Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 28: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== "Get the directions out of the glove compartment, will you, Ed?" Ed reached in and grabbed the slip of paper. He handed it to Arnold who had driven the car into a gas station and was pulling up in front of the attendant's booth. His huge cock had long since deflated and now was laying across his thigh under the front tails of the short sleeve shirt he had on. As he approached the island a woman in her early twenties stepped out and waited for the car to come to a stop. She leaned down to take Arnold's gas order and her gaze immediately dropped to Arnold's crotch. Her eyes widened and she whistled in amazement. "Whoowee! S'been a long time since I seen anything that big." She looked over at Ed and saw the prominent bulge in the front of his gym shorts. "What is this? A club. You two boys have enough for half the state. Whad'cha do, get in line twice? Looks like you got in for thirds, handsome." Ed was laughing uproariously. Arnold was taken a bit aback by her forwardness, but went along with the joke. "Don't tell anyone, ma'am, but we just borrowed them for a little while. There's a town back down the road a bit that doesn't have any dicks right now." The attendant slapped Arnold's shoulder and hooted loudly. Then she returned her hand to his deltoid and gave it a hard squeeze." "Damn, boy. Looks like you got more than your share of a lot o' stuff. Including looks. I ain't seen no one as pretty as you in quite a while. You got some nice bulges there. Mind if I give 'em a squeeze?" "Careful. I bruise easily." The woman ran her hands over the surface of Arnold's shirt, seeking out the mounds of strength which lay beneath the fabric. Her fingers glided across his abdomen and then quickly grabbed the bottom of his shirt, yanking it up to reveal Arnold's tumescent member laying across his waist and down towards the car seat. Arnold gasped, Ed roared with laughter and the attendant moaned with a low rolling sound that spoke volumes of desire. "Does this come with the usual service, or is there an extra charge for checking under my hood like this?" "Buddy, this and everything else is free of charge if you let me at this monster." Arnold had decided he would deliver the car filled and cleaned. The tank was near empty and the outside was filthy from all the miles of road. The station had an automatic car wash in the back and he had hoped he could run the station wagon through it, improving his chances of getting his full deposit back. "What d'ya say, handsome? How about I fill your tank if you fill mine?" "Who'll watch the station?" "Listen. With the way I'm feeling right now, and the way you look right now, I don't think we'll be gone Young Nymphets long. What about your friend here. You interested in a blow-job?" "You do this all the time?" "Only when I meet up with two super-hung studs who both look like they need to get their rocks off in a hurry. What's your name, handsome?" "Arnold. And this is Ed." "Well, Ed. What d'ya say? Looks like you're getting ready for a little action there." Indeed, Ed's gym shorts were displaying signs of an internal disturbance and he reached down to press the palm of his hand against the bulge to increase the sensation. "Pull your car around to the side, there. I'll meet you in the office." Ed was suspicious. "Tell you what, ma'am. It takes my friend a little while to get real hard. Why don't you fill 'er up while Arnie's working on gettin' it up." The attendant raised her eyebrows, but took another look at the huge cock and decided it was worth it. "Sure. Just don't you go getting to excited and do the job for yourself." "No worry there, ma'am. He's got plenty to go around." He punched Arnold in the shoulder and laughed again. The woman let go of his shirt and went back to fill the car's tank. "Come on, Arnie. Get to work. She wants that fucker nice and hard by the time she's done pumping. Gas, that is." "Great. Just when I get this thing under control, I have to go and get it hard again." "By the looks of it, it'll be worth it. I know I'm getting awfully hot. I'm ready to start driving nails." He reached into the leg of his gym shorts and took his rigid shaft out and beat it against the seat. The thick, hard shaft thumped heavily and Ed gave it a hard squeeze just to increase the sensation. Arnold's own cock was starting to get hard, as well, and it slowly rose and crept back up his abdomen, finally reaching its maximum size, the head just kissing the belly of his left pec. He ran his hand down the shaft and grasped Young Nymphets his balls, gently caressing and rolling them between his fingers. Ed watched and felt his own cock leap as he imagined his tongue licking and sucking those two egg-sized prizes. "Hey, Arnie. Is it okay if I watch? I wanna see that big cock of yours fill this lady's cunt." "I suppose that's up to her. I don't have any objections." They heard the nozzle being removed from the tank and the cap being replaced. The little door slammed shut and she rammed the hose into its receptacle on the pump, then returned to the car window, wiping her hands on a rag, and pulled the front of Arnold's shirt out and peered down inside. The sight of the head of his cock so close to the top was more than she had expected. "Holy shit. You got a spare one in there you tape to your chest?" "You said you wanted it hard. It's hard." "You two studs pull over to that office. I'm gonna wash up and then we'll take care of business." Arnold started the car and pulled it up to the side of the building. The attendant disappeared into the ladies room on the side of the building, emerging a few moments later with clean hands and a shit-eating grin on her face. She motioned to the two boys to follow her, went around the corner and into the office. "Take the keys with you, Arnie." "I'm way ahead of you, Ed. Looks like this is our welcome to the big city." They got out of the car, locked the doors and headed for the office. Neither of the boys made any attempt to hide the huge hard-ons they were sporting as they paraded into the glass room. They followed her into a rear office filled with two desks, a couple of chairs, lots of paperwork and what seemed like several hundred photos on the wall indicating the occupant's taste. From floor to ceiling were pictures of every size showing well-developed men in the nude with huge penises in various states of hardness. Arnold casually ran his eyes over the gallery of studs and saw there wasn't a single one who could compare to his attributes. Few of them even had a physique to match his own. He removed his shirt and T-shirt and stood in the middle of the room defying comparison. Both Ed and the woman stared at him and drank in the incredible sight of his beauty and body and cock which was still protruding from the waist band of his gym shorts, hard, dark, stiff, thick, pulsing. "What's your name?" "Jennifer." "Jennifer. Nice name. You have an interesting art collection. Friends of yours?" "Just casual acquaintances. We all have sex together, regularly." "It must get awfully crowded in here." "Not as crowded as it's about to get." With that, Jennifer unfastened the belt of her jeans, unsnapped, unzipped, and dropped them to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath and Arnold suspected she had removed her underwear in the ladies room. The imprint of an elastic band was evident around her waist. Arnold reciprocated by removing the rest of his clothing, as well. She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and revealed two firm, round breasts with hard, dark brown nipples. She walked to Ed and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards one of the desks. "Sit up here, bucko. I want to suck that lovely cock of yours." Ed hopped up on the desk and Jennifer pulled his gym shorts down around his knees. Ed's large cock leapt up and slapped his stomach. "Hmmm. Nice. Suck my tits, Ed." Ed's mouth dove for Jennifer's breasts and began licking and sucking vigorously. He took one of her nipples between his teeth and gently but firmly rolled it back and forth between them. She moaned loudly. Arnold moved up behind her and reached around to her other breast, grabbing the nipple and duplicating Ed's movements with his fingers. She cried out loudly and thrust her crotch against Ed's knee then grabbed his cock and began to run her hand up and down the shaft, kneading and squeezing it, making Ed squirm with excitement. Arnold pressed his massive organ against her ass, reminding her of its presence. "Ooo yeah. Gimme that big cock." She bent over at the waist and presented her cunt to Arnold's waiting, eager cock which he thrust smoothly, slowly into her hungry, dripping orifice. Jennifer shouted loudly as her cunt was quickly filled to capacity by the huge penis. She drove herself back against the stiff shaft and consumed it to her limit. She then opened her mouth and sucked Ed's sizable organ in, taking it right to the base of the thick, hot shaft. All three bodies Young Nymphets began a concerted movement which seemed to be orchestrated by some outside force. They lunged and thrust towards each other with a precision that would have indicated a long time partnership as the three hot, hungry participants raced towards their own and each other's sexual fulfillment. Jennifer would occasionally pull her mouth off of Ed's cock to gasp for air and would shout encouragements to Arnold as she sensed herself approaching orgasm. Her entire body vibrated with the tension of imminent explosion as Arnold's turgid shaft stretched her cunt and pressed against the walls of her vagina with maddening insistence. "Pump my cunt. Pump. Pump. Pump. Oh yeah. Oooh, I like that, yeah. Big cock. Big. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, God. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Oh fuck. Oh baby. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh, God, I'm cumming. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer's cunt exploded with the first thralls of orgasm as she dove down onto Ed's swollen, blood-red shaft, driving him to climax as well. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed his cock into the deep recesses of her throat as load after huge load of cum rocketed up his shaft, exploding into her thirsty, sucking throat. In the mean time, Arnold had set a rhythm to his deep, filling thrusts. As he drove his huge shaft into Jennifer's clasping, begging cunt he gazed around the room at the myriad of photographs and posters on the wall. The subjects of those photos seemed to be all looking on at the ensuing debauch. He imagined all these men actually being in the room with them, their swelling pecs and distended members being displayed for his stimulation. Their faces all wore looks of envy as they watched his magnificent, immense cock fill the sex-mad cunt of this woman with a completeness that none of them could offer. Directly in front of him, just above and to the left of Ed's head, was the photo of a man with attributes that almost rivaled Arnold's. He grasped his long, thick cock in both hands and was obviously jerking-off, seemingly very close to orgasm. His well-developed physique was bulging with the effort and sharply-defined muscles swelled all over his body. The eyes in the photograph locked firmly on Arnold's own and he thought he could feel the heat coming from the subject's own passion. The man's teeth were gritted, his face contorted with the strain of his exertion and every fiber of the man's body showed the tension of total sexual involvement. Arnold clasped Jennifer's ass firmly between his hands and caused all his body to tense. Every muscle jumped as he clenched his teeth and drove his huge shaft deep into the cunt before him. He locked eyes with the muscle-bound stud in the picture and dared the man to be as hot, as horny, as fulfilling as he was. His cock swelled larger and an incredible tightness consumed his huge, swinging balls as they beat, time and again, against Jennifer's clit. The constant attack on her clit was driving Jennifer mad and she felt it grow harder and longer, more sensitive and desperate. As Arnold's cock increased in girth, the walls of her cunt were pressed against with even more friction and she quickly approached her second orgasm. Even though Ed's cock had already shot its load, she couldn't bring herself to let go of it. She continued to suck and bite and lick the thick shaft and it became rigid again. She swallowed all its length and Ed swooned, falling back on his elbows, his tight, hard abdomen flexing with each thrust into her mouth. Jennifer held the base of his cock with one hand and cupped his scrotum with the other, rolling and squeezing his swollen balls back and forth between her fingers. Ed couldn't believe the sight before him. Here was this incredibly beautiful man driving his unbelievably huge cock into the cunt of this cock sucking woman and all around him were pictures of men more hung and more sexy than any he had ever seen. Arnold seemed to be fixated on a point just above Ed's head and he leaned back to see what had attracted his attention. In the center of the wall, occupying some place of importance, was a picture of a hunk with a huge dong and muscles that swelled under the strain of exertion as he worked his own cock to climax. Ed looked back at Arnold and saw the same tension, the same drive towards orgasm. The sight was awesome. His pecs bulged to frightening size, filling with blood as he strained towards release. His biceps were huge, vein-covered mounds of flesh that cried out to be touched. Ed forced himself to sit up so he could see the huge, pounding shaft as it pulled nearly out of Jennifer's cunt each time before ramming back in, driving her mad, sending her into a wild, heaving dance that shoved her ass back against his attacking Young Nymphets cock with each thrust. He wanted that cock. The next time Jennifer removed her mouth from his distended prick for air he slipped down off the edge of the desk and moved back under her undulating abdomen to the juncture of their two bodies. Her cunt lips were stretched around the mighty shaft, filled with blood. He watched as Arnold's cock traveled in and out. It seemed to take forever to reach the limits of its journey before reversing direction. The massive scrotum with its two huge eggs hung deliciously beneath the base of the penis. He readjusted his position and turned his head so he could reach up with his tongue and lick Jennifer's clit and Arnold's cock. He began his attack and Jennifer and Arnold both let out a loud shout as the additional contact increased their sensual stimulation. Ed grabbed onto Arnold's huge balls and began to massage them as they traveled back and forth. This caused Arnold to increase his speed and Jennifer's own vocal reaction attained a new vigor. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh my God. Lick my clit. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Ooooooo. Oh, baby. Yeah. Lick it. Oh. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God." She began to cry as the tension became too much for her. She clamped down hard on Arnold's cock, trying to force him to climax. She had never been driven this far before and was beginning to get scared. The huge cock and talented tongue of these two studs was far more than she could handle, but she also knew she couldn't stop. The orgasm she was heading for was undeniable. Her head spun, her knees weakened, her nipples ached, her cunt cried for release. Ed grabbed his own cock and began to work it as he felt the physical tension in the room build to the point where he could see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it, sense it. Faster and further and harder and longer and more furious than he had ever experienced. The three bodies strained towards ultimate fulfillment, but just when they thought the moment was at hand, that they could climb no higher, something drove them on until they all lost track of themselves and became a single thrusting, writhing organism with a final goal that surpassed their previous sexual experiences by leagues and miles and parsecs. Finally, Arnold sensed the height Young Nymphets of the moment and tightened his ass, shoved hard and his balls released the torrent of cum inside them. He screamed loud and deep and ground his hips against Jennifer's ass. Cum gushed from his cock, out around Jennifer's cunt and flowed down into Ed's eager, lapping mouth. Jennifer's own release was triggered by the onslaught of Arnold's orgasm and her cunt poured out juices mixed and mingled with Arnold's, giving Ed plenty to lick up. Her orgasm rattled every cell in her body and she cried out at the sudden, violent sensory release. Never before had she cum so hard and it felt as though something inside her broke. Nothing physical, but a bind, a tie, a chain around her soul was shattered and her mind soared up through some dark, dank depth she hadn't even been aware of. It broke the surface and the light blinded her, she screamed in relief and her body suddenly erupted into a fury of movement as the sudden freedom danced in her being. She cried out and let the ecstasy wash through her body, sending her nerve endings dancing, humming with rapture and joy. Arnold's own orgasm seemed to reach down into his center and pull his soul up through the end of his cock. He could feel the light-headedness of his own delight lift him to a higher plane of sensory input. All the photos on the wall became brighter. The hundreds of cocks and pecs and biceps and deltoids and anguished, hardened faces burned with an intensity that seemed to feed off of his own orgasmic experience. Ed's hand on his balls worked to increase the effect of his cumming and he felt himself spin around inside himself. The entire universe collapsed down to the head of his cock and he felt he could sense each, individual sperm as it erupted from the huge slit in the swollen head of his massive, driving prick. His entire body flexed and the sensation of his muscles under full tension also worked to heighten his sexual experience. Ed's tongue expertly licked and prodded at his shaft and forced the orgasm to sustain itself long after it should have faded away. Ed's mouth filled with the combined juices of the two sex organs suspended above him. Their heaving, thrusting movements, their loud, crying shouts, their heat, their joy, their fulfillment filled the room. Sweat covered his body and he continued to lick at the thrusting, blood-engorged organs above him as though his life depended on it. The movements of the three finally slowed and then came to a stop, but they remained in contact for several moments, not wanting to break the incredible bond created between them in the hot forge of this incredible sexual encounter. Jennifer was leaning on her arms against the desk, her breath ragged and deep. She was still crying and the reality of what had just happened slowly sunk into her mind. She was scared. She was mad. She was happy. She was changed. She pulled herself away from Arnold's still rigid cock, turned around and looked at the two men before her. Her sob-wracked body lunged at Arnold, beating on his massive chest and arms. "You sonuvabitch. You asshole. What the fuck did you do? What the fuck are you?" Arnold let her beat on him for a moment and then slowly enfolded her in his huge, muscular arms. Her attack dwindled away until she collapsed against his chest. She continued to cry. "All I wanted was a good fuck. All I wanted was a big cock and a good cum. Why did you do that?" Arnold didn't know what to say. He had gone with the moment and fed on what he had felt. The moment had been a heated one, he had been very horny, Ed was there, Jennifer was there, he was there. The moment just was. It seemed he had some control to learn, he thought. Not every sexual encounter has to be earth-shattering. Sometimes it could just be for fun. He felt something touch his cock and looked down to see Ed still on the floor. He had wrapped his hand around the massive, stiff organ and was working it up and down. "You gonna have to get this thing soft if you're going to drop Young Nymphets that car off." Jennifer backed away from them. "Don't look at me." "Let me. I'll suck you off." Ed rose to his knees and grabbed Young Nymphets the huge shaft with both hands and took it into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could and then began moving his head back and forth. Arnold moaned passionately. Jennifer stood there dumbfounded. This huge cock had just driven her to the most explosive, mind-bending orgasm of her life and it was still in need of attention. She watched as the other boy licked and sucked it. Her eyes wandered over the scene before her and came to rest on Ed's own, still-rigid cock. "Oh, what the fuck!" She moved behind Arnold, got down on her hands and knees and crawled between his parted legs, taking Ed's cock into her mouth for a second time. Ed hadn't realized her objective and it took him by surprise, but he was thankful for the relief. He knew he had to cum again, as well, or wear a hard-on for the rest of the day. The sight of this huge cock, the taste of it, the feel of it as his mouth stretched around its massive girth, the smell of Arnold's sweat-soaked, cum-juice-coated cock drove him crazy and he let the feeling of Jennifer's mouth wash over his whole body. He began coordinating his movements with Jennifer and imagined this was his own cock being sucked. He closed his eyes and fantasized that he was the one sporting this eleven-and-a-half inch hard-on. Suck it. Suck my big cock. Take it all. Make me cum. I need to cum. Suck my big dick. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Huge loads of sperm rocketed out of the hot, hard cock in his mouth and traveled down through his body, shooting out of his own eleven-and-a-half inch hard-on. The mouth around his shaft sucked and swallowed and drank and drained him and he sucked and swallowed and drank and drained the huge cock in his own mouth and then it slowly became softer and he continued to lick and suck and it slipped from his mouth and he clasped and squeezed and dreamed that it was his own and then it hung thick and heavy before him and Ed gazed up at the rigid abdominals and enormous, swollen pecs and the swollen, vein-coated biceps and the beautiful face of this beautiful boy with the beautiful soul and he sighed. Jennifer finished drinking her fill of Ed's cum and pulled back between Arnold's legs. She sat back on her knees and gazed at the gorgeous, tight ass before her. She ran her hands up the backs of Arnold's thick, muscular legs and grasped each of his cheeks, molding them with her palms, delighting in the way he flexed and squeezed them in reaction to her touch. She moved her hands down between his legs and reached through to the huge, flaccid shaft and heavy swaying balls that hung between his thick, trunk-like thighs. Stroking the back of the thick rope of flesh she remembered the feeling of it filling her so completely. Her cunt tingled and she began to yearn for that fullness again. She looked around at all the pictures on the walls. They all seemed so empty, so vacant, so minimal. Nothing was going to ever be the same again. Again she felt her emotions well up and she began to cry once more. Arnold turned around and picked her up off the floor, cradling her in his huge arms, swaying back and forth, Young Nymphets cooing softly to her. Ed stood and came Young Nymphets around in front of them and added his own embrace to the reassurance. He wasn't quite sure what had happened here, but he sensed it had been a lot harder on Jennifer than himself. He also realized his own time was soon to come. The thought both frightened and excited him. He had just had a glimpse of what the world would be like. The shade drawn across his soul had been momentarily lifted. The light had been bright, too bright to see anything clearly, but he knew he would have to face what was on the other side before too long if he was going to hang out with this most unusual young man. Arnold finally sensed what Jennifer's fear was. He set her down and held her away from him at arms length, running his eyes up and down her glowing, naked body. He bent down and deeply kissed each of her nipples, sucking them to erection. She squirmed against his attentions. When they were both as hard as they could get he straightened up and looked her right in the eye. "You're right. It will never be the same. You'll take all these posters and throw them away because they'll never mean anything to you again. You're different now. But now the hard part comes. Instead of keeping all this energy bottled up in a room full of naked men on the walls, you have to take it out to the real world. I've given you nothing. I only showed you the way. No one you have sex with from now on will ever be the same, if you give it as freely as you did with us today. You're very beautiful, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing you with us. Now we have to be going." Without another word they all gathered their clothing and dressed, looking at each other, not wanting to loose the last glimpses of the bodies that had just shared this experience with them. Arnold left the T-shirt off and just put on the short sleeve one. His huge pecs peeked through above the third button. He noticed that the other two were looking, so he flexed his chest causing the muscles there to expand and push against the fabric. Jennifer rushed to him and grabbed the massive mounds of flesh, caressing and feeling their power and size. Arnold gently pushed her away. "Do you have a map of the area. I need to find the house I'm going to." Jennifer reluctantly released her grip of his pecs and nodded, indicating that he should follow her. They went into the service area and together they located the street the Patterson's lived on and the train station. Arnold made a note of how to get there then Ed and he got back in the car. "Can I run this through the car wash?" "Sure. Here's a token." She held out a large copper coin, but when Arnold reached to take it she held on for a moment longer. Their eyes met. "I don't know what you've done to me, but I have a feeling I either want to kill you or kiss you." "Just let it happen. Pass it on." Arnold took the token, started the car and backed away from the building. He drove to the car wash at the back and deposited the coin in the box. A light came on and he pulled into the building to the designated stopping point. The boys rolled up their windows just as the water spray came on, shutting them off, temporarily, from the outside world. Arnold looked over at Ed who was staring at his own feet. "What's up, Ed? You don't like getting laid?" Ed didn't respond for the entire first half of the wash cycle. When the machine began its second pass of the car he finally turned to Arnold. "Arnie, I think you had better just let me off at the train station and forget about the rest of our plans, okay." He looked over at Arnold, who had a thoughtful, almost saddened expression on his face. "Okay?" he repeated. Indeed, a sadness did shudder through the young man's body. Was this how it was going to go? First Sam. And now Ed? How could he have gotten so close to this young man so quickly, only to lose him just as fast? "Okay." That was the last thing they said to each other. Ed grabbed his duffel bag from the back seat and held it tight to his chest, as though Arnold might attack him right there and this was his only defense. The machine finished, Arnold started the car and pulled out of the building and onto the road, drove to the train station and pulled into the passenger drop-off loop. Ed had the car door open before Arnold could come to a complete stop, hopped out, slammed the door closed and walked straight into the station, never looking back. Arnold pulled away from the curb, out onto the street and was down the block before the whole world went fuzzy. He quickly Young Nymphets pulled the car over to the curb as huge tears began running down his cheeks. He didn't quite understand why he was crying, but it had something to do with being abandoned. His parents, Sam, Ed. Never had he felt so alone. He had hung an awful lot of hope on having Ed help him get through the first difficult days in this new place. Now he didn't know what to anchor himself to. There were the friends of Sam and Mr. Ridell that he was going to stay with, but he didn't know what to expect there. There was the guy that Tom and Judy had told him about, but that was an even greater unknown. He wiped his eyes and looked out the side window. Hundreds of cars whisked past him, each carrying a single, lonely person. Only they didn't know just how lonely they were, because they had never not been lonely. They had never gotten as close to another soul as Arnold had learned to do in the last few weeks. They had never opened themselves up to the rest of the world and experienced the un-loneliness of others with them. Arnold had been very alone for most of his life. And then he had met a whole group of wonderful people who changed his life and his view of it. Suddenly they all were gone and he had nothing but himself. He looked to himself to see what he could find that would help him over this moment. He felt a presence there that assured him he was okay. He heard it tell him he was equipped to handle everything life was about to throw at him. He looked to see where that voice was coming from and realized it was himself. He was alone, but not lonely. He had himself. As long as he could hold onto the fact that he was okay, there would be no problem. Nothing could help him through anything better than himself. Arnold used the last of the small pack of tissues in the glove compartment and then pulled back into the flow of traffic. He followed his route through the commercial district that crowded the perimeter of the highway and then widened out into a residential area with large, green lawns and huge houses and several cars in every driveway. He made several turns along winding, tree-lined streets and finally pulled into the long driveway of a massive, Tudor-style house with old trees and manicured gardens. He stopped the engine and looked at his watch. Three-thirty. Well he had said late afternoon. He hoped someone was here to sign for the car.

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