Related article: Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:10:30 -0230 From: J B Subject: The Alabaster Boy, Part Two. Gay-highschoolDISCLAIMER: This is a true story, it happened to me back in the 80s which initiated my lifelong attraction to the same sex. This story contains graphic depictions of sexual situations, you must be of legal age to read it according to state, provincial, or local laws. This story is the property of the author. Another chapter of this story will soon follow, I will add other chapters if I receive positive feedback. Contact me at firstinthefleetgmail.com The Alabaster Boy, Part Two.To say that day was the longest day of my life would be an understatement, I walked around in a daze through every class and break. When the bell rang I stumbled to my locker to see Trevor waiting for me, he was beaming, with a look like a kid gets on Christmas morning."Ready man?" Trevor asked. Again I could only nod and was informed by Trevor that his brother was picking him up after school."I thought you said your parents were away for the weekend?" I asked in a kind of panicked tone. "Relax dude, Dave is in the National Guard and will be training till Sunday." Trevor smiled again and this time I smiled back with relief.Dave was waiting for us outside Child Hussyfan in his antique Jeep, as we road to Trevor's house Dave told me how he found the 1951 Jeep rusting away in an old scrap yard and how he restored it to mint condition. I feigned interest not wanting to seem ignorant; Trevor noticed this and winked at me from the passenger seat. We arrived at Trevor's house, while getting out of the Jeep Dave said his goodbyes and was off."Dave can me a jock at times, but he's ok." Trevor stated."He seems pretty cool for an older guy." I said, as Trevor fiddled with the key to the door of his house. From outside; Trevor's house seemed huge, there was a 3 car garage and a tennis court out back, his front lawn was well landscaped with mature giant pines and several cedar trees. It would seem that Trevor's family had money, quite a bit of money to boot. As Trevor opened the front door I was greeted by what looked like mahogany floors and a grand staircase made of white marble."Whoa, you must be rolling in it." I exclaimed."Not me man, the parents are both doctors, dad's a shrink and mom's an obstetrician, I'm just happy cause they give me stuff." Trevor joked. We then proceeded to his kitchen, I had told Trevor I wanted to call home and let my mom know where I was. While I was on the phone Trevor got us a couple of beers out of the fridge, I told mom I'd be home around 9 and not to worry as I was at a friend's house. I then said goodbye to mom and grabbed the frosty ale that sat before me, it wasn't my first beer, but it was certainly my first "De Prael Mary". Who knew they named beers after women. We sat facing each other, sipping the cool beverages, smiling; it was a kind of game like who would make the first move."Didn't you have gym today?" Trevor inquired."Yeah, I did so?" I responded."Wanna take a shower with me?" Trevor asked, in a tone laiden with nervousness and lust."You are sure it's just us here?" I breathed."Yes, just you and me, all alone with the house to ourselves." Trevor whispered, why he whispered I don't know, but his whisper made everything seem charged with sexuality and carnality. I nodded and Trevor put down his beer."Let's go up to my room, I have my own shower." Trevor said matter of factly.We began to climb those marbled stairs to his room, they seemed Child Hussyfan to go on forever and I could not keep my eyes off of Trevor's jean encased ass as I followed him. Trevor ushered me in and closed the door behind him. Trevor's room was filled with the nicest of things, from a high school boy's perspective anyway; there was a 27 inch color TV, along with a VCR and a set of speakers that looked like closets. One must remember, that this was in the early 80's, there were no flat screen TV's or CD players, so Trevor had the best that money could buy."You have some wicked equipment here man." I said enviously while I inspected his speakers. There was no response and I turned around to find Trevor staring at me intently."Can I undress you?" Trevor asked. I nodded and he moved closer to me, he grabbed the bottom of my grey sweatshirt and pulled it up over my head. I lifted my arms straight up so the shirt would come off with ease. Trevor tossed the sweatshirt on his king sized bed and then knelt before me, he slowly began to unbutton my jeans, my breathing increased tremendously, I was practically panting. I heard the zipper on my jeans being pulled down and felt my now hard cock stick straight out, making a tent in my white briefs. When Trevor had my jeans off he gazed lovingly at my brief encased erect cock, he placed his hand over the mound and squeezed, which caused a moan to escape my lips."I've wanted to get my hands on your dick for a long time now." Trevor moaned. His hands were busy feeling me up, moving my cock into different positions, and then giving it another sweet rub. Trevor then cupped by balls, still encased in my shorts and gave them a gentle squeeze and tug."Fuck, you gotta nice dick man!" Trevor blurted, and with that statement he pulled down my shorts causing my cock to snap up and smack my flat belly."Mine does the same thing." Trevor giggled nervously."Undress me now, please man." Trevor begged.Only too happy to cooperate I unbuttoned Trevor's Denim shirt, his smooth, ivory white, skin revealing itself to me with each open button. I knelt down and unbuckled Trevor's belt, then unbuttoned his jeans, I fumbled with his zipper, slowly pulling it down. Trevor was rock hard and tenting like I was, there was a small wet spot on the front of his blue briefs, when his jeans were off I pressed my face to his erect cock and breathed deeply. I loved the feeling of his brief covered dick rubbing against my cheek, the smell of his cock and balls, mixed with the slight muskiness of sweat made my mouth water. I pulled down Trevor's shorts till he was buck naked like me."Let's take that shower now bud." Trevor breathed. I agreed without hesitation and followed him into the bathroom.To be continued.

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