Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 04:42:28 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 310.Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a divorced man who has been devastated by the divorce and into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure. Don't expect constant descriptions of erotic sex in this story. I always want to develop a plot and characters before the hot action starts.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and Underage Lolita Pussy Pics only used to develop the plot and characters.Some readers have asked me about my previous stories. I'm not listed in the Proliferacate Authors, so here is a reference if you want to read my older stories:Title Nifty Archive Last DateWashington Academy BiSexual/High School Jan. 11, 2007CJ Gay/College Oct. 28, 2004Brad Martin Gay/Adult Youth March 10, 2002Land of Charta Gay/Adult Youth Feb. 15, 2002Adam and Even More Gay/Adult Youth March 12, 2002Christopher Robin Gay/Adult Youth Feb. 6, 2002Life of Brad Gay/Camping Nov. 30, 1998 (this story was when I was using a different author name)Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 31 Magic and TurmoilJohn and Nicklas spent every possible minute together. After the last of the American visitors had left, only Mike Mahon was staying at the orphanage. With the lake frozen over, John organized an ice fishing excursion. Using the snowmobiles and a power ice auger, a large group ventured out on the lake to try and catch fish for a special meal. John wasn't surprised when the children spent more time riding the snow machines around the lake than fishing, but the trip was a big success with many large pickerel caught. John was pleased that many villagers were on the lake to catch fish for their families, and he visited with the villagers and looked at the fish that they had caught. All of the villagers thanked John for allowing them to fish the lake. John invited the entire village to visit the orphanage on New Year's Eve for a celebration of the New Year.Each night the Christmas lights along the driveway were lit, along with the stunning lights and music on the main building. Villagers brought their families to view the beautiful decorations and were pleased when they were invited inside for refreshments and food. The children were thrilled when they were each given a gift to open.For Nicklas and the other orphans, it was the best holiday season of their lives! Instead of sleeping in cold dormitories with only simple gifts of knitted items, they were now living in relative luxury with warm clothing, great food, and valuable gifts from John Miller and his friends from the United States.With the outpouring of gifts from the associates of the Sea & Jungle operations in the United States, along with the gifts from the members of the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club, many extra gifts had been stored at the orphanage. When visitors arrived, each child was presented a gift to open, and the children and their families from the village were thrilled.Mike Mahon had purged the video collection that James Stanton had accumulated of any illegal files, but he had saved one special DVD and organized a special viewing. He invited Jan Sladek and Nicklas to join him and John for the special party where he would show a very special movie.John wondered why Mike was so secretive about the special video, but looked forward to some intense male bonding with Nicklas, Mike and Jan. He knew that Mike liked boys with large cocks, and Jan had sported at least 10 inches of hard meat when he was erect. When the four males were alone in John's huge bedroom suite, Mike poured glasses of the award winning wine for everyone and said, "I found this video in the collection, and I wanted us to watch it together before I destroy it. The dialogue's in Russian, but someone added captions in English so we can enjoy the movie."When John was sitting down with Nicky on his lap, Mike started the video. He explained that the movie was made to show how movies were made that were illegal in most countries. Mike ran the video and paused it several times when his limited Czech language skills were insufficient to explain the video to Jan and Nicklas. John helped by translating for Nicklas and Jan, and was getting very interested in the video as it progressed.The video explained how newspaper ads invited young males to interview for modeling jobs. When the boys arrived at their first interviews, they learned that they would be paid according to their physical appearance and what they were willing to do in front of a camera. Most of the boys were desperate for money, and quickly agreed to pose nude or appear in sexual videos.After the initial interviews, many boys were rejected based on their lack of physical attractiveness. The ones who were selected were then given intense interviews that disclosed their sexual orientation, experience, and willingness to perform in front of a camera. The boys selected to move to the next level of interviews were sent to a doctor for physical examinations that included blood work. Before any videos were made, the boys had been cleared of any sexually transmitted diseases.John was kissing the back of Nicky's neck during the video, and stroking the front of Nicky's thin shorts. He was getting very interested in the video, but knew that he was holding the most beautiful boy in the world in his lap and wondered why Mike wanted them to watch the video together."Now things get more interesting," Mike said. "25 boys were selected to go to a remote resort for filming of some very special movies! It's obvious that age wasn't important when the boys were interviewed."Nicklas was interested in the video, but he was more interested in the hard bulge in John's shorts that was pushing against his butt cheeks. When he felt John's hand slip inside his shorts and grab his erection, he was ready to leave the video and run to the huge bed so John could fuck him!John was watching the video and was pleasantly surprised to watch the 25 boys go through a series of interviews and physical examinations. The boys with pubic hair went to a barber who trimmed their intimate hair and removed any hair around their back doors. A few boys had chest hair or hair on their legs removed, and it was obvious that the barbers were more than interested in the development of the boys. Now the video got very interesting when the adult barbers used an electric shaver to trim the pubic hairs. The boys reacted to the stimulation of the vibration of the clippers, and their erect cocks were carefully measured for length and diameter."Watch this!" Mike exclaimed.Everyone watched the adult males suck the boys to orgasm, with the spurts of cum clearly captured by the video cameras. The adult males gulped down the special sauce from the boys and didn't waste a drop! The youngest boys had no pubic hair, but they were still able to produce spurts of cum that were quickly gulped down by the horny men. The camera action was perfect, with orgasms captured and repeated in slow motion. The horny men often licked the boys clean and then rimmed the boys before fucking them in a variety of positions.John Underage Lolita Pussy Pics loved the video! Several scenes showed the men fucking the young boys in the ass and then pulling out to blast their adult loads into the hungry mouths of the boys. Other scenes showed the men unload inside the tight asses of the boys and pull out their cocks to reveal the distended holes that were dripping with fresh man cum. When cum leaked out of the freshly fucked holes, other boys were ready to slurp up the cum and eat every drop.John had seen enough! He pulled down Nicky's shorts, lubricated his cock and lifted his boy up and guided his cock inside the warmth of Nicky's tight hole. He moaned in ecstasy when he felt his cock inside the oven of his boy's hole and saw that Mike was doing the same with Jan. The bedroom was filled with the sounds and aromas of male sex with the two boys getting reamed by the two large cocks of the Americans.Mike pulled his cock out of Jan's Underage Lolita Pussy Pics ass and ordered John to stop fucking Nicky. He had special plans for their evening entertainment. He put a cock ring around John's cock, his own and the cocks of the two boys."No one gets to cum until I say so!" Mike insisted.Jan and Nicky begged to be fucked and wanted to cum, but Mike was in charge. The two boys straddled their male lovers and sank down on the two large cocks before Mike resumed the video."This video lasts for over two hours, and is the most intense video that I've ever seen!" Mike exclaimed. "Watch the hairless boys take a fuck!"John loved the video! His cock was buried inside Nicky's ass while he watched teen boys fuck hairless boys and then a variety of scenes where adult men "interviewed" boys of all ages with oral and anal sex. One thing was consistent in the video. Every time that someone blew a load of cum, another person ate it! Well fucked asses were dripping with cum, and it was quickly licked up and swallowed! Loads that were blown on a handsome face were quickly licked up and swallowed by hungry mouths.Nicky was begging John and Mike to let him release his cum, but his wish was denied when Mike insisted that the boys wait for the right time. Jan's cock was painful with his need to cum, and the pounding of his prostate by Mike's cock was excruciating. He wanted to rip open the Velcro strap so he could cum, but Mike forcefully held his hands away from the tight strap.The visual stimulation reached a crescendo, and Mike finally relented. He ripped open the strap that held his throbbing cock and released a torrent of cum deep inside Jan's pulsing ass.John watched Mike flooding Jan's ass with hot cum and ripped open his own cock ring to flood Nicky's insides with his thick supply of seminal fluid. He had never experienced a more intense orgasm in his entire life, and it felt like his balls would explode!Nicky had never had a larger load of cum blast inside his body in his entire life! It felt like a garden hose was buried inside his Underage Lolita Pussy Pics ass when he felt John's cum flood his insides! He struggled to stay conscious, and continued begging John and Mike so he could release his own cum!"SWITCH!" Mike screamed.John and Mike lifted Nicklas and Jan off from their throbbing cocks, and buried their cocks into the other boy's hole. Their adult cocks were still throbbing with the last throes of ecstasy and the squishy sounds of male sex filled the room. The unmistakable aroma of anal sex tantalized their olfactory senses, and they collapsed while their adult cocks continued to pulse and try to expel the last drops of their elixir inside the two boys."Nicklas, squat over my face!" Mike screamed. He grabbed the boy and sucked Nicky's ass to pull out all of the cum that John had deposited deep inside the boy. While he was sucking Nicky's ass, John was doing the same thing with Jan's distended hole. The two men gulped down the juice of their intimate friends and drove their tongues inside the stretched holes to eat all of the intimate juices. Only when they were assured that every drop had been consumed did they let the boys cum. Mike took all 10 Underage Lolita Pussy Pics inches of Jan's cock inside his mouth before ripping off the Velcro band to let the boy flood his mouth with cum! The results caused Jan to scream in a mixture of ecstasy and pain when his young body blasted huge volleys of cum down Mike's throat!Nicklas was getting the same treatment from John, and the young boy lost consciousness with the intensity of his orgasm!John gulped down Nicky's cum and marveled at the huge volume of tangy sauce that he was eating. He held the limp body of his little friend and swallowed the special sauce and waited for his special boy to regain consciousness. In the many times that he had sucked Nicky to orgasm, he had never received such a huge load of watery boy juice! He licked and sucked Nicky's cock and balls until his boy finally regained consciousness."I think that our boys liked the video!" Mike teased.Nicky was in tears when he finally realized that he had unloaded inside John's hungry mouth. His ass had been fucked and sucked, and then he had finally been allowed to unload his own supply of cum inside John's mouth! Male to male sex was awesome! During his short life, he had traded his body to satisfy men to get money or food, but no man had ever been interested in satisfying his own sexual needs. John Miller had changed all of that, and he sobbed and held onto his man and wanted this moment to last for the rest of his life!"We've only watched 35 minutes of this video and there's another 95 minutes to watch!" Mike said to everyone. "I don't think that we can handle watching anymore of the hot action until tomorrow!"John agreed and held Nicky close. He kissed his boy lover and wiped away Nicky's tears. "I hope that I didn't hurt you!" John said to Nicky."I loved the sex!" Nicky admitted. "I'm exhausted!""Let's just cuddle together and go to sleep," John replied. "I love you!""I love you too!" Nicky replied. "I can't tell you how much I love you!"The sexual escapades were repeated for three nights when the two men and their special boys watched the rest of the video and enacted many of the erotic scenes. Watching hairless boys being sucked and fucked by men or teen boys stimulated the group to couple in several Underage Lolita Pussy Pics different combinations.On New Year's Eve, the villagers flooded into the orphanage for a large party of celebration of the New Year. The orphanage was alive again with visitors, fantastic food and beverages of all types. Just before midnight, John Miller invited everyone to go outside to view a special event. A professional company started the fireworks display that lit up the sky over the lake in the most impressive display of anywhere in the entire country! The children screamed their joy in watching the exploding fireworks and everyone was thrilled with 45 minutes of fantastic entertainment.John used the portable amplifier to announce in Czech, "This is the way we will always celebrate the holiday season in this beautiful country! Thank you for joining us tonight, and we all invite you and your families to hunt and fish on our property!"When it was time for John to return to the United States, Nicklas was very upset. He sobbed when John left the front porch and walked towards the helicopter that was waiting to take him to Prague.John saw the tears flowing down his son's face, and rushed back to hug his small boy."I'll be back here with you as soon as I can." John promised. "I love you more than life itself, and nothing will keep me from coming back here to be with you. When we get your passport, I want you to see where I live in Michigan. You're my son now, and I want you to learn how to speak English better so you can take over our company when I'm too old.""You'll never get old!" Nicklas insisted. "I want you to stay here with me.""I'll always be with you." John insisted. "I have the video of you singing "The Little Drummer Boy" and I'll watch it every single day until we're together again. I want you to study English with David Markov and I promise to study Czech every day too. This was the best holiday season of my entire life, and I want you to plan to make it even better next year. I'm taking your carving with me, and I'll be back soon so we can be together. I want you to do something for me while I'm gone. I want you to find other homeless children who are starving and bring them back here. Can you do that for me?""I'll do it!" Nicky promised. "I love you!" When John and Mike arrived in Michigan on the Sea & Jungle jet, they were tired and needed to rest before returning to the pressures of their jobs. They cuddled together in the bedroom on Peninsular Drive and talked about the wonderful trip in the Czech Republic."I've never had a better Christmas in my entire life." Mike admitted to John. "When we first saw those kids at the orphanage, they were in rags and starving. I have never seen a more beautiful tree or Christmas decorations. You've worked a miracle for those kids, and I'm proud of what you've done for everyone you meet.""My father taught me that when you find good people and treat them right, they'll repay you many times over." John replied. "Helen Baxter and Philippe Ducharme are wonderful people, and they made the holidays special for everyone. I have some hunting and fishing trips scheduled, but I can't wait until we get the passport for Nicky and some of the other children so they can come here and tour the United States.""He's a great kid, and I'm thrilled that you adopted him." Mike said. "I'm still struggling with my own sexual identity, and love being around Lodak and Jan. I love both of them, and wonder if I'll Underage Lolita Pussy Pics ever settle down and decide if I'm gay or straight.""Would you consider having Lodak or Jan or both of them come here with Nicky?" John asked. "We'd have to get their birth certificates before we can get passports for them. I'd like to have Nicky here this summer so he can see the sights of the United States, but maybe we can arrange a visit during February. We could go to the Arrowhead Lodge and try ice fishing and spearing for pike and maybe sturgeon.""That sounds wonderful to me." Mike admitted. He thought about having both Lodak and Jan here in the United States and was excited. "Lodak and Jan know that I have sex with both of them and they don't mind. Twice we've done a 3-way, and it was awesome!"John was surprised that Lodak could accept her lover having sex with another male, but he trusted Mike's judgment about his two lovers. He smiled when he thought about Jan's huge cock filling Mike's and Lodak's holes. It would be fun to watch the three of them having sex.When John returned to the NAO Headquarters, he was swarmed with excited associates who wanted to thank him for sharing the holiday season with them and their families. John was shocked, but quickly learned that a special video had been edited from the footage recorded by Philippe, Tom Baxter, Mario Genovesi and the professional photographers."I scheduled viewings of the Christmas Video for everyone here at the building," Helen admitted. "Then I sent copies to every store in the United States, and the response has been fantastic. Each child at the orphanage was filmed giving their personal thanks for the gifts with subtitles to translate into English, and now I'm getting a flood of requests to send more gifts to Underage Lolita Pussy Pics the children.""That was the best Christmas of my entire life." John admitted. "Thanks to you and Mario, people here in the United States were able to see the children celebrate the holidays.""You're the one everyone wants to thank." Helen said. "The real meaning of Christmas came through to everyone when they saw the excitement of those orphans. The video showed how the children were dressed in rags when you first got to Proud Les Domo and how things changed drastically. Most of our associates were crying with joy when they saw the video of the holidays in the Czech Republic. You've solidified our organization into a family by the decisions you made about compensation, benefits and the need to help others."John went to his new office and had hundreds of email messages to review and answer. Most of them were from the people who had sent gifts to the children at Proud Les Domo, and he knew it would take him a long time to reply to each message. It took him several days to reply, but he was determined to thank everyone who made the holiday season a memorable one.Every day, John called the orphanage and Underage Lolita Pussy Pics talked to Kvetka, Sasha and Nicklas. He loved hearing from his special friends in the Czech Republic, and wished that he were with them. His Czech language skills were improving with each call, and he dreamed of the time when he could live at the orphanage with Nicky.It was early February when Butch came into John's office with another man."I need to talk to you about a very serious situation," Butch said to John. "This is David Wilbur, and he's a field agent for the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) Division of the U.S. Government."John shook hands with the visitor, and wondered why Butch had brought him to his new office."Let me tell John why you're here today," Butch said to David Wilbur."Did I do something wrong?" John asked."We have a serious problem here in Detroit," David said. "Butch said you might be able to help me and my agency"."David's men are in a desperate situation," Butch began. "They have a building surrounded where shitheads have been running a methamphetamine lab here in Detroit. They were trying to make a big bust, but the perpetrators have reinforced the building with thick walls of telephone poles and have gun ports manned with snipers. Two agents of the ATF have been killed along with one FBI agent and three Detroit police officers have been wounded.""How does this involve me?" John asked. "I'm appalled that anyone has died, but what can I do?""We can't approach the building without drawing intense fire," David Wilbur admitted. "We've begged for help from the National Guard of Michigan, but Governor Granderson won't help us. We're desperate to take out the perpetrators and need some serious firepower.""Butch, what are you asking me to do?" John asked."You have to trust me." Butch began. "David and I have worked together before, and I told him that you might agree to let him use a special weapon that you own."John was dizzy when he thought about what Butch was asking. He knew that the mansion in Bloomfield Hills contained some illegal firearms, and also knew that Helen Baxter's family was getting ready to move into the mansion."I trust you with my life." John admitted to Butch. "You and I both know that I own some illegal military equipment."Butch Mendez was relieved that John had voiced his trust in him. He wanted to help his friend from the ATF, and decided to be direct with his boss."I'm asking you to let David's people use that buzz box and ammunition that you have stored in that basement and your truck" Butch said. "They need some serious firepower to chew that building to pieces and neutralize the snipers."John thought about the ramifications of admitting that he owned a buzz box, and decided to trust Butch and David. "I'll Underage Lolita Pussy Pics make you a deal," he said to David. "I'll give you the weapon, ammunition and the transport vehicle on one condition.""I'll agree to ANY conditions!" David blurted out. "I've lost two dedicated men, and I don't want to risk the lives of any more of my people.""Butch, I'm asking you to handle this for me," John said. "You have the access codes for that property, and you can take David there to get the buzz box. I only ask one thing. I never want to see or hear about that weapon, the ammunition or that Dodge truck again. I want all registrations and ownership documents to be wiped out. I never want to hear about that weapon or truck again, and I demand that the media never hears about what we've talked about!""I told you that John Miller would help you." Butch said emphatically to his friend from the ATF."The weapon and truck will be shredded when this operation's completed." David promised. "I don't know how to thank you for your cooperation. Butch told me that you were an honest man who respects the Federal Government, but I never dreamed that you would help me like this. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for your cooperation!"Before Butch left, he hugged John and said, "I've always known that you were a special person. You saved my life when you tackled me in that hospital, and now you've proved your trust in me. I'll handle everything!""I'm afraid because I know that people will die when that weapon's unleashed," John admitted after David left his office. "They all might be shitheads, but I don't want to be responsible for killing anyone.""Some people deserve to die." Butch replied. "Federal agencies won't ever admit it, but we've taken out bad people instead of arresting them. The court systems and lawyers always make the law enforcement agencies out to be the criminals. Instead of wasting taxpayer money on lengthy trials or live imprisonment, a bullet in the head's a better answer to a problem.""Jesus!" John exclaimed. "You're talking like a hit man for the Mafia!""Would you believe that the Federal Government has used the Mafia to get rid of some terrible people?" Butch asked."If this is a confession, I'm not a Catholic priest." John replied."You've given me the ultimate job with TOTAL authority over our security forces," Butch began. "There might come a time when I decide to use our strike teams to take someone out for the best interests of our country. Do I need your approval if that comes up?""I've told you before that I trust you with my life." John replied. "You know that I have friends at the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club that are still connected to the Mafia. I hope that I never have to use their influence and connections. If you need to use our people for a secret mission, I don't need to know the details. My trust in you is unconditional.""If you ever do anything illegal, I want you to promise me that you'll tell me the truth," Butch asked. Underage Lolita Pussy Pics "You saved my life and rescued my family, and I'll use all of my power and influence to protect you from any legal issues. I've only know you for a few months, but I feel like we're brothers.""Does that mean that I have to shave my head?" John teased.Butch laughed and then admitted that he had to leave to get the buzz box. He promised that he would be with the weapon when it was used, and again thanked John for trusting him.John left the NAO Headquarters and went to the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club for lunch with Mike Mahon. He was still concerned about the use of his secret weapon, but trusted Butch to handle everything.After lunch, John and Mike were in the Member's only bar with Mario Genovesi and Michael Costanza. They were relaxing and talking about the holiday season in the Czech Republic, when the bartender interrupted their conversation."There's a news bulletin!" the bartender said before turning on the television set in the bar. "Look at this!"John watched the bulletin and saw the effects of his powerful weapon when it was unleashed on the remote building. In a matter of seconds, the six-story building was shredded and came crashing down.Across the nation, television broadcasts showed the devastation of the entire building, with reports of how the ATF and FBI agents had ended the standoff with the drug dealers."JESUS CHRIST!" Mario exclaimed when he saw the effects of the buzz box on the building. "Where the fuck did they get the weapons to do that?""I need another drink!" John exclaimed. "People are dying, and I feel responsible.""Did you have a part in that?" Mike asked John.John didn't reply to his travel assistant, and watched the carnage on the television screen. The building supports had been shredded and the building had collapsed with a huge explosion destroying the entire building. He knew that many people inside had died, and struggled with his decision to let David Wilbur use his secret weapon. He was dizzy with the realization that people had died from the use of the illegal weapon, and prayed that he and his company would never be implicated in the carnage.Mike Mahon knew that John was in some way involved in the terrible altercation, and decided to wait until they were alone to ask any more questions. He saw the terror in his boss's eyes, and realized that John was hiding something from him.Every television station in the United States broadcasted the video of the attack on the drug building. Regularly scheduled television shows were interrupted with the footage of the building destruction and the end of a deadly encounter with the drug dealers. The media sharks showed the carnage and continued to show the video footage and then tried to get official interviews with agents of the ATF."What did you do?" Mike asked John."You guys are my trusted friends, so I'll tell you the truth." John said to Mike Mahon, Mario Genovesi, and Michael Costanza. "You have to promise me that you won't tell anyone what I did today."After hearing his friends promise, John admitted that he had donated the truck, weapon and ammunition that had brought the drug building to the ground. "Today, I got rid of a very lethal weapon to end a dangerous standoff with those drug dealers. I'm sick that what I owned caused people to die, but maybe more lives were saved by what I did.""You and I have our own secrets." Mario admitted. "You saved my son's life when you gave me what I needed. Michael knows how important your gift to me really was, so let's promise to always be honest with each other.""I remember the day I first met you in that beautiful office," Michael Costanza said. "I was ready to offer you millions of dollars for that crate, but you turned the tables on me and Paolo Carpetti. You treated us like guests, and even paid us to get rid of that crate for you.""What's this crate that you're talking about?" Mike Mahon asked.John explained the significance of the mysterious crate, and how he had paid Michael Costanza and Paolo Carpetti to take it away from his property."Michael Costanza, Paolo Carpetti and I are made men," Mario admitted to Mike. "If you've ever watched any of `The Godfather' movies or `Casino', I'm sure you understand the significance of being a made man. In the past, we did things that we aren't proud of for the five major families in the Syndicate. Now, we've all changed our ways, and we've taken our families into honest businesses. We still have connections if we ever need to use them, but our families are now completely legitimate.""I still take care of special financial situations," Michael Costanza admitted.John explained to Mike Mahon how he had found the stash of money in the farmhouse, and how it had been transferred to legitimate banks around the world."I hope you aren't angry with me that I had you help load those boxes out of the farmhouse," John said to Mike Mahon. "At the time, I didn't know if I could trust you with the truth.""I've been waiting for you to be honest with me about those boxes," Mike Mahon admitted. "I knew that the contents were valuable and probably illegal, but my love for you is unconditional. If you ever asked me to whack your ex-wife, I'd do it in a heartbeat!""I'll never ask you to do anything like that." John insisted. "Now I'm going to be honest with everyone here. In that mansion that James Stanton owned, he hid a very powerful 50-caliber machine gun with crates of ammunition. The weapon has multiple barrels and looks like the old Gattling guns that I'm sure all of you have seen in movies. The weapon fires over 1000 rounds a minute! I've seen videos of similar weapons, and they fire so fast that all you can hear is a deafening roar. It's called a buzz box, and normally it's mounted in a helicopter or airplane. James Stanton had a Dodge Ram truck modified to carry the weapon, and the weapon and truck will be shredded now that the shitheads in that building are history.""Let's drink to honesty and special friends." Mario said.The four men drank glasses of wine and celebrated their time of honesty and true friendship.It was the middle of February when the 737 arrived in Prague with Mike and John aboard. They went to the apartment and talked about their plans to take two special children back to the United States for a visit."Pavel Pekar, bank manager at Expat Center in Prague, has done some great work for me," John said to Mike. "He was able to get the papers for Nicky and Jan so they have passports, but he's still working on finding Lodak's birth certificate. She won't be able to travel out of the country until she has a passport.""I love her." Mike admitted. "I want to see her, and wish that I could take her back to Michigan to meet my friends.""I'm Underage Lolita Pussy Pics hoping that we can have her visit us this summer and tour the United States," John said. "I have a meeting with Andrei Datsyuk, INTERPOL Inspector, tomorrow morning to discuss what he's doing to clean up the child abuse here in Europe. After that meeting Underage Lolita Pussy Pics that I want you to attend, we'll take a helicopter ride to the orphanage and spend a few days with the children. Then, we'll be able to take Nicky and Jan with us when we fly back to Michigan."Mike was excited about seeing his girlfriend and his boyfriend.When Kvetka got the phone call, she was thrilled! She barely had time to run out on the snow-covered porch to blow the air horn one long blast when she heard the helicopter.Nicklas was swimming in the pool with his friends when he heard the single blast on the air horn that told him that his lover would soon arrive. He screamed with joy and jumped out of the pool and wrapped a towel around his body to rush to the front porch.Kvetka saw Nicklas wearing only a Speedo swimsuit and a towel, and quickly ordered him to return to the locker room to dry off and get dressed.John and Mike were just exiting the helicopter when Nicklas, Lodak and Jan rushed onto the porch and immediately ran to greet their lovers. Nicklas wanted to greet his lover in English, but he was too emotional and reverted back to his native language."JOHN!" Nicky screamed when he saw his father leaving the helicopter. "Why didn't you tell me that you were coming here today?"Nicky was screaming and crying with joy, and couldn't believe that John was back with him again. He hugged his father and covered John's face with kisses.Mike was getting the same treatment from Lodak and Jan, and all of the adults who worked at the orphanage joined the other children in welcoming the guests.Four days later, the beautiful jet arrived at Metro Airport in Detroit, Michigan. After clearing customs, a limousine took John, Mike, Jan and Nicklas to the home on Peninsular Drive."I want you to see where Mike and I've been living," John said to Nicky and Jan. "This is my home, and we'll spend some time here and then go to a lodge for some ice fishing."Nicklas was in heaven! He had never flown in a jet, and now he was seeing John's real home for the first time. He was thrilled. He had dreamed of visiting the United States, but could never imagine that he would actually fly in a jet across the Atlantic Ocean.With the effects of jet lag, John and Mike entertained their special visitors with food and relaxation in the hot tub. Of course, the hot tub experience led to intense male bonding. Both boys leaned over the edge of the hot tub to take a hard fuck up the ass, and then had their own chance to unload inside the hungry mouths and asses of their adult lovers.When Nicklas and Jan saw the awesome North American Headquarters building, they were shocked! They had never seen a jungle except in magazines, and they both wanted to walk around, feed the parrots and watch the monkeys swing from tree to tree.Mike stayed with the two boys in the jungle, while John went to his office to handle the huge volume of emails and business decisions.Helen Baxter was excited to see the two handsome boys again, and made an announcement on the closed circuit system to announce that the boys were visiting from the Czech Republic. Associates left their work to greet and meet the two beautiful boys and welcome them to America.When the boys finally left the jungle, Mike escorted them to Helen's office. "This used to be John's office, but he gave it to Helen," Mike said to the two boys.The two boys had never dreamed that they would see anything as beautiful as Helen's office. They ignored the priceless paintings and artifacts, and were mesmerized by the huge aquarium and the beautiful tropical fish."I've never seen anything like this place!" Nicklas said to John, Mike and Helen. "This must be a dream that I'm having!""Your father gave me this office, but I still feel guilty about him moving into a relatively plain office," Helen said to Nicklas. She saw the excitement in the beautiful face of the young boy, and loved having him in Michigan."I have my main office in Nassau," John said to everyone. "We'll spend some time here in Michigan, and then visit Philippe in the Bahamas before we have to return to the Czech Republic. You're in charge of the North American Operations, so it's fitting that you have this office to welcome visitors for important meetings.""I want to live here with you." Nicklas admitted. He was overwhelmed with the beauty of the North American Headquarters of the company that his father owned, and dreamed of the time that he would be old enough to join the company.John let Jan and Nicklas spend time with Helen, and wasn't surprised when the two boys insisted on going back to the jungle to watch the parrots and monkeys. He went to his office and was surprised when Butch called and asked to talk to him. John was reading and replying to his emails and company correspondence when Butch came into his office with David Wilbur."I wanted David to talk to you in private," Butch said after closing the door to John's office. "Several investigators are trying to find out where David got the weapon to chew that building to the ground, but he's kept his promise to us.""I lost two wonderful men before we ended that standoff," David said. "Even my boss doesn't know that you gave us that weapon and truck.""John has trusted me to get rid of any illegal weapons that he owns," Butch admitted. "My strike teams are better equipped than most of the Alphabet Agencies of the Federal Government!""Most people don't know how the Federal Government repays citizens for helping us with difficult situations," David said to John. "The Internal Revenue Service is going to stop their investigations into your offshore earnings and holdings.""What does that mean to me?" John asked.David Wilbur laughed, and then said, "We know that you're a billionaire, and the IRS was going to dig into your bank accounts in the Bahamas and what they suspect are major holdings in banks in Europe. You have a very special friend named Andrei Datsyuk who convinced our government to drop all investigations. INTERPOL has taken a personal interest in protecting your assets!""I've deferred any income from the International Operations of my company," John admitted. "I know the tax laws, and I don't need the money to live comfortably, but I've always been worried that the IRS would nail me.""That will never happen." David insisted. "Now you have VERY influential friends in VERY important positions. If you ever need anything, I'll pull every string imaginable to take care of you for what you did for me, my agency, and this country.""Did you get rid of the truck and that buzz box?" John asked."The truck was shredded, and the weapon was melted down at a foundry." David promised. "You'll never hear about it again.""That's what I expected of you." John said to Butch. "We have a special bond of friendship and honesty, and I'm thankful that I hired you."Butch laughed and told David about his first interview with John Miller. He had been worried that he would be rejected when he applied for an entry position in the security force. Instead, he had been offered the job of a lifetime."You saved Underage Lolita Pussy Pics my life, and I can never thank you enough for hiring me." Butch said."You're helping me clean up this company, and I know that my father was right. He told me that when you meet good people, treat them right and they'd take care of you." John replied. "I'm still reeling from how my life's changed since I changed the flat tire for two wonderful ladies!"Butch laughed and told David how John had met Betty Anderson and Martha Jenkins. The two elderly women had rescued John from a life of poverty."Now I have all that I can handle with a huge company and a small son from the Czech Republic." John admitted.John left the office and collected Nicky, Jan and Mike before heading to the farmhouse owned by his two aunts. The elderly women had invited John for supper, and were excited about meeting Nicklas and Jan.Nicklas was shocked at the reception that he received from the two women. He returned the hugs and quickly realized that they were wonderful people."Let's go into the parlor for drinks before supper," Aunt Martha said. She was excited that John had brought the two boys to visit, and smothered the boys with affection.John made a batch of his special recipe for Manhattans, and made non-alcoholic drinks for the two boys. His two aunts were thrilled that both Jan and Nicklas were speaking English to them, and loved hearing the accents of the two handsome boys.Nicklas and Jan loved the meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and warm apple pie. They were both stuffed, but wolfed down second helpings of the dessert that was topped with vanilla ice cream.When the guests left, Betty said to her sister, "That was a wonderful visit! Those two boys are wonderful!""John has done everything we could ever dream about in taking control of our company," Martha replied. "I can tell that he's in love with Nicklas, and the boy loves him the same way. Have you ever seen such beautiful green eyes on anyone? When Nicklas smiles, his face lit up our entire home." Two days later, John was driving the Escalade into Onaway, Michigan with Jan, Nicklas and Mike aboard. They were led and followed by two other vehicles filled with security guards, but John had insisted that he drive his boys for a vacation. When John walked into the Spartan Store, the employees immediately surrounded him."Welcome back!" Joyce Krzyewski said to John. She hugged John and then was thrilled to meet the two boys from the Czech Republic."We're here to buy some food so we can go ice fishing," John said."My husband and children have been catching some huge fish out of your lake." Joyce said. "Everyone has been begging Keith Wadsworth to hunt and fish on your property, and he's been wonderful.""I can't wait to see Keith and Marty." John admitted."You stole our favorite boy!" Joyce said. "Marty led the Onaway High School team to a State Championship in football! This entire town's been celebrating ever since!"John filled three shopping carts with food from the Spartan Store and then drove to Wilma Collins' farm to buy chickens and eggs. He loved to cook, and planned several special meals for his friends and security guards.When they arrived at the Arrowhead Lodge, John wasn't surprised to see Keith Wadsworth waiting for their arrival along with his son, Marty.Marty ran up and hugged John and kissed him on the cheek before noticing that John had brought two boys with him. Marty was embarrassed, but quickly lost his embarrassment Underage Lolita Pussy Pics when John introduced Nicklas and Jan. Marty lusted after the two handsome boys, and wondered if they were straight. He looked at the bright red hair and jungle green eyes of Nicklas, and felt his dick inflate. The small boy was beautiful, and he remembered the pictures that John had showed him before the surgery to repair Nicklas' face. He wondered if the boy had any pubic hair, and fantasized about seeing the boy nude."I have the best job in the world." Keith Wadsworth admitted to John and the visitors. "I've controlled access to your property and I'm happy to report that everyone has treated your property with respect. The deer herd is huge, and many people now have venison in their freezers along with fish.""We're gonna try our luck ice fishing and spearing," John said."Can I show you around?" Marty asked Nicklas and Jan. He really wanted to get them naked in the hot tub, but he tried to control his sexual urges. He couldn't wait to call Toby Balcolm and get him to come to the lodge to meet the two beautiful boys."We're going to spend some time here and try our luck on the lake," John said to Keith."Marty and I built the ice shanties, just like you designed them," Keith said. "What do you need me to do to make your visit a great one?""Today is Thursday, and I'd like to get things organized before Saturday when we'll have some visitors," John replied."What visitors?" Nicklas asked."Jamie Jeffries will come here on Friday evening with his boyfriend, Hunter," John replied. "Wesley Baxter will be here on Saturday with his friend, Carter. If Marty is available, maybe he'll want to join us with his boyfriend, Toby Balcolm.""Are you sure that you can handle that many boys at one time?" Keith asked.John just laughed and said that he and Mike Mahon could entertain the boys for the weekend. He knew that his security guards would spend the weekend in the boathouse, but would patrol the outside of the lodge and the front gate. It would be a weekend to remember for John and the eight teenagers. Stay tuned!!!Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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