Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 36: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== During the drive to David and Mary's home, Ed came to realize that, although the immediate situation had been diffused by his apology, long term damage had been done. Several times during the trip he attempted to engage Arnold in conversation only to be met with responses ranging from monosyllabic grunts to complete silence. David tried very hard not to intervene in the situation, but soon found himself becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He attempted to deflect Ed's interest by engaging him in conversation on a very mundane level: Where was he from? Had he been to the city before? How long did he plan on staying? How long had he known Arnold? The answers to these last questions brought their own embarrassing silences in response. Finally David gave up and stuck a tape in the stereo. Slow, ethereal sweeps of synthesized sound flooded the interior of the car and the boys sighed in relief as the music brought them solace and a great excuse not to have to communicate. David was sure he would be able to get some idea of what had happened. But he was equally sure he would not be able to get it until he had the two boys apart. He occasionally glanced over at Arnold, attempting to catch his eye and discern something non-verbally but the young man was determined to burn a hole in the windshield with an intense glare which rivaled autism. Only the fact that David could sense an incredible expenditure of energy in Arnold's state led him to believe the boy had not shut down completely. He glanced back in the mirror to see what he could read on Ed's face. The other boy's eyes were red and his cheeks were tear-stained. No scenario that David could put together seemed to add up to the reactions he was observing. He would just have to wait. He decided the best action, when they arrived at the house, would be to take Ed down to the apartment and turn Arnold over to Mary. The rest of the ride went quickly, now that a decision had been made. He let the swelling sounds wash over him and hoped the mood would be improved a bit by the time they reached their destination. Rush hour traffic was moderate, so they arrived in fair time. It only seemed to take years instead of decades to Ed; Arnold was not able to discern any definite passage of time. When they came to a Ukrainian Nymphets stop in the unattached garage behind the house, David escorted the two boys to the back porch where Mary was waiting their arrival. The look on his face signaled to Mary that something was amiss and with a glance he suggested that she take Arnold inside. "Come on, Ed. I'll show you your new digs. There's a door on the side of the house. Here's the key." They disappeared around the corner leaving Arnold staring resolutely at a square inch of pavement approximately two feet in front of Mary. "Arnold?" Arnold's head jerked up as though someone had wacked him on the forehead with a two by four. For just a second he could have sworn he had heard Sam's voice. The woman in front of him met his startled gaze with a bright, warm smile. Her light brown hair was pulled back loosely in a ponytail and her fresh, clear face radiated a comforting energy which had an immediate calming effect on the boy. A flood of thoughts raced madly across his face and crowded his throat, clambering to be heard. What finally came out was choked and emotion-packed, a single syllable containing in its sound all the fears and hopes and ideas and thoughts and dreams and wonderings and doubts and apprehensions and misgivings which had been subconsciously haunting him for the past several weeks, brought to the fore by this latest incident with Ed. "Sam?!" It was a question, plea, demand and curse all in one. Mary tried very hard to find which part of it needed answering most. She pointed to her chest, indicating her heart. "She's here, Arnold." She placed her palm against Arnold's own heart. "She's Ukrainian Nymphets here." Arnold shook his head and sighed heavily. That wasn't enough. He needed her. He thought he needed her. He had lost himself and so needed her. "Maybe you'd better come in and tell me what's going on here. Something major has happened since we talked on the phone. You need to talk about it." She held the porch door open and Arnold moved inside, more because there was nothing better to do rather than any need or want. The screened-in porch held an eclectic selection of wicker furniture and a profusion of ferns, hanging pots and wind chimes. He looked around, taking it in, but only to note that this was yet another place where Sam was not. A door opposite led to a small vestibule. Two doors accessed the basement and kitchen respectively. A collection of shoes lay along the one unused wall. Mary removed her shoes and set them amongst them. Arnold did the same. He heard murmuring voices coming up from below and so opted for the kitchen. Had he been in better spirits he would have been quite impressed with his new surroundings, but, again, this was only another place lacking the one thing he felt he needed most: Sam. Mary tried to figure what was wrong. Not just between Arnold and Ed, but inside Arnold himself. From the lengthy conversations she had with Sam, she had been prepared to meet a dynamic, bright, witty, quick, intelligent young man who possessed the ability to surmount incredible obstacles, sense feelings and respond sensitively, a being on the verge of bursting free from the humdrum of normal existence and traveling to a plain higher and more incredible than most people ever have the chance to realize. A powerful sex partner, a beautiful man, a warm, loving person. Instead, what she saw before her was a lost, little boy, far from home and quite alone. Alone. Of course. Whatever had happened between the two boys had triggered a sense of abandonment. That's why the need for Sam. Well, there was the reason. Now all she had to do was find the cure. Unfortunately, only one person knew the answer to that. Arnold, himself. And it wasn't what he thought he needed, either. Having Sam here would only increase his dependence on her. He had to find his own way through this. "Set your bags down, Arnold. I think we need to talk." Arnold's gaze swept over the woman as if trying to decide if she could be trusted. He drifted slowly into inaction. Mary took the bags from him and set them under the kitchen table. She then took his hand and led him through the door to the dining room, then a huge living room, a front entrance foyer and across to a small study. The room was littered with pillows and low tables, the floor covered with tatami. Indirect lighting swelled to a pale glow at the touch of a button just inside the door. Mary closed the door behind her, went to the windows and closed the drapes then aimed Arnold at a pile of pillows and small futons in the corner. He half sat, half collapsed on a stack of down pillows covered with bleached canvas. A small fountain in the corner of the room babbled as water ran a course of several meters over smooth black stones. He closed his eyes and let the sound wash through him. He realized why he had been brought here. Mary was not going to let him go until he had dealt with whatever was bothering him. He felt her sit near him, but not too near. She exhaled long and hard through her nose and then there was silence. He opened his eyes and saw her sitting in lotus position on a large pouf across from him. She was there to wait. Forever, if it took that long. She showed no desire to communicate with him. Only the desire that she should stay until Arnold had worked through whatever it was he needed to. "He..." "What happened between you and Ed is just that. Between you and Ed. What you need to look at right now is what's going on between you and you. If you need to say it out loud, do so. But there's only one person who can get to the bottom of this." "Sam." Mary exhaled with aggravation. Wrong answer, grasshopper. "Me." "Better." Arnold tried to go back and replay his thoughts during those last moments before David had arrived. The problem lay there. Somehow he had come to a series of decisions which had driven him with unbelievable speed into a deep and, seemingly, inconsolable depression. The only way he felt able to dig himself out of it was with Sam. But she wasn't here and that seemed to be a big chunk of the problem. She should be here. She Ukrainian Nymphets should care enough about him that she would be here to take care of him, watch over him. She had created this mess, had opened him up to this strange other existence, this ultra-humanness, and then had abandoned him to his own devices. This was her fault. There. That was what he was feeling. Now. What was wrong with that logic? For there was surely something horribly wrong with it. He looked at Mary. Was she the same as Sam? Could he get from her what he was unable to get from his absent lover? "I need to talk to Sam." "Go ahead." "Huh?" "Go ahead. Tell me what you need to know." "Sam?" "Go ahead." This was some sort of game. He wasn't sure he knew the rules. He wasn't even sure he wanted to play. "Why do I feel so bad about myself?" "Trust." "Trust who?" "You." "I trust myself." Liar. "No I don't. Not now, anyway." "Why not?" "I feel so different." "From whom?" "From everyone. I am different." Again the aggravated exhale. This time accompanied by a raised eyebrow. Don't be an asshole, grasshopper. "I am different." "Why?" "I thought I was the one who was supposed to ask the questions." "Why?' "Because I'm the one with the problem." "What problem?" "This. . . this. . . problem. Here. Now. Look at me." "Why?" "Why?" What was the answer to that? What was the question? "Look at me. I'm a freak." "How?" "I'm big. I'm too big. People stare at me. They see me and immediately want to have sex with me. I've got a penis that runs my life. Even now, looking at you, I can feel it starting to get hard. I can't seem to find myself. I can help others see themselves, but I can't see me." "You're beautiful." "Is that another question?" "You're very sexy." "Gee, thanks. That's just what I was talking about." "Take off your shirt. I want to see your pecs." "You're just the same as everyone else. Is that all I am? Just a sex thing?" "I've heard about your huge cock. Let me see it." "No!" "What?" "No. No. Go to hell. Can't someone just look at me for me. Can't I just be me without being. . . me. . . oh, I get it." "All you have to do is say no. People see you the way you see yourself. Something tells me you've spent the last couple of weeks doing some pretty heavy investigating into the nature of physical human interaction." "Yeah. Lots of it." "And I would Ukrainian Nymphets hazard a guess that every single person you've come in contact with has come away pretty devastated by the experience. Yes?" "Well, yes." "Your modesty is endearing. But what about you?" "I had a good time." "But what about you?" "What do you mean." "I mean 'what did you get out of it?' How did it help you grow? How are you a better person for having left this trail of sexual carnage across half a continent?" "I. . . I don't know." "Did you forget about yourself?" "I was having so much fun giving others a good time, I didn't worry about myself. But I thought that was what Sam had wanted me to do." "If Sam had wanted you to do anything, I imagine it would have been to learn and grow from your experiences. But I believe, if you were to look back at your experience with Sam, you'd find she didn't tell you to do anything except love. And that means yourself, as well." "I. . . I love myself." Up went the eyebrow again. "I did. I was very happy with the way things were going until Ed and I had our little disagreement in front of the train station. Mary, I almost killed him. And it was as though he wanted me to. He just stood there and let me try to slam my fist into the side of his head. If I hadn't veered off at the last second when he apologized, he'd be either dead or in a coma right now. I've never been so mad at anyone in my life." "Why?" "Why was I so mad? Because he made me see myself different. For the past eighteen years I've been nothing. Then I meet Sam and I'm wonderful. I'm a brilliant lover, a great companion, a sensitive, caring person. I try to take that out and share it with others. Then Ed gets all worked up and starts yelling at me and telling me I'm a freak. That's what he called me. It's all my fault that his simple little world is suddenly turned upside down. I've ruined all his plans. Hah. Big plans. He wants to come to the city, live at the "Y" and make money with his body. All of a sudden he meets up with someone with a bigger penis than him and his world comes crashing down around him. I tried to show him that he's a better person than that and he gets scared and runs away, comes back, tries to run away again and blames it on the size of my dick." "What made him so important in his own town?" "He had a certain notoriety due to his attributes." "And suddenly he's not the big fish in the little pond anymore. Right?" "Yeah. We talked about that. He was the one who said not to get upset about size. Of course, that was before he knew how big I was. I know why he's so upset. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he's scared. But the things he said to me. . . it just made me start to think. I know I'm different. I know I'm physically unusual. That doesn't bother me. It's knowing that other people think less of me for those very reasons. I want to love. I want to make people feel good. It's almost like I'm driven to do that. Is that such a crime?" "I think the end of your search is near. Study what you just said." "I had a feeling you were going to say that. I already know the answer to all my woes. . ." "Woes?" "It's just that when you finally discover the answer, you feel like such a jerk because it's so obvious." Arnold turned his thoughts in on himself and reflected on the real reasons for his actions. He had worked his body into a state that made him very desirable. He knew from the very beginning of his odyssey into muscular development that his increased physique would improve his ability to attract people. Just like the guy by the pool those many years ago. Arnold didn't just want to help people love. He wanted to help people love him. Bingo! "Fine. So now I feel like a jerk for being such a jerk. Now what?" "Now what?" "I knew you were going to do that. I guess I'd better get downstairs and talk things over with Ed." "How do you know Ed wants to talk things over with you?" "Well he. . . I mean, it was his. . . he's the one who. . . I don't." Arnold fell back against the cushions in frustration. "I guess I'd better just let people make up their own minds." This time both eyebrows went up and a warm, sensual smile spread across Mary's face. Give that grasshopper a cigar. "Are you hungry?" "Not really." "Thirsty." "Nope." "Tired?" "A little." "Horny?" "Hardly." "Curious?" "Yeah." "Me, too. Sam has given quite a report on you. I must say your very well-developed for one so young. How long have you been working out?" "I started on my own when I was thirteen. But I didn't get any guidance until Ukrainian Nymphets I was fifteen. From Mr. Ridell, our gym teacher." "Yes. Sam's told me quite a bit about him as well. He seems to have something special." "He just let me know that I was worth something when I really had no idea that I was." "It's too bad you couldn't have remembered that lesson an hour ago." "Yeah. I guess I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. How long have you been working out?" "About ten years. I didn't start as early as you. I was nineteen when I got into the scene." "Are you still in competition?" "David and I just picked up the regional doubles title last month." "Congratulations. I'd like to see you two in action. From what Sam tells me it's quite. . . er, inspiring." "Not a soft lap in the house. Do you mind if I see your progress so far?" Arnold sat up and removed his shirt. He thought he would like to have pumped up a bit before exposing himself to an expert like Mary, but decided she should see him au natural to really assess his progress. She studied him from the front and then asked him to stand and turn around. He did, again remaining relaxed. She stood beside him and poked and prodded, asking him to flex this or that muscle. He did this with pride. She seemed to be genuinely impressed. Several times she passed comments like "Nice" and "Very good" and "Good work." He began doing a little posing routine for her and she stood back to Ukrainian Nymphets watch. After a couple of poses he decided to give her the full treatment and unzipped his pants, pulling them off his well-muscled legs. His huge cock was barely contained by the cup of his jockstrap. As he turned and posed his manflesh threatened to pop loose from its restraint. "You want to take that jockstrap off, or should I?" Arnold was taken aback. Those were not the two choices he had expected. But, she'd offered. "Go ahead." She moved to him and slipped her two index fingers into the waistband. With one slow, fluid motion she slid the strap down his thick, muscular thighs and his enormous cock fell free of its prison. He gingerly stepped out of the jock and let her stand back to appraise his nakedness. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed. That's one hell of a penis you've got there, buddy." "Just woke up one morning and there it was." "Ten points for the correct response." Mary crossed her arms in front of her and grabbed the bottom of the sweatshirt she had on. She pulled it up over her head and let it drop to the floor beside her. Arnold really liked the way women bodybuilders didn't have to wear bras. Mary's hard, firm breasts rode high on her chest. Her muscles seemed to leap off her body. "I'm pretty impressed, myself. You want to take those jeans off, or should I?" "Please. I thought you'd never ask." Arnold moved to her and undid her belt and top snap. The zipper came down with a slowness that indicated Arnold's enjoyment of the proceedings rather than just the end result. Mary smiled in anticipation of what that would mean as they moved into the evening's activities. Arnold brought himself down to a kneeling position before her, brushing the nipple of her left breast on the way down, and then pulled the jeans down around her ankles. Black lace panties hugged her hips and clung precariously to her pelvis. Two index fingers under the elastic waistband and down they came in similar fashion. His head was flooded with the smell of her sex. He still wasn't sure where this was all leading, but he could feel a stirring in his loins that foretold of an erection. After she stepped out of the panties he stepped back to drink in the sight of her. She was obviously doing the same. And if the erection of her nipples and the heaviness of her breathing were any indication, her thoughts were probably paralleling his as well. Mary began a slow motion routine that took her through many of the classic poses. Her arms, legs, abdomen, chest, back, ass, everything was so finely developed, Arnold's eyes could rest on no individual body part. It darted from perfect thigh to perfect deltoid to perfect lat Ukrainian Nymphets to perfect glut. Her pubic hair had been shaved off almost entirely, and the lips of her vagina were quite noticeable. At one point she stopped in mid-pose and held it, just staring at him. He realized she wanted him to take the same pose. He did. She began to move again, slowly; he followed her lead. They turned and scrunched and pumped and flexed in unison. She hesitated for a second and he moved off in a different direction. She followed. Ukrainian Nymphets He hesitated and she took the lead. They passed the ball back and forth with more and more frequency until it was impossible for either of them to tell who was leading. "This is how David and I develop our routines." Her voice was deep and husky with desire. Arnold became aware they were moving in perfect sync. Neither was leading, neither following. He found his/her hands slowly sliding across the surface of his/her abdominals and then up to his/her pectorals. He/She grabbed his/her pecs and crushed them with his/her palms; fingers grabbed both nipples and twisted them almost painfully, a grimace of pleasure/pain erupting on his/her face. Then the hands began a slow, excruciating decent to his/her crotch. Arnold's cock was almost fully erect. As he slid his hands down the length of the shaft Mary spread her lips with one hand and sought out her clitoris with the other. They began to masturbate in unison, their breathing becoming more labored, but also in sync. Suddenly, without cue, they both stopped. Arnold let go of his massive erection and let it bob and weave before him. Mary moved across the room to him and took his huge cock in her hand. She extended her other arm over her head, then leaned back until she was arched completely over and her hand rested on the tatami. She pulled his cock forward and aimed the swollen head at the moist opening of her cunt. No further direction was needed. He took the shaft in his hands and rubbed the huge head against her vaginal lips. With one hand he sought out her clitoris and began to rub the hard little nub with his middle finger. Mary gasped and cries of pleasure issued from her mouth. He pressed the head of his cock against her and felt the heat of her body pour out. Then her cunt lips seemed to spread, she moved forward and his enormous cock was swiftly swallowed as someone slurping up a length of spaghetti. He was inside her and her vaginal walls were sucking and kneading his cock. He watched as her abdominals flexed and undulated. He tried to imagine how far inside her he was. She slowly rocked back and forth; his cock slipped in and out of her amazing cunt. As he leaned over and pressed his hands to her hard, firm breasts, she let out a loud cry of desire. He then moved his hands back behind her shoulders and pulled her into an upright position. Lifting her off the ground, he slid his hands down to her ass, held her above his crotch and pumped his arms up and down, raising and lowering her on his thick, hard shaft. "Sam told me about this one. Oh, God, that feels good. Oh, you're so big. So big. Oh. Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh, don't stop. Oh, that's good. You're so good. Kiss me. Kiss me hard." Their lips slammed together and tongues entwined. Mary's hands flew across his back, kneading and squeezing his muscles as they flexed and bulged with the effort of their sex. She bore down on his cock with her muscles and increased the pressure around him. With each downward trip the stimulation grew, causing Arnold to repeat the cycle faster and faster until Mary was fairly flying up and down his hot, thick shaft. "On the floor. Put me on the floor. I want to fuck you hard and fast." Arnold dropped to his knees and Mary locked her legs and arms around him. He then leaned forward and put his hands on the floor. Stretching his legs out, he held himself in the push-up position, Mary swinging from his torso, her hot, sucking cunt riding up and down the gigantic pole within her. Arnold slowly lowered himself to the floor until Mary's back touched. She let go of his back, dropped her legs, then grabbed his huge shoulders. "All right, stud. Give it to me hard and fast. I want to smell something burning." A switch clicked in Arnold and his hips began to fly back and forth with blinding speed. Mary clamped down on his cock and increased the pressure even more. Her breasts bobbed up and down with each forward attack and her nipples felt like they would explode. Quickly, a hot, swelling feeling developed in her cunt as she neared the precipice of her orgasm. The huge cock within her pressed madly against the walls of her cunt and sent huge pulses of delicious sensation rolling through her body. Her hips bucked and countered his thrusts, causing him to penetrate deeper and deeper. Her arms flew around his back and raked and clawed in an attempt to pull him to her more and more quickly. She arched her back and gave herself to him with even more abandon and found herself thrashing back and forth uncontrollably. She rolled over and suddenly he was beneath her. She rocked back and forth violently on the huge shaft and then he rolled and he was back on top. They were all over the room, their bodies crashing and colliding into each other with furious movements. The harder she tried to fuck him the harder he gave back in return until reality was lost. Suddenly they were just a huge sphere of energy pulsing and throbbing, their sex driving the universe. He screamed and she screamed and they jammed their sex together and then there was a huge explosion and their bodies were thrown apart by the force of it. And then nothing. Some time later Arnold was able to open his eyes and saw he was lying on the opposite side of the room from Mary who was also just becoming aware of her surroundings. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. The room was a total disaster. Tables and tatamis were strewn everywhere. The stuffing of several of the large cushions was hanging from the wall and pieces of furniture. One of the drapes on the window was pulled down, the night sky beyond. Arnold looked down at his cock. It was completely flaccid. Usually it took a bit of time for it to revert to it's relaxed state after sex. But this had been total and exhaustive. There was actually no sensation of it ever having been hard. No sense that any cum had traveled up the long shaft. Mary was tentatively checking out her own sexual apparatus and was just as puzzled by her discovery that she was almost completely dry. She could not tell if she had cum or not. But there was no sensation of having been cut off before her release. Just a strange glow in her body that spoke of satisfaction far beyond mere orgasm. She looked at the bewildered boy across the room from her. Sam had been right. He was new, different. Spectacular. And she never wanted to go through that again. "What the hell was that?" "You're asking me? You're the one with the big cock. You tell me." "I don't think it had anything to do with my cock, Mary. I thought it was you." "Well, I'm just guessing, but I think we just discovered a substitution for nuclear fission. Christ. Look at this place." "Did I cum?" "Can't you tell?" "Nope." Mary ran her finger down to her vagina and tenderly explored. "Dry as a bone. How come you're soft?" "How come you're dry?" They both shrugged. Arnold moved to his hands and knees and then tried to stand but became dizzy and Ukrainian Nymphets lost his balance. "Maybe I'll just crawl for a while." He crept slowly over to Mary and collapsed, on his back, onto a heap of pillows beside her. Mary rolled towards him and ran a hand across his cheek, tracing his lips with a fingernail. Arnold smiled. The fingernail slowly circled down around his neck and then across his pecs, stopping to flick each of his nipples. "Tender?" "Nope." "Strange." She continued down across his abdomen, stopping to explore his belly button and then traced the upper reaches of his pubic hair. "Anything stirring?" "Nope. It's like there's no need for it to. I feel totally and completely satisfied." "Me, too. When I checked to see if you'd cum, it was as though I was looking for something on my elbow. I hope this isn't long-lasting. David will have a fit. Hell, I'll have a fit. I'm not even sure I enjoyed it. It was over so quick." "Mary?" "What, Arnold?" "What time do you think it is?" "I don't know, maybe seven-thirty. Eight at the latest. Why? You got a hot date tonight?" "Apparently not. Look out the window." Mary followed Arnold's gaze to the window that had been exposed by the fallen drape. Through the trees could be seen a dark sky Ukrainian Nymphets and the light of a distant street lamp. It was very close to the first day of summer. The longest day of the year. Sunset didn't happen until almost nine o'clock. Complete darkness would be at least an hour later. Mary crawled, after a similar attempt to walk, to a low table by the window. It had been overturned as well and she dug around beneath some cushions until she found what she was looking for. She held a small table clock up so Arnold could see as well: 3:30. "My how time flies when you're having fun." "How long were we at it?" "I don't know. It seems my cock should be a bit more tender if we'd been fucking for eight hours." "Maybe we were out for longer than we thought." "No way to tell. Anything like this ever happen with you and David?" "He's good, honey, but no." "Mary?" "Yeah, hun?" "I'm scared." "Of what?" "Of me. I've scared a few people with this sex thing this past week. But this time I've scared myself. I don't think we had sex. Not in the usual way." "One doesn't need a graduate degree to figure that out. The question is, what did we have?" "Fun?" "I think so." "Are you tired?" "A little woozy, but not anything like what I had expected. We were going at it pretty hot and heavy there. I remember thinking this was like a full-fledged workout. But my muscles are relaxed, no soreness. I just can't seem to be able to stand up." "Same here. It's like we had sex with our heads, not our bodies." "Let me see your back." Arnold turned around and Mary ran her hands over his thick muscles. "Do you remember me digging into you?" "Sure. That's what really drove me crazy. I love it when someone does that. Why?" "There isn't a scratch on your back. It's completely clear." "No kidding?" "No kidding. I think we've got a good one here, Arnold. I've heard of the zip-less fuck before, but this is ridiculous. Come to think of it, my pussy should be aching and sore from the pummeling you gave it. It's not. It's not anything but satisfied. Just that. Totally content. You mind if I try something?" "Go ahead." Mary moved to him and took his long, flaccid cock in her hands and lifted the tip of it to her mouth. She watched Arnold's face for a reaction. Her tongue slithered out and licked the head. Again. Again. She took the huge head into her mouth and began to suck and lick and kiss and bite and chew and drag her fingernails along the length of his shaft and down to his balls which she squeezed and licked and sucked and the look of general well-being on his face never changed. It was as though he was watching her pet a cat. "No?" "It's nice. But. no." "Don't you think that after the fucking we gave each other that you might be just a bit tender down here?" "Sure seems that way. I should be either cringing in the corner at just the thought of you touching me there or I should have a eleven-and-a-half inch erection right now." "Eleven-and-a-half? That's how long it is?" "Yeah. A guy a couple of nights ago measured it." "A guy?" "Yeah. Guy. Man. Nice cock, big muscles, tight ass." "Well. You certainly have been expanding your boundaries. Sam said you were a virgin when she got her hands on you couple of weeks ago." "That's right." "What made you decide to check out that side of the fence?" "It was there." "That's why you climb Mount Everest. Most people don't go dabbling in such sexual variations simply because it's there." "I'm not most people." "Truer words were never spoken." "What about you?" "Me? Oh I've had my various journeys. I'm just surprised to find you so eager, being so new." "I have a lot of catching up to do." "From the looks of things tonight, I'd say the rest of the human race has the catching up. Something tells me you've gone a lot further than the rest of us mere mortals. You think you could recreate what happened here tonight with someone else?" "Like David, perhaps?" "The thought did cross my mind. I think he'll feel left out when he finds out what happened here. If he doesn't know already. We must have made quite a ruckus." "I don't know, Mary. I'm not even sure, myself, what happened. And, besides, I wouldn't be putting all the blame for this on me. You were pretty intense, yourself. I've never felt that driven before. By the way. Do you think you could stop licking me there? If you're not careful I eventually will get an erection again, and then I won't be held responsible." Mary realized she had continued to manipulate Arnold's cock through the ensuing conversation. It was as though she were being drawn to his sexual energy. This could be interesting, or awkward in public situations. She'd have to keep an eye on this. "Sorry. This's one beautiful cock. Not too often you run across one as amazing as this." "Only when I leave it laying in the middle of the road." "Ouch. Don't you hate that when it happens?" "I hate that when it happens." They both laughed and Mary rolled over to rest her head in Arnold's lap. He ran his hand through her hair and then down her cheek and to her lips. She raised herself up and drew his head down to her. Their lips met in a soft, tender, sharing kind of kiss. They parted and then kissed again, pressing their lips together, opening themselves to the explorations of their tongues. Harder and Ukrainian Nymphets harder they dove into each other and, as Arnold lay back on the pile of cushions and pillows, Mary rolled over onto him and they embraced and kissed each others face and neck. The dizziness which had kept them from standing before seemed to be dissipating, and with it the sense of satisfied euphoria. In its place grew a keen desire to share each other's body once again. Mary found herself scissoring her legs, enjoying the stimulation of her clitoris and vagina. She pulled herself on top of Arnold and felt his massive Ukrainian Nymphets shaft thicken and harden beneath her. They began to slowly grind their pelvises together and soon had reached a state of intense arousal. Mary lifted herself up and straddled his chest. She reached behind her and took his thick cock in her hand. Raising herself off him and aiming the huge cock at the opening of her now wet vagina she looked him straight in the eye and said, "Let's take this one nice and slow. Whaddya say, huh?" She lowered herself onto his shaft and took him as deep as she could. He lay there drinking in the gorgeous body above him. Reaching up, he spread his hands over her breasts and pressed into them, kneading and stimulating the nipples. Long, low "mmmmmmmm's" rolled from her throat and she lay down on his chest, flicking and teasing his own nipples to a state of delicious erectness. Gently rocking back and forth, back and forth, in that way bringing them both to a slow, peaceful orgasm which rumbled through their bodies like distant thunder, flowing like hot oil. When they had cum, they slept -- his thick cock held deep, very deep, within her.

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