Related article: Date: Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck Wed, 04 Feb 2004 18:27:49 -0700 From: Greg Young Subject: Air Force Memories 12Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If Homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a story of the 1950's, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society, as sex was fairly safe between males at that time. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken today with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.For obvious reasons the names have been changed, and also the chronology has been shortened in order to tighten the story up.I wish to dedicate this to Garth Wells, my mentor, without him this story would never have been written. He is a great writer himself and has given me encouragement and help all through this, my first attempt at writing. I also want to acknowledge Pete Brown and Bill Smith whose stories have given me so much pleasure.I also need to add my thanks to all those who have written and encouraged me.I hope that you will find the following worthwhile.Air Force Memories 12When I woke up, I did not know if it was day or night, but was more conscious of things than I had been before, could feel where a needle was in my left arm and was quite aware that I was Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck naked under the sheet covering me. I started to grope with my right hand when I heard Alex ask if I needed something. I asked him what was going on and he informed that he would let them know I was awake and that a doctor would soon come. While we were waiting I asked him what day it was, as had been told I was there for two days and knew the accident happened Monday. He told me it was Wednesday they counted Monday as one day and though they talked to me on Tuesday afternoon, counted that as the second day. Now at least I had some time frames. I asked what the needle in my arm was for, and was told that it was for the IV and that the drugs were also put in that way, the only shots I got were for anti-biotic medicine.I heard voices and a man identified himself as one of the doctors, he pulled the sheet back covering me and when I asked why, told me that I had some cuts, scrapes and abrasions on my torso and legs that needed checking. After looking me over he said everything was coming along fine and maybe I could get some pajama bottoms the next day, no top as they still needed to keep some the monitoring devices on my chest. He said that latter in the day they would take me Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck into the operating room, remove the bandages from my head, do some minor repairs and rebandage me. With these kind words I was left alone with Alex, someone brought me some breakfast and Alex very patiently fed it to me. Then putting a call button close to my right hand, he said he had something's to do and would be back at lunch.I lay there in my darkness and realized how many things I took for granted I could no longer do. I had to be fed, my toothbrush had to have the paste put on it and then handed to me, at least I could brush my teeth. Then when I realized I needed to urinate had to press the button for help. A corpsman showed up and when I told him my problem got the proper utensil and then to my embarrassment had to move the sheet take hold of my penis and hold it in the opening while I relieved myself. It now dawned on me that I would require help when I needed to defecate, and this really made me feel helpless.I drifted in and out of sleep, and then was lunch. Alex fed me some soup and what tasted like scrambled eggs. We visited for a Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck while and then they came to wheel me to the operating room. Alex said he would wait until I came back. I was apprehensive as they began to cut the bandages from my head, but began to feel much better when I could vaguely see light. They told me to close my eyes while they removed the final bandages, and then after a few minutes was asked to open them. I could see. The room was in semi-darkness; a doctor using a small light looked into my eyes and was satisfied with what he saw. I was told to close my eyes while they turned the operating lights on and then to open them slowly and if the light hurt them to close them immediately.I did so and looked about through barely open eyes. They were doing something to my forehead and I felt a prick as they put a local anesthetic into my forehead so they could redo some stitches. They checked some other places and after putting in another local, cleaned out the big wound on my right cheek and did some minor surgery on it. Then all the bandages went back on. When I asked why both eyes had to be covered I was told that there were cuts around my left eye they wanted covered until healed. I was wheeled back to wherever it was I being kept and heard the doctor's and Alex conversing a little way from me. It was low and I could not get what they were saying.Alex came over and took my hand and informed he would be flying back the next day, that all danger was past, and now once the injuries healed I should be ok. I would have to come back maybe a few times to have my right cheek worked on, but they had assured him it would look normal when they finished, and if they could not do it here then it would be finished in the states before my time for discharge came.Knowing I could Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck see had made a world of difference to me and I told him I would miss him but thought that the people in hospital would take good care of me. He said unless they were told different that they would fly over on Monday to get me, and bring our medic Sgt. Strasser to get instructions on changing my bandage, which would have to be either on a daily basis or every other day. He said arrangements had been made that either a corpsman or a ward orderly would be close by twenty-four hours a day as long as both eyes were covered. That they would take of anything I needed. When I asked: "Anything?' he laughed and replied: "Anything pertaining to your injuries or bodily functions other than sex you idjit", as he reached over and grasped my flaccid penis. I truly doubted with all the drugs in me if I could have gotten hard if my life depended on it.He told me when I got home he would see that anything I had missed while in the hospital was well taken care of. Lightly kissing me, he said I will see you at dinner, and then will be getting things ready to leave, I may or may not be able to get here again after dinner tonight.Once again I dozed off and on, dinner came, Alex fed me and wishing me well took his leave. I missed him, but there was not much he could do for me and he needed to get back.The worst part was lying in the darkness, you never know just how much you rely on you sight until you cannot use it. As I drifted in and out of consciousness my mind conjured pictures of the past. I remembered forgotten and half-forgotten scenes of my childhood, adolescence and teen years, some were happy, some were best forgotten, but all had helped to make me what I was, and I wondered just who or what was I.Last spring I had been a naive and sexually inexperienced boy, now I had been introduced into man to man sex, and found with some it was most enjoyable, and while I had also been introduced into sex involved with sadistic pleasure, I found myself also becoming aroused when this happened to me. Would I be able to shake the bad and just keep the good when I left Korea, would I be able to function with a woman as I did with a man. What would the future hold for me? Could I believe the doctors, would I be badly scarred, and would my sight be all right? There were times when feelings of deep dark despair overwhelmed me and I wondered if it would not have been better to been killed in the crash I had so many questions and no answers, yet I knew that the answers, except for the medical ones, had to come from within myself. That I had to decide how I wanted to live my life from here on out, now that I guess I had been given a second chance. Would or could I make the right decision, only time would tell, I decided I would just have to take it one day at time, no matter how difficult Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck it was, not to dwell on the past and not to try to foresee the future.The next few days involved a few more trips to check on the healing of my head injuries and I was given pajama bottoms, so when I needed to go to the bathroom, if I felt up to it they could walk me there moving my IV along with me. Finally on Saturday they removed the IV and discontinued monitoring me, which made it nice, as now I did not have to have the pads taken off and then attached when I went to the bathroom. I was beginning to feel like I was almost human, if only I could see. The constant darkness was preying on me and I was becoming morose and dejected, nothing seemed to be worthwhile. I tried to shake this and asked one of the nurses if she would check at the PX for me and see if they had any oil paints and prepared panels and the cost of them if they did. Figured when I could see a little that I might get back to doing some painting. She found out they did so asked her to let Col. Crane how much money I would need to get them and have it sent over when they came to get me, that Alex knew where I kept my money. I thanked her and asked if she could have the PX place two sets of oils and six panel's aside for me, which she agreed to do. Great people here. Sunday big surprise was told I had a couple of Korean visitors. I thought it might be some of the one's I had worked with on TDY but was both shocked and happy to hear them say it was Major Kim Hung Oh and Major Hih Soo Nyung. They said they were sorry to hear of my accident and had only heard of it or they would have come sooner. They inquired if there was anything they could do for me, and seemed genuinely interested, which considering what we had gone through was a little surprising, though they had been rather nice at the end. They proceeded to tell me about what had happened with the two captains and the brothers since I left.The captains had been sent back to work, and were given the most menial jobs to do, plus the fact they were required to either be naked or just wear a loin cloth, they were to be available for sexual use by any of the people and were also to be the urinals, as the workers were forbidden to piss anywhere except into the captains. This went on for a week and then they were moved up to recruit and were allowed to wear a uniform and only be available for sexual use outside of working hours, however they were still required to be urinals and if any piss got on their uniforms they were publicly stripped and their cock and balls were whipped.It seem that eventually they might regain their previous rank in five or so years, providing they did not foul up, in which case they would go back one step and then have to start moving up again.There had been some problems with the brothers, seemed the older one just would not obey, and when they tortured the younger in hopes of gaining obedience it soon became apparent that while the younger adored his older brother, the older brother was concerned only about himself.The younger one was removed and sent to be a male whore to the enlisted men, and the older one was strung up by his wrists, pulled off the floor his ankles were attached to chains which spread his legs wide, nipple clamps and weights were attached, a ball stretcher and separator with 20-lb weight put on him. They attached alligator clips to his cock and a large one on his cock head. Then they found a large dildoe and coating it with a salve which would cause a burning sensation, forced it up his ass and then took a huge butt plug and forced that in, causing the dildoe to go further up his ass and then putting wires around his tits, and balls, and putting a copper tube down his piss slit, attached them to the transformer set the dials for unexpected shocks of electricity and left him.While he was hanging they made arrangements for his father to be abducted and brought to the camp. The next morning he was taken into the torture chamber, stripped and was hung by his ankle and wrists on chains from the ceiling. They were happy to see that even though he was in his 40s that his body was in excellent condition. They took a thin chain and wrapped it around his nuts and then attaching it to a chain from the ceiling raised him so he was essentially hanging my his balls. He could lift his pelvis to relieve the pressure, but not for long . He was situated so my lifting his head he could see his son through his legs. The older boy was moaning but had been screaming so much during the night that his voice was almost gone.They gave his several jolts of electricity as they first removed the butt plug and then had to reach up his ass to grab the base of the dildoe, he moaned and thrashed in his bonds but only made matters worse as the weights swung freely from his tits and balls. They removed the tit clamps and weights but returned with a whip, which they used, on his pecs and particularly trying to hit his nipples, you could hear the hoarse screams and the weight between his legs was wildly swinging. They gave him another jolt and then removed the copper wires from around his nipples and balls and pulled the rod from his piss slit. Before removing the harness on his balls and the weight the guards took turns smashing his balls with their fists, causing him to twist even more in the chains. Finally they removed the harness and weights, lowered him and removed the chains from his wrists and ankles, but leaving the alligator clips on his cock. Taking him over by his father they made him kneel facing his father's ass and fastened his legs at the thighs and ankles to the floor. Then asking him if he was ready to take his punishment and obey the orders given him, but having him shake his head negative they proceeded on the father. It was becoming clear to all that the young man was only interested in himself, but they were curious to see how much he would allow his father to endure.A hose was shoved up his father's ass and the water turned on, when he was bloated, the water was stopped and leaving his ass plugged for a few minutes they let the enema work on his intestines. When they pulled the plug the son was so placed that the water and shit hit him in the face and dripped down over him. They repeated the procedure until the water from the father ran clear. Then they brought over some lubricant and taking the son's hand and lower arm liberally spread the lube on him. Taking his hand they placed it at his father's asshole and working it finally got his fist into his father. This was causing his father to jerk in his chains causing great pull and strain on his balls. They then decided to add alligator clamps to the father's nipples and cock giving him further pain.They worked the sons arm until it was in as far as the forearm, and asking if he was ready to do as they wanted and getting a no, took his other hand and lubed it and worked and pushed it into the father. By this time some blood was seeping out of the father's ass, but the son did not seem to care. They decided no matter what they did with the father the son did not care, and from his ramblings learned he hated his brother as he would have to share with him and hated his father, as he would not give him control of the company. They released the father, but brought in a lawyer who drew up a will leaving all the father's wealth and business to the younger son, acknowledging that the older son was dead and that the appropriate arrangements would be made for one who has died and his body not recovered.The father also was required to have two special agents as his aides to see that he did not try to change anything and to insure that all was done to insure that as far as anyone knew the older son was dead. He was then taken to a hospital and when well, was allowed to see his younger son and told of the conditions of his servitude.The older son was turned over to the men at the compound to use as they saw fit and to see just what a human body could endure. The last they heard that by inserting metal bars in the muscles behind the nipples they could put clamps and weights on the nipples up to five pounds and hang weights on the bars up to 10 pounds without there tearing the flesh and falling out. They were up to close to 50 lbs. on his balls, and were also having a fine time inserting the needles through his cock, and as soon as they reached the limit of weight on his balls they were going to experiment with driving the needles through the testicles. They wanted to see how much weight the muscles and the scrotum would take before tearing, and were monitoring him to make sure that at first sign of tearing the weights would be removed.They had been using increasingly larger dildoes up his ass, and fisting him until one could get both arms up into him and they were working on two more arms one above and one below the ones in his ass to see if four could get in. He was permanently gagged except when he was given food or forced to suck someone off, cum and piss were his only liquids, and his food though nourishing was unappetizing, just food to keep him alive and in shape. He probably wished he were dead.The two majors said they had only been in once to see what was happening, but that Colonel Chi Do Song was there almost every day showing a Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck great deal of interest.It really did not matter what they did with the boy, as he was already legally dead and had been buried by his father.I was happier than ever that I no longer was in their hands, and while it was interesting to hear what had happened to those I knew, it also sickened me and made me wonder, how can man be so inhuman to his fellow man. For supposed civilized peoples we still showed a lot of the barbarian and lack of respect for others. I just hoped that this was not a widespread sickness throughout the world, but was afraid I might be wrong.We then chatted about some more pleasant things, such as the weather, where they had been swimming and how they were going be reassigned to Seoul and were looking forward it. I got the impression they would be glad to be away from Col. Chi.I thanked them for coming and cannot say I was sad to see them go. Not too long after my visitors had left, a doctor and I suppose a nurse and corpsman showed up, they began checking me over and removing all the monitoring devices I had been wearing as well as taking me off the IV and removing the needle from my arm. Now for the first time in a week if I wanted to turn over I could. Is odd how such things could make me happy.The doctor said that the plane with our medic should arrive that evening and they would come to see me. Then tomorrow morning, they would show Sgt. Starrier how to change my bandages and how to tell when the stitches could be removed. He would monitor the wound on my right cheek and let them know if it needed attention. If not they wanted it to heal some before doing anymore work. The Dr. said that the only real apparent scar would be on my cheek, until they finished with it. The other's should fade and he suggested that I used baby oil to Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck keep the skin supple and to make sure the cuts healed right. He said they would show red or white for a while, but should soon fade and not be noticeable. As I was being fed my dinner, Col. Crane, Sgt. Strasser and Capt. Bishop came into to visit and see how I was doing. It was good to hear some familiar voices.I asked Col. Crane if he had gotten my money so that the art supplies could be picked up at the PX, and he told me no. That he would be using some special services funds he had available and could justify the purchase as rehabilitation work for me. I guess this was true in a way, as it gave me an incentive to do things. I thanked him and we talked about had been going on at the site, then leaving me said they would be back in the morning to take me home.I think that night was the first night I did not have someone monitoring my sleep all night and it was nice to be able to turn, lying on my back for all that time had gotten rather tiresome for me, but there was no way with all my attachments that I could turn any.Right after breakfast they came and put me a wheelchair and moved into an operating room, only this time I was not placed on the operating table, but left sitting in the chair.They removed my bandages and as usual telling me to watch my eyes, began to show and explain to Sgt. Strasser what had been done, what he had to monitor and how to know when the stitches could come out. He had been a medic long enough that neither they nor I had and thoughts but that he would do a good job. While they had the bandages off, I requested a mirror, but was denied, and they told Strasser not to give me one until the day he removed the bandages for good. This did not make me feel very good and really raised my anxiety level that all was not as good as they were trying to make be believe.The only good thing was when in putting the new bandages on they did the one over my left eye, so I could see looking down, and by raising my head look at things. It was awkward, but at least I was able to do something's for myself now and not be so dependent upon others.They had brought me clean clothes and I was allowed to dress and get ready to check out of the hospital. I thanked all the people who had been so kind to me and made arrangements for a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of scotch to be delivered to the people who had been keeping watch over me 24 hours a day. I felt it was the least I could do.The doctor gave me some pills to take with me and gave Sgt. Strasser some more in case he needed them. They knew that our dispensary did not have everything the hospital did.Finally saying goodbye to the hospital personnel we were driven to the airfield and I was most happy when we were airborne. I dozed most of the time and before I knew it we were landing. Several jeeps met us and I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of people who had come down to welcome be back. My what a great feeling. It really encouraged me and made me feel as though I was really home.Everything went well until I decided it was time to get the grime off of me, and then I realized that with the bandages there was no way I could shower. Now what the hell was I going to do? As I was sitting on my bed holding my towel and stuff, Alex came by and asked what was wrong, when I told him, he told me to wait a few minutes and the thought they could get it worked out. When he came back, he informed he had talked to Col. Crane and until my bandages came off, at least one of Hardcore Pedo Preteen Fuck the officers would go to the showers with me, and using a bucket splash the water on me, then soap me down and once again using the bucket rinse me off. It seemed to be the only solution and he said he would take me now and to take my shaving gear and he would get rid of the stubble on my body. After all I had been through I really did not have any inhibitions about modesty left, so decided to go with the flow, and since anyone who saw me in the shower was aware my body was shaved if anyone saw him doing it, so what.He did a good job of bathing me, and shaving the stubble from my body, for which I was glad as it was beginning to itch. The bad part about shaving the body is when it starts to grow back it does really itch, or at least my hair did. It was good to be clean and because I could tell there were others in the shower by the noise and his telling them not to come down where it might get my bandages wet I could not give him the kiss I thought he deserved.I was glad to be back and to sleep in my own bed again, and while I did go over to the club and chat for a while, found I tired easily and soon went back and stripping climbed into bed and was soon asleep.Want more? Comments: afgreghotmail.com

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