Related article: Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 21:52:45 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Mike Subject: Albuquerque Skaterboys - Part 2WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: DUE TO THE DEPICTION OF GRAPHIC SEX AND ADULT SITUATIONS, NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 SHOULD BE READING THIS Toplist Kds Bbs STORY. It myaybe illegal in the place where you read this, so check with the laws that of where you are able to access this material. This story involves sex between males of various ages ( adult and underage ), so if you are offended by such behavior do not continue reading this story. This story and parts of it maybe not be taken or used without the author's permission and remains his property solely. This story is pure fiction and does not involve any actual perople and any and all similarities to living or deceased people are purely coincidental.REQUEST: Contact me at the above email address if you had any comment about this story. I would enjoy finding out how any reader felt. Flames will be ignored. I will respond to any serious messages and would enjoy corresponding with those willing to provide me more insight into the skater scene since I try to go for accuracy. This story was set in New Mexico, a place I know well, and I wanted to see a story which was set there. Any New Mexicans can contact me about anything in my story and will get my full attention. Thanks to all the wonderful responses to my first story. Albuquerque Skaterboys - Part 2 The Domino's Pizza deliveryman walked up to the nondescript brown house with his order in hand and rang the doorbell. It gave a creaky sounding buzz like it was broken and needed to be fixed. Voices from behind the weather-beaten door indicated that someone had heard him ring the doorbell and was coming. The worn wooden door opened up and the pizza deliveryman saw that a skinny little blonde boy wearing what obviously was a man's blue workshirt that went down midway to his knees and barefoot greeted him. The boy looked to be about nine or ten years old. "Hey," said the small little blonde boy with bright blue eyes and damp disheveled hair looking up at the deliveryman through the screen door with a couple of rips in it, "You finally got here." He looked really happy to see the pizza arrive. "Hello. I got your order," replied the tall Domino's deliveryman holding the order in its heatbag in his right hand and opening the flimsy screendoor with the other, "It comes to $16.15. Will this be cash or check?" With the screendoor open, the thirty-year old deliveryman got a good glimpse at the nine-year old boy and saw he was a skinny little thing made more obvious by the large shirt he wore. The effect was that it looked like the cute little blonde was wearing nothing else. The deliveryman persuaded himself that he must have caught the boy swimming in the backyard. "Uh, cash," replied the short blonde boy with the shirt open Toplist Kds Bbs to the middle of his smooth chest and what appeared to be a small circular bruise that looked to the deliveryman like the hickies he left his wife with sometimes. In the back of his mind, the deliveryman wondered if the little boy had a girlfriend at such a young age. Kid must be a stud with the ladies he bemused to himself. The thin youngster fished his fingers through the breast pocket and pulled out a wad of a couple of bills. "You swimming, son?" asked the pizza deliveryman trying to be friendly as the boy counted his money. The small boy stopped for a second and looked at the older male in his Domino's pizza uniform with a quizzical look as if he didn't understand his question. Sensing a moment of confusion, the deliveryman clarified by adding, "I mean I was wondering if you were swimming out back since you just got your dad's shirt and no shoes, huh?" The barefoot boy seemed to realize what the older man was asking and smiled an impish smile that made the kid look so innocent. "Oh,.... yes, sir," piped the thin blonde pip of a boy in a squeaky high pitched voice, "Its pretty hot and I couldn't stand it anymore. But, I got hungry. Oh, here you go. You can keep the change as a tip. Okay?" The thin youngster put a handfull of bills in the deliveryman's outstretched left hand to which the deliveryman responded by handing the smiling youngster his large pizza. "Thanks," responded the deliveryman putting his money into his cashbag, "You should think of putting some pants on, son. You might get a cold running around in your shirt and swimsuit." The small boy Toplist Kds Bbs holding his large pizza which made him look really skinny again looked puzzled and pulled his shirt forward and looked down as if inspecting what was underneath. This gave the the deliveryman a better peek of the boy's reed-thin body down to his bellybutton ( an outie, he noted ) and made him curious as to what kind of swimwear the boy must be wearing for him to see that much bare skin. The little guy must be wearing speedos or briefs thought the older male. The little kid must come from a really poor family he concluded. "Uh, I will. Thanks," responded the pre-teen youngster finishing the inspection under his over-sized shirt and slowly beginning to close the door, "Bye." The deliveryman nodded and turned to walk back to his green '99 Dodge Neon with his empty heatbag and full cashbag. "HEY!," came a familar high-pitched voice from behind the deliveryman as the door opened again to show the small youngster waving him back. Thinking that he forgot something, the deliveryman returned back to the door where the skinny boy was beckoning him. "Did I forget something?" asked the tall thirty-year old white man with long hair tied back in a pony-tail and glasses. He was lanky at 170 pounds and had a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. The skinny boy had walked out in his barefeet to meet the pizza deliveryman outside the door which he had closed behind him. It amused and concerned the older man to see the skinny little boy navigating his way barefooted through small stones and sticks to stand before him in his too-large shirt that seemed to hang on the small-framed boy. "No. Not at all. I just wanted to know your name is all," responded the cute youngster looking up intently into the older male's kindly brown eyes, "since you were so nice and everything." The curious boy bit his lower lip and fidgeted nervously with his shirt buttons as he spoke. The deliveryman smiled in relief at the innocent request from the friendly boy who looked so small and fragile before him. "My name is Clifford. You can call me Cliff, okay?" answered the thirty-year old man reaching over and giving a friendly pat on the boy's head, "Ummm,..what's yours, small fry?" "Its Randy. You're pretty nice, mister," said the nine-year old boy looking up with a friendly smile on his sweet face, "I like you, alot." This made Cliff blush a little and he felt a twinge of affection for this friendly little boy to which he had just delivered a pizza. "You're pretty cool yourself, Randy," Cliff told the barefoot kid looking up at him with little sparkles in his bright blue-eyes, "But, I got to go now. If you ever want a free pizza, just call my store and I will deliver it myself, okay?" He gave the nine-year old a friendly wink that seemed to brighten the boy's already cute face. "Really!? Wow, Cliff, I will," blurted out the little boy excited by the generous offer, "That is so way cool. Thank you....thank you!" The barefoot youngster's excitement made Cliff smile and give a friendly little laugh. "Okay, Randy. I got to get going," said the deliveryman backing away and waving good-bye, "Take care and enjoy your pizza, son." The skinny boy watched and waved a thin hand as his new-found older friend got back into his Neon and drove away. Randy turned and walked back into the brown house closing the door behind him. He picked up his waiting pizza resting on the endtable and walked through the messy living room down a bare hallway to a small room that served as an office to his friend, Jeff, whose house he was in. Inside the cluttered room were two men, wearing only their trousers, looking at a computer screen intently. One man was Julio Toplist Kds Bbs who had met him on the bus earlier when he ran unexpectedly into Sam and the strange new boy he had never met before. "What took so long?" asked the Hispanic man turning to see the blonde boy enter the computer equipment dominated room holding the pizza box, "I was fucking starving, little bro." Shrugging his shoulders in a "I don't know" manner, Randy openned the pizza box before Julio who took a slice and began to eat. The other man, a good friend of Julio's, was a large chubby man who looked to be about twenty-five with thinning short brown hair and brown eyes. His belly hung out over his waistband somewhat. He was about 6 feet and 4 inches tall and looked to be almost three-hundred pounds most of which was around his middle it seemed. "Thought you ran away for a second," kidded Jeff turning to take a slice from the small boy holding the pizza box open for him, "Julio said you didn't want to see your latest peformance. I told him "Nyah, our little star loves being on video". Don't you, huh?" The large younger man took a bite of his slice as the little boy smiled and tilted his head as if to confirm Jeff's statement. Randy blushed a little and put the pizza box down on the table cluttered with a video camera and CDs and took his slice finally. He took a bite and began chewing as he walked over and sat on Julio's lap. "I got to give it to you, little homie. You got balls going to get the pizza dressed like that," laughed the older and darker male upon whom Randy was sitting on contentedly, "I wonder if the pizza dude noticed you were only wearing a shirt?" The latin male's hand went around the thin waist of the nine-year old boy in his lap and held him close in an affectionate manner. Feeling tired and relaxed, Randy lay back into Julio's chest as he munched his pizza slice. He felt Julio's rough hand gently slide under the large shirt which he was wearing and begin gently brushing his smooth chest and stomach. "He just thought I was swimming," replied the thin little boy nipping way on his food happily, "Guess cause I wasn't wearing shoes." Jeff licked his sausage-like fingers and turned back to the computer screen. "You got back in time. Julio and I were done downloading the video from the camcorder and were about to edit what we filmed earlier," the chubby man said evidently excited as he tapped on the keyboard, "You were terrific this afternoon. I think you get better each time. Check it out." As Jeff said this with the air of a maestro, the computer screen jumped to a still image of Randy and Julio laying side-by-side on a bed with white sheets fully dressed. Julio was dressed like a construction worker while Randy wore a neat little Cub Scout unform. The larger and darker man made the skinny white boy look small and fragile. This was accented greatly by the white of the empty room save for the queen-size bed upon which they both lay looking up into the camera. White sheets covered the windows to hide the erotic action occurring within this special room. "I love checking it out the first time," Julio said aloud excitedly turning his head to get a good look at the coming images on the computer screen while his hand softly massaged the left nipple of the skinny nine-year old reclining lazily on his lap, "Its so fucking cool to see my face in action before you blur it out, man." "Our little star here gets all the credit, Julio," replied Jeff pressing a button which brought the images to life, "Here we go. Enjoy the roughcut, fellas." The video showed Randy smiling and waving to the camera. The nine-year old youngster sat up and turned to his older companion on the bed and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He turned and smiled at the camera in an impish way that cause his blue eyes to appear brighter. Closing in on the boy's beaming face, Randy blew a kiss to the camera lens and giggled at his cleverness. "I look weird dressed like that," squeaked Randy in a low tone watching himself on video starting to take his blue Cub Scout shirt off and looking happy. Julio's hand continued its wonderful journey all over his velvety body tickling him in a pleasant way. "It took me awhile to get that uniform, kiddo," answered the plump twenty-five year old engrossed in the image of the Toplist Kds Bbs small boy now shirtless turning to kiss Julio's lips on the screen in a passionate embrace, "Besides, I got a request from my associate about you being dressed like that. Says boys in scouting uniforms are hot. Plus, you look DAMN good in it." Randy just smiled at the compliment as he sat on Julio's warm lap. On the computer screen, bare-chested Randy continued to engage Julio in a long, deep kiss where their lips were locked together and eyes closed for a couple of minutes. Both had their arms wrapped around each other tightly as they exchanged warm saliva and their tongues fondled one another. The older latin male slowly put his right hand under the waistbands of the skinny boy's Cub Scout shorts and boxers and cupped the firm bubblebutt of the blonde youngster in his embrace. The feel of Julio's hand gripping his bottom made the innocent-looking little boy put his thin arms around the larger male's neck and kiss harder. The scene of the half-nude young boy and older man engaged in passionate french-kissing caused Jeff's cock to stiffen. "Damn, you guys went to town with the kissing right there," commented the younger and larger man viewing the screen, "I could hardly hold the camera straight." Back on the screen, the kiss had ended and the image of Randy began to pull the white t-shirt off the torso of his older bedmate who obliged by lifting his arms and smiling broadly. Julio with his darker skin made young Randy look pale in comparison. Both now bare-chested, the pair smiled at the camera and at each other while sitting side by side on the white-sheeted bed. "This is the part where you get both get naked," the heavy-set young man commented as the scene unfolded on the computer, "Man, Julio, you got were already hard, huh?" The video images of Julio and little Randy continued to take their remaining clothes off and discarding them into an unseen corner of the empty room. "I was so fucking horny thinking about poking this little guy, dude," boasted the older Hispanic man giving the little boy sitting in his lap a playful squeeze, "He's the fucking best." Randy let out a little giggle upon being squeezed, but continued to observe his naked self onscreen. Displayed on the computer, the naked images of the little blonde boy and the larger darker-complexioned man began to proudly display their engorged members. Buried in a black bush of curly pubic hair, Julio had a slim 7 inch cock that was uncut with a large bulbous head. Proudly hanging beneath it was his plum-sized testicles full of thick mancum. By comparison, Randy had a stubby 3 inch cut member with a tip that reminded one of a cherry. His marble-sized testicles were tightly bound in their smooth sack with one ridge bisecting it. Looking into the camera, Randy was telling the cameraman something and pointing at his stiff boyhood. The erections of both man and boy got a close-up shot that lingered from one to the other then pulled back to show the two fully once more in all their naked glory on the white bed. Both engaged in a soundless conversation and smiled at one another as each lay nude lay back on the bed. Onscreen, Julio was laying back with his rock-solid penis displayed prominently and legs apart while the skinny naked boy scooted playfully into a kneeling position between the spread legs. Randy smiled into the camera and lowered his head till the man's bulbous cockhead was pressed on his pouty lower lip. The camera moved in to give a close-up view as the small nine-year old flicked his wet tongue over and over the smooth round tip peeking out through the Toplist Kds Bbs foreskin of the reclining man's hardon. Not wanting to ignore the rest of the fascinating member before him, the little boy began to run his velvety tongue up and down the multi-veined cockshaft till it glistened from saliva. Randy vigorously licked the erect cock before him from tip to the balls with loving attention and enthusiasm for a handful of minutes. Pausing at the tip for a second or two, the boy looked into the camera with a mischievious look and wrapped his wet lips around the bulbous cockhead and sucked gently. Slowly and with no apparent effort, the man's solid cock disappeared inch-by-inch into the thin naked boy's oral orifice till it was completely gone. "Its goddamn amazing how you can deepthroat it like that, Randy," commented Jeff watching the sex act performed by the boy proceed on the computer, "You got one hell of a talent. I'm glad Julio discovered you or it would have been a waste." The thin little boy giggled at the compliment as the Hispanic man gave his neck a gentle rub to confirm the boy's sexual talents. Back on the computer, the video continued to reveal what sexual escapades had transpired earlier. The head of the blonde boy began to slowly bob up-and-down while maintaining its tight grip with his lips around the long dick of the reclining thirty-year old man. Concentration mixed with desire could be discerned on the boy's youthful features as he focused on providing the utmost pleasure to the darker man whose 7 inch cock was sliding between his welcoming lips. Minute after minute, the skinny youth continued his oral assault on the engorged penis presented to him willingly by the Hispanic man whose hands went down upon the bobbing head of the pre-teen fellatio master. From the movement of the man's hips to the little boy's oral attention, it signaled a coming orgasmic explosion. The cute boy's face reddened with the effort of sucking hard on the member sliding fully down his throat. Suddenly, the man's legs spasmed uncontrollably and his hands pressed the boy's head down firmly while rising his hips up to drive the throbbing cock completely down the boy's accepting mouth filling it up with thick spurts of warm cum. Randy could be seen swallowing the divine jism hungrily with each spurt from the pulsating cock buried deep in his throat. "Hahahaha. That is so fucking awesome, little bro," exclaimed Julio watching the video recording of the same little boy on his lap fellate and swallow his load, "My old lady doesn't suck as good as you. And she never swallows!!!" "It tasted good," squeaked the little boy sitting up some fascinated at having just watched himself perform oral sex on the man whose lap he was sitting on, "Kind of salty is all. That first time always gives me alot. Look! Here's where you sucked me." The skinny elementary schoolboy pointed excitedly at his image on the screen climbing up over the hairy chest of the Hispanic man and straddling the Hispanic man's neck and presenting his 3 inch boner to be sucked in reciprocation. The two men and boy returned their attention to the computer screen, as the image of the same little boy continued his quest to have the Hispanic man whom he had just blown suck on his own small erection in return. The older male opened his mouth happily and took the blonde boy's stub of a cock in between his lips as his hands cupped the boy's buttcheeks which felt like two rubbery grapefruits. Still on his knees and his boyish member being gently sucked on by the older Latino, Randy began to thrust back and forth gently fucking Julio's puckered mouth. A smile crossed the boy's innocent features indicating his enjoyment at being fellated. The thin boy steadied himself as he thrust harder and harder by holding onto Julio's temples. Being larger and stronger, the Hispanic man provided solid support for the little boy who was thrusting his little boycock in faster and faster tempo. It was no effort for the grown man to swallow the 3 inches of stiff boyhood sliding between his lips by the naked nine-year old over him. Randy tilted his head back as he thrust himself vigorously seeking his orgasmic nirvana between the lips of the man who was swallowing his hard cock as if it was a most delectible morsel. The muscles of the boy's buttcheeks could be seen flexing and unflexing with each stroke of the boy's hardon into Julio's accepting mouth. Seconds of exhertion turned into minutes, as the physical effort of fucking the man's accepting oral orifice caused the boy's face to redden and sweat to bead on his brow and smooth chest. Finally reaching his hard-sought climax, the boy's mouth opened wide in a loud moan and his reed-like body wrapped itself tightly around the head of the Hispanic man as his hips continued thrusting his throbbing cock wildly. Randy's small body spasmed over and over from the powerful orgasm that had just occurred and the camera got a closeup of the young boy's beautiful features contorted in physical ecstacy brought about by Julio's sucking of his 3 inch rod. In slow motion, the blonde pre-pubescent seemed to melt off the face of the smiling older man and onto his hairy chest where he lay recovering for a few moments. A smile of contentment emitted happily from his face. After a short respite where the camera went up and down the nude backside of the small boy prominently highlighting his grapefruit shaped buttcheeks, the small frame of the boy got up off the nude figure of the Hispanic man whose cock was once again rock hard. Randy lay on his back and looking into the camera and grinning lifted his skinny legs high to show his pink little boyhole with pride to the viewer as if in invitation. "Look at that sweet hole," exclaimed the younger man viewing the image Toplist Kds Bbs of the little boy's puckered anal opening, "It just begs you to fuck it." The pink boyhole grew larger as the camera closed in on it to provide a better view. It puckered and unpuckered in anticipation of being penetrated by a wonderfully hard mancock. On the screen, the back of the naked Latino's head blocked out the rare view of the little boy's exposed boyhole as Julio began to run his roughly soft tongue along the smooth ridge from the nine-year old's boysack to his opening as if pointing the way. In reponse to this tongue-action, the blonde boy's skinny legs wrapped around the older man's head pulling it in deeper which the grown-up responded by licking harder and driving his tongue deeper into the prone boy's anal orifice. The camera recorded the small boy's face contorting in obvious ecstacy as he felt the tongue probing his boyhole. "I did it different this time. Can you tell, eh?" asked Julio watching his masterful rimjob of the young boy on the computer, "I moved my tongue from side to side more. Like little circles, too. I could feel it driving you wild, man!!!" "It felt really, really good," responded the same little boy sitting on his lap confirming his bed partner's assessment, "I almost came right there." "You can tell," added the younger man pointing to the on-screen Randy's obviously pleasure-wracked face betraying his obvious enjoyment at having a man's tongue buried deep into his tight asshole, "I just had to catch that look on your face. I hate it when a boy doesn't look like he is enjoying it. I can tell you LOVE it!!!" Jeff stroked himself through his pants watching the pair on screen in their sexual encounter. After a couple of hotly erotic minutes, The image of naked Julio on the screen lifted his head away from the sweet boyhole that glistened from the saliva his tongue left behind and gently peeled the little boy's thin legs from around his neck. He took both legs in each hand lifting them up to expose the beautiful boy rosebud and got on his knees positioning his bulbous erection right at the small boy's entrance. On camera, one could see a look of excited expectation on the white boy's cheeks which were now rosy from arousal. The tip of the Latin man's hard dick kissed the puckered boyhole right before the grown male pushed the tip in slowly and gently. Randy could be seen onscreen biting his lower lip as his tiny boyhole gave way to the long 7 inch cock entering his slim body. The dark-skinned man's pole of a cock finally entered all the way into the accepting little white boy and the camera caught the exciting image of the blonde skaterboy's sweet buttcheeks pressed tightly against the black bush of pubes of the Latino's crotch. Right over the penetrated hole, Randy's little 3 inch boner was rock hard and red. In what seemed like slow motion, the Hispanic man began to withdraw his steel-like cock till the tip was almost out and reversed himself in a quick thrust that seemed to drive the glistening cock cockshaft back piston-like into the little white boy's accepting asshole. Randy's eyes widened both onscreen and in real-life observing the fierce penetrating assault. Damn, Julio, You were pounding the kid's ass hard right there. Look at his face," observed the chubby younger man with amusement, "I heard the kid grunt when you shoved it in like that. I got worried that the neighbors were going to hear it. Want me to turn on the sound?" Toplist Kds Bbs "Sure, dude," replied the older Hispanic man viewing his energetic fucking he had done earlier of the cute young boy on his lap, "I was fucking so hard I must have blocked it out or something." "I was moaning?" added the the nine-year old skaterboy enjoying the wonderful memory of being fucked just little more then an hour before, "I just remember it really felt good when you put it in like that." The recorded image of Randy continued to be fucked long and hard by the Latino who occassionally stopped while buried deep in the pre-pubescent boy's ass and ground his hard cock in circular motions that seemed to cause little Randy to gasp for breathe. "kid, you were loud and fucking hot, answered Jeff poking at some keys on his keyboard bring the sound back, "Listen to yourself." The room became filled with high-pitched moans of intense pleasure that seemed timed with each inward thrust of the Julio's hard cock into Randy's tight boyhole. Anyone listening outside the old brown house would hear the heavy breathing of some young boy broken in steady rhythm by little grunts and groans of obvious pleasure betraying an excruciatingly wonderful sexual encounter occurring. The image of Julio vigorously penetrating the tight boyhole of the nine-year old boy was enhanced by the intense moans of pleasure emitting from the agape mouth of the skinny youngster who was beginning to writhe from the pleasure produced from the repeated penetrations. His smooth chest with its beautifully erect nipples rose and fell quickly as the white boy betrayed an obviously approaching climax. Sensing that his young sex partner was about to orgasm hard, the dark-skinned man fucked the tiny-looking boy more ferociously so that it shook the bed. The 7 inches of cock sliding in and out in such a way seemed to cause the skaterboy to arch his back and grip the sheets like he was holding on for dear life. Over the speakers, the pre-teen boy's groans became loud squeaks of pleasure as the nine-year old boy lost control Toplist Kds Bbs of his skinny limbs and his little cock spasmed while a powerful orgasm shook his small frame. The incredible orgasm caused the young boy's sphincter muscles to tighten around the rock-hard cock of the Hispanic man. He responded by fucking the writhing boy harder and deeper till he just drove his cock deep into the blonde boy's spasming asshole and spurted his thick load. A manly moan joined the young boy's softening groans of pleasure as both naked man and boy heavily orgasmed from their intense sexual encounter. The camera closed in on the dreamy face of the young boy who was still lost in the fading echos of his wonderful climax brought about by the still throbbing mancock buried deep in his ass delivering its creamy load. Randy licked his lips trying to gain his sense of composure though his cheeks were redder and his blue eyes half-closed betraying his just-experienced sexual escapade to any knowledgeable person. The camera panned back down to the little skaterboy's twitching cock that had reddened to a cherry color at the tip as the long 7 inch mancock slid out glistening Toplist Kds Bbs having delivered its payload of mancum deep into the skinny youngster. It made a low slurping noise that sounded like a long pole being pulled out of thick mud. Both the erect cocks of the grown man and little boy remained framed on the screen for a few seconds showing their size to each other like a motorcycle compares to a bike until it went black. "Here's where I had to stop and set up the camera for the double team," remarked the balding younger man as the screen remained black then resumed from a longer viewpoint that engulfed the entire bed with the two older males and the little boy naked on the bed, "I was damn hard by the time we started after seeing both of you do it. Here we go now." The computer screen showed the thin little boy sitting on the edge of the bed between the older Hispanic man and the portly younger man. Each of the 3 males were completely naked and their cocks proudly erect. The chubby twenty-five year old man Toplist Kds Bbs told the small boy whose blonde hair was plastered down by sweat to get down on both hands and knees between himself the dark-complexioned man so that they could penetrate him from front and behind simultaneously. Nodding his small head in respect to the bigger man's request, Randy jumped back on the bed and did as he was told to do. The camera screen jumped a bit as the younger man left the screen to adjust the frame so that the doggy-positioned boy was centered. By the time the chubby man returned into the frame, the older Latino had taken his position at the front of the naked skaterboy who looked up with him with expectant blue eyes. Julio stroked the head of the small boy looking up at him as he awaited for his partner in penetration to take his position at the rear of the small boy. The chubby white man had an erect 6 inch cock that resembled a flesh-colored cucumber in that it was thick and short with bumps and ridges leading to its circumscized tip with a flat mushroom cap. Rising up from a bush of brown curly pubes, the thick cock had two fuzzy balls the size of golfballs indicating a healthy amount of gooey mancum. With some effort due to his immense size, the younger man spread the little boy's smooth boycheeks to reveal the sweet little rosebud that awaited his firm member. It was a bit redder having just recently been furiously penetrated minutes earlier. On the other end, the small nine-year old had begun sucking on the bulbous cockhead of the Hispanic man who had just fucked him to an amazing orgasm. Julio continued gently stroking the blonde boy's hair while his hard cock slowly slipped in and out of the boy's slurping mouth. Jeff put his hard cock right at the entrance of the tight little boyhole and began to slowly push his thick member inward. At first, the tight little boyhole resisted the thick member wanting entrance but it slowly relented and the wide cap popped into the little boy causing him to gasp with pleasure. Taking his time, the chubby man worked his cucumber of a cock deeper into the small white boy whose buttcheeks were spread before him in welcome. Randy had stopped his sucking of the older man's 7 inch cock which had slipped out of his wide-open mouth made so by the thick member slowly working itself all the way into his ass. Finally, the wide erection of the chubby man had completed its full penetration and Jeff began to slide his thick manhood in-and-out with short, quick strokes that shook the little boy's skinny body as man and boy met smooth buttcheek to hairy abdomen. The pre-pubescent boy attempted to continue sucking the Latino's hard cock but it was a half-hearted attempt since the thick cock driving into his tight boyhole was so difficult to ignore. Sensing his difficulty, Julio just put the tip of his long erection on the lips of the skinny little boy's open mouth and began stroking it himself so that any cum would spurt into Randy's oral orifice. "That's some mean-looking cock you got, dude," commented Julio watching the younger man on screen drive his thick penis with no mercy into the small skaterboy's spread ass, "I bet Toplist Kds Bbs it leaves you sore, huh?" He rubbed the back of the little boy's head in attempt to convey some sympathy for what the thin kid had just experienced onscreen. "It felt like it was moving my insides around and it felt really, really good, too," Randy relating his feelings over the experience he was watching himself do on the computer screen, "I couldn't swallow your cock, Julio, when Jeff put it in like that. I'm sorry." The little blonde boy put his head on the shoulder of the Latino who kissed him on his cheek gently. "I can't help it if I'm blessed," chuckled the chunky man watching himself intensely fucking the small boy onscreen, "But, it helps to have a good partner, too." Once more, the room was filled with the grunts and groans of sex as the actions intensified. Onscreen, the chubby man continued to ferociously pound the tight little boyhole with his thick mancock causing the thin skaterboy to tilt his head back with obvious pleasure. The young man's stomach would make slapping noises against the smooth butcheeks of the pre-pubescent male. Julio had kept his bulbous cockhead on the blonde boy's lips stroking himself in preparation of squirting his creamy load over the smooth skin of the young boy's reddening face. The Latino held Randy's bucking head firmly in place with his free hand. However, the nine-year old's body was beginning to spasm and writhe with each inward stroke of the wide penis into his accepting ass. When the young boy arched his back it was apparent that a powerful orgasm had seized total control of the pre-teen boy who shook and convulsed as explosive waves of joy went through him. A high-pitched moan emanated from the speakers right before Julio's hard dick shot a large gob of cum onto the twitching face of the little boy who's blue eyes had rolled back and mouth had dropped open gulping for air. Behind the spasming boy, the chubby man's face reddened with his intense effort at fucking the little boy who's ass his thick cock was thrusting into. Jeff's own mouth openned in a loud grunt of pleasure and his eyes bulged as he drove his wide member deep into the pre-teen skaterboy depositing his gooey seed with a tremendous squirt that emptied his bouncing balls. Puffs of air exited his chubby cheeks as his cock throbbed and spurted inside the bucking boy's tight little hole. So much cum was squirting out of the thick mancock that some of it oozed out of the pierced rosebud that belonged to the cute little boy with the cum-covered face. "Goddamn, this is damn fine porno if I do say so myself!!!" exclaimed the young white man proud of his onscreen performance, "The look on your face, Randy, it was worth it. Mmmmm, yeah!!!" The image of the small boy collapsed from exhaustion with the thick dick of the chubby man still spurting its last drops deep inside his throbbing boyhole. The Latino had fallen back to sit on his knees after squirting his own last drop of thick cum onto the little boy's face and back. His once immense cock remained semi-hard now. Slowly, the overweight man pulled his wide tool out of the clenching sphincter of the young boy causing it to emit a slurping sound that was louder then the one before as if the boyhole didn't want to let the flesh rod to leave it. The tiny boyhole remained open for a second as if begging to be filled again before it puckered itself close and twitched a couple of times as white gooey cum oozed out dribbling down the little white boy's skinny leg. The small boy collapsed from his wonderful orgasm which had sapped his strength leaving his face and chest flushed and his little cock twitching. The chubby man turned the small-framed boy onto his back and bent down placing his lips on the young boy's chest sucking really hard till he left a small circular bruise on the rosy skin as his mark. "I looked like I fainted," the nine-year old skaterboy observed of himself collapsing on screen from the exhaustion of being fucked twice to glorious orgasms by two different men, "It just made me cum so hard. I wanted to do more but I couldn't anymore. I don't remember you giving me tht hickie, Jeff." The screen went black after the video image of the larger man moved off the bed and out of the frame. Having reached the end of the recording, Julio picked up the small blonde boy from his lap and stood up to stretch his cramping legs. "God, that was so good. How many we made so far? Thirteen? Fourteen?" asked the Hispanic man smiling at the heavier man, "You're friend you send these to must love them." Ignoring the men's conversation, Randy dressed only in his oversize shirt stretched his arms and walked around the room looking at the video equipment which had earlier recorded him engaging in sex with these two men. "We got fourteen Toplist Kds Bbs with Randy. Three of those have that boy, Sam, too," Jeff replied to Julio's question and asked, "Where is that kid anyways? Its been weeks since he last came to make a movie. Seen him lately?" Randy hearing Sam's name mentioned just looked at Julio and rolled his eyes and shaking his head before to returning to his examination of the videocamera. "We saw him today on the bus coming here," answered the dark-skinned man putting his black tee shirt on, "He was with this little hottie, but he acted like he didn't know me. I hope he can get that little stud he was with to come here, too." Randy just gave Julio a sharp look as if Julio had just wounded him. "Well, I think he will come back. But, we got us our main star right here," said the chubby white man smiling at little Randy who had taken his borrowed shift off and began dressing in his own clothes, "You are cute and young enough to last for many years. Most boys only got a couple of years, but you got twice that. Imagine over a hundred videos with you, Randy." The twenty-five year old man got up from his seat and went to a small lock box on a shelf in the closet. He opened it and removed some money. He handed Randy one-hundred dollars which he put in his pocket happily. "You earned that cash, little bro," beamed Julio at the cute skaterboy, "Feeling sore and tired?" "Yeah. A little sore. Not really tired, yet," replied the nine-year old boy getting his skateboard off the floor, "We going home now?" "We better get going before my old lady thinks I'm messing around on her with some hooker," laughed the Hispanic man motioning for the prepubescent boy to join him, "Imagine that!" The heavy white man watched and followed as the older man and young boy walked toward the door to leave. To Jeff, it didn't seem like they had been there for almost four hours. "Call me when you want to hook-up, again," Jeff said letting the two out the door, "By then, I think I can get that Little League uniform my friend says they want to see Randy in." The blonde boy put his skateboard and glided down the walk a short distance away from the two adult males. "Okay," replied Julio beginning to walk away quickly after the small boy skateboarding leisurely down the sidewalk, "I'll call you this Saturday." Toplist Kds Bbs The figures of the dark-skinned man and white skaterboy disappeared down the street where several blocks away they intended to catch their bus home. The chubby man was turning to enter his front door when a small shadow caught the edge of his vision. A familar husky voice spoke to him. "I never thought they would leave," said the lithe figure emerging from his hiding place around the corner, "Can I come in?" Jeff smiled as he recognized the blonde spikey-haired youth coming toward him. "Sure thing, Sam," the heavy man said in a pleased voice, "Its been a long time. I missed you." A sheepish smile crossed the handsome features of the thirteen-year old skaterboy. "I didn't want to go home and I didn't have any place else to go," replied the athletic teen entering the brown house, "So, I came here. Maybe, we can do something later. Got anything to eat?" Jeff's grin widened on his already beaming face. "I got some pizza. Its a bit cold, though," replied Jeff closing and locking the worn wooden door behind the handsome youth and himself. The chubby man could not believe his good fortune having this young stud enter his domain with naughty intent. To Be Continued.

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