Related article: Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 00:04:53 -0700 (PDT) From: Col . Subject: A Helping Hand 2Previously on A helping hand,As I stood there I thought it was fitting, that the place Jordan and I meet three short year ago would be the place where it all ended. As I moved towards the edge I could hear nothing else but the crashing waves below. I stood looking down and knew this was the only thing I could do, I couldn't let my parents find out and their was no way I could get the money....so this was it.The tears once again started to roll as I realised what I was about to do and I knew their would be no turning back once I took the first step. So with tears rolling down my cheek I closed my eyes for the last time, took a deep breath and stepped off....Now the conclusion,As my feet left solid ground the sound of the roaring waves below seemed to stop along with every other sound around me, all except one.It was a soul wrenching scream,"NOOOOOO!"And as I continued my fall I felt it, a hand had wrapped itself around my wrist so tight and in doing so stopped my fall instantly.My body slammed hard into the side of the cliff face as my eyes flew open.I looked up into the eyes of my savour and was meet by the deep blue eyes I fell in love with, only now they were filled with tears."DON'T YOU DARE LET GO CALEB!" Jordan screamed down to me as he laid hanging over the edge of the cliff.As I hung there I was filled with calm and said, "Please just let me go Jordan...please."That's when a second pair of eyes, much like my own appeared over the edge of the cliff, and they too were filled with tears.That's when the calmness left my body and when my heart felt like it had been ripped from my young chest."CALEB!" My father yelled, "PLEASE DON'T LET GO!" he continued as he laid down next to Jordan and then reached for my arm.I now felt numb as I hung there, as the two guys I loved most in this world tried to drag me back up to solid ground.When I was safely back up top Jordan fell onto his back shaking, his hands covering his face as he broke down crying. I knelt in front of my father starring at the ground unsure of what I could possible say when he grabbed me and hugged me tighter then he has ever done before in my life and said, "I am so, so sorry Caleb." and he cried like I never knew my father could.At first I couldn't speak, with the realisation of what I almost did and having my father crying while he held me tight it all seem so much, so unreal."No dad... I am" I eventually tried to say before my father cut me off.While still holding onto my shoulders he looked me in the eyes and said, "No Caleb, you have nothing to be sorry about, it's me. I never wanted you to think that I could ever stop loving you, no matter what the reason."And once again he held me tight then added, "Just promise me, promise me you will never try anything like this again."I hugged my father back and replied crying into his chest, "I promise dad."I don't know how long we sat there holding each other but the silence was broken by Youngest Little Models my father calling out, "Jordan where are you gong mate?"But he didn't stop, my savour, my lover, my best friend he just kept on walking.My father looked at me and said, "Caleb, last night while we were driving around trying to find you I could see how much pain Jordan was in looking for you," As he put his hand on the side of my face and with a loving smile he added, "and that's when I realised just how much he loved you."My heart ached hearing my father say those words, only because I realised how close I came to loosing it all. And now I had a second chance I wasn't going to waste it."Go after him, he is torn up over what his father did and blames himself." My father said as we both stood.As I got to my feet my father added, "Caleb, his father also kicked him out, so it's ok for him to stay with us if that's what you want?""Yeah dad I would like that, I would like that a lot."With tears now stopped and with a smile dad said, "Then go after him and we can have a talk later when everything calms down. Now go and I'll meet you at home.""Thanks dad." Were the only words that would come out and with that I turned and took off after Jordan."JORDAN, JORDAN WAIT PLEASE." I called out but he kept on walking.When I finally caught up with him I grabbed his arm and stopped him.With tears still flowing and eyes red from all the crying Jordan said, "Please Caleb just leave me alone, you will be better off if I'm out of your life."I now grabbed him by both arms, looked him in the eyes and said, "Jordan I need you, I..."Jordan cut me off, saying, "If I wasn't in your life none of this would have happened Caleb. I almost lost you!"I pulled him into a tight embrace and said, "It wasn't you, it was your father that did this, I...I love you."I could feel the tension leave Jordan's body as I said those three little words and our bodies melted into one. We stood there in each others arms for such a long time until Jordan finally spoke."So where do we go from here?" He asked as I held him in my arms."I don't know what the future holds but for now you're coming home with me." I replied as I looked into his eyes."But," Jordan began."Don't even think of fighting me on this, dad said it was ok so you're coming."He just smiled back at me in agreement, and we started the long walk him.With his arm around my shoulder I asked, "So how did you know where to find me?"At first Jordan didn't answer he kept his eyes on the ground as we walked."Jordan!" I asked."We drove for such along time, my mind was going over ever place I could think of but when your dad and I got there you were nowhere to be seen." Trying to keep the tears at bay again he added, "I knew...I just knew you were going to do something... something stupid."He looked me in the eyes for the first time since he started speaking and for the first time I noticed the black bruise which had formed around his beautiful blue eye from when his father had hit him.Then Jordan looked back to the ground as we walked and continued, "I don't know how but as the sun began to rise I knew I had to get to you and that's when the cliff came to mind. I had almost forgotten that was the place we first met but I knew that's where you were, I just knew."As hard as he tried he couldn't stop the tears any longer as he added, "When we pulled up and I saw you standing there...I screamed at you as I jumped out of the car and ran to you but...then I saw you and...and you stepped off just as I got near you. I screamed, I screamed so loud and I dived. I wasn't going to lose you."At that moment, for just an instant I wished I was dead so I couldn't feel this pain I was feeling. Hearing the pain in Jordan's voice as he told me what happened was just as bad as the soul wrenching scream I heard Jordan yell as I stepped off the cliff.I wanted to say something profound, something that could ease the pain I had caused him but all that would come out was, "I'm sorry."We continued talking as we walked the rest of the way home and the conversation gradually turned to happier thoughts as we made our way.When we walked into my house my mother ran to me throwing her arms around me crying before she hit me hard on the chest saying, "Don't you ever, ever do anything stupid like that again, do you hear me?"I was chocked up yet again and couldn't speak knowing what pain I caused her and just nodded yes.Then she turned to Jordan, gentle took his hand and with more love and tenderness in her voice then I've ever heard my mother speak she said, "Jordan dear. You will always be apart of this family, thank you for saving my baby boy."Fighting back the tears as well Jordan just smiled as mum lent in and kissed him softly on the cheek.After all the tears had stopped my father turned to me and said, "I was thinking if you boys want, we could turn the basement into a bedroom for you guys, how does that sound?"I looked at Jordan and smiled then back at dad and replied, "Wow really, that would be great when can we start?""Well I Youngest Little Models think if we all pitch in we could have it done by dinner, what do you say?""What are we waiting for." I answered as I got to my feet.The day Youngest Little Models went fast and we all worked hard and by the time the summer sun began to set we had turned a dark and drab basement into a bedroom for two young guys with one bed.As mum got tea ready dad brought down the last box from my room. As he laid the box on the bed he turned to me and said, "Well boys that's the last one. I'll go and see if your mother needs a hand with dinner." "By the way, I told your mum that we can use the intercom on the phone if we need you guys that way we wont walk in on you when you are...how can I say it...enjoying yourselves." Dad continued as he started to walk up the stairs smiling.Jordan and I both blushed, dad stopped halfway up the stair turned to look at us both and said seriously, "And it is ok with us if you boys do enjoy yourselves."As I watched my father disappear up the stairs while holding Jordan's hand I could not believe how things had changed so much so fast.Jordan grabbed my hand and squeezed it as I said, "Thanks dad."Jordan turned to me and said, "Your folks are pretty cool.""Yeah they are aren't they." I replied as I watched my father close the door behind himAfter we had eaten and said goodnight to my parents Jordan and Youngest Little Models I retired to our new room together for the first time. We got to the bottom of the stairs, Jordan's left hand gentle took hold of my right and we stood facing each other.As I starred into those deep blue eyes I fell in love with Jordan's right hand moved to my cheek and ever so lightly ran his fingers down the side of my face as he said, "I can't believe I almost lost you today."The emotions of that morning started to come back and while I stood only inch's from the guy of my dreams I felt a fear rush throughout my body as I realised how close I came to losing all of this. How could I possibly have thought my parents would ever stop loving me.Moving closer to Jordan and kissing him softly on the cheek like an autumn leaf kissing the surface of pond I said, "I know and I'm sorry."I wanted to say more, god did I want to say more, I wanted to tell him everything that was in my heart but I had a lump in my throat and it took all my strength not to break down crying, again. Enough tears had been shed already today.Jordan placed his hand at the back of my neck and as if in slow motion pulled my lips closer to his and kissed me with the passion of a thousand lovers. We could have been kissing for an eternity or a nanosecond either way I didn't want our lips to part.When our lips did finally part I began to walk backwards till the back of my legs touched the side of our bed. I turned around and told Jordan to lie down.Jordan laid himself down on the bed as I began to remove my clothes. I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. Grabbing the waistband to my shorts I looked Jordan in the eyes and asked, "Should I?"Smiling back he replied, "You better or I'm going to rip them off you."I slowly slid them down along with my boxers so I was standing there naked."Now that is what I've been waiting to see." Jordan said as he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me on top of him.While we kissed he rolled us over so I was lying on my back and he was lying on top of me.Placing his hands either side of my shoulders on the bed Jordan lifted himself up and looked down between our bodies at my now hard seven inch cock and said, "I think someone's happy.""He would be happier if he could see your little friend." I said before I kissed him and lightly bit his bottom lip.Moving his legs either side of my body next to my hips Jordan sat on my hard cock while he lifted his shirt over his wavy black hair and threw it on the floor with mine. Locking eyes with me he seductively undid the button to his cut off jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper so I could now see his red boxers.I put my hand out to touch them but Jordan slapped my hand playfully and said, "Patients big boy."He stood up on the bed and as I looked at the best body I think I've ever seem on anyone I could clearly see the out line of his monster cock. He let the shorts fall and he kicked them to the floor as well. Now he only had his tight red boxers on his naked flesh and it left no doubt just how big his cock was nine inch's plus some.Thumbs in the waistband of the boxers Jordan teased, "Do you really want them off?""Please." I said in between a sigh and a moan...And then it happened, his boxers were gone Youngest Little Models and standing straight out in front of him was that massive cock I loved almost as much as I loved Jordan.Pre-cum had started to leak from the head of his wonderful cock and I wanted to wrap my lips around the head of it and taste that sweet nectar but before I could Jordan had laid his naked body back down onto mine. It had only been twenty-four hours since I last felt his soft skin on mine but it felt like a lifetime ago. We kissed with such passion as our hard cocks did a dance of their own between our hot naked bodies. We rolled over, me now on top and that's when I felt Jordan's legs wrap themselves around my hips. His hips seemed to lift up a bit causing my cock to move from his hard cut cock and closer to his virgin ass.Our lips parted when I felt this and I smiled down at Jordan as I lay on top of him.He lifted his hips a little higher and said as my cock rested at his sweet pink hole, "I want you inside of me so bad Caleb.""Wow, really?" I asked.My cock had been leaking a hell of a lot of pre-cum so my head was nice and slick.Jordan's feet were on each of my butt cheeks as he said, "Yeah." and he used his feet to push me forward causing my cock to slowly enter his virgin ass.I wanted to do this slower, may be rim him first then slowly work a finger, then two and three before I put my cock anywhere near his ass but as the head of my cock started to feel the pressure from his super tight ass it was like I had no control any more, I wanted, no needed to plow his ass till my cock was balls deep.I could tell he was in pain and asked," Do you want me to stop?""No...just give me a sec." Jordan replied through clenched teeth.I wasn't moving as he got use to the size of my hard seven inch cut piece of meat. I could still feel his feet resting on my firm butt cheeks as I waited, then he began to pull me further into him only this time he didn't stop till my Youngest Little Models pubes were hard up against his ass.I sighed as I looked into his watery eyes and asked, "Wow this feel great, are you ok?"A small smile formed on his face and said," Yeah, it's strange, I feel full a bit like I want to take a crap but I can feel your cock pulsating inside me and its great."I tried moving my cock out of his tight ass which caused Jordan to moan loudly."Oh god, fuck that feels great do it a bit fast Caleb." Jordan moaned as I watched his beautiful blue eyes roll in the back of his head.I smiled down at him as I kissed his forehead and picked up the tempo of the fucking I Youngest Little Models was giving my not so straight mate.Jordan's legs were now wrapped tight around my hips so I couldn't pull my cock out of his ass even if I wanted too. I had lifted Jordan's ass higher so I could get my cock deeper into him when I realised his monster cock was only centimetres from his hot young lips.I told Jordan to open his eyes as I pounded on his ass with my hard cock.As soon as he did his eye were starring at his nine inch extra hard cock. He looked up at me with a big grin on his face and his lips moved towards his own cock. Seeing this I thought I was going to blow my load deep into his ass straight away it was that hot."Gawd that looks hot." I said as his lips wrapped around the head of his own cock.I slowed up my fucking of his ass as I watched my best mate sucking himself.Jordan let his cock slip from his tight lips and said, "This is fantastic but fuck my ass harder Caleb." And he quickly wrapped his soft moist lips around the head of his own cock.I did as I was asked and moved my hips back and forth. Picking up speed as I went and slamming my hard cock in and out of his sweet hole.The sweat was building on us both as we reached our climax. It was Jordan who went first, moaning loudly as he sucked his own cum from his massive cock "Mmmmmmmm." he moaned as his mouth filled with his hot white load.And as he began to shoot his load his ass clamped around my hard cock causing me to shoot my load deep into his not so virgin ass."I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnn. Ahhhh god." I yelled as I had the wildest orgasm of my young life.Jordan's cock slipped from his mouth with a slight pop and as it did he licked his lips with his tongue as we tried to catch our breath. My cock stayed in his ass as I collapsed on top of him, sweat now running from our hot bodies.Jordan was the first to catch his breath and say, "That was unbelievable, I see why you loved being fucked by my monster cock."I kissed him on the lips while resting my forehead on his and said, "Speaking of your monster and my ass, you want to go again?""But that means your going to have to take that cock of yours from my ass." Jordan said in a mocking tone. That's going on four years ago now and Jordan and I are still together and yes still living at home with mum and dad, one big happy family. And because of what we went through that day, our whole family now helps out at a local support group for young gay teens and hopefully we can make a difference to someone else who is thinking like I was on that day I needed "a helping hand."The end.

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