Related article: Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 16:58:29 -0400 From: sanibelboysaol.com Subject: a Models Toplist lesson in time part 54Authors Note: Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to send me your comments and thoughts. They sorta help me want to continue the story.This and all Sanibelboys stories are copyrighted and you all know what that means.The Saturday morning air was cool and the wind was light and balmy as Zeb made his way up to the processing barn. Zeb had maintained a huge smile on his face as he recounted the morning's events.For the very first time Zeb had allowed himself the freedom not to think about his actions with Kevin. The age old adage of two brothers intertwined was now afact for family history.Feeling his own cock ease itself into Kevin's eager mouth seemed so natural and good. Zeb didn't even consider face fucking Kevin. Instead, Zeb simply took his time and allowed the two of them `enjoy' one another's company. Zeb knew now that such occurrences could, and most likely would, be happening more than once.On the other hand, Kevin was still up in the bedroom; chained to the lower part of one of the bed frame post. Kevin was aglow with happiness that his life long dream had finally come true. The chain was long enough for him to be mobile within the confines of the room; such as bathroom duties and allowable access to his laptop computer. Kevin seemed content to be on the floor using his mouth to eat his breakfast, such was the case for several days and possibly for some time to come.John Henry and Jordan, under the direction of Coffee, were swiftly completing their chore of moving all of the newly arrived boxes. Some of the boxes went into the study; which seemed heavy but the majority of the boxes went downstairs to the examination room or the training room, with the remaining boxes going over to the cottage.After finishing their chores, John Henry would be assigned to perform the daily house cleaning of the cottage and Jordan would once again be assisting his Master with any and all needed or desired situations.Coffee seemed pleased with the diligence Models Toplist of the two young slave boys. He, of all the slaves, seemed to be the most trustworthy and for now most loyal. Time, and time alone, would tell just how much Coffee would play a role in the more in depth situations of the day to day household; but for now he wasn't thinking of anything other than his job, his duties, and his two Masters.With a thud, the wheels of the plane carrying Tyler, hit the pavement. Tyler's life would forever change from the moment he stepped off of the plane; and he knew it to be so. There was a great deal of pent up emotions about what his new world would be like. However, most of his thoughts and emotions were concentrated solely upon Kevin. He wanted, needed and desired to see Kevin now more than ever. Something in the back of his mind was telling him, over and over, that there was more to Kevin than he or anyone else knew or understood. Tyler was determined to explore the reasons he was having these thoughts and feelings.Standing inside the airport terminal, Alderton was maintaining his usual prominent demeanor. He had just put his cellphone away, after a rather lengthy conversation with Mr. Latimore. Mr. Alderton was a man that never took `no' for an answer, nor did he believe that employees in a lower status than he, should ever question his requests or demands. His brain was always in motion with pre-planning this or that; much like when he took command of Kevin back at the office during Kevin's first major dose of humiliation and total exposure to the rest of the employees. Alderton took his job, his work, his life very seriously and the infrequent displays of laughter or even a faint smile were taken by others to be a sign of `approval'.In the processing barn, Luke had just begun reading the court ordered documents to the small crowd of gathered people. With the four teenagers strung up, but not painfully so, Luke silenced the crowd and had them take a seat on either of the two wooden planks which were designated as such.The four youths continued to turn a multitude of shades, with their heads bowed; as the crowd of people took their places. The crowd was comprised solely of family members, male and female; mother and father, brother and sister. Luke was loving it was to much, and was determined to make this day one that everybody would remember for years to come."These young men have been convicted of sodomizing a free man against his will, participating in unwarranted sexual deviant acts upon same, performing said sex acts for cash gains which went unreported to the proper authorities and for their failing grades in school", Luke said with a stern look upon his face. "The court has sentenced each of them to remain here at Willow Knolls for a determined five years. Each of their sentences can and will be extended for a variety of reasons should such arise. You will be granted visiting privileges each and every Saturday between the hours of one and four; excluding holidays should one fall upon that particular Saturday.""Does that mean that I can play with my brother on Saturdays?" asked a girl of about 11 years old.Without missing a beat, Luke lowered his papers and answered. "Yes young lady, that is true. If you wish to play with your brother every Saturday then so be it. Each of the boys, who shall from this day forward be referred to as a slave, will have a tag around their neck each Saturday allowing you to see what training and education each has had for the week. I would strongly suggest that each of the slave's family members make use of that information when it comes time to `play' with the slave."Luke returned to his diatribe dialogue. "The courts have commanded us to take good care of these four youthful offenders and we here at Willow Knolls intend to do just that. As you can plainly see, each of the four slaves is in a naked state, such as the moment of birth."Two young boys seated next to their mothers began to giggle, which caught Luke's attention and he immediately handled the situation."We are here to nurture these youthful offenders. It is our responsibility to tear down their old ways and mend their ill gotten thoughts and actions. There is no better way to do that than to start from scratch. Being as naked as the day they were born is just the beginning. My staff with the help of these able bodied mature slaves will begin the processing procedures in just a few minutes. Each of the slaves will lose every hair on their body, as a symbol of being reborn into a normal and proper world. Only and only if, they maintain proper attitudes and behavioral standards, will they be allowed to have worldly hair once each has reached the age of eighteen.""Fuck, mom, I'm going to have more hair than my brother before the morning is over", exclaimed one boy of thirteen or so years of age. The mother simply sat transfixed on her slave son, thinking back on those early years when her boy was growing up and not yet reaching puberty."Each of these new slaves will be working five days a week, eight hours a day and after work and their evening chow; will receive an additional three hours of training. There work will consist of teaching them a trade for when they are set free, if that day ever comes. They will learn such things as landscaping and gardening, along with such things as tending to any and all animals here. They will learn that an honest days work is better than the crimes for which sent them to us. The only day the slaves will have to themselves shall be Sunday, but they will be kept busy on that day as well. `Idle hands are the devils workshop', so the good book says", Luke said with a half smirk on his face."The three hours a day training shall consist of learning the proper way to tend to a free man's wants, needs or desires or those of the slave's Master. The things each slave learns in personal service will also be listed on the slave's tag for your review. We strongly suggest and even encourage those of you who prefer, to allow the slave to demonstrate from time to time all that it has learned".Zeb had quietly and unannounced, made his way to the slave processing barn. He simply and without fanfare leaned up against the large open door way, to watch and listen. He was used to seeing and hearing Luke, but for some reason the manner in which Luke was addressing the audience this particular day seemed to carry a larger weight than those days back north.Luke made a simple gesture with his hand and his two comrades instantly began using the cordless clippers on the four youthful slaves. The comments, giggles and laughter from the slave's siblings didn't help the situation much as lock after lock of head hair fell silently but gently to the barren floor.After the cordial handshake and simple greeting Mr. Alderton and Tyler were quickly on their way. The `standard' question and answer period followed, about the flight and if any thing or any one had caught the attention of Tyler's eye."I'm sure you will find that serving part of your internship at Willow Knolls will be a real eye opener for your first couple of months", Alderton said."I'm looking forward to learning all that I can", replied Tyler. "It seems as if Mr. Latimore has placed a great deal of responsibility on Zeb and Kevin. I hope that I can live up to their expectations, yours and Mr. Latimore's.""Best advice I can give you off the cuff Tyler is to keep your eyes and ears open and only ask questions when something doesn't seem right or if you have a difficult time grasping the reasoning behind anything that you see or hear. Not that we want you to remain silent, of course, but sometimes it is just best to go with the flow for your first couple of weeks". Mr. Alderton said in what seemed to be a friendlier tone of voice."Yes Sir", answered Tyler. "I think that the three days I spent at the main corporate offices has taught me at least that much Sir"."You know Tyler that you can always email me with anything that doesn't seem right or if it's something you don't understand. That way you won't have to have the feeling of asking the boys a question that might show them that you aren't learning.""Well Sir, there is one question that has been on my mind since this morning Sir", Tyler asked with a great deal of reservation."Ask away", Mr. Alderton said as he slowed the rental car and made a right turn into the parking lot of the `Master and Slave Emporium.'"I was wondering why I wasn't allowed to bring my own clothes and why is it that I am having to wear pink undies", Tyler asked; keeping his face turned to the window to hide his confusion and embarrassment."That is a good question and one that needs answering and that is one reason why I've pulled into this parking lot. We want you to start your education with new clothes which Mr. Latimore and myself feel that will benefit you and his two sons", Alderton said; as he turned off the ignition and rested his hand on Tyler's upper left leg."I promised Zeb that I'd stop and pick up a few items that he called for and also to get you kitted out for your new position as `intern'.Both males exited the car in harmony and entered the store. Mr. Alderton was greeted with a smile and handshake as if the shop owner had known him for years.Tyler was amazed if not `shocked' at everything he saw. Not only scant slave clothes but the walls and shelves were covered with various training aids. Most of the stuff he had no worldly idea what it was called, what it was used for or even if such things inflicted pain.Mr. Alderton continued his conversation with the store clerk while Tyler strolled aimlessly up and down each isle; sometimes pausing to pick up something and assume he knew what it was. He came across a section in the store that contained a few shelves filled with different books on slave training and the `art of obedience'. There were even a select number of videos on the subject matter; which perked Tyler's interest a great deal. At least if he purchased anything in the store, not a soul would look down their noses at him."Tyler, come and help get these few boxes out to the car please", Alderton politely requested of the new intern.The boxes weren't heavy nor big but after placing eight boxes in the rental car there didn't seem like there'd be room left for much more."Now let's see about getting you a few things to wear during your stay", Mr. Alderton said sternly. "Go ahead and strip down so you can try on a few things"."Here, right here out in the open?", questioned Tyler."Of course, why not? After all you are a free man and this is a slave supply depot and everybody that comes in here is used to seeing a slave naked from time to time, so seeing Models Toplist a free man isn't much different is it?" replied Alderton.Tyler, without responding to the question began removing his clothes and footwear. He stopped short of removing his undies and Mr. Alderton prodded Tyler with a few choice words which half convinced Tyler that all was proper.The female store clerk just smiled; not because Tyler was wearing the pink undies but because she had been forewarned that Tyler and Alderton would be stopping by and that this experience for Tyler would `enlighten' him beyond words.Mr. Alderton was awestruck by the size of Tyler's penis and low hanging testicles. "I haven't seen a cock and set of balls like that in years. Sure is nice to know that some men still have a complete and workable set".Without asking, Mr. Alderton reached over and gently grabbed Tyler's cock. "Nice hunk of man meat you have there boy".Dumb struck and shocked, Tyler attempted to push his hips back but to no avail. The grip on his cock only grew stronger. "Nothing to fret about son, I've grabbed more dick in my life than you ever will, IF you make the team", Alderton said with a smirk. "My guess is that you've screwed just one or two girls in your life but you're wishing that you'd have fucked twice as many. And I'm guessing that I'm the first man to ever take hold of your dick."Tyler settled down and simply let Mr. Alderton have his way for the moment."One of these days you'll have to ask Kevin about the time that he came to the office for his indoctrination and how I manhandled him all fucking day long; bosses son or not... the boy wanted and needed the attention and humiliation... maybe you two are alike"."No Sir, I don't think that Kevin and I have all that much in common when it comes to man on man sex", Tyler responded quickly."Sir", interrupted the store clerk, "What particular line of clothing are the new employees to wear at Willow Knolls?""I'm Models Toplist not sure about the `employee' part just yet, but since he is one of my, `our' interns he'll just have to be comfortable in anything that we need him to wear", Alderton answered.The store clerk began taking measurements of Tyler, but they didn't seem to be the type of measurements one would expect; say, at a man's clothing store. After all this is a slave supply store and it's just not for the everyday person to patronize such.Tyler was beside himself with the way the female clerk simply took her job as you or I would. It appeared natural for her to measure not Models Toplist only the chest but the distance between the nipples, followed by the triangulation of the nipples and the belly button. After taking all the needed measurements the clerk entered them into her computer and instantly came back with a list of sizes, styles and colors for Tyler or Alderton to choose from. The look on Tyler's face told the story.Mr. Alderton was sorting through stacks of clothes which, had Tyler not been savvy, he might have taken them to be clothes worn by the common slave; something near to what he saw a few slaves wearing when they entered the town's main street.Remaining naked, where is body was visible to any passerby was grinding on his nervous system.John Henry and Jordan had finished their assigned task. John Henry wasted no time in trotting down to the cottage to clean and spruce it up.Jordan was upstairs helping Kevin. Kevin had eagerly finished his `chow' and was near about finished with his douche and shower. There was a fair amount of chatter between the two; with Kevin doing most of the talking. It almost seemed as if Kevin was addressing Jordan as a fellow slave or worse; a slave with more superiority than he. Jordan `almost' asked Kevin if he'd like to have the chain removed but opted not to for fear that he, Jordan, didn't know the extent to which his Master was still chained to the bed.The four slaves had now been totally denuded and were trying very hard not to cry. The entire group of siblings Models Toplist was nearly uncontrollable with smirks, laughter and even some outlandish remarks made to what `were' their former brothers; so much so that none of the parents seemed to object."I know what they are going to be teaching you bro", shouted one young twelve year old. "It sure might could be fun using you once they put cock sucker on your tag"."I guess you won't be running your dick up any butts for awhile", chimed in one little girl of about thirteen.Although Luke found most of the comments rather amusing, he held up his hand and commanded silence; so that he may continue with the proceedings."For the parents of these four slaves, you will be afforded the opportunity to have your former child enslaved for a longer period than the courts have placed up them or you can opt out for a settlement fee and have all of your parental rights removed; which in most cases would result in a rather nice nest egg in your bank account once the slave has reached the age of eighteen. There is no need to hurry with your decision, but at least give it some thought. Keep in mind that should you surrender the child, the now slave will be sold by us as an authorized agent of the state to who or whom ever has a need for such flesh. Once the slave is sold you will never be allowed to see it, speak to it or have any say in the slave's future. Most slaves that are purchased from out of state persons or corporations will wear a distinctive brand and most like will have their testicles removed, but not always."Hey bro... you're going to end up a nut less faggot and suck dick and get fucked all day long. Somebody is going to really `whip' you into shape. You'll probably be drinking piss out of the toilet of some rich fucker", shouted one of the older teen boys.There was a pause before the four slaves were released from their torturous chains and led over to the two padded tables to receive their piercings and permanent stainless steel ankle and wrist bracelets.The once seated family members quickly stood up and followed the slaves and their handlers. It was to be a most momentous occasion for the family members to witness one more part of the processing.Zeb, still standing by the door way, glanced over at Shaun who was still weeping in his cage. It was a sight to behold. There kneeling helplessly bound inside the transporter cage was the once behemoth male that `ruled the roost' around here. There knelt the man that wheeled all the power and the man that dished out all of the pain to each and any slave he saw fit. It was only a matter of minutes before the transporter would arrive and it would be only a matter of minutes after that, that the slave would be on its way to the airport and it would also mean that the six figure price that Zeb and Kevin got for him would be deposited into their new bank account.Zeb took one final look at the processing of the four boys before he continued on his way around the estate. He wanted to pay a visit to the slave barns and see for himself that the slaves that hadn't been assigned a task for the day were still safely chained to their bunks and that none of them was attempting to harm another slave by any means.Luke, Randy and Will continued with the new slaves' processing amidst what seemed now to be non-stop bantering and harassment towards the slaves from their siblings.The young stable slave had all but completed his morning chores and was now just basking in the fact that he still felt some sort of connection to his new Master; which might prove correct not only in thought but reality.Jordan and Kevin had completed the mandatory elements of Kevin's routine and were soon informed by Coffee that `Master Zeb desires Master Kevin to return to the lower floor and prepare himself appropriately'.Both Kevin and Jordan knew what that meant. Kevin was well rested and felt as much; especially since he had the best morning of his young life sucking his brother's cock and tasting for the first time the cum which flowed quite freely.Kevin and Jordan made their way down to the basement. The mood quickly became somber and almost religious in demeanor."Does Master desire His bottle?" Jordan timidly asked."Well boy, I suppose that Master Zeb knows better than me when it comes to things like this, and with Mr. Luke as chief overseer around here I'm certain that he'd either approve of me having another bottle or at the very least he'd expect me to eagerly know what good my volunteering for this is doing for Willow Knolls and everybody here", Kevin said in an almost reverent tone of voice."Yes Master", Jordan responded. "Is Master going into the new parlor room that has been set up?""Master Zeb said that I'd be using the new `parlor' for a few days beginning today so I'm assuming that He expects me to be in there when he or somebody arrives", Kevin said with a half a smile on his face.They stopped outside of the examination room just long enough for Jordan to go and retrieve another bottle of liquid for his Master. "Does Master desire it now or later Sir?" questioned the obedient and adorable slave."Let's just get me situated in the `parlor' before I drink it", Kevin answered. "You might look for a different end for the bottle since you'll probably have to hold it for me", Kevin replied.Once again Jordan entered the room and after a minute said "Master, perhaps this slave should look for it after Master is situated".Without thinking, Kevin agreed and the two of them set foot into the `parlor'.Both males looked at each other and Kevin made a defining statement to Jordan. "As long as you are `my slave' I feel comfortable in helping out in these experiments, knowing that you are to always be close at hand and also just for the fact that I know I can trust you"."Yes Master, thank You Master", Jordan said with a mile wide smile."What's with this box, I wonder", Kevin queried."It was among the many boxes that we moved earlier Master", Jordan answered. "slave Coffee told John Henry to bring the box down here and we even put a bunch of boxes in the training room down the hall."The shuffling of bare feet coming down the corridor was enough for Kevin and his slave to cease speaking and to step back to see who was coming.It was the kitchen slave, Coffee."Yes... what is it Coffee?" Kevin questioned."Sorry Master Kevin, but I forgot to give Master this envelope from Mister Luke. He asked for you to read it if you got downstairs and I forgot to give it to Master", Coffee said with a bowed head and a fearful tone to his voice."Not a problem boy", replied Kevin. "Let's see what Mister Luke has to say".Kevin thought for a moment to read the letter/note aloud, but when he read the first one or two lines he thought better of the idea.Kevin quickly dismissed Coffee, and returned to reading the letter in silence.Up in the processing barn things were moving along as planned.Two of the new slaves had already received their body rings, cinch rings and permanent bracelets, and were left hogtied on the bare floor next to the remaining two slaves who now lay tethered to the treatment tables.The two hogtied boys were still shaking and crying from the ordeal, but their siblings seemed determined to lighten the mood a bit. As the minutes ticked by, the siblings became bolder and with their parents permission, approached the two boys laying on their sides; knowing all to well that the fun and games that `normal' boys do and play was over."You look great brother", one of the younger girls said. "Without hair you look almost as pretty as my Ken doll. George said that these men are going to turn you into a girl and make you do all sorts of girl things".Not to be out done by his younger sister, brother George chimed in his two cents worth as he began rubbing the smooth scalp of his once older brother. "Yeah bro, and dad has already said that when we come to visit that I'll be able to see how well these men have trained you. You know what that means don't ya? I'm betting that something more than this butt plug will be going up your beautiful ass in the days to come. (Laughter from several other boys ensured) Maybe by next Saturday you'll be a good little girl and wrap your lips around my pole. You kept telling me all the time about how these slaves out here sucked you dry and how deep you drove your dick up their asses; so now maybe I will be able to do that to you all by myself."Luke needed to gain control over these `Hillbillys' so with a raised voice he got everyone's attention."What we are Models Toplist doing here is instilling a sense of pride to our newest slaves. This is not a time, nor is it the place to make light of this time in their lives. They are in a sense being re-born into a world of service to mankind. There is, at times like this, a certain degree of humiliation which the slaves feel but it is our and your job to assure these new slaves that their duty and purpose as a slave is an important one. Not everything you've heard about slaves is the whole story. They will each be given a high degree of training in individual fields which will certainly become useful once their time here has expired."You could have heard a pin drop, by the time Luke had completed his initial thoughts and addressed the young people and their parents. The only sound beyond silence was the yelps and Models Toplist the begging for mercy from the remaining two slaves being processed as their septum's were pierced and fitted with large nose rings."For now we shall allow these slaves to control their own needs for pissing but soon they will not have control over such a natural occurrence. We've found that `total control' is the most effective way to ensure that we've accomplished what the courts have designated. By law, these slaves don't own anything, nothing at all; which includes all bodily functions. Once we've assigned all of their work, training and educational schedules they will discover that the only `free time' they have is when they are prepared for sleep each night.""Sorry bro" the one young boy said to his once brother. "I didn't mean to make it sound like I would be using you like a girl or nothing. I just didn't Models Toplist understand I guess."Luke continued, as the remaining two slaves were receiving their own, rather large butt plugs; stretching their rosebuds beyond reason."The slaves have their own separate living quarters for a reason which should be obvious. However, we have installed a number of high resolution cameras for security and observational needs. On visiting day, should you elect, each family will receive a video of their once child to take home with them as a memento. The videos will be a compilation of each weeks training and work. It would be a healthy and helpful idea if the parents review the videos with their families in private so that if the younger free boys and girls have any idea about running afoul of the law; this just might prevent such from happening." Luke said with a smile.The remaining two boys were lifted off the tables, hogtied and placed on the floor near the first two."With the processing of these slaves now complete, we'll let all of you spend a few minutes with them before we get them all comfy in their new quarters. Just be sure not to pull or tug on any of the rings, and do not remove the butt plugs. It is perfectly normal for family and friends to want to touch and feel a freshly processed slave, so for the slave's benefit I would suggest that each of you do just that. A Models Toplist slave has no privacy, no modesty, nothing to be ashamed about. A slave's body is for every free man to admire and every slave's body is made of touching and other nice things", Luke said as he turned to help his comrades and the two older slaves begin the clean up process on and around the two tables."You look great boy" said most of the parents of their once Models Toplist sons. "I wished we hadn't let you get yourself mixed up with those two men", one mother said to one of the sobbing slaves. Models Toplist One father, dumb as he was, even said "Thanks for the truck and stuff boy. Maybe we can do something with the videos we get and when you get outta here we might could make use of your new training and skills and make a good living and profit from ya."Luke overheard that one way conversation and let it register in his brain. He'd remember that man, those words, for a long, long, time to come. Apparently this particular man had probably encouraged his own son to come out here and abuse other males, just so the kid would bring home cash every weekend for all of his efforts. Luke was pondering the idea, of researching the possibility of getting the father of the slave to stand before a judge; but not just `any judge'.When Luke called the processing complete, all four newly indentured youths looked identical in decorations, cinch rings, chastity devices etc. Only their age, weight and height were the only distinguishing signs of being different."Please remember to take one of our pamphlets before leaving the center. For those of you who would like to see where the slaves will be staying; you may follow behind and spend a moment looking at where they will learn and live." Luke seemed disturbed by the lack of respect the families seemed to display towards any of the new slaves. It was if this was a destined situation for each of the teen boys. Luke wondered if perhaps the hillbillies in this neck of the woods were all the same."Thanks for the show" one of the parents said."Yeah, thanks mister. I can't wait to come back next Saturday and see how much my brother has learned about sucking dick. Least ways I won't ever have to worry about him wanting me to suck him off", said one of the younger siblings."When I come back, do you think the slaves will be able to show me how they fuck?" asked the short, chubby girl, all of twelve years old. "Dad says them kinda slaves love to fuck each other and mom says I can't fuck none till next year when I start bleeding.""Perhaps it's best if we forego the tour of the barns until next week", Luke blatted out. "It's been a difficult morning already for the slaves and we probably should let them all rest before their noon chow".There were some grumbles and groans but everyone seemed to take no offense to waiting a week; and after taking a rather thick pamphlet they all simply began the drive back to their respective houses or shacks.For a few minutes things were a tad bit crazy as; as the families drove off, the slave transporter arrived to collect Shaun. It was nothing short of signing a few documents and then Shaun was loaded onto the truck for his ride to the airport. His life, as he knew it was now officially over. He would never be the same person or male for that matter; and to make things worse, nobody would ever see or hear from him again. He was to become a eunuch and serve at his Master's will, beck and call.As for Zeb, he didn't ponder long looking in on the tethered slaves in the barns. His mind went to the horse barn and he made a bee line straight for it and the pony slave. Zeb's brain was thinking of Kevin while his cock was thinking of the pony slave. For Zeb, if he couldn't muster up the courage to breed with his brother, he sure could easily enough fuck the pony boy; and although it had only been an hour or so since his blow job, Zeb was near about ready for another randy go at having sex with a male.Mr. Alderton and Tyler had a more eventful time at the slave owners' emporium. Tyler was subjected not only to having other free men and women see his naked body when they came into the shop to purchase or browse; but also, he was blatantly on display through the storefront windows for any and all passerby's to see him in all his glory.Just like with Kevin, Mr. Alderton found it useful to keep Tyler close at hand at times by pulling him along by the young man's cock. Tyler didn't see the need for such treatment but he was well aware of Mr. Alderton's penchant for the dramatics and the flare of being a world renowned slave trainer. Mr. Alderton could care less if you were a slave or a free man. All he wanted, and desired to do was to inflict painless humiliation on a male every chance he could."Would you like this in another color perhaps?' asked the attentive store clerk."No these two colors will do just fine", came the response. "Perhaps we'd best have a few more of these in the pink shade."Tyler was dumbfounded with the amount of clothes that were pink in color as compared to the one complete set of beige."Mr. Alderton Sir", Tyler said with a dry mouth; "Why do interns have to wear the pink clothes?""Good question Tyler. And one that deserves an honest answer" replied Alderton. "Ya see Tyler, sometimes when one of our interns is out amongst the slaves and overseers; it is easier for, say for instance, Master Zeb or Kevin to spot you in amongst the others. It can also be a life saving situation if let's say there was a commotion with the slaves and you needed to be rescued from out of harms way in a hurry. It is sort of like having you stand out in a crowd.""Oh I see. Sounds like somebody has done so good logical thinking on protecting one's employees", Tyler said as if he totally understood Mr. Alderton's explanation."It is also a way for the slaves to mentally note that you are a newbie and that if they even so much as look at you the wrong way that they could and would receive a severe punishment", Mr. Alderton added."Will that be all Sir?" came the question from the clerk."Yes for now I'm guessing that these will be more than enough", he responded quickly."Here Tyler, make yourself useful and carry these out to the car.""I suppose I should slip back into my clothes first don't you think", Tyler questioned."No need", Alderton snapped. "We're going straight from here out to the farm and then you can let Zeb decide what you're to wear today and when".With both hands carrying two full sacks of clothes each, Tyler was led buck naked out the front door of the store; to walk nearly fifty feet to the car, with Mr. Alderton leading the way with Tyler's dick firmly grasped in his right hand.Free persons stopped dead in their tracks to watch, as did every child; some laughing, some questioning their parents. Mr. Alderton simply led the way to the rental car with a smile reaching from ear to ear; out of sight of one, naïve Tyler.Mr. Alderton paused before getting behind the steering wheel; just long enough to text a message via his blackberry, which read something like this. `Package arrived on time. In transit. Looks great, feels even better.'In the meantime, back at home (Willow Knolls), Kevin had slumped to the straw covered floor, clutching the note that Luke had left for him. The note had struck a nerve, a good nerve, in Kevin's mind. Kevin understood well, what Luke was saying with the carefully selected and chosen words. Thinking of Luke's stature, his looks, his manliness and his authoritativeness was all that Kevin could think of presently.Jordan was ordered, by Kevin to open the box (s) and to place everything from the boxes onto the one long table just in front of the empty stocks which were centered in the room.As Jordan began taking piece by piece from the boxes, Kevin could only imagine their usage and least of all why this particular hold over him by Zeb and Luke had now manifested itself to become everything that his brain was telling him was all good and proper.A few of the items Kevin recalled from either Windy Hills Slave Farm or from his father's corporate offices. Some he recognized as being items needed for milking slaves and some of the items were obviously recognizable as mitts, hood, and harnesses.Other than what Jordan was unpacking the room remained clean and clear of obstructions; not withstanding the chains and hoist system which emanated from the ceiling.Kevin's body shook with excitement, and his privates wanted to respond as well, but with a penis ring and catheter and the cinch ring it isn't as easy as one might imagine it to be.Half way up the short hill, to the horse barn, Zeb's thinking was interrupted. He reached into his front pant pocket to silence the buzzing of his own blackberry.To Be Continued...

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