Related article: Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 05:33:18 GMT From: Lucy Roberts Subject: A kind of daughter part 3(TV; MM, MF)Part three - growing as LucyThat Tuesday evening as Ian lay in his bed, going over the events of the day he found himself in a state of great arousal. He lay back and closed his eyes. In his mind he could see himself standing in front of the mirror in his yellow dress complete with yellow hair band in his wig. Now he could see Pete helping him off with the dress. He could almost feel Pete's hands on his body and Nn Junior Models Pete's mouth on his little cockette. But more he could feel Pete's big prick in his own mouth and just about taste his cum as it flooded down his throat. As he thought about it he rubbed up and down his cockette until he felt himself cum.For a while he lay there his chest heaving with heavy breaths and the cum sticky in his hand.As he washed himself off in the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror. He decided that a few changes were needed, he would have to let his hair grow and perhaps he could pluck a few hairs from his eyebrows without it being too noticeable.He went back to bed longing for his visit on Thursday back to Pete and Myra.Eventually it was Thursday.Once more Ian was met at the door by Myra. He hardly had time to say hello before he was up the stairs and into Lucy's room. There on the bed bright and clean were the same panties, bra and slip that he had worn on Tuesday.He was out of his clothes in a trice.By that time Myra had joined him in the room."My we are in a hurry aren't we?" she Nn Junior Models said.She helped him on with the bra and with his panties."Slow down," she said as he grabbed at the slip. "Enjoy what you are wearing so far. A girl should enjoy the touch of each piece she is wearing.""You've been wearing such things all your life," Ian replied. "Do you still enjoy their touch and feel?""Oh yes. I do. I love to be encased in my nylon undies. To feel them on me and to have others feel me in them."Then Myra added, almost as an after thought, "would you like to feel me in my bra and panties?"Would he ever.Ian watched transfixed as this wonderful woman undid her blouse and took it off. Her light blue bra seemed weighed down with her breasts and yet they weren't huge.As he gawped at her she reached behind her undid the zip of her skirt and let it fall to the ground.Ian feasted his teenage boy's eyes on her cream nylon panties.He watched her rounded bottom sway as she walked over to the bed."Come and lie down with me," she invited."We've plenty of time before Pete gets home."As he went to join her, Ian was conscious of the flatness of his chest under his bra compared to Myra's, and his skinny bottom compared to hers.They lay on the bed their legs intertwined.Ian began to let his hands wander over Myra as they kissed and he could certainly feel her hands on him. Skinny or not she clearly enjoyed holding his bottom.Her bottom felt so good as he gently ran his hands across it. The nylon was taught across her cheeks and felt wonderful under his fingers.Myra took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. Her bra was very soft with the result that he could easily squeeze her breast and more could feel her nipple.Ian was almost drunk with the excitement of it and, when he felt her hand on the bulge in his panties, he almost lost it.Myra gently rubbed his nylon covered cockette and her attentions encouraged him to be bolder. He moved his hand down from her breast to the front of her panties. He began to feel her mound. She helpfully opened her legs to give him access and soon his hand was between her legs in territory that he had never ventured into before.Ian began to rub Myra and she started to squirm.She let go of his cockette and put her hand on his showing him where to rub and encouraging him to do it more firmly.She began to groan and her breaths were deep.Ian knelt over her so he could have one hand between her legs and one on her breast.Myra began to writhe about even more as she moaned "yes my little girl rub me, rub your Mummy's cunt and make her come darling. Oh how lovely your hands are on me Lucy. Don't stop make me cum."Ian worked all the harder and was rewarded with a huge cry from Myra as her body bucked beneath him.Realising that something had happened Ian lay back on the bed."Are you O.K.?" he asked."Oh yes my darling," Myra replied. "I've just had an orgasm and it was wonderful. In fact it was so wonderful I must return the complement."With that she squirmed down the bed, pulled Ian's prick out of his panties and took it into her mouth.It didn't need much sucking for Ian to climax with a great heave of his thighs.For a while the two of them lay still on the bed just occasionally touching each other.Finally Myra got up."Come on Lucy. We must get your ready for when Pete comes home."Ian was already recovering and definitely ready for some more action.He realised that he liked being with Myra but really he wanted to be with Pete and be his girl.He stood up, adjusted his bra and panties and pulled the slip Nn Junior Models on over his head.Myra gave him a pair of white knee length socks to put on.Then she got the wig out, brushed it through and positioned it on Ian's head."Oh Lucy," she said stepping back, "you look sweet enough to eat. Just as you are no one could tell you're not really a girl. We are so lucky to have a daughter like you."Myra went across to the wardrobe and brought back a white blouse, which Lucy put on.She repeated the journey coming back with a grey pinafore dress, which she pulled over Ian's head. The dress fitted well but only came half way down his thighs. He was very conscious how short it was.Then she gave him a Nn Junior Models tie, which he recognised as his own school's tie.Finally she had a blazer and the same pair of black shoes he'd worn last week.By the time Myra had finished Ian looked just like many of the girls at the school he went to."Pete has a thing about school girls," Myra explained, "and he is just going to love you dressed like this. But there are one or two things I need to coach you in so that you give Pete exactly what he wants. Is that O.K.?"Ian had no worries and agreed. So for the next twenty minutes Myra coached him in what to do to give maximum pleasure from his schoolgirl daughter."It's almost time for Pete to come home," Myra finally said. "Now I'm going to take you to the shed and put you there until he comes in. Then I'll let you know and you can walk round the house to the front door and Pete will let you in just like a daughter coming home from school. You know what to do once you come in."Ian was very worried about being outside as a girl but wanting to comply simply agreed.So he found himself dressed as a schoolgirl sitting on a chair in a shed.However he didn't have long to wait before Myra called him.He stood up, smoothed his skirt down, took a deep breath and walked round the house to the front door.The air was cool on his legs and he was even more conscious than before of the shortness of the skirt.But there was no one about and Pete quickly opened the door."Hi dad," said Ian as he walked as casually as he could Nn Junior Models through the door."Hello Lucy," Pete replied as he followed Ian into the lounge.Ian took off his blazer, which he dropped on the floor and sat on a chair with Pete sitting opposite.Ian was aware that his skirt had ridden up a little. He could see Pete looking at his legs. Could he see up his skirt to his panties?"How was the day at school?" Pete asked.Ian told Pete about the day as if he was Lucy.As he did so he did what Myra had asked and allowed his legs to open and shut affording Pete tantalising glimpses of white panties.At one point he even pulled his knees up under his chin as he'd been asked so that Pete could get a pretty good view of his pantie-covered bottom and crotch.Ian could see that Pete was getting excited but he carried on chatting about the day as if nothing were happening.After a while Ian stood up and said, "I think I'll go and get changed."He turned away from Pete and bent from the waist to pick up the blazer.Ian had no idea how far the skirt would rise up as he bent over but Myra had told him that Pete would love the view. So he took a long time picking up the blazer.When Ian finally did come upright and turn to face Pete he could tell by the smile on Pete's face that he had seen plenty and liked what he saw.Ian went upstairs and into his bedroom.He left the door open as he'd been told and stood in the precise place Myra had shown him. She'd explained that if he stood there then Pete could watch him from the door way and see him in the mirror as he undressed.Ian slowly undid the zip on his dress and lifted it up over his head. He knew that as he did so his slip would ride up and his panties would be on show.Next he took off his tie and then unbuttoned the blouse and took it off.How he stood and allowed his hands to run over the nylon slip covering his body.It was so exciting knowing that Pete was watching his every move and wanting to hold and kiss him.Eventually he reached down and. Taking hold of the hem of his slip he pulled it up over his head. Now he was standing there in just his bra, panties, sock and shoes.Slowly he lifted one leg and removed the shoe followed by the sock and then repeated the process with the other leg.He turned Nn Junior Models round and bent over to parade his bottom in the mirror.Turning back round he gently rubbed his hand over his bulging panties.He pretended to jump as if he had just heard a noise outside."Is that you daddy? " he called out, "do you want something from your little girl?"On cue Pete walked into the room naked with his big prick jutting out from the tangled mass of his pubic hair."Oh daddy," Ian sighed."Lucy, my darling," Pete replied, "could you help daddy out with this? I couldn't help seeing your panties as we chatted downstairs and when you bent over to pick your blazer up I could clearly see your lovely bottom and those white panties were driving me wild. I got so excited my little one that I followed you upstairs and watched as you undressed. You've got me so excited please help me."With that Pete sat on the side of the bed and Ian knelt between his legs.Ian took Pete's prick in his hand.As Pete looked down he saw the pretty elfin smile of his daughter as she gazed back up at him clearly happy to be able to hold her daddy's throbbing prick.Ian let the prick slide into his mouth and then began to bob up and down on it.For a while Pete sat and watched but then flopped back on the bed as Lucy worked her magic on him.Ian had realised from the previous time some of the things that had an effect on Pete and that, if he wanted to prolong the blow job, he had to be careful. And Ian did want the blow job to last as long as possible.So he sucked and licked and then waited a few minutes for Pete to calm down before continuing.At one point Ian got up on the bed and knelt over Pete so Pete could see his bottom and was rewarded by two large hands cupping his small cheeks and then even better, he felt Pete slide his little cockette out of the panties and begin to suck.It was at that point that Ian lost control and really sucked on Pete bringing him to a climax that Ian replicated himself just a few moments later.Ian lay in Pete's big arms for a while. He felt frail and girly in his bra and panties. Pete turned him round so he had his back to Pete.As they cuddled Ian could feel Pete's prick against his bottom as Pete's hands touched his breasts and, now soft, prick.All too soon Pete uttered the words that over the next months Ian would come to hate, "time for bed Lucy."But at this point it just gave Ian another thrill. He jumped up and went into the bathroom to shower.By the time he'd come back Myra was in the room. She gave him a new pair of white panties and the same pink nightie he'd worn a couple of days earlier.She tucked him in into bed and sat on the edge."Everything O.K. darling," she asked."Oh yes Mummy. I've had a lovely day. I hope I made daddy happy.""Oh yes you made him very happy indeed my darling. He said you were a very good girl to him."Ian smiled."Did we make you happy darling?" Myra asked."Oh yes Mummy." Ian replied enthusiastically. "I love being your daughter. But Mummy I wish I could grow breasts like you.""We will have to see about that," said Myra. "In the meantime what would you say to coming out with Mummy and Daddy on Saturday?"Ian's heart leapt. "You mean going outside as a girl?""Yes. We thought it would be nice to have a family outing. We could drive out in the car, Nn Junior Models have a picnic and so on. Would you like that?"Ian was very unsure."But won't people realise I'm not a girl?""Of course not. I'll make sure you look just fine and it will be so exciting for all of us."With that Myra gave Ian a peck on the forehead and went out leaving him alone in his bed in his nightie and panties.After many long hours Saturday finally came and Ian was on the doorstep of 14 Hallwood Rd.This time it was Pete who let him in."Go straight up," he said. "Myra will be with you in a moment."Ian went up into his bedroom and undressed.He stood looking at his naked body in the mirror wondering what it might be like to have breasts and broader hips."So how's our little daughter today," he heard Myra ask from behind him.Ian turned round and ran to her and flung his arms round her."Well that's a lovely greeting," she said. "But now we must get you dressed."Ian stood passively as Myra went to the drawers and pulled out some clothes for her new daughter to wear.There was a pair of pink nylon panties and a matching pink bra that had some padding in it.Once he'd put the bra on he looked down and no longer was he flat chested. It wasn't huge but it was noticeable.Next Myra gave him a pink top. Ian put this on and was very pleased to see that, rather than hide his breasts, the top seemed to show them up even more.He had a huge smile on his face as he took the light blue skirt that Myra handed to him. The skirt was of a light chiffon-type material and it hardly felt as if he had it on.Some white ankle socks and pink trainers completed the outfit.Once Myra had put his wig on and a pink hair band in no one would have thought he was a boy.Ian stood for several minutes in front of the mirror. He turned this way and that looking at himself and finally gave a twirl that caused his skirt to flare up."You'll have to be a bit careful when you go out darling or people will see your lovely panties," cooed Myra."Well Daddy likes to see my panties doesn't he," Ian replied with a smile.By the time the two girls had got downstairs Pete had packed the car and they were ready to go."How about a big kiss for your Daddy before we set off?" Pete asked.Ian was more than happy.The two kissed and Ian could feel Pete's hands on his bottom as they kissed deep and long.Ian sat in the front with Pete and they chatted happily as they travelled along.Every so often Pete would rest one of his large hands on Ian's soft white leg. It was wonderful.Finally they came to a country park.They found a parking space and Pete switched off the engine.Now Ian got worried. There were other people about and he became very unsure."Don't worry," Myra said, "you look just like an 11 year old girl. No one is going to know any different. Just enjoy being out as a girl and being with us."So Ian got out of the car and they set off on a walk.They passed several groups and nothing happened and Ian began to relax.He put his hand in Pete's and walked closely beside him.They came to a sheltered spot and sat down on a rug Pete had been carrying.Myra had prepared a picnic and spread the goodies out on the rug.Ian tried to sit in as lady like way as possible but found it quite hard.Pete produced a camera to take photos of the new family.As he lined up one photo he commented to Ian, "Those are pretty pink panties you're wearing."Ian's face went the colour of his panties."Don't tease her Pete," Myra ordered.After their picnic they carried on walking.By now Ian was getting used to the feeling of his skirt and of being on view as a girl. He felt quite relaxed and comfortable.They came to a play area and Ian ran over and sat on one of the swings and began to swing himself up. However he quickly realised that it wasn't quite so easy to do being a girl and found his skirt blown up and his pretty pink panties on display. Fortunately, or not, Pete had the camera ready and captured the moment.More deliberate was the way he went down underneath Ian while he was holding onto the climbing frame so he could take a shot up Ian's skirt.Just by where they'd parked the car was a café and they went in to get a drink.As Pete was about to take a photo one of the waitresses asked if he'd like her to take one so he could be in the photo with his wife and "pretty daughter".Once back home Pete and Ian went up to the bedroom.They stood kissing and Ian could feel Pete's hard prick pressing against his tummy.To show Pete that he really liked what was going on, Ian took the initiative.He undid Pete's zip and pushed his trousers and pants Nn Junior Models to the floor.Then he knelt down in front of Pete and took hold of his prick.It was already very hard.Ian looked up and made eye contact with Pete and gave him a little smile.He licked the prick as if it were a lollipop and then let it slide into his mouth.For Pete the sight was amazing. What he could see was a teenage girl, whose pert little breasts were jutting out under her tight pink top. Her sweet hair band emphasized her youth and yet she had his prick deep in her mouth and all the while her eyes were smiling at him.Well, with all that, and the clear memory of the number of times he'd seen her panties under her skirt, it didn't take long for Pete to shoot strings of his cum into the sweet innocent mouth.Pete stayed with Ian long enough to watch him undress down to his bra and panties and have a few minutes in which to kiss and hold Ian's tender frame before he left him.Almost straight away Myra came in."It looks as if your Daddy is happy with you again Lucy," she said."Oh yes," Ian replied, "we had a lovely time. Could I now touch you in your bra and panties again.""Oh I'd love that Lucy."Myra pulled off her top and steeped out of her skirt. She was Wearing a black push up bra which made her breasts seem even bigger and a black thong, which took Ian's interest."When you are a bigger girl we'll get you one," Myra told him.The two got into bed and began to kiss and explore each other's bodies.Wearing a thong it was easy for Ian to slide the fabric aside and find Myra's cunt with his fingers. He slid first one and then two into the warm but sticky opening.After a while Myra found that good as his hand was she wanted more. She rolled over and knelt astride the body of her new daughter and pulled Lucy's panties down over her slim hips. Ian's little cockette stood up firm and strong and Myra raised herself up and then lowered herself onto it.Ian couldn't believe what was happening. He was fucking a woman.His head was swimming with it all. The experience was amazing as she rode up and down on his cockette. But he too, like Pete, having had his sexual senses heightened all day, couldn't hold on very long and soon found himself spurting into Myra.Later, as they lay cuddled up Myra asked him how he'd felt making love to a woman. Ian tried to explain how he felt about it but it was hard to put it into words."But Lucy would you like it the other way round?" Myra asked. "Would you like to be the woman with a man making love to you?""What you mean Pete?" Ian asked."Yes of course. Would you want Pete to make love to you and cum inside you as you just did in me? He wants to do it and we think you will enjoy it. It is the thing that makes you most feel like a woman. But you have to decide.""I'll do anything you and Daddy want me to do," was Ian's answer.Myra smiled and gave him a hug. Then she got out of bed.Ian watched in fascination as she walked over to the drawers. The string of her thong accentuated her rounded bottom cheeks.She came back with some things in her hands.Myra got Ian to kneel on the bed face down with his bottom in the air.She put something on her finger and then rubbed her finger first round his little rosebud opening and then just inside."I'm just putting some lubrication on you. Don't worry Pete's not going to do anything to you today. We want you to have some time to think about this. It is a big thing for a girl to lose her virginity and we want it to happen at the right time and in the right place and at the moment you are only an 11 year old girl to Pete so it's too early. But so that you can be ready and really enjoy it when the time comes I'm going to help prepare you. Now you are going to feel something push against your hole and I want you to relax and take it in."Ian did as he was told and felt something hard pushed into him. His immediate reaction was to push it out but he resisted that.Myra walked over to the drawers again and came back with a soft yellow satin nightie and some yellow cotton panties. She helped Ian into these."Now I've put what's called a butt plug in you. You can keep it in as long as you want. But every so often you need to take it out and wash it then put some lubrication on and put it back when you want. It will help to stretch you a bit. When you have it in wear some of your panties so that if there are any stains they don't show on your boy clothes."With that Myra tucked him into bed, kissed him and left.Ian though that was the end but suddenly the door opened and in came Pete."Hello Daddy," Ian said, "I've had a lovely day.""So have I and Mummy has just told me the best news that one day you will be a big girl and let your Daddy love you."Pete leant forward and kissed Ian his hand slipped under the cover and began to squeeze Ian's nipples through the soft material of his nightie."One day I hope I will have real breasts for you to touch Daddy," Ian said."Yes darling, perhaps one day," muttered Pete as he gave Ian a final kiss and left the room.

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