Related article: Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 07:55:42 -0700 (PDT) From: Story Writer Subject: Adam Dancer Chapter SixWARNING: This story is fiction and any name element or place in this story are drawn totally from my own imagination. If you have a problem with material like this then please do not read it. Though the chapters deal with homosexual exploration by young boys, I try to also get into affection, conflict and difficulties for boys who a trying to discover who they are and what their relationships are all about.If you are too young to be reading these stories then please leave and return when you are of age. Comments are welcomed I can be reached at feestyoreayesyahoo.com Chapter Six Visiting Carter "Mom and Dad are on the plane to San Diego. Do you want to Underground Nymphets come over now?" Carter asked."I am on my way, Carter." Adam replied as he hefted a backpack full of what he needed for a weekend sleep-over with the attractive lad who had never been intimate with another boy. Adam hoped that Carter's sister Beth was reliable and trustworthy. He knew she would Underground Nymphets have no worries about any sexual problems with him. If she is as good-looking as Carter and Emil, the other brother, it has to be rough on her not to be able to begin intimate relationships with boys, or girls for that matter.Because it was an easy bike ride to Carter's house, Adam took his time, not wanting to get all sweaty after showering and making his body special for Carter. He knew the liquid soap he bathed with gave his body a nice fruity smell and taste. He wondered, as he rode, about what Carter's nude, young body looked like. Being taller made his slim, well-formed legs very exciting. What about his penis? Would Adam, for the first time, play with and suck a large penis? Adam felt a stirring in his loins with the thought about going down on Carter's penis. It would be challenging to perform fellatio on the pretty boy, where Carter's cockhead would probe into Adam's relaxed throat, deeply filling the little cock-sucking mouth until ALL of the long hard cock was feeling the warmth of a first blowjob. As Adam rode up, he was impressed by the white house with bright red shutters and well-tended flower beds virtually surrounding the perimeter. The house was set back a bit, separated from the tree-lined street by an immaculately tended lawn.Before Adam could knock on the door, it opened suddenly and rapidly, revealing a tall, quite lovely girl. She wore a modest green dress that failed to divert Adam's realization that Beth had a slim, elegant, model's body; A model without an eating disorder, judging by the almost athletic collection of soft curves."Hello, Adam, I am Beth." The girl announced in a friendly accepting voice. "Come on in, so we can see Carter's grand entrance. You know how boys are always making other boys wait." Adam knew he was going to like this friendly and outgoing girl. He wondered if there was a compensating side of this family that is kind and loving, in spite of the religious prohibitions.Carter bounded down the stairs, three at a time, smiling and jovial, in sharp contrast to the Carter of the first meeting."I was going to greet you at the door, Adam, but I was so nervous I decided to go back and check out my hair." Carter explained."It looks good." Adam said as he delighted in the beauty of the slim boy.The three of them decided that the kitchen table was a nice informal place to start the discussion that Carter wanted so badly."Adam, I love Carter more than anyone on this earth. He and I used to talk all the time about feelings, because we live in a family where it seems like everything in life that is happy is considered evil. I thought I had lost my baby brother somehow, because he stopped telling me about himself. Something had changed. It Underground Nymphets was that wonderful bookstore and the book about gay sex that gave me a path back to Carter.""I bet Carter was scared at first." Adam said with an imitation startled look."I needed to literally grab his hands and say, over and over again; `It's alright, Carter'. We both sat down and cried until we realized employee ladies were worrying."After Adam, Beth and Carter shared abbreviated autobiographies, Beth made a startling request of Adam."Adam, we lived a very guarded life. What we see, hear and read is censored. Carter may know a little, but I am almost totally ignorant about homosexuality. Would you be willing to tell us about yourself and what you feel and know and have done with boys? Carter and I had a talk and we thought you might also tell us when you first realized you were attracted to other boys.Adam smiled at this request. A virgin girl and a beautiful virgin boy were not only were interested in Adam, his body and his life, but the details of boy sexual fun, all totally new to them, except in random fantasies. Adam agreed to openly describe the world of this particular boy."Some things I will tell you may seem disgusting to either one of you, but I want to tell it honestly. Stop me, please, if it makes you uncomfortable."--------------------- -------------------------- ---------------->From my earliest memory, I liked looking at and playing with boys. I wasn't that thrilled by babies and toddlers but my idea of beauty was Underground Nymphets a boy my age or a little older. I remember loving the beach when I was about five years old. Mum and Dad took me to a clothing optional beach often, where I felt very natural running around nude.I remember getting a nice feeling when I saw a nude boy of about eight who helped me make a sand fort. As he patted some wet sand into a turret shape, I got very my naked, little boy body close to him so I could enjoy looking at his penis. I compared the circumcised penis with my tiny organ, deciding that cocks grew and got nicer looking when a boy got a little older. The boy smelled of salt water, grape juice that had been carelessly spilled on his tummy and a sort of pleasant sour smell that I discovered was a signature odor of young boys after they had been out playing.I really liked girls for playing with, thinking that girls were more civilized. I never identified with girls I knew, except that I was similar to my little female friends in liking to sing and dance. I also saw that older girls and I often shared observations about how cute certain boys were. This was not considered queer for a five year old, but a little later, Dad told me that I needed to be careful because most boys didn't like sissies.I heard my Mom and Dad having arguments about what he called my "femininity". My mother almost gave Dad a heart attack when she announced that they had a responsibility to help me have a good childhood, `even if Adam is homosexual'. Daddy agreed in his head but deep within him, having a boy who liked boys made him feel guilty and inadequate. My Dad took the word sissy out of his vocabulary from that time on, reluctantly accepting my love for dancing and acting and having crushes on other boys.My first dance lesson was when I was six. I was in heaven, even though there were only two boys in the class. I felt very stimulated when I put on tights, leotards and, as my testicles more prominently developed and needed protection during active dancing, A "dance belt". I loved the feel of this last item, a male dancer's version of an athletic supporter that is worn instead of underwear. It fits tighter than an athletic supporter and has a thong back, although there are full bottom dance belts that don't feel as nice. A dance belt looks better than underpants because it appears invisible under tights, to avoid ugly lines.I made fast progress in ballet and adored tap. I had enough energy for two people, plus motivation to learn dancing. I quickly got parts in major ballets, which was thrilling for me. Backstage, many of the crew and cast were openly homosexual. They treated me very well and probably knew I was a little gay boy long before I ever understood the concept and found out myself.My first actual sexual experience was sort of hetero. Leave it to me to put a queer twist on the event. We were staying on a lake, back east for a month. I was thoroughly pleased with the lake and the cottage and my slightly older friend Vincent. I was eight years old and Vincent was eleven. He was Italian, with a bronze tan, dark brown eyes and curly black hair kept short. I, of course, had a crush on Vincent, especially after playing "Tom Sawyer" with him. In this wonderful game, Vincent and I rowed out to a small island in the middle of the lake, where we recreated Tom's nude adventures on runaway from his aunt.Vincent knew I loved looking at his body. He also was a bit of a narcissist, strutting his lean legs and firm little bottom in front of me as we fought pirates and looked for buried treasure. His unburied treasure was right there between his firm, yet soft thighs. I thought nothing could be cuter than Vincent, with that generously thick little penis that was somewhere around 2 inches when it wanted to rest. Without any obvious stimulation, that lovely boy-cock rose to a sensational four inches in my mental reconstruction of my Underground Nymphets voyeuristic sensation.Gretchen was thirteen, to Vincent and me, an adult. As a symbol of her superior station, Gretchen got about on the lake in a boat with an outboard motor. The girl was not a beauty, but, if I had not been dedicated to intense affection for pretty boys, I might have been flattered with the attention she gave Vincent, and, to a lesser degree, me.We didn't even bother to pretend modesty with Gretchen when she tied up on our island and sat on the ground, seemingly fascinated with our energetic game."Boys!" She suddenly said, annoying me, but making Vincent smile as he saw her eyes fix upon his compact scrotum and beyond ordinary penis. "I need some boys to try something naughty."Vincent's face seemed almost clueless. Mine, I suppose, hinted at curiosity, mixed with annoyance, since I preferred naughtiness to be an all male thing. I would have walked on hot coals to follow my love interest, at the time, so I followed Vincent to the seductive girl. Maybe this would help me figure out what special naughty things to do with Vincent, after Gretchen had gotten tired of instructing little boys.Gretchen undressed rapidly and spread her immature thighs, exposing a slit. I felt sorry for the girl for not having a penis. I also found the tuft of black pubic hair unsightly. I was glad that Gretchen centered her attention on Vincent, drawing his lean body upon her, hands firmly grasping his butt cheeks. He inserted his erect penis into her vagina and followed her instructions to stroke in and out. I found the sight of his bottom flexing, lifting and lowering as he fucked quite stimulating. My penis stood up, with no place to go and nothing to do. But I decided to feel Vincent's bouncing bottom.Gretchen was having a fine time with Vincent, but seemed to want to somehow include me in the naughtiness. She saw that I was concentrating on Vincent's bottom, which didn't seem to cause her any resentment."Adam, kiss Vincent's ass!" Gretchen commanded.Vincent did not miss a beat with his screwing, but he turned his head until our eyes met. Vincent smiled and gave a little nod that threw me into a bewildered state of ecstasy. I happily planted loads of wet kisses all over Vincent's always in motion bottom. I noted that each staccato kiss created a sensation in my little erection. Was I breaking the code? Was Gretchen my guide to a lewd path?When Vincent started shaking hard, he stopped the piston-like thrusts and spoke."Hey, I gotta pee!" the bewildered boy with the tasty bottom declared."Keep fucking, it's not pee. You are ready to cum." The practical and horny girl pronounced, thrusting her pelvis north.Vincent had not yet discovered the joys of masturbation. This was to be his first little boy orgasm. He did not quibble. He set resolutely to the task until he did a spastic dance of reaction to an exploding, mind boggling orgasm. And he didn't pee. And I did not stop kissing his bottom until he pulled out of Gretchen's vagina, spun around in a state of euphoric madness and brushed my lips briefly with a beautiful, pulsing cock.Vincent had jumped past masturbation into coitus, that summer. I had jumped from vague desires about boys to a more concrete task of kissing boy bottoms. Without Gretchen, boys needed to improvise. I was a willing substitute for a girl with Vincent as we tried as best we could to recreate the joy of heterosexual intercourse.Vincent had me pose, naked of course, on my bed in the cottage. Parents were absent, allowing us to be very overtly naughty. He thought I looked even prettier than Gretchen when I tucked my modest penis and balls back. It then looked like a hairless girl between the thighs. I wanted Vincent to like me best. I wanted to let Vincent play with me naked, wondering if I could make him as happy as that girl did."Adam, want me to fuck Underground Nymphets you like I did Gretchen?" Vincent asked with hope in his voice."Is that possible, Vincent? Tell me what to do so I can make your dick happy like when you were fucking Gretchen." I was getting excited and felt that it was going to be difficult to keep my emerging hardon folded."Put your left hand on your cock from behind, Adam. Hold your boner back like that." Vincent encouraged.I obeyed the cute Italian boy and managed to not only keep my cock from ruining the look that Vincent wanted, but actually spreading my thighs a little, hoping Vincent would get on top of my eight year old boy's body and make believe I was a girl for him to fuck.Vincent mounted me, placing his knees on the bed between my inviting legs and leaning forward until his thick penis tickled the soft skin of my tensing inner thighs. I held tight to my throbbing little penis as I squeezed my boyish thighs on Vincent's hot male sexual organ. His penis kept slipping out, no matter how hard I squeezed.Desperation was the mother of invention when I let go of my own erection, kept it in check with the heel of my hand and made my fingers into a substitute vagina for my sweet boyfriend. It felt very good for Vincent and seemed a special way for a queer little boy to be his girl. I loved the feel of Vincent's penis as he pumped it between my accepting thighs and in and out of my cock-grasping left hand."Adam, you are better than Gretchen!" Vincent declared, fucking away with abandon.I felt Vincent's perfect bottom with my right hand, squeezing his soft, smooth ass cheeks as the bigger boy thigh-fucked me. My fingers encased and fondled the boy's stroking penis feeling a new sensation; a swelling of Vincent's cock-head. The cock-shaft trembled, predicting that thing that happened to Vincent when he climaxed with Gretchen. He fucked my fingers and thighs wildly as he cried out with a wild excitement. I was so pleased with myself. I knew one new thing about how I could make another boy happy and thrill myself.Vincent lay next to me with his penis soft and his attraction to me strong and affectionate. He pulled my tiny nude body to his, kissing me gently on the lips."I love you, Adam. I want you to be my secret boyfriend." Vincent said as he fondled my bottom, lightly fingering my tight little hole. He told me it had to be secret because other boys might not understand that it is cool for a boy to do naughties with a younger, pretty boy.I now knew how jerking a cock could make a boy go wild and orgasm. I applied this wonderful new understanding to my own penis that first night after being thigh-fucked by Vincent. Now I had my first orgasm from masturbating and I found it brilliant.I made myself as pretty as possible as I got older. I wanted attention and I wanted to stimulate myself as well by seeing my fit little body and very cute little penis.I taught myself to suck my own penis, but I was reluctant to announce to the world that I was a homosexual little boy.I started my dance program weeks ago. So far, I have had sex with five boys. I need to keep the names of the boys private, but, so far, I have sucked cock, been blown, have had anal intercourse and have done oral on lots of sexy places. "Now, Carter, want to get started with some love-making?"Comments sent to feestyoreayesyahoo.com are welcome. Cruel ones are easily deleted.

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