Related article: Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 09:09:42 -0400 From: Paidarion Paidagogos Subject: Airplane Adventure (m/b, scat, ws, anal, oral)-------------------------------------------------------------- WARNINGThis story is about filthy sex between a man and a 9-year-old boy. It contains graphic sexual scenes between those two. These scenes include anal intercourse, as well as enjoying each others' urine and feces. However, all acts are described as fully consensual; no forcing is involved.And it's all fiction. Pure fantasy. It never happened. And it never will.Please also note that some of the things the characters of this story do, could be dangerous if done in real life. Use your common sense in following any ideas it might give to you.If material of this nature offends you, or if you're under 18 years of age, you should not read this story. Additionally, if the law where you live Cp Tgp Toplist forbids you to read such stories, you should not read this story. -------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S NOTEDespite the pornographic nature of this story, I strongly condemn having sex with minors in real life. There are laws against it, and you should abide by them. If you have the hots for little boys (like I do), I recommend releasing your sexual repressions to fantasies like this, NOT in real life. Fantasy is safe, as long as you keep it your private fantasy. That's what I do, and you should, too.Also remember: don't ever get fooled by a seeming willingness of a boy to have sex with you! Even the most consenting and willing little boy may become hurt, and even if he wouldn't, he may still turn against you after he's grown up, sending you to prison for the rest of your life. This happens all the time, so think about it. Don't make your fantasies a reality!Still, that said, I hope you'll enjoy this fantasy of mine. It's something I started a long time ago, but it ended up being left half way and forgotten. Now, however, having finished with "Jonah", I decided I'd finish this one, too. It's by far not as refined and polished as "Jonah", and much shorter, but here it is anyway.Also, as you'll probably notice, I Cp Tgp Toplist don't have English as my native language, so unfortunately, the language Cp Tgp Toplist isn't always quite as fluent as I'd like it to be. However, I'd be more than interested in getting better in my writing, so I warmly welcome all corrections and suggestions on how to improve my story-telling! Don't be shy -- if you know a better way to say something I've written here, I'd be grateful to know!E-mail me at paidarionhotmail.com. All constructive e-mail is promised to get an answer as soon as possible.Love, Paidarion -------------------------------------------------------------- AIRPLANE ADVENTURE The plane was still climbing up even though the first clouds had already been passed and the ground was no longer in view. All you could see through the window from the isle seat was a bright blue sky and a thick mass of shiny white clouds beneath.John was heading for San Francisco for a business trip, and that's where seemed to be heading also the little boy who happened to be seated just next to him, on the window seat of the last row. There were only a few other passengers in the whole plane, and their row was all empty except for him and the boy, plus an obese middle-aged lady in the other window seat of their row.Actually, there were no other passengers within the distance of at least five seats in any direction from John and the boy. John had specifically requested the last row and a seat where he could see out of the window, and that's what the boy must've done, as they were seated next to each other.John couldn't believe his luck. He had been perving at the little guy in the waiting lobby with such hungry eyes. The boy was somewhere around eight or nine and just so unbelievably adorable with his lively eyes, long eye-lashes, upturned button nose, the most perfect complexion -- and best of all, a downright godly body; so slender and fragile looking, with a little butt to die for. John could say the boy definitely had one of the sexiest bodies he had ever seen -- and he had seen a number of cute little boy bodies from quite a close range over time.John hadn't seen a mom or a dad anywhere around the boy, which he thought was quite unusual, but John had concluded the boy must've just been exploring the airport a little, the rest of the family waiting some place else. John had wished the boy would be flying the same plane as him, but didn't see it very likely. It had never occurred to him that the boy might actually be travelling alone.As the plane continued its climb, the boy just kept looking out of the window. John, however, had his eyes on something much more entertaining. He couldn't keep his eyes off the boy. The mouth he would so much like to kiss. The nose and the cheeks and the chin and the earlobes he so desired to lick and savour. And the little bulge under the boy's shorts that he would've liked to do so many things with.But John knew of course that it was just a fantasy that was not going to happen. Not with this boy here, even if he had had his affairs with all those boys of his before. But they had been his own little lover boys, with whom he had had time to develop close relationships, close enough to have sex with them. And it's not a matter of just one flight -- even on the same row of seats -- to develop such a relationship. But still, John couldn't resist perving at the boy. The view in front of him on the very next seat was all too good to be missed. ****The plane had reached it's travelling altitude. John and the boy hadn't exchanged a word during the whole time, other than the required hello's and other pleasantries when they'd stuffed themselves on their adjacent seats. John didn't want to try to start any conversation, either, not to appear too forthcoming and make the boy uncomfortable. John thought the boy would start talking if he felt like it, no need for him to try and start anything. Besides, he had some papers he needed to go through before the business meeting in San Francisco the next day, so he reasoned he'd better make use of the flight time.After a while, however, John got a little distracted, when he took note of the boy starting to squirm on his seat. John also couldn't help noticing the boy's hand going to his private area time after time, squeezing the little package through his pants. It seemed obvious to John that the little boy was having to go to the bathroom, but what he wondered was why the boy didn't just go to relieve himself -- there was a toilet right behind their seats.In time the squirms got more and more urgent, until the boy spoke up.- "Sir, would you please mind helping me a little", the boy suddenly asked, looking maybe a little uneasy to speak.John turned to the boy, wondering what the little guy had in mind.- "Sure, my friend, what's up?", John asked back. John decided he would do anything for this beautiful angel.- "Well, you see... I have to go real bad... number two business, you know... but I don't want to use the toilet alone... so... could you maybe come with me and help me a little?", the boy stuttered.John was stupefied. Wow. The boy was actually asking John to come and help him doing his toilet business! Very extraordinary! Extremely interesting!- "Oh, well, sure... if you need, I'll for sure help you!", John said, his imagination already racing fast about doing different things with him in the toilet. But deep inside, John knew none of that would happen; this boy was just shy of using an airplane's toilet alone, Cp Tgp Toplist needing someone to hold his hand while he pooped so that he doesn't get sucked into the toilet and out of the plane, or something like that. Still, an interesting enough thought just going into the toilet with this boy -- even if it was just to look!- "John", John said extending his hand towards the boy.The boy grabbed his hand and shook.- "I'm Alex", he said.- "Nice to meet you, Alex", John said, smiling kindly. "How old are you, by the way?", John added.- "I'm nine -- but let's go, now, please!" said Alex with an urgent tone, while already getting up from his seat, and starting to drag John from his hand towards the toilet. The boy seemed to be in a hurry, nor did John have any reason to delay going to see this boy's naked butt... ****- "You know how I like the best to poop?", the boy asked, still squirming, when John was just locking the toilet door behind them.John didn't quite understand the question -- what did he mean, how he liked to do it?- "Well, sitting on a toilet bowl, I suppose", John replied.- "Nope! I hate taking a dump on a bowl! I rather let it go in my pants, or a diaper, than sit on a bowl! But there's one other way how I just love to poop, it feels very neat that way. I'll give you another guess", little Alex said. "But please hurry, I'm just about to dirty my pants!", he added urgently.John had no idea what the boy was talking about. Sure he could think of a hundred ways how he himself would like the little boy to take dump with him, but certainly none of that would be what the boy had in mind.- "What do you mean how? I thought it was a common practice for everyone to just sit on a toilet bowl and then let the poop come", John said. But the boy just shook his head, with a grin mixed to the look of immediate urgency. "What is it then, how do you like to poop?" he finally asked Alex.- "Well, I like to poop the most when my uncle has his hard pee-pee inside my butt. When I have lots of poop waiting to come out, it feels good to have his pee-pee pushing the poop in my butt and making it come out", the little boy blurted out.John was speechless. He couldn't believe his ears. Sure boys do that with their man friends, yes -- he had done that many times with his boys -- but usually you didn't talk about these things to just every stranger you happened to meet.- "I usually also get that really nice tingly feeling when we do that. And my uncle says he likes doing that a lot, too, so, I thought... could you do that with me now? I have to go really bad, but I can't do it unless I have your pee-pee in my butt", Alex added.There was a hint of plead and desperation in the boy's voice. John realized Alex really was afraid of sitting on the bowl, and it seemed that from all alternatives, the boy couldn't think of any other way than having a man's dick shoved up his ass to make him shit. It was really hard for John to believe this was happening, but he wasn't going to back out either.- "Sure, why not, if it helps you, I'll gladly help you", John replied, trying to look and sound calm under the extreme arousal he had suddenly gotten into. As it happened, he loved feeling the shit inside a boy's tight rectum with his dick; actually, he immensely enjoyed all aspects of boy shit: the exhilarating smell, the tangy taste, the way it spreads around a boy's smooth body making it all slippery and smelly -- and to think that it's something that is completely a product of the boy's own, produced completely inside the little body of a boy; it makes it such a wonderful substance that John would usually do pretty much anything to get to feel the shit of a boy. And now it was presented to him without even a hint from him. How lucky could he become? ****The boy didn't hesitate at all but started very knowingly and rapidly to undress John. John couldn't help thinking about how experienced the little lad seemed to be; most probably Alex had done this countless times before, so determined the boy was with his movements.In no time had Alex pulled John's pants down and revealed the man's half hard penis to sight.- "Gotta get it hard first", John heard Alex saying, and the next moment John's big penis was embedded deep inside Alex's warm and wet little-boy mouth, and the root of his dick in a tight grip by the little nine-year-old hands. John couldn't help starting to moan when he felt Alex's tongue start to twiddle around his very sensitive glans. John could feel the blood rushing inside his member making his dick as hard as ever in a mere instance. This boy really was a natural -- clearly born to suck man cocks. And he most obviously had lots of experience, too!- "Ok, it's hard enough now", the little imp soon stated very matter-of-factly, and wasted no time in loosing his own clothes to the toilet floor -- all of them in mere seconds.The boy sure knew what to do (and also seemed just horny as hell), as the next moment the naked nine-year-old was hurriedly guiding John to sit on the toilet and then moving himself to sit on John's lap, facing the surprised man. In no time John could feel the little cutie's bottom hole gyrating around the tip of his rock hard dick, and soon enough starting to exert pressure down so that John's dick actually started to sink inside the little boy's shit hole -- just like that!John couldn't have imagined the feelings this boy's tight shit hole could generate on his fuck tool! He had fucked countless preteen boys before -- many of them extremely sexy little boys with hairless little dicks and pink buttholes -- but not one of them had been THIS sexy! This one had been so straightforward, so sincere in getting right into business -- and still also SO attractive and sexually arousing -- that John had to admit to himself that this boy well outdid all of his earlier fuck-toy-boys in raw sexiness!While the tight shit-filled little-boy-ass slowly glided further down on his dick, John started to feel the hot mass of boy shit inside Alex's rectal passage starting to enfold around his hard shaft. At the very moment that John's dick started to push Alex's shit deeper inside the boy's rectum and to penetrate inside the hot mass, Alex started to moan in a clearly ecstatic manner. He really seemed to like the feeling.After just a couple of ecstatic moans Alex's body suddenly stiffened all hard and it arched back, and a noticeably louder shriek escaped Alex's lips. This was followed by the very first -- and probably the best -- release of little-boy excrement from inside the adorable little body: a mass of deep brown, hot boy-shit extruded out of the stretched little shit hole, settling neatly around John's remaining shaft and around his ballsack. A strong, stupendously delicious smell immediately spread out in the air. At the same time also a strong spurt of hot, yellow boy-piss squirted out of Alex's tiny, completely hairless and extremely adorable little-boy pee-pee, landing all over John's chest and starting to drip down to the toilet floor.- "Oh, shit! My pee is dripping on the floor!", Alex shouted, immediately squeezing the muscles of both his asshole and the little penis as tightly closed as he could, stopping the flow of his piss right there. No more piss or shit could possibly flow out of him now. John could feel how nice and tight the grip of Alex's anus was around his very swollen member when the boy squeezed his hole shut -- this boy certainly was talented with the motor functions of his nether regions. Another sure sign about the obvious experience the boy seemed to have about these things...More evidence was about to appear, as Alex quite matter-of- factly raised himself up and off John's deeply embedded penis, and settled on his knees on John's lap, leaving John's now very brown, shit-covered shaft standing rather alone, and straightforwardly just pushed his hardened boy pee-pee at John's lips.- "You'll have to drink my piss so it won't go to the floor, I can't hold it in when I push my poo-poo out", the little imp said, pushing his little dicklet straight into John's mouth. "My uncle loves drinking my piss. I like his, too, but mine is not as strong tasting as his. I'd like to taste your piss, too, if you've got any", Alex continued to John's all the time growing stun and surprise. Did this kind of boys really exist?!But John was not left behind the action, and he quickly got a grip of the situation, despite Cp Tgp Toplist of having been so stunned by the little boy's direct actions. He had done these things countless times before with many boys -- only not one of them had been quite as direct and open as Alex. John couldn't remember when he'd been as horny and filled with lust before as he was now playing with this little boy, with the perfectly shaped, slender little boy body, smooth bubble butt and eyes so full of boy energy and little-boy-sexual lust.John took a firm hold of Alex's slender waist with his both hands and slipped the boy's hard little pecker all the way into his hungry mouth. In no time John could feel a strong gush of hot and tangy little-boy piss rapidly filling his mouth. John had no objections, he loved boy piss. At the moment he couldn't think of any other liquid that he'd rather have in his mouth than Alex's hot piss, served fresh straight from where it was produced.John started gulping in earnest, knowing that were he not to swallow rapidly, some of the precious liquid would inevitably spill out and go wasted -- and he certainly didn't want that. John went straight into seventh heaven enjoying Alex's golden piss, relishing the divine nectar, savouring the unbeatable taste of that hot'n'fresh boy piss gushing forcefully into his mouth.The feeling was grand to the little guy as well, he always immensely enjoyed pissing into someone's mouth. Most he had done it with his uncle, as that was quite a usual habit between the two whenever they had a chance to get together intimately (which was whenever they got to be together just the two of them), but he had done it with a couple of his friends as well -- both ways. Just the physical feeling of releasing the pressure, letting piss flow freely was always great, but knowing that it was gushing into someone's mouth and down his throat straight into his belly, that there was someone at the same time getting great enjoyment of the hotness and tangy taste of the freshly served piss, multiplied the feeling to completely new magnitudes. And knowing how good it felt to drink someone else's piss straight from the fountain, made Alex feel all the more excited and horny when doing that service to this really nice man -- Cp Tgp Toplist it was even greater than wetting his pants or bed, even though they were his favourite things to do when he was alone.While John enjoyed his hot, tasty drink to its fullest, there was just one other thing he craved even more getting into his mouth; that is, the little boy's hot, sweet, deep brown shit - - which had already partly exited the boy's rear, but luckily not nearly all of it yet. John didn't even think but took his hands, as if guided by an invisible force, towards Alex's rear and the inviting little boy hole between the luscious butt cheeks, stretched so wonderfully by his swollen prick and the outbursting shit just a moment ago. The crack was filled with the soft, warm and juicy brown substance, although a great deal of the boy's shit had clung to John's hard shaft when Alex had lifted himself off the fucking position they had been in -- that is, the ultimate connection a man and a boy can have between each other.John collected all the shit he could get together from Alex's bubbly butt cheeks into his hands, and like a starving man, took the delicious pile close to his mouth. He still had Alex's pissing dicklet in his mouth, but didn't want to wait any longer getting the hot shit inside his hungry mouth, so he squeezed the gushing piss-pipe shut with his lips and glanced up towards Alex, trying to suggest holding the piss for a while. Being as experienced as he was, Alex immediately understood and squeezed his bladder muscles as tight as he could, waiting for John's next move.As soon as John felt Alex's piss to stop gushing, he wasted no time and hungrily stuffed the delicious smelly mass into his mouth. If the boy piss had tasted awesome in his mouth, this was such nourishment to a starving man that John almost ejaculated out of the ultimate pleasure in his taste buds. John couldn't help starting to moan and grunt aloud, so wonderful was the combined feeling caused by the taste and the smell of the fresh boy shit, mixed with Alex's tangy piss still lingering in the back of his mouth, and the excruciatingly arousing situation he was in with the world's sexiest boy with the hottest little body and the most adorable face in the universe! John could feel how his heart beat with top speed just because of the extreme pleasure and arousement he felt. He couldn't believe he had actually gotten into this situation in an airplane -- and he had expected a dull and boring flight alone!Alex watched John chewing his boy shit with such a look of enjoyment on his face that he started to want getting shit into his mouth as well.- "John, can I get some of your poo-poo in my mouth as well? Do you have any?", Alex asked John with a softly pleading tone in his cute high-pitched little-boy voice. While speaking, Alex took his hand to his own butt and smeared some shit into his hand, then took the hand to his mouth and started licking it clean like a lollipop.John looked Alex mesmerized. None of his earlier boys had acted so interested in having his man-shit in their mouths. Sure, many of them had chewed John's shit and even had a good tummyful of the brown, smelly substance, but they rarely had been initiative in doing that, or at least not quite as excited about it as Alex seemed to be.- "Oh shit, you'd really Cp Tgp Toplist like that?!", John asked back.- "Yes, please, I wanna eat your poo-poo!", Alex answered with obvious determination. John was impressed. And yes, he did want to give his shit for Alex to eat. He was sure he'd be able to push out a turd or two, even though he didn't feel being very full, but it had already been quite a while since he last time had crapped, so there must've been at least something inside his rectum by then.- "Do you want it right away, or should we continue emptying your bowels with my dick first?", John asked, with very mixed feelings about what he'd more like to do himself.Alex took a little time thinking about that, showing John that it wasn't obvious for the little boy, either.- "Well, could you first give me just some of your poo-poo in my hand, so that I could eat it while you continue fucking me? Then after that I can eat the rest of your poo-poo from your butt", Alex suggested. Without even waiting for an answer, Alex started guiding his hand underneath John and reaching for John's hairy butthole so to be able to grab a handful of John's shit directly from the source.As John felt Alex's hand touching his hairy asshole, he couldn't think of refusing what the boy asked from him.- "Ok, here you go, let's see what I have to give you", John replied, immediately starting to strain his guts and push his shit out. It seemed there was a surprisingly good load of shit in John's rectum, and the first turd started to extrude from the hairy hole.- "I can feel your poo-poo coming!", shouted Alex with great excitement about getting a load of the man's shit straight on his hand. A firm, thick turd extruded from John's hole and dropped neatly on Alex's waiting hand, curling into a nice C- shaped curve. It must've been at least an inch thick and four inches long, but still, to John' surprise, he felt he probably had at least as much still left inside him. He just hadn't realized he had had his rectum already so full. But he wanted to save the rest for a little later and shut his hole tight for that time.Alex took his hand carefully from beneath John's butt so to not drop the turd. He wanted to have it fresh in his mouth, not on the floor. Alex looked at the turd intently for a few seconds, and then suddenly just pushed it in his mouth as if having been starving to death -- all and every bit of it! Alex's cheeks bulged from the hot load in his mouth, and there was a wide, content smile on his perfectly shaped face.Before John could utter a word from his astonishment, Alex reached forward and sealed his now shitty lips on John's mouth, wrapped his arms around John's neck and squeezed hard.- "You are a nice man, I like you!", Alex mumbled his mouth full of the man's shit.John was quite stupefied. And so, so horny for this little angel.- "You are also a really nice boy, I'm so happy I met you!", John answered, genuinely meaning that, enjoying the mix of his own and Alex's shit filling his taste buds and driving him absolutely crazy of lust. "You're the best fuck I've ever had!", John praised the boy.- "Have you fucked many boys before?", Alex then asked, leaning back from John's face so to look John in the eyes.- "Some", John replied, looking back at Alex, wondering what the boy would think about him having fucked little boys all his adult life.- "How many?", Alex continued.John thought, what the hell, this boy may just as well know everything.- "Can't remember exactly how many, but probably twenty, thirty boys at least. Most around your age, but all between five and twelve", John revealed.- "And you really think I'm the best fuck you've ever had?!", Alex yelled with ever-rising enthusiasm.- "By far the best! You're so beautiful, very, very attractive, and you seem to Cp Tgp Toplist like all the same things as I do. And your shithole is so very comfortable -- so easy to penetrate but still tight enough to have real good feelings on my dick when I'm in there. And your shit is just the best I could ever hope for", John praised his little lover.- "Thank you, John, I'm also very happy I met you. I knew you'd like me, that's how I dared to ask you to help me, I was almost sure you'd want to help me", Alex replied.- "Oh, did you really? How did you know?", John asked amused by the boy's attentiveness.- "I just knew. I saw how you looked at me. I knew you liked my body. I've had men like you before, you know. My uncle is not the only one I do these things with", Alex continued.John was mesmerized. This boy really was a sex-machine. At the age of nine! Unbelievable. God's creations really could be amazing!- "Oh, he isn't?! How many men have you been with then?", John had to ask.- "I don't remember exactly, but probably twenty, thirty at least", Alex answered, grinning mischievously.John acknowledged the pun, grinning back.- "And you've done the same thing with all of them??", John went on, having hard time believing the boy told the truth. But everything did seem as if he was very experienced, so what the boy told might've just as well been true.- "More or less, this is what I like the most. Not all men like my poo-poo, though, at least not as much as you. And I'm glad you like my poo-poo, because I like poo-poo a lot, too!", Alex stated, leaning forward again to kiss John to his mouth.John readily accepted Alex's kiss, enjoying the feeling of this horny boy's lips pressed against his own, the little, slippery boy-tongue penetrating his mouth, twiggling around in every direction. Not to mention the stunning aroma of shit emanating from Alex's once shit-filled mouth. Alex's hands were still wrapped around John's neck, squeezing John tenderly.- "I'd like you to fuck me again", Alex then said, staying still just for one more moment, then starting to raise himself up on John's lap and positioning himself on top of John's hard penis again. "I want to Cp Tgp Toplist poop some more".It took no time for Alex to find John's standing pole into his hole again, and it took no effort whatsoever to accommodate it deep into the warmth of his shitty bowels. In no time Alex was sitting on John's crotch, John's man-dick completely again buried inside his shit-filled hole. The sensations were once again magnificent for the little boy, feeling the thick man- sized love-pole pushing the shit in his rectum up his guts and all around the solid intruder. Once again, an uncontrollable urge to push overtook Alex, caused by the pressure in his rectum and all over his guts, and a strong spurt of hot shit started to squeeze through again between his stretched hole and John's large penis that was embedded inside the hole. Hadn't Alex pissed his bladder empty just a moment ago, he would've been sure to also generously squirt piss at the same time, so great was the pressure inside the boy's guts.John could also feel with his penetrating pole what was happening inside Alex's little body. This was the ultimate dream come trough for John. A boy this gorgeous on Cp Tgp Toplist his lap who actually wanted John to -- literally -- fuck the shit out of his ass!John could feel the boy's shit squashing down his hard dick and on his crotch. The pressure on his dick was glorious. The sweet smell of little-boy-shit got stronger again while the brown substance built up around the base of John's dick, hot and utterly delicious.John couldn't resist taking another handful of the fresh shit from underneath the boy for himself to enjoy. He took the load up between the two lovers' faces and looked Alex in his eyes, breathing in deeply the dumbfounding aroma. Alex looked back, and both of them smiled.John licked a tongueful of the sweet mass into his mouth, savouring the taste and warmth of the fresh little-boy-poop to the fullest. He closed his eyes and concentrated merely on what he tasted in his mouth, and the feeling was plain marvellous. Not only the taste, but also the structure of the hot mass was perfect. Not at all watery but not too solid either, so that when you squeezed the substance with your tongue against the root of your mouth, it changed form easily, like the best of softie ice-creams, releasing all the more of its splendid aroma for John's taste buds. And to think that this substance was 100% produced inside this perfect little angel's guts, in the very place John had his rock hard dick buried inside at the moment, made it all the more exhilarating to John. The feeling couldn't get any better, this was pure heaven.While still enjoying the soft boy-matter in his mouth, John felt Alex stiffening again, and another gush of hot shit squeezed out of the boy's stretched hole. John started to be pretty much covered up with boy-shit around his nether regions. John was marvelled by the amount of shit a boy this little could produce. The need to shit had had to be pretty bad already with the boy. John could as much see as feel the boy being in an extremely aroused state, wiggling Cp Tgp Toplist his lower body on top of John in excitement, along with whimpering sounds of undeniably utter horniness.To avoid any of the delicious boy-poop dropping on the floor and getting wasted, John took more of Alex's shit into his hands and started to spread it around the boy's bubbly ass globes. The shit felt incredibly warm and smooth in his hands. John's erection inside the hot boy-hole got all the more harder, so arousing it was to feel Alex's soft shit spreading all around the smooth skin of the little boy's butt and lower back.Alex had his eyes closed and the full red lips slightly ajar, excited moans escaping from the little boy's mouth. Streaks of John's shit were marking the spots around Alex's mouth where the turd John had provided him had touched his face. Alex's tongue reached out and tried to lick those streaks of shit inside his hot little mouth.John continued spreading the slick, hot boy-shit around Alex's body, up the slender waist, to the small of the boy's back and up along his little spine, then towards the front of the boy's body, all the way to the boy's little navel, around his flat stomach up till the erect little nipples, and of course all around the little boys completely hairless little dicklet and the really delicious miniature ballsack, until all of the boy's front and back was glistening with the fresh boy poo.John watched the little boy licking the streaks of shit around his lips, and was soon filled with desire to kiss the boy. John bent forward and pressed his lips on Alex's soft, full lips, and pushed his tongue inside the boy's hot mouth.Alex came along instantly and squeezed his arms around John's neck so that it would've required a greater force to separate the two lovers' faces from each other. Shit-flavoured spit was exchanged generously, both of their tongues licking the insides of each other's mouths in abandon. Both the man and the boy were enjoying themselves to the extent of utmost arousal. Things had gone far further than they were supposed to go, taken that they were having very illegal kind of sex inside an airplane's very small toilet. But they couldn't care less. They were way too horny to think of anything else than the very present love-making. Had someone come to hammer their door, they wouldn't even have noticed.While still passionately kissing the man, Alex started to slowly hump himself up and down his hard pole. Spurt after spurt of more hot shit flowed out of his full hole on each downward push. John's excitement on his hard dick grew to almost unbearable level.- "Uh, slow down a little, willya! I'm gonna come in a second if you keep on doing that!", John warned the little boy. Alex more than well knew what it would've meant, had John shooted his cum already. While he himself could recover pretty quickly after having an orgasm, it wasn't the same with adult men, that he knew. And Alex surely didn't want this to be over quite yet.The little boy stopped moving on John's dick, and Cp Tgp Toplist soon enough John could feel the immediate danger of premature ejaculation being over. He grabbed more of the boy's newly served shit into his Cp Tgp Toplist hands, and this time started to spread it all over his own body. There was still plenty of shit to spread, and soon John had all of his stomach and chest covered with the lovely brown substance. The smell that reached John's nostrils was better than what he ever in his life could've imagined he'd have an opportunity to enjoy.The two shit-covered and shit-smelling lovers kept on kissing each other, Cp Tgp Toplist accompanied with loud moans of utmost arousal. John squeezed Alex tightly against his chest and stomach, enjoying the feeling of two slippery bodies sliding at each other, both of them squirming and twisting themselves to properly feel the reduced friction on their shit-covered bodies.- "John, I don't think I can get the rest of the shit pushed out of my hole while you have your pee-pee inside me. Would you like to have it in your mouth instead? That's what me and my uncle do at this point", Alex asked John, knowing already that that was exactly what John wanted to do, and started already raising himself up from John's shitty crotch.- "I'd love to, my love, please feed me your delicious shit", John answered, needing no second thoughts about the matter.The next moment Alex had turned around on John's lap and pushed his shitty bottom against John's face. The position was maybe not the most comfortable in the small airplane toilet, but John could manage getting his mouth sealed around the shit hole of the little boy kneeling on his lap, his butt high up. Once sealed tightly on place, John immediately pushed his tongue as deep into Alex's bowels as his tongue could extend.Feeling John's tongue penetrating his now sloppy hole, Alex started to push. He still had a considerable amount of steaming hot shit inside his rectum, and slowly it started to extrude from the loosened hole, straight into John's mouth. Alex could hear John starting to moan louder when the shit entered the man's hungry mouth. Alex pushed harder, and a strong gush of boy-shit pushed inside John's mouth. Also a spurt of piss escaped Alex's body once again, wetting John's crotch and the shit-covered dick making them glisten ever more brightly in the unobstructed sunlight pouring in through the airplane window.John was Cp Tgp Toplist delirious. He had a most beautiful, naked, shit- covered little nine-year-old boy on his lap pushing his shitty ass at his face, giving a good load of hot, fresh boy-shit directly into his mouth and spurting golden boy-piss on his crotch. And the load of shit was a good load, John's mouth was filled with it to the limits. The shit was perfectly hot, perfectly soft, strong-tasting and in every other way purely heavenly.John started to chew what he had in his mouth, enjoying the taste and the smell filling his nostrils to the fullest. John could feel he wasn't far from orgasming just for having the boy's sweet shit in his mouth; the feeling was the grandest he remembered ever having in his life. He had eaten many boys' shit before, but none of them had tasted as good as this. There was just something about this boy and everything he produced that made the situation far more arousing than what John had ever experienced.When Alex felt he had pushed pretty much all of his shit out and into his lover man's mouth, he turned around again and settled down on John's dick so that he could once again kiss the nice man now chewing his shit. Alex wanted to have the taste of shit strong inside his mouth again, and when he got the hard man-penis back inside his rear hole, he started to hungrily suck and lick all around John's shit-covered face, while John continued enjoying his mouthful of fresh boy shit. After quickly cleaning up John's face with his tongue, Alex pushed his lips once again to John's lips in hopes of getting to share the contents of the man's mouth.John could see the boy's desire, and decided to give some of the sweet-tasting contents of his mouth to his little lover, as he still had lots of it inside. John opened his lips and pushed some of the shit into Alex's warm little mouth with his tongue. The tongues were entwined with each other, while the two lovers kissed each other with their very shitty mouths. Shit was spread all over their faces.While still kissing the man's face in complete frenzy, Alex could feel how the man's penis inside his guts was pressing against his stomach from inside. The pressure inside caused by his shit had gone, but was replaced with an equally nice feeling of having his guts full of a manly dick.Having drunk a lot of soda before the flight, Alex could feel his bladder being filled up with piss once again. For a second, he pondered if he should let John drink his second piss as well, but thinking again, he decided he didn't want to leave the man's dick just as he had gotten it inside again. Besides, John had had a good drink of his piss already, so it wouldn't probably even be worth it, so he decided he'd let the piss go as he fucked the man's hard pole. Alex knew he'd enjoy that a lot as well. He loved the feeling of his piss squirting all around while there was someone penetrating his asshole, and he reckoned John would like that as well.Little by little Alex started to speed up his motions on top of John, up and down. Soon the little imp was humping himself up and down on John's hard man-meat so that on each downward stroke, the little boy's slender buttocks slapped loudly on John's crotch, and on each upward stroke, the man's pole almost entirely exited the boy's tight fuck-hole. Once in a while, Alex purposefully made John's dick to exit his hole all the way, just in order to get it plunged forcefully all the way inside in one swift motion again. And all the time, the little dicklet was squirting hot, golden boy-piss all around, but mainly on John's shit-covered stomach, making it glisten deliciously.Had there been somebody close-by outside the toilet door, the moans and shrieks the two ecstatic lovers emitted would've most surely been heard. But the lust was so strong with the copulating lovers that it wouldn't have mattered even if they had had the energy and will to think about something like that. The smell of shit, piss and raw sex were the only things that could fit into their senses. Time had no meaning anymore. There was nothing else in their universe than the sexual contact of the other. Alex feeling it in his stretched little- boy butt, John at his hard, swollen penis. Both were literally lost in their lust.- "John, before you cum, could you wash my butt from inside? I mean, with your piss. Have you got any?", Alex suddenly spoke.Oh my God, this boy wants me to piss in his ass, is that it?!- "Um, do you mean you'd like me to piss inside your butt?", John asked, feeling he had to be sure.- "Yes, that's what my uncle always does after I've emptied my poo-poo. You know, I feel a little empty in my butt now, but if you pee in there, it'll help", Alex explained.John thought it might be a little hard for him to let the piss flow, taken how hard his erection was, but he was sure going to try.- "Okay, Alex, if you'd like that, I'd like it, too. If you'd please sit still for a while so I can relax in order to let the piss come", John said.After just a while, John felt his urinary muscles getting more relaxed, and the piss started to flow inside Alex's cute backside. Little by little, the flow got stronger, and soon John's piss was flowing with a heavy gush inside Alex's little body. What a wonderful feeling that was.Alex was enjoying the feeling to the fullest as well. He'd always liked the way it felt when his guts filled with warm piss, and this time was maybe even better than usual. The way his butthole was stretching and the way how John's hard penis was pushing in all the right places inside his butthole, made the feeling all the more grand. And he'd already missed the feeling of fullness inside his rectum after letting his poo- poo out.Once Alex felt John's flow starting to recede, he slowly returned to moving himself up and down on John's penis. While doing that, Alex had to do all he could to keep John's piss inside his anus, and obviously, he couldn't completely; on every downstroke, a little piss squirted out of his butthole. But he made his best to keep as much in as he could, because he liked piss-fucking way more than regular fucking, and he didn't want to lose the feeling of fullness in his guts.John enjoyed piss-fucking just as much. Not all boys he'd fucked liked it very much, so Alex's willingness to do it made it feel all the more beautiful. And Alex's little butt was just so perfect; so tight but still easy to penetrate; so hot and welcoming; so smooth -- smoother than silk -- and so perfectly fitting around his hard cock. John was surely getting closer to the unavoidable release.Then it hit him, stronger than ever. His whole body strained, and he couldn't help letting out a loud moan. He felt nothing else than the violent release of semen out of his testicles, shooting through his urethra deep inside the wonderful, piss- filled rectum of the adorable little boy sitting on his dick.John's climax seemed to trigger Alex's orgasm as well, and whereas it obviously was a dry one, it was by no means lesser in strength than John's. High-pitched little-boy shrieks started to escape Alex's throat, and the whole of his little body tensed up. The squeezing of Alex's butthole on John's dick got amazingly strong, which made John violently shoot several more spurts inside the little boy. Unimaginably strong feelings took over both lovers, until after a while, they started to calm down, however still panting.- "Whew, that was something", John said, exhausted.- "Yeah, it was...", Alex replied. "I think I just had the best poo-poo fuck ever", he added, making John really glow inside.- "I can assure you that it was for me, at least!", John said. "You're just the best, I can't believe I was so lucky to get to fuck you!", he felt he had to add.- "Me neither, you were just the best", Alex continued his compliments. "I want to see you again, can you please come to visit me at my uncle's, when we are there?", the boy said, giving a passionate kiss on John's mouth.- "Oh, well, I wish I could see you too, but we'll have to see about that... Are you sure your uncle wouldn't mind hearing about what we just did?", John asked.- "No! He definitely won't mind, I've been fucked by several men at his place. He actually likes to watch me having sex with other men, and that's what we do almost every time I go visit him. He'd be only glad to meet you, I'm positive!"Now that was a prospect. Maybe John's trip to San Francisco wouldn't be so boring after all? ****It took a while for them to clean up, taken how dirty they were, covered by shit all over. The smell of shit was really strong, and John had to flush the toilet several times in order to get all the shitty toilet paper go down. Obviously, they couldn't clean themselves very thoroughly with just dry toilet paper, but well enough anyway to be able to get dressed again.After returning to their seats, the smell around them was still very strong. John only wondered what the stewardess thought when she walked by, but he didn't care. It was all definitely worth it.Oh boy, what an experience. John decided he would definitely have to see if he had a chance to get back to this boy in San Francisco during his trip. --------------------------------------------------------------Should I continue this? Or should I rather use the time for continuation of "Jonah -- the Boy of Surprises"? Or, maybe you would prefer me moving on a completely new story? I've got ideas for a new one as well. I give it to you, dear readers, to decide!E-mail me at paidarionhotmail.com. All comments, suggestions, linguistic corrections and new story ideas are very much appreciated. Please also tell me what you did and did not like about this story!Looking forward for your valued comments,Love, Paidarion

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