Related article: Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 10:46:28 +0000 From: J Smith Subject: Addicted to PornHey guys, this is another piece I wrote ages ago and have only just rediscovered. It features a seventeen year old in a sexual situation with an adult, Nymphet Bikini and is designed as an aid for slow and private masturbation for guys who like guys. If that's not your thing, then turn back now. If it is, let me know if it got you hot.jsmith381hotmail.com ADDICTED TO PORN Jesus, I mean I was into porn when I was 15, wanking 3 times a day and swopping pornos with my brothers and pals, with me looking at the cock rather than the beaver but it comes to the same thing; and then I was addicted all over again when I was 18 and I found that you could buy porn without women in it (phew) because all that hair and make-up and pissflaps had really been getting in the way of me lusting on the cocks and bods.And just about when I'd got over that addiction, there I was in my 20s, and thought I could maybe start to grow up a bit, well then the internet came and I was addicted to it all over again (my third addiction, jesus) which was hard when you're supposed to be over all that and like actually getting on with the sex; and so you're doing all the good stuff -- boyfriends and saunas and parties and clubs and orgies and weekends away with potential LTRs -- but you're going through your third-stage porn addiction at the same time.I mean, fuck. There I was with a guy who I thought could be a real possibility, and he's got a good bod and a great cock and shoots loads like dollops of hot mayo, and I'm there in the hotel getting a total proper shafting from him, and afterwards, when we've mopped up the juice and kissed for a bit and he's asleep, I'm tempted to get my laptop out and surf around till I can find some hot boi on cam working his meat over for me. I mean, wtf? Porn's supposed to be what you do when you haven't got the real thing yeah? But what does it say when you've got a stud in your bed and you've got his juice in your belly and the promise of more in the morning, and maybe, if all goes OK, every morning for many years yet, but you're still thinking of some 19yo cali surf dude working his niner like a pro till he glops over his pecs and licks it up promising more next week. Fuck, well, you reach for your guy's two day old boxers, picking them up from the floor and take a good sniff from the pouch, and start to bone up and get to work on Nymphet Bikini the rod while the surfboi shows you his gear, and I'm thinking fuck yeah dude this works for me, even though the stud is asleep in a bed right next to me and the bed's costing 200 a night because this is supposed to be an Nymphet Bikini upmarket country shag pad, and they don't mind two guys doing a room together because hey we're as good for the money as the breeders next door, and I'm thinking JESUS, I wish they'd just take the whole porn industry away and let me get on with the fucking.And now in my 30s this bloody porn addiction still rules my day, even though I've been with the mayo stud for ten years now, and he's pretty much the star prize, he fucks like a train and kisses like a lover and makes crab linguini and vodka shots, and I'm seriously into him, you know, we're probably gonna get the families out and say the words for the sake of our mums who always wanted their big day with a new hat and prawn sandwiches, and so you could say we're sort of there, and getting on to being a more or less a success, and guess what the sex is pretty good and the mayo keeps splatting over my chest and back and face, but I've still got a pull in my sac that says there's some new pair of straight san diego marine studs who might fuck for my voyeuristic pleasure, and I could spend a hot twenty minutes taking a look at them and working a load out, and hey, I could do that while my man is out at the shops or at work or maybe asleep or working on the car, Nymphet Bikini come to think of it there's a new cadinot I downloaded on limewire while he was asleep the other night and I haven't watched that yet, and I've always been a sucker for a french boy with a big one, even though I have my own big hung boy who shares a bed with me every night who is more than willing to get down to it. And guess what, I don't know why but I still get this fucking urge to wank like I was a fucking teen again, I mean wtf, and the porn is always available, there's always hotter studs, bigger dongs, fatter cumshots -- fuck off!!! I don't know, why do I try to imagine a dude spurting over my face and in my mouth, trying hard to taste his jizz, I mean why do I do that, when I got the best source of cream in the boxers of the guy asleep right next to me? I mean, guys, his cream is the best -- it's hot and delicious, but hey, why am I telling you that? You all know what good cream tastes like.I guess the thing is that porn is the unknown, and the packet in the jock strap next to me in bed is the familiar; and however fucking glorious the familiar is, some days it doesn't compare to that tempting porno possibility that you just might strike pure gold. What if the dude has a body by Michelangelo and a ten inch hardon and chants your name lovingly as he stares at the camera working his meat expertly and enjoying and caressing and teasing his body until he explodes in an ecstatic, impossible shower of spunk, drenching his chest and face, and then licking his own juice from his lips, he winks at you, and smiles, and says thanks for that, pal, that was pretty hot?I mean -- there's always a chance that could happen, yeah? Isn't there? Tell me guys, am I the only one who thinks like that?I reckon now the search for perfect porn is the thing, and no longer the discovery. Jesus, half the porn I download I don't even watch. What kind of fucking madness is that? But it's the looking -- the hunt -- that's the point, no? The hours deciding what to download, what to watch, what to save, lining up more downloads even as you watch something, and then not getting to the end of it because something else seems even hotter?Why am I saying all this? What the fuck, I'll tell you a crazy story -- proof that the porn addiction is as strong now as it ever was.Me and my man live in a building with 24 apartments off four stairways. On one of the other stairways, I have long known (as has everybody in the building) that there is a family of a decent couple and their three sons. The three sons are all way hot. The eldest is twenty-odd, and isn't around much these days, but his dark hair and smile would be enough to give you a bone if you bumped into him in the street. The next is about nineteen or twenty, and lives half at home with his parents and half with his girlfriend, but can't afford to move out properly yet. He's got a motorbike which makes way too much noise but you just can't help but forgive him that because he's so fucking hot, and when you see him swing his leg over that big beast and zip up his leathers, you find you got a situation and need to ease the tension in your boxers.The youngest son is 17, and gives head for cash. True. Everyone knows it.I don't know if he thinks of himself as a prostitute or not, and I don't much care either way. He's free to do what he wants as far as I'm concerned. I know his delivery is good, because the guy who lives above us told me. He's an architect in his 40s, and has a succession of high energy fuckbuds but no permanent man in his bed. I know they are high energy because we hear him. Hey that's no problem -- when me and my man get going, we don't hold back either. More than once the architect has invited himself into our bed, and we always said no. But hey we're still friends, and he and I chat a lot -- and swap porn. On one conversation recently, he told me of the very cute dark haired teenager from the staircase over the back, the youngest of those three dark haired stud puppies, and how the architect had a good thing going with him, which was fifty for a headjob, whenever he wanted it. My architect buddy had taken this teenager's service on half a dozen occasions, and every time the young guy's work had left him zinging like a squeezed lemon.According to the architect, the dude doesn't get his dick out, and he won't let anyone touch him, but the price is well worth it if you fancy some great head and want to witness a young apprentice perfecting his trade. Well, my infidelity has always been with porn and not with flesh, and I wasn't interested. I can have a spine-cracking blowjob most nights of the week by cooking my guy steak and opening a merlot. But I was intrigued by the young guy, enough to ask about him whenever I bumped into the architect on the stairs or when we were swapping DVDs.Pretty soon I learn that the young guy's client list, even just within our building, is quite extensive. In the twenty-four apartments, there are four families with young kids, three with teenage kids and three with grown up kids. There are four couples without kids, two gay couples (we being one) two single gay guys who live separately and alone (including the architect) two straight guys who share an apartment, a crowd of three party girls who all work as cabin crew, and an old woman with a parrot. Fuck -- I won't bother you with all that shit. The point is that there are 27 guys between the ages of 16 and 50 living in our block.Take away from that the number the young dude's own brothers and father (although, fucking hell, there's a few wank fantasies right there) and that leaves a neat 24 -- one per apartment on average, and according to the architect who heard it from the young dude himself, of those 24 he services 8 regularly and has worked ad hoc on a further 7. Fifteen! Jesus man, the kid knows how to build up a business. All done by word-of-mouth too. Or should that be skill-of-mouth.Fifteen is all the more amazing because there are only six openly gay guys -- two couples and two singles -- and that total of fifteen does not include even all the gay contingent: I know I am not on his CV, and I'm damn sure my man isn't either. My man doesn't have orgasms I don't know about; he's way too busy for a start, and I would see it in his eyes if he'd been dropping his boxers for a teenager. (OK so maybe he wanks off at work -- who doesn't from time to time. But no way is he into this kid.)The architect tells me -- I'm pretty interested in all this, even though it's irrelevant information as far as me and my man are concerned -- that the women in the block are either absolutely in ignorance or completely in denial, whereas the men are quite cool and open about it. The architect told me he had a conversation in the lift with one of the young fathers on the north-facing side who had nothing but praise for this local business enterprise. And apparently the other cohabiting gay couple (Derek and Julian their names are; they're younger than us and we kind of like them but wish they wouldn't assume that being gay and in the same block means they can borrow whatever they want) well apparently they book the dude for a double hit once a week. A hundred a week seems a lot to spend on head when you can get it for free, but I guess that's their lookout.Anyway it's Tuesday and the architect comes down mid-morning for a coffee, which he often does on a Tuesday, it's sort of a social housewifey habit we have -- he works from home and I pretend to, doing a bit of this and that and keeping house and wanking a lot and checking out porn while my man is out earning proper cash -- and I'm just frothing the milk for cappuccinos and the architect says he's just had a good head job from the dude the previous evening, and I ask how it was and the architect says it was a full-on body shaker, and then he says, by the way, the kid wants to know why you two aren't on his books.Well just maybe we aren't on his books because we don't need to be, but I like talking about hot stuff with the architect (he is always hopeful it will lead to some action but I always know it won't) because he's a fellow porn aficionado and wank addict. You should give him a go, the architect says. I reckon he'd do you a freebie as an introductory offer.I'm actually not interested. I learned to suck dick well myself when I was the dude's age, and so did my man. We have all the dick sucking skills we need in one house. And for me and my man sucking a dick is not something you do fully clothed on your knees without getting in to it. When I suck my man's dick, I am naked and horny and hard, and I want to shoot with him and be part of it. Often the taste of cum makes me shoot anyway. And it's the same when I get sucked. The thought that the dude comes in, kneels, unzips his client, administers the service, gets paid and leaves is certainly hot and horny, but just not for me.But then the architect says something that blows me away, and has me alert, semi-hard, sniffing the air and wide-eyed as if I am on the horniest porn hunt that any hot-blooded homo ever had online.Man, you should really consider it, said the architect. I have a video of him doing his stuff on me if you fancy checking out the service first.A video??? I pant.Well, you know, a video clip which I took on my digicam, says the architect. I could mail it to you in sections, or burn it to a disc.Yes yes yes, I gasp, for here surely is the ultimate porn experience. A teenager in my own block blowing my neighbour for cash. I nearly cum just thinking how hard I am going to wank when I get to see it.Sure, said the architect. I'll do you a disc and bring it down later. Now where's the coffee, and tell me, what the fuck were you two doing last night -- sounded like you were banging the bed through the floor.That was true. The previous night me and my man had had a totally hard sesh when I had spread my legs wide and let him go to town with his big one up my hole. Three times each we'd cum in a couple of hours, which was like we were teenagers again. Good job the parrot woman below us is deaf, although on second thoughts we probably would still fuck that loudly even if it were a house full of nuns down there. I fill in the rest of the coffee chat telling the architect about some boring rubbish, unable to stop thinking about the video. I can hardly concentrate all afternoon, wondering when the point would come when I would have to give in and go upstairs and ask him to hurry up with it.But the architect is a man of his word, and about 4pm he was going out and dropped the disc in on his way past. Cheers pal, I said, already on my way to open up my laptop even before the front door had clicked shut.Truth is, porn is a near-religious experience for me. In fact I take porn far more seriously than religion: truly great porn can get me to a state of sublime ecstasy and keep me there, and I can safely say religion has never had that effect. Studio porn can sometimes do it for me on that level (it certainly used to all the time) but now I think by far the best porn is amateur guys doing their stuff and then letting the world see. Example: the hottest porn I own currently is a DVD which came from a really unexpected source. We had a weekend in prague last year -- wtf you've probably all been to prague, guys -- loads of gay guys do. The city is crawling with Nymphet Bikini talent, and it's a cool place to go with your man and fuck however you want. The clubs and bars are open and liberal, and the saunas have to be seen to be believed. My man and I fucked in a sauna, and really enjoyed the crowd around us. We watched a few other guys afterwards, and then relaxed in a tub together, kissing a bit. A guy slipped naked into our tub and said hot fuck you two had back there. We said thanks pal. He said, party tomorrow night, a few guys like us, you two would be very welcome. He gave us an address, and left. His ass was very tasty as he lifted out the water. My man and I do not play around, but I sensed that if we were ever going to, it would be at something like this: a one-off party on a holiday weekend, completely anonymous and horny.We went to the party. That party Nymphet Bikini is not the point of this story, but it was hot. What the fuck guys, it was super fucking hot. We did not play with the other party goers, but we had sex for many hours in front of other guys, and with other couples fucking around us and rubbing against us, and with an open, honest and unthreatening feel to the whole thing. The guy who invited us was as good as his word -- there were about 20 of us, all in our 30s, some hairy and some smooth but no twinks and no bears. It was just guys. It was great. On our way out at about 3.30am when the party was still going strong, the guy asked for my email address. I gave it to him and thought no more of it. A couple of days later I had a mail from him that had gone to the whole group saying what a great evening it had been, when the next party would be, and if we wanted a video, drop him an address for him to send it to.If we wanted a video???I had not been aware of any cameras, but I'd been in the centre of a crowd of hot guys fucking for about four hours. Had there been a camera there? I had to know. I sent him our address. A week later a packet arrived postmarked prague with an unmarked DVD in it. On the disc was an edited version of the party: 2 hours of guys fucking, including me and my man.It is the hottest porn I have ever seen. If forced, I could reduce my collection of several hundred discs to just this one. It is stellar. Fly-on-the-wall stuff -- the guys are not playing to the camera -- they are just enjoying themselves. Some of the fucking is bare, some is safe, some of the cocks are average, a couple are mighty. Some bodies are Nymphet Bikini toned, waxed and clippered, others natural, and all of the sound is awesome. A lot of Nymphet Bikini the cumshots are missed -- they are internal, or lost in shadow, or simply out of the reach of the camera -- for this is real sex, not a studio concoction, and when a cumshot is actually caught on film it is all the more exciting. One features the largest cock in the room being sucked by one guy, and it erupts over his face. The sound of both guys is amazing. Then the camera moves on to a couple who were fucking, rubbered up, just next to me and my man. I think they had not met before the party. They cum simultaneously -- one cock deep inside a hole, the other mashed between two stomachs -- and though both cumshots are obviously missing, the power of their orgasm is clearly caught on film and it is burning hot. When the bottom is cumming, he stretches out, lost in fuck lust, and grabs my own arm hard. I had no memory of it happening, and seeing it on film is scorching.Me and my man have tried to watch it all the way through, but it is simply too hot. We end up fucking before twenty minutes is up. One day me and my man will get round to fixing up a cameraman we can trust, abstaining from jizzing for a few days and make our own great fuck film, without the extra cast. But until that happens, I can get as hot as fuck when I watch all those other guys doing it at that party in prague. Why do I mention this video at this point? Because I had every reason to expect that the one the architect had just handed me was going to be as exciting for me.I knew the architect had a big cock. I mean, I have Nymphet Bikini never seen it, but the other unattached gay guy in our block (Paddy, he's only 27 but acts like he's 50) had a couple of dates with the architect, and he told me that the architect is packing it. Also, I mean, I wasn't born yesterday, there was an agenda here. Why would the architect be so keen to show me this video? It surely can't be just because he wanted to advertise the kid's dick sucking talents. Of course the architect wants in our bed. Once he even asked all six gay guys in the building over to his place and suggested taking some coke and seeing what happened. He's a fuck maniac. That's cool -- good luck to him. But we opted out. So did Paddy I think -- I don't know if Derek and Julian stayed and did anything in that direction. Perhaps I should ask.But even if I hadn't known the architect had a big one, I still would have guessed he was hung just from the fact that he wanted to show me the vid. I mean, did anyone ever go round trying to show a guy a vid if he only had a tiddler? Guys, I dunno on that. I've known two guys with small cocks and one with a very small one. All of them were good lovers, and the one with a very small cock (I would doubt his hardon was even 2 inches) was an astonishingly agile bottom, like a gymnast on crack. But I would say you gotta be superconfident before you go round showing the world a vid of your sub-2-inch cock. So the architect was hung. Who cares - he was not even half the story.How do you start a professional cock-sucking service at 17? How do you gain the confidence to go up to a guy and advertise your time? How do you know you're worth the cash if you only just started? I wanted the answers to these questions, and I wanted to know without trying him myself. And now the architect just handed me a vid of the boy at work. It was too good to be true.The disc whirred in the laptop, and the player jumped into life. First shot was the dude, his dark hair pushed back off his forehead, looking as hot as fuck, unzipping the architect who was obviously sprawled on the sofa, clothed, legs wide. The camera shot was low over his t-shirt-clad chest and belly, straight into the dude's face. The architect obviously hadn't asked, because the first thing that happens is the dude says, man, you gotta pay double if you wanna film it. Sure, says the architect, and the dude goes to work fishing out the rod. The architect is soft, which surprises me, because I am already as hard as a pole. Even soft, the architect's dick is sizeable. Stretch it out, he purrs at the dude, and the dark-haired stud does just that, pulling it clear of his bush for about five floppy inches, and then going in with his mouth. That's all you see for a while, apart from the top of the dude's glossy, very dark hair, and then about two minutes later the dude pulls off and a very large, angry erection snaps straight back against the architect's stomach. They both moan. The dude stops to remove his shirt; underneath he is wearing a black muscle vest -- he looks hot as fuck and I could have wanked off just looking at a freeze frame of him slipping his shirt off. The architect fumbles with the camera and the shot goes all over the place, and when it steadies again he has lost all his clothing below the waist and pulled his t shirt up to reveal Nymphet Bikini his flat furry belly. The dick rises like a fat tower straight up from the bush, and the dude goes back to work.Now I can see his style. He uses his hands a lot, but not too much -- most of the work is done with his lips and tongue, but now and again he takes a lot in his mouth, half the length maybe. But it's what's missing that fires me up. I cannot see a teenage cocklust in his eyes. When his eye does catch the camera, he is embarrassed. Is it possible that this kid is not gay, and is seriously just earning cash? The idea of that is fucking hot. What the hell happens to make a straight boy end up on his knees? Is he actually that true, rare, porn discovery -- an underage, reluctant, broke straight boy? I am so hot looking at him push his hair out of his eyes and get back to work on the prong that I nearly lose it right there.Then things take a turn -- the dude goes to work on the foreskin, and I wonder about him again. He is an absolute foreskin master, and he looks totally into it now too. He must have a foreskin of his own to know how to manipulate one so well, and he does it all with his tongue and lips, and shows his ability clearly for the camera. The architect is getting hot and moaning porno stuff at the dude. He pushes the foreskin right back over the glans with his lips, and then swabs the cockhead with his tongue and allows the foreskin to retract back over the head, now with his tongue inside the skin, and then he rims his tongue round the cockhead under the skin -- the skin is bulging and I can clearly see the tongue action under the architect's slack hood, and then he closes his mouth around the whole lot and chomps down rhythmically with his jaw, pulling hard with one hand on the hairy nutsac. He does this for about 30 seconds, and the architect goes wild. Just when I think the thing's gonna end early but happy, the dude comes off the cock and grins like a film star at the camera, as if saying -- hey man, I got timing too. His hand works the long prong of the architect in proper full length wank strokes, and the two converse briefly while the dude stares at the fine piece in front of him, as if wondering what pleasures he can cause next.I change my mind now. The dude is gay. He's getting a lot out of sucking the cock, sure, but the giveaway is he's getting more out of giving the pleasure itself. He doesn't want to be told that he is hot, or that yeah he can suck dick -- he wants to be told oh my god that's amazing, please don't stop, you have no idea what you are doing to me, that kind of stuff. In a studio production of this blowjob, the soundtrack would be yeah, boy, suck that cock, boy, and it would be the poorer for it. In short, this blowjob is not about the dude -- it's about the owner of whichever cock he is working on, and when I get that, I totally understand the boy. When the architect yells oh my god oh my god that's amazing, the dude is glowing from his own rush. It's clearer and clearer that the dude is a giver. He wants to give pleasure. He is actually getting off on the pleasure he is causing. I'm trying to imagine if the dude is hard or not -- he must be, surely, if he's 17, gay, and with a large cock in his mouth. But he has not touched himself once -- he is focussed on the cock. His hands and mouth and tongue go into a superb act -- wank strokes that are topped off with tongue, tongue-kissing the foreskin, hard knob-sucking that is assisted by working the unused lower part of the shaft, constant attention to the ballbag, and shifting his action from one thing to another every few seconds in a whirl of spinning pleasure.My dick is boned and leaking as I work it staring at the dude's efforts.Then comes the moment. He removes his hands, looks at the camera, and goes for it. I estimate the architect's dick is about seven and a half inches, satisfyingly fat and with a champion cockhead. It is not as large as my man's cock, but it doesn't matter -- I know instinctively what fun the architect must have had growing up with that. I know other hung men too, my man being one of them, and whatever they say to averagely hung guys like me, I know that they love being hung, and it affects all aspects of sex for them. My man had no first night nerves when Paul, an old school friend of ours, took my man to his bed when he was 18 and relieved him of his virginity. Paul was a tart who had been in many beds even though he was only then 20, and he couldn't believe my man had gone this long without some action. But that was the point. Men with big cocks don't need reassurance. They are not insecure. They tackle stuff in their own time and at their own rate. My man let Paul fawn around him and make out for a bit, and then he revealed his beautiful endowment, and Paul, the so-called experienced party, was under its spell immediately. The fuck that ensued was all my man, and not much to do with Paul. I know that because I have heard the story from both of them, even down to the accuracy with which they both described my man's orgasm: like dollops of hot mayo scalding Paul's back. That's my boy.So I estimate the architect's dick to be a very decent one, but the dude is up for it -- he just takes the head in his mouth, winks at the camera, and goes down. In three seconds his lips are scratting round the architect's bush, and Nymphet Bikini he is moaning like Nymphet Bikini a bastard, his throat chocked with cock. This deep throat lasts for only a second or two, and then the dude lifts off, smiles, and repeats. The fourth time he does this, he settles there, setting up a new action with his jaw and moving his neck so that his head rocks a bit -- like a gently rolling industrial vacuum. One hand is still working the architect's balls, and I notice that the other, now there is no need for it on the shaft, has gone down below, and I wonder if he is fingering the architect's hole. Seconds later I can see that yes, he is -- there is a definite frigging action from his left hand. Well, straight boys just might suck cock if they were broke, but no way do they finger a manhole. The dude is gay. And what an amazing lover he is already.Not many guys can surely last long while being deep-throated, ball-tugged and finger-fucked by a hot-as-fuck dark-haired 17 year-old stud puppy, and I wondered when the architect was going to give up his stuff. Listening to the sound of his voice and watching the picture wobble crazily, it was likely to be pretty soon. I worked my own dick hard as I enjoyed the blowjob the hottie was giving. His deep throat was amazing -- no hint of discomfort. It took me a long while to get used to sucking a big one, but this dude has got it right off. Two or three times he partially released the impressive hardon for a second, and then he was back down in the pubes again -- and the killer was the time he stayed there, working his neck and jaw like a bobbing dog, for close on a minute.The architect was going oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, nearly crying from the need to cum and panting like a bastard, and I knew we were at the moment. Suddenly the dude comes right off the cock and stares at it, working it hard and fast with his hand. Then he goes back to swabbing his tongue over the exposed helmet, wanking the shaft even harder. Oh YEAH!! The architect was bucking his hips upwards and the picture was all over the place. Oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH!!!! Suddenly there was a flash of white, and the architect had started to fire his chunks. The dude was staring intently, his own arousal clear in his dark eyes, his hand going fast and firm on the architect's rod, directing the volleys of cum over his own face and into his open, gagging mouth, milking the shaft hard as the ropes of the hot white stuff flew everywhere, the drips and drops scattering over his eyelids and cheeks and nose and lips, and then when the architect's punishing orgasm was nearly done, there was another alluring look at the camera and the dude takes the cummy, pulsating cockhead back in his mouth and sucks and sucks, his own head rolling in ecstasy. After another minute, the dude releases the softening cock, and the architect whimpers in delight. The boy lets a large quantity of cum roll out of his mouth over the architect's balls, and from his nod to the camera, I realise that this professional has not swallowed a drop. He returned it all to the donor.A professional, and a human being. He's saving himself for someone, I thought. However hungry he gets for cock, however strong his cum lust, he wants to test negative for some lucky boy when the time comes.That made me cum. He was a regular dude living in an apartment building who realised he was gay and knew he had something to offer. Nothing more. Except he was scorching hot and had movie star looks. My cum shot over my chest, and I let my body fall into orgasm.A couple of minutes later, I copied the disc to my hard drive as I do with all porn lent to me by the architect. I needed to be able to view this blowjob again, and show it to my man. Another one for the collection, hotter than most for sure, but proof that the porn addiction was as strong as ever.A few days later, I met the dude in the lift. He smiled that smile, which I had already wanked several times over. He couldn't know I had seen him on video, could he? Had the architect said anything?Nice day pal, he offered, chatty like. How's you and your man doin these days.We do fine, I said.You got any odd jobs I can help out with? I'm trying to earn a bit more to get myself a car. He smiled -- that movie star smile.You mean, do me and my man wanna pay you fifty each for a some mouth work?He looked pleased. Yeah, that kinda thing, he grinned.No way pal, I said to him. We look after ourselves there. I don't need to shell out fifty for someone who's still learning.He smiled again, nicely, but with a hint of that's your loss pal.But -- I said. I had suddenly had an idea.He looked up, sharply.I will pay you... I began.He was all ears and eyes.... to point the camera and film me and my man getting down to it. If you think you're man enough. I smiled.Just name the day, he grinned.Fucking fantastic. I can't wait to see the video. ******* Thanks for reading this far. If you enjoyed this and would like a list of the other stuff I have archived at Nifty, feel free to mail me at jsmith381hotmail.com

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