Related article: Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:35:30 EDT From: JTGuy20aol.com Subject: A.J. part 2Once again, the following is all true. All my experiences with A.J. took place within the course of a year or two when I was about 14 and he was about 18. So far he's been the only guy I've ever had a sexual relationship with, and Nifty is the only place I've ever shared it. If you like what you see or would just like to talk, shoot me an email at JTGuy20aol.com. I also do stories on request, as time permits. By the time I turned 15 I had gotten into the habit of masturbating every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times. The surge in hormones during puberty is amazing. Even just a few years later I don't have the energy or the desire to jack off as much as I did in those days. Between work and school and the need for sleep I feel lucky to squeeze in one good ejaculation every couple of days. The last steady girlfriend I had was an absolute hornball and sometimes even I struggled to keep up.Back then, there probably wasn't a minute in the day that I didn't think about sex. Often I'd find myself thinking back to that day that A.J. and I had given each other handjobs on his living room floor. The thing that I found most sexy was the way his semen felt on my skin. I was still a little wary of actually having it in my mouth, though I was curious about that as well. But just feeling the warm, thick liquid on my body was the sexiest thing I had felt up to that point. It's a good feeling to have your own cum against your skin, but by the time you've had your orgasm your mind and body are no longer in that "hot and sexy" place. It just becomes a chore to have to clean up, which is why most of us tend to ejaculate into a tissue or towel.It wasn't too long after my first experience with A.J. that I found myself at his house again. It was probably in the summer, because we were both home from school but our parents were working. For a while we passed the time playing video games and doing the typical guy things. After about an hour though, he popped in a movie for us to watch. He did what a lot of us did when we didn't have access to porn, back in the days before the internet: he recorded racy movies on Cinemax. By the time I saw the title "Sliver" I knew what this was all about. In my mind I knew his plan was to get me (and him) horny so that we could continue our exploits. I had absolutely no problem with this. Sure, I was young and still nervous. Even though this guy had seen me naked and doing the most private things I still wasn't comfortable enough to just jump up and disrobe. We both acted as though we were simply going to watch a film, but I'm sure his thoughts were running much like mine were. "When's the right time?" Out of the corner of my eye I caught him glancing at my pants, probably trying to see if I had a hard-on or Pre Teen Toplist not. I did, of course, but my dick was laying flat against my belly. It wasn't impossible to tell, but it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to see.Finally, during one of the sex scenes, he spoke."Want to get on the floor?"I had to admire that, because it was a great way to break the ice. He'd just asked me to fool around without actually coming out and saying it."Sure. Do we need a blanket?" I responded. In the "code" we were speaking, that meant that I too wanted to fool around."There's one on the back of the couch." A.J. said, pointing.I stood up and grabbed the blanket, spreading it on the floor. Since it was still daylight, he pulled the shades down so that the room was semi-dark and no peeking eyes could see in. We got down on the blanket. I laid back with my elbows propping my upper body. He sat indian style about a foot away. Since he'd made the first move last time and suggested we do it again this time, I was wondering if I was supposed to be the one to initiate things. Luckily, he took matters into his own hands (pardon the pun) and softly began rubbing me between the legs.It was such an adolescent thing. He was touching me, but both of us were still watching the T.V. screen. It was almost as if we were both trying to ignore it. I knew that he didn't want to make me uncomfortable so I simply reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. I didn't do anything else, it was just a signal that he could feel free to do whatever he wanted. I had sort of expected things to turn out this way, so I had put on my blue briefs. I always felt sexier when I wore them, and I hoped that they would make him excited too. He had been rubbing me for a few minutes, so it was a given that I had an erection. As he reached for the elastic of my undies and pulled them up and away from my body, I looked down and saw that there was a small trail of pre-cum from the head of my penis to my belly. It was the first time I'd actually had any pre-cum, so I was a little embarrassed, but I tried not to show it."Why do you shave?" he asked me."I'm not sure. I guess I just like the way it looks and feels.""I watched your tape. I noticed that you kept all the footage of yourself when you were little. Do you really get off on that?""Yeah..." I replied sheepishly. "Don't think I'm a freak or anything, I just like the way little boys and girls look.""So do I." he said. "A lot of people do. Pre Teen Toplist There's just a kind of stigma to it. As long as you're not exploiting anybody I think it's ok."While we were talking, he'd been running his fingers along the baby smooth skin where my pubic hair would normally be. I had shaved everything that morning. I knew my how good my skin felt, and having him appreciate it made me feel even sexier. He reached over with both hands and took hold of my pants. I lifted my rump off the floor so he could pull them off. He threw them to the side and once again began rubbing me through my underwear. By this time I'd gotten so hard that the head of my cock was peeking out from the waistband. I figured he'd pull them off me, but instead he very carefully opened the fly and pulled my penis through it."I like the way you look in those...I'd kinda like to enjoy it for a bit." he told me."That's cool."He began very slowly tracing his finger up and down the underside of my hard-on. Each time he'd get to the Pre Teen Toplist head, it would swell for a second and stand up off my belly. It was a little embarrassing, but I couldn't control it. It got me so worked up that I sat up and began fumbling with his shorts. He took his hands off me long enough to get undressed, and I laid back down while he sat at my waist. He was tracing little circles around my cockhead while I stroked his prick with my right hand. My eyes were closed. I was enjoying the sensation of being masturbated, and the feeling of his warm member in my hand. He finally pulled my underwear off me and asked me to sit up. Once I was sitting, he let go of my penis and moved around directly behind me. My heart was racing, I had no idea what he was up to. I was hoping that he wasn't going to ask me to Pre Teen Toplist have anal sex, because that thought just didn't appeal to me. Luckily that wasn't what he had in mind. He sat down behind me and moved up very close. It was a posture similar to the way two people ride a motorcycle. His body was pressed into my back, and I could feel his erection against my spine. He reached his arms around my waist and began jacking me off again. With his right hand, he stroked my cock and with his left he fondled my cleanly shaven sack. The skin on the underside of my balls was extremely soft, and he spent a lot of time touching it. He'd rub from there almost down to my asshole, enjoying the way it felt."Oh my God," I said, "that is the most incredible feeling in the world.""Shhh."I closed my eyes again. I could feel his pulse throbbing through his hard-on as it pressed against me. Very slowly I began to feel him moving. He began to basically dry hump me. I almost went into sensory overload. Everything just felt so good. I only wished that he shaved his privates too, because I really wanted to know what that would feel like. I could feel the dampness of pre-cum dribbling out of his cock as he ground it into my back. Of course, this lubricated things and it began to slide very easily against my skin. I couldn't take it anymore."A.J., I want you to cum on my cock.""You sure?""Yes. I have to know what it feels like...I've been thinking about it for a while."With that, he stood up and came back around in front of me. I laid flat on my back and he kneeled over me, our penises just an inch or so apart. I was watching it all, and I told him to just take his dick into his hand and finish the job. He jerked about three times and that was all it took. His first shot of sperm came all the way to my chin, but the next spurt landed square on my erection. Figuring what the hell, I reached down and grabbed both our cocks, rubbing them together. Each time he came more, it would run over our penis heads and further lubricate them. I was jacking both of us, and he was sliding his member up and down mine. All the combined stimulation drove me over the edge and I felt my cockhead expand. When I looked down, it was purple. I watched as my cum began to flow, mixing with his. By this time we were both moaning pretty loud, and my hips involuntarily began to come off the floor. We basically humped each other like that until our orgasms passed. I was practically covered with semen, as both of us had shot unusually large loads. My fantasy had come true! It was everything I thought it would be, and before I cleaned up I reached down and rubbed my belly and private area until all the cum was spread out. Once again, I wanted to bring my fingers up to my mouth and taste it, but I was still too timid. I stood up, my organ finally beginning to go soft again and asked if I could use the shower."Yeah, go ahead. I think you need it a little more than I do!" A.J. said, chuckling.That much was true.

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