Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 22:59:38 -0400 From: mr. axl Subject: about shayneI was 17, in two weeks I was going away to college and in 6 weeks I would be 18.I had recieved a scholarship to an out of town college.Thats right I was a brainiac, a geek. I mean don't get me wrong, I was not one of those out-of-touch geeks who were clueless to what was "in" or anything like that. More a case of my not being able to relate to the people in my peer group, they often times felt that I was throwing my intellect in their faces. Truth be told, most times I just couldn't get into the conversation. I suppose thats common when your keeping a secret as big as being gay. I mean hell its hard to just open up when your afraid your gonna slip up and "out" yourself accidentally.I guess it was kind of obviouse or perhaps others suspected it anyway as I didn't exactly try to be butch or anything. I mean I guess what I'm saying is, I was and still am a little feminineI had been working in the video store for a couple years now, part time during school and full time during the summer. I had worked into a position of trust where Becky my manager would let me hang around and close the shop. I would lock the door, then put the returns back on the shelf, and count the registers down before turning down the lights and locking up.Becky was pretty easy to get along with and she seemed to genuinely like me, which was good because I really liked talking to her as well. She invited me to her house for little cook-outs and stuff, thats where I met Shayne.Shayne was a pretty cool kid, he was a little skinny and abit small for a fourteen year old. He was well tanned as he seemed to be swimming everytime I was over there.On this particular night, Becky had left about an hour before and I was pretty engulfed in what I was doing, which was putting the returned movies back on the shelf. There were a few things that Becky had wanted me to do on her computer as well, but I figured I would get to that right before I left that night.I turned to walk back to the counter and grab another stack of videos and was startled by the site of Shayne sitting up on the counter."Holy shit Shayne, you scared the hell out of me"The boy chuckled "I'm sorry" but he continued to giggle abit."How'd you get here?""My mom dropped me off, she had some running to do and I asked if I could come here and hang with you until she was done. I told her I'd call her when I was ready to come home""Oh thats cool" I said still startled. "well I have a few things to do, so feel free to hang as long as you like"With that I grabbed another stack of videos and went back to stocking the shelf.I was distracted when out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Shayne was sitting on the counter with his leg pulled to one side and there was abit of him showing if ya know what I mean.I had noticed before how cute he was but hell he was only about 14 now, so I didn't really want to look at him that way.Now I was again drawn to the site of his bronzed skin and his sun-bleached golden hair. And those eyes, oh man those eyes, almost turquiose. I guess I had forgotten how cute he was lately since I hadn't seen him but once or twice this summer as he was spending alot of time at his father's.Here I was now looking at him from the corner of my eye. That little shot of pink peeking out at me serving as a beacon on which to lock my radar.I closed my eyes and shook my head momentarily to regain my focus."whats wrong with you?" I heard him say"Umm nothin'" I said "just a little tired I guess" I said standing to move to the next aisle and casting him a glance."Oh" He said adjusting abit on the counter and turning to face me again.Now on the other side I was looking up the other leg of his shorts. I glanced at his face and noticed a slight grin there as he pulled his legs even further apart giving me a complete view of his package. From his hairless balls to his circumcised penis."so your going to school in a couple weeks huh?""yeah" I said trying to concentrate on what I was doing."you got a scholarship? that means like everything is paid for, room , board and shit?""well not everything. I mean, I still have to pay for my food, but yeah the room is free."will you be coming back?"'well sure. I'll be back for holidays and spring breaks, and ofcourse for the summer break. So yeah I'll be back""But surely while your there you'll meet people and then want to spend spring break with them and stuff like that I bet""yeah perhaps" I said again standing and moving to the next aisle.He sat there awhile in silence."I wish I was going away to some place. I wouldn't even care where, but if I was I would do things before I went. You know? things that I otherwise would be afraid to do?""Hmm" I said not really following but not really wanting to look back up those pants legs either as I had felt a stir the last time I looked up there. He seemed particularly talkative tonight."You ever been with a girl Mike?" I was startled by how blunt he was with his question."Um that's a pretty personal question Shayne""well so ask me something personal" He shot back"have you ever been with a girl?" I shot back"well naw but I'm only like 14" He smiled at me 'but you're like 18 and stuff I mean.... so have you?"I had been looking at him but now I let me eyes drop to the floor. "umm, I'm not exactly the most popular guy in school, Shayne" I said just barely above a whisper. I was wondering why he was asking me these things, was he just trying to embarass me? I mean its not like I was proud of being a virgin or anything much less the fact that I was gay."are Kds Toplist Portal you scared of girls?" he inquired"well I guess maybe a little, but it's not really a big deal to me. I mean I will have sex when I have sex.""I bet you jerk off all the time" He giggled as he said it."probably not as much as you " I giggled my reply."I don't really care about girls either. I just think of other things... umm when I do it" He trailed off " do you ever think of anything other than girls when you jerk off Mike?"I was starting to get very warm now and uncomfortable. Where was he going with this? I wondered." I suppose " I replied flattly"I mean think about it Mike. You could have sex with a girl and even if it sucked who would care because you would be leaving town and everyone would forget about it before you came back" he said redirecting again "I mean damn if I were you I would do anything that was in my fantasies""well I have some pretty intense fantasies. And I think about things other than women alot..... don't think most of those fantasies will be coming true ever"He sat quietly for a minute as I grabbed the last stack of videos."don't you wish you could be completely uninhibited? I mean, like just do whatever you wanted to?"He continued to push this, but I was completely unsure of what his point was.That is until I stood up and moved to another row and looked at him.He was sitting on the counter in his boxers, his shorts had dropped to the floor."ummm Shayne? what are you doing?""well haven't you ever wanted to sit in a public place in your underwear?""not really""well actually I want to be naked but I was afraid you might freak out"I noticed a slight tent pitched in his boxers "well it looks like your excited enough in your boxers, you might blow your load if you were naked here" I said trying to joke my way through an uncomfortable situation.When I finished putting the videos away, I popped the registers and started toward the back room to count down the drawers.Suddenly the lights went out and the neons were the only visibilty. They kind of made the place look like a disco or a club or something.I looked back as Shayne was turning on the radio and started to dance around. "hahaha" He giggled "now this is uninhibited" and his eyes twinkled as he smiled and danced.I had to laugh at both the way he was dancing as well as Kds Toplist Portal at how happy he seemed to be.I walked into the office to finish with the registers and yelled back " well enjoy your party" and giggled.It only took a few minutes to do the registers as I could not wait to get back out and watch this silly boy dancing around.He was still dancing when I walked out."come on Mike, dance with me man" he giggled again.'umm no Shayne, I don't dance""well neither do I but who will know?""thanks but no"He moved across the floor and started to grind abit, his eyes met mine and he got an evil smile on his face.He held my Kds Toplist Portal eyes as he gently pulled his boxers down just enough to reveal the top of his downey- fine pubic region. He then turned around and mooned me.To say I was shocked would be an understatement."tonight I do it all Mike, I mean who you gonna tell? your leaving anyway"With that he stripped off his shorts and began to dance around naked.My jaw hit the floor, he smiled again when he noticed me staring at him."come on and dance with me Mike" he said again and moved up close to me, his semi erect boycock swaying to and fro."you can touch me if you want" He whisperedAt this point I knew I was in a dream, there was no way I was hearing what I was hearing, muchless seeing this golden hair, bronze skinned, turquoise eyed boy dancing before me with his fine,dirty blond bush and his 5 inch semi-erect cock bouncing infront of him.I told myself it was a dream and therefore I had nothing to lose. I gently reached out and carresed his chest. It seemed real enough to me. He let out a sigh as he hugged into me. I gently rubbed his back and he sighed again. I felt his hardness press into my own.He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, I was lost in him "tonight all bets are off Mike, we can do whatever we want. Who will know?'But he made no move, he only held my gaze.I took the lead and scouped him up into my arms. I sat him on the counter and gently carresed his smooth bronzed legs. He was now fully erect as was I. He reached out and began to undo my belt and then my zipper. I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips before pulling back,he only looked at me whispering "that was nice"My pants were around my ankles and he noticed the wet spot from the amount of precum I was leaking.I ran my hands further up his legs and gently carresed his small ballsac. He let out a gasp and grabbed my very hard tool through my pants. ( I remember all this as if it was only yesterday)As he pushed my boxers away from my cock and let them drop he said "anything Mike,who will know?"With that I grabbed him by his boytool and started to rub it gently. I was amazed at how Kds Toplist Portal silky smooth it was,the only cock I had ever held was my own until now. As I gently carresed his small boycock he squeezed tighter on my own and leaned back on the counter as he stroked me quickly, no doubt overcome with excitement, much as I was.I felt myself build quickly and exploded all over his hand, even shooting a couple of strands on his chest.I took only a moment to recover before deciding to say "fuck it " and I began to kiss his small nipples as I continued to stroke him gently. He was moaning now and I could feel his heartbeat in my hand as I continued to rub him.I gently kissed and suckled his nipples. He let out a squeel of delight and arched his back, I continued to gently stroke his throbbing boyhood as I worked my way down to his tight little stomache. Again the words went through my head "anything, who will know?"Suddenly I was looking at his sparse pubic region. It was only above and slightly to the side of his beautiful circumcised 6 inches. He had a slight upward bend to him.I gently licked the tip of his boycock and he let out a gasp. I began to lick down the underside to the base when he began to shudder and let out a deep moan. Suddenly he exploded several loads of his thick, Kds Toplist Portal milky boycum.I was shot on the face and in my hair. He too had several loads on him.He collapsed onto the counter and panted with his eyes still closed. I watched him wishing I could have done more, wishing it could have lasted longer. I had the taste of him in my mouth but I wanted to taste more. As he began so soften I leaned in and again licked the tip of his dick but this time to get a taste of his boycum, it was quite sweet and tasty. He jumped as I made contact so I decided not to do it again.He was still laying there with his eyes closed when I decided I should get dressed and finish up on the computer, before going home.I went to the backroom and began working on the computer, I was working slower than usual because I was distracted, I had a large feeling of guilt. I somehow felt like what I did was wrong, I felt like I had seduced him somehow and that if his mother found out she would never trust me again.I turned off the computer and stood to leave when I was again startled by Shayne, he was still naked and he was smiling at me."umm hi" he said"hey " I said smiling back before dropping my eyes." I was thinking that if you didn't mind, perhaps you could take me home so I dont have to call my mother""if you want, I guess that will be fine" I said trying to sound unphased by what just happened."cool" he said and then kissed me on the lips and turned back to the store.I watched him as Kds Toplist Portal he danced around the shelves again only this time naked. "life is for the living Mike" he giggled as he worked his way back to the counter and wiped himself off with his underwear before putting only his shorts on and stuffing his underwear in his pocket.I had wiped myself off but my hair still felt sticky so I went to the bathroom and rinsed my hair in the sink.Shayne came in while I was washing my hair and pinched my butt.I jumped and told him to stop but without much conviction. He did it again and I told him to quite before I put my foot in his ass. "its not quite a foot" He giggled refering to my just over six inches."aww you ass, I'll shove my finger in there then"He grinned and grabbed my ass.My dick was hard at the thought of fingering that tight boy ass."Thats it" I said and grabbed him pushing him against the sink, he put up little struggle, but I chickened out and let him up. Turning to leave the bathroom.This time he goosed me poking his thumb up my ass."alright you ask for it" this time I reached around and undid the button of his shorts as I pushed him against the sink. He giggled as I did this bending him over to examine his tight little rosebud. I slipped my finger in my mouth and pushed it against his sphincter.He let out a gasp as it slipped through his ring. "owww" he moaned.I stopped, and pulled it out."do it again " he panted "with soap"He was rubbing himself and I too was hard as a rock as I placed my hand under the liquid soap dispenser and lubed my finger, undoing my shorts with the other hand.This time I gently placed it against his rosebud and inserted my finger slowly.My mind was in overdrive, I could not believe I was doing this, I felt like I would explode at anytime and he must have been equally excited because as I slipped my finger in all the way he let out a loud moan.I began to push in and out of him with my finger, he was moaning each time I pushed back in.I pulled out and gently inserted two fingers, I couldnt believe I was doing this. I pressed against him with two fingers pushed into his ass and gently kissed him on the neck. Again I was leaking precum and it was now smeared over his backside, I kept finger fucking him as he slid further onto the sink raising his leg to allow me more access to his boycunt.He again began to twitch as he exploded across the sink and on the edge.I removed my fingers and began to wash them as he again lay there and recovered. As I dried my hands he too washed his hands and cleaned the precum off of his backside before cleaning the top of the sink. He then turned toward me and slid down to his knees, he smiled up at me as he slid his mouth gently over the head of my penis, I was so worked up from finger fucking him that I exploded almost instantly without warning, I heard him gag momentarily before he stood up and spit into the sink."I'm sorry I didn't warn you. I was just so excited.""It's o.k" He said cheerily.We looked at eachother and he smiled at me pulling up his shorts, I put mine on as well and we exited the bathroom.He grabbed his shirt then I locked up the store and we walked to my truck in silence.just as I turned onto his street he spoke" Umm can we drive around for awhile Mike? My ass still feels funny"I rolled past his house and started toward a park that was near by. I didn't speak the entire drive, I was worried I might say something stupid, plus the feelings of guilt had come back. I didn't feel any differently toward him, if anything I felt closer to him.But what we did just felt wrong, I mean I know its just society and programming, but I couldn't help the way I felt. I too wondered if he felt the same.We got out of the car in silence and I led him to a picnic table."If my dad ever found out about this he would kill me.""and me too" I interjected."naw, what I mean is he wouldn't tolerate having a queer for a son" He said looking at the ground."we just fooled around abit Shayne, that doesn't make you queer, just makes you curiouse" I sad patting him on the back gently."look Mike, it's no different for you than it is for me man. You know you like men and so do I"I was shocked. Now yes it is true that I am gay but I had never admitted it to anyone and having it presented like that just brought it all to reality."what makes you think I like men?" I said with a shaky voice."does it matter Mike? I mean I just sucked your dick and you jerked me off man. I think that makes us pretty gay" He got up walking away, his shoulders were shaking and I could tell he was crying.I ran after him, "Shayne wait!" I yelled behind him "look I'm sorry I upset you, fine I'm gay alright"He kept walking."look man, I said I'm sorry" I pleaded with him."for what Mike?" He turned to me with tears streeming down his cheeks, they were reflected by the moonlight. He was truley handsome, my heart melted and I just wanted to find some way to make him cry."for making your cry" I mumbled, not sure really why I was sorry."Your sorry that I'm a fag? how you gonna change that?" He turned toward the truck and started toward it."I'm not sorry your a fag, I'm just sorry that I'm not a better listener I guess"As he reached the truck he turned and buried his head in my chest "I wish I was going with you, just going somewhere away. I just want to start over where noone knows me and then I can be Shayne the fag" He sobbed into my chest "I can't even be a fag here Mike, I mean all my friends would beat my ass if they knew I was jackin off thinking about them and looking at them in the showers. I will never know what its like to have a loving relationship as long as I live here. I'm so glad we did what we did Mike. Thank you" He gave me a kiss on the cheek and climbed into the truck.I walked around to the other side of the truck and climbed in. He scooted up next to me and grabbed my crotch. I looked at him and he smiled that beautiful smile at me.He undid his pants and said "there's still one more thing I want to do tonight Mike"Shayne slid his shorts off again exposing his beautiful 6 inch boner with the slight curve Kds Toplist Portal to it. "will you do it MIke?" he whispered kissing my on my lips and crawling onto my lap."d d do what?" I stammered.He began to undo my shorts and slid them down, I ofcourse was hard already and he gently kissed the head of my rigid tool before moving back up and kissing me gently on the mouth. "everything Mike. Anything goes,who will know?"I reached down and rubbed his boyhood genlty taking time to run my fingers through his sparse pubic hair."o.k but I want to do something too" I said laying him in the seat and lifting his legs up before gently kissing my way up to his smooth balls, they tasted salty but sweet. He smelled musty but clean. I will always remember that smell, it was almost intoxicating and my mind went into overdrive as I first sucked each ball into my mouth and then engulfed his hard cock."Oh god Mike, yes" He arched his back and rolled his head side to side. He raised his legs higher and pulled my face deeper into his crotch. I inserted my finger into him gently this time before deciding I needed to taste all of him.As I slid my tongue gently across his rosebud he shivered and moaned softly. I then gently inserted my tongue. He had a slight odor to him but nothing dirty, it tasted chalkey at first but then it got better, he was squirming now and pulled his legs further apart and buried my face into him."I'm gonna cum Mike, Oh god here I cum"I pulled my mouth off of his sphincter and engulfed his boytool just as he began to spasm and he unloaded his seed into my throat thrusting deep enough to make me gag momentarily.He lay there a minute and then whispered "please fuck me Mike. I want to lose my virginity to you"I didn't say a word, I wanted this as much as he did, I reached into the glove box and grabbed a lubricated condom and leaned back to put it on.Shayne sat up and slid further away "slide over here" he demanded.He was still panting as he climbed onto my lap and gently kissed me before lowering himself onto my cock.We both jumped as it touched his ring and then let out a gasp in unison as it penetrated ever so slightly.Shayne stopped and I Kds Toplist Portal asked if he was alright, he nodded and then continued, I felt myself slide an inch into him and was overwhelmed by how tight and warm it was."oh god" Shayne moaned with tears in his eyes."we can stop if it hurts"He lowered himself neerly half way before letting out a hiss and pulling off of me.He grabbbed me about the neck and hugged me tight crying.I hugged him back and wispered "shh its alright, there will be other times. your just not ready yet""I am, its now or never" he said sobbing before pulling back and again kissing me probing his tongue deep into my mouth before straightening and again grasping my rigid tool and lowering himself gently again. Again we cleared his ring as the tears rolled gently down his face. I again let out a gasp overwhelmed as the first time.Shayne lowered himself somemore and this time only held still when I was half way inside of him.He placed his hands on my shoulders and whispered through clenched teeth "push all the way into me"I did and as I felt myself buried completely inside of him he let out a gasp still through clenched teeth.He again leaned into me and grasped me tightly araound the neck."oh fuck me Mike" he whispered as he leaned back and began to rise and fall upon my hyper-sensitive cock.He was now maoning as was I, he had a look of total bliss as the sweat poured from his body, glistening in the moonlight.I began to thrust into him and we developed a rythm faster and harder."yeah that's it he hissed to me. Fuck me Mike, like there's no tomorrow. who's gonna know? who's gonna know?"He was now slamming down upon my thighs and I was now moaning loudly as he had now began to squeel and throw his head side to side.I reached down and stroked his beautiful dick as he rode me like a champion bullrider."oh shit Mike, oh shit"Shayne exploded over my belly, this was enough to send me over the top and I began to thrust into him faster as I felt myself grow, faster I pounded into him as suddenly I exploded, I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down hard trying to bury myself in as deep as possible, he too moaned as he felt me explode.Shayne fell forward and hugged me gasping in my ear."oh shit that was awesome" he said leaning back and gently pulling off of me. "aww shit" he said as he pulled off."what's wrong?" I gasped."aww shit it hurts" as he pulled off completely he reached his hand around and gently touched his rosebud. His eyes got big as he noticed the blood on his finger."aww fuck Mike"I had read where there was some bleeding the first time but I just thought it was a rumor."oh fuck Shayne, we gotta get you cleaned up."I threw on my shorts and got out of the truck, going around to the other side and opening his door. I grabbed first his shorts and then lifted him gently and took him to the bathroom. The place Kds Toplist Portal was filthy but it would have to do, I leaned him against the counter and pulled some towels from the dispenser. I gently spread his cheeks and looked at the damage. He was stretched but there was very little blood actually, I cleaned him up and he jumped each time I touched his sensitive rosebud. I used cool water and that soothed him eventualy and he cooed whispering that it felt nice. I was actualy aroused doing this but I felt we had done enough and there was no way I was gonna risk hurting him as much as I wanted to be back inside there.I carried him back to the truck and we sat there a little while longer before I started the truck up again."thanks Mike." he mumbled "your a good friend""believe me Shayne I enjoyed it more than you did""I guess so, your not the one with the burning asshole and the air seeping out" he giggled." But I'm glad we did it"I looked at Shayne and smiled at him. He smiled back, we arrived at his house and he got out of the truck gingerly."good night Mike, thanks again. Good luck in college" He flashed that smile at me and turned toward the house.I pulled out of the drive watching him, he didn't look back, only unlocked the door and went inside.I didn't see Shayne over the next two weeks, I was pretty occupied with getting ready and I was nolonger working at the video store.As it turned out I didn't make as many trips home as planned, I took a job at a local video store and was promoted to manager within the first year.I took extra classes in an attempt to get my degree early .The few trips I did make back home were short ones. I made it by the video store to see Becky but didn't see Shayne. I asked about him and she said he was fine and that would be the end of the conversation before she would ask about me and my work and school and so-on.It was shortly after I recieved my degree in business that my outlook on life had changed forever.The following week I recieved a very upsetting call from Becky.I sat down and started to think, I had been so focused on taking as many classes as possible and getting my degree early. I had saved a nice chunk of money from working at the video store, as well as some very fortunate investments. My goals were to buy a house and buy the video store where I was working.My social life was nothing if not less than it was back home and I had even fewer friends.That night I made up my mind and started packing.When I arrived back home I visited mom and then Becky, we had a couple of beers and she told me that Shayne had been hanging with some boys abit older than him and they were out drinking, including the driver. They were all killed when their car collided with an oncoming semi. I had already known that Shayne had died as Becky had told me that in the phone call. I was in shock and the very next day I went to work on dealing with it the only way I knew how. By the end of the week I had a realtor finding me a house and the groundwork had been laid for the purchase of the very video store at which I had met Shayne.The very first night I owned the store I closed shop myself. I turned off the lights and left the old neons on. The song "everybody hurts" by R.E.M played through the sound system and I sat in the middle of the floor. I smiled as I thought of Shayne, his energy, that smile and the look of intensity in his eyes when he really wanted something. I slowly took off my clothes and I danced around the room.The words ran through my mind "anything Mike, who will know?'"I do," I thought to myself, at least I do now."who will know?"now all of you do too. the end I Kds Toplist Portal hope you liked this story. let me know what you think AXL come visit me:http://axl.hyperboards2.com/index.cgi

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