Related article: Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 20:10:39 -0700 From: Oregon Bear Subject: A Day At The Lake, Part 3This story contains graphic descriptions of consensual adult male to male sex. If you are offended by the nature of this content, or it is illegal for you to read this, please leave. A Day At The Lake, Part 3 Jim led the way into the shower, and started the hot water cascading out of the showerhead. Despite both of us coming together a few minutes ago, after both of us pumped each other's cocks, I felt shy getting into the shower with another man. I was learning a lot this afternoon, not just about Jim's strong and sensual body, and his excitement in being my new lover, but I was also shedding my own fears and frustrations of my own, stuffy view of my own sexuality. We'd been fishing buddies and friends for years, and I'd always felt open with Jim as we discussed Underage Pussy our lives, our now-ex girlfriends and wives, and how we lived as men. As Jim adjusted the water, I looked at his muscular back, and down to his large, sculpted buttocks, covered with course, black curly hair. I watched the water cascade through his curly black scalp hair and run down the strong muscles of his spine and shoulder blades. Jim turned around and grinned at me. "Now, don't be shy, partner. You just shot your load all over my hand and your chest. You've been fondling my balls and jacking my cock," Jim said, above the rushing water. "It's time to explore me a bit more." With that, Jim handed me a large bar of soap and raised his arms above his head, exposing his deeply crevassed armpits, filled with bushes of black, curly hair. I took the soap and got to work, soaping up his head, his biceps, his pits, and moved onto his thick chest pelt. Soon, his tanned body was covered with soap suds. I took my hands and rubbed the suds into his hair and all over his skin. I lingered over the depressions of his collar bone, and the curves of his muscular pecs, and washed and fondled his reddish nipples, both of which quickly perked up with my attention. My fingers explored the depths of his forest of thick chest hair, kneading his thick muscles, and up along the sinews of his massive shoulders. Grabbing the soap again, I moved onto his firm belly, and stroked his strong, rippling abs and belly button, filling it with soap and then a finger, making sure it was squeaky clean. Jim turned around, and I gave the same attention to his back muscles and the backs of his shoulders. "Move on down, Mike. Clean me up," Jim said, his voice nearly blending in with the sound of the rushing water. We'd had a hot and sweaty fishing trip, and we were both ripe from a day in the sun and the last hour of lovemaking. I took the soap bar and moved it over his strong buttocks, and then moved the soap bar into his crack. Taking my fingers, I gently moved into his crack, and Jim moved his foot to the side, spreading his cheeks so that I could move closer to his hole. I'd never done this with anyone before, but I felt at ease, with Jim being so relaxed and comfortable with me soaping up his butt crack. Water kept washing away the soap, and I kept rubbing the soap into the hair in his crack. "Go inside of me, now, Mike. Soap up a finger and stick it in, as far as you want," Jim said. I blushed, but did as he asked and soon my finger had moved a bit inside of his hole. Surprisingly, his chute was soft and firm, and I enjoyed how his body closed around my finger, embracing it firmly. Jim then bent forward a bit, and moved his legs wider, spreading his cheeks even Underage Pussy farther apart. "Now, wash my balls and cock," Jim directed. I reached under his butt, felt his bull-like balls, hanging heavy in their sac, and I soaped them up with one hand and the soap bar. I rubbed the soap suds thoroughly into the hairs and the silky skin of his scrotum, which had relaxed and dropped down with the warm water, so that each nut freely moved Underage Pussy inside of the sac. I reached around Jim's waist and found his cock, semi-hard and starting to point up towards his chest, and began to rub it with some of the suds that coated the hair around his balls. "Get under my skin, too," Jim said, and I rolled down his foreskin and moved a soapy finger around the corona of his cockhead, again and again, as I felt him get hard. Jim stood up and I moved the finger and hand that was in his butt up his back and around to his chest, and I began to rub his chest pelt and his still-hard nipples. The water fell with a loud splash onto the tile, and Jim moaned with pleasure, and I was at ease with the rich feel of his skin and hair in my fingers and hands. "Now, it's your turn, Mike, "Jim said, as he took the soap bar from me and began to attend to my own hairy armpits and chest. He was a gentle washman, and took his time making sure every muscle and inch of skin was given special attention from his rough calloused fingers and hands. Soon, he was pleasuring my own erect nipples, giving each of them a thorough cleaning and then a long, lingering kiss from his moustached lips and hungry tongue. His hands soon were washing my balls and cock, and I began to pant and gasp, nearing another orgasm. I felt one finger run along the skin line between my balls and hole, sending electric currents up to my brain and into my balls and cock head. I moaned with delight, and felt the tingle from his lips move from my chest down to my balls and the tip of my now-hard cock. Jim gave my own cockhead special attention, and washed every crevice and wrinkle of my cock, my foreskin, and my ball sac. Jim's movements along my balls and cock slowed, and he moved his attentions back to my butt crack and hole. Jim gently pushed me around, so that my chest was in the brunt of the showerhead's force, and began to wash my butt crack. "I want to clean you completely, Mike, and that means I'm gonna move into your hole. I'll go slow, and you'll have no pain," Jim whispered in my ear. "My cock wants to be in your hole tonight, and I want you to be nice and clean." I nodded. Somehow I had left my fear and my embarrassment at this intimacy. A lot of it was Jim's openness about his own body and his own sexuality. But, part of it was my newly discovered feeling of my own sexuality and comfort of being in my own skin. Jim moved slowly, and soon his finger was almost all of the way in, soap running down my crack and legs. He was gentle and soon, I felt his finger next to my prostate, sending waves of intense pleasure up my spine. I had never experienced such intense sexual excitement inside of me, and I nearly came several times. He soon pulled out of me and rinsed off the soap from every crevice and every patch of hair, and then he planted a big kiss on my lips, as he reached over to turn off the water. His fingers ran through my hair and then my beard, as he pulled my lips to his, for yet another gentle kiss. His tongue entered my mouth and began to suck and play with my tongue. "It's time for another lesson, Mike. I want to make love to you, now," Jim said, softly. I want to be inside of you, Mike. I want to cum inside of you." I realized I wanted this, too. I wanted Mike's love and I wanted to feel his cock filling me up. Nothing else mattered, now, and my world of concern had shrunk to just this cabin and this burly, strong man who loved me. Jim grabbed a couple of towels and tenderly swept the water off of my body, the rough cotton pleasuring my skin and drying both of us off. He gave special attention to my hard cock and balls, rubbing the cloth gently into my groin. He moved ahead of me into the bedroom, and tossed off the comforter onto a chair, and fired up the oil lamps on the fireplace mantle, as the sun was just setting through the window. He struck another match and lit the fire he had laid that morning before we left on our fishing trip. The room began to glow in the soft golden light of the lamps and the crackling light of the fire, bouncing against the light pine logs of the walls and ceiling. The fire threw off a bit of smoke, and the cabin air smelled lightly of pine trees, lamp oil, wood smoke, and soap. Jim sat me down on the bed, and knelt before me, spreading open my naked thighs with his strong hands. He began to kiss the inside of my thigh and wetted the skin with his tongue, rubbing his moustache and beard along my leg. His tongue moved in small circles, moving up towards my groin. His hands also moved higher and soon, his hands were gripping my waist, as his mouth moved up to my balls. In an instant, his mouth had taken both of my balls inside his wet, warm mouth, and his tongue explored my balls and sac, drenching my hair and causing my cock to reach its highest mark, the foreskin pulled back by my now pulsing cockhead, to fold up against the rim of the head. Precum flowed from my piss slit, soaking my head and running down my shaft into my stiff hair, and then onto my balls and into Jim's moustache. Jim slowly finished with my balls and Underage Pussy his mouth slowly slid up my shaft and onto and over my cockhead. He breathed onto my sensitive head, sending waves of pleasure down into my balls and up my spine into my skull. The sensations changed when he breathed in, and then out, and then, he moved onto my cockhead and down the shaft. Soon, my entire cock was enclosed by his mouth and beard, and he began a slow up and down movement, with each fraction of an inch of movement bringing new pleasure. His fingers fondled my balls, and then pressed gently into the bundle of nerves at the base of my balls and next to my hole. Jim quickened his pace and I quickened my gasps and pants, and, once again, I felt my cum rising in my balls and moving into my cock. Suddenly, I spurted one, two, four jets of cum into Jim's rapidly moving mouth, as he gently cupped my balls with one hand and caressed my hard, aching nipple with his other hand. White light moved across my eyes and into my brain as I lost all sense of time and place, and I flopped down on the bed, my cock still thrust into Jim's mouth. Jim rubbed his fingers over my chest and down my belly and then back to my chest and nipples. One hand reached up to my new beard, and he rubbed my chin and lips with his hairy thumb. My breath began to return to normal and I grinned up at Jim. He had released my cock, and looked back at me, my cum leaking out of his lips and running down his hairy chin. Jim moved closer to me, and pushed me farther up the bed, and soon, my feet were flat on the bed, my knees bent, and Jim was kneeling on the bed, his thighs rubbing against my inner thighs. His cock was hard and pulsing with his heart beat, and he started to smile. More of my cum split down his chin and he licked off a big drop of it with his tongue. "I'm gonna make love to you, now, partner. I'm gonna put my cock up your ass, and you're gonna love it," Jim said. I spread my legs a bit more, as he moved closer, leaning over to kiss me on my mouth, and I tasted his wetness and my cum. Jim's finger began to probe my hole, and I felt him wet the hole with a cool fluid. "I'm lubing you, up, buddy. This is a lubricant, and it will help both of us. You're a tight fit, and I want to make this good for both of us," Jim said, as his finger pushed more of the lube into me. Soon, he had two fingers in me, and then, as I relaxed, a third finger. Waves of pleasure and a feeling of fullness overcame me, as my cock began to come to life yet again. I heard Jim ripping open a condom, and I looked down at his groin, to see him rolling a condom over his massive cockhead and down to the hairs on his cockroot and the top of his balls. His cock bounced and pulsed, and Jim moved his manhood closer to my hole. He picked up both of my legs by the calves and moved them over his shoulders, opening up my buttocks to his turgid manhood. I kept looking down at his cock, and then, I felt the tip of his cock up against my hole, the heat from his cockhead warming my hole and the drop of lube that was on the outside of my hole. Gently, he pushed his cockhead into me, and then, my muscles relaxed and the entire head slid in. I felt stretched, yet relaxed, as the pleasure increased. "You OK, partner? Jim asked. "Are you ready for me to move in a bit more?" I nodded, and his cock moved in again, one inch at a time. I didn't want this to end, and I felt I couldn't get enough of his stiff, ready love muscle. The feeling of fullness and closeness with Jim became the centermost thought of my over-stimulated brain. Nothing else mattered, but getting more of Jim, getting closer to Jim, getting more of his hard cock into me. I felt his balls bounce against my butt cheeks, and the hard bone of his groin push his thick black bush underneath my balls, rhythmically touching my trigger between my balls and my hole. I began to climb to yet another climax. With every thrust, my balls were stroked and teased by his hair and the strength of his hard cock, filling me and fondling every nerve in my groin. His arms were pillars of iron on each side of my chest, and I grabbed onto his biceps with my fingers, feeling his strength, his piston movements, and, soon, Underage Pussy drops of his sweat running from the hairs pits and down his strong arms onto my fingers. In and out, in and out, strong buttocks moving slowly, his belly moving in and out, and his furry chest, in and out, starting to fight for breath, as he started to reach his climax. He quickened his movement, and his chest began to flush with orgiastic tension, sweat forming under his hair and on his nipples. His eyes closed, and his mouth opened to fight for more air. His muscles clenched and flexed, and he threw his head back. "I'm gonna cum!" Jim moaned. His cock lost all sense of a regular rhythm, and he thrust one more time, his cock exploding and shooting his seed deep inside of me, heating me again with his cum, his groin thrust firmly against me, pinning me to the bed. He collapsed onto me, his wet chest on top of me, his gasps raining down on my neck and face, his cock still firmly embedded in me. His ragged breath began to ease, and he rolled off to my side, his now flaccid cock slipping out of me, and it rolled onto my thigh. Jim put his arm over my chest, as I felt the tension of his climb to orgasm seep out of his body. He fondled my hair, and touched my nipple again. I reveled in every movement of his touching and stroking of my body, his electricity raising me to new heights of delight. I was still hard from Jim's lovemaking, and Jim's hand soon wandered down to my sweat-soaked groin, and began to wrap itself around my cock. He fingered my balls, and then began his now-familiar dance with my cock, slowly pumping me up and down inside his hot, damp hand. He laid his head on my chest, his beard and moustache tickling my chest hairs and nipples, as I began to pump against his hand. We soon found our rhythm, as I climbed higher and higher, losing all sense of anything but Jim's hand and my cock and the mounting pressure in my balls to cum again. Jim moved slowly, then urgently, as my climax built and my chest became soaked with my lovemaking sweat, my pits drenched with my urgent need to cum in Jim's hand. Again and again, we climbed to the heavens, and then Jim would slow and wait for me to calm down, as I begged for Underage Pussy release. And again, we moved together and I quickly passed the point of no return, thrashing and thrusting, sending jets of my cum towards the ceiling, splashing against my belly and chest, and Jim's hand, arm and beard. His strong head held my heaving chest down on the bed, as I began to regain my breath and return to earth. He cupped my balls with his strong hand and then rubbed my juices into my belly and chest hair. He rubbed his cum streaked beard against my chest, and then rubbed that cum into my fur and nipples. A log fell in the fireplace, sending out some sparks, and a flash of flame. Jim's stomach growled, and he gave my balls a little squeeze. My ragged breath began to slow, and I was, at last, able to open my eyes and gaze into his manly face. "Well, lover, that was mighty nice. Now, I think we're both ready for dinner and some fresh trout. Maybe even a beer," Jim chuckled.Copyright 2008 oregonbear 9

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