Related article: Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 07:01:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Orlando Davila Subject: According To John pt 1Disclaimer: If you should not be reading this for legal or moral reasons, then please do not read it and leave now, if you do read this, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know.According To John pt 1Holidays where coming up and the store was getting busier as the days went buy. My boss had us move most of the store around so even working with video game started to become tedious. It was a Saturday and I just wanted to finish Nn Young Models Galleries up with my work and get home, but the day lasted longer then I wanted. Close to closing time I was about to close up our store then I saw a car pull up, knowing it was only 9:58p.m I knew the we couldn't close yet so I walked back to the counter waiting for the last customers with a distain look on my face. My boss chuckled at me"Dude, chill out it's just John. Besides you'll like this guy he's really cool and you're almost guaranteed a good up sell. That comment calmed me down while the door opened up and in walked in a chubby bearish looking man."Hello I'm Luis; can I help you find anything sir?" He smiled at me and nodded his head"Yes you can Luis; I'm looking for some fun new Wii games". I moved from behind the counter walking him over to the section when we started to converse for a bit about the games. I helped him with his sale and actually closed the store happily. When I went home I went to bed thinking about that customer, how kind and soft spoken he was and was pretty cute. A couple weeks went by when I would see him here and there hoping to chat with him as much as I could. One night before closing he came in again and I spoke to him about cruises then got into the topic of gay cruises proving what I've figured about him. When he left my boss looked at me with peering eyes"You like him don't you?" I went home thinking about her question and how the more I spoke with him the more I wanted to see him and hang out. On a rainy night heading to the video store I saw him outside about to Nn Young Models Galleries walk up to his car when I greeted him but with the rain didn't last long so I decided to go for my first move so I gave John a hug feeling his body without him really noticing my intentions. Finally after the holidays I decided to take my chances and when he was waiting for a game to come out the day came where it had arrived and I decided to make the call for him to pick it up. I wrote down his number and after I met him at the store I decided to Text him a quick hello not really expecting a response, but I received one. We became closer with each personal conversation and I began to notice him sexually admiring his chubby body. When I would hug him I would pat his belly or brush my hand over his rump with his smile of approval. One morning while at work I received a text from him (hey bud, just wondering if you wanna do lunch Saturday, my treat. I smiled widely and anticipated the weekend which couldn't come fast enough. He picked me up and went to a restaurant by the mall. We had so many questions for each other becoming more intrigued with every minute that passed by. My heart jumped when I asked what was next and heard his soft reply."Wanna come to my place? I have a hot tub." Really unable to translate my excitement to words I nodded, then we where off. The closer I got to his house the more my body began to shake with anxiety. We then went into the house where he asked me to take a seat on the couch while we went to the bathroom. I looked around at the paintings and the blank T.V. almost wanting to run away. He came out and gave me a cute smile"Ready to head down bud?" I followed him downstairs fixated on his backside finally coming to the tub. He turned it on and the white noise from the water rushing around calmed me down as I watched him take off his shirt and slipping off his shoes. When I started to take off my shirt he walked to me and felt my belly running his hand up and down it. I dropped my shirt to the floor and started rubbing his big smooth body letting my hands explore every inch of it then up to his chest watching him close his eyes and give a soft moan. I figured this would be my chance to show my appreciation for his hospitality and friendship; so I began to lean in close and kissed his lips. I felt his tongue caress mine as we gently began to draw closer to each other then slowly reaching down to his waist pulling down his pants as it feel around his ankles. I moved my hand down past his belly while he spread his thighs a bit for me letting me grasp his oversized hanging orbs feeling his thick cock start to throb above them. He broke the kiss as I took my pants off reviling my hard shaft to him as it hung low greeting him. With a surprised look on his face he grasped it and chuckled. "That's not a Nn Young Models Galleries cock that things a fucking anaconda! Let's get in the tub." The hot water felt so good with the mixture of lust in the air, we sat down and I started to kiss his neck hearing the groans from him working my way down slowly. Taking his nipple into my mouth flicking it gently with my tongue as my hand grasped his thick member. He stood above me as the hot water dripped from his soft body he walked closer and I grabbed his thighs licking his cock. He thrust his hips forward forcing his meat into my mouth getting in as deep as he could until his huge sac pressed onto my chin. Tasting his maleness for the first time was unlike anything I've ever done as he slowly pumped into my mouth. I reached behind him caressing his big rump while suckling on my bearish friends cock. Suddenly a wave of his thick warm cum shot down my throat with no warning almost choking me but I took it down best I could while another shot burst into me swallowing it happily. He took him time sitting back down nuzzling my chest."Wow... that was good." My mind raced as I looked at him appreciating his not only his body but his kindness for allowing me into his home as well as his heart. "You know... you could give someone fair warning before you shoot. You almost suffocated me." We laughed loudly and lay lower in the water feeling our sexual tension smooth away. After a while in the tub we made our way out, I grabbed a towel and helped dry him off."You know I've never done this for a friend, but you're too cute." We got dressed and headed out for my place. I was almost sad to end the day it seemed to short for the time I wanted to spend with him. He stopped in front of my place and we looked at each other knowing what close friendship cultivated."Let's hang out again soon, ok?" He nodded and gave me one more kiss for the night. I walked out of the car then turned as he rolled down his window."By the way you wanna go see a movie next weekend? They're playing super hero movie." He nodded his head and gave me a time he'd pick me up.I waited impatiently for the weekend still having my hot tub experience running threw my mind. I've waited to have someone I could relate to in my life and find a true friendship that I appreciated. During the week I spoke to John a couple times threw BlackBerry messenger, it was like having a high school crush again. When John would come into the store I would give him a tight hug smiling from ear to ear at the thought that he may have found an interest in me as well. When weekend finally came he picked me up and we heading for the theater. On the way over I would tease him by unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock letting him wrap his hand around it grasping it tightly. He would chuckle and blush brightly but his control of the car became limited so I put my hard on away. "Yea how about you drive in a straight line before the cops ask why we got into an accident. I don't think `Man crashes car because he decided to steer 22 year old cock instead' would be a good headline in the paper." He looked at me with accusing eyes"You're the one who pulled it out, what my hand does after that I have no control of. You're a troll you know that." We pulled up to the theater and felt the cool air rush threw me when I got out of the car. Snow still covered the ground as we walked carefully to the door. While waiting we went into the arcade and played a couple games and teased each other trying to avoid too much of a public show. When out show finally let in we found no one else was in the theater with us so our choice of seat was pretty clear. We walked back to the furthest row patting his ass on the way up. We sat down and poked fun at each other before the movie began. He would usually wear a fanny pack around his neck so I would ask him if everyone else at his job knew he carried around a purse. Then he'd start to cough and tell me to stop moving around because the fairy dust was clouding the air. As the lights went down and the previews started I carefully moved my hand over his interlocking our fingers and with my other I would reach over slowly rubbing his entire belly admiring what a real person looks like. I never was a fan of the twinks that was in every gay magazine or the muscle bound men in Men's Health or on T.V. He was real, someone who didn't spend hours at the gym or eating only salad trying to look like what Hollywood would puke out. I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his atop me. I had a hard time concentrating on the movie so I leaned over gently licking his ear lobe. His eyes became glazed, I could tell he had been enjoying the feeling of me playing with his body and nibbling on his ear. He positioned himself so that his lips met with mine kissing, having our tongues caress each other I slid my hands into the band of his pants running it on his entire waist line. He blushed brightly worried we would get caught in the act."You make me feel like I'm 18 again. Oh my god we're gonna get caught." I reached down and firmly grabbed his huge balls barley able to get my hand around them. "I wouldn't worry about that I used to work here no one ever comes in here to check on an empty theater." I lowered John's pants noticing he wasn't wearing any underwear. I reached down and gently grasped his manhood. He reluctantly let me lick from his large hangers to the tip of his meat in one smooth motion. I started to suck him as he grabbed my head following my motions with his own. The movie played on as I took my time sucking him the best I could from the sitting position until he moved me away from himself with kind intentions."Luis...Maybe we shouldn't... do this here; I just don't want to get caught you know." I groaned but I knew where he was coming from. Sitting up we watched the rest of the movie holding hands and making out. (I guess it was a good movie). When the movie was over we went to the store and did a bit of window shopping at the mall. We stopped by a gift store looking at all the funny gifts and jewelry. He ended up buying me a necklace with rainbow colored rings and bought him self a beautiful cross. I adored my gift and decided to ask him about his love life."So how many guys have you slept with before?" He looked a bit nerves and took his time to reply."Well...you're actually the first guy I've gotten sexual with, but technically we haven't "slept" together." I read hesitation in his humor but actually felt quite honored. We walked the mall spending a nice long day together laughing and enjoying each others company. It felt as if the other hundreds of people at the mall just moved a hundred miles an hour while we walked slowly finding solace in each others company. When the time came he drove me home. We reached the drive way when I asked him if he would like to join me inside."Yea, ok sounds like a good idea." As we walked up to my door my Nn Young Models Galleries dog began to bark."Don't worry about him he's a basset. He does nothing but bark." He followed me into the house while I let the dog so he wouldn't jump all over him. I got back into the living room and sat on the couch next to him and decided to finish what I started at the theater. I lifted his shirt and kissed his chest moving my way down to his belly button circling my tongue around it. I grabbed his pants and pulled them down wanting to show him how much I appreciated the fact that he would allow me to be his first man sexually. I worked my mouth over his belly playing with his hanging sac and his thick throbbing Italian shaft. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock feeling it jump with every lick. Working him good he petted my head in pleasure feeling him stiffen up after a couple minutes. He finally became relaxed enough to enjoy my mouth wrapped around him. I moved my hands around his thick legs and moved back towards his smooth ass massaging it and hearing him groan at the same time."I...I'm gonna cum..." He grasped my hands then shot a huge load deep down my throat Nn Young Models Galleries swallowing it as quickly as I could I still took him deeper in my mouth squeezing every drop I could out of him. He sat back breathing hard smiling at me. I looked at him up and down admiring him again. My heart was beating hard as I could barely speak."I want to be the first to take your virginity..." Rewritten: 12/28/09

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