Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 15:20:44 EST From: Master SIR Subject: Adonis Brotherhood Part 1 of 7Disclaimer: The following fictional story depicts explicit sex between men and sex between men an boys. If you are UNDER 18, then you should not read any farther. If homosexual activity that includes bondage and torture offends you, then you should not read this story. Play hard - play often - PLAY SAFE ADONIS BROTHERHOOD - part 1by BDSM MasterPrologAll of us have always heard about missing persons. Every age seems to be represented, from the youngest of babies to the elderly. Pictures show up on milk cartons and lots of publicity on TV. I'd always assumed that the children had been abducted by family members or wacky perverts. Older kids probably just ran away, maybe to another family member or nasty family life. Although I believe the vast majority of teen aged boys run away from their family, or run towards drugs, I want to tell you about my recent discovery about the fate of a few teen boys and young men in their 20's. Before I start, I need to fill you in on some background information. Chapter 1I always considered myself straight, I wasn't particularity homophobic. In fact, I had a couple of gay friends that I thought were Nymphet Cunts really cool guys. I made sure that they understood that Nymphet Cunts I wasn't interested in them and they seemed to respect me. Neither had ever made any sort of pass at me. Well, almost. On the last New Year's eve, Paul was pretty drunk and told me that he thought I was one of the hottest men he had ever seen and fantasized about my naked body laying next to his. I just laughed it off and nothing more was ever said.I was flattered that another guy thought I was hot. Having just turned 22, I had developed an firm, naturally muscled body. My chest was defined and devoid of hair, although I always thought that a touch of hair would look nice ... maybe someday as I got older? I think that I am better looking than a lot of guys that I know. In fact, I can't think of any guy that looks as good. My blond hair was thick and slightly wavy. I had piercing blue eyes and a killer smile that showed my faint dimples.My pride and source of everlasting joy was my endowment. It was an impressive uncut 8 inches, and relatively fat with a beautifully formed mushroom head, that looked larger due to a smaller diameter shaft. I was always able to get it up for any occasion and loved frequent masturbation whenever I was unable to find a suitable girl where I could dump my seed. I never had experienced a good blow job, because all the girls I knew couldn't get enough in their mouths to make it feel good. The thought had crossed my mind to let my gay friend Paul go at it sometime, but I always changed my mind before I asked him.One recent night, Paul called and asked if I wanted to go out to a sports club and watch Monday night football. Being a football addict, I quickly accepted. Within 30 minutes, Paul picked me up and we were at the bar, drinking and having a great time. I guess I got pretty loaded, but Paul was driving and I trusted him. As we were drive home after the game, Paul told me that he had only one beer, so I shouldn't worry about his driving.Paul was a tanned 23 year old who worked out in the gym almost every day. Having been a gymnast in high school, his body was impressive. For some reason, I was exceptionally horny and started to look at Paul with some lust. I could feel my cock starting to rise, pushing against my 501 jeans. When we pulled up to my place, I asked ... almost begged Paul to come in for awhile. He quickly accepted, probably because he was hoping that I was horny.The instant he closed the apartment door, I pulled off my shirt and started to unbutton my jeans. Paul stood there, eyes transfixed on my crotch and the jeans opened and my half-hard meat flopped out."Oh god ... shit! What a beautiful big cock!", he whispered. He dropped to his knees in front of me and engulfed every inch of my manhood in his mouth ... my head sliding down he throat. I put my hands on his head and held it tight against my body with his nose in my blond pubes. I didn't think, or didn't realize that he couldn't breathe, so I held him that as his throat muscles massaged the head of my cock. I thought that was the way he did it, but actually, it was because he was desperately trying to get some air. He finally pushed my away with his hand and started gasping. As soon and he filled his lungs, he was back on my cock.Stroking and pumping my dick with his mouth and tongue, it took only a couple of minutes for me to shoot my load. I always blasted big wads out and could easily shoot 3 or 4 feet, so when I started to cum, I expected him to gag ... but he didn't. Eagerly, he swallowed all of the jissm, not letting any escape from his mouth! I fell to the floor and laid there as he licked my softening cock and balls, making sure I was clean.Paul left and I drifted off to sleep it off.=========================================Chapter 2The next afternoon, Paul called again. He didn't mention the night before, but wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to the Boy's Club. He volunteered two nights a weeks to play hoops and other sports with the boys. It sounded like fun, so Paul picked me up about 7 that evening.After the usual greetings, I said, "Tell me something ... ahhhh ... I don't mean to stick my nose into your life, but I don't think I approve of a gay guy like you messing around adolescent boys""Not to worry ... I don't Nymphet Cunts like boys. I like MEN. I'm disappointed that you would think that I'm after these boys. Most have come from rotten homes and I feel sorry for them, but I never try to do anything", he replied.I had a great time. The boys were a lot of fun and pretty good basketball players. At least they beat my team! I decided I had to go, so I went to the locker room for a shower. Two boys, probably about 16 or 17, were in the shower room, both with obvious half-hard cocks. I smiled, remembering how tough is was to control myself at that age.One of the boys was about 6' 2", with a smooth and firm developed body. He had short black hair and flashing dark eyes. He may have been of some Hispanic extraction, and was quite attractive. The second boy was shorter, perhaps about my height of 5' 9" and also had black hair and was obviously Asian. His cock was almost fully erect as he and the other boy talked and giggled. Both were impressively large with beautiful large balls.I stripped off and got under one of the shower heads. As I stood there, eyes closed and water cascading over my head and face, I felt a hand squeezed my cock and gently stroked it.I opened my eyes, "Hey!!! What'ca think you're doing?", I yelled and grabbed the wrist."Sorry man", said the tall boy. "It's nice and big and I wanted to touch it. Please don't be mad ... I'm sorry"Being shorter, I had to look up to his almost angelic face. Damn, he was cute as hell ... was I turning into a fag? He looked so pitiful and scared. The Asian boy had backed up to the rear of the shower and was obviously scared and aroused. His cock was standing straight out, hard and throbbing."That's ok, kid. I know how it is ... but ... ahhhh ... I'm straight", I almost blushed, thinking about what Paul had done to me the night before. Damn, it was good. Nymphet Cunts It was one of the best orgasms I could ever remember. Thinking about Paul sucking me was a huge mistake, because my cock immediately started to get hard.The boy's eyes widened as he whispered, "Let me suck it ..... p l e a s e ... ""No ... sorry. I don't want to ... and I don't want to mess with guys your age. Maybe when you get Nymphet Cunts older.", I quickly ducked out of the shower, my cock was now hard and bobbing about. I dried off and dressed, trying to stuff my still hard cock into my jeans. Then, out to the gym to find Paul.Paul was still playing ball, so I told him I would walk home. It was only a couple of miles and the air would do me some good. Besides, I needed to walk and think about the recent events in my life.I started out of the club into the dark night. The club is located is mostly warehouses and small factories, on the west side of the river. Most residential housing is on the east side of the river. I was heading for the bridge, about a half a mile away. As I walked the dark streets, I could have sworn that I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned around, no one was there.A car came roaring around the corner behind me. It screeched to a stop next to me. It was an old model, sorta beat up. The window went down and the tall boy from the shower room leaned over and asked, "Can I give you a lift?"I hesitated."C'mon, I won't rape you. I won't touch you ... just thought you needed a ride home""Well, ok", I opened the squeaky door and got in.He drove off, squealing tires. Suddenly a hand garbed my forehead and forced it back to the headrest and a vicious knife was help in front of my face where I could see it. Moving the knife to my throat, my assailant in the back seat said' "Be good and you won't get hurt. We just want to play around .... not hurt you. Put your arms around the bucket seat so your wrists are in the back"I complied and he snapped what I assumed to be handcuffs around my wrists. The knife was removed from my throat and I started yelling for help out the still open window."Gag the fucker before he makes any more noise", said the driver.The guy in the back tried to put something in my mouth, but I kept my teeth clenched. Try as he might, he couldn't get it in. He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my briefs down a little. He grabbed my nuts and squeezed them real hard. I opened my mouth to scream ... the gag went in ... stuffed inside my mouth. It had a strange salty taste, then I suddenly realized it was a jock strap ... a dirty one!The driver reached over to caress my cock. I tried not to get hard, but it wasn't any use. His hand felt wonderful as he stroked my meat.The guy in the back, who I suspected was the Asian boy from the shower, wrapped a rag around my head and eyes, so I couldn't see anything. He tripped the reclining seat so I was almost laying flat. He reached forward to pump my cock. I felt his hot mouth and breath on it as he sucked me into his mouth. The hot mouth on my cock and the motion of the car was getting me very close. Constant and intense sucking didn't take long for me to blow my load. I must've really had a big wad because the guy sucking me started to choke and gag! The driver started to laugh, "What's da matter? Can't take the jissm?" He continued to laugh as my cock gave up it's last wad.We drove for a long time ... I had no idea where we my cock, but I was sure we were someplace outside the city. The boy kept sucking my cock, but every time I thought I was getting close, he would stop.Finally, we slowed and started to drive on a very rough road. After a few minutes, we stopped and the drive shut off the ignition."You'll behave now, or we'll cut those pretty nuts off you", the guy in the back seat warned as he unlocked the cuffs.They helped me get out of the car ... my pants were falling down around my ankles, but I managed to get them pulled up and one button fastened so they would stay up. I was still blindfolded, so they took be by my arms and led me into some building. As the door slammed, it sounded like we were in a very large room. They led me to what I discovered was an elevator and we went down. After the door opened, the blindfold was removed and I could see my captors as well as my surroundings. As I suspected, the boy in the back was the Asian kid, who was a lot stronger than he looked.Chapter 3Two large, well-built and naked men took each of my arms. Ahead of us was a long and relatively dark hall, lined with statues of life-sized naked men, each with a hard cock. Dim lights played on the statues, making them look almost real. We walked the length of the hallway to a huge door, carved with all manner of phallic symbols. The door slowly opened. Even though the room was fairly dark, I could see several naked men ... some looked quite young. Some were bound and gagged, being fucked or ravaged with dildos. I could hear muffled screaming through the gags as the boys were tortured.I tried to pull free of the two men holding me, but they were very strong. I was led into a small room. My wrists were fastened into large leather cuffs, as were my ankles. My wrists were hooked to overhead chains, attached to a horizontal beam above my head. My legs were spread wide and the cuffs chained loosely to some hooks in the floor. The beam was raised wenched up so that I was completely suspended, the chains on my ankles cuffs drawn tight. The beam was pulled a little higher, stretching me, just like the racks used in medieval times. I cried out in pain and tears were in my eyes.A large muscular man entered. He was in his mid-twenties or a bit older, completely naked except for a leather thing wrapped around his cock and balls. The Nymphet Cunts two boys immediately dropped to their knees and bowed their heads. The man spoke."SLAVE KAKI ... remove the prisoner's clothes."Immediately the Asian boy jumped up. Drawing out his knife, he proceeded to cut and slash off my clothes until I was naked. It was sorta exciting and I felt a stirring in my crotch when the last of the jeans hit the floor and Kaki brushed against my cock."SLAVE MICHAEL ... help slave Kaki clean him, inside and out. When your finished, notify the guards." The man left.The two boys lubed my ass with their fingers, then shoved a hose deep inside me. It hurt like hell, but that was just the beginning. They started the water. I could feel my gut expand from the pressure, finally releasing when the pressure forced the hose out of my ass along with the water. They repeated this several times until they were satisfied I was clean. Just to make sure, they found a conically shaped rubber dick that they worked into my ass. It hurt so bad, I thought I would pass out. When it finally popped in, they attached the water hose to it ... damn! I must have a hole int eh center. Soon my belly was distended and the pain and pressure in my gut about killing me. Kaki was standing behind me, squeezing my gut, working the water around and giving me more pain than I've ever experienced. Suddenly he yanked the plug out ... the sensation was indescribable. The intense pain of the fat plug being withdrawn, followed by the relief of the water pressure, actually made my cock get hard!The boys hurried about, opening cabinets to reveal all sots of sexual toys and devices ... some which I could only guess at their use. I was very scared that I was about to find out how each was used.Michael opened the door a crack and told the guard I was ready, then slammed the door. Both boys got on their knees facing the door.end of part 1 --- TO BE CONTINUEDComments and slaves welcome: BDSM_Master_xxxxhotmail.com

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