Related article: Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:33:43 EST From: Romance954 Subject: A/C RepairThis story is dedicated to a Very Special person in my life. He has inspired me through out this whole story. I hope you enjoy it as much as he does. ..................Michael.................A/C RepairIt was hot Saturday in New York the temp must have been about 95. Our A/C in the Office was not working. I had to go in the office, but only for a few hours to finish up a report for a Monday morning meeting. So I dressed as cool and as comfortable as possible to sit in the heat in my office. As I grabbed my portable fan and an ice cold gallon of Ice tea so I could keep myself cool. I HAD ON MY SKIMPY BLACK SHORTS AND A TANK TOP....Well, when I arrived in the office I opened the window in my office and put my fan on high. God it was hot and humid in the office. All I could think about is being down on the beach in the ocean and watching the hot guys. Well, about 2 hours later I hear a knock on the door. As I opened the door I realized it was the A/C repair man. God he was good looking, I could have melted right there he stood about six feet tall great body with a build. He was about 180 lb.'s, a goatee. Damn, I was becoming excited as he told me his name was Mikos and was here to repair the A/C. I got really excited I figured that he would be here for a few hours and I could enjoy the view he had on theses cut off denim shorts and a cut off shirt as I showed him where the A/C unit was.I told him if he needs anything at all to please do not hesitate, just ask my name is Michael. Damn, I felt myself becoming aroused but had to calm down. After about a 1/2 hr I went to check up I asked him if he would like a cold glass of Ice tea he said yes please. He had a strong accent that drove me more crazy. When I came back he had removed his shirt, asking if I minded. I said no, "Make your self comfortable." As I stood there and admired the body of this Greek stallion, I felt a tingling in my crotch. God I was getting a hard on staring at this Greek Adonis. It was hot as I watched the sweat run down his tan back. I had to get back to work cause if not I would have jumped him there. Luckily my office was directly across from where this Greek god was working.When I got back to my desk I had to adjust my raging hard on cause it was straining to get out and I could not take it out with this man here or relieve myself. So to distract myself from my problem I went back to work occasional looking up and staring at his hot body and his firm ass. God time was going slow it seamed like hours have past and it was only 1/2 hr. I could still feel my throbbing cock in my shorts throbbing to relieve it self, but I could not do anything. My hands where tied (god I wish they were by my Greek stallion) after a few minutes I said to him.Excuse me Mikos do you know how much longer this is going to be cause I would like to get out of here and hit the beach if possible? He stood up and turned and said to me with his accent it could be a few more hours and stated that he could cum back on Monday. I said no that's OK it needs to be fixed today, in the back of my mind I was saying I need to be fixed by this hot stud. As he came closer to me, he ask if he could have another glass of the ice tea. I noticed the sweat running down his rippling chest along his hair line disappearing to the top of his cut off shorts. God my rod was throbbing even more, I then said sure. As he came closer I noticed his package god as it hot he must have 8 or nine inches there. After I poured him his ice tea and he took a sip he asked why are you here today. I said that I was the only sucker that had no plans so I came to do work and wait for you. Thinking to myself thank god its this hot stallion and not an old man that looks like a Senior citizen cause at I would have said cum back Monday.After awhile he went back over to the A/C unit so he could finish the job. He then asked, "By the way where is the bathroom?" I pointed to the bathroom and tossed him the keys. I could not get up cause he would have seen my hard cock. After a while my fine young stud was in the bathroom, I had the opportunity to take my meat out and stroke it but that did not last long cause with in a few min. Mikos then returned all wet and looking even hotter. He was all wet, Retro Cp Elite his chest hair was glissing in the sun. God he was driving me Insane. I wanted him now more than ever he said that felt good I asked him what felt good he said that he stuck his head under the cold water to cool him self off.Well now I was going crazy for Mikos. After we chatted for a while he went back to work on the A/C. About a half hour later and fantasizing about this hot stud fucking me with his big tool, he said I found the problem but I have to call for the part. I said to him here use this phone he said thanks. As Mikos came close and sat on my desk to use my phone I could see that budge even more and it was driving me crazy. I could smell the scent of this young Greek god and it was great. All of a sudden he hung up the phone and said, my friend Javier was going to bring the part here, but it would take about 30 min. I asked Mikos how long after that will that be done? (Not that I wanted him to leave) He replied it should only take about another hour after I get the part to finish.Well now I knew that this was my perfect opportunity start a conversation with Mikos. All of a sudden he started to ask me about my job. I told him what I did. He seamed very interested in what I did. Then I asked him about his job. He said that he has only been doing this job for about 4 months. I asked him how he liked it? He said it was O.K., then he started by telling me about a job he did a few weeks ago at a woman's penthouse. He told me that she walked around in a sports bra and panties. Then he went on to tell me on how he got a boner looking at her ass and how he wanted to fuck it. I played a long with him and asked him well did you? He turned around and looked at me, and said his big brown eyes and said, all I got was a lousy blow job. I just happened to glance down at his crotch and notice the budge was growing. I replied yeah I had a few of those.We started to laugh about it. At this point I offered him more ice tea and he said yes. We sat there talking more, about where he was from. He was not only hot but intriguing. All of a sudden there was a knock on the office door. Damn, my intimate & private time I had was no more. As Mikos went to open the door, I watched him. He had the greatest ass I have ever seen. I just want to rip his shorts of and start to lick that ass. When he opened the door, it was Javier, with the part. Mikos said it sure took you long enough. He answered well there is much traffic out there. He gestured the kid to bring in the part. At this point Retro Cp Elite I not only had my Greek god that I would do anything for, but now a hot young Latino boy. He was no older than 23, black curly hair, deep brown eyes and a body, dam he must work out like 5 times a day. Damn and talk about bulges. He looks as if he had at least 9.5 inches. He wore gray sweat shorts, and a tank top. It looks as he had no underwear on under the short, cause it was just hanging there. Well, Mikos and Javier went over to the A/C unit and I just stared at them. I was getting hotter and harder even now more than before. All I could do now is just sit there with my hand down my pants and think about both of them. As Mikos was fucking me with his hot cock, I would be bend over sucking Javier hard cock off till he shot that load in my mouth. My cock was hard and throbbing and pre-cum was oozing out of its piss hole. After a while I noticed that Javier was looking at me, and a few times he caught me staring at him. He would just stand there and smile back. As time passed by, I decided to run to the corner store to go get lunch and a few other things. So I said to both of the studs that I would be back in about 5 min.I asked if they needed anything. I told them both I was going to run to the corner store and pick up something's. Mikos said yeah a 6 pack. I said O.K. What kind of beer would you guys like? He replied any kind but lite beer. As he stood up and reached in his pocket for some money, you could not help staring at his crotch. I said no I got this you guys are working so Hard. They both turned and said thanks. I said any time. I decided to wait for a few more minutes till my erection had gone down completely. Well now it was time for me to make my exit and go down to the corner. I returned after 15 miniute, and notice both men sitting there look at a book. As I entered the room I said hello, I must have startled them cause they just jumped and hide the magazine. It must have been a porno one, cause when they stood up you could see their semi erected penis.So I said to them, what are you all looking at, that I startled you? Mikos replied. Javier found a fuck magazine in the van. So he brought it up for me to see. By the looks of their crotches I could tell it was a good magazine. Changing the subject real fast, I said to them I hope you like Corona Beer? They both replied yeah that's the good shit. Well, I picked up a case of it. Then I asked Mikos and Javier ready for a cold one? They both replied hell yeah. Well, as they approached me I could not help to stare at their semi erect cocks. Damn, I had to go behind my desk again cause I could feel my man hood rising to the occasion. After we sucked down two beers, I asked them how much longer it was going to take to finish the A/C? Mikos replied with a smile; we should be done shortly. About a half hour later Mikos said that the A/C was fixed. I then said to both my hot stallions so would you guys like another beer? Mikos replied why not. I handed them another cold beer. I then asked Mikos, so how many more jobs you have to do today? He answered that this was his first and last job for the day. So I told them that if they want to hang here, and have a few more beers they were more than welcome to. Javier then stated that it sounded good, as I watched him adjust his cock. I then turned and ask Mikos, "Well?" Mikos the replied, that would be cool, but I thought you wanted to go to the beach? I then replied, well its 2:30 and by the time I get there it would be a waste of time. So we just sat there chatting and drinking. Out of the blue, Javier said to me would you mind if I take my shirt off it is still kind of hot in here. I replied not at all. Well, Mikos saw me staring at this fine hot boy. As he stood up and removed his shirt, I could see that his body was toned. He had the hottest hair line going down to the crotch area. His belly button was pierced. As he fully removed his shirt, I also noticed that his left nipple was pierced. He had a tattoo on his left tit. It was a heart with the words "MOM" in the middle. God this was a hot man in front of me, I was starting to get more aroused then ever. I had to excuse myself so I could go to the bathroom. As I stood up from behind my desk, Mikos and Javier could not help notice my erection. As I moved around the desk to go to the bathroom, I glanced down to notice both my young studs adjusting their semi hard cocks. When I got to the bathroom, I decided to leave the door open so my young studs could get a glimpse of my ass. My cock was stiff as a board and there was no hiding it. All of a sudden I heard Mikos say out loud. Hey you taking a long time to pee man you jerking off, he said laughing. I said no man I'm coming out now. When I got back by my desk, I noticed that they, were looking at that fuck book again. As Mikos stood up to go to the bathroom, he was fully hard and god I almost went for it. He then said I will be right back. Javier was still looking in the magazine and I could see his hard cock through his sweat pants. Damn, I don't know how much more I can handle of this.Javier knew I was staring at his crotch and started to rub his cock. I could not take my eyes off of it. Then all of a sudden Mikos came back into the room. I took my eyes off of this young hot stud, and said to Mikos. Oh I see you finally decided to join us. He said yeah man had to take a wicked piss. As I glanced down at his crotch, I could still see it was semi erect. I then handed them another beer, and said can I see your magazine. Mikos said laughing. I don't think you need any more encouragement from the look of things. Mikos was now rubbing his crotch. Javier then stood up with his raging hard on standing out of his sweats and handed me the magazine, to my surprise it was a man to man magazine. Damn it was a dream come true. They were both here in front of me and knew what I wanted.Mikos then turned around and shut and locked the office door and said this will help cool the office down. Cause its about to get heated up. All of a sudden Mikos walked around to the back of my desk and took my hand and puts it on his now rock hard power tool. He then said to me I know you want this, you have been staring at me and my partner all day and I think it's about time we show you what we can do. As my hand massaged Mikos now hard cock, through his denim shorts. I could feel his now rock hard cock. As a glanced over to Javier, he was stoking his Retro Cp Elite uncut cock. God this was a dream come true. As Mikos signaled over to Javier, He came behind the desk and I started to Retro Cp Elite massage his erect Retro Cp Elite penis through his sweat pants. I then reached up under his sweat pants to feel his hard cock. God he must have been 9.5 inches uncut, and thick. At this point Mikos was getting so worked up that he undid his shorts and let his cock free. Damn, he had a wonderful cock too. Mikos cock was 8.5 inches, thick and cut. The more I played with my two hot young studs the hotter I got.Then to my surprise, Mikos grabbed the back of my head and lead his hot cock to my awaiting mouth. Damn his cock tasted so good, at this point Javier already took his sweats and was playing with my tits while I stoked his man hood. Mikos started fucking my mouth and ramming his hard thick rod down my throat, which was driving me crazy. At this point Mikos pulled out and said to Javier hey buddy, want to try this hot mouth. The next thing I knew Javier turned my chair to his direction and inserted his hard cock in my throat. All I could hear him say was "Yeah take it you bitch." Mikos started sucking my nipples, while I was sucking Javier, Damn the two of them where taking turns having pleasure with my mouth. All of a sudden, Javier pulled out of my mouth and said to Mikos, "Yeah your right man that mouth is hot but I am sure that ass is probably hotter." Mikos then said there is only one way to find out. Mikos and Javier then lifted me out of the chair and started undressing me.After they removed my shorts, Mikos turned and said, "You must really like this by the look of you erection." I could not even say a word. By this time Javier had removed the stuff from my desk and making room for me to lye down on the desk. Mikos then gently lift me on my desk, and told me to just lie back and enjoy. All of a sudden Mikos inserted is cock in my mouth while Javier was licking my hot ass hole. God at this point I knew that both my mouth and ass were going to be serviced, and the thought of this was getting me hotter. While Mikos fucked my hot mouth, Javier lick my hot getting it wet enough for his entry. While licking my hot ass hole, Javier started to stroke my throbbing cock and I felt myself getting hotter than before. All of a sudden Mikos said to Javier lets switch postions and let me get some of that. At this point Javier had just inserted his middle finger in my tight hot hole. Javier then said yeah cause this hole is very tight and hot and it needs to get loosen by our tools. As Mikos pulled out of my mouth, Javier pulled his finger out of my hot hole and then they switched.Javier was now fucking my hot mouth and Mikos was work my ass with his tongue and finger while stroking my hard cock. I was in heaven, then out of the blue Mikos removed his tongue and started to fuck me Retro Cp Elite with his finger. God I was going crazy now. Mikos then bent over while still finger fucking my ass hole. Then started sucking on my rod, this felt as if I just died and went to heaven. Mikos then took my cock out of his mouth and said to Javier, "Hey man you should taste this cock its great." Javier then said when I get back down to that hot hole I will try it. At this point Mikos took my cock out of his mouth and then his finger, and walked over to his tool box. What was he doing over there? Mikos then came back over and said to Javier lets switch and have some real fun with this white boy. What did I get myself into with these hot young studs? I was a little scared but, was enjoying it at the same time.As Mikos and Javier switched position, Mikos say to me "relax we are not going to hurt you put please you." I felt a little more at ease, then Mikos handed Javier a tube of something. As I glanced over I noticed it was a tube of KY, god I knew right then that they were going to fuck my hot tight hole. The next thing I knew Mikos said to me, here take a whiff of this, I was not sure what it was but he said it would make me relax. It had a strange aroma, but in the same aspect it gave me a high sensation, and I felt a sudden warmth come over my body. I then asked Mikos what this was, "He replied its Poppers." At this point Javier start to suck my throbbing cock as he lubed my ass hole and started to finger it. All I could here was Mikos saying yeah work that fucking hole. I started to moan as Javier finger fucked my hole, dam this was hot and I did not know how much longer I could hold on. All of a sudden Javier and Mikos looked at each other and said it is time. What were they talking about?The next thing I knew Mikos reached down and picked an object off the floor, what was it. All of a sudden Javier took my throbbing cock out of his hot wet mouth, but left is finger sliding in and out of my hole. Mikos then said to me close your eyes I'm not going to hurt you. I did what my hot Greek god wanted. I was powerless with him. He then grabbed my hands and puts a pair of handcuff on me. I said loudly, "What's going on?" Mikos then replied, "Relax we are not going to hurt you." Please trust us, I know I should not trust them but I was so turned on all I can do was say yes. Javier then pulled his finger out of my hot hole and said, he's ready. Mikos then said you wanna hit that ass first or shall I. Javeir then said, "No let me have the honors of popping this cherry." Mikos then open the small bottle and said to me, "Here take a long whiff." As I took a big whiff and inhaled this fragrance, I felt the spear like head of Javier dick enters me.As I moaned with pleasure, Mikos said inhale and relax. Then all of a sudden Mikos said to me open that hot mouth and suck my dick "BITCH," god this was really turning me on. At this point Javier was half way in and said to Mikos, "Hey let me get some of that shit." As Mikos took a hit he started pounding my throat real deep, moaning yeah take it. Then he passed it to Javier and as he took a hit I could feel his hard cock swell up more. All of a sudden he then slowly pulled out then slid back in pushing it in farther than before. Javier then leaned over and said to me take a whiff of this and relax. Javier then handed it to Mikos, and he took a whiff. At this point Javier decided just to ram that hard cock of his in my hot tight ass. Damn, while Retro Cp Elite shoving it deep in my ass, Mikos pumped my mouth harder. Mikos then pulled out and said to Javier lets switch I want some of that hot ass. Javier then pulled out of me as I felt my body shudder with relief. Mikos then switched positions with Javier, now fucking my mouth and Mikos fucking my ass. Mikos then started to stroke my throbbing cock while fucking my ass. God this was great I never felt anything like this before.At one point I felt Javier cock pulsating, as he yelled out yeah "BITCH," I'm getting ready to shoot my hot load down that throat. Then Mikos chimed in, "Yeah I'm gonna fill this hole up with my hot cum." God I don't know how much more of this I can take before I shoot my hot load. With that I heard Javier say something in Spanish, then fully shove his hard throbbing cock down my throat while emptying his nuts. As he was saying as he emptied his nuts, yeah swallow it all "Bitch." He must of shot about a gallon of cum as it flooded my mouth and throat. I managed to swallow every bite of it. The next think I knew Mikos started to shoot his hot load in my ass. It felt warm dam. Then it was my turn Mikos gave one final plunge and pull and I shoot all over. It was the best orgasm I have ever had. We just lied their will there cocks where still in me. About 5 minutes later I felt Javier's dick growing again, deep in my mouth. I then knew that he wanted a chance to fuck my ass. As they both pulled their cocks out of me, Mikos turned and said to me "Are you all right?" I replied I'm just fine. Mikos then said how about another beer? I said O.K. Another beer sounds good.As my two hot studs and I sat around, I noticed that Javier was still hard. So I said to Mikos and Javier, hey what about we go back to my house. I have a Jacuzzi and we can chill there the rest of the day. To my surprised, Mikos and Javier both came up to me and patted my ass and said, why not. As I got in Mikos van, Mikos told Javier to follow us. Javier said no problem, just lead the way. As we started to drive, Mikos turned to me and said, "So did you enjoy that?" I then turned to Mikos, and said "Yes I did." It was the best sex that I have had in a long time. As we got closer to my apartment, I turned and ask Mikos, "You are not involved with anyone?" Mikos then answered, "No I'm fairly new to this, and really don't know much about this life." I told him I understood. As we approached my apartment, I told Mikos to park over there. After we got out of the van Mikos said, "Hey should I bring the accessories with us?" After we all looked at each other, I said why not. As we stepped into the elevator and proceeded to my apartment, Mikos turned to me and started to kiss me, as I began to caress his crotch.At this point Javier came from behind and started to rub his now semi erected cock on my ass while Retro Cp Elite kissing my neck. I already was hard again and ready for more of my two hot stallions. When we got to my floor we separated and fixed our selves. When we got to my apartment and entered, Mikos and Javier were surprised. They both exclaimed, "WOW what a great place you have." I thanked the both of them. Then I said to them, "Please make your self at home, I will be right back." I went to go get a few towels and turn on the Jacuzzi. To my surprise when I entered into the room Mikos and Javier where butt naked and sitting there playing with a raging hard on. Mikos said to me at this point why don't you get comfortable and lose your clothing. With in a split second I was naked, and standing there with a hard on. I then proceeded toward them and as I got closer Mikos handed me the poppers and said, "Here take a whiff Retro Cp Elite and relax." With that, I took the bottle and took a huge whiff.Boy my head started to spin and my hormones start to intensify. All I wanted to do was to drop on my knees and suck their hard throbbing cocks. As I handed Mikos the bottle he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. I immediately fell to my knees and began to suck Mikos large tool. As I glanced over a Javier, he was taking a hit of the poppers while stroking his cock. God I was going to get it again and I was pleased with that. All of a sudden Mikos pulled out of my mouth and pulled Javier Closer and ordered me to suck his cock. Mikos was now not only becoming an afternoon affair, but also my master. I did what he wanted I started to suck Javier cock. Mikos said with his deep voice, while holding my head down on Javier's cock, "Yeah Bitch suck that cock you know you want it." He was right I did want it and was powerless when it came to Mikos telling me what to do. I would do anything this man wanted. After about five minutes after sucking Retro Cp Elite Javier's cock Mikos let me up and said, "How about that Jacuzzi now?" I got up and replied, "Let's go." As I lead them to the private balcony, I stop to pick up a bottle of Tequila for us to do shots. Javier said I will get the beer. As we entered outside on the balcony Mikos turned and said to me, "Nice set up." I then replied thanks. As we proceeded into the Jacuzzi, I turned and asked Mikos and Javier if they would like a shot of tequila? They both responded sure, as Javier handed me a beer. At this point I knew that we where going to have a wild time again. After our shoot Mikos handed me the poppers and I took another hit, I was feeling so great now. I then handed the bottle back to Mikos and leaned over and start to suck Mikos nipple while stroking both their cocks.They were both hard as a rock and I knew that I wanted what I had earlier that day. After a while Mikos grabbed me by my hair and said hey I think my partner wants some attention too. God I was more then happy to please. As I looked over Javier erected cock was standing right up at attention. He then said I want that boy to sit on my hard cock and ride it. As I stood up I was eager to please both my studs. As I start to sit on Javier's cock I took another hit of popper, so I could relax more. At this point the head of this studs cock was entering my hot hole. Javier was so hot and eager to plow it that he grabbed me by the waist and forced it up my hot ass. God, this time I was not prepared for his huge cock and it was hurting. Mikos then stood up and gave me another hit of the popper and told me to relax. I did what he said, but at the same time he orders me to suck his hard cock. He then plunged it deep in my throat and started to fuck my hot mouth.God I was getting it again and enjoying it but this time I became a sex slave. As I rode Javier throbbing cock, Mikos was fucking my mouth hard. I did not know how much more I could handle before I would shoot my hot load. Between the heat of the two studs and the heat of the Jacuzzi, I felt that I was going to pass out. At this point Mikos and Javier said, "Why don't we go inside to your bedroom and finish this?" As Mikos withdrew his hard cock from my mouth, and Javeir withdrew his hard cock from my hot hole. At this point Mikos and Javier picked up the Tequila and beers and follow me into the house to my bedroom. At this point we all took another shot of tequila and had another beer. As they looked around my bedroom, Mikos order me to lay on the bed. I did what he wanted. He then told Javier to go out and get the hand cuffs from the other room. As Javier went to the other room go get the handcuffs, Mikos got in to bed and straddled my chest and started to whip me with his hard cock across my face.As I opened my mouth to take his hard cock in, he exclaimed "Not yet!" Javier then reentered the room and said here you go, as he handed Mikos not one but TWO pairs of handcuffs. As Mikos got off my chest and he said to me, "Just relax you know we are not going to hurt you." I knew that already so I just laid there and relaxed. Javier then turned and said to the both of us, "How about another shot and a beer before we continue what we started?" Mikos and I said sure, why not. After the shoot we all lied in bed and drank our beers. At this point I was feeling good, and so were my studs. I then reached over and grabbed the bottle of poppers and took a hit. God I was enjoying this. At this point Mikos look at Javier and said its time to get busy. Mikos then ordered me to lay back down on the bed and spread eagle. I was eager to please, so I did what he said. At this point Mikos and Javier took the handcuffs and handcuffed me to the bed post so I could not move. This was turning me on more. The more they did the more I got excited. After I was cuffed to the bed post, they both kneeled on the bed and started sucking my tits and playing with my erected cock. At this point Javier got in a 69 position and stuck his throbbing cock in my hot wet mouth and took mine in his mouth. It seemed that Mikos was the master and we were his slaves. Mikos then started to finger my hot ass again and said its time for me to enter that hole. As Javier and I sucked each other hot cock, Mikos entered my hot already lubed hole and started to plow it real hard. God I was in ecstasy.At this point Javier took my cock out of his mouth and turned around and straddled my chest and started to fuck my hot wet mouth. A few minutes later Javier put the bottle of popper under my nose and said, "Take a whiff." I did God I was enjoying this and wanted more of these studs. After a while Mikos pulled out of my hot ass and said to Javier it's your turn man, let's switch. As Javier pulled out of my mouth he got up from the bed and him and Mikos exchanged a smile. To my surprise Mikos undid the cuffs and ordered me on all fours, like a dog. As Mikos lied on the bed I took his hard cock in my mouth and started sucking it. At this point Javier came from behind and just rammed his big cock in my ass. As Mikos held my head down and fucked my mouth deep and hard, Javier pounded my ass deep and hard.God I was going crazy. At this point I knew I Retro Cp Elite could not hold back any longer I was going to shoot, but to my surprised Mikos yelled out, "Take it bitch take it all." As he gave one more final thrust he emptied his nuts deep in my throat. All Mikos could do was hold my head down on his cock and saying, "Yeah swallow my hot load bitch swallow!" At this point Javier started to stoke my throbbing cock and thrusting deep in my ass. With one more final thrust Javier rammed it in really hard and empty his hot load deep in my ass. I could feel his hot Retro Cp Elite cum in my ass. As he gave one more final thrust I then exploded all over the bed and Mikos leg. After about 5 minutes Javier withdrew and we all just collapsed on the bed. At this point we were all relieved and relaxed. After about 15 minutes, we all decided to go relax in the Jacuzzi and have another beer.Well, all I could say to myself at this point I'm glad I went to the office and glad that I met these two hot studs. The funny thing about this whole thing is that a month has gone by and Mikos and Javier are now living with me, and our sex is the best. Every night it's different, and since our first encounter Javier has let Mikos and I fuck him and vice versa. All I can say at this point is damn I do enjoy servicing my two studs.THE END

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