Related article: Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 10:41:14 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: New Love, First Love Series, - Adam and Peter Pt.1 New Love, First LoveThis one isn't quite as steamy as Simon and Daniel , but I hope you won't be disappointed. This is another love story that starts in high school and stands the test of time.Two 5,000 word parts to this one and two 2,500 word parts. Adam and Peter Part 1My life had been too ordered and ordinary for so long I had got complacent. I was from a wealthy family, but Dad wouldn't pay for my education, nor would he allow me to be a waste of space. So, I had won a place at Grammar School on merit. I was a county athlete having achieved that on merit as well and I played soccer well enough to be in the first team at sixteen. Then I broke my bloody leg and lost a year , it was a complicated break that had me horizontal for way too long, and then a period when I had to learn to use it again properly. Anyway, I passed my GCSE's and was ready at the end of the summer to go back to school for my `A' Levels. A large circle of friends, nothing had changed in my life for ages, I guess I was Loli Little Nude Models comfortable. During the summer I had passed my driving test and dad had bought me a new BMW drop head coupe.Soon after all that good stuff the bomb exploded. The school was going to become a Comprehensive and the sixth form would close. I needed a new school and none in our area was any good for me. I wanted one with a good academic record but also that was keen on sport."You have always been responsible Adam so I'm going to offer you an option. If you can find a school that has what you want and will take you, I will buy you an apartment close to it and you can stay there during term time."I was speechless, I had always got on well with dad because we had the same aims, but allowing me off the parental lead so completely was totally unexpected. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I found a school in Hertfordshire with brilliant academic record and super sports facilities. The Headmaster said they would take me because my GCSE's had all been A*s. Dad bought me a cool penthouse pad, furnished it in very young taste and booked me an underground parking slot in the block. It was only about a ten minute drive to school and there was a student car park. I was happy, except that I would be a stranger with no friends. Not to worry, a couple of days before term started I moved in, did a big shop of everything I thought I would need, food and drink wise and then explored the local area. There were several good bars that appeared to be visited by a young crowd and I was tall enough and big enough to pass for eighteen. I didn't drink heavily, but I enjoyed a pint, particularly after sport, and wine with dinner, blame my parents for that.First day, and I realised the Beamer was a mistake, too ostentatious for a lower sixth former. Too late now, I would have to play it down as best I could. Swanning into the car park with the hood down didn't help much either.I checked in with the school secretary who made goo goo eyes at me as she gave me my timetable and a map of the school.I suppose I should explain. I was reasonably good looking, but it was my dress and bearing that got me the looks from the opposite sex. I dressed smart all the time, this day I was wearing a button down dress shirt with tailored chinos and Gucci loafers.She was probably only a couple of years older than me and quite cute. I thought it might be a good idea to keep on her good side so I gave her my best winning smile and thanked her."Your homeroom master is Mr. Henley, he's also the sports master. You start in homeroom every day at 0845."That was it. I found home room no problem and sat at the back checking my timetable. I was going to study Geography and History for no other reason than that I liked them. Finance and Computing because Dad said I would need them if I wanted to be a business man, which I did. When I went to university I would study for an MBA. My timetable left me plenty of time for sport so I would play football for the next two terms and do athletics in the spring. The school had a good gymnasium so I would spend a lot of time there as well in fitness training.Mr. Henley came in and introduced himself."Good morning everyone. All but one of you were here last year so I'm not going to waste time getting you to introduce yourselves. The newcomer is Adam Cranston.""Yeah, he already made his entrance in his swanky BMW.""Thank you Smith for that piece of information."I sniggered, Mr. Henley's comment was loaded with sarcasm."Now before I was so rudely interrupted. Adam has joined us because his old school closed its sixth form. Apparently we have garnered a fine athlete and soccer player so I hope you will make him feel welcome. Adam, why don't you stand up and tell us a little about yourself.I was a good public speaker, thanks to dad so I didn't um and ar."Hi everyone. I come from Worcester, and picked this county because of your great academic record.""Oh God spare me, another Loli Little Nude Models fucking teacher's pet.""That's enough Smith. I'm not puting up with your rudeness this year, behave or get out. Sorry Adam, please carry on."I had been sizing up Smith and decided I could take him physically and mentally."No problem Sir, we had a couple of Neanderthals at my last school so I am used to them."The whole class dissolved in laughter and I got the feeling I might have made a few friends. Even the teacher smiled. Smith just sat shooting hate arrows at me with his eyes."I'm going to live locally and hope to win a place in the football team. I'm a year older than most of you because I lost a year of schooling, a stupid accident. Not much else to say really," and I sat down."Thank you Adam, football trials are this evening after school. Do you have your kit with you?""Yes Sir, I came prepared."A few bits of information were passed to us and then it was off to first class.Smith sidled up to me and whispered, "Watch your fucking back, I'm going to have you.""Anytime any place," I whispered back. I boxed and I was a black belt Karate so I thought this fat lump would get a shock if he decided to tackle me. He was your typical bully, big and stupid.Nothing terribly exciting happened for the rest of the day. I found the gym changing rooms and started to get ready for football trials when he walked in. He was the most devastatingly gorgeous guy I had ever seen. My eyes watered and I had to turn away to get into my jockstrap and shorts so that no one would see my almost instant hard on. All dressed and heart beat almost back to normal I went across the changing room to introduce myself."Hi, I'm a new boy here, I'm Adam Cranston, pleased to meet you."I nearly died when he looked at Loli Little Nude Models me and smiled."Hello Adam, I'm Peter Bottomley."I didn't ever want to let go of his hand."Where do you play Peter?""Mid field, I'm the midget with the magic feet, I hope."He laughed, and I died a little more, it was like listening to water splashing on pebbles, it almost tinkled and I knew I was in love.Ok he was about six inches shorter than me, but I'm six feet tall, so, no way was he a midget.There were about thirty fifth and sixth formers trying out. I hoped I was going to be good enough.Mr. Henley played us as teams, keeping us as close as he could to our desired positions. I got the striker's position and noted Peter in the mid field of my team. We only played for twenty minutes changing guys round to get everyone a trial, but Peter got two perfect passes to me and I put them both in the back of the net. When we came off the field I gave him a quick hug."Thanks Pete, those passes were perfect."He beamed up at me and shrugged."Ah, how sweet, Beamer has found his little pussy boy already."I looked up saw Smith and ignored him, I just continued talking to Peter, but I noticed he had tensed up."What is it Pete?""Nothing," was his short reply that I immediately guessed to be a lie.We showered and I died a little more, and also got a monstrous hard on that I had a lot of trouble keeping unseen. Naked, Peter was divine. His hair was a little longer, and darker than mine. He was hairless, except his pubes and under arm. Dark blue, innocent looking eyes made him appear younger than his sixteen years, which I guessed he was when he had told me he was lower sixth, the same as me. We dressed and waited for the coach to deliver his verdict on us.."Gentlemen, the standard this afternoon was very high. Jerry Ainsworth will be team captain again this season. Adam Cranston and Peter Bottomley have their places as well. The remainder of you are going to have to wait until tomorrow. You were very good and it's going to be very difficult to make the decision on the other eight places and the six subs."This was definitely a good bunch of sportsmen. Despite me being a newbie, most of the guys came and patted me on the back."Well done Adam", was said with genuine intent. I was pleased.I walked out with Peter straight into Smith."Come with me pussy boy, I've got work for you."I was shocked, Peter just seemed to shrink and followed Smith without a murmur. Jerry had followed us out and put an arm around my shoulder."The school bully, and Peter is his slave.""What do you mean, slave.""Exactly that. Two years ago Smith beat up on Peter and put him in hospital. Ever since then Smith has used him like a slave. We ganged up on him and told him if he ever physically hurt Peter again we would see to him so he just intimidates him now. We have no idea what he makes Peter do because he always takes him away from us. All we know is that at football practice we check out his body to make sure there are no bruises. He's a great kid, but as you can see he isn't very big."I nodded and took off at a run to dump my gear in my car. I ran back and tried to find Peter and Smith. All the doors I tried were locked, until I came across a toilet block behind the gym, it was open and I could hear a voice. I crept into the men's side quietly and looked around. It was pretty neat with wash basins and mirrors, individual pee bowls with half screens for privacy and three cubicles, one, an extra large one for wheel chair access, it was locked and the voice I could hear was Smith."Come on cocksucker, you can do better than that. If you can't I guess I shall have to start teaching your little brother to do it."I crept into the next cubicle, climbed on the toilet seat and took a quick peak over the top. Peter was on his knees between Smith's legs and he was sucking the bully's cock. I dropped back onto the toilet and waited. I made sure the door was closed far enough to hide me but let me see out a little."I'm cumming, Pussy, make sure you don't spill any."Smith's orgasm was obviously quite satisfactory judging by the noise."Keep licking it until I'm soft. I don't want any cum trails on my pants."Then I heard him leave and I eased the door open enough to be able to watch Peter make himself sick and then wash his mouth out with loads of water. I could see he was crying and I knew I was going to seriously hurt Smith. I followed Peter until he was at the school gate then I sprinted for my car and drove after him."Hi Peter, can I give you a lift?"He looked at the car, then me but I could see he was still really upset."No thanks Adam, I'd sooner walk."I couldn't let that happen."Ok, I'll reword that, hi, Peter, get in, I'm giving you a lift."He looked at me and managed a smile, but importantly he got in."Do you have anything you have to do, or anywhere you have to be in the next couple of hours?""No, why?""Because you are coming home with me, I want to talk to you.""What about?"I looked at him and could see he was worried."About school, football, you and me becoming best friends and me sorting out Mr. Bloody Smith.""What about Smith?""Jerry gave me a quick resume of your position in that relationship. I'm going to change it.""No Adam, you don't know, no one does, you can't change it.""I do and I can."Peter shrunk even further than he had when we had come out of the changing rooms."No you don't, he doesn't hurt me.""So you do anything he wants whether you like it or not, but only because of intimidation.""Yes.""Like what Peter, what does he make you do?""Nothing. Stop the car Adam, I don't want to talk to you anymore."I didn't stop the car until we were in my parking slot."Put your bag in the boot Peter, I'll lock it."He argued with me until I became physical and did it myself before marching him to the lift and eventually into my apartment. He was impressed. I sat him down first though."Now, listen to me. The instant I set eyes on you Peter Bottomley, I knew I wanted you to be my friend. I Loli Little Nude Models look after my friends, and I'm good at it.""You can't Adam. I'm not worried about me but I have a little brother and Smith will make him do what I do unless I keep doing it.""I'm going to stop it I promise you. Now, would you like me to show you round, and would you like a drink?"He smiled and I died a little more."This is quite a pad. Who lives here with you?"I grinned."No one, it's all mine, I can bring anyone here and we can do what we like with no interruptions.""Wow, that is seriously cool.""Yeah, isn't it?"When the tour finished I sat with him on a couch and interrogated him. I asked him about girls and almost burst into song when I realised he actually didn't have a girlfriend, had never had a girlfriend and didn't see one on the horizon.I know, that didn't make him gay, but it was a start. He hadn't said anything about my pictures so I asked him.He blushed before replying."They are amazing. Black and white is certainly very revealing and guys make much better models than girls don't they?"Good, positive comment. The pictures were all photos, blown up to a size that warranted framing, and all of them were studies in nudity, not pornographic, seriously posed pics."Mmm, the photographer is a friend of mine at home. He also did some very risqué ones which he let me have. Would you like to see them?"He just nodded and I went to get the album with shots of the same guys I had on display, but now they had raging erections, and all of them were well hung.Game set and match for me. Peter was getting a hard on and couldn't hide it."You don't like what you have to do for Smith but you would do it for someone you liked a lot wouldn't you Peter?""What do you mean?"He looked so guilty that even if I had only been guessing I would have known I was right."I saw what you did to Smith in the toilets behind the gym."I shouldn't have said that. He just disintegrated I quickly put him in the recovery position and stroked his body as I talked to him."It's alright Peter, no one else is going to know. I don't have a problem with it, I just want to be your friend."He was sobbing and I wanted to kiss away all his tears. I kept talking to him, telling him what a great partnership we were going to Loli Little Nude Models have on the soccer field this season and all the things we were going to do together outside school. Eventually he calmed down enough to look at me. Those wonderful eyes looked so sad I wanted to cry with him."You don't have to be nice to me Adam, I'm ok now. If you let me have my stuff from your boot I'll go now.""I won't, and you won't." I grinned. "I'm going to be nice to you forever and hope that eventually you'll be nice to me and be my best friend here."He looked bemused."Don't you mind that I suck cock and swallow another guy's cum?""No, I only mind because you are doing it under duress. Let me tell you what I think. Smith beat you up so badly that you are afraid of him. He makes you do things you don't want to do by threatening you physically and as an added incentive for you to do what he wants he threatens to make your younger brother do things to him, like sucking his cock. Correct?"Peter nodded and if anything the eyes looked even sadder than before."I'm going to stop him in his tracks. You are not going to do these things for him anymore I promise you, and your brother is going to be safe as well.""You can't Adam, he'll use his cronies if he thinks you may be too much for him.""Don't worry, I have a few tricks of my own to beat him and his cronies."We sat drinking and talking for ages, I was so pleased that we had no homework this first day. I found out he was the eldest of four. He had two brothers and one sister. The brother he was worried about, Michael, was a first year, eleven years old and Peter loved Loli Little Nude Models him very much. The other two were much younger, his parents had taken a long break after Michael was born. Like me, he was a good scholar as well as an adequate sportsman. We didn't have any classes together but we both did Finance so we could Loli Little Nude Models be together for homework in one subject."When is Smith likely to get you to do something else Pete?""Tomorrow I expect, he doesn't leave me alone most days.""Ok, and what does he get you to do besides give him blowjobs?"Peter blushed."Nothing much.""You're a terrible liar. Please tell me so that I can plan to stop it.""If he takes me out of school it is usually to an old allotment where him and some friends have turned a garden shed into a den. He makes me do a strip tease for him and then I have to get a hard on and make myself cum."He was sobbing again after that and I couldn't just sit there so I took him in my arms again and this time I kissed him. Only on the forehead but I accompanied it with a comment that made him stop crying straight away."Darling Peter, I'm going to look after you I promise."He looked at me with eyes as big and round as saucers."What did you say?"My turn to blush. I looked down so that he couldn't see my eyes."I'm sorry, I am Loli Little Nude Models going to stop this. I want you to be my friend and I want to look after you.""I want to know what you said Adam."I looked up and there was determination in his posture and in his eyes."I said Darling Peter, I'm going to look after you.""Oh crikey Adam, are you gay?"I blanched, I couldn't tell him could I? If that got out in a new school I'd never have any friends."No of course not, I just like you so much already."His shoulders sagged and I realised he was disappointed."Oh fuck, you are aren't you and hoped I was?"He just got up and ran for the door. I was a bit slow because he was gone before I could do anything. Sods law, the lift was at my floor so he was really gone by the time I got moving. I grabbed my keys and spent the next hour driving all over the place looking for him.An act of penance when I got back, I laundered all his football kit along with mine, and cleaned his boots. I worried about him all night and looked a wreck when I arrived at school early. Being Mr. Nice Guy to the secretary the day before got me Peter's homeroom no problem and I waited outside of it until I saw him walking down the corridor looking hunted. I handed him his pack."I'm sorry Peter, please let's be friends."He looked round and then whispered , "But I'm queer."I whispered back, "So am I, I was just too scared to tell you straight out. Meet me at the gym at mid morning break."His shoulders came back, he grinned at me and nodded. My world was suddenly all sunlight.Mid morning break was only ten minutes so we had to talk fast. Or, more precisely I did."When is Smithy likely to ask you to do something else for him?""No after school activities today so it will be the shed for more humiliation I expect.""Does he ever do anything worse than make you give him a blowjob and give yourself an orgasm?"Peter blushed."Oh no Peter, not that?"The anguish in my voice must have registered. He shook his head, I sighed with relief."Thank God, I would have killed him if he buggered you. Do you reckon he's gay as well Pete?""Possibly, he does get really hard watching me do a strip tease and play with myself, I always have to blow him after I've undressed him as erotically as I can, and there is always tons more cum than if I do it like I did yesterday.""Ok, I'm going to follow you today after school and wait until he's naked ready to be blown before I walk in on you. It means I will see you the same as he does, is that alright?"Peter blushed and I looked round before touching his cheek gently."I need to have him compromised as much as possible Peter to make sure he leaves you alone in future."He nodded, Loli Little Nude Models "Ok, I guess."I had a very small digital camera that I was going to use to good advantage. I followed Peter and Smith at a discreet distance after school. I knew I had plenty of time before anything serious happened so when they went into the shed I scouted the area and then came back to the shed and did a quick check through each of the windows. I watched through one of them that Smith's back was towards and got a massive hard on watching Peter undress. When he got an erection I almost came in my pants. It was absolutely fabulous. Bigger than mine and uncut, I almost lost it thinking of that in my mouth or in my butt. After he came that was when I moved into position for what I wanted to do.Peter undressed Smith doing it as erotically as he could. Smith was so into watching Peter that he didn't see me taking a ton of photos. I zoomed in so that the photos showed him being played with and even being sucked, but I kept angles and exposure so that it would be very difficult to identify Peter. When I had enough photos to fill an album, and before Smith orgasmed I burst into the shed."I hope you enjoyed that shit bag because that is the last blowjob you get from Peter, or his brother."Give him his due, probably because he thought he could take me, he stood his ground, naked and erect."Fuck off dickwad, my pussy boy hasn't finished blowing me yet."I walked across to him and he obviously expected me to strike out at his upper body and face, instead I struck his cock with as much force as I could from a short blow. Side of the hand for maximum pain and he folded, screaming nicely."You bastard I'm going to get you."Talk about signalling your intentions early. I could have had a cigarette and still been ready for him. It wasn't fair really, I was so fast and sidestepped before helping his forward lunge with a rocketing right fist to the side of his head. He folded and didn't get up. I checked he was ok before helping Peter get dressed."I'm going to leave him a note Peter, if he has any sense he will do what I say.""Sorry you went to sleep on us Smithy, but we had to leave. I have some fantastic photos I want you to see before homeroom in the morning. Suggest you meet me in the student car park at 0830. If you make any attempt to touch or intimidate Peter or Michael before you have seen them I promise you more grief than you can possibly imagine."I grinned at Peter."That should hold him."I showed Peter the photos and he looked at me almost dumbstruck."They are really good Adam, as good as the ones in your apartment."Then it dawned on him."Oh fuck, you took those as well didn't you?"I grinned."Yes, a bit of a hobby of mine. The guys were all upper sixth at my last school and I paid them a modelling fee."We laughed all the way to Peter's house. He introduced me to his family, Dad was still at work but Mum was home and the two youngest who were as cute as they come. Michael was a revelation, at eleven years old he was delightful, a younger version of Peter"Hi Michael, it's good to meet you. Easy to see who got all the good looks in this family," and I grinned at him.He obviously worshipped the ground Peter walked on because he came back at me sounding almost shocked."Oh no, Peter's the best looking guy in the world."I whispered to him then, "Yeah, I agree really."That was it, I had made another friend and then I went home. We both had a ton of assignments and none of them matched so separate studying this day.I felt good as I drove home and felt even better as I drove into the car park the next morning. Smith was there with two of his cronies. He started as soon as I stopped my engine."Ok smart arse, what have you got to show me before I take you apart."I laughed. "What, you mean like you did yesterday."He blushed but didn't say anything as he scrambled to catch the envelope I threw at him. There were a dozen 8x10 inch colour photos of him being sucked off, totally naked of course. That wasn't enough to hold him though because he could always say he had his little cocksucker. The crunch was that his cock was only about three inches long. If I posted those up on the school notice board he would be a laughing stock.He was speechless looking at them but I noticed he shielded them from his mates."Here's the score. If you touch, or try to intimidate, or bully in any way Peter Bottomley, or his brother again, ever, I will spread a hundred of those round the school. If you want to have a go at me, dig out, I won't hide behind the photos."He was stunned. When he got his voice back he snarled at me."I'm going to get you Mr. Smart Arse.""Oh, one more thing, most of us are here to learn. If I hear that you have disrupted one more class the photos go out as well."I marched into school then but I knew I was going to have to watch my back.Mr. Henley kept giving Smith odd looks during home room, I don't think he had ever been so quiet. By the end of the day it was all round the school that Smith had turned over a new leaf and stopped disrupting classes.I had last lesson with Peter and we sat together."Soccer training today Pete, all ready to kick some balls."He grinned, "You bet, and thanks for doing my kit, you didn't have to.""Yes I did. Penance for upsetting you."Football training went great, Peter was very relaxed and did everything well enough for Mr. Henley to give him a hug for his performance as we came off the field."Well done Peter, that's as good as I've ever seen you."I was pleased.After we had showered, with Peter grinning all over his face when he saw my erection, we headed for the car park. Smith and two of his cronies were there waiting by my car. I knew this was going to be a labour of love."Keep back Peter, I can handle this.""Not all three Adam, I'll help.""No Pete, I'm serious, I can take them, watch."I gave him my backpack and walked towards my protagonists. No preamble, Smith just came at me. I put him down with a seriously hard karate kick to his stomach. He didn't get up in time to stop me puting his two mates down, again, both with karate kicks. When Smith got up he hadn't got the message so I chopped him, a bit harder than I meant to because I broke his arm. The squeal of pain was very satisfying Loli Little Nude Models though. One of the others came at me again and I put him down by dislocating his shoulder. The third one backed off. I spoke to him."Have you got transport?"He shook his head."Do you have a cell `phone?"He nodded."In that case I suggest you call someone to pick you up and take these two to the hospital."Peter and I got in my car and drove off. Peter looked at me, still in shock I think. The whole episode had only lasted about a minute."Crikey Adam, you really meant it when you said you could take them didn't you?"I grinned at him."Yeah, well I am a black belt Karate."++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Part 2 is ready to go and I have photos of the boys as I see them. If you would like to see them just email me.

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