1 Mon May 31 2004 - 09:47:42
Fullname: Lynn
Email: agapetoo@yahoo.com
Where are your from?: Houston, Texas USA
Homepage name: Sniders Place
Homepage URL: http://snidersplace.com/
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Comments/Info: :D Great page! You have done a super job here on your site. Great graphics. Wonderful job! :) Keep up the good work & stop by and visit us too. There are some other neat Live Family Cams links you can see at the bottm of my page. Kind of neat. :D Any way I really enjoyed my stay here. Great job!

2 Fri March 19 2004 - 22:50:56
Fullname: Crazy Bob
Email: crazybobwvlt@aol.com
Where are your from?: South Jersey
Homepage name: ten4store.com
Homepage URL: http://www.wvlt.com/crazybob1.html
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Comments/Info: I was the last manager/projectionist at the Delsea Drive-in in Vineland, NJ. It was closed mid-July 1987 by AMC GM Earl Sitinger. Lack of patrons was the reason. We even tried running spanish language films. He said that all inventory was to be transfersd to the Naamans DI. in Delaware. The conncession stand fire occured several years later. Probably the work of vandels. The Bridgeton Drive-in closed in 1989, and was owned by Steve & Remy Fox (they were still operating the Super 130, near Willingboro at that time.) The only asscociation between the Bridgeton & the Delsea was that we use to borrow carbons from each other. We had Ashcraft Core Lites and they simalar lamp houses.

3 Mon February 23 2004 - 00:40:45
Fullname: michele magyar
Email: mfm1450@juno.com
Where are your from?: california
Homepage name:
Homepage URL:
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Comments/Info: I don't see Hi-Way 39 drive-in, it was either in Huntington Beach or Westminster Ca. It was the last drive-in locally until about '95 or '96.

4 Fri February 21 2003 - 12:34:52
Fullname: Cactus Bob
Email: wachovia_138@yahoo.com
Where are your from?: Michigan
Homepage name: Just Another Website
Homepage URL: http://cactusbob.cjb.net
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Comments/Info: Hey, Jim. I can't get your form e-mail thingy to work. Can you please e-mail me with your e-mail address?n

5 Wed November 06 2002 - 09:41:01
Fullname: Rosemary Strobel
Email: yellowbugg@hotmail.com
Where are your from?: Minnesota
Homepage name: na
Homepage URL: na
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
Comments/Info: I'm writing a book on MN drive-in history. I have theater owner interviews. I have an aerial of Coon Rapids, I have 2 of spicer, I have an interview w/the Moose Lake guy, I have several in color of the Grand Rapids Pine Tree, I have the scoop on Rochester MN's, an interview & pictures if them. I have a bead on Navarre, I have Jordan's grand opening photo & interview w/ guy who built it. tehre was a theater in Prior Lake (I have aerial) I have info on the HiY Walker (no photos) it's a funiture store since 88. I talked w the Bemidji guy the Bronco is a church and the cisco screen is the pole barn for his snowmobile. I have the scoop on Red Wood Falls, Fairmont, Spring Valley, 65-HI, Metro area DIs etc etc. I'd like to borrow some of your aerials for my book. Please contact me, I'll tell you which ones. Thank you.
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