Related article: STORY.67 The Master Chris Collection LETTER TO THE EDITOR ___________________________ Dear Sir: I have read your magazine with some interest over the past months. I was first introduced to your fine publication while visiting my brother and sister-in-law's home. I spotted a copy in the night table of the guest room where I was staying. When I asked my brother Bob about it, he told me that he and his wife were firm believers in corporal punishment and that their three daughters had been punished that way for years. During my stay I got to see Carol, their 15 year old put over her mother's knee for an old-fashioned over-the-knee bare-bottomed spanking. Afterwards while Carol stood in the corner of the room with her panties and jeans still around her ankles, Mary (my sister-in- law) told me some more of how the children were punished. I got very aroused while Mary was telling me about the various punishments meted out and later that night, the mental images of it were vivid in my mind as I brought myself to a fabulous orgasm with my fingers. I should tell you a little about myself. I am a 34 year old computer consultant; single with short blond hair and a figure that I keep in shape through aerobics. I was spanked on the bare by my parents until I was 18 when I moved out on my own. The punishments I received were very straightforward, quite unlike some of the punishments Mary had described. About 3 months later, Mary and Bob called to see if I would be willing for Janice, their eldest, to visit for a couple of weeks. Apparently the family was going on vacation and Janice had to stay behind for some exams at school. Since we only live a few miles apart, I was the easiest place for her to stay. I replied that I'd be happy to have her. I made sure the guest room was cleaned out for Janice's arrival that weekend. On the Saturday morning, Mary called to let me know that Janice was on the train and would be here in an hour or so. "Now remember Sue," she said "if Janice gives you any trouble while she's with you, you have our full permission to punish her as you see fit. Janice gets punished about once a week on average so I wouldn't be surprised if you have to turn her over your knee while she's there." A chill shot up my spine at Mary's words. The thought of a naked seventeen year-old bent over my lap for a spanking had me soaked in moments. The first few days passed uneventfully. Janice, at 17, was fun to have around and the apartment was certainly more alive for her presence. On the fourth day of her stay however, that all changed. I had set a couple of simple rules for Janice while she was visiting. There were to be no boys in the house while I wasn't there, Janice would have to let me know where to reach her when she was out in the evening and she had to be back no later than eleven o'clock each night. Thursday night I returned home from work to find no Janice and no note saying where she was. I was a little irritated but my irritation turn to outright worry when she still wasn't home by nine o'clock. At 9:15, Janice walked through the door as though everything was wonderful. One look at my face and she realized it was not. "I though we had an arrangement about letting me know where you'd be in the evening." I said. Janice looked a little worried. "I'm sorry Aunt Sue, I was studying at school and I must have forgot." "Well I've been worried sick here Janice. I was just about to call the police!" Janice's face turned pale as she realized how upset I was. "What do your parents do with you when you don't keep the ground rules?" I asked quietly. "They p-p-punish me." quivered Janice. "Well I'm going to do the same." I said. "Go to you room and get ready for bed. I'll come and see you in your room in a few minutes." Janice was trembling slightly as she walked out of the living room. I gave her about 10 minutes to think about it before following her. On the way to the guest room, I picked up my hairbrush from my vanity. Mary had told me that the girls usually got spanked with a leather strap but I figured my brush would do the job for this evening. As I walked into Janice's room I caught my breath. I had expected to see her in her usual nightclothes sitting on the bed waiting for me but she was not. Instead, she was standing in the very corner of the room facing away from me. Her nose was pressed right into the corner. Janice had changed into a lacy baby-doll nightgown that I hadn't seen before. Aside from that, she wore nothing. Her hands were holding the nightgown tight, high up her waist leaving her lower back and her buttocks completely bare to my gaze. My pussy seemed to clutch at the sight and I could feel myself getting very slippery and very hot. I sat down on the end of the bed and didn't say anything for a moment. I could see Janice was also breathing quickly and I remembered that Mary had told me that both older girls often got aroused at some point during their punishments. I shook my head and tried to pull myself back to the issue at hand. "Alright Janice, come over here." I said. Janice turned and walked right over to me. She stopped about two feet away and waited. Her nightie was still being held up high on her waist and her pussy Nymphets Land was now in plain view. There was surprisingly little hair covering her mons and what was there was pale blond leaving a clear view of her puffy outer lips. Although Janice's head was hanging down, I could see she was blushing furiously at being so exposed to me like this for the first time. I started to understand Mary's belief that embarrassment was an effective and essential part of every punishment. The baby-doll was so sheer that I could clearly see the outline of her nipples which were both dark pink and very erect. "Over my knee, Janice." I instructed. Janice was quick to do so, relieved, perhaps that her pussy and breasts were now hidden from view. I felt her body rest over my knee and adjusted her slightly so that her bottom was well placed. I could Nymphets Land feel her breasts hanging down against my nyloned left leg and the sensation made me even hotter. "Ok Janice, now why are you being punished?" I asked. "Because I didn't follow instructions. I'm really sorry." she answered. "Alright, given it's your first infraction here, I'm just going to give you a spanking," Janice seemed to uncoil with relief, "but make no mistake. Your mother told me in great detail how you're punished at home and I won't hesitate to punish you 'fully' if you don't follow my simple ground rules." With that, I started spanking Janice with my hand. Alternating from one pale buttock to the other. It was the first spanking I had ever given! Janice's bottom was very pink and she was squirming when I paused to pick up the hairbrush. Without pause I rained a series of sharp smacks over the already hot cheeks. Janice cried out again and again and her feet kicked out like someone swimming the breast stroke as I completed the punishment. With her kicking like that, I had a perfect view of her nether regions from her light brown anus all the way to her pink inner pussy lips that yawned open wetly every timed she kicked. After about fifteen spanks to each buttock I put the hairbrush down. Janice was crying quietly as she hung, limp, over my lap. I rested my hand on her buttocks that were now hot to the touch. "Now, are you going to follow the rules?" "Yes" replied Janice in a very contrite voice. "Alright then, get back into the corner and think about why you've been punished." I said Janice shuffled back to the corner and hitched her nightie back up her waist now displaying two bright red buttocks that contrasted sharply with her brown tan line. I left the room very hot myself. I gave Janice another ten minutes to compose herself before I poked my head back into the room. I was happy and a little thrilled that she was still waiting, submissively pressed into the corner. "Ok Janice, you can go to bed now." A few minutes later there was a timid knock on my door. I had a copy of your magazine open to one of the pages of a girl bent over an older woman's lap with her buttocks all red from a spanking. At the sound of the knock, I immediately stuffed it under the covers. Then I pulled it back out and left it lying on the bedspread as I answered, "Come in." Janice walked into my bedroom now wearing the T-Shirt I usually saw her wear to bed. "Aunt Sue, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what I did and that I know I deserved that spanking. I'll try to be good for the rest of the time I'm here." I stood up and gave her a big hug and told her I hoped she was good for the rest of her stay too. As Janice turned to leave I saw her catch a glimpse of the magazine on the bed and the full-page picture that it was open to. Her eyes got a little wider and I heard a tiny gasp before she left to go to bed. I was so aroused that as soon as she had closed the door behind her I was touching myself. It only took a few short minutes before I was thrashing about in the hottest orgasm I could ever remember. For over a week Janice was a model guest but on the last Friday night of her stay she broke the rules again, this time quite seriously. Janice had asked to borrow my car to go to a friend's to 'study'. She promised to return by 11:00pm so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. I got the number of her friend Barbara and went out on my own to catch a movie. I was back at 10:00 and waited up for Janice. She wasn't home at 11:00 and at 11:30 I called Barbara's. Barbara's mother answered right away and said that neither girl was there and if I found them to let her know right away because Barbara was out past her curfew. Barbara's mother volunteered that Barbara's behind was likely to suffer the consequences as her father was upset at her being out late. Apparently they had both gone to a party and had not left the phone number. It was close to 1:00am when Janice finally returned and by then I was steamed. I was ready to put her over my knee right away for a repeat performance of the previous week's punishment. I figured I'd spank her completely nude this time and frankly I was kind of looking forward to it. When Janice actually walked in the door, however, I immediately changed my plans. Janice was drunk, really drunk. Her words were slurred and she stumbled as she walked. When she walked into the room, her eyes went wide as she saw me. I cut her off as she tried to explain. "Did you drive home?" I asked. Janice nodded miserably. I ticked off the infractions on my fingers as I listed them. "One, you lied to me. I called Barbara's mother and found out that you weren't even there. Two, you didn't let me know where you were. Three, you're late. Four, you've been drinking and are obviously drunk. And five, you've been driving while intoxicated which is, over course, illegal l!" Janice's head hung down in misery. She knew she was in for it. "Go to bed Janice. Sleep it off but make no mistake. Tomorrow morning you're going to get punished properly for this misbehaviour. Janice stumbled down the corridor to her room and I started thinking about what I'd do in the morning. Saturday morning I was up early. Nymphets Land By now my anger had dissipated and all that was left was my excitement at the punishment Janice had coming. I poked my head into her room but she was sound asleep. I figured she wouldn't wake for at least two of hours. I pulled on some sweats and jumped in the car. I had a couple of purchases to make. I was back in less than an hour and a quick check ensured that Janice was still asleep. It was almost 11 o'clock when she finally woke up. In her usual long T-Shirt, obviously somewhat hung over, she shuffled down the corridor to the kitchen where I was enjoying my second cup of coffee. On seeing me Janice seemed to wake up a little. "I'm sorry about last night Aunt Sue." she said "So am I Janice but don't think that will get you out of the punishment you have coming." Janice gulped and blushed. "I guess I deserve it." she said meekly. "I certainly think so." I said, "Now get into the bathroom and get showered and cleaned up. I'll expect to see you in the corner of the living room in fifteen minutes naked as a jaybird. "Yes Ma'am." said Janice as she scurried off to the bathroom. It was just a little less than fifteen minutes later that I saw a naked blond go past the kitchen door toward the living room. I let her wait a few more minutes. When I walked into the living room, Janice was standing in the corner as instructed. Her pretty buttocks, accentuated by her dark tan lines were on display. I sat down on the chair in the middle of the room and had Janice come over to me. She stood in front of me Nymphets Land and, unasked, spread her feet shoulder width apart and then clasped her hands behind her head. Mary had told me about this position. I lectured her for a couple of minutes while I drank in the view of Janice's submissively offered body. Her breasts were pulled up and tight to her chest but the dark pink nipples stuck way out betraying her arousal. I knew the feeling. My own nipples were so hard they ached. I put the naked girl over my knee and started with a hairbrush spanking. Janice was squirming by the time I was done. When I stopped I kept her over my knee. Janice hung there, submissive to whatever would happen next. "You know that you're going to be 'fully' punished?" I asked her. "Yes Ma'am." she answered quietly. I reached behind me and picked up the jar of vaseline I had strategically placed there. Janice gasped as I placed the jar of the small of her back. I'm sure she knew exactly what it was. I dipped the forefinger of my right hand deep into the jar and pulled it out covered in the clear petroleum jelly. I reached over with my left hand and gently rested it on Janice's hot buttocks. I rubbed up and down for a moment and then, using the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, I spread her cheeks wide open to reveal the light brown crinkled opening. For a moment, I did nothing, letting the tension build. Janice began clenching and releasing her anus, letting it 'wink' at me despite herself. I brought my right Nymphets Land forefinger down and rested the tip, covered in the cool vaseline on the center of her anus. Janice gasped at the sensation. I left it there a moment. I then started pushing it in, slowly, as far as I could reach. I watched Janice's toes curl in as my finger pushed deep into her rectum. Once it was all the way in, I held it there a moment before twisting it slowly back and forth. Janice whimpered in embarrassment. I pulled my finger all the way out and added more vaseline before sliding it back in. I wanted to be sure that she was completely lubricated. Janice was trembling slightly as I finally pulled my finger out her. From my vantage point I had a perfect view of all her charms. I leaned over slightly and I could see that her teenage pussy lips were swollen and puffy. They had spread apart slightly and I could see the pink inner lips were completely soaked. I was sure mine were the same. I kept her buttocks spread as I reached back to grasp something that had hitherto only been used on me. Mary had explained that the humiliation of having her bottom examined and spread open was often the most effective told in keeping Janice in check. I had retrieved a special rectal dildo from my own night table that morning. The plastic device was not too large but it had an odd shape, getting wider at the middle before narrowing down to a small neck and then flaring out to a wide base. Once inserted, the dildo acted as a rectal plug, unable to be pushed out or pulled in. Janice's sphincter would try in vain to close on the long narrow neck of the device. Mary had told me that had used a similar device during punishments in the past. Janice jumped a little as the tip of the cool plastic touched her anus, still slick with the sheen of the petroleum jelly. I nudged the tip into her and then started moving the plug in and out in ever-lengthening strokes. Within moments Janice was gasping with ever stroke. At each push, her knees would spread wide. As the thickest part spread her anal Nymphets Land ring wide, she whimpered. I held it there a moment, then pushed it home, letting her own muscles pull the device deep into her. Janice's breathing was short and shallow now at the various sensations running through her. Leaving the plug deep in her body, I now stood Janice up. Her face was flushed with embarrassment partly, perhaps, because she knew there was more to come. Taking her by the arm, I walked the naked teen over to the back of my leather couch. I had placed a couple of towels over the back of the coach which was conveniently at hip height. I had Janice bend over them to rest her head on the cushions. Her hips were still a little high but spreading her feet wide apart handled that. The sight of Janice in this incredibly submissive position was making me very hot. Her still-red buttocks were sticking way up in the air with the base of the rectal plug poking up between them. Walking around to the front, her blond hair was hanging down to spread across the cushions. Her round breasts with their hard nipples were pressed flat against the black leather couch. "Now don't you move until you're given permission, young lady." I instructed. "Yes Ma'am" said Janice meekly. I walked out of the room and into Nymphets Land the bathroom to get the next part of Janice's punishment ready. "You know Sue, the thing that is most effective as a punishment is a good old-fashioned enema." Mary had told me. "If we're going to give one of the girls an enema, it's always after a good hard spanking. We'll expose their bottoms, lubricate them thoroughly and leave them in a tail up, head down position for awhile to remind them of the trouble they've gotten themselves into." While on my errands that morning, I had stopped by the pharmacy. There were several choices when it came to enema equipment. Rather than the conventional bag and tube, I had chosen a douche syringe. The nozzle had been longer and thicker than either the regular nozzle or the rectal syringe. I filled a basin with warm water and brought it and the douche nozzle back to the living room. Janice was still bent over the couch, her feet resting wide apart. I set the basin down behind her and filled the bulb of the douche with it. Then I reached up and grasped the end of the rectal plug still lodged in Janice's pretty bottom. Before pulling it from her, I couldn't resist twisting it through a full circle of rotation. Janice gasped out loud as I did so. Very gently, I pulled the rectal plug from her. Her anus closed slowly as it left her, clenching as though missing the rear penetrator. I reached down and picked up the douche syringe with my right hand and covered the tip with yet more vaseline. As I had done with the plastic dildo, I touched the tip to her tight anus then slid the whole nozzle home. I saw that Janice was holding her breath, waiting for what was sure to come next. I squeezed the large bulb firmly, letting the water force its way up deep into her bowels. I heard Janice moan and whimper in abject humiliation as her most private area was flooded with water. Again and again, I pulled the long nozzle from her and refilled it only to reinsert its full length back, deep into her rectum and insert more warm water. By the time I was done, Janice had received almost 3 quarts of water and was visibly uncomfortable. I pulled the nozzle from her for the last time and picked the plug back up. Again, I inserted the rectal plug, but with all the attention her bottom had received, this time it slid in easily. I stood up and took my time putting the basin back in the bathroom and cleaning the douche syringe. When I got back to the living room, Janice was squirming uncomfortably and moaning over the couch. I sat down in a chair behind her and simply watched. It was quite an incredible sight. Her bare bottom was sticking up, her buttocks spread naturally wide open. The end of the rectal plug was sticking up erotically between them. I watched her bottom wriggling back and forth as the water that had been inserted deep into her worked its way through her bowels. Now I stood up and picked up the short leather strap I had found that morning. The first strokes were light, but within a moment or two, I was delivering short sharp smacks to each cheek. Janice's buttocks had faded in color somewhat but the strap brought back their blush with a vengeance. Within a minute, Janice was crying outright as I burned her bottom with the strap. As soon as it had started it was over. I put the strap down and waited for a few moments for Janice to compose herself. Then I had her stand up. I took her by the arm and led her to the bathroom. She was able to walk only in short steps and her face was completely flushed with embarrassment. Her face was wet with her tears of the punishment. I wasn't sure if they were tears of pain or embarrassment but I suppose it doesn't matter. I placed Janice over the toilet and had her bend over. I reached down and tugged the plug from her. She plopped down to the toilet and started releasing the enema despite her humiliation at doing so in front of me. I left her alone to finish voiding the full enema. I was sitting in the living room when Janice, returned and, without asking, went back to the corner of the room to stand there. I left here there another ten minutes before finally telling her that the punishment was over. Janice turned around and started back down to her room then she turned and came back to me. Throwing her arms around my neck she said, "I'm sorry for what I did and thank you for punishing me Aunt Sue. I know I deserved it." I hugged her back. "I hope it makes you remember to be a good girl from now on Janice." I said. "I won't forget this in a hurry she giggled." "Alright I said, go and get dressed." I gave her a light tap on the behind as she headed down the hall. I headed down to my Nymphets Land room myself. I closed the door behind me and pulled my sweats off. The rectal plug that had filled Janice was sitting on my nightstand next to the vaseline. I dipped the plug deep into the vaseline and then bent over the bed on all fours. I slipped my hands between my legs, one of them holding the plug. I teased the tip against my anus then pushed, hard until I was as full as Janice had just been. The sensation was almost too much for me. I reached up to my pussy with both hands. I was dripping wet. With one hand I slid two fingers deep into my hot slit and with the other, I started rubbing my hard clitoris. The most incredible orgasm I've ever had hit me like a ton of bricks. Mary and Bob were fascinated by my tale of Janice's punishment and made me tell them every detail. I know one thing for sure, I'm a definite convert to corporal punishment.

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