Related article: Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 22:10:02 EST From: Abercrombievirgoaol.com Subject: Agent Chaos: Episode One - Out Of My MindI hit the wall hard. I gasped in pain as I slid down to the floor."Beating up on minors." I said to the guard of Parker Asylum. "I am sure there are laws against this.""Tell me who you are working for and I will make your death quick and painless as possible," He said to me. I smiled."When you suck my dick then we will see." I said sarcastically. That received a punch in the mouth."How old are you?" He demanded."16," I replied to him. He and the doctor smiled."You would think that you would value your life a lot more," He said to me. "I will make the best proposition I can. Tell me who you are working for and I will Pthc Portal not kill you. I will give you a first class trip home.""Suck it," I said looking down at my crotch. He smiled as he took a stick from the Doctor. He stuck in my chest and I screamed as I felt shocks surge through my body."You don't wanna talk?" He asked me. "Fine. I'm about to give you a whole meaning of pain." Pthc Portal He looked over at the doctor. "Fit him for a strait jacket. Looks like we have a new resident here at Parker."*****************************************************************4 days earlier... My name is Kendall Hart. I am a junior at Miami High School. I am 16 and like most 16 year olds I needed money. Who knew that my first job would be working for the United States Government? I was recruited to work with AP-1, one of 8 agencies that were trying to protect American well being. Life was sure gonna change for me...."Welcome to AP-1," Sam Harrison said as we sat in the conference room. Carlos Rengel, Pedro Rengel, and Rusty Wagner all sat around me. "I am sure you four boys would like to know how and why you were recruited for our agency.""As long as we are getting paid, I don't care," Rusty said and I gave him a wary glance as he and Pedro hi-fived one another."Dumbass," I muttered."Yes, you will be paid for your services for AP-1," Sam said with a smile. "AP-1 is a covert OPS agency. You will be sent all over the world on various operations. You will use martial arts skills that you will learn and also master weapons.""I can't wait to kick some ass," Rusty said excited. "Can you let him finish without interrupting?" I asked him."I don't think I was talking to you...Kendall is it?" He asked me. I was about to respond back when Sam cleared his throat."I see we have two dominant forces here," He said with a slight laugh. "Let's hope this will work in our favor instead of against of us.""So when exactly do we get to go on one of these various operations?" Carlos asked. Sam walked over to a cabinet and pulled some folders out."In a few days actually," He said handing each of us a folder."What is this?" Pedro asked him. I looked in it to see maps and other documents."This is a file explaining your first operation," Sam said."Parker Asylum?" I asked him. "Isn't an Asylum a house for loons?""For lack of better words, yes," Sam said. "The Parker Pthc Portal Asylum is located in Berlin, Germany. You each have a profile that you have to assume when you report there.""Alvin, the security guard," Carlos said looking through his file."Alvin and the chipmunks," Pedro said sharing a laugh with Rusty. "I am suppose to be Franz, a doctor inside the asylum. What do I know about doctoring?'""Nothing," Sam said. "You just need to be there. Just blend into the staff.""What about you two?" Carlos asked Rusty and I. Rusty glanced over at me. We had the same look on our face."We are breaking into the Asylum," I said with a Pthc Portal sigh. *****************************************************************PresentCarlos walked into a bathroom where he was to meet Pedro."Is it safe?" Carlos asked his brother as he walked in. Pedro nodded."What is going on?" He asked."Rusty managed to get in undetected and he is here as an orderly inside the asylum," Carlos said with a sigh."What about Kendall?" Pedro asked."He was caught," Carlos said looking down at the floor."Is he okay?" Pedro asked."They committed him somewhere inside," Carlos said. "As a patient zero.""Oh my god," Pedro said. Carlos was confused."What's wrong?" He asked."A patient zero is a high risk patient," Pedro said. "From what I learned, they get treated worse than your average patient.""We need to consult with Sam," Carlos said. "Shit! We should have been more prepared.""No time for shoulda coulda woulda," Pedro said. "We need to rendezvous with rusty and find some way to get Kendall out." *****************************************************************FlashbackPedro and Carlos walked inside their house. They needed to speak with their parents."Mom," Pedro said. "Dad.""In here son," Mr. Rangel said from the kitchen and they walked into the kitchen."Hey Boys!" Mrs. Rangel said kissing the, both on the cheek."Hey mom," Carlos said with a smile."Where you two been hiding at?" Mr. Rangel asked."Um...we had a meeting with AP-1," Pedro said slowly. Both boys noticed their parents tense up."I need to go clean something," She said making her way to the living room."Sharon we need to talk about this," Mario said as the three of them followed her."Talk about how are sons are gonna get themselves killed?" She asked whirling around."Mom...." Pedro began but she cut them off."How can you expect me to support you two embarking on something placing you in danger everyday?" She asked them."Because we want to do this mom," Carlos said. "Stop treating us like we are kids. We can make our decisions now.""He is right, Sharon," Mario said to his wife. "They maybe young but they want to do this and we can't stop them." Sharon stared at the three of them."When are you going on your first operation?" She asked them."Four days," Pedro said. "We are to head to Berlin to infiltrate an asylum to rescue captured agents.""I see," She said nodding. "Well...When the time comes for me to say I told you so let's hope it's not at your funeral. Come into the kitchen for dinner." She left her stunned sons and husband looking after her in mild shock. *****************************************************************Present"Don't you fucking dare!" I yelled as the doctor stood over me with a needle in his hand."We have to give you something to calm your nerves," He said calmly."I swear to god if I get out of here, I will kill you with my bare hands," I hissed."Those was hostile," He said feigning sadness. "It'll only hurt a little bit." He stuck it in my arm."AAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed out. I felt a burning sensation in my arm."I lied," He said with a laugh. "Hurts like hell, huh? Trust me it will hurt a whole lot worse unless you tell us what we want to know." *****************************************************************FlashbackRusty sat at dinner with his Mother and Stepfather."If this is what you want to do we support it," His mom said."Make us proud," His stepfather said. Rusty smiled at them both."Thanks," He said. "Thanks for giving me the chance to prove myself and for supporting me. I couldn't risk my life without you two behind me.""You will do fine," His mother set touching his arm."So what exactly are you going to be doing?" His stepfather asked."Breaking into an asylum located in Berlin," Rusty said eating his steak."Wow!" They said in unison."Yeah, and I can't wait to kick some ass," Rusty said excited. His stepfather smiled."I will be back in a sec," He said and excused himself from the table."You have gotta tell me all about it when you get back," His mom said."I will tell you what I am allowed to tell," Rusty said kissing her cheek.In the living room, Harry Wagner was speaking German to someone."When are they coming here?" The voice asked in German."I am not sure probably in the next few days," Harry replied back in German. "I was Pthc Portal just letting you know to keep your eyes opened."We will capture them all like the rest of those spies," The voice said enthusiastically."No," Harry said. "My son is to not be harmed. Understand?""Fine," The voice said as Harry heard movement behind him."Hey honey," He replied to his wife."Who was that on the phone?" She asked curiously."Just a coworker from work," He lied. *****************************************************************PresentRusty typed quickly into the computer system. He was looking for the room numbers of the agents."What are you doing?" A receptionist asked as he logged off. Rusty smiled nervously."I am trying to get that promotion," He said with an uncomfortable laugh. "I wanted to show the man upstairs how I do. And I aint talking bout god.""What is your name?" She demanded. Rusty laughed again."Tovar," He said with a smile. "And yours?""None of your business," She said eyeing him suspiciously. "I suggest you leave now.""Right," Rusty said with a wave. He headed to find Carlos and Pedro. *****************************************************************"I can't wait any longer," The doctor said as they drug me down the hall. "If you want tell us what we want to know, then we will have to execute you." I felt so weak and dizzy. They drug me towards a room with a tub full of water."What...What is that?" I asked weakly. The doctor chuckled softly."Electroshock tub," He said as they threw me inside and hooked up pieces to my body. "Wanna see how it works." I felt a sharp volt surge through my body."AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed out in pain."I will give you one more chance and I am running out of patience," He said. "Who do you work for?""Suck my dick," I said hoarsely. He shook his head."Raise the voltage all the way," He said to the guard. He did as he was told and I felt the pain surge through my body. I felt as if I was gonna die but the power went out. The volts stopped. "What the hell?" Pedro burst into the room. The guard came at him but Pedro punched him across the face and did a spinning kick that sent him flying into the wall."That was fun," He said with a smile. The doctor swung one of his electronic sticks at his head. "Pedro," I said as I saw him go down school. I ripped the sensors off my body and jumped out the tub."What are you gonna do?" The doctor asked challenging me. I felt dizzy and I was weak. I did a jab to his face but he blocked it and sent one to my ribs."Ah," I said as I stumbled in pain. He kicked me to the ground and grabbed his stick. I managed to gather my strength and kicked the stun stick out of his hand. I flipped up and punched him for times in the face and head butted him to the ground."Nice," Pedro said as he got up off the ground. I smiled weakly."I feel dizzy," I said as we supported each other as we walked."It will wear off eventually," He said with a smile. "We have to rendezvous with Rusty and Carlos but we have to steal a vehicle first.""Grand theft auto?" I asked with a smile. "I likey likey." *****************************************************************Rusty was trying to help one of the last captured agents out when he heard a gun clicked behind him."Hold it," a voice said from behind him. Turn around slowly." He turned around to see the receptionist from earlier."Ah, we meet again," He said trying to be calm though a pistol was being pointed at him.""Shut up!" She commanded. She stepped forward. "I knew something was weird about you when I saw you.""Yeah, I get that a lot," He said sarcastically."You might wanna be quiet," She said as she placed her hand on the trigger. "This is gonna hurt you more than it will hurt me.""I don't think so," Rusty said with a smile. He jumped kick the gun out of her hand. It slid across the ground. Rusty didn't want to hurt her so he grabbed her by her arm but she kicked him in the balls. "Shit! You bitch." He shoved her into a wall. He used a little too much force and she was knocked out. "OOPS!" He helped the agent to their feet and headed to the extraction point. *****************************************************************Pedro punched the man in the throat as he slung him out the truck."Where the hell are they?" He asked me as we sat in the truck. I was getting anxious. How were we gonna prevent us from getting captured if they were taking so long."I see Rusty," I said as Rusty busted out the door with his agent."Open up," He said banging on the door. I opened the door to allow the two in."Where is Carlos?" Pedro asked. Rusty looked around."I thought he was with you," Rusty said confused."Shit," I said unbuckling my seat belt. "I will go get him.""No let me," Pedro said climbing out of the car. "Be back in five.""Make it three," I said as he rushed off back into the building. Rusty climbed into the front seat."How did you make out?" He asked curiously. I shrugged."It was a shocking experience," I said with a smile. "You?""I had some girl troubles but that is about it," He said returning my smile. We held the smile a little to long and I immediately turned away."Boy, they better hurry up," I said with an uncomfortable chuckle. *****************************************************************Carlos ran down the halls of the asylum on his way to the extraction point. The people inside had killed his agent. A bullet ricochet off the wall."Damn it," He said as he continued to run down the hall. Pedro came into his sight."Where have you been?" He asked folding his arm. Carlos motioned for him to go but he didn't get it until he saw the gunman. "HAUL ASS!" They ran down the steps. A guard stepped in front of Carlos. Carlos hi-jumped kicked him down the steps."Looks like it hurt," He said as another bullet barely missed his head. They continued to dodge bullets and busted outside. By now, Rusty had cranked the car up and was about to leave. More gunmen were on the roof of the asylum and were shooting at both the truck and Carlos and Pedro."Ah," Carlos said as a bullet nicked his arm. He jumped into the bed of the truck with Pedro in tow and crouched down. "GO!" Rusty sped down the trail of the asylum. Guards stood in front of us."They better move," He said nervously. I laughed."RUN 'EM DOWN," I said and he pressed down on the pedal. They had the sense to at least jump out the way. We sped out of the Asylum and whooped and hollered as our first operation was a mild success. *****************************************************************"You boys did an excellent job in Berlin," Sam said to us as we sat back in the boardroom."Who you telling?" Rusty asked his cockiness coming out. I rolled my eyes."What have we learned from the agent we have?" I asked him."Apparently, the man was captured because he was suspected to be working for The Trinity," Sam replied. I eyed him weirdly."Who is The Trinity?" I asked him. He shook his head."More when the time is right," He said and turned to the others. "You boys enjoy your night. We have some new work to discuss." In the parking lot of AP-1, I was talking with Carlos."Who is this trinity?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders."I don't know," He said with a sigh. "Is it me or do you think we are not getting the complete idea of the people we are fighting?""I got that feeling but I don't know,' I said shaking my head as Rusty walked out with Pedro."What do you boys say we crash a party?" He asked us."College?" Pedro asked him. Rusty nodded."Hell yeah," We all said in unison. *****************************************************************What did you think of the story? I hope you like it.In Episode Two, Kendall becomes a target when the boys are assigned to uncover a spanish sex ring. Meanwhile, Carlos and Pedro butt heads with their mom and Rusty gets suspended.

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