Related article: Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 05:00:19 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Re: Across the Alley part 8Across the Alley VIII Danny slipped into the routine with the rest of the family easily. At night, he slept cuddled between Jack and myself, and because he was at the height of his sexual peak and need, we seldom were able to get to sleep without some kind of demonstration of our love for him. Studiously, he spread himself evenly between us, and even on occasion, let us have some time alone in the king sized bed, while he went and slept with the boys. Dale and John shared the other bedroom in the house, which was roomy enough for two double beds, and their work desks and computers. When Danny slept with them, we could tell by the noise they made, that there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on, but then they were young, and had the stamina of horses in rut. Jack and I liked to slip out into the hall occasionally and spy on them while they were playing. They got themselves into some amazingly agile positions that often made us two old men hard as stone just to watch. When we were like this, we enjoyed each other immensely, and to exhaustion before dropping off to sleep, thankful for the lives we both found ourselves leading after our lifetimes of unhappiness. Herb Kline called me a week after he had given Danny to me in the Dim Sum restaurant, and invited us all to a party his group was throwing around one of their member's pool. He told us it would be clothing optional, and we didn't need to bring anything but ourselves. The boys were excited, because their imaginations had conjured a real Roman type orgy out of the invite. When I told them the group, was probably mostly older guys, they didn't lose heart. "Besides," John said. "We like old farts fucking us. Don't we guys?" I playfully slapped the back of his head, and a tussle started that quickly turned into a free for all on the carpet in the den. It wasn't long before we all Nn Girl Guestbook had a cock in hand and mouth, with a wild daisy chain of sucking going on. I loved the open quality of our relationship, and we all appreciated that it had brought us all much more love from each other than we'd experienced individually before. Our sex was wonderful, and we grew closer with each new experience, and our bonds were tighter with each passing hour. There wasn't anything any one of us wouldn't do for the rest. We were a real family, tight, bonded, and loving. We were looking forward to the party, mostly because Danny and I wanted to thank the group for their part in bringing us together, and to introduce Jack and the boys to the group. As the Saturday arrived, the excitement was thick in the boy's room, and I even noticed Jack seemed a little bit excited. All the talk about a Roman orgy, had piqued his interest as well. I'd forgotten that he was nearly as inexperienced as Danny when I met him. I was a bit jaded, having spent my young manhood in Greenwich Village, haunting the bars on Christopher street and the along the waterfront. I'd been to my share of orgies, and couldn't imagine a writhing, sucking, pile of aging, naked, men would hold much sexual excitement for me. But, none-the-less, we got ourselves ready, and all of us, even the boys, had been saving up their sperm for the occasion. None of us had cum for several days in anticipation of what we were all now calling "the orgy." When we parked on the street in the Scottsdale neighborhood we all noticed the number of expensive cars lining the street. "These guys aren't too shabby," Jack said, eying the gleaming automobiles broiling under the late afternoon sun. "This is the address," I said, and led the way up to the door. The door opened as we approached, and Herb Kline stood there in the dim light beyond the screened door, completely naked. His trim body, although sprinkled with gray hair on his head and across various places on his body, was well muscled and tan all over from tanning in the nude obviously. "Welcome guys!" He stepped back into the room, swinging the door wide to admit us. The room was large and open with exotic plants spaced here and there where the light filtering through the gauzy curtains could do them the most good. A grand piano was the major occupant of the room, and around the edges, were benches of some fine hard wood polished to a high dark sheen. Under the benches, were several piles of neatly folded clothes with their shoes tucked under them. "As I told you Stony, clothing is optional, but just know that if you keep your's on, you'll be the only ones doing so. Everybody else is starkers." He grinned, and waved his hand toward the benches. "This is the changing room. When you've made your choice, the pool is straight through there out back. Drinks and food are on the table near the back door, so help yourself." With at, he reached over and squeezed my basket, and then Jack's and kissed the three boys on the cheeks before turning and heading out to the pool. We stood looking at each other for a moment, before I started unbuttoning my shirt. By signaling my intentions this way, it sent the boys into a frenzy of stripping. Jack was a little more hesitant, but joined in none-the-less until we soon were all starkers, as Herb had indicated we should be. We helped ourselves to frosty imported beers as we walked past the refreshment table and on out into the pool area. When we crowded out the door, there was a smattering of applause from the other guests. Herb stepped up and began to introduce us to the group of naked men. I was impressed by some of the names in the group. Some I'd read in the society pages of the paper, and others were in common usage on election campaign posters Phoenix was noted for. I realized we were being invited into a very exclusive group. The older guys ranged in age from I'd guess fifty, to somewhere in the upper reaches of the seventies. Beside each and every one of them stood a young man, equally naked, and all eying Dale, John, and Danny. The eying was mutual, our boys were looking over the group with hungry eyes as well. Lips were being licked, and a few boys were tugging on their cocks and balls. Most were at least half hard, if not harder. Herb told us we should make ourselves at home, and feel like we had always been members of this select group. The boys took him at his word, and were soon frolicking in the pool with a dozen other boys of similar beauty. There was obviously a lot of cock grabbing going on, because when any of them climbed out of the water for a breath, he was always showing hard. Jack and I joined a table Nn Girl Guestbook full of men, and began to meet our new friends. The talk was mostly about the politics in Arizona, but every eye at the table was riveted on the playful boys. Not a one of the five men including myself was unaffected by the sexy rutting going on in the pool. Through the glass topped table, I could see we were all sporting hardons. "Best Viagra there is," an older balding guy named Wyman said, with a gleam in his eye as he stroked a hefty nine inch dick under the table. "Whas at?" A well known politician sitting next to Jack asked looking from he boys to Wyman. "Watching kids fuck around like that. Always get's my ol' pecker up and interested." In the pool, a tall boy with dark wet hair, but an otherwise hairless body had gotten an arm lock on Dale in the shallow end of the pool. They'd been splashing at each other for sometime, and had worked their way to the less deep water so they could stand up. The dark haired boy was standing behind Dale, and Nn Girl Guestbook had his arm twisted up behind his back. Dale had a big grin on his face, and his huge boner was just emerging half out of the water. The dark boy, gripped Dale's cock with his free hand, and said something in his ear. Dale nodded, and relaxed. He waded a little forward and leaned over the edge of the pool. I could see the other boy's thick cock standing erect, and throbbing. Since he was taller, it was totally exposed and beautiful. He pushed the shaft down with his free hand, still holding Dale's arm in a half nelson. He presented his cock to Dale's ass hole, and rubbed it up and down his crack. Dale pushed back against it, and almost like magic, the boy slipped his hardon on balls deep into Dale's butt. As they began to fuck, all interest around the pool focused on the two beautiful boys. Old men and young alike watched the sexy scene taking place in the shallow end of the pool. The water began to splash as their bodies worked against each other, and I noticed the old Nn Girl Guestbook guys around the pool at tables were all pulling on their stiff cocks. Not jacking exactly, but stroking them easily. "Don't chew cum boys," the politician said to Jack and me. "It's gonna get better as the night goes on." At the mention of night, I noticed the sun was beginning to set in the West, with a beautiful blaze of color no non Arizonan ever quite believes. It would be dark soon, and obviously, all the older guys were looking forward to it with anticipation. As the darkness continued to diminish the available light, someone turned on the underwater pool lights. The sparkling transparent water and the light blue of the pool bottom, worked like magic to turn the back yard into a scene from paradise. Dale and the boy were still fucking slowly, whispering to each other, and occasionally twisting to exchange tongues. Here and there in the pool, boys had hauled themselves out on the edge, and were getting sucked off by other boys. There was so much gorgeous Nn Girl Guestbook young flesh on Nn Girl Guestbook display that it would have been impossible for any man straight or gay to not be affected by it. I sighed, and let my hand come to rest on Jack's thigh. He patted my hand, and when I looked at him, he rolled his eyes into his lap. I looked down through the glass table, and saw a hand in his lap, fondling his cock and balls. The arm, led to the politician sitting next to him. He was intent on watching the boys, but just as intently enjoying playing with Jack's basket. I smiled at him, and stroked his leg. He knew he could stop the scene if he wanted to, but my intuition told me that he'd experienced so little man to man sex, that any strange encounter, would be interesting and exciting. He let the politician play with his stony cock. A nude boy carrying a tray, circulated around the tables, offered us drinks of harder alcohol. As he finished his rounds of the tables, an old guy clearly in his seventies, stopped him with a hand, and took his soft cock in his mouth. We watched the old cock sucker work his magic on the boy's flaccid stick, bringing it to life with what was obviously a lifetime of well learned technique. The waiter, stood there, rocking on the balls of his feet, feeding his long dick to the old man's hungry throat. We could see the flaring cock head progressing down the crepe like throat of the cock sucker, and then the unexpected happened. The old man began swallowing hardon on the shaft he was sucking. The muscles of his throat gripped and massaged the young man's cock, again and again, and caused his legs to go rigid and begin to shake uncontrollably. "Oh shhhhit!" His breath escaped in a curse, and he dropped his tray onto the stone pool side with a clatter, and he grabbed the old man's head in a vice like grip with his hands. His hips began to rotate, and he started humping the old guy's face hard and deep. There was no gaging, only a deeply satisfying gurgle and slop as the spit lick cock was pulled out and driven home with a vengeance. The old guy had his hands on the young man's hips, and seemed to be forcing him to fuck harder. The young guy's face was contorted with pleasure, and his head was thrown back, concentrating on the thrust of his horny cock into the throat of the willing ancient cock sucker. Suddenly, the boy stiffened, raised up on his toes, and we saw his nuts pull up along his shaft, and he dumped his load in five body wracking shots of cum. When it was finished, the old man slowly withdrew from the still thick cock, and we all applauded his efforts. The young man stooped to pick up his dropped tray, and pulling on his spit slicked member, retreated into the house. The old man picked up something from the table, and I grinned as he slipped his false teeth back into his mouth. It brought a flood of memories of the man I had called Gramps, who used to love blowing me without his teeth in place. I loved the feeling of his toothless gums working my hard shaft, milking it like some hungry machine until I blew all I had down his throat. Fond memories indeed. My dick jumped in my lap, and I wondered if the old gentleman was up for a swing on my hard dick. I decided at some point I'd have to ask. When I looked back at the pool action, Danny was sucking a boy that could have been his twin, and I felt a pang of jealousy that it wasn't me he had his mouth covering. It occurred to me at that moment, that I had more in my heart for this Nn Girl Guestbook boy than I realized. I leaned over and kissed Jack, and he kissed me back. The politician, stood up and pushed his chair back. He took a thick towel off the back of his chair, and folding it to make a pad, he knelt down on it, and slipped his mouth over Jack's throbbing shaft. Apparently just in time, because Jack uttered a strangled gasp, and pushing the politician's head down on himself hard, he came with force in his sucker's mouth. The politician moaned when the cum sprayed into him, and Jack humped and grunted his load out. I stood up to go exploring a little, and on the far side of the pool, I sat down on the edge and let my legs down into the warm water. I was contemplating slipping totally in for a swim, when two young men spotted me there and swam to me. I said hello to them, and they nodded in acknowledgement. "You're the one that writes those hot stories Herb is always reading to us," the red head said to the brunette. I beamed down at them both. "You like my stories boys?" "Fuckin' hot man. Will you put us in one of your stories? We'll blow you." I laughed out loud and threw my head back half surprised at their candor. "So show me what you can do." They both pulled themselves out of the pool, splashing water over me in the process. "Let's go to the the lounge over there." The redhead pointed at a piece of pool side furniture slightly hidden by a grouping of small Queen Palms. They pulled me to a standing position, and each taking hold of my semi hard cock, pulled me toward my fate in the bushes. I laid down on the lounge chair, and the boys wasted no time going to work on me. The redhead started on my neck and ears, while the brunette began his journey with my toes. I'd never had a toe job before, and the sensations his tongue was causing sent me into gales of laughter. Not exactly tickling, but very pleasurable. Red had worked his way to my arm pits, and was licking them clean of every scrap of smell and taste his tongue could find. When he finished with my pits, he concentrated on my nipples. By the time he was working on my second one, my cock was hard again. The brunette had progressed to my thighs and was busy with his tongue working the inner and outer sides equally. His trail of saliva left a cold path that he revisited with his warm silky tongue frequently. Gradually, he worked his way to my balls and began to nip and pull at my scrotal sack with his lips. Red found my navel, and his tongue spent a long time examining it for anything it could find. I was writhing under him, having never realized how much of an erogenous zone my navel actually was. Together, they raised my legs, and took turns on my ass crack, licking and cleaning every inch they could reach with their talented tongues. By the time they lowered my legs again, I was shivering with anticipation and delight. They moved in unison to my stiff cock, and without using their hands at all, they each lifted it slightly wrapped in their lips and tongues. I could see their tongues slipping over each other, exchanging saliva. They began a slow slide up the length of my now throbbing tool. Their talented mouths took turns taking a brief swipe across my piss slit, garnering what jewel of precum had erupted there, before sliding back down the length. This continued for several sensuous minutes, and I felt myself rising to the sensations. My balls pulled up against my shaft, and when they reached them, tight against my cock. they each took one into their mouth, and let their tongues dance over my heated nuts. I couldn't hold back much longer and grunted and humped my hips. In a flash they had dropped my balls, and were sliding back up my shaft to my cock head. I could feel my eruption running along my cum tube with their mouths. Reaching my head they took turns slipping it into their mouths, hungry for the reward I had for them. They each got a spray of cum, and then missed one that ended up on my left nipple. As the violence of the first shots subsided, my dick head continued to dribble cum. Both boys were positioned one on either side, and took turns lapping my steamy cum with their tongues. When it was finally over, they both sat back on their heels, and smiled at me. "Fantastic," was all I could say. "So you'll put us in one of your stories?" I could only nod at them form the distance of my sexual reverie. Across the pool, I could see Jack had progressed to fucking the politician, and several other men were in various stages of coitus with each other, or with one of the boys from the pool. John was sitting in the old cock sucker's lap, and was getting his cock sucked. I noticed the set of false teeth on the table, and envied the boy his pleasure of such a talented toothless mouth. The party went on and on into the night, with everyone getting their fill of new cock in every imaginable variation. At midnight, some of the older guys were beginning to nod off to sleep. The younger guys were still game, but even they were beginning to wind down. There was only so much cum and so many times you could manage it. Orgies were exhausting. We dressed quietly in the front room, and said our goodbyes to everyone still awake. We were not the first to leave, nor were we the last. Herb said he'd call us about the next time, and kissed us all good night as we walked past him out the door. He was still naked. At home, we stripped and all piled onto the big king sized bed in Mine and Jack's room. We talked lazily for a few minutes about the party before we started drifting off to sleep. At five thirty, I woke up needing to piss, and saw the collected sons and fathers spooned together in slumber, and thanked my lucky stars that we'd found each other. Our life together was turning into one of unimaginable joy and love.End

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