Related article: Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 16:03:41 -0500 From: sanibelboysaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 56This and all stories written by the "Sanibelboys" are Copyright 2008 TM. All world wide rights are reserved. All comments should be sent to billyparker22aol.comThis chapter is divided into two (2) parts. Both parts are within this writing.Thanks, extreme thanks to those who have emailed me about this story. I'm just sorry that I wasn't able to respond to each of them. Forgive me, this time. This chapter is a wee bit longer than others but I'm sure you will be glad to read the `why' it is longer as you near the end of the chapter..."Hey Tyler, how ya doing neighbor?" Zeb said rather nonchalantly, as he took note of Tyler's naked body in the front seat, both feet still pressed firmly against the inside of the windshield.With tears streaming down his face Tyler replied, "I can't do this. Nobody told me it would be anything like this".Zeb walked around to the other side of the car, noting a huge smile on Mr. Alderton's face. "He was doing well until we got to the convenience store"."Oh, that ploy", Zeb answered in response in a rather hushed tone of voice."Looks like you have things starting to shape up today. It's most excellent to see slaves working naked wherever possible. There's nothing like seeing swinging cocks and low hanging nuts", Non Nude Models Alderton said."Well let me snag somebody to unload the car. They can put Tyler's things in the cottage as he'll be bunking with Luke", Zeb spoke rather quickly, hoping to change the subject just a bit."Works for me", Alderton said.While Zeb went to get one of the yard slaves to move Tyler's things, Mr. Alderton had returned all of his attention to Tyler."It's okay now Tyler. You're safe now", Alderton said with a smile. "Let's get you out of there and put some clothes on you so you don't have to go around naked like a common slave."Alderton opened the back door of the car as Tyler slowly and deliberately eased himself out of the passenger seat."Here let's put your shorts back on and this shirt", Alderton more or less commanded as only he could."But... but", Tyler stammered."It's okay big boy. Remember what I told you back at the slave outfitters", Alderton said, changing his tone of voice just a little.Tyler pulled the pink, low rise shorts over his legs and stood dumbfounded as Mr. Alderton began to slide the shirt over Tyler's head. "This will set you apart from the others around here. Only a select few ever get to wear such pretty clothes as these."Turning to the yard slave that Zeb had ordered to empty the car, Mr. Alderton grabbed the slave's naked balls and squeezed hard. The slave closed his eyes and winced but knew better than to Non Nude Models utter a single word or sound."Good to see that you've got some slaves around here that have some nice low hangers Zeb. I hope I get a chance to see more of the same before I head home". Alderton said with an evil grin.Zeb called after the slave that was laden down with several bags of clothes and supplies along with Tyler's gym bag, that Tyler would be wearing and using for the first few weeks, saying loudly... "when you get down there tell that useless slave John Henry to get his fucking ass up here on the double".So far so good, thought Zeb. But he began to doubt if Tyler would be able to keep silent in regards to the plans that Zeb and Luke had worked out several weeks ago, prior to coming to Willow Knolls."You look pretty cute and snazzy all dolled up in pink like this Tyler", Zeb said as if he really meant it. "I'm glad you selected a size of shorts and shirts that will show off your assets such as they are." Tyler continued to blush as he used his forearm to wipe the snot from the tip of his nose."I'll have John Henry take the other things down to the basement for us. Thanks, by the way, for picking them up for me", Zeb said plainly."I take it that the men are pretty busy now, but I'd still like to visit the slave barns to see how they're making up. Besides, it's almost noon time and I know they'd appreciate it if I helped pass out the slave chow", informed and to the point as always is Mr. Alderton.Leaving Tyler standing next to the car watching the yard slaves picking weeds by hand from the lawn, Zeb walked several yards away before asking, "So how did the deal in town go? Did you buy it or what?""Yes, everything went well. Better than well actually. The final documents and transfer of funds will take place Monday and then I'll be the sole owner of the town's only hotel", replied Mr. Alderton."Awesome", exclaimed Zeb. "You owning the hotel and mom owning the slave emporium will set the town on end. When are you going to say something to dad about it, or are you?""Well, I hadn't planned on saying anything until the ink on the deed was dry, so I'd appreciate it if you'd not say anything either"."Either way you look at it, you stand to make a small fortune with your business endeavors. Of course mom has to rely on somebody else to watch over the store, as hopefully you'll be moving out here to run the hotel yourself. But, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when you give notice to my dad that you're leaving his company", Zeb remarked."Well, if you and Kevin make a go of this place for your father then I don't see anything but a win-win situation for your mother and me", came back the response. "With me in town, I'll be able to meet other like minded people and get them more involved with leasing or better yet owning a slave, things should be just fine. It isn't going to be easy getting those in town who own slaves now to get them trained properly but in time all of them will look alike, speak alike, walk and crawl alike and suck alike". A deep gutted laughter emitted from Alderton, which told Zeb that so far Alderton hadn't a clue about Zeb's plans.Zeb smiled and simply nodded his head in agreement with Mr. Alderton."Don't forget that you're invited out tomorrow evening to our big barbeque. The judge, sheriff and the town manager are coming and they're bringing their wives and children. So everybody should have a great time. I'm sure that they'll see and learn a lot from their time splashing about and filling themselves on good food and drink", Zeb called after Mr. Alderton who was now walking fast paced towards barns one and two, bypassing the juvie barn with nothing more than a quick glance in between the steel bars which kept the four teens secured in place."Where the fuck have you been!" shouted Zeb to a smiling John Henry."Sir... Master... Sir... this slave has been down at the cottage cleaning like Master required it to do Sir", replied a shaking John Henry."Fuck YOU!" screamed Zeb. Zeb's voice causing all of the yard slaves to take a break and watch and listen. "If I discover anything other than what you said I'll personally hang you up on the punishment platform and whip you myself. And, it will be a whipping you'll soon not forget. Now get this stuff out of the car and take in down into the basement and then get your slave ass back up here immediately".John Henry gathered the remaining bags from the back seat and the trunk of the car and started to walk towards the house, but not before Zeb raised a booted foot and kicked him squarely in the crack of his ass, causing the slave to fall face down. Zeb noted the shocked look on Tyler's face but decided not to make further comment on the `educational methods' he was used to using on slaves.Zeb knew full well that Luke would be keeping John Henry down in the basement for some time, so he suggested to Tyler that the two of them get down to the cottage to check it out and to show Tyler his new home."Hell yeah man", Tyler exclaimed as he stepped through the doorway. "This is really nice and cozy looking for sure."Zeb was happy to see that Tyler was, at least for now, not to concerned with the `experience' he'd just had with Mr. Alderton."Yep, for sure", replied Zeb. "This is where you will be sleeping and eating for awhile. Use that bed over there and the tall dresser to keep your personal stuff. The bathroom still is rather primitive and remains without a door, but you and Luke will not have any `personal' problems about sharing it, I'm sure.""Still is a great cottage man", Tyler said with a grin. "It's great to finally get away for my parents and the city life."Zeb remained silent for several minutes watching Tyler empty the few bags of `clothing' which were purchased in town along with setting his personal hygiene things on the top.A rather interesting smile began to appear on Zeb's face as he finally broke the momentary silence. "Hey Tyler, I want to thank you for not spilling the beans about my plans for this place. If Alderton was to find out to soon, my parents would have me enslaved faster than a bolt of lightening. Now then, I think first things first; so let me have a look at the laptop Ms. Mudfart gave you."Tyler pulled Non Nude Models it from the carrying case and set it on the kitchen table."Whatever you do Tyler, DO NOT keep anything like a personal journal on this thing. I have a feeling that every time you go online that everything you put on here goes right back to her and my dad. So keep that personal stuff off of it."Zeb began looking at all of the things that his father's company had download onto the laptop. He was shocked, somewhat, that there was an abundant amount of photos of Kevin on it along with what appeared to be Mr. Latimore's personal opinion of Kevin and the lifestyle that Kevin was leading."This is crap", exclaimed Zeb. "Kevin is doing what he's doing because he feels it will make dad happy, rich and more `fatherly' towards him. He doesn't understand the half of it, YET!"Tyler's eyes were wide open as he listened to Zeb expound the BS which his own father was so used to using to demean anybody or anything."Fuck this crap! I've known about Kevin long before dad ever did and I'm pretty sure you did too Tyler. Don't tell me that you and Kevin never got together for some jack off sessions, like you and I used to do all the time.""Hold on there Zeb. Kevin and I just jacked off and sometimes we'd jack each other but I never actually knew he was gay until your mom and dad showed me these photos and told me about the things he wrote in his daily journal", Tyler said sorta like he was defending himself."No need to get pissy about it Tyler. I was simply making a statement. I `m not condemning you for anything dude". Zeb calmly responded.As Tyler was stuffing his new outfits into the dresser drawers he asked, "And what is this with me having to wear pink shorts and tank tops?"Zeb tried and succeeded in not smiling or Non Nude Models laughing as he answered, "The color pink is the easiest color to spot around here when you are out and about. All of the other men will be keeping an eye out for you so that none of the slaves cause you trouble or grief. And probably what I think is the best part of wearing short shorts and chopped tank tops is that you get that special `free' feeling. I sorta wished I could wear short shorts but a Master never ever does such except when he is inside of his domain."Tyler remained silent as Zeb asked, "Did you and Mr. Alderton pick out a nice pair of sandals for you to wear? Around here I'd suggest you wear them unless you want to pick up slivers or worse yet, step in horse shit.""Yep, we bought two pairs. One for day work and a nicer set of sandals for being up at your house or when we go in to town", came the reply.Zeb moved over to Tyler and stood him up, tossing the last tank top on to the top of the dresser. "Some times I can recall our jack off days as if they were yesterday. It was fun and I feel that we both learned a lot about each other", Zeb said quite softly as his right hand went and rested on Tyler's shoulder.Tyler tried to pull away politely, but Zeb gently gripped Tyler's shoulder muscle. "What?" Zeb said. "It's just the two of us in here and it isn't like I haven't touched you before and you've never touched me.""That was way back then" Tyler said rather disturbingly. "Isn't it enough that Mr. Alderton groped me all the way out here, telling me that I'd best get used to seeing naked slaves while he was trying to fill my head with crap.""Well... slaves do work naked and sometimes a slave is best controlled with your hand on his cock. It seldom fails to get and keep the slaves attention. And besides, slaves are not considered in the same way as a free man out in the world. A slave is almost as low on the ladder as an animal, if not lower; so touching, grabbing and even severe disciplines are not considered to be cruel or inhuman". Zeb countered with a qualified tone to his voice.Zeb could feel and sense Tyler's apprehensions about what he and Zeb had emailed, talked and im'd about over the last month. Zeb had dealt with much worse situations and considered this something that perhaps would have to be approached in a much different and perhaps `slower' pace."So what did `what's her name' say when you told her that your relationship would have to be put on hold for a while?" asked Zeb as he moved his hand down the back of Tyler's tank top to the point where cloth met flesh.Feeling somewhat cornered and obligated to Zeb for everything he'd helped with, Tyler answered, "She was okay with it. She wasn't mad or even the least bit upset. I suppose that if we'd have had sex already, then she'd have been pissed. The most we ever did was kiss a few times. Melinda isn't the kind of girl who `puts out' on the first few dates.""That's a good thing my friend. Girls can sometimes be a real bitch when their boyfriends get them in bed once or twice and then haul ass giving them some excuse about working", Zeb calmly said as his hand was now easing its way up under the tank top."You know bro, that here if you get horny all you have to do is grab a slave and fuck him or get him to suck you until you're finished doing your `business', Zeb said as he tried to lighten the conversation."Well, Melinda Non Nude Models was a good girl for sure, I had started having a few feelings towards her but nothing as serious as even thinking about getting into a relationship with her", Tyler commented as he noticed that Zeb had now placed his other hand on his exposed, tight abdomen."That's good", Zeb said. "We have a little time before the house slave has our lunch ready so why don't we get you outside and take you on a short tour before we sit down to eat", Zeb said with a purpose in mind.Tyler began to turn towards the door but was kept from doing so by Zeb's other hand that was now inching its way down, beneath the waistband of Zeb's pink shorts."Damn man, it feels like you grew twice as much hair down there since the last time we were jacking each other off", Zeb said with a giggle and a smirk.Tyler didn't respond verbally, but Zeb didn't need to hear a single word as his eyes noted the beginning of a tent in Tyler's shorts. "I hear tell that city girls don't like to suck cock if the cock is buried in a lot of hair". Zeb smiled in silence.Now the faces of the two men were `eye to eye'. Zeb eased his right hand from Tyler's tank top and guided it down Tyler's back and into the rear waistband of the shorts. Little did Tyler know, or even expect, that Zeb had been emailing Melinda, consorting with her over the impending `break up' between her and Tyler. There was never to be a relationship. There was never to have been a `coupling' between the two `friends'. If the truth ever came out, Tyler would have found out that Melinda was more of a friend to Zeb than to Tyler.Melinda had been sent on a quest; one that she accomplished with ease and perfection. Tyler's secret obsession over Kevin was still in the closet, but at least now the closet door was beginning to open."Did you bring the computer disc with all the stuff you've been working on?", questioned Zeb."Yes, of course I did", answered Tyler, as he felt Zeb's right hand run slowly and smoothly over his butt."Great!" Replied Zeb. "When we get up to the house I'll show you our office. I haven't even had time to open up the new computer stuff, so since you are the computer wizard back home I thought you'd like to set it all up and get it running smooth. You just have to remember not to link our computer with anything from my father's corporation. We wouldn't want him to get wind of anything just yet. I can't wait to see how you did preparing our own website material. You know, don't you, that if you have the proper website a business can and should thrive; especially if it deals with indentured servants for people who have, how should I say... different and specific needs.""I'm thinking that our website will be the best of the best", Tyler replied. "I think that I've got everything you told me to have, on the website. I don't know half of what some of that shit is, but I'm guessing it won't take me long to understand most of it.""You got that right Tyler", Zeb said with an ominous smile. "I'm thinking that you'll see a great deal of new things just in your first week here. This reminds me Tyler... I was thinking that after your first week and you felt comfortable with everything you and I talked about, that you could send my father your letter of resignation. That way you can do more things here for us in the office which will be a big help. I've got so many things to do that if I had to deal with email request and other paperwork, that the money making part of our slave farm would suffer greatly.""That would be cool", Tyler said with his own variation of a smile. "Besides, I don't think I could deal to much more with Mr. Alderton. I know he is a valued employee of your dad's but he sorta kinda gives me the creeps. There's just something about the way in which he thinks he has the right to make men go naked and then to do all that feeling up and groping of cocks."Zeb couldn't show any indifference to what Tyler had just said. It wouldn't be much longer before Tyler and some others would discover the magnitude of Mr. Alderton's presence here and in town."You remember don't you that tomorrow we have a huge bbq scheduled for some of the more important people in town. I was sorta hoping that you could perhaps help out with Kevin's slave, Jordan and the other one that you saw a few minutes ago. We wouldn't want to much to go Non Nude Models wrong tomorrow because of the importance of having these people within arms reach in the months and years to come. You'll be able to hear just about everything that is said and that, alone, should give you a much deeper insight into what we have planned for here", Zeb calmly and reassuringly said.""Sure, I can do that. No problem", Tyler said with confidence."Well what's say we go outside and I'll give you the nickel tour until lunch is ready", Zeb questioned as he eased his left hand out from the front of Tyler's pretty short shorts.Tyler didn't say a singe word. He didn't have to. It was more than he could bare to have his friend see that his own cock was a rock hard and a bulldozer blade. Tyler was hoping that getting out into the open would ease the pain and strain on his erection."But first you need to get your sandals on. Gotta protect those beautiful feet of yours for sure", Zeb said as he finally brought his right hand away from Tyler's soft flesh which covered such a beautiful pair of globes."I have an even better idea", Zeb quickly added. "Let me see here". Zeb quickly and quietly sorted through the first few pink shorts to find the one he was looking for."Let's get you out of those tight shorts so you won't feel so confining. It looks like your manstick can stand a bit of freedom", chuckled Zeb.Tyler wasn't sure what to say, if anything. As he slipped the shorts down to his feet, his rigid shaft quickly sprang into view. "Holy shit", exclaimed Zeb. "I don't remember you cock ever looking that big and this beautiful".Tyler felt a sudden pang of embarrassment and shame, forgetting that Zeb had already seen him naked in the car. It was going to be easier now for Zeb, hopefully, to begin Tyler's transformation. It was going to take some time, but time was what Zeb had plenty of. Zeb just had to make sure he kept to the script: The script that had been worked out and well planned by himself and Mr. Alderton weeks ago."Here ya go. Let's try these on for size. I'm positive your pride and joy will feel much better in these", Zeb said matter of factly.Zeb bent over in front of Tyler, allowing Tyler to slip his feet into the new pair of pink shorts. At first the shorts felt great on Tyler's body until he noticed the most obvious."I can't wear these shorts", complained Tyler. "These shorts don't have much of a front to them. My cock is sticking straight out!"That's what I meant by giving your dick more freedom." Zeb replied. "If we can all agree on what style, design and color of shorts we want the slaves to wear in the winter months we will be able to save a huge amount of money buy purchasing them all in bulk."Not sure if he totally understood what Zeb had just said, Tyler simply nodded his head in approval."And though you can't see your fanny, but there's not much covering it up either", Zeb said with a smile. "Don't worry none. If ya wanna change out of them before we have lunch you can. I just wanted you to start feeling good about yourself Tyler. Afterall, it isn't often that a free man can do or say just about anything he wants to without finding himself in trouble. That is what is so great about our slave center and especially having it so far out in the country. Nobody can see or hear what the fuck goes on out here and that's why I love it so much. What goes on out here, stays out here."Tyler seemed to begin falling back into the same mind set as he'd had with Mr. Alderton; all that is but the tears. Zeb could sense the onset of Tyler's depressed mood and decided to `lighten up' just a bit.Zeb stood in front of Tyler and began adjusting Tyler's shorts. "There now, that should make you feel a little better. The front opening and the back opening are exactly where they need to be."Noticing that Tyler still was maintaining his erection, Zeb gambled. "Let's see if we can't make your buddy feel even better", he said as he eased his hand inside the grossly enlarged opening and took a gentle hold on Tyler's cock."Just us men on the farm so might as well start to fit in", Zeb said as if it was normal to walk around with your dick hanging out of your clothes."This should make things easier for you", said Zeb as he made simple work of exposing Tyler's pride and joy. "What difference does it make to a slave to see a free man's cock anyway? Besides, I've seen it enough times when we were growing up and jacking off together it doesn't make me think any different of you.""But, But, it just isn't right here or anywhere for a cock to be hanging out in public like this", Tyler said as Zeb finally let his own hand free itself from Tyler's dick. "This is going to take some getting used to on my part I guess.""Its nothing really. If I had a cock as beautiful as yours I'd want everyone to see it all day long", Zeb said as he took a loose hold of Tyler's right hand and placed it over his own bulge, indicating that he too had an erection. "See, I'm not embarrassed to have your hand touching my cock".Zeb looked directly into Tyler's eyes as he now returned his hand to Tyler's dick, while Tyler's hand remained firmly in place of Zeb's raging hardon. Another gamble, another ploy, to see just where Tyler's head was really at; as he inched his way closer to Tyler's face.Tyler could smell Zeb's breath as Zeb got closer and closer; words becoming fewer and fewer, softer and softer. Lips met and sealed themselves with each other. Tyler froze, his breathing stopped and his heart skipped more than a beat as Zeb's tongue tried to pry its way into Tyler's mouth.The two free men stay locked together for what seemed an eternity before Zeb broke away, saying "enough of this mushy stuff for now".Both men remained silent as they exited the cottage into the bright late morning sunshine. Tyler attempted to stay a half a step behind Zeb in hopes that it would afford him some protection from gawking eyes upon his exposed cock and ballsack. They headed up towards the slave barns but were interrupted when John Henry came out, with offerings of cold refreshments."Master, Sir", the young slave said as he quickly took to his knees. "Mr. Luke thought Master and His guest would like something to drink."Now that's what I call thoughtful", Zeb said to Tyler. "You'll really like Luke. He knows more about indentured servants than I ever will. He's the one downstairs working with Kevin. Here have a cold drink."Zeb handed Tyler a large insulated mug, filled with what looked like grape flavored soda pop. Zeb took the remaining one and took a big gulp as he watched Zeb drink down his refreshment without even hesitating."That's some great tasting stuff", Tyler said. "You'll have to tell me what kind of soda that is so I can ask for more perhaps"."You can have all you want Tyler, we have got plenty ", Zeb said with a smile."I should have gone to the bathroom before we left. Now I gotta pee bad", remarked Tyler, rather embarrassed."Nonsense! You really are naïve aren't you", Zeb replied.There wasn't a need to say another word as John Henry scooted on his knees towards Tyler.Tyler looked down, shocked at what he was seeing and for what was about to happen. "Holy shit Zeb. I can't do this.""You don't have to do anything except relax. Just let the slave do his job. This slave is a pro at a lot of things around here", Zeb said forcefully.Tyler continued to look down at the slave, while the slave looked up towards him. "Just close your fucking eyes and relax will ya", Zeb barked.It took a minute before the piss started flowing into John Henry's eager to serve mouth. John Henry made sure to lick the piss slit clean when the flow had stopped."Shit that was awesome man", said a smiling Tyler. "You guys do that a lot around here?"Laughing, Zeb replied... "Well yes you dumbass but only when we gotta pee. Blow jobs are a separate issue."Tyler smiled from ear to ear, as the slave moved away taking the two empty mugs back to the house kitchen."Just remember Tyler that we Non Nude Models have to keep up appearances until my folks leave after their visit. We wouldn't want them to get wind of anything", Zeb said trying to reinforce the importance of keeping one's mouth shut when required to do so.Up ahead of them, appeared Mr. Alderton along with Will and Randy. Even from a distance, Zeb could hear the laughter coming from all three of the men. "Guess they've all had a good visit with the slaves. Listen to them cackle like a bunch of old hens", he said to Tyler, noting that Tyler was still smiling after pissing into John Henry's eager mouth hole.Mr. Alderton pointed up towards the processing barn, followed by a `thumbs up' motion towards Zeb.Zeb changed direction and pace as he and Tyler trudged toward the processing barn. "I guess Alderton wants to meet up with us or something. No problem. We can check out the slave barns after lunch", Zeb said as he had to turn back to see Tyler attempting to stuff his cock behind his shorts. He kept silent, not wanting to scare Tyler anymore than he'd already been for the day.The five men stood outside the barn with Randy and Will introducing themselves to Tyler. Alderton seemed pleased that Zeb had been able to get Tyler into the looser fitting and revealing shorts. It would be easier on Tyler in the long run the sooner he could lose his inhibitions and other things.All five of them turned inward to watch, as eight naked slaves were toiling away inside the processing barn getting it in what would become the standard... a pristine place to prep newly indentured slaves. No more half assed clean, no Non Nude Models more stench from slave excrement, no more dull finishes. Come Monday this barn would become the center of attention when the new SIMS machine arrived.A few whispered comments were exchanged between Mr. Alderton and Zeb as the others kept vigil over the slaves inside the barn. Tyler was amazed at everything he was witnessing. Slaves working in total silence, naked without reservations or hesitation. Three of which seemed to have caught Tyler's eye.In the main house, things were much different.The sight and excitement that greeted Luke when he'd stopped at the doorway to the hog pen was spell binding; at least for him anyway.Kneeling properly, as directed, Kevin seemed stoic but pleased that he was entering a new phase of his education and training to become a good or even a great Master.Luke noticed as well Kevin's slave Jordan, who was also kneeling but only in a proper slave position with his head bowed and hands behind his head.>From where he was standing, Luke could easily see that everything had been taken out of the many boxes and set nicely on the table top against the wall. The hog stock waited patiently for its first taste of human flesh.Luke was more than willing to take his time in teaching Kevin things that only Kevin had read about in the countless magazines that were discovered a few years ago, hidden beneath so much clutter that most in their teen years leave piled in the bottom of their closet. It was no secret to Luke and Zeb that Kevin had a deep seeded need and desire to be dominated to a point; but to what point is the question.Slowly, almost stealth like, Luke approached Kevin, his eyes keen on the unmarked globes of the boy's ass. Luke's own dick was stirring as he began to have those natural thoughts of the day when he could spear Kevin with his cock. But until Master Zeb had his turn with Kevin's butt, the butt was off limits when it came to intercourse."I'm happy that you've decided to continue your education Master Kevin", Luke said with an honest tone of respect. "I will take you to the edge of becoming a hogboy, but no further. I will allow you to experience that which a young piglet would normally experience. I will teach you how to turn pain into pleasure; a pleasure that most `hogboys' will beg for after they've had their first exposure. Soon you will not be able to speak, hear or see. It is the only way for a true `hogboy' to learn his place in society. Hogboys are a valued and cherished asset in our world. One in which they will be called upon to perform many functions, some of which may seem vile and obscene at first; but none the less... the people who purchase their own `hogboys' do so out of such an understanding love."Luke knelt besides Master Kevin and began to gently feel the virgin smooth flesh of the `student'. Beginning at Kevin's head, Luke had something, trivial or not, to say about the way Kevin's body was presenting itself and offering it up in what could have only been described as a `religious offering'."You have taken a very long journey so far Master Kevin", asserted Luke. "The sacrifices you have made to date, to enable yourself to understand the world of indentured human flesh is to be commended. To give of yourself Non Nude Models in such a manner like no other human being I've known is worthy of praise and accolades. For one to surrender such a normal thing as one's body hair for god knows how long, to wear the steel of bands on your limbs, to support the depth and weight of your collar, to wear the glistening decorations known to be those of the indentured and to have others control your most intimate bodily functions is beyond reproach. There is much to endure, much to learn in a short time Master Kevin. Let us begin this part of your journey together, as one with the other, a single being able to dominate and submit to the wants, needs and desires of the body and mind."Chapter 56, Part 2I sat leaning against the wall of what was now known as the "pig pen", as Jordan quietly and constantly removed the contents of the boxes; placing the items, with what appeared to me to be nothing short of reverence, on one or the other of the two polished wooden tables.Some of the items I had either seem along my journey or in a magazine, yet there was a considerable amount of things which I had no conceivable idea as to name and function.My gaze returned unto my own naked flesh. Smooth beyond recognition, ringed with steel and now unable to control even the most natural body function such as urination, without the releasing of the clamp which closed the end of the catheter. I had survived. I was learning. I was not only internally happy but I was also quite proud of what I had endured, accomplished and witnessed.The words of my brother seemed to echo in my brain. `Happiness through slavery, money, sex and freedom'. I felt confident that I understood his meaning of that sentence; however, I too, had a rather deep seeded agenda all to myself. It could be weeks, months or years before my own personal wants, needs and desires would surface... but for sure they would.I took notice of the computer generated letter that Luke had left for me to read. I had read it once already and his words seemed to ignite something inside of me. I'm not sure if it was merely the idea of being so close to Luke or the idea of Luke teaching me about hogboys. Either way it seemed that I would `win', with just being around the tall, muscled and well endowed black man.With little to nothing for me to do yet, I chose to read the letter once more, making sure that I totally understood what lay ahead for me over the next seven days. There weren't enough words or pages to his letter to explain in detail every single hour of ever single day; but the general outline, purpose and intent as to what he was going to teach me, about hogboys, and how to train them, how to use them and how to dehumanize them seemed enough incentive for me to re-read the letter.My cock stiffened slightly as the words seemed to flow from the pages into my brain; exciting perhaps more than just my sexual need for fulfillment.When I finished reading the letter, I carefully tucked it under the straw in what I considered a safe area of the pig pen. I noticed Jordan had finished his chore and was standing at slave rest, awaiting another command, another duty.I remained silent, in my own little world, and followed the first direction of the letter. I turned so that my backside was facing the doorway and positioned my body in the manner prescribed therein.Luke's Non Nude Models presence was soon detected. "Well done, Master Kevin, well done", came Luke's words to me as my entire body began to shake with excitement and from suspense of the unknown. "Time to get you started on this phase of your training and by the looks of things your personal slave has done his job quite well."Luke made a few minor adjustments to the position of my arms and legs; allowing my ass and asshole to be more prominent and my head more firmly placed on the bed of straw.I heard the ever familiar sound of a Non Nude Models belt being undone, followed by the sound of a zipper. I could see very little in this position but I could see just enough to know that Luke had stripped off his clothing, including his boots and socks. I couldn't just come out and tell him that I needed and wanted to see his naked body and his cock but I was sure that he already knew of my desire (s)."Kneel slave", Luke barked at Jordan. By the rustling of straw I knew that Jordan had steadfastly obeyed. Such obedience from Jordan was the one thing I knew that Jordan never failed at doing; and that made me not only happy but proud."Master Kevin", from this point forward I won't be calling you `master' during this part of your training. It would bode well if you were simply called boy or it or perhaps even `piglet'. If you are to get the full effect of your experience such things are normal, if not expected", Luke said quietly into my ear.Luke's words rang deep in my head, heart and soul. I wanted and needed to feel different and now I would be treated different.Luke continued speaking as his hands roamed my naked back. His hands actually felt soft against my flesh. One hand slid beneath me, and captured my already tightly bound nutsack."These nuts are a piece of work", exclaimed Luke. "Nothing better than to have a hogs nuts sitting on top of it's hog dick instead of hanging down. There's one nice thing though about training hogboys and that's knowing that at anytime we can let them dangle and then fill them with fluids and stretch the living shit out of them. I've even seen a hogboys ball sack end up as big as a cantaloupe."My mind quickly envisioned such a sight and I couldn't help but to think, to hope and pray that perhaps that somewhere over the next week that Luke would make mine look just like he described."Since we all know that you've already experienced a certain degree of drinking piss, that part of your education shouldn't be a problem either; but, you won't just be a urinal for everyone. Only those who are close to you will be using your hog mouth for such training. When Non Nude Models it comes to fucking this sweet hog ass of yours, it will also be used only by those deemed worthy of doing so", Luke calmly stated as one of his hands was slowly rubbing my ass cheeks. I was beginning to think I was in gay heaven, but I knew that there was more to being a hogboy than just drinking piss and getting fucked.Luke continued to explore my body as he outlined many more bits and pieces of my impending education. With each sentence complete, my brain seemed to rev up more and more and I almost felt as if I was becoming intoxicated."I know about all of those magazines that your family slave and Zeb found in your bedroom", Luke said with what sounded like a bit of laughter in his voice. "It seems to me that you might already know a great deal about hogboys and how they are used. However, there is also a growing, select, number of men and women who only want a hogboy so they can use it for sex and pain only. They don't want their hogboy to be anything else but. No hard labor crap, no party decoration, no family pet, no garbage can... nothing but sex and pain.""You, our little piggy, will now begin to understand the full force of hogboy training. You, our little piggy, will now begin your journey", Luke said with a degree of finality in his tone of voice.Luke's hand left my body and I could hear him move towards the tables that held everything that Jordan had unpacked."Here boy, get started by putting these on your master", Luke commanded.One by one my hands and feet were encased in thick, course leather mitts. "A hogboy has no need to use it's hands or feet", Luke commented.A chill ran down my spine as the sudden feeling of cool leather touched my back. "I'll just get you dressed the way a real hogboy should always be dressed", Luke said without much ado.Luke placed what felt like two leather straps running down the length of my back, leaving the ends of each to dangle down over my shoulders. When Luke was done, I had two widths of leather running down my back and chest. There were three leather straps running horizontal along my back and chest, effectively making a leather harness. I could detect, by feel, that there were many metal rings strategically placed on both my front and back."That's more like it. Now you are beginning to look more like our little piglet bitch", Luke said, now with a hint of sadistic adventure to his tone of voice.Jordan had quietly and quickly gone about his duty and encased my hands and feet in the leather. I was beginning to feel more and more like I was `officially' on my way to being something other than human. Mixed feelings and emotions began to filter through my brain with each passing minute, as I was being transformed from human to pig."Now let's get some pads for our little piggy", Luke said. "On the table are some elbow and knee pads. Fetch them and get them on our shit eating piggy"."Sir, yes Sir" replied Jordan.Luke raised my limbs as Jordan slid the pads on. The thing that instantly caught my attention was that when Luke set each of my legs down, my legs were left wider than before."Hand me those four, wide, funny looking straps, boy", Luke ordered."Sir, yes Sir", came the response."Ah, yes indeed. These new straps look like they'll do just perfect. I've never used anything like these before but I sure wished we had things like this years ago", Luke said matter of factly.Luke draped the first strap over my right hip and between my leg. I could feel him pull and adjust it, as it began to tighten up in my crotch area. I heard metal against metal as apparently it was being connected to a ring on my harness. Another click of metal to metal and Luke simply said, "One down, three to go"."With the addition of these straps our ass eating piggy won't be able to close his legs or arms and for sure it won't be able to stand up like a human being until they are removed. These straps will allow us to maneuver our piglet into any position we desire without the fear of thinking we might accidently break a bone or dislocate something".I had no reason to doubt Luke's words; as he was the master of hogboy training. It felt sorta weird not being too afraid, but in reality what did I have to fear. I was going to be educated in the ways of hogboys for only seven days. Zeb would never allow anything drastic to happen to me either; he is my brother, my blood."You see boy", Luke began speaking apparently to Jordan, "how the straps allow a more readily accessible ass. Your master is going to have his ass filled nearly 24/7 for all the time he is learning. Best you take notice, in case your master desires to have you educated in the ways of `hogboy'.The two straps that went under my arms and likewise connected to the harness kept my arms out even further. I tried to adjust each of my limbs to test the theory of restraint and found that Luke was right. I couldn't move my limbs either in or out, only forward and backward."This is one fucking fine piece of prime hog pussy here boy", Luke said with a chuckle. "Nothing like fucking a pig ya know. I've trained enough hogboys to know that when I get them all educated, the only thing they want or desire is to have their hog pussy filled constantly. I don't suppose the slaves around these parts are any different. We'll just have to select a good candidate and see where we can take him."I felt one of Luke's fingers trace slowly and deliberately over my pucker hole. I was Non Nude Models only thinking about having his black cock mating with my boy hole."Well now, let's see what's next", Luke said.With my head planted firmly on the floor I dared not move or look to see what he was going after. I heard chuckles and bit and pieces of words and that was about all. I began to think that Luke's deliberate `stalling' was simply to get me anxious or nervous. It was beginning to work, if indeed, that was his plan."Yes indeed", Luke exclaimed. "I think it is time for the finishing touches... at least for now".By the sound of his feet and the rustling of the straw I guessed that Luke was standing directly in front Non Nude Models of me. I was correct."Slave what you see here kneeling before me and yourself is a wonderful human being. What master do you know of or could think of would allow himself to be educated in the ways of our world. There will be a special place in heaven for him, when his time comes", Luke said calmly and with an air of compassion."It's wonderful to see our Non Nude Models piglet all leathered up and with his steel collar and cuffs on. Now the real work will begin", Luke said very resound. "Hairless as the day is anew. Not a stitch of human clothing anywhere on its body. Ringed in its ears, teats and dick and more than likely more to be added very soon. Paws covered to symbolize a new beginning and rebirth. What we do with piglets is to get them to a point in their life where they feel useful. Useful to a good home and master. Useful for whatever purpose has been designed just for them. Never wanting to say no, to refuse a command. Always wanting to please, to be perfect in the eyes of their masters. Never afraid of accepting pain and making pain their personal pleasure, their excitement, their orgasm. But getting to that point in their lives is where I come in. I am the teacher. I am their Lord and Master while they are with us."I was captivated by Luke's mini-sermon. It sounded as if he was saying those words especially for me to hear. I was still without fear of the man. I knew that he and Zeb would take extra special good care of me so that my education remained an ongoing thing so that our indentured servant business could prosper for decades to come."Now then my little butt sucker, I just want to say that it is a pleasure and an honor to be allowed to be your teacher. Furthermore, from today and for the next five days I will ask you once and only once, if you desire to stop or proceed. If you say stop, we stop. If you say go, we continue."I really didn't mind the names that Luke was calling me. I knew that it was all just part of the way he trains and educates his hogboys. It was a privilege for me to even be trained by him and HE was the one saying `thank you'."So, master Kevin, is it going to be stop or is it to be a go?""Sir, it is a go", I said without even having to think."Excellent, excellent indeed", Luke replied."Okay my pig cunt, it is time to finish preparing you for today and to begin your education", Luke said with somewhat of a sound of happiness in his voice.I felt the large ring on the back of my steel color being lifted up and naturally my head followed. The first thing my eyes focused on was Luke's massive, and I mean massive, fully erect cock. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Luke's pubic region looked to me as if he'd spent time trimming his bush so as to look more regal.Luke took his other hand and cupped my lower jaw, bringing my eyes up to meet his eyes. I saw something in his eyes I hadn't seen before; but I couldn't put the vision into perspective with my current situation."Open your cunt mouth you fucking piglet", Luke said sternly.His words struck a cord in my thought process, which made me realize that Luke was strictly `business' from this moment forward. I opened my mouth, while still looking upward.As I opened my mouth, Luke used his thumb and forefinger to pry it open even further. I heard Luke gather up a glob of snot spit and before I could react Luke had let it drop from his mouth onto my tongue."Swallow it bitch", he barked.I swallowed it without any problem and awaited his next command. I felt that I was slowly becoming connected with Luke and that was a good, no a great thing."You'll get my cock soon enough piggy, but for now we need to finish making you ready for your new world."As Luke began to lower himself down in front of me, he took his cock and slapped my face with it over and over again. It felt good. It felt proper. It left me wanting more, lots more."We've got to get your pig face ready for you, so you can enjoy your week in the hog stocks", Luke said, followed by what looked like an evil grin.Luke began by sliding a strange looking web of leather over my naked head. I could feel him pulling leather this way and that; above my ears, behind my ears, under my jaw and over my brow. It felt as if the two straps running over my bald head connected everything else together behind me."Now then miss piggy, I just want you to know that I don't have to tell you a fucking thing; but since you are a master and desire to be educated I shall briefly explain a few final things to you", Luke said with a quieter and more solemn tone."For the next few days, until Monday; things will be rather mundane until after the carpenters arrive and finish our hog pen to my satisfaction. They have much left to finish and I just know that you will love it or at least learn to love it. In addition, in case you haven't discovered yet, but every single room down here is wired for sound and vision. It will be good to watch your reaction some day as you watch your own education in the hog pen. And remember, even though you are a true master, down here, in this time of your life you are nothing more than a fucking dick sucking, shit eating hog boy that we can use any fucking way we want to. You are now lower than the lowest slave around here. If you could speak you'd have to address a slave with `sir'. All of your rights are now revoked until you have completed your education. Everything about you in now in Master Zeb's and my control, even when you shit and when we allow you to empty your piss. I will instruct your personal slave on your proper daily care so that you are well taken care of. You will eat when you say you eat and you eat what we give you to eat. Soon you will loose your sight and your hearing, and that is the best way for a hogboy to learn his place and duties. You won't see the light of day for a week nor will you have use of Non Nude Models your hands, nor use your mouth but to answer the one question asked of you each day. No words shall emit from your cunt face, just grunts and groans of pleasure and pain. You will learn quickly to turn pain into your personal pleasure. You have only your brain to use to see and feel. You have only Master Zeb and me to keep you alive and well, or as well as we can keep a shit eating piglet."I processed every word that Luke spoke. It all made sense to me at the moment and I knew from experience that I'd replay his words over and over again in my head many times before this day was over. The one thing that still, greatly, puzzled me was Luke's math. Five plus one is six, not seven."Now for me to get your hog mouth protector on and in", Luke said. "This little fucker will keep your piggy mouth open or closed, narrow or grossly wide. It will also keep your piggy tongue available for such things as learning the hogboy way of sucking cock. It even is a great way to make sure that any sized, any length dick will fit down your fucking cunt throat. No need to ever worry about feeling any teeth or the threat of getting ones free man cock bitten."Luke took a strange contraption and began to install it in my mouth. First he slid a rather ridged lexan plate under my tongue, followed by a complete set of `guards' he called them, over my teeth. After fixing this part of the contraption into my mouth he pushed in the last piece. It was rather lightweight, complicated looking; but, it went into my mouth along each side of my cheeks. Luke then took what looked like a special kind of pliers and attached every single thing in my mouth together. Luke began turning two small knobs either side of my face, expanding my mouth cheeks ever so slowly. Finally Luke took two snap on leather straps and affixed this device behind my head. It felt obscene and I am positive it must have looked just like it felt."Now you look all proper and pretty little piggy. Oh, how I've missed fucking my hogboys and making them squeal. To bad we have to wait until Master Zeb fucks you first, but since he's piggy's brother Non Nude Models I suppose it's okay, this time. We can't even dump our hot cum down your throat until he has fucked you up your pig cunt ass and down your shit eating throat."I wanted to smile and cry at the same time. My emotions were beginning to get the best of me and for the first time I was becoming fearful."Before we get you into your pig stocks, perhaps your slave needs to relieve himself", Luke said laughingly."Sir, yes Sir", Jordan said. "this slave will be right back Sir"."Nonsense, you stupid slave. You are never to leave your master's side. If you need to piss, you just simply use the piggy's mouth hole. It's no big deal you know. So get your stupid self over here and relieve yourself", Luke said in a rather upset voice.Jordan came forward and stood before me. He looked down at me at the same time I looked up at him, and that was a mistake. A sudden and violent pain course through my body from my ass forward."You ignorant cunt!", shouted Luke. "A hogboy never, EVER, looks into another person's eyes even if that other person is a slave. You are the lowest of low. You are the scum of the earth. You are nothing to anyone!" shouted Luke some more. "If you want to feel more pain like that, just keep looking at the slaves face".I tried to apologize to Non Nude Models Luke and Jordan but all I could do was to make several unintelligible sounds as a few tears fell down my face."Okay slave, get on with it. Shove your dick in there and piss away." Luke said, still upset with me.Jordan inched forward a bit more and I felt his cock slip over my tongue until it couldn't go in any deeper. Thankfully, Jordan hadn't been given a huge, long cock that would choke me so early on in my education.Jordan placed his hands on my head first and then moved them so that he was grasping my ears, holding me firm. I felt the first small burst of his pee and it tasted okay, unlike some of the older slaves I had been forced to service as Non Nude Models soon as I had arrived over a week ago. Once Jordan started his steady stream, I realized that Jordan more than likely was feeling ashamed of doing what he was ordered to do. I couldn't be upset with him for this. I found that by using my still free tongue that I was able to swallow almost like normal and I was even able to get my tongue into his piss slit to lick out the remaining few drops. Jordan kept his cock inside my face, briefly, but long enough for it to begin to erect. I suppose any man's cock would do the same thing regardless if he be free or a slave."I suppose we should get your piglet eyes covered now so that you won't make that mistake again. Just remember, if you want to see, use your brain to see what you can't see with your eyes. It might make for an interesting picture at times", Luke said calmly.A soft leather was placed over my eyes and I could feel and hear the distinct sound of metal to metal as if the eye covering was simply snapped in place."Once we get you used to darkness, I'll plug your ears so that any and all sound will no longer bother your education. You will learn by touch, feel, smell and pain" said Luke as if It was a normal thing.Instantly I felt soft flesh pressing passed my lips. I could easily determine that it wasn't Jordan's cock. The smell was also different than that of Jordan. It was Luke's cock pressing forward to the point where I began to gag."This is how you train a hog to take cock", Luke said, as he began to extract his semi erect cock from my mouth.Moments later his cock was heading back inside and towards my throat, which caused me to gag again and again. I could feel mucus coming from my nose and spit running out of my mouth.It seemed like forever, but in reality just a few minutes before Luke pulled his cock back just enough to end my gagging. I began inhaling quantum amounts of air, but that too was soon interrupted by Luke's fast emerging stream of hot, black man piss. It tasted acrid and salty at the same time, but I managed to swallow `most' of it.I tended to Luke's cock the same way I had worked on Jordan's dick. Luke withdrew his cock and began slapping my face with it saying, "you'll learn not to spill the golden nectar of a man pig cunt. If you don't learn quick, you will feel the wrath of pain and suffering. Now I'm going to use some of your own snot and spit to moisten your ear plugs. Once they're nice and wet they'll expand nicely in your ears, making any sound impossible to hear.I felt Luke rubbing Non Nude Models the ear plugs under my nose and around my mouth. The plugs didn't really feel like anything I could relate to, but if Luke said I'd be losing my sound, I'd be losing my sound."Just remember young shit eater, that the first taste of cum and the first cock up your hog pussy will be that of your brother. After that, all bets are off as to who and how others will fuck you. You know you want this. You know you need this and you know you really desire this", Luke said calmly and with what might could have been a bit of reverence.I felt the material of the ear plugs begin to enter my ears and as they seated, the sound seemed at first muffled and finally all went silent. My education had only just begun but for the oddest reason I truly did feel okay with everything "so far".To Be Continued.

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