Related article: Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 09:19:32 EST From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 3This story is (C)Copyright 2006, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.A Lesson In Time, Chapter Three Kevin continued to lay within the bowels of the menacing machine, as his sister continued to twist and tug on his now sore testicles.The view he had of his sister, combined with all the feelings coursing through his body caused him great distress.The machine, extracted the steel probe from within Kevin's rectum and the pumping action increased on his already spent penis. Kevin was also being treated with intermittent tingling sensations in his lower back and buttocks.When the second orgasm began, Kevin tried to buck his hips in more of a defensive manner than anything else, but the restraints prevented him from lifting up to much."Come on now big brother, you can handle more than just one little tiny squirt of seed from your cock, can't you?" Young Beauty Models his sister asked over the intercom, as she began squeezing his balls even harder. "You don't think I've been just sitting around at home doing nothing while you've been away at school do you? "Kevin's solitary moans and his begging for the machine to be turned off, only activated a sensor within the workings of the machine and another steel arm came inching its way towards Kevin's mouth. As the mechanical arm got closer, Kevin saw what appeared to be some type of rubber object protruding from the arm.The rubber oval shaped ball pressed against his mouth, and even though Kevin vainly resisted, the machine won out; leaving Kevin's mouth stuffed with the rubber object, while the mechanical arm held it firmly in place."Good, I'm glad to see that they finally found some way to shut you up" the girl started in again. "You see, oh brother of mine, while you've been chasing pussy in school or whatever it is you do up there; mom's been helping me to understand a little bit about slaves and what makes them tick."Kevin thought to himself that his mother had unleashed a monster, but there was nothing he could do at this time; but he would, without a doubt, get his revenge. "Your precious little JoJo and I have been having some pretty intense lessons while you've been gone. Mom has shown me more than I ever expected about all the things boys can do with their dicks. And mom has shown me just what it takes to bring a man or a slave down to his knees; begging for mercy. You asking me for mercy big brother? I rather like having this much control over your balls. It makes me feel as if, for once, that I'm in control. No big brother to boss me around anymore and no big brother to rat me out to mom and dad either."Just about then the third wave of feelings fell over Kevin as his cock dribbled the last few remaining drops of sperm into the vacuum tube; only to be sucked into a small receptacle. Kevin's body was awash with perspiration as the machine seemed to go into `standby'."Well Kevin, your test and semen extraction are completed now", came the unfriendly voice of the female doctor.******************I lay there as the rubber ball was eased from behind my teeth, and while the doctor carefully removed the milker from my cock. I was seething with anger towards my sister and I wanted nothing more than to kick the crap out of her. I had not only been humiliated, with my parents approval my sister got to play with my nuts. And that in itself was almost enough to make me re-think my decision to work for my father. I could probably go to work with my brother and still make a decent living from handling slaves and whatever else my brother does to train them.Voices, more voices than I knew, were now detectable, as the table I was laying on began to extract itself from the tunnel.As my field of vision increased, I could see dad and mom standing right next to the table's edge. My darling, idiot, stupid sister; was standing directly behind mom, using her as her own private shield from my wrath.Mom and the doctor began to unbuckle the leather restraints which had held me so firm. It felt so good to get my legs out of those half-tube things. The doctor began wiping away the residue left by the lubricant and cock slime; but my poor cock had taken a severe `beating' and I let go with a loud yelp.Mom wiped between my butt cheeks, removing the lubricant leftover from the metal prostate palpitor. My sister had backed up towards the wall, and was standing right next to the door, ready to make a hasty retreat.Dad moved up next to mom and said, "You did really well son. Our expectations of this new machine were only exceeded by your diligence and understanding. I 'm sorry we didn't tell you about all of this before hand, but we knew that you would have balked at proceeding with the examination. And as for your sister's actions; we will discuss and reprimand her when we get home this evening. But for now, just try, try and let it go. Your mother and her have been working hard together to get your sister prepared for next school year. There may be a new program for high school seniors but only for those who are adapt at handling not only slaves of the same sex, but with any and all slaves. It does however seem to me, that your sister took certain liberties with your testicles which she will and must apologize and accept the consequences of her actions. Such treatment of male testicles is strictly for slaves and not free men like us."I'd barely processed dad's comments and mom jumped right in saying, " yes dear, I'm sorry for not controlling your sister. Her behavior was unacceptable and we'll deal with it severely when you men get home. But, I don't want you feeling embarrassed about any of us seeing you this way. You must understand the feeling of such embarrassment, as it pertains to a newly indentured slave. Your nakedness with your family members and the doctor should not have caused you such a traumatic experience. I thought that your father and I had taught you that there is Young Beauty Models nothing wrong with the naked male form. In your travels, you are going to see a wide variety of naked females and males, so just consider how they are going to feel when they are subjected to strange eyes falling upon them."Mom's words made sense to me, and I don't know why; but nonetheless they did and my anger began to subside. I'd even forgotten about the other voices I' d heard while in the tunnel; but as soon as I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the table, I saw three men in white lab coats doing something on the side of the machine.They were pushing buttons on several different keypads and I could see the reflection of small lights flashing on and off. Soon the three men gathered up what looked like a video disc and a couple of other discs and left the room.As I began to stand up, the blood rushed from my head, causing me to wobble considerably. Dad and the doctor rushed to grab my shoulders, while mom, who was still standing in front of me reached for and took hold of my sore, limp penis.Mom was the last person to release their hold on my body, as I became steadier. Mom even helped me to put my clothes back on, just as if I was her nine year old son.`Well the test results should be ready by the time we get to the conference room", dad said with a high degree of certainty. "The group of farm and processing owners are waiting for us. They are anxious, just as much as we are to see the results of our newest machine."I looked at dad with a look of distain and bewilderment all rolled into one. "Dad what do you mean by `owners'? Why are they here in the first place? Couldn't one of your employees traveled around and shown them the results?" I asked in a rather rude and discourteous manner."Easy there son. Don't go off half cocked. You must have failed to understand what some of my staff tried to imply yesterday." All said with more of an employer tone of voice compared to the fatherly one. "You must remember that this new machine with revolutionize the entire slave industry. We aren't the only ones coming out with such a machine, but we anticipate that our machine will be the ultimate in not only proper diagnosis of the human body, but it will also reduce the number of people it takes to process a slave or to evaluate a simple ailment. These people don't know who you are and probably don't even care. They've come to see the machine in action and to see the results. So come now, let's not have anymore rebellious comments from you."Dad and I were the last two to leave the room, as mom and my dearly beloved sister had been way ahead of the rest. The remainder of the way back up and into the room was completed in silence.As various employees walked passed us, some of them stopped, briefly, to look at me and to greet dad. I wasn't sure why they all, every last one of them seemed to scan me with their own eyes from head to toe. A few of them, men and women seemed to take an extra couple of seconds looking at my shorts.As we entered the conference room, there must have been forty or fifty people crammed into it. Some sitting, some standing; all seemed to be rather jovial and continued to talk about business and slaves like it was common practice to do so.Dad, pointed to a vacant seat against the wall by the door and told me quite firmly to `SIT'.I watched as dad brought the room to order, which didn't take very long at all. I gazed around and could see some of the people I'd met yesterday, along with mom and baby sister all standing against the back wall.I wished that I'd at least had my notepad, as some of the things dad talked about were real important and I knew that I'd have to incorporate those thoughts and procedures in my daily work as an intern.The lights began to dim, as a large screen descended from the ceiling right behind dad.Dad grabbed his microphone and stood to the front and side of the screen as it began a very nice dialog of the capabilities of the machine, which had been named the SIMS.The video showed things that even I didn't know about. I, myself, was amazed beyond words. If I was in the market for such a machine I'd be buying one of these for sure.What dad had told me downstairs was true. The machine could replace a minimum of seven employees, which then could be reassigned; and the technology built into the machine can and will produce results within thirty minutes, which is a far cry from the standard two or three days.Then the screen went to the company logo for a minute or two, while dad explained the second part of the video which was about to be shown.I found it rather odd that dad referred to me, as the `boy in the video' and not my son. I guess since he may not have known all of these people personally, it was better that he keep my relationship on the low side.What I wasn't expecting was to see my face, my naked body, appear on the screen.They had captured just about everything on film, all but my embarrassing moments of shedding my clothes.At the beginning, there were countless cat calls and whistles about `the boy' . I was even more embarrassed now than ever. Thankfully, it was dark enough in the room so that no one could see the shame and humiliation I was suffering through.Another saving moment came when most, if not all, of the part where my nuts were being tortured by my sister had been cut out. There was only about thirty seconds of where everyone could see her hand twisting and pulling on my scrotal sac.The screen split in two. One half showing me and the other half showing how the machine performed certain, mandatory functions.I think the only, manual function, was when the doctor inserted the slimy catheter up my pee hole.I was shocked, and appalled when I heard dad say, "And please note that the rectal probe not only functions to test the male slaves prostate gland, but it also is performing a most vital function which we all know as tracking."More unprovoked whistles and applause erupted from the audience as the screen flickered and displayed some sort of GPS tracker. "As you can see, the pod has been implanted, without the `boy' even feeling it nor does the boy even know that such a pod has been inserted."The more I listened at looked at the screen, I became acutely aware that the `boy' referred to was indeed myself and that I now had been implanted with a pod; as the map being displayed, marked my location to within twenty feet.The next part of the video, displayed the many test and functions which had been performed on me.Personally, had it not been me that everyone was looking at; I would say that the machine was a marvel of technology.I watched, amazed, at the display of every single muscle in my body. It showed which muscle or group of muscles were in need of some form of exercise. That much, I suppose would be good for a person who was seeking to buy or lease a slave for manual labor.The machine even did some form of dental x-ray; showing my entire mouth in a panoramic view.It also became clear that the rectal probe had gently filled my intestinal walls with some form of testing gel; which allowed for the machine to check for any signs of abnormalities such a polyps. This seemed to be of an interest to just more than more potential buyer."Our machine also measures the human body for sensory function, should such things as punishments and even the more bizarre things such as torture or even the braiding of the human flesh are concerned. We've introduced a small amount of electrical current to the `boys' nipples and a more moderate amount to the lower Young Beauty Models torso. Our machine and the computers can assimilate the amount of pain that anyone, even the toughest, meanest person can withstand. So should you have need for such information prior to a designated punishment; you'd know just how much and how far you could go before causing irreversible damage to your property."Dad had everyone's attention when he was describing pain, torture, and torment in such graphic detail. I was even astonished to even know that my own father knew of such dastardly occasions."And lastly, probably the one thing over looked and under estimated in our business; is that of reproduction. Some of you here today bred slaves for sale and lease, but how many of you know from day to day, which slave can bring forth a seed which will impregnate a whore slave with the end result being a healthy fetus and desirable male?The room fell silent, all eyes and ears focused forward as the video continued and dad progressed with his sales analysis.The video was showing the milking machine in action. From the outside, you couldn't see my cock, but at the top of the tube, inside, was a mini camera whereby one could see the seminal fluid being vacuumed away from the penis.The room went into nothing less than victory applause for my cock as it spewed forth. I was totally ashamed of just having to be in the same room with these people.Dad, now joined by the doctor, continued to explain the need for a complete drain of a slave's fluid in order to achieve the best possible results; thus the need for forced milking. The screen now showed all of my little `swimmers' which the doctor excited proclaimed to be healthy and with the proper gene, to produce a strong healthy male slave.Once again the screen changed and now it was displaying more test results such as blood, urine, and even the rate of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide from my body.The last screen, which shouldn't have surprised me was one of me as I Young Beauty Models sat up on the table and as I tried to stand up straight; for all in the room to see me in a full frontal nude situation.Dad didn't fail to mention that the `boy' wasn't properly prepared for all the testing as the `boy' hadn't been shaved of his `free status'. It almost sounded as if mom and dad had plans for me already..."Time, ladies and gentlemen. Time, is not on our side today. Time, with which we have to conform to all of the new government regulations, is fast approaching. Let this be a lesson in time for all of us. A lesson that we all can benefit from and find happiness in knowing that we are at the threshold Young Beauty Models of a new adventure in slave procurement, training, and assessments. A lesson in time, with which we can use to improve our own business and the future of our country. A time where we can cull out the weak ones and assure ourselves that we are doing our part to build a better America. With the abundance of Mexican illegals, and the dead beat dads, and those stupid enough to break the law of the land; let us lead the way to a better America, one that the world will look up to and follow by example."Dad had the entire room on their feet as he kept speaking."Let's not have to think about tomorrow, next month, next year. The time is now, the time is today. It is a lesson in time that others like us will feel like outsiders if we don't act today and plan for tomorrow."The room lit up with applause and appreciative yelling, as dad stepped down from his small platform. It felt as if dad was running for elected office again; as he went around the room shaking hands with everyone.I sat there, not wanting to stand; as so many of the people began to cast an occasional look in my direction. Thank goodness, dad announced that lunch was now served in the main dining room; as all of the people began to pass by me.Even mom and my brat sister fell in line for the luncheon, leaving just dad and myself for last."Thank you son, for doing all this for your mother and me. I will repay you somehow for all of your anguish and emotional distress. I promise." Dad said as he put his arm around me and walked down the hallway.Everybody was at lunch, but when we walked passed the employees cafeteria, it was as quiet as a church on a Tuesday night. Everybody was eating but they were also watching the entire presentation that dad had just made to all of his visitors. Astonished wasn't the way I was feeling at that particular moment, but what was done, was done."I suppose you'd feel better if you ate in my private dinning room, am I not correct son?" dad asked in a low voice."Yes father, I don't think I can Young Beauty Models handle anymore glares from the employees today", came my sullen reply."I just should have anticipated all of this beforehand son. I'm so, so, sorry"We made a quick right turn and then a left and went into dad's private dinning room. "You don't mind eating alone do you? I don't want our guest to feel deprived of the opportunity to ask me questions about what they've seen today.""No dad, I think I'd rather be alone for now, if that's alright.""Very well son, I'll send one of the girls in to let you know what is on today's executive's menu. Take your time, and I'll see you soon. Oh and if you want to watch Young Beauty Models any television, the remote is over there on the bookcase.""Thanks dad, I'll be all right. Have fun and make some good sales over lunch dad", I said knowing that my father was at his best while eating with such clients.It seemed as if dad had barely closed one door and one of his secretaries was coming in another door.She read off the items which were on the menu and I thought that I was eating at a five star restaurant. I made my selections and then sat on the sofa, resting my feet on the coffee table.I scanned the room, and for an executive dining room, this place was the ultimate. Television, stereo system, leather Young Beauty Models furniture and a mahogany dining table with six elegant captain's chairs.The secretary soon returned with my soda and appetizer, beer battered onion rings. She voluntarily handed me the remote control, as I wasn't' getting up to sit at the table by myself. The leather furniture felt so comfortable against my bare legs and shoulder blades that I wanted to stay there until time to go home.I listened to music while I ate my fill of lobster tail, shrimp and grilled fish. I hadn't eaten since last night and I had no idea that I was this hungry, until I actually started to eat. I did, however, forgo the tempting array of items on the dessert list.After the lady had returned with a carafe of coffee for me, I was nice enough to thank her for all of her diligence and then I reclined on the sofa; clicking on the remote control as my back rested on a cloud of leather.Since it was noon time, early afternoon, there wasn't anything on worth watching unless you consider cable news networks worthwhile. I scanned every channel and then the one channel came up as "Company Views and Products".I'd never heard dad mention it before and my curiosity began to peak.I watched as several different people spoke about the company and it's offerings. Most of it, I'd heard just yesterday and already knew it just from listening to dad speak at the dinner table.What I didn't know, is what surprised me. I hadn't the foggiest of ideas that the company was also a procurer of human flesh. If there was a certain, training facility that was running low, on say field workers, they would call here and the required number of slaves would soon be on their way to their new home.I was astonished, if not amazed at the amount of products which the company provided to the slave industry. If I needed a surrey for my estate, once again, a simple phone call and I'd have my surrey. Everything, and I do mean everything, you would need to train, teach and control a slave; is sold right here ... in this building.Not only does the company provide the slaves and equipment, it also affords a slave facility the high caliber legal expertise which sometimes is needed. I now can see the reason for my brother to get transferred so much. The company, which I now understand him to be an employee; will send him wherever he is needed, on request. This is turning into a family business if I ever saw one.The next segment to display on the television was some examples of slaves which were available for immediate shipment. Some of the photos actually showed slaves in sexual activity, which was and is their main purpose in life.I couldn't help to think about my high school boyfriend while watching the screen. I can remember it as if it was just yesterday. God, I miss him so much. I regret, now, of never informing my parents as to my sexual orientation. I suppose one day I should, but I'll have to plan and rehearse what and how I' m going to say.My cock began to shift as the blood boiled within my loins. I twisted myself around on the sofa, giving my shorts a bit more room for expansion and to shield myself, should one of the secretaries come in.When the presentation had finished, all I wanted to do was to go home and jack off; but I had to wait for my father to conclude his business day.The need to Young Beauty Models piss arose and I scanned the room for any sign of a bathroom. Thankfully there was the one executive wash room on the other side of the room and made my way, quickly, as to avoid notice.Like I always did, the first thing I look for is where the urinals are. I didn 't see any. My eyes were filled with a lavish bathroom, complete with marble top counters, fancy faucets and an open toilet. Moving towards the toilet, I was startled by a voice saying, "Good Afternoon Sir, may I be of service".I turned around on the balls of my feet to discover a naked boy kneeling in a small alcove just to the left of the door.I was shell shocked by his beauty, to say the least. He was kneeling there hands behind his head, chest out, stomach in."What the fuck are you doing in here?", I asked rather obruptly.The boy gave me a simple, yet complete response; "Sir, boy is here to relieve Sir of his piss Sir."I don't know why I looked around to see if anybody else was here, as I knew darn well there weren't."You mean to tell me that swallowing piss is your place in life", I asked in a much lower tone of voice."Sir yes Sir. This boy understands its position in the world Sir and this boy would be honored if Sir would allow me to swallow his urine Sir."I moved closer to the boy, my mind racing with all kinds of thoughts. As I stood in front of the boy, easing my shorts down; all I could think about was ... `does dad use this boy?...I shuffled my feet, and in moments my cock was inside his mouth, piss flowing like a swollen river in the spring. The boy politely licked the remaining one or two droplets from my cock and I pulled my shorts up. I noticed the boy staring at my cock and I just had to tell him, "its better now. I had a long milking this morning and it's still a bit sore".Just as I was about to cover my cock with the shorts, the boy learned over and kissed the tip of my dick. I was amazed at how soft his lips were, as he leaned back, looked me in the eyes and said, "All better now Sir".I thanked him and exited the washroom, needing to get back to the sofa, ASAP. "I see you've met our washroom attendant", came dad's voice from over by the book case."Oh yes, he was, I mean is a nice young boy, I mean slave."Dad gave one of his restrained kinds of laughter, which he is accustomed to giving around the house or dinner table."Well at least you had the exposure to such things before hitting the road. We've all used him from time to time."I didn't know what to say so I just sat down on the sofa and watched and waited for dad to tell me what was next on my agenda. It didn't take long."Well, we've sold nineteen machines today, so far. We could sell more, but those who are reluctant to purchase one all have the same reasons for holding out.""Dad, they must be crazy not to buy one of your machines", I said with every ounce of conviction I could muster. "What's their problem"."You see Kevin, they like what the machine did, and can do; but the ones who are refraining from purchasing today are concerned over the additional trauma, if any, from the forced milking. You know, those men and women who run the fertility farms are a rather strange bred, unto themselves."I sat there in awe, not really understanding anybodies reluctance to purchase one of dad's machines. "Well dad, what can I do to help? You know by now that I'll do whatever I can to help the company prosper.""Thanks Kevin, but I can't ask you to do anymore than you've already done."Dad had that look on his face that told me he had more that he wanted to say but wasn't going to. I prodded dad to finish his thoughts and words."Kevin the remaining few people want to inspect your penis, to see if there is any physical or long lasting repercussions from the milking your mom Young Beauty Models and I had put you through this morning."To Be Continued...Comments to Sanibelboysaol.com

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