his sperm was one that I wouldn't be forgetting any time soon.My tongue even worked the piss slit, beckoning for the very last morsel of his man seed. With the gentleness of a baby lamb, Mr. Alderton eased my mouth away from his dick and lowered my mouth just a bit so that I could lick the perspiration from his two massive and hairy testicles. My own dick was beyond just being ready for a good jerk off. My dick needed to be `manhandled' in the worst way; but sadly, such a thing wasn't in the cards just yet.After I'd satisfied Mr. Alderton's needs, I was allowed to remain still and silent, still beneath the table. The talk of the men seemed to have evolved away from the business of slavery and on to politics. Politics isn't something that I could say is foremost in my head, but if you were to bring it up to my dad, well then... he'd be able to debate such a thing for days on end.I was still feeling rather good, all things considered. It was as if I'd been given a second wind, with which to make it till bedtime. I began to block out the current topic of discussion, and to allow my brain to process and collate all that I'd been privileged to hear today. So many questions had been answered just by my listening and I was able to also see just how dad could and did control the flow of information which was put forth. It was a pleasure to actually hear dad's viewpoints on so many things not only slavery, but such things as gays and gay rights. It seemed as if, all along, dad knew that I was gay and he'd even gone so far as to say that he'd hoped that I would have come to him when I first discovered my sexuality. I could hear the sadness in his voice when he mentioned that `had I'd known while in public office, I' m sure that I could have help our country overcome their fears.Dinner finally ended, with Mr. Alderton and Mr. Nettles going outside to smoke cigars; while, after giving instructions to the three slaves, dad led me downstairs to `my room'."Here we are `little one'. Home at last. You're free to rest if you'd like to", dad said somberly. "But, I should say, that with your hood still on and the mitts still in place that there's little for you to do."Finally, after almost two days of keeping silent I responded to daddy's comment. "Thanks daddy, it would be good to get the hood removed and my mitts off. ""That's true my `little one'. However, let me pose a proposition to you, for your benefit", dad said in his fatherly tone of voice."Sure daddy, what is it?""Well, I was just thinking that maybe, just maybe, you'd allow yourself to remain the way you are until your brother Zeb arrives tomorrow morning. I think he'd like to see in person just what you permitted to be done to you. It wasn't an easy thing to commit yourself in the way you did and I just want you to know that your mommy and daddy love you even more now, for your selflessness in your desire to learn and expand your knowledge of our industry.Your brother never went through this at any point in his career and I'm thinking that after he sees you, that he'll appreciate his position even more. You 've now set the standard around here. If you can do it or anything else that is presented to you, then your brother should see that such things are possible and he and you can incorporate them into the day to day training of the slaves.""Gee daddy, I never gave any of that a thought. Ya know, I think that you might just be right. I'll think about it for awhile and let you know what I decide. It might Young Lolli Models just be the thing that would also help Zeb and me to bond like the brothers that we never were. But first daddy, can you undo my catheter? I gotta pee wicked bad."Daddy didn't remove my catheter; he simply unclamped the end and allowed a torrent of my pee to flow into a urinal. Regardless, the pleasure one gets from having just emptied his own Young Lolli Models bladder is always a good feeling."You know `little one' that I've been thinking long and hard for a good name for our new home. I can't seem to get the name "Willow Knolls" out of my head. "Willow Knolls Indenturement Center", what do you think about that name."That's a great name to call home daddy, a really, really great name. I love it", I said joyfully."Then it's settled. I shall inform everyone that you and I have decided upon the name and like it or not; everybody else will just have to live with it and get accustomed to using it. I'll call the office first thing in the morning and have them alert our printers to start making business cards and letter heads and anything that we can use here."I sensed that daddy had more to say, so I didn't reply to his last statement."You know too, `little one', that your friend Tyler will be here the day after tomorrow. You're going to have a full plate with your brother arriving tomorrow and Tyler the next day. Four new boys to process and a mountain of work and repairs to be completed around here, will be keeping Young Lolli Models everybody busy from sunrise to sunset. I'm only sorry that I can't be here to help oversee the operations but I'll be back a week from today. Mr. Alderton is leaving tomorrow evening, I'm leaving in the morning but he'll be back on Monday to oversee the installation of the new SIMS machine. When I return, I hope I won't have to deal with as much as we've had to endure these last two days. I'm sure that you'll find yourself explaining a great deal to Zeb and Tyler in the days and weeks ahead. Just remember what your mother and I have told you. To be nice, to be polite, to all free men. If you follow those simple rules, you will go far in life and will prosper beyond your wildest dreams."Yes daddy, I remember what mom said and I thank you for reminding me to keep myself in high spirits even when things get a little tough. The end result will benefit our whole family. Daddy is my rock, Zeb is my foundation and Willow Knolls is now my life."Daddy summoned Jordan to give me a Young Lolli Models sponge bath, while he (daddy) availed himself of the shower. Jordan took extra precautions to make sure that I was ` squeaky clean'.When dad came back into the room, I could smell the fresh scent of the soap; which had always been a nice scent for a man, or a slave.Dad inquired as to the whereabouts of John Henry and was informed that Mr. Alderton and Mr. Nettles had taken him upstairs to the guest bedroom; apparently for the night.Daddy and Jordan helped me get up onto the bed. Jordan removed the butt plug and tail from my ass; which was a great relief in and of itself.I was placed on my hands and knees, still able to feel the softness of the sheet below; which yearned for my naked and tired body.I heard the two of them whispering off to the far side of the room and then I felt the bed rustle beneath me. I could detect that daddy was now somewhere on the bed, along with Jordan.Two hands gripped my earrings, while the other two hands smoothed themselves over the globes of my butt. There wasn't any detectable scent coming into my nose, so I could only assumed that Jordan had taken up a position by my head and that daddy had been the one who'd been massaging my butt, now only to feel the same hands go between my spread legs to my bound and sore cock and balls. I could only wonder, if finally, I was going to be allowed to have that one "deserved and earned" orgasm that I was promised yesterday.Like a choreographed dance, two cocks touched my skin at the exact same time. One cock softly bristling against my lips, as I felt the coldness of the large Prince Albert; while the other penis slowly and methodically went up and down my ass crack, pausing each time it passed over my rosebud. To Be Continued... (I hope)

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