Related article: Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 02:53:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Julian Irwin Subject: A Dream comes True ch11 transgender teenJust want to say a big sorry for the delay in putting this chapter 11 up. I've been rather busy at work. But guess I'm lucky to at least have a job when you see so many being layed off, so shouldn't complain. Plus I was overseas for about six weeks, hoping to do some writing then, somehow it didn't happen.I would really, really appreciate any feedback to my story.Remember you're meant to be at least 18yrs old to be on this site. Ch 10: With the bulk of Denise's offering still sitting in my mouth, I lay over my sweet loving sissy sister. Together we shared warm loving kisses, while I let her feast on the thick creamy delights from my mouth. Both now spent and exhausted, we cuddled our naked body lovingly together drifting off into a heavenly sleep. While our ravishing nighties lay unsoiled on the plush carpet below us, awaiting two sissy bodies in the morning. Chapter 11.Wednesday morning dawned early as Mummy came to wake two sleeping little angels. Well that isn't the word she used, but I think `angels' sounds so much sweeter. Denise and I were allowed to shower together, with a dire warning "There's to be no playing around in there."At least she said nothing about showering eachother, which we did with great delight. Dried, powdered and smelling like two sweet cherubs, we then went to work massaging eachothers breast cream on, followed by the little breast cups. It's the first time I've seen Denise doing hers and it's also great doing it together. Once we had finished our bowls of girly food, Denise took off to ready herself for work. In the meantime Mummy told me about our day ahead. It's going to be so exciting, we are going dress shopping for girls `every day' dresses for me. She has seen an advert in a woman's magazine for proper girls clothes. Yes, like dresses, skirts, blouses, not like you see a lot of young girls wearing today. Oh that's wonderful, I said showing greatest amount of enthusiasm I could muster. I couldn't wait to tell Denise where we were going when she came down stairs, looking the handsome male once again. Back in my room Mummy released my pumps, even after just one day I'm sure I can notice a little more puffiness. Or is it my imagination, doesn't matter I know they feel a little more sensitive, even the titties are standing out. That became quite noticeable when Mummy fastened my training bra. In the end she had to put little cotton pads over each nipple, assuring this new fragile sensation will quickly pass. Once dressed in my pretty pale turquoise satin and lace suspender and panties, I sat and gently rolled each light tan nylon stocking up, fastening them to the suspender. Again I just had to stand walk around a little savouring that delicate pull between the stocking and suspender belt. Along with the silky feeling on my hairless legs at the same time. "I think that is enough for now, you have all day to enjoy these pleasures." I was informed."Will you do my makeup and hair for me please Mummy, I want to look real pretty going out as mother and daughter for the first time." I was to excited about my first outing too focus on doing makeup. I sat meekly while Mummy beautified one anxious sissy's face. Her magic touch completed once again, one pretty Jessica smiling sweetly back at me through the vanity mirror. The softness of the makeup made me look no more than a sixteen year old school girl. Just the way I want to look and be.Dressed in the same white silk blouse, I wore the other day to the Doctors. Only this time one of Denise's skirts also, thankfully it has a wide stretchable waist band, like one size fits all sort of thing. It was a nice full multi coloured floral skirt that hung to about two inches above the knee. Under the collar Mummy fastened a signal strand Ruby and Pearl neckless, which matched the anklet that sat on the dresser ready to adorn my ankle shortly. Just looking at myself I knew there is no going back to being *just a Gay boy* as before. No looking at this girl before me, I know I am one extremely feminine Sissy Gay boy. Feminine underwear and makeup will be a great part of my life from now on.Holding the skirt out between my thumbs and forefingers, turning from side to side. At the same time sensing the gentle touch of the petticoat against my stockinged legs. That wonderful desirable awareness, quickly went through my mind of, what it will be like walking down the streets. I must not make a showing as I did the other day. Or I'll have Mummy telling me off again."A penny for your thoughts sweetheart." Mummy said, bring me out of my dreams."Oh, I was just thinking how much a girl I am now. And what it'll be like walking down the street in a skirt." I said with a smile. I think Mummy could read my mind, as she reminded me about how I'm to act like a sweet girl, not some sort of young tart.I sat quietly then, while my hair got combed, brushed out and sprayed. Whoever invented these gaffs certainly knew what a girl needed at times like this. Yes all this excitement, dressed up almost ready to face the world for the first time wearing all my pretties. Well really mostly Denise's skirt and blouse that everyone will see."Why can't I wear my own dress or skirt Mummy?" thinking of the clothes Aunty had made for me."They are not the sort of dresses for going shopping in. They are for going visiting or when we have visitors. So you'll look the pretty girl you want to show off." I was told with a kiss."Now my dear, I want you to sit quietly holding your Shelly why I get dressed. What I mean is I don't want to see those hands wondering over your lap, is that understood?""Yes loud and clear. You should know I wouldn't do anything like that." I said giggling.I just got a smile and, `I don't really believe you,' look in return.Next thing Mummy started undressing and what I mean is, Completely! Yes right down to being naked in front of me. I didn't know where to look, so tried concentrating only on Shelly or the lovely thick carpet under my feet. You may laugh at me, but this is the first time I've ever seen a woman naked. OK. I have in porn magazines that's all, never like this, in real life."What is wrong Jessica?" I was asked, as Mummy was watching me through the mirror."I'm sorry Mummy, it's just that I've never seen a woman naked before.""You don't want to be embarrassed darling. You don't mind me seeing you with nothing on, do you?""No but you're different, You're a lady." I said still not wanting to look her way."And you are one sweet innocent Girly-boy. God, I love you so much Jessica.""I love you to Mummy." I said in a soft voice, while still looking at the plush carpet.It didn't take long till Mummy had her panties and bra on. Well nearly on, as she called to me."Jessica would you fasten my bra for me like a good girl." she asked.I'm sure this is just her way of getting me close to her partly naked body. I know she has done her bra up many times without Denise's or my help. All the same I did lend a helping hand in her hour of need, even helped put her pretty Ivory coloured satin petticoat on. I must admit it did send shivers through me, just by the warm touch of her beautiful feminine body."Thank you Jessica, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" she asked, while looking at me."No." was all I could come out with.Sitting back with Shelly, I watched taking in everything, as Mummy applied her makeup perfectly. Finished of by dressing in a stunning silk black blue and gold paisley long sleeved dress, the neckline crossed over to give just a hint of cleavage. She wore no jewellery, saying the dress Underage Tits was pretty enough without any. That I agree. One final brushing of her hair, shoes and handbag all ready. Now one last check of her daughter and purse, yes lipstick, powder compact, clean hanky, Jessica is given the all clear to hit the town.Suddenly little nervous rumbles came from my stomach. The realization that time has finally approached for me to step out into this unforgiving world. A world that seems to have a great dislike for anyone whose veered from the so called straight and narrow track of life. Will I be excepted as a girl or just another boy in a dress. To hear those dirty remarks or being punched again, even worse than I got just for being Gay!!! I looked to Mummy, "Please Mummy, tell me the truth won't you. Do I look like a boy in a dress or do I look like the pretty girl I feel inside of me?" Looking, begging her to give me the honest answer."Jessica my darling, I would never dream of taking you out dressed as a girl if I didn't think you looked as convincing as you do. You know I love you far to much to hurt you in any way. Especially at a time such as this, your first outing as Jessica. Does Denise or even Annabel look like a boy in a dress?""No they look real pretty girls." I said."And so do you, it's just first time nervous, you wait and see. No one will look at you, other than to think what a beautiful girl you are. Now give Mummy a hug and we'll be on our way."Walking down the stairs and out to the car, Mummy even remarked at how nicely I'm walking. Yes I was conscious of how I was holding myself straight, taking smaller steps than I did as a boy. Even holding my clutch purse sweetly in my left hand. I gave her a sweet smile saying, "Thank you Mummy."We drove down the road a little then turned off into a parking area next to a tennis court. Oh my god, why are we stopping here I thought, while looking questionably to Mummy."Come now Jessica, we'll have a little walk around the tennis court to give you the confidence of walking on the pavement." giving my hand that motherly squeeze as she spoke.I even noticed I got out the car with much more grace than I normally would. After one quick look around, making sure no one was watching. I walked unconcerned around the car to where Mummy stood."How does that feel Jessica?""Shall we take a stroll around the court, I might find some balls to play with. Or would it be to early for them." I said giggling, sensing great relief and most of all, believe in myself. That I can be taken as the girl I know I want to be. Mummy just smiled at my remark, knowing what I was meaning.Lazily we stroll around talking about nothing really, all the while building up my confidence. I couldn't help but say how wonderful it felt. Experiencing the slight breeze under my skirt for the first time, the way it brushed my legs on each step. Another feminine pleasure I've miss out on over these years. So I'm ready to make up for lost time, skirts for me from now on. After the second circuit of the tennis court without finding any balls. Mummy suggested we head back to the car and off to do some serious dress shopping. That I was all in favour of.Heading southward away from Wimbledon, I had to ask where we were going to do this shopping."The shop I was telling you about is in Kingston. I gather they do a lot of hiring out of girls dresses for special occasions. But is also open to the public as they sell girls dresses just the sort I'm sure you'll love. By what I saw on there web site, I think you'll be more than happy. If not there are many other dress shops for pretty girls.""I can't wait, I'm so excited, my first dress shopping." I couldn't keep my hands from fiddling with my skirt, touching the blouse. I think I could do this every day, no wonder you always see girls in these shops."I don't want you to get me wrong darling. But when we are in the shop, I'll do all the talking, like you have a bad throat. That way they won't notice your voice to be a little to deep for a young girl. You know what I mean don't you sweetheart?""Yes I do, I'll act dumb like a foreigner and just smile sweetly." I said smiling to her, "That's why I'm going to have the operation isn't it?""You'll be just like a sweet refined girl then." Mummy said patting my leg at the same time.It wasn't long before we hit Kingston upon Thames. Somehow I felt quite at ease, knowing I'll be showing myself of to all down here as a self-assured young girl, I hope. Now parked up in the parking area not far from the shopping, motor turned off. Before anything else, Underage Tits a girl must have a little touch up of her makeup, mustn't she? I looked to Mummy, who in turn looked with an assured smile to me."Are we ready to go shopping for some dresses Jessica?" she asked cheerfully."Oh yes, I can't wait. I will be able to try some on first, won't I?" I asked enthusiastically."Yes, girls alway try their dresses on first. We must make sure they fit nicely before we buy.""I'm ready then, if you are." I said keen to get moving before my confidence waned.In no time we came upon the street, then the shop in question. Must admit I was walking with great confidence in my two inch heels, as well of being conscious of my surroundings, so not to put a foot wrong. I was encouraged my the lack of stares and comments. Just before entering the cozy looking shop, Mummy asked how I was feeling after the short walk. I couldn't lie as I told her, "I feel like a true feminine girl and nobody has even looked at me.""See I told you so didn't I. Now remember what I said about talking." taking my hand in hers just for a reassuring motherly squeeze.A warm beaming smile greeted us as we entered, from the Shops owner. A smartly dressed woman who I would say to be late 40's or early 50's with Underage Tits a well looked after figure Looking at me, then to Mummy saying. "It's so nice to see a young girl dressed as a young girl these days. Not wearing jeans with very little covering her top half."Just hearing her say that brought warm fuzzes to my whole being, I gave her a sweet smile. I feel even better now, knowing she hasn't detected that I'm a boy. While Mummy assured her how I love dressing in pretty girly clothes. Which is very true, so hope I can keep up this disguise.While the ladies talked their niceties about girls dressing up etc. My eyes were scanning the rows of pretty girls dresses, blouses and skirts. Everything a sweet girl *like myself* would love to have in her wardrobe."Jessica dear, the lady wants to measure you, so we know where to start looking."Another sweet smile I gave as my Underage Tits heart started pounding. This is where I get sprung for sure."The poor dear has lost her voice over the last couple of days." Mummy said convincingly."That won't keep you from finding some lovely dresses will it?" The lady said smiling to me.I tried to sort of whisper out a girlish `No' which seemed to work beautifully.The tape measure went around me, in much the same way as when Aunty measured me. Fortunately I didn't have to remove anything, as I did for Aunty. At least Aunty knew what I am, just another sweet Sissy, like her Ashley. Measurements taken and again written down. Everyone will soon know my size at this rate, like Aunty, the shoe shop, now the dress shop."Now come with me I'll show you where to start looking." she said "Good job your mother is with you, or I think you'd be all day looking. There is so many beautiful dresses in your size that I know will look lovely on such pretty girl." she told me with a smile.My fears before leaving home have all but disappeared now. Being so close to her and she hasn't noticed I'm a boy, albeit a sissy one that doesn't speak. At least she likes my smile.My eyes opened widely, my whole body quiver looking at so many racks of beautiful dresses in my size. Not to mention Skirts, blouses, petticoats hanging awaiting my attention, and hopefully try ons. Before even thinking of picking any dress out to try. I walked the aisles in such sissy luxuriate, affectionately touch each as I went by.So much for all my good intentions of staying quiet, letting Mummy do all the talking. Once I came upon this row of the most gorgeous white satin dresses, some overlaid with lace others with chiffon, organza, short sleeves, long sleeves. It didn't matter to me, they were all what any sweet young girl would be dreaming of wearing. Well what else could a sissy like myself do, I ask you? Yes, the excitement got the better of me, as I called out. "Oh Mummy come look at all these adorable dresses." It all came out before I realized I'm not meant to speak. I looked open mouthed at Mummy, then to the lady in fear.I've been Sprung before, but not made up, wearing a skirt and blouse, trying to impress as a sweet young teenage girl. What will happen now. I felt heat in my face as it turned the deepest shade of red imaginable. All before me became a blurry image as my eyes watered up, a few droplets trickled down my cheeks, thinking the worse is about to happen. Will she send us packing or call the police, thinking I'm just a dirty depraved boy who wants to get off in girls clothes with his mothers help.Time seemed to stand still, it felt like five, ten maybe fifteen minutes, but in reality it would only be seconds. I stood frozen before all these graceful heavenly dresses. And that is just what they were, girls first communion dresses. I knew Mummy must of had fear in her stomach also by the look on her face, wondering what now. To our great relief this woman was so taken with the Underage Tits knowledge of this boy wanting to dress as a girl. A big smile came upon her face, as she walked closer to me."Oh how wonderful! You really had me fooled, you look, so pretty." looking to Mummy she said, "You must be so pleased to have a son who will let you dress him in lovely girls clothes.""No, it's not him letting me dress him. He wants to dress and be treated as a girl. Don't you Jessica?""Yes I do, I could never live just as a boy again. It feels so right for me wearing girls clothes." I said, but still very red faced."This is her first time out as a girl, so what better way to start, than dress shopping for her." Mummy informed the lady."Come here let me give you a big cuddle. You are such a sweet girl, I bet your mother must be very proud of you." She said putting her hands out towards me.My heart resumed its normal beating pattern, along with the clearing of the eyes. In no time I was wrapped in this lady's warm friendly embrace. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her to express my pleasure of being excepted, for what I am.Resting my head against her breast, I felt a lovely kiss being planted on the top of my head. "It's so lovely to see a boy like you, who must enjoy the finer things in life." Turning to Mummy she asked, "Does she have any brothers or sisters?""There's a sister whose a couple of years older, and they get along wonderfully together. She's actually wearing one of her skirts." Mummy said sounding very proud."I'll tell you what, it's eleven thirty now. I close at midday on a Wednesday, so I can get all the dresses ready that are being hired ready for the currier tomorrow. Have you eaten yet?" she asked Mummy."No not yet, we were going to eat afterwards." Mummy said."Well why don't you go have lunch now, then come back and we can get this little miss all sorted out after I close up for the day. Then we can have a fashion show just the three of us. How does that sound?" The lady said, looking to me with a radiant smile."Oh Mummy can we please? I would really love to do that." I said while embracing Mummy."I think you have your answer, don't you." Mummy said smiling happily."Yes I think so. Now when you come back, come to the rear door and press the bell." she took Mummy to show her where and also advised her to park the car there also.Walking towards the river bank where we saw a nice café earlier. I apologized for speaking when I shouldn't of. But tried to say, how I was so taken seeing all those gorgeous white dresses."You don't have to apologize dear, I know how excited you were. At least the lady is so pleased that you want to be a sweet young girl.""It will be so much better once I have that operation, won't it? Hope I don't have to wait long before it's done." I said, while thinking also of my Doctors visit tomorrow.With lunch finished, well Mummy's lunch. Where as I only had one sandwich with a cup of tea. Mind you I couldn't eat anything else, I'm sure my girly food is having the desired effect on me already. The taste isn't as bad now either, as Annabel and Denise said, I'll get used to it very quickly. We drove back to the rear of the shop, rang the little bell. In no time we were greeted my the lovely smiling shop manager. After closing the door behind us, she took hold of my hand as thou I was her daughter. I noticed the blinds has been drawn, so no one would intrude on our private dressing up time."We are going to have a fun dress up afternoon now, aren't we dear?" she sounded as excited about it all, as I was. "I must introduced myself before we go any further. I'm Sue Mercer." she said with a smile, looking towards Mummy."I'm Margaret Peterson and this is my Jessica." Mummy informed her."Oh Jessica is such a lovely name, it really suits you darling." as she drew me to her for a little embrace and a sweet kiss to my forehead. Which made me so happy to be excepted this way.Now all the formalities are out of the way, it was down to business of sorting though many rows of lovely girly dresses. With much help from Mummy and Sue I finished up with three really lovely girly dresses for wearing at home. They all had nice full skirts, which I was ever so happy to swirl around for them in the most girlish fashion. I felt so relaxed now having another lady, other than Mummy helping me dress and undress. As well getting around the shop just in my pretty underwear, I know I'm becoming such a girl now. And loving every second of it.One of my new dresses is a lovely lemon gingham number, it has a full skirt, short sleeves with little bows to the sides of the white cuffs. The bodice has a good four inches of smocking across the front. The collar of a white silky fabric, about three inches wide. The sash in the same fabric as the collar, ties at the back just below the pretty bodice in a big bow. Mummy or Denise will have to help me in and out of it, as its buttoned from half way Underage Tits up the back.Mummy and Sue just stood watching while I admired this young girl in the mirror before me. To my great delight Sue came with a lovely half slip, I watched as she drew it up between my petticoat and dress. My heart was in a flutter with all this lovely girly attention I'm receiving. Again thank you guff for holding me out of harms way at a time like this.With the purchase of three dresses and an equally pretty skirt and white silky blouse, yes even the half slip, out of the way. It was now on to an equally exhilarating part of my afternoon."Now Jessica, you pick out what you'd like to try on for our little fashion show." Sue told me.There were so many sumptuous dresses to chose from. I went up and down the rows, touching just about every dress as I went. Oh how I wished I could fit into one of those sweet little First Communion Dresses. Even though I couldn't there was nothing stopping me from holding a couple up to myself, admiring and wishing.Noticing how I was fantasizing holding these lovely dresses, in no time Sue [or should I now say Aunty Sue, as Mummy told me I must call her] came and attached a beautiful short white net veil over the back of my head. Holding the dress in front of myself while wearing the veil. I turned to Mummy and Aunty to tell them, how lucky little girls are to be able to wear such adorable dresses.Still wearing the veil Aunty led me over to more equally beautiful dresses. Party dresses, special social occasion dresses or gowns, in many different colours and styles, mostly in silks and or satin, some even finished off with chiffon sleeves or stole. Oh this is sissy girly heaven if ever there was one. I could happily Underage Tits spent tomorrow and the next day here trying on dress after dress and never wanting it to end.Aunty also has beautiful lingerie, only Mummy said she wants to take me to a lingerie shop for the gratifying experience of all its delicate delights. I asked Aunty why these girls just hire all these gorgeous dresses, as I would really love to have them in my wardrobe. Seems these girls don't like to be seen in the same dress twice or by the time they might wear it again, they have grown out of it, like girl of this age do. "I think you will know what I mean soon my dear." she said squeezing lightly over my nipples. So it is much better for them to hire their dress or evening gown."I think this will fit you beautifully my sweet. It's a gown worn for dancing competitions. I know you will love wearing it, it is so very feminine." Aunty said taking one ravishing, delicate satin aqua gown from its hanger. It was almost full length, the skirt hung from just below the bodice, in a way that it seemed to wrap around itself, but flowed out beautifully as I moved daintily around. It was completely sleeveless from the turtle neck collar. It also had its own slip attached, plus matching elbow length gloves went with it.Standing looking at myself after Aunty fitted the cloves up my slender arms, I almost cried. I felt so beautiful, so very feminine, the girl of many a dream was looking back smiling sweetly to me, I looked so elegantly pretty. I watched speechless while Aunty placed an equally ornate pearl tiara on my head, I had to touch it, to made sure it was real, it was.I walked gracefully around the shop, each step I took, I wanted to expel as much feminine charm as I could muster. I really felt like the most beautiful girl ever to be walking up to sit on cloud nine, for all to see and admire. Watching and listening to Mummy and Aunty talking, I knew they were just as overcome with the afternoons interlude as I Underage Tits was.Only I had one really big problem, the only boy thing left in me was straining, fighting for its freedom, like never before. It must be deeply in love with the girl within me also, the girl I am looking at. Painfully I made my way over to Mummy, whispering in her ear about my problem. It must of been the way I now walked that Aunty also realized what I was suffering from. I wasn't even embarrassed as I heard her indicate to Mummy that we better get Jessica out of the gown first. I stood as both started undressing me, till I was down to only my lovely satin and lace panties, bra and stockings."I think this has been enough excitement for Underage Tits you today, don't you dear?" Mummy said holding my own petticoat out ready to let flow gently over my bra and panty covered body."Yes I think so, but I really loved wearing all these gorgeous clothes." I let be known. But I'm sure they already knew very well how much I was loving them dressing me in such luxurious dresses and gowns.With my new dresses folded and in three big bags. It was time to thank Aunty for everything, not less than for excepting me for what I am."It was all my pleasure Jessica, you are a beautiful girl and I can see you make your mother proud. I wish my son would love to wear pretty things like you darling." as she wrapped her arms around me for a warm embrace and lovely kiss to my welcoming lips."Yes I am very proud of my Jessica, as is her sister." Mummy said while stroking over my hair."If I get anything new that I think our little miss would love, I'll email you.""Oh I hope you do, then I can come for another fashion parade." I said with a wide smile.After Mummy and Aunty embraced and I received another lovely kiss. We put the bags on the back seat then headed for home.Even in the car talking about the day, my big problem wouldn't Underage Tits retreat to sitting comfortable under my gaff. I tried moving around hoping to make it more comfortable under there. As Mummy noticed my twitching about, she offered one of her lovely smiles knowing my problem."Would you like Mummy to take care of something when we get home, sweetheart?""Oh, yes please or I'm sure it'll break off, it's so hard." I said with a smile and touching her hand as it came pleasingly towards my leg.With my three bags in hand, I couldn't wait to get inside and up to my room. Wanting to change into one of my new pretty dresses."Not so quick my girl." Mummy yelled as I took off. "Take the bags into your room. Then come into my room sweetheart." I heard.Not being one to disobey, I dropped the bags on my bed then quickly headed to Mummy's room and waited her arrival."Would you like to help me change into something more comfortable Jessica?" she asked."Yes I would love to help you Mummy."In no time she was stripped to just stockings, bra and panties. Sitting at her vanity I was handed her hairbrush and asked to brush it out nicely for her. Yes I love doing that even doing Denise's. Having those fine strands of silk lying lovingly over my fingers. Smelling the sweet feminine fragrance of the shampoo she had used this morning.All the while I watched Mummy's eyes on mine, as she caressed slowly over her breast. I would swear her nipples had become erect under there. Knowing that I was watching intently through the mirror, Mummy said flashing a sexual smile. "I do love having my hair brush out like this, you're as good as Denise at doing my hair, darling."I didn't know what to say as I kept on brushing gently, knowing also how I love doing it."I think that'll do for now my angel. Would you be a love and unhook my bra for me?"Again my fingers twitched as I fiddled with the little hooks, finally letting them fall free of my grasp. Where do I look, as Mummy just let her bra fall away from where it should be in front of me."Don't be shy Jessica, you'll have nice boobs like these one day. You want them don't you?""Yes I do, but you're different, you're my mother." I said trying not to look in the mirror. At the same time, realizing I have now validated her not just as my Mummy, but as my mother, my real Mother, my only Mother as far as I'm concerned.Displaying a breathtaking smile to me through the mirror, she said in a way only a mother can."And you are my daughter, who will have to get used to seeing her mother naked. Just as I do with you and Denise.""Yes I guess so, but please give me time. I've never seen a woman naked before." I whispered like others could be listening to my confession."Oh Jessica, how could anyone not love you." at the same time standing, taking me into her warm arms."I've never been loved like this before, I'm so please to be with you and Denise. I love you both so very much." as I rested my face between her firm uncovered breast.We seemed to stay embraced a good few minutes. After lifting my head from her warm breast to offer me a sweet kiss. I was asked if I'd like to get a dress from the wardrobe for her to wear. Looking in I saw a lovely negligee along side two equally stunning satin and a full length divinely soft silk dressing gowns hanging there. Next to them a few lovely dresses, but not the sort I knew she'd want at this time. Opening the other sliding door I came across dresses more to the type required at this time. After sorting through I decided on one lovely, many shades of pink silky day dress."Would you like to wear this one Mummy?" I asked."Yes I think that will do nicely. Now come and give me a hand sweetheart."As I went to lend a helping hand, I had to stop, take a deep breath. Standing before me in only her suspender, stockings and pretty pale blue silk panties. Handing me a soft blue satin bra, I was asked to do it up for her. Once again I was to help doing up another bra, but not a fitting under wire bra as she wore earlier. I noticed Mummy was making a great effort of seeing I helped with more than just the two little hooks."Come in front dear and help fit my breast in there cups comfortable."I knew I couldn't refuse to help. So nervously my little fingers fiddled over each bra cup to Mummy's satisfaction. Then the soft pale blue silk petticoat followed, which I must say, I didn't mind helping it to sit lovingly over her fine body. With the dress now covering all, the fastening of three buttons, completed my first assignment in helping Mummy to dress.We decided I could wait till tonight to release the pressure that has built up in my cherry basket. As it was nearly time for Denise to be home. At least ones throbbing erection has finally subsided some."Now what say you get into one of your new dresses. Then we'll have a nice cup of tea.""Oh yes, that sounds super, will you help me change?""You go and pick out the dress you'd like to wear. I'll be in to help soon."I decided on this sweet polished cotton lilac dress with short sleeves. Across the bodice it was gathered in horizontal pin tucks. The white satiny collar was round in two halves, a narrow lace adorned its edging. At the waistline a couple of two inch wide ties hung, which in turn tied in a lovely bow at the Underage Tits back. As well as tying my bow, I also needed help, with four buttons up the back from just below the shoulder blades.I was so pleased when Mummy let me wear the same neckless I had worn all day. But after a day of wearing my two inch heels, my feet could now relax in my lovely soft fluffy slippers. I must admit I am getting used to these heels quicker than I ever imagined. Once in my pretty dress, one couldn't help but admire the girl at all angles. Turning this way and that, holding my skirt sweetly between my thumbs and forefingers as I went. Seeing the lovely bow and its long ends hanging freely a good six inches below. Smiling at the image before me, Jessica knows she is now more of a young girl, than she had ever dreamt of becoming.Taking hold of Mummy's arm, we heading down stairs for a nice hot cup of tea. Hopefully with a yummy spicy fruit muffin to go with it. With tea and yes, muffin in hand we sat together on the sofa talking about our exhilarating day and many other mother daughter things."I think you can start on those little pills in the morning Jessica, you're taking your food alright aren't you?""Yes I rather like it now, yet I didn't think I every would. What are these pills going to do?""They are just to help with the little changes your body is going through. It's only for seven days, that's all." I was informed with a hug and kiss.We were still sitting sipping our tea and talking happily when Denise arrived home. After giving her a hug and kiss, I happily skipped of to the kitchen to get a cup of tea and muffin for my working sister. We told Denise all about our lovely day dress shopping while she drunk her tea. After which I got sent off to show her the rest of our purchasers, which I did with great excitement. I was so pleased Denise loved the pretty dresses and skirts Mummy bought for me.Back to the kitchen to help Mummy prepare a meal for herself and Denise. I don't mind watching them eating their yummy food in front of me now. I know my girly food twice daily is good for me and won't be forever. It's at such times I wish I could multi task, like they say all women can do. I wanted so much to help Mummy in the kitchen, yet I wanted to help Daniel become Denise my sister again. After a day of looking all male to those in the outside World. Well helping Mummy took priority.Denise undid the buttons at the back of my dress before I got sent off to do the normal bedtime ablutions, once I had sadly stripped of my dress. No sooner had I finished when Mummy arrived to help ready me for bed. Disrobed down to just my suspender, stockings and panties, I sat. It's really nice to be sitting with her leaning over me from behind massaging the hormone cream into my breast. Which I'm sure are getting more sensitive with each massage. Her face so close to mine, I look in the mirror to see mother and daughter. Smiling to her I just have to ask, "Please can I have a kiss Mummy?" Smiling sweetly back before turning slightly to place a kiss to my cheek. The look I got, I knew she knew I was thinking, I wanted better than that."When I take these cloves off sweetheart." she said.Before brushing out my hair, I had a lovely silk dressing gown draped over my expose shoulders. Coming to the front of me, taking my face in her hands raising my head slightly. I then received the long awaited full on kiss to my pouted lips."You are such a sexy little miss aren't you Jessica?" Mummy said, after I released my arms from around her upper body. I think the smile I gave answered her question. I sat quietly then watching through the mirror as she went about the business of brushed out my hair.Stripped of the last Items of my modesty. I stood naked before Mummy, displaying one rather erect sissy clit with a little driblet hanging from it's slit. I know not to be embarrassed, as Mummy has seen me in such a state many times before. After giving me a lavish hug and kiss, I watched anxiously, when Mummy gave clitty a slow sweep with her fingertips from the base to the partly exposed leaking nob. I could only close my eyes, giving a long subdued whine.The tenderness of her touch sent shockwave through my body. I just seemed to tremble with blissful emotions. After spending most of the day in a state of sissified arousal, dressed in the most gorgeous of dresses and gowns, dying for this hour to arrive."Oh my darling, you've been waiting a long time for this haven't sweetheart.""Yes Mummy even my little basket is throbbing." as I looked to her with lustful eyes.Then to have my upper body dusted with sweet perfumed talcum powder. Oh God, I just love the coolness and fresh fragrance of talcum powder on my body. It always makes me feel so feminine knowing my body is dusted with it. Holding up the nighty I wore last night, well to think of it, I didn't wear a nighty did I. It spent most of the night safely on the floor, while Denise and I enjoyed our togetherness. I raised my arms to let the nighty slither teasingly down my emotionally electrified body. With my nighty sitting sweetly, Mummy gave it the last few flitters around the shoulders.Looking to me while stroking over my hair, she then said. "It's been awhile since you've been allowed to play with your little clit, hasn't it? Well I think you can spend the night by yourself, to enjoy all these beautiful girly thoughts you must be having. Especially after the thrills of today, without me or Denise intruding on them. Would you like that?" she asked smiling to me."Oh yes Mummy I really would love that." I said wrapping my arms around her waist. "But I do love having you and Denise milking me, you know that don't you?""Yes I do know that my dear. But sometimes it's nice to enjoy ones own sweet reflections on what we are, isn't that true?"I just nodded my head in agreement, then for some unknown reason said, "Does that mean I won't be wearing my mittens?""Well I don't think you'll be able to do anything with them on, what say you. Doesn't Jessica like wearing her mittens to bed?" she then asked."Yes I really do, they keep me safe, when I sometimes have naughty thoughts." I said grinning."Come now let's get you tucked up nicely in bed."lying safely tucked in, with Princess and Cuddles either side of me. I asked Mummy before she left the room, if I Underage Tits could have one of those satin scarfs like she and Denise use on my clitty. While she was gone, I couldn't help thinking about Denise's photos, as I cuddled my bed mates close to me. Returning before I even had a chance to say anything to my teddies. Mummy came holding a lovely blue satin scarf with little silver squares over it. Putting my hand out to take it while thanking her for it. She in turn just stood feathering it over my face, before Underage Tits letting it drift into my waiting hands from out of my reach."Mummy can I ask you for another small favour." I asked shyly this time. "Can I have another large satin scarf, please?" I felt my face going red this time, wondering if she would asked why two. Well this one is only about 18inchs square, not big enough for what I have in mind. Without questioning my need for two satin scarfs, Mummy again went to get another one for me. Returning this time with a large, basically red with gold and white pattern through this beautiful satin scarf."Oh thank you so much Mummy." I said pouting my lips, waiting for my good night kiss."Is there Underage Tits anything else before I leave you. Oh, don't forget there's a small towel in the drawer."I knew where she meant, as I offered a big smile. Once left to myself, with only the bedside light glowing dimly. I rested the scarfs beside me while I took Princess and Cuddles into my arms, kissing each as I normally do. I had to share my momentous day with them. Telling of all the delightful party dresses, exquisite gowns, not to forget those adorable First Communion dresses. Oh how I wished I could of fitted into one at least. Only if my teddies could talk back to me. Oh never mind, as I lay them together to the side of me.= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =To be continued.

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