Related article: Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 17:48:25 -0600 From: Greg Young Subject: Air Force Memories 25Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If Homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a story of the 1950's, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society, as sex was fairly safe between males at that time. Unsafe Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics sexual practices can be undertaken today with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.For obvious reasons the names have been changed, and also the chronology has been shortened in order to tighten the story up.I wish to dedicate this to Garth Wells, my mentor, without him this story would never have been written. He is a great writer himself and has given me encouragement and help all through this, my first attempt at writing. I also want to acknowledge Pete Brown and Bill Smith whose stories have given me so much pleasure.I also need to add my thanks to all those who have written and encouraged me.I hope that you will find the following worthwhile.Sorry this has taken so long, but has been a hectic summer. Hope things go faster now fall is here. Thanks for your patience.Air Force Memories 25Monday morning Rice came over to my office to inform me that a phone call to Col. Crane had come through setting me up for the final work on my face, and that someone would fly me out that afternoon to Pusan, and I should plan on being gone for about a week. I looked at him and he seemed no worse for wear, but was walking a little stiff, no doubt to either the butt plug or dildo he must have been wearing, I could see the nipple clamps pushing his shirt out, and wondered how he could endure it and still keep smiling. I later found out he really had fallen for the colonel and was willing to do anything to please him.That afternoon I was flown to Pusan by Captain Bishop, and after checking at the hospital was told I did not need to check in until after 1600. I spent the afternoon wandering around the base, checking out the Base Exchange and ending up at the club. Finally I went back to the hospital and checked in. After the paperwork was completed the nurse called a corpsman to show me the ward I would be in and get me settled in.When the corpsman came in I did a double take; it was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. A living ebony statue about 6 feet tall and maybe about 200 lbs., with wavy hair and the deepest green eyes I had ever seen. His white tee shirt was stretched across a broad chest and I could see his nipples pushing out the material, standing in front of me I could see what looked like a good sized cock snaking down one leg. I don't know how long I stared at him, but when I heard his deep bass voice ask "Lt. Young?" it shook me out of my trance and I replied "Yes'.Picking up my suitcase he started down a hall. I followed admiring his tight bubble butt as he led me to the ward where I would be staying. It was empty and he informed me I was the only one the plastic surgeon would be working on before he rotated out. Looking me Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics over he informed me he would be back in a few minutes with the hospital clothes I would need to change into. I sat on the bed and wondered what this man would look like without clothes. He soon returned and gave me one of those horrible hospital gowns that open down the back and only come part way down the thighs and also a hospital bathrobe. He told me he would wait while I changed and put my uniform away so that it would stay fresh for when I was discharged, he also asked me to get my toilet articles from my suitcase and he would also put that away for me.I got the toilet articles out and he put them in a stand next to the bed and then stood waiting for me to change. I did not know what to do as by this time I had a raging hard on and did not want him to see me with a steel hard boner sticking straight up when I undressed. I was slowly removing my uniform when the door opened and I heard someone say, "Hey Bill, does the Lieutenant want to put in an order for dinner?" My ebony god replied "Probably Andy, why don't you come on it and get it." Another corpsman came over to the bed and when I looked at him I knew I was in trouble, for here stood the ivory counterpart of ebony Bill. Andy was about the same height and weight, with reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and dressed much like Bill with his taut white tee shirt showing erected nipples and an equally impressive bulge in his left pant leg. I stood there not moving and Bill said maybe he needs some help and reached over he finished unbuttoning my shirt, removing it and then taking my tee shirt in his hands pulled it over my head.Andy pushed me to a sitting position on the bed and removed my shoes and sox, and then they worked on my belt buckle and zipper opening my trousers, taking me by the shoulders they stood me up and then together removed my trousers and underwear, leaving standing there with a raging, dripping hard on. They looked at me and said looks like you need some help, we will be back sometime tonight to take care of your problem. They then got me into the gown, settled in bed and giving my choice of food for dinner I told Andy what I wanted. Bill reminded me that I could have no food or drink after midnight and until after my surgery, so I should eat well to tide me over. I added a couple of more items and they left taking my suitcase and clothes with them.A skinny lad brought me my dinner, which was quite good and also brought a cart of books that I appreciated and picked a couple of them to read. Soon after a nurse came in to see if I needed anything, and informed me that since I was the only patient in this ward and did not need constant care that the corpsmen assigned to the ward would be checking on me and if she was needed they would get her.I read for quite a while and then turning off the light settled down to sleep. My erection had subsided when the two magnificent corpsmen left the ward, so I did not have any trouble going to sleep.I am sure someone checked on me during the night, but the next thing I remember was being awaked around 0600 by Bill to take my vitals; he proceeded to take my temperature and blood pressure. This of course happened each day I was there. Why they wake patients up at 0600 and then leave them alone until 0800 when they brought the breakfast tray I will never know, maybe they just figure that is a good time to check vitals.Of course the first day I had no food and about 0800 they came to get me to take me to the operating room. I was given a fresh gown, put on a gurney and wheeled away. Once in the operating room they gave me a an anesthetic which deadened my right cheek and then gave me a shot and had me count backwards from 100, I remember getting to about 80 and nothing more until I woke up in my bed. I had a bandage on my right cheek, which also covered my right eye, but was not uncomfortable. I noticed Andy sitting by my bed and when he saw I was awake, told me the surgeon wanted to know when I woke up and he was going to come and talk to me. With that he left.The doctor came in and told me all went well, that the bandage might come off the next day and I would be there for three or four more days, and that about the only scar I had was a slightly indented circle in my upper cheek about the size of a quarter, which was rather red now, but he told me after the bandage came off I was to use baby oil on it until it cleared up and Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics that also would stop it from becoming hard.Once again I was in the dark, and had to rely on Andy and Bill to feed me, hold my cock and aim it when I need to piss and to lead me to a toilet if I needed to shit and to see that I was wiped clean afterward. I had nothing to do but lie there and think.I remembered last time I had been given some sleeping pills to help me sleep and when one of the corpsmen came to check on him I asked him how the pills would react with alcohol. He told me one or two with whiskey would probably knock one out for quite a while, but would not try more than one the first time. I think he thought I was going to try that myself. I had been thinking for a long time on how I could get back at Park and now a plan was formulating in my mind.After I had been fed my dinner I asked the corpsman to check with the nurse to find out if it would be possible for me to get a sleeping pill, that I had not been sleeping well lately and that there was some discomfort with my face, but I did not want a pain pill, just something to help me sleep. I think he believed me and fortunately my nose was not growing, as the last thing I intended to do was take the pill. Now I had to figure out how to get it but not take it when it was given to me.Sometime later a corpsman returned and said the Dr. had okayed the pill and wanted to know if I wanted a prescription for some to take with me when I left. This was great news and I said I would appreciate it, as it would help me sleep and I had not been getting a good nights rest for some time.He then told me to open my mouth; he put a pill in and gave me water to drink. No way could I not take it. It did not seem too much later when I fell asleep and did not wake up until they came to take vitals the next morning.I dozed off and on until they brought breakfast and after having been fed, two corpsmen then proceeded to remove my hospital gown and give me a bath. They were good at it, but of course with all the handling I grew quite erect and they had several comments at my expense. Finally they decided I was clean enough and giving me a fresh gown, led me to a chair to sit while they changed the bed. The metal chair as cold on my bare butt and my balls rested on the cold metal, so I was glad to get back in the bed.Once again I dozed off and on until I heard several voices and could hear people in the ward. Next I felt a hand on my shoulder and hear the Dr. say they were going to remove the bandages and see how things looked, and maybe with luck I would not have to have my eyes covered again. I could hear the snip of the scissors as they cut the bandage off, and then was told to close my eyes until told to open them. After a few seconds the Dr said I could open my eyes, when I asked why he had me shut them, he said so they could adjust to the light hitting the lids before your opened them. They fussed around me for a while and put some small bandages on various places on my face, and I was told things were looking good, and I would probably be released within a week.Was great to go to the bathroom by myself, but looking in the mirror I was a sight to behold. I had small bandages over both eyes and one large one on my right cheek. The whiteness stood our against the tan I had acquired, I wondered what I would look like they came off. I returned to bed and when Andy came through asked him if he could get me some books to read. He also said he would get me a pair of hospital pajamas and a robe and if I wanted to go out in the courtyard between the buildings he would get a chair and take me out. Since it was a nice sunny day I told him that would be nice.Andy got me the chair and put it in the courtyard, then came back in and walked out with me. I noticed that the only windows were in the building I had been in, and asked about it, Andy said the other side was storage and the end wings were walkways with windows on the other side. Thinking for a minute I asked him if he thought it would be all right if I sunbathed in the nude to keep my tan up. After thinking for a few minutes he said he thought it would be ok as the nurse would not be coming into the ward unless called since I was just recuperating and really did not need any attention. He returned to the ward and came back out with a blanket and a sheet, he put the blanket down and then the sheet, helped me off with the pajamas and I as I got ready to lay on the sheet, turned to him laughing saying: "Guess I do need some attention after all." He looked perplexed and I said: "Look at me, I have hair stubble and really need to be shaved." He looked thoughtful for a moment and said: "Well when you go back in I guess I could shave you if you wanted." Laughing I said: "Not only wanted but needed as it is beginning to itch." Andy smiled and said: "I will go get the things ready, will come back for you in an hour."I lay there soaking up the sun and planning my revenge on the general, knew how I wanted it to happen, but would take careful planning and also getting the co-operation of the generals aides which I thought I could do without much trouble. Before I realized it Andy was back and after helping me up gathered up all the things including my pajamas and we went back into the ward.He had me go to the shower room and in a few minutes joined me; he was absolutely magnificent in his nakedness. He was a true red blonde and his pubes had been trimmed, he did not have much hair on his body and his cock swung free and easy over two nice sized balls, he was completely unconcerned with his nakedness as if it were Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics his natural state. It was all I could do to keep my cock from becoming steel hard at the sight of him. He did not make things any easier by turning on the showers and getting my body nice and wet then taking a cloth he gently washed me all over, taking care with my ass crack and my cock and balls. That did it, there was no way I could contain myself as my cock grew up hard and demanding due to his ministrations. He just ignored me and went on with his washing, then turning the showers on again washed the soap from my body and moving me away from the shower heads turned them hot full blast filling the room with steam. After a few minutes he turned off the showers took me and led me to the nearest bed where he had spread a rubber sheet, having me lay on my back he proceeded to put shaving cream all over the front of my body and picking up a wicked straight edge began to remove the stubble of hair from me. He worked swiftly and smoothly, starting at my shoulders and moving down to my waist, then the armpits and arms, followed by the legs, he stropped the razor and then began the task of removing the stubble from my waist down, once again as he handled my cock it grew, and he just smiled as he ran the razor up and down the shaft before letting it hit my stomach as he shaved my balls. Then taking a warm wet towel he gently wiped it over my body removing any traces of shaving cream left. He ran his hands over me looking for stubble and satisfied with his work, told me to turn over. I do not have much hair on my back so he just used the shaving cream from above my ass crack down the crack and on the ass cheeks, before using the straight edge, it did not take him long to finish and wipe me down.Then much to my surprise I felt warm breath on my ass cheeks and next felt his tongue moving up and down my crack before settling on the rosebud opening of my ass, he rimmed, sucked and kissed my ass until I was humping back into his face, and then it all stopped. I felt abandoned, but not for all as I felt hardness hitting my asshole as his rampant cock demanded entrance into my body. He shoved and I gasped, he was big and was not taking it easy just moving all the way in with one long smooth motion. He whispered in my ear, we do not have much time, sorry, and he began to pump his cock in and out of me. It began to feel good and I was soon pushing my ass back to meet his strokes. He reached around and felt for my cock and gently held it, and then without warning pulled out, flipped me over and putting my legs on his shoulders he once again entered my willing body. He fucked me with abandon and I was pushing back at him all the time. He bent down and took the end of my cock in his mouth and as he fucked me, also sucked me. I could not hold out and soon sent my jism to flood his mouth. He picked up his pace of fucking and soon plunged deep into me and held his cock there. I could feel it swell as it pumped his juice into my body. As his cock shrunk and slipped out he pulled me up, and walked me into the showers again, when he rinsed both of us off and drying me got me into clean pajamas and then dressed himself, and going back to the ward he got me to bed and cleaned up the material from the shaving. We had taken a chance on getting caught but all had worked out well, as Andy told that time of day most of the people were all busy elsewhere, but still we had to rush it. He reached over and kissed me and left the ward.The next couple of days went slowly for me, but at last it was determined I could go back to the K site. Andy came in during the afternoon, and once again showered and shaved me, but he had a lot to do so we could not repeat the fun of the last shaving. I was going to miss both Andy and Bill when I left they had taken such good care of me.I finished up the book I was reading, walked down and talked to the nurse at the nurses station where four wards came together, they had several people in the other wards so was glad that I did not require much from her and that the corpsmen assigned to the ward could basically do all that I needed. Still was nice to chat with her, she was in the mid twenties, brunette with a nice smile, and since she was wearing fatigues hard to tell what kind of figure she had, but it helped pass the time. Feeling tired I asked for some sleeping pills which she gave me and also a bottle of them which the Dr had prescribed for me to take back with me. Little did they know the real use for them. I went back to my bed, opened the bottle and put the pills she had given me into it and got the others I had squirreled away and put them in the bottle, now I had plenty for what I had in mind.During then night I was awakened by the sensation of someone playing with my butt. As I came out of my sleep I realized that hands were caressing my ass. I had been sleeping on my stomach and Bill and Andy had come in, removed the covers, undid the gown and now with one on each side they were running their hands up and down the checks of my ass, up to the small of my back and back down to where the Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics butt cheeks met my thighs. One of them, I Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics don't know which began to run his hand into the crevice between my cheeks, I tried to turn to see what was going on, but the room was dark and all I could see was shapes, but one was lighter than the other so I deduced that Bill was the one with his hand in the crevice of my ass. Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics The hand found my ass hole and I could feel the fingers as they rubbed around the rosebud of my hole. I felt another pair of hands spread my ass checks as Andy helped Bill with his assault on my hole. As the fingers moved and massaged my hole I could not but help give out a moan of pleasure which alerted them that I was awake.I felt one finger press gently on my ass hole and then more pressure was added and the finger began its insertion up my rear chute. It was withdrawn and I heard Bill rummaging around in a paper sack, soon his finger was back at my hole and he had but some lube on it and he again inserted his finger up my ass, there was a little resistance at first, then I felt the finger move easily up inside me. He withdrew it again and the next thing I knew I felt more pressure as he added a second finger to the first and was pushing them past my sphincter muscle. I groaned a little and the deep bass voice asked me if I was in pain. I replied that it was beginning to feel nice, as I became accustomed to the two large fingers in me. He was began to fuck my ass with his fingers pushing them all the way in and then all the way out, In and out, in and out and Andy put more lube on his fingers when they were withdrawn. I could feel the fingers twisting around inside me making me moan even more and when they found my prostate and rubbed over it I let out a contented moan of pleasure, now I felt a third finger being inserted and stretching my sphincter even more. My ass started to rise and fall as he finger fucked with those big fingers. I let out a cry when I felt the fingers withdrawn from my ass, it felt so empty.But not for long as another set of fingers took over fucking me and I looked to the side to see a huge ebony cock aiming at me. I did not hesitate but changing my position wrapped my lips around that cock and began to suck on it, Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics I kept going further and further down and was surprised when I felt my nose hit pubic hair, I had all of him in my mouth and throat and was stretched to the limit by this huge ebony weapon, but I loved it. Bill said to me "Yeah, suck my cock, get it nice and wet. You are going to need it as slick as can be." In the meantime Andy had worked four of his fingers up my ass, and with each penetration I moaned a little which added to Bill's pleasure of having me suck his cock I developed a rhythm, as Andy would shove his fingers in me, I would pull of Bill's cock a little and push back on Andy's fingers. When Andy pulled out I would push my mouth down Bill's cock and take his cock as deep in my throat as I could.Andy then said "Let's switch" to which Bill replied "Sure."When they pulled out, they had me get on all fours. The ivory cock was now presented to my mouth, but it was not fingers, which were tapping at the hole of my ass, but the long hard cock of Bill. Being well lubed from the finger fucking his cock slipped in easily. He pressed in only as far as head of his cock could get passed my sphincter; he stayed there for a moment before pulling all the way out. Again he slid his cock into me and then out again. He did this several times and then he went passed the sphincter and slowly slid his cock all the way into me, and I could feel his pubic hair against my ass. I was moaning around Andy's cock and he was saying "Oh Yeah that feels so fucking good."Slowly Bill pulled all the way out and then pushed back inside, he did this several times each time a little harder and then he shoved his cock hard into my ass until his balls were slapping against me. He now began to fuck me in earnest. He rammed my ass hard, in and out, in and out, his cock slammed into me and his balls slapped against my ass.With Andy's cock in my mouth and Bill's cock up my ass I was filled by these two studs, there was not love in it. It was pure lust of all three of us acting on animal instincts. Andy reached under me and gave my cock a few strokes as he rammed in and out of my ass. I was rock hard when he grabbed me I hadn't touched myself. Sweat was pouring off our bodies and we were all wet with the animal lust of our sexual encounter.Andy said, "I'm going to cum soon." Bill replied "Me too." I could only moan in agreement as Andy's cock was busy fucking my face.It only took a few more strokes and all three of us came together, I could feel Bill shove his cock all the way inside me as it pulsed with the discharge of his sperm, I was swallowing as fast as I could the copious amount of cum which Andy was shooting into my mouth, jet after jet of Andy's cum went down my throat and I lost none of it. My own cock shot blast after blast of my cum on the sheets and I never touched myself.As soon as we finished I collapsed and Bill and Andy fell on top of me. None of us could move for a while. Finally Andy and Bill got up, left the room and in a few minutes returned. One of them, I don't know which began to suck my asshole and got rid of the cum which was leaking out, after cleaning me, they lifted me over on another bed as they quickly stripped my bed and remade it. Then putting me back to bed after putting my gown back on, they each kissed me wishing me a good night and left. I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep; exhausted by the sexual excess we had just completed.The next morning, I awoke sore and stiff but felt good. When the Dr. made his rounds he said I could dress and go to the Officers Club for a while if I wanted but had to be back in bed by 2000 hours.I decided it would be good go get out and dressed and walked over to the club, had a scotch and was looking at the bay when Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics a major in the marines walked over and asked if he could join me at my table. Since we were the only two in the bar at that time I of course said yes.Turned out he had grown up in the Orient and had been in the states in his senior year of college when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He had been taking ROTC in college and upon graduation and commissioning he had been sent to the Asian area, as he was fairly fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. As we talked he gave me some insights into the character of the oriental, especially the Japanese and to some extent the Korean, as they were dominated by the Japanese for so many years.He tried to explain to me why they seemed to be such an incomprehensible contradiction. Both polite and barbarous, honest and treacherous, brave and cowardly, industrious and lazy, and all at the same time. To them these were not anomalies but one united whole, and they could not understand why Westerners could not comprehend it. To them a man without contradictions could not be respected. That type of man was just a simple person not worthy of notice. The more numerous the contradictions in a man the deeper he was and his very existence was richer the more he struggled with himself.Their philosophy was derived mainly from Buddhism. And the belief that all is vanity and nothing can be differentiated because nothing has entity or identity "I" has no entity and is an illusion appearing and disappearing as the Almighty Wheel of Causality moves on. Nobody, knows or is responsible for the movements of change. Because of their beliefs and our not understanding them there was a great gulf between the east and the west.Even with his explanation I was still in the dark, but could at least understand a bit more of why the general and some others behaved the way they did. This did not deter me from my original purpose of someday soon bringing retribution to the general for his treatment of me. But even more disturbing was that I was seeing some of the same traits the major had attributed to the oriental in myself.We spent a pleasant enough afternoon and after diner I returned to the hospital, and that night I did need a sleeping pill.Two days later I was released and given instructions on how to care for my face, as well as a packet to give to the corpsman at the base and some medicine to take with me. I was overjoyed to see the bottle of sleeping pills included.As I was finishing my packing to leave Alex walked in, he had been able to arrange to fly over to pick me up. Seeing no one in the room he wrapped his arms around me and pressing his lips over mine demanded entrance into my mouth. Soon our tongues were dueling with each other, as our bodies ground together and I could my cock hardening and feel his doing the same. Breaking away, he said let's get out of here and home where we can be alone somewhere.I checked out of the hospital, and we were driven to the airstrip and were soon flying across the familiar route to Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics the compound. It was a glorious day and all was right now that I was going back with my love and was finished with the hospital.We landed and caught a ride to the compound, I unpacked and we went to the club for a drink then on to dinner. We had arranged to get the developing room for later that night and were looking forward Hardcore Kiddie Pedo Fuck Pics to it. Alex, had a roll of film which could be developed and we used that as an excuse to get the room.I looked at all the familiar faces and was content to be home again. Comments; afgreghotmail.com

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