Related article: Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 21:29:38 EDT From: NPhillydoggaol.com Subject: ADAPTING 1 'Men are doggs!' Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites -that's all I'd been hearing all my life from the time I was a little girl. Every single woman in my family had been dogged by men in one way or another. My mother was beaten and abused by my father! My sister was cheated on and divorced my her husband! My aunt (on my mother's side) was stabbed to death by her jealous boyfriend! My cousin was left high and dry with 2 kids by both of her baby's daddies! And my best friend (Tonia) was left at the alter by her fiancée Raymond! In every incident a MAN was the reason for their worse heartaches! But I believed my man (Donald) was different from that! He was hard working, successful, good looking, educated, fit, in shape, and packing a thick 9 inch dick! The only problem was that he was a premie! That's a man that always cums too soon. And not only that, as soon as he cums, he falls straight to sleep! AND to add insult to injury, he doesn't eat pussy! He says "real men don't eat pussy!" HELLO! Would someone smack this man and drag him into the 21st Century? But regardless of his..., -short cummings, I stayed with him anyway. I mean, he had it going on in every other department! The first year of our relationship we went to Jamaica and Cancun! He talked about getting married on one of the islands during a cruise! The boy seriously had me eating out of his hand! That is, -until I came home early from work one day to find him balls deep in some other woman's pussy! Needless to say, I packed all my stuff and moved back home with my mother and sister! Donald calls me every day, trying to apologize and reconcile! But I'm not having it! Men are DOGGS! They're not to be trusted! They lie! Cheat! Steal! Con! Play! Beat! Kill! And leave you! I'd had enough of them! They weren't worth shit! I was sitting at one of my local taverns having a drink with my girlfriend Tonia, when one walked up and over heard me."Men aren't THAT bad." he said, squeezing in next to me at the bar during "happy hour" to order a drink from the bartender."Excuse me?" I asked, looking over at the ignorant bastard who broke into my private conversation!"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help over hearing you talking to your friend." he said, apologizing before I could lay into his ass with some what-for! "Men aren't that bad, are they?""You tell me, you're one of them!" I said, looking him up and down before rolling my eyes away from him in a show of attitude!"Well, if I were your man, I wouldn't treat you like that." he said, in that confident swave voice all male players have!"But you ain't my man!" I snapped, throwing my manicured hand up so he could talk to it!"I wish I was..." he said, ignoring my ignorance. "...cause you're much to pretty to be this bitter." he said, signaling the bartender. When the bartender came up, he ordered himself a beer, then told to bartender to give me another of whatever I was drinking. Then he left a $10 on the bar to cover both drinks, smiled, and walked away."Oooo, girl! He was all ON you!" said Tonia, bubbling over with excitement."So." I said, acting nonchalant."Girl, he was CUTE too! You better jump on him!" she encouraged."Chile, please! He probably got kids by 2 or 3 different baby's mommas! I ain't trying to go out like that!" I said, thanking the bartender for the extra drink. As I went back to my regular conversation with Tonia, I casually looked over to see where mr 'all up in my business' went. I spotted him sitting over with 2 other people (one male, one female), 'probably his girlfriend and his DL lover boyfriend!' -I thought negatively to myself."Girl..., I see you checking him out! Why don't you go over and say something to him?" nudged Tonia."Hell NO!" I said, feeling my 2 drinks starting to kick in. "I ain't hardly walking up to no man in a bar, girl! Ain't your momma ever taught you class?""My momma was too busy fucking to teach me anything!" joked Tonia. But she was right, her momma was a hoe! Apple don't fall far from the tree though (if you know what I mean!). "So what you gonna do, sit here sipping drinks until Donald comes back into your life?" she asked, working my nerves! "That man's history! You kicked his sorry ass to the curb! Move on, girl! Get your freak on!" I sucked my teeth at her advice, but my eyes rolled right back in homeboy's direction. Tonia was right, he was cute with a golden light brown skin complexion, cornrows going to the back, a cute little smile, sparkling with teeth, sensual lips, and a sexy voice and swave demeanor! His only flaw (thus far), was that he was short and petite (like me). I usually dated men bigger, more stout or tall. Football player/basketball player types! Smaller men usually had more to prove! But then again, if I was going to follow Tonia's advice, I would only be dating him for an hour or two!"Go ahead over there, girl! You know you want to!" whispered Tonia. By now, my 2 Long Island Iced Teas were starting to affect my usually judgment (not to mention my hormones!). I hadn't had sex since Donald and I broke up, and let me tell you, a girl really needed some long pipe! (if you know what I mean!). Unlike Tonia who had no class or finesses, I would never just walk up to a guy and tell him I wanted to sleep with him (that was the man's job!). Instead, I got up from the bar stool, fixed my tight fitted dress, and sashayed past him over towards the juke-box at the other end of the bar. I could see his eyes on me as I walked by him and his friends, but I stared forward, pretending not to notice him. When I got to the juke-box, I bent forward to stick my fine firm ass out, knowing he (and every other man in the place) was looking. The box took a $1 for 3 songs. I placed the dollar into the slot, then selected; 028- "long walk" by Jill Scott! 043- "didn't cha know" by Erykah Badu! And..."Might I make a suggestion?" said someone from behind. I turned to see HIM standing behind me, grinning like he knew he was all that!"Excuse me?" I said, looking at him like 'no you didn't just interrupt me again!'"054." he said, never changing that come hither smile! I rolled my eyes and turned back to the juke-box to see what 054 was. "lady of my life" by Micheal Jackson! (good pick!). I pressed in the numbers, and the first song started. "So, what's your name?" he asked, just as I turned back around."What's it to you?" I asked, pissed at ALL men!"I just wanted to know who I bought that drink for." he said, licking Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites his lips Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites like LLCOOLJ. I felt myself go flush."Cheryl." I said, as if talking to air."Nice to meet you Cheryl. I'm Andre!" he introduced."Yeah, whatever." I said under my breath."Why you so mean?" he asked, still grinning. "It's not becoming on a girl as pretty as you.""I bet you say that to every girl you meet!" I said, pegging him from the start."Is that so?" he asked, placing his hands behind his back and tiling his head up like a thug. "What else you think you know about me?""Well..." I started, taking a step back to give him a good once over. "...I bet you've got at least 2 kids! A string of girlfriends to whom you'd never commit to! I bet you still live at home in your momma's basement! And I bet you don't even have a job!" I said, crossing my arms and giving him that 'can you handle that' -look! " He laughed, ducking his head down and covering his mouth as he grabbed at his crotch (do they teach all men to do this same laugh?) Donald used to URK me with the crotch grabbing shit! What is that? You don't see women walking around fondling our titties in public! "So, am I right? Or am I right?" I asked, some what smartassed! After he stopped laughing, he answered me."Naw, babee..., you couldn't be further from the truth!""Which is...?""One- I have no babies! (that you know of). Two- I only deal with ONE woman at a time, I don't sleep around like that! (umm humm, tell me anything!). Three- I have my own apartment in Park View! (whatever!). And four- I work at a computer technician at a reputable law firm! (lying ass!).""Really?" I said, doubtful."If you don't believe me, you could go over there to that table (he pointed) and ask my co-workers!""Co-workers?" I said (so much for the girlfriend Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites and DL lover boyfriend theory)."So..., did I pass the test?" he asked, grinning that handsome smile I hated (and loved) so much!"ummm..., the jury's still out on that one." I said."Well, can I at least buy you another drink?" he asked. I know my limit, and one more drink would certainly surpass it!"Sure." Andre and I walked over to the bar. He ordered me another Long Island, and a beer for himself. We sat and talked as I sipped my drink and made eye contact with my girl Tonia (who was silently cheering me on). By the time I finished my last drink, I was definitely feeling IT. By now I didn't care that Andre was only 5'6" (like myself), and only 130 lbs (soaking wet!). All I wanted was my pussy eaten! And his lips looked Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites about as good as any other! At that precise moment, Tonia came over with my sweater to tell me she was leaving. She was my ride, so if she left, I'd have to take a cap home (if I was planning on going home -that is!). "Oh, I can take you home!" offered Andre. Tonia handed me my sweater, then wished me good luck in my ear before leaving to get in her old hoopty! 10 minutes later, I told Andre I was ready to leave also. But when I went to get up from the bar stool, I nearly tumbled over -drunk! "I got you!" he said, catching me in his arms. He put my sweater on around my shoulders, then walked me by his friend's table."Yo, I'm going to take Cheryl home!" he informed his friends. They all said their good-byes, and he slowly walked me out the door carefully. It was a little nippy out, as autumn was beginning to settle in. "I'm parked down around the corner" he said, wrapping his arm around my waist to keep me walking steadily. He was parked on a dark side street with very little lighting. He was half way up the block, and there was barely any traffic on that block at all. He opened the car door to let me in, then swung around to his side and got into the driver's seat. "Where do you live?" he asked."Can't we just talk for awhile?" I asked, leaning my head back against the seat as I looked over at him in a dream like state of mind."Okay." he smiled, sitting back in his seat amused. "What do you want to talk about?""Why don't men eat pussy?" I asked."What??" he laughed, thinking he mis-heard me!"Why don't men eat pussy?" I repeated. "My last boyfriend didn't eat pussy. Why not?""You wouldn't have that problem with me." he said, grinning."You eat pussy?" I asked, feeling myself get excited at the possibilities."Yes, I do. I LOVE eating pussy!" he admitted. I reached down and put my hand between my legs. "How long has it been since you had it eaten?" he asked, politely."Too long..." I moaned, closing my eyes. He leaned in close to me."Do you want ME to eat you?" he asked, seductively."yes..." I whispered, barely audible. I felt Andre's soft hand touch gently on my thigh, just under my dress. He trailed his hand upward until he was touching my panties. I felt his fingers digging into the lace fabric as he slowly rubbed back and forth, -making me moist. "uh.." I moaned as he reached up with his hand and started unbuttoning my blouse. I turned my head towards him in protest for abandoning my vagina, when he gave me one of the softest, sweetest kisses I ever felt. His lips were like cotton as he brushed them against mine (no pesky stubble at all). With my blouse now open, he reached into my bra and started cupping my breasts. I felt his warm tongue enter my mouth as he pulled the right tit out into the open. I sucked on his tongue as if it were a piece of candy while he squeezed my breast and pinched the fat nipple."mmm.." I moaned as he abandoned my mouth and kissed his way down my neck and to my now exposed left breast. I felt him lick the nipple before he took it into his mouth, sucking it firmly just the way I like. While he sucked my titty, his hand reached down and returned up my dress to my wet panties. By now I was soaked. He pulled the lining aside, and dipped his finger into my honey sap! I moaned as he started to suck a little harder while he fingered my clit and slipped in and out of the hole. "Oooh..." I gasped, spreading my legs wider."Lean back babee..." he said, reaching down on the side of my seat to grab the adjusting thingie which lowers the back of the front seat into the back seat area. Now I was practically laying down flat. Andre pushed his seat back also, so that it felt like we were in a bed. He returned to sucking my titties while fingering my pussy. Now he had 2 fingers in me, and was starting to work them in and out. I moaned and groaned as I swerved my hips to match his rhythm. He kissed his was down my stomach, then lifted my skirt until it was up around my crotch area. Then he slowly peeled down my panties. Luckily it was dark, so any passersby would not see us due to his tented windows! I felt my panties (and hoes) slide down around my ankles as Andre kissed and pulled my pubic hair with his lips. I felt the first lick of his tongue against my clitoris and nearly shot up like a rocket! Andre licked me again, and again, tasting my pussy on his taste-buds. "Damn your pussy tastes good!" he said, returning to his post. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation as Andre latched his mouth along my slit and started to devour me like a piece of fruit!"uhhh..., uhhhh..., ahhh...!" I groaned and gasped as he ate me every which way from Sunday! His face was upsidedown in my private area as his mouth made sweet music with my clit. It felt like thousands of tiny darts piercing my kootchy as he licked and sucked me all over. I grasped at his shoulders, as I raised my legs higher to give him more room to work with. The car was filled with wet sucking slurping sounds as I fought to keep my sanity! Andre had me bent in two, with the heels of my pumps poking holes in his car's ceiling liner. He pressed further down with his neck so he could tongue fuck my womb and lick at my asshole! Up to this point I had never had my asshole licked before, and the totally unexpected sensation nearly had me screaming rape! I found myself running away form Andre and his devouring mouth. Before I knew it, I was in the back seat, my legs spread while Andre's face was plastered in between! He held my legs spread wide so that he had total access to my quivering vagina! I could feel myself about to cum as my body began to shake and shiver!"Oooo..." I moaned, feeling the pressure build up inside me as Andre attached his mouth to my clit and wouldn't stop sucking. "...uhhhh...! I'm...I'm gonna...I'm about to....""Go ahead and cum!" he mumbled, never removing his mouth! I felt my pussy contract, then start to spasm with convulsions! "AAHHHH...!" I yelled, cumming hard as I backed myself into a corner. Andre's mouth never left my vagina as he continued to suck me straight through my orgasm! He ate me again for another 20 minutes (making me cum again) as cars drove by. I nearly freaked when I hear the voices of at least two people walking by holding a conversation. When Andre finally finished and removed his mouth, my pussy felt fat and swollen from all the oral sex he'd given me. He ate me so well that I actually felt as if I'd been fucked! "How was that?" he asked, grinning that grin at me. "Did that make up for home-boy not doing it for you?" (he asked in regards to Donald)."Well, a half dozen more like that one, and maybe..." I teased, sheepishly."Come home with me, and I'll eat you til you BEG me to stop!" he threatened."You talking to a deprived woman..., I may never tell you to stop!" I joked."Fine with me!" he grinned as I adjusted my clothes and he used a handkerchief to dry his mouth. "Why don't you come back home with me? I promise, I won't do nothing you don't want to do!" he assured."I can't..." I said, pulling up my panties and hoes as I climbed back into the front seat. "Besides..., I can't make that same promise!" I added, reaching down to feel what he had to offer. "Damn...!" I shouted, shocked at the size of his dick! It was hard, fat, and LONG!"See what you do to me, girl?" he said, smiling all up in my face."How big is it?" I asked, feeling the length."12 inches!" he proudly proclaimed!"I hope you don't think you're putting that monster up inside me!" I said, removing my hand as he laughed."All I want to do is please YOU!" he said. "I'd be happy just to eat you some more!""Seriously...?" I asked, tingling all over."Most def!""Okay." I said, giving in. "Take me to your apartment." Andre had the car started and out of the parking space in 2 seconds flat! "But remember, no fucking!" I insisted, knowing we probably would!SCENE-2 We arrived at Andre's apartment about 20 minutes later. All during the ride in I kept reaching down between his legs to feel his dick. He remained hard all the way to his place! It never went soft once! He parked the car, then came around to my side to escort me out like a gentlemen (maybe I had this guy pegged all wrong? No, most guys always put their best foot forward until they get the pussy! -I surmised). We went up to his apt on the 3rd floor of his complex. I didn't know what to expect, but his apt didn't look too bad. It could definitely use a woman's touch! He asked if I wanted some soda or punch to drink, I told him all I wanted was him! He smiled, then pulled me into his arms and started undressing me. He was like a mini-octopus! His hands, mouth, and tongue were everywhere! Soon he had me naked and laying back on his frameless mattress (on the floor) with my legs spread wide and his face buried in between again! He adjusted the lights so that the room was cast in a romantic shadow, heightening the mood. Now with more room to maneuver, he ate me like there was no tomorrow! There was no escaping him. He ate my pussy in bed, on the floor, in a chair, on the sofa, in the bathroom, standing, sitting, laying down, with me riding his face, in missionary position, in doggy style position, -you name it, he ate me in it! After nearly 2 hours of straight munching (and an untold number of multiple orgasms), I was ready for some deep digging!"Fuck me, Andre! I need it..., now!" I whimpered, feeling that painful emptiness only a stiff dick could cure! Andre kissed his Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites way up from my mound, up my stomach, across my chest, and up to my neck. He unzipped his pants and started rubbing the head up and down my titillating thighs. "Put a rubber on first..." I said."Don't worry, I can't get you pregnant." he whispered in my ear as he started to push in."What do you mea..uuuhhhhh!!" I groaned, feeling him spreading me wide as he moved into me. "No..., we can't..." I moaned, unable to bring myself to stop him from filling me up raw. His dick seemed to be never ending as it pressed, and pressed, and pressed it's way into me! Once his pelvis touched flat against mine, I knew I had all 12 inches of him inside! Andre ground himself around inside me for a minute or two, stretching me good and allowing my womb to form around his shape and size. Then he started to slowly pump in and out of me. I could feel his big, fat dick pulling and pushing at my vaginal walls, causing a pleasant ache to circulate all up through my lower region. He kissed me and suckled my neck (my spot!) while he fucked me long and deep. I'd never been pounded by anyone so thoroughly before. Most guys push it in and cum before the experience could even turn good, even with a condom! Lawd knows Donald was one to cum before my head even hit the pillow! But Andre fucked me for nearly an hour, -fucking, pounding, thrusting, ramming, bumping and grinding his way all up and through my cervix. I must have came Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites a half dozen more times! And as we reached the hour mark, I wondered why he hadn't cum yet?"Cum already!" I shouted, feeling like my pussy was about to fall apart from over usage! Andre laughed at me."You sure you want me to cum?" he asked, pumping steadily into me."Yes!" I said, exhausted and weak."Okay..." he said, picking up the pace. The bed jumped and bounced as he fucked me harder. His pelvis drove his big meaty dick through me over and over again like a gigantic spear with no beginning and no end! Suddenly I head him start to gasp tiny pants as if running a 3 mile race. I wrapped my hands around his trim waist while he rode me. His hips moved so fast that I could barely hold onto them. Then he came, throwing his head back as he screamed and jerked on top of me!"Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Cum on, baby!" I encouraged, hoping he wasn't lying about the `can't get me pregnant' thing!"oh! uhh! uhh! uhh! shit! arrhh!" he grunted, as his orgasm subsided. I gently rolled him over from on top of me. His hard dick pulled out of me, then flopped back and forth just above his stomach. 'Damn, he's still hard!' -I thought to myself, '-don't he ever go soft?' Leaving him for the moment, I got up and went to the bathroom to try to drain out his cum load before it oozed out into my panties later on the ride him! I Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites sat on the toilet and strained and strained and strained, but no semen came out of my vagina. I figured he must have cum so deeply inside that it wasn't coming out yet. My poor ovaries were probably swimming in sperm! Good thing I was on the pill! And I had a diaphragm permanently put inside to capture his creaters, or else they'd be fertilizing me right now! I washed up a bit, then took a wet towel back into the room to clean off King Kong! He was still hard as I approached the bed. This guy MUST use Viagra, or something! I cleaned him off with the towel, then leaned forward to suck his dick. I took the soft rubbery head into my mouth and sucked gently. Andre didn't say anything as I bobbed my head up and down on his dick for a minute. When I reached into his pants to feel his balls, my fingers pressed into something moist and wet! I felt around some more until I finally realized he had something he wasn't supposed to have! I spit his dick from my mouth and reached over for the lamp. I clicked it on and found the stiff, hard, thick, 12 inch dick I'd been sucking was nothing but a 'human like' dildo! I reached down to snatch it out of Andre's pants, but it was attached to her underwear like a strap-on! (that explains why he remained completely dressed the whole time!)"What's up?" she asked, looking up at me like I had done something wrong!"What the fuck is this?" I asked, slapping her hard dick and making it bounce and sway back and forth like a pendulum!"What's what?" she asked, playing stupid!"What's what?" I repeated! "Bitch! You're a fucking woman!" I screamed!"I know." she said, matter of fact like. "You didn't know?""Fuck NO I didn't know!" I yelled, jumping up out of the bed. "I met you in a straight bar! You told me your name was ANDRE!""It is..., short for Andrea!" she reasoned, much to my dissatisfaction!"BITCH!" I screamed, rushing her with my manicured claws! Andrea grabbed my wrists (just as any man would!), and wrestled me back down to the bed! I screamed, cursed, and cried as she pinned me and held me down (she was a strong bitch)! She tried to reason with me but I was hysterical with anger! Here I'd just had the best sex of my life, and it was with a fucking girl!"Calm down!" yelled Andrea, on top of me holding me down. Her hard dick was poking me awkwardly in the gut!"Get off of me!" I screamed."NO! Not until you calm down!" she ordered! After a few minutes, I did as she told me. Finally she relaxed her surprisingly strong grip and eased up off of me gently and cautiously. "I didn't mean to deceive you! I thought you knew I was gay!""How would I know?" I asked, sitting up (still naked). "You LOOK like a boy! You dress like a boy! You act like a boy! How am I supposed to know you were a girl?""You could've asked." she said, making me see red again! We tumbled around in the bed, until she had me pinned again! This time instead of talking to me, she pressed her head back down between my legs and started to eat my pussy again!"No!" I yelled, scratching at her clothing! But Andrea kept sucking my numbing clit until she sucked all the fight out of me! Soon, I was laying back on the Young Nude Preteen Nymphets Topsites bed well on my way to another arousing orgasm! This bitch had balls!__________________________________________________________ Questions, comments and suggestions at NPhillydoggaol.com

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