Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 22:40:50 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening - Part 1Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. If you have trouble with the English educational system let me know. A dramatis personae will follow after a few installments - there are a lot of characters! ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By Joel Prologue August 1998 I was gazing rather distractedly out of the large picture window facing the bay when the sound of a car ascending the hill drew my attention. The car stopped and then started again and I guessed our trusty gardener had opened the security gate. My elder son, Francis, who had been beside me went to the window overlooking the drive. The sound of the car had then increased and stopped again as it drew up below us. There was a moment's silence only broken by a low murmuring coming from the bedroom behind us and a slight slamming noise as the occupant of the car got out. "Oh, thank goodness, it's Monsignor Mike," Francis said with relief, "But he does look a bit hot and bothered." I went over to the side window and peered down. A small, dusty black Peugeot stood there with an equally small, dusty-looking black-clad figure by its side. A rather red face surmounted by a halo of reddish hair looked up at us. The figure waved. I waved back. The gardener came up the drive and the pair of figures went round the side of the villa. As we walked back from the window Francis continued. "I'm glad he's come, there's nothing else I can do. Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Tony's quite without pain now and he said he wanted a word with Uncle Mike before the end." The low murmuring from the bedroom became a bit more distinct as we drew nearer the door. I peered round the half-open door. My friend and brother-in-law number one was sitting, propped up in bed, a drip feed in his left arm, with a slightly younger man sitting reading from a manuscript at his side. Francis passed me and went over to the bed. I saw Tony give him a wan and loving smile. The younger man stopped reading. "I think that's the best you've ever written, Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Tony," he said with approval, "I'll take the manuscript back with me on Monday and we'll have it out ready for the Christmas lists. The proofs should be ready very soon." Francis reached down and took Tony's pulse. "Sounded good, Kanga," he said after mouthing the usual counting mantra, "I took down the last two chapters by dictation and it's only due to the good spell-checker on the PC that you can read what I typed up." My son, Tony's lover and doctor, stood upright as he let go of his wrist. "It's steady but low," he announced, "But, anyway, Uncle Mike's arrived." Francis and his younger brother James, had always referred to my second brother-in- law as uncle as his sister Anne, my second wife, their step-mother, had brought them up from quite an early age after Kats had died in the crash with Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Kanga's brother, Roo. Tony smiled and nodded weakly as rapid footsteps over the marble-tiled floor heralded the entry of one of my oldest friends, Mike O'Brien. Mike took one look at Tony, went over to the bed and gently kissed him on the cheek. The other three of us quietly withdrew without any further greeting. We knew Tony didn't have long and we knew he wanted to talk to Mike, not because he was a Catholic priest, but because he just wanted to say goodbye to another friend. We three sat in easy chairs in the big room and looked at each other in silence for a time. I pulled out a handkerchief from the pocket of my shorts and wiped an eye. I was very close to tears. Tony, my first friend from infant school days was soon to die. My son had diagnosed lung cancer three years ago but even then it was too far advanced for any radical treatment. Still, as I thought over the many happy years of Tony's life, his and Francis's contentment, my long friendship with him and his other close friends I felt better. I thought also of his books, including the struggle he had had to finish this last one, the films made from them, the television plays and the enjoyment he had given to many and my sadness waned a little more. Francis speaking broke my reverie. "You know Uncle Mike's being made a bishop, don't you?" Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Mike had been a monsignor for many years and had worked at the Vatican ever since he had finished his studies at the Gregorian University well over thirty years ago. He was an expert on Canon Law and never spoke of the rather delicate duties he was required to undertake in various parts of the world. In his last letter he'd told me of the impending elevation. In his own deprecating way he'd said they were finding him a see in the Syrian desert or in the bogs of a remote part of Ireland. I nodded. "Not before time, Maureen always says he's up for sure for Pope!" Maureen was Mike's youngest sister, married to Sir Timothy Parker, the conductor, another old schoolfriend of mine. Kanga laughed. "They're coming over at the weekend as Tim has got some respite from waving his arms around for a couple of weeks and she's bringing some new paintings she's done for Tony's collection." I was glad I would be seeing the pair of them again so soon. Tim would cheer us all up with his playing and Maureen with her bubbling personality. The door to the bedroom opened quietly and Mike came out. He nodded at Kanga and Francis who went into the bedroom and closed the door. I stood and Mike and I embraced. Two old, old friends. I clutched him tight. "Let me up for air," he gasped, "Just remember I'm not so tall as you and I'm older!" True, I was six foot one to his five foot seven. But, he still seemed as stocky and muscular as I remembered from our adolescent years when he was a seventeen-year-old scrum half in the Catholic School XV and I ran the line for my school as a fourteen-year-old touch judge. We held each other at arms length and grinned at each other. "Enjoying retirement still, eh?" he asked. I and Anne had retired from our posts at Cambridge University a couple of years before and had spent a memorable two months in Rome being escorted around by Mike and fellow clerics but I had only seen him once since. I murmured something about being so busy now I didn't know how I had found time to go to work before when the telephone rang. I was, as usual, startled, even after many years of experience, of the peculiar ringing tone of the French telephone. As it was nearest to me I picked it up. It was another familiar voice. It was Matt. Matt and I also went back to school days and he was now also in retirement after his naval career. He and his companion, Jamie Morris, also a Commander, lived together in some style just down the coast outside Montpelier having sold, at a very handsome profit, their very successful yacht-hire business. Matt wanted to know how Tony was. I told him, without holding anything back, that Francis thought it was now just a matter of a week or so. I heard Matt sob at the other end. Old friends are hard to lose. Mike took the 'phone from me. He spoke quietly to Matt and then smiled and put the handset down. "He and Jamie are coming tomorrow. They want to stay. I'll stay as well if it's OK. I don't have to get back to Lyon for a few days." Of course it would be OK for him to stay and I said so - I didn't enquire what his business was in Lyon. In any case I would be in charge of Tony's affairs here now. My younger son, James, as his legal advisor, had arranged his Will with his French counterpart and as I was more than competent in French, as my dear son so cheekily put it, it was my duty to deal with the French side of Tony's assets. Mike put his hand over mine. "We all go back a long time, don't we............." Chapter 1 September 1943After the summer holidays I was back at the City of Kerslake Grammar School, now in the Fourth Form even though I wouldn't be fourteen until my birthday on September the thirtieth. I was the second youngest in our class of seventeen boys, Nobbo Clarke was two days younger than me and Benno Crabbe two weeks older. One school rule was that you had to wear shorts until you were fourteen so Nobbo, me and Benno Crabbe were the only three left in our class wearing them, just waiting for our birthdays and through solidarity keeping together. Needless to say the first couple of days were a bit hazardous especially when encountering the parallel Fourth Year, 4S, whose members, all of them in longs, took the mick prodigiously. I resolved early on to keep out of their way except, of course, our lot were pretty noisy 'bout our attire as well. "Here come the three O's, three little maids are we!" was one of the less stressful greetings we encountered on entering the form room on Thursday the ninth, the first day back. "Shut up! Barnes!" bellowed Huggy Puggy our new form master. Barnes shut up but prodded George Clegg sitting in front of him and whispered something obviously very funny about us as Cleggy guffawed loudly. "Clegg, still acting the fool. Hasn't grown an inch in intellectual stature over the past six weeks of glorious English summer, have you, boy?" Hugo Pugh's fine bass voice echoed round the room, "Clegg, I hope you and I will come to our usual amicable arrangement that I won't bother you if you don't bother me, not only in mathematics but now that I am your form master, eh, lad?" Cleggy mumbled something which Huggy couldn't catch. "What's that, lad?" "Please sir, I have grown two inches taller over the summer." Huggy grimaced, he was always grimacing but we had learned early on that his bark was worse than his bite. "I am gratified that you have achieved something by no doubt eating your mother out of house and home but I have the suspicion mathematically that growth in bodily stature with you is inversely proportional to growth in intellectual stature, eh, lad?" There was a slight titter at the back of the class as some wag made a comment which I didn't hear and Huggy chose to ignore. "Right, 4K, let's get on with your timetable and all the other domestic matters without the idle chitchat so beloved of the younger members of this school. You are now on the verge of senior membership of this glorious establishment and the long shadow of the public examinations is upon you." When Huggy got going there was no stopping him. Actually, even Cleggy liked him, their warfare only went skin deep and harked back to the time when Cleggy was having trouble with simultaneous equations. He's much more interested in History and Biology in any case which he says don't need mathematics but Huggy overheard him say it that fateful day and got in a fearful rage which boils up whenever Cleggy incites him. The three O's, Benno, Nobbo and me, Jacko Thomson. Really I'm Jacques Pierre Francis Thomson, but known universally to all and sundry as Jacko. My mother, Jeanette, is French and I gathered the three first names from her father and grandfather and my dad's father. Jacko I acquired at infant school and it's stuck ever since. Ma came over to England in 1929 from Alsace-Lorraine after having married my father who had done an engineering degree at Manchester University and had met her on an exchange visit to her home town while doing his higher degree. I arrived on the scene soon after. Pa finished his degree and we all moved to Kerslake in 1932.Dad doesn't say much about what he does but he didn't get called up at the beginning of the war and spends all manner of hours in charge of some project at 'the works'. It must be something important as he has to go down to London quite regularly with reports. Ma, of course, is also fluent in German and used to teach it and French at the Girls' High but she now has some job or other translating, also, at 'the works'. My only benefit from all this is that I've had a head start in French at school because Ma has always talked to me in three languages. She's also a marvellous cook. My only other accomplishment is that I've been learning to play the piano since I was eight. Mrs Tring, my teacher, says I would be quite good if I practised more. As I'm often left to my own devices I've usually spent a lot of time with my best friend, Tony Marcham, who is just over three months older than me. I've known him since Infant School and we went up Junior School together and both won scholarships to the Grammar school. We've always worked well together and although I'm almost the youngest in the class we generally come near the top although I'm much better at maths than he is. I hadn't seen Raygold Hussyfan Pthc very much of him over the summer because soon after we broke up his gran was ill so he, his mother and his younger sister went to stay with her. I did know that he had been to Scout camp but otherwise I'd had no contact and for the first two days back I was too preoccupied with settling into school again so hadn't had time to catch up on chat. Also he seemed rather pally with Cleggy at the moment having been to camp with him and Cleggy was the main pain about our attire. Then, as we were leaving on Friday afternoon he came up and asked if I was going straight home and, if so, would I wait and we'd ride home together. We both lived about a mile and a half from the school in adjoining roads and often cycled to and from school together. I waited by the bike sheds for him, ignoring sarcastic remarks from two or three of the form including Cleggy. At long last Tony came hurrying round the side of the school and as he rushed into the shed explaining as he went, "Had to see Cleggy as we've got a camp reunion tomorrow and Sunday to finish off our badges and then we are being examined Monday evening." Both he and Cleggy and half a dozen of the others in the class were fervent scouts and spent inordinate amounts of time tying knots and lighting fires to acquire an armful of badges. "I don't know why Cleggy is so mouthy about the three of us left over when he'll spend the weekend in shorts," I complained as he reappeared. "Yeah," he said, "I suppose it's the difference between when you have to and when you want to. Me, I take it as it comes." Although I felt a bit peeved about Cleggy and his mouthy ways Tony's argument was quite reasonable and that's what I liked about Tony. He never seemed too bothered about anything though he could be a bit fussy and self-important at times. And I suppose, because he worked steadily and well and had a sensible air about him it quite charmed the beaks who concentrated on the more rowdy elements like Cleggy and Barnesy. All in all, I got on very well with Tony. We rode off home together and rattled on about what we had done over the summer. When we got to his house he said why didn't I come in for a few minutes Raygold Hussyfan Pthc as his dad had Raygold Hussyfan Pthc had his room redecorated while he was away in the summer and I should see it now 'cos it was just as he wanted it. His Mum was in and greeted me quite effusively. She liked me as she said I was always nice and polite and was forever comparing me with Tony, who was as blond and curly haired and talkative as I was dark with straight locks and quiet. "My, you've grown since I last saw you!" She looked at my legs, "Oh, but haven't yet attained seniority!" Tony grinned and said I still had to wait until half term before I was eligible. "Have they been unkind to you?" asked his Ma ignoring him, but he had to have his pennyworth. "Of course! Him and Benno and Nobbo, they're the only three left, the young'uns. You should see them all clinging together in case they're teased." Why all this inquest? I indicated I was not rising to the bait and said to Tony's mum that I wanted to have a look at his room. "Of course, go on up, but don't be too long as Gran is staying with us and we have to have tea soon. Do you want to stay to tea?" I said no as Ma had promised us something special tonight. Tony's mum, who knew from experience my Ma's cooking, said she was envious and waved us out of the kitchen. I was envious Raygold Hussyfan Pthc too when I saw Tony's room but I wasn't letting on. It was all fresh and clean with none of the untidy muddle of my room which I was forever being told to clear up by Ma. "I like the doors," I said, "Pity the painter didn't have enough paint to do the walls as well!" "Shut up, Jacko, you can see it's all been done just as I told Dad. He let me choose the colours from his catalogues." His father did rather indulge him and his sister and obviously could afford to as he owned the biggest estate agents in the town, a snippet of information I had overheard our next-door neighbour, Mrs Peters, telling Ma. I had a good look round while Tony put his school books on a shelf. "Hey, Jacko, did I tell you we had a fabulous time at camp. We were right by this farm and the farmer showed us round and we went and helped with feeding the animals." I suppose to townies like us such events might sound idyllic and memorable. "I've also done the tests for two more badges and we're being tested for another one next week - here have a look!" He scrabbled in a wardrobe and chucked over a khaki shirt with four badges on it. I was then given a lecture on the difficulties and differences of each and how he and Cleggy had got full marks and what a good bloke he was and they'd all been in this big tent and he thought they could easily get more badges. Then we heard his mum call up the stairs that tea would be ready in two minutes. "Can't miss that, pity you won't stay and save me from Gran's insides, she could tell you all about her problems." He stopped a moment and eyed me rather quizzically. "By the way Jacko, something I wanted to tell you." "What?" "Well, you know what some of the others in class said they could do last term?" I was a bit puzzled, someone was always boasting of something, "No?" I queried. "You know, diddling your thing and making it happen, well I can now. I found out just before I had to go up to gran's and then I went to camp and found out more..." His mother called up urgently, "Tea's ready!" "...I'll have to tell you another time, I'd better go and you'll be late as well if you don't hurry." With that he rushed down the stairs and left me to make my own way down in a rather thoughtful mood. I said cheerio to his mum and waved through the door at his gran who was already tucking into a plate of something or other, internal problems or not. On the way home I pondered on what he had said about diddling his thing and thought back to my experiences with cousin Alun a few months previously. Chapter 2 Easter 1943My cousin Alun and his mum and dad came to stay with us for a holiday over that last Easter when I was thirteen and a half. Uncle Dick was my father's eldest brother and an engineer like him, but as he and Auntie Fay and their three sons lived in Wales we saw very little of them especially since the War which had started in 1939. Alun was their youngest son, sixteen the week before and newly apprenticed as an engineering mechanic - doing very nicely, as Auntie Fay said. I hadn't seen him for about three years and he was now much bigger than I had remembered. He was quite tall against me but was slim whereas I was rather stocky and, like me, had very black hair. They arrived rather later than anticipated on the Wednesday as Uncle Dick had been to visit some firm or other on the way and had been detained - gossiping, no doubt, according to Auntie Fay. Mum took them upstairs to their room and told me to show Alun where he was sleeping. I explained to Alun that the spare room was too full of Dad's junk to let him have it so he was sleeping in my room with me in the double bed. "You're very lucky to have a room to yourself as I've had to share with Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Rhys. I think I'll have a room to myself soon 'cos Gareth says he doesn't mind sharing with Rhys for a bit now he's at college. Do you remember last time we came Rhys and I shared this room and you were in the spare room? Anyway, I don't mind sharing." He followed me into the bedroom which was quite large and proceeded to unpack some of his clothes. Ma called out that supper was ready; then Auntie Fay called out that he should wash himself and look tidy for once. He just grinned, went over and splashed about in the sink without too much effort or, as far as I could see, much effect. "Come on, boyo, I think we're going to have a nice long weekend," he said, flicking at me with the towel, "Let's be getting at the grub." Over supper the grown-ups talked incessantly about everything that had happened since they had last met. Alun and I sat opposite each other and munched steadily through the meal not saying a word except that Alun kept me in silent fits as he mimed the various idiosyncratic gestures and twitches as Auntie Fay animatedly talked the hind leg off a donkey. Ably abetted, for the other legs, by the other three. By the time supper was finished and Alun and I had been made to clear the table and help Auntie Fay wash up it was nearly nine o'clock. By that time Dad and Uncle Dick were firmly ensconced in the two armchairs by the fire in the drawing-room smoking their pipes and talking shop and Ma and Auntie Fay then began a long natter about something or other so important all other human contact was cut out leaving Alun and me to our own devices. "Boring!", he muttered, "let's go up to your room and see what you've got up there." We said goodnight but the only indication we had that any of them heard us were feeble waves from Dad and Uncle Dick with their pipes and a slight cessation in the flow between Auntie Fay and Mum, except that Mum pointed to the kitchen and mouthed "Cocoa? Later?". I went up the stairs first, with Alun following and mumbling "Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, she never stops!" "Your mum?" "Yep" "Well, mine's not far behind is she?" "But mine even talks to the cat all the time if no one Raygold Hussyfan Pthc is around." "Does it answer back?" "Poor old bugger, it doesn't get a chance! Anyway what have you got to show me?" Alun had a good look around and unearthed a pile of comics and old magazines. He ransacked my cupboard and smiled when he saw my Hornby train set and lovingly picked up the model steam engine which Dad had made when he was a student. "I like that. My Dad made one too but Gareth has bagged it so I'll have to have a go myself at making something like it very soon. It's the same with our train-set, Rhys still won't let me have my proper share of it. It's rotten being the youngest!" Gareth, of course, was his eldest brother, eighteen and a half and at Cardiff University while Rhys was the middle brother, seventeen and two months and in the Sixth Form at the Boys' High School. As we chatted I knew I was going to like Alun very much. Like his mother he never stopped talking and even though he was three years older I felt he treated me just like someone his own age. We talked for about an hour about this and that, my school, his work, and so on until Ma called up the stairs and said it was time Raygold Hussyfan Pthc for bed and cocoa was ready. We went down, the grown-ups were also still talking, picked up our mugs and went back upstairs. Alun went on with his rather entertaining monologue of everyday life and continued to unpack and put his things away very neatly. I started to get undressed and by the time we had drunk our cocoa I was in my pyjamas and into bed. Alun had finished fiddling with his unpacking and began to undress and very neatly folded up his trousers and his shirt as he took them off. He slipped off his pants and I could see he had quite a lot of black hair above a dangling cock. Mine was sparse, I'd got a few short wisps of darkish hair which had started to grow very slowly about a year ago but I had noticed there was a bit more recently. "You're very tidy," I said. He straightened up from taking off his socks. "I have to be with mum around". As he folded first one sock and then the other I was able to have a good look at his prick and balls. They seemed very big to me when I thought of mine or my friend Tony's when we'd had a look at each other. They hung loose and swung about as he moved around. My prick was still very boyish but I was certain it seemed a bit longer than it had been even on my last birthday when I had a good look at myself in the mirror. I'd also noticed my balls seemed to have become a bit saggier lately. Alun turned Raygold Hussyfan Pthc round and picked out a handkerchief from his things on the dressing-table, blew his nose and put the hanky under the pillow on his side. I noticed as he turned away from me to pick up the hanky that he had tufts of black hair under his arms and also I now saw how thick the black hair was on the backs of his legs. I certainly didn't have any hair under my arms and there was just a fine down on my legs. He unfolded a pyjama jacket which he had placed on the bed and put it on but he got into bed without putting on the bottom half which I thought was odd. Then he just said "Goodnight, young Jacko, put the light out and sleep tight!". I pulled the cord which hung down from the ceiling switch and we were in darkness. I lay still for a few minutes then turned on my side away from Alun but didn't go off to sleep. I felt Alun move around a bit and I thought he pushed the blankets and sheet away from him towards me. After a minute or two I became aware of a slight but definite rhythmic movement on his side of the bed which became stronger and more urgent. He was panting very slightly, then he breathed very deeply and the rhythmic movement stopped. There was a minute or so of silence and stillness then Alun seemed to be searching under the pillow for the hanky and after a few moments he pulled the covers around him and I fell asleep. * I must have slept very soundly because in the morning Alun was up, washed and dressed before he pulled the bedclothes off me and rolled me out of the Raygold Hussyfan Pthc bed onto the floor. "Time to get up you lazy bugger," he chortled as I thrashed around in a dazed state among the blankets, "Come on, it's a lovely day and it's breakfast time." I had forgotten entirely my puzzlement of the night before and the day passed very quickly with the grown-ups planning what they intended to do over the weekend and Alun and I eating and talking and idly letting time flow. Ma excelled herself that evening and we had a lovely meal, even with wartime rationing, during which they announced that they were going to visit some friends on Good Friday and could we amuse ourselves? I said I thought we could and Alun said he would have a go at mending my bike which needed some attention. At ten Alun said he would make some cocoa for us and go to bed so I said I would finish the chapter I was reading and follow him up. The grownups nodded and continued their chatting. "Christ, don't they rabbit!," he said as I went into the bedroom where he was already, "I'm glad we shall have a quiet day tomorrow." I said I agreed with him entirely and began to undress. Like the night before Alun was very slow in undressing and going through his tidiness ritual so I had a good look at him again and thought his cock looked a bit thicker and heavier than the night before. I thought I would copy him so didn't put my pyjama trousers on and got into bed long before he was ready. As he got into bed he reached up and pulled the light cord and I turned to face him in the bed. I don't think he noticed this and I lay very still and waited. I was rewarded because after a few minutes he reached out and pushed back the sheet and blankets away from himself and opened up his pyjama jacket. I saw him reach down with his left hand and hold onto his cock which I could see in the gloom was growing even longer and thicker. Gently, he began to rub it up and down and as he did so I felt my own cock stiffening. I must have moved because he turned his head and looked at me. He grinned and winked then turned his head away and kept up the steady stroke. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the not complete darkness in the room as before getting into bed Alun had pulled back the black-out curtaining and there was quite a bright moon shining. This meant I could dimly make out his fat, rounded knob peeping in and out of its surrounding halo of skin and, as he pulled down on his prick, the whole of his knob stood out free of the skin. Before long he was breathing very heavily and I felt his body and legs go taut against me as his cock twitched in his fingers. As this happened he pulled down hard and a jet of thickish liquid shot from his knob ending up over his stomach. He lay still for a few moments then felt under the pillow and began to mop up the stuff on his stomach with his hanky. When he'd done this he rolled onto his side and grinned at me again and whispered, "Let's have a look at you now!" He pushed the bedclothes right back and felt down between my legs. I knew something had been happening to me as I watched him. What had happened was Raygold Hussyfan Pthc quickly explained. "You've got a real little stiffy down there, Jacko, let's give it a go. Roll onto your back!" I did as I was told and he quickly undid my pyjama jacket before beginning to work my prick up and down between his fingers and thumb. My God, I wondered what was happening. I Raygold Hussyfan Pthc had never had such marvellous feelings as those which began to flow out and up from the base of my prick as he reached a steady, quite fast, beat. Once he pulled down quite sharply and hard and I winced with the exquisite pain. "OK, Jacko, you're still a bit tight," he murmured, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." By this time I was really carried away with the pulsing beat and could only whisper "Don't stop, it's so lovely." Then, quite suddenly, I felt an even greater surge somewhere inside and I seemed to jerk all over. He must have felt it too as he stopped rubbing my cock. He waited a moment then whispered, "You've come very quickly." Raygold Hussyfan Pthc I felt his hand moving over my belly and stomach. "I don't think you shot any spunk. Have you done it to yourself before?" I shook my head and murmured, "No." "Don't worry", he whispered back, "I expect you're still a bit young to shoot stuff but it'll happen soon. I didn't shoot anything the first time Rhys did it to me. I was about your age then. It's good though, isn't it?" I nodded in agreement, it certainly was, I hadn't had feelings like that before and I was ready for more. His hand was now at the base of my cock where he tweaked my few hairs then he moved down under my cock and gently massaged my little balls in their wrinkled covering. "You're just like me when I was your age. You're not quite thirteen and a half yet, are you?" I whispered back, "Yes." "Don't worry, 'cos you're getting quite a bit of hair beginning to grow now and your nuts'll soon begin to make spunk." As he said this he took my hand and put it on his belly and moved it around. "See how much happens in a very short time. My hair's been thick like this for over a year now... and I think my prick is still getting longer and I've been shooting stuff since just before I was fourteen and that just seems to get more and more." Stuff, spunk? I wondered what this stuff was - and whatever it was I apparently hadn't shot any tonight though Alun had - Raygold Hussyfan Pthc anyway it was still a most pleasant sensation I had just experienced, spunk or no spunk! I felt round the base of his prick and pushed my fingers through a mat of curly hair which had something sticky still on it. I pushed on round and down and weighed his balls in my fingers - they felt quite heavy and were certainly much bigger than mine. The hair at the top of his legs felt very wiry to my touch. "You've got very hairy legs," I whispered. "It's a Thomson characteristic, we've all got black hairy legs. You'll have them too, I expect. You should see Gareth though, he's got a dong like a bloody horse and he's got hair up to his belly button and some on his chest as well. Rhys's hasn't grown right up there yet, and nor has mine, and Rhys's prick isn't as big as Gareth's either. But mine's not too bad, is it? I bet I'll beat Rhys soon if he's not careful!" Alun seemed quite breathless after this catalogue. I felt up along his cock between fingers and thumb and met his fingers which were holding his prick Raygold Hussyfan Pthc near the end. "You've certainly got a bigger thing than I have, I do hope mine will grow." " Cause it will, and soon, and fast, mine's nearly six inches now and I think it's still getting bigger. Yours'll be like that, and your nuts'll get bigger too, just like mine. Really, Jacko, I'm not kidding, you look exactly as I was at your age and look what I've got now!" I moved my fingers down the length of his shaft which was growing ever harder under my touch. I whispered "Let me" and reached up to where his fingers encircled the end of his cock. He let go and I held his prick as he'd held mine and copied the slow rhythmic beat. He lay back, hands at his sides, his mouth open and breathing very steadily. I rubbed up and down feeling his ribbed prick hard under my grip and then suddenly his breathing became even deeper. I pulled down harder on each stroke and then he erupted. A great gush of spunk poured out over him, splashing up to his chest. He grabbed my hand and whispered urgently "Stop!". I stopped but held on to his still very stiff prick. After a while he again reached under the pillow and got the hanky out and mopped himself. "Gosh, Jacko, that was bloody good!" he whispered. "Have you done it to anyone else before?" I whispered back that I hadn't - I didn't say I really didn't know what I had done and didn't know what had happened to him. All I knew was that his cock was now less stiff and was going down in size and I certainly hadn't had my prick gripped and rubbed or experienced such feelings before. It was all very new but something about it struck a memory. I hadn't done anything like this before or had feelings like it, I was sure of that. Tony and I had often had a look at each other in the past and even had played doctors and nurses with his young sister. But, I wasn't sure. Had I seen something like this before? - or was I just imagining it? I wasn't given time to think about it because Alun immediately turned over, caught hold of my cock and gave it a friendly squeeze. "Fair's fair, it's your turn again." With that he began to pull up and down again. I felt my dick get hard again and after about three or four minutes of steady work I had a second experience of the same sort. This time even more so. I writhed on the bed as soon as the impulses Raygold Hussyfan Pthc hit the base of my cock. Alun stopped immediately and after a few moments it all calmed down. He let go of my hot prick and put a gentle hand over my belly and stomach. I turned slightly to face him. "Did you like that, Jacko?" I was too speechless to do anything but nod. "No stuff again, don't worry, but wait till tomorrow when they've gone out, we'll see what we can do then!" With that he turned over onto his other side, pulled the covers up leaving me with a newly overheated cock, feeling rather confused, wondering what the hell had happened, wanting more of the same, drowsy, and then, peacefully asleep. * Next morning I woke up first and immediately thought back to the happenings of Raygold Hussyfan Pthc the night before. As Alun was sleeping soundly I gingerly pushed the covers down and looked at my prick and then tentatively touched it with my fingers. It didn't seem to be any different, perhaps a little pinker and it felt a bit warm to the touch. I pushed the bedclothes a bit more and found that Alun was sprawled out on his back giving me the opportunity to have an even better look at his equipment. I was about to touch the end of his prick when one eye opened lazily and a wide grin appeared on his face. "Not now, Jacko, wait till they've gone out!" With that he closed his eyes and turned over away from me. Feeling spurned, I got out of bed, took off my pyjama jacket and quietly washed but didn't get dressed afterwards. It was nearly eight o'clock and they were going at nine and Dad was a stickler for time, so I thought Alun should be up soon or he wouldn't get any breakfast. I went round the other side of the bed and decided to give him the treatment he had meted out to me the day before. It was very easy, having the bed to himself he had rolled himself in the bedclothes so I gave a tug to the blankets and out he rolled. "Wait till I get you, you little bastard," he spluttered. I just stood and laughed so he grabbed me by the legs and clung on as he scrabbled free from the bedding. I fell down onto the pile as he rolled over me and pinned me down. "I'll have your little bollocks for that," he grunted and grabbed at my nuts. He put a hand over my mouth to stop me calling out and rubbed a rather rough chin over my bare chest. He squeezed my balls, I hoped playfully, and I felt my cock go stiff again under his hand. "Oh Christ," he murmured, "You're fucking rampant. For fucks sake wait until later you horny little bastard - you're beginning to give me a hardon now! Come on, keep quiet and I'll let you up, OK?" I nodded as best I could, he grinned and released me. We both had hardons and his seemed enormous to me. "I've got to wash and I'd better shave today so you can get dressed and see they don't eat all the breakfast." I got into my clothes and brushed my hair keeping an eye on him as he washed and lathered up ready for shaving still with his erect cock. Thankfully by this time mine had subsided. "Tell `em I'll be down in five minutes." "That thing's been up for more than five minutes," I said, pointing at the offending beast, "Shall I tell them that most of you will be down in five minutes but I'm not sure about the rest?" He burst out laughing and turned round from the sink, "Piss off, you little toad, or I'll ram this right up you! It'll go down in a minute or two if you don't keep staring at it and reminding me I've got it." I laughed and said I didn't think he needed reminding with a thing that size. "You're only jealous," he said, wrinkling his nose and moving his hips so it jigged up and down at me, "Bugger off now and leave me in peace or I won't mend your bike." I buggered off down stairs and told Auntie Fay who was in the kitchen that Alun would be down in five minutes but he had to shave. "He's a big lad now," said Auntie Fay proudly, "just like his brothers. You must come to see us and get to know the others better. You and Alun seem to get on well, don't you?" I nodded and said I liked him very much and I was glad he'd come because I didn't have any brothers and he was easy to talk to and get to know. Raygold Hussyfan Pthc Auntie Fay nodded and in one breath said he was a sensible lad and all three brothers got on well and Gareth was doing very well at Cardiff University and Rhys was hoping to do law at university but Alun didn't want to stay on at school so his father had found him a good apprenticeship for four years in engineering and he seemed very happy with it. I escaped from the kitchen and was finishing my breakfast when Alun appeared looking very smart with no tell-tale bulge. He made a face at me and sat down at the table with his back to the kitchen door. I stuck my tongue out him and sneered. "Bollocks", he mouthed just as Auntie Fay came out of the kitchen with a plate of fry-up for him. "Watch your face doesn't stick like that, young Jacko!" she said smiling at me. She came round the table to me and ruffled my hair and put an arm round my shoulder while Alun looked up and paused with a forkful of egg and bacon almost at his mouth. "Young Jacko's the spitting image of you when you were his age and looked like an angel which you are not now these days, Alun my boy, but I still love you, don't I?" "He's a wicked one, that Alun," she said, turning her attention to me, "Always leading me a dance, comes of being the youngest. He's just too spoilt, but he's a lovely lad otherwise." The lovely lad forked the food in and closed his eyes but not before I managed to stick my tongue out again without Auntie Fay seeing it. "This lovely one hasn't got your spots, either, has he Alun?" Alun opened his eyes and smiled sweetly. "Why pick on me? Lovely brother Rhys has so many spots you can't see his face for pimples and he's untidy with it." "Only kidding, and you haven't cut yourself shaving like he does, eh?" He grimaced and she continued, "Come on, luvvy, you're a smasher really. Anyway, we are off until eight tonight. Make sure you look after Jacko and see he's fed properly." "He's not a dalmatian, or a horse!" He looked at me rather pointedly and I got the impression he was referring to my lack of spots and would also have liked to add "yet" after his second statement from what he had said about Gareth. "He'll be OK, and after I've mended his bike he can show me around." "Good," said his mum, "Make the most of your holiday and keep out of mischief, then. Don't forget when we get back tonight we'll all be having some of his mum's smashing cooking, anyway." With that she gave me a hug and went back to the kitchen. Auntie Fay was nice and having a mother who was French and a good cook was nice too. Alun finished off his plateful and attacked the toast and marmalade. Finally he sat back and stretched his arms in the air. "I'll do your bike first and then we'll explore." Dead on nine, with Pa shepherding them to the car moaning because he had very little petrol because of the rationing, the grownups made their farewells and we waved them off looking suitably sober and vowing industriousness. As soon as they were out of sight Alun asked what was wrong with my bike. I took him out to the shed behind the garage and pointed out that the brakes were a bit dodgy, the three- speed gear didn't always engage and the chain was loose. I must say Alun was good. He had everything running and working perfectly in about half an hour. He stood up and turned the bike over onto its wheels. "There it is, Jacko my boyo, comes from having a budding engineer in the family. So what do I get paid for doing all that?" I shrugged my shoulders. "OK, I've got to wash up after that, come up and we can discuss it." I followed him up to our room where he stripped off his shirt and washed the oil and muck off his hands and arms. I pointed to his face where he had a large splodge of black. He washed that off and dried himself. "Right, Jacko, it's time for exploration. Let's get our things off." With that he rapidly removed the rest of his clothes and came over to me and helped me off with mine. "Come on, Jacko, let's have a good look at each other now it's light." He reached down and caught hold of my small but stiffening dick. Gently he eased back the skin so the tip of my knob showed. He pulled back a bit further until about half my knob popped out and I winced like I had done the night before. He gave another slight pull and I winced again but I saw a bit more of my knob was showing and that my thin cock was now very erect. "You've got a good length for a young'un and it'll soon get much bigger. You're still very tight but that'll loosen when you start wanking proper. Here have Raygold Hussyfan Pthc a look at mine." He took my hand and put it on his thickening cock which was quickly getting back to the state it was in when he was washing earlier. He guided my first finger and thumb so they made a loop just below the bulge at the end of his prick. By this time his prick was very hard and upright but bent back a bit to his belly. "Hold it tight and pull down very slowly." As I did so his fat knob peeped out of his thick foreskin and gradually as I drew it down all his knob appeared and the skin slipped under the purplish rim. I could feel his prick throbbing. "Leave go a moment!" I did and he walked rather awkwardly to the sink and picked up a bath towel which he placed on the floor. He stood at the narrow end with about four feet of towel in front of him. "Hold it again and pull down slowly." I stood just behind him to one side and took his prick in my right hand as instructed. "Pull it up and down slow and keep it going, go on, very slowly." By luck he had spread the towel in front of the full-length mirror on the wardrobe so I had the immediate view of his prick as well as a reflection of what was happening. I pulled back gently and then pushed up and gradually I made each downstroke that much stronger and watched Alun's reaction. He bent back towards me resting his back on my shoulder staring at himself in the mirror. He opened his mouth slightly and began to pant as my slow beat became firmer. His red knob stood out and I could see the band of skin on its underside which moved the end slightly each time my hand moved down. I wanted to see what would happen next and I was not disappointed. Alun leaned back further, he opened his mouth wide making odd sounds in his throat and then I felt his prick jerking out of my control. I just held on tight as a vast jet of thick white stuff shot from his knob end with some of it splashing down almost at the far edge of the towel. "My God, what a wank," he whispered hoarsely, "That was fucking marvellous, Oh, Jacko, that was really bloody great. Oh Christ, look at all that spunk! Thanks, thanks a million! Oh, my God, hold my prick, just like that." The muscles in his back were twitching and so was his prick. It was still hard and a few drops of stuff lazily oozed out. "Oh Jacko, I haven't had one like that for ages, it was heaven." He turned and put his arms round me and held me tight. As he was taller than me I felt his sticky prick pressed against my chest. I wriggled free. His prick was now beginning to go floppy. "God, Jacko, that's payment enough for doing your bike. Now let's see what you're made of." I had hundreds of questions I wanted to ask him but was silenced by the utter joy I had just witnessed. I could ask questions later. It was my turn now. He changed places with me and caught hold of the tip of my very erect cock with the fingers and thumb of his left hand. Very gently he gave me the same treatment as I had given him. Very soon my pulse rate and breathing rate had gone up and I was experiencing those feelings I'd had for the first time the night before. He quickened his beat and I began to jerk all over. I grabbed his hand to make him stop as the most tremendous surge of energy struck the base of my cock and seemed to explode inside it. I shut my eyes and panted then opened them to see if I had shot any stuff. I was most disappointed, I hadn't, not one drop. Alun was still holding my prick, now clasped in his full hand. He reached round me with his right hand and began to massage my balls. "It's OK, Jacko, as I thought last night you're a bit too young to shoot stuff. Not to worry, it'll come soon. Did you like that?" All I could do was nod, I was speechless. Alun began to rub my prick again, the exquisite pain feelings were shooting within it but I was too far gone to try to stop him. He wanked me very slowly again and kept going, I would think, for at least five minutes when another deep pulsing began and the second explosion when it happened was even more enormous than the first. "Please stop," I murmured. He let go of my prick and gently lifted me up and put me on the bed. He lay down beside me and I snuggled up against him and hugged him. I had tears streaming down my face. "Are you OK, Jacko?" "Um, yes, I'm so happy, it was wonderful." "Rhys jacked me off twice just like that the morning after he'd done it to me the first time. And I only had it done once the night before not twice like you. Gosh, I thought it was so bloody fantastic! Anyway, I thought as you're the spitting image of me you would find it bloody fantastic as well." I certainly had done. We lay pressed up to each other for some time then I felt Alun's prick stirring. "Lie on you back," I commanded. He rolled over and I knelt over his legs and grasped his cock and began to wank him again, this time a bit faster. His prick was not fully stiff when I started but it rapidly went hard and within a couple of minutes a pool of silvery come was on his chest. "You're a bloody marvel, young Jacko," he said reaching up and pulling me down so I squelched against his sticky chest, "You're going to love flogging your donkin like the rest of the family. Rhys and I have had some tremendous wanks together and that bastard Gareth is bloody insatiable. He's always beating his meat or getting one of us to toss him off. You know what it's really called?" I shook my head, "No, I don't, what?" "It's called masturbation, that's what Gareth told me. Anyway, it's in the dictionary but it doesn't tell you much. Hey up now, it's nearly twelve and I'm starving. If you're good we can do a bit more exploration this afternoon." Alun washed himself down and we got dressed. When could I ask him all the questions buzzing round my head, when would I make stuff?, when would my prick and balls and hair grow?, how many times would I want it?, how many times did he do it?, every day?, who had he done it with? and on and on. And what about all those new words and phrases, 'wank', 'jacking off', 'donkin', 'beating your meat', 'tossing off', 'come', 'spunk' and 'stuff', now masturbation, what an odd word, must look for it in the dictionary. Still he was here until Tuesday and my vocabulary was certainly being expanded, perhaps I would learn even more. Learn I did, because no sooner we'd had our lunch and washed up Alun pointed to the stairs. We were stripped off and lying on the bed in seconds. "I want to ask you lots of questions, Alun, please." "I know you do but they can wait, just lie still and enjoy this." With that he got up and straddled my legs and began to toss me off looking down on me. I lay with eyes half closed and my mouth opened automatically. "That's it, Jacko, Rhys told me to open my mouth a bit as it makes it come quicker - it's good isn't it?" I nodded and it wasn't long before I was jerking up and down with my poor donkin feeling as if it was aflame. I grabbed his hand when I couldn't stand it any longer and he stopped immediately. "You certainly love it, Jacko, you're a real horny bastard. Just lie there a moment and then it's my turn." I lay there still gripping his arm and feeling the sensations dying away between my legs. I moved his arm to tell him I was ready and we changed places with me now astride his hairy thighs. I took hold of his horny prick and within five minutes he shot another load. He was breathing deeply through his open mouth as he came and I could feel his muscles go taut as I pressed my knees against him. I let go of his prick and it fell back onto his belly. I put my fingers lightly on his tight balls. "Oh God, Jacko, thanks, you do it just right!" He reached out and took my hand in his. "I think we ought to rest a bit now. You look a bit shagged out and I feel a bit tired now. We don't want my mother asking awkward questions about how far we've ridden today so we must go and explore the country parts and not just our private parts." I laughed at this description and he went on, "We can say we went for rather a longer ride than we anticipated in case you begin to droop over supper." I reached down and gave his prick a tweak with my other hand, "There's not much fear that you'll droop, is there!" He guffawed and pulled his cock away from my hand, reached under the pillow for his hanky and wiped the come off his chest. "You must be a Boy Scout, Alun, Be Prepared!" "Too true, I certainly am, but did you know I did it the night before last as well?" "I knew something was going on but I didn't find out what it was until I saw it all happen last night." "I always get a hardon now as soon as I'm in bed and I have to do it to myself otherwise I just can't get off to sleep." He paused a moment, "You know, it's funny, I remember I tossed either Rhys or Gareth off in this bed every night when we stayed last time `cos they took it in turns to sleep with me in this comfortable bed rather than always being in that horrible camp bed your father borrowed. That camp bed was dreadful, they didn't dare wank off in it in case it collapsed so whoever's turn it was would have a standup wank by the sink while I was doing it to the other one. After I'd done it to them it was my turn and I was just like you then, I didn't make any stuff either but I loved them doing it to me, even bloody Gareth who always did it very quickly and he was quite rough with my cock one night. I got my own back next time `cos I grabbed his bollocks first and said I'd squeeze them hard if he didn't promise to be a bit more gentle and slow up - that made him gasp and he did as I asked after that. He kept saying to Rhys after that, 'Watch out for young Nipper!'. It wasn't long after that I did come properly. I remember it was a hot night that summer after we had been here, and it was a Friday `cos Rhys was playing cricket for the school the next day. We shared a room `cos Gareth had the other one since he had been getting himself ready for exams. Well, I'd given Rhys a good wank and then he didn't really want to do it to me `cos he said it was too hot and he was too tired but I said I wouldn't do it to him again so he did and, whoosh, there was this tiny drop of come. I was ever so pleased, and so was Rhys really, he laughed and hugged me said I was a proper grown-up brother now and wait till he told that big wanker Gareth. I was so excited I couldn't get to sleep so I woke Rhys up about two hours later and made him wank me off again to check if there was more, and there was, just a bit but it got more and more over the next few weeks and it's never stopped coming since!" He leaned up on his elbow looking down at me and continued, "Anyway we'd better get up now, Jacko, we've got plenty of time tonight and the rest of the holiday for more!" He put his arm round me, just like Auntie Fay, and hugged me, I hugged him back. We got up and dressed, I thought I would keep my questions until later. * The rest of the weekend went by in a whirl of activity, the grownups decided we were happy enough amusing ourselves in our own way and went out each day. We spent some time getting the steam engine to work, setting up the train set and going for short bike rides but we seemed to spend a good deal of the time tossing each other off until by Monday evening my poor prick was very red and sore and I had an almost permanent erection which luckily didn't show. Alun thrived on being tossed off even though in bed on Saturday evening his fourth wank of the day only produced a couple of drops of spunk. He was ready for more on Sunday morning and I tossed him off three times again that day even though he took ages to come the third time as he wanted me to do it to him as slow as possible. He did it to me three times that day as well, but kept to a good quick pace each time and it was so good even though I didn't produce any Raygold Hussyfan Pthc drops of spunk at all. * Monday morning we were unable to indulge as the others were not going out until the afternoon and Auntie Fay was insistent that Alun helped her tidy up the place so there was less work for his kind Auntie Nettie to do when she and Uncle Dick and this great lolloping son of hers whose feet brought in more mud and dirt than half a herd of bullocks had gone home. As Alun passed me once carrying a pile of old newspapers I mouthed "Bullocks?". Unsportingly, on the way back, he tried to whack me down below and mouthed "Bollocks! Just you wait!". Two o'clock came, they went, waving cheerily and Alun was nearly at screaming pitch. "Christ, Jacko, I thought they'd never go, I've had a fucking hardon since fucking breakfast-time. Let's get up those fucking stairs before I shoot a load in my pants." He was up the stairs like a shot and by the time I reached the bedroom door he had pulled his shirt off and was undoing his flies and dropping his trousers. His pants, socks and shoes came off in one go and he really did have an enormous hardon. He leaned back and I watched as he pulled his foreskin right back over his fat knob with an almost delirious look on his face. I finished scrambling out of my togs and grabbed the towel. "Good boy, Jacko, now do it nice and slow again." There was no question that he might do it to me first even though my little ramrod was ready for it - no, he needed it, very, very badly. I did as I was bid, he leaned against me as I stood just behind him and gave him a slow, hard wank. He wasn't slow in coming, not like the night before, his body soon tensed and I felt his prick throb mightily so I pulled back as hard as I dared. He leaned back even further and shot his pearly load in great spurts straight up in the air. He was very red in the face and panting heavily. He caught his breath and gasped out, "Bloody hell, Jacko, that was magic. Christ, you do it even better than Rhys, or my pal Jamie Morris, and they've had more practice than you. Just hold it a moment then I'll do it to you nice and slow as well." I clasped his cock in my whole hand and felt its heavy ribbiness which gradually went as it began to soften. If his prick wasn't as big as Rhys's and Rhys's wasn't as big as Gareth's I wondered what Gareth's was like and how big mine would be in the future. If his was nearly six inches and still getting bigger like he said how big were the others? And who was Jamie? I still hadn't asked him all the other questions I wanted to but he was just Raygold Hussyfan Pthc taking hold of my cock and all thoughts of questions went. It was sheer ecstasy. Very slowly and very firmly he wanked me until I cried out and grabbed his hand to stop him. Christ, it was the best so far for me, as well! I still didn't shoot any stuff but I enjoyed every moment. We lay on the bed in silence for some time until Alun stirred and said that we had better save things up for tonight as it would be the last time before he went home. "I've had a marvellous time," I said, "Pity you've got to go so soon." "Can't help it, boyo, I've got to be back at work on Wednesday." "Who is Jamie Morris?", I asked, "You haven't told me about your friends." "Oh, he's a lad I was at school with, he's a naval cadet now. We were great pals and I told him when I found out I could come `cause he was my best friend and then he told me he had been jacking off for ages. I was pissed off because he hadn't told me before. He didn't have any brothers see, just like you, and he and a cousin had been on holiday together when he was just thirteen and he found he could shoot stuff then when his cousin jerked him off. He was very hairy round his cock when he was in the second year at school because we used to take the mick out of him and another hairy lad in the showers. Of course I then found out that he and this other lad, Ricky Williams, had been wanking each other on and off for nearly a year. Then Jamie said he and two others in the class had tossed each other off several times since he'd been on a weekend camp with them with the Sea Scouts. One of these lads, Roger Evans, had been at junior school with me and we had often done our homework together and then next time when I was round his house he said that Jamie had told him I had joined the club. So, we had the first of many wanks together. Another lad a couple of weeks later came up at break and said he had heard from Roger.... well, what with that and Scout camps and so on I can tell you that by the time I left school I'd been wanked off by most boys in our class and had done it back to them as well. In fact Ricky Williams said he'd done it to all twenty-four of us, even Henry Jones who was very chapel but, according to Ricky, couldn't keep his hands off his cock!" He laughed, "Poor old Henry, when we were in the showers lads would tell him dirty stories and his cock would begin to go stiff and he would go all red in the face with embarrassment. Ricky said he cycled home with him after one of these sessions and that's when they tossed each other off the first time. I think Henry really liked the shower sessions `cos although he use to blush and say, `No, No,' he always listened and Raygold Hussyfan Pthc then would rush off to get dressed and go home, obviously for a good wank! So, no doubt, young Jacko, I don't suppose it will be very long before you're a star performer with the rest of your horny little pals, `cos I expect you'll all be at it sooner or later!" I laughed, "I don't know about that, I can't even shoot stuff yet, but you've certainly had a lot of experience." He grinned at me. "Yup, and you should hear some of Gareth's tales of what he and his pals use to do. Anyway, it's what friends are for - to give each other a helping hand!" * That night we didn't even bother putting our pyjama jackets on and gave each other another wonderful wank before I fell asleep with Alun's arm over me and my head on his chest. He had crept out of bed before I woke and had just finished washing when I opened a bleary eye. "Got to get packed ready or Mum'll be on the warpath. Dad wants to leave at ten. I've had a marvellous time, Jacko, I've really enjoyed this weekend. I hope you have." I agreed I'd had a marvellous time too. I'd certainly learned a lot even though I still hadn't asked him all the questions. My main concern at the moment was the rather red and sore- feeling object between my legs. I wondered if Alun's was in the same condition. Raygold Hussyfan Pthc "Hey, Alun, my prick feels a bit sore." He turned away from the sink and came over to the bed showing off his thick, half erect dick and pulled back the covers and inspected me. "The trouble with you is that you're a horny little bastard who very soon will have the reddest and sorest dong around these parts 'cause you won't be able to keep your sodding hands off it. I know 'cause mine's as sore as hell most of the time because the bastard won't lie down for long, just look at it now. And don't forget you're the spitting image of me when I was your age according to Mum, so watch it young Jacko!" With that he ruffled my hair and reached down and nipped my prick. "Goodbye for now,
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