Related article: Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 15:18:42 -0700 From: Candy Girl Subject: AJ's AngelNote: Hey guys, it's me Candy! I noticed that no one was reading Tearing up My heart, so I started AJ's Angel. I've only written this chapter and I'm not too sure what's going to happen. If you have any feed back e-mail me Love_and_hugzhotmail.com . I'm not planning on posting if I get nop replies. I want to thankmy girl K.B. for helping me and inspiring me. Anywayz Hussyfan Pics I hope you enjoy, Love and Hugz, Candy OuelletteDisclaimer: Ok Listen this story Is FICTIONAL!!! I do not know the people in this story. I don't if this has happened, but I'm still writing about it. If it is illegal to read this where you are, stop, otherwise enjoy! ***********************AJS ANGEL!!!******************************* "Hey AJ! What's up man?" Howie asked as he was leaving their main living room, noticing that AJ was about to enter. "Not much D. Just going to watch TV." AJ said as he looked at the floor and shuffled his feet."Where you headed?" Games room. Hey don't forget we're going to the Keg for dinner in just over an hour. And by the way, while your in there, wanna wake up sleeping beauty? Thanks man! See ya later!" AJ entered the main room, looked on the couch and smiled. There in front of him, sleeping peacefully was his Angel. He quietly took a camera out of his pocket, aimed it at Nick and took 3 or 4 pictures. He quickly shoved the camera into his pocket, and plopped himself into a chair, then turned the TV on. AJ flipped through the channels for about half an hour , then he saw a commercial for The Keg Hussyfan Pics and remembered dinner. He got up to wake Nick. As he leaned down to wake Nick, he almost kissed him, then remembered what he was doing, so in a soft voice he said, "Nick, Angel...time to wake up." When Nick wouldn't wake up AJ started tickling him, which in short, started a tickling war. After about 10 minutess AJ had Nick pinned on the ground squealing like a a little school girl, "MERCY!! MERCY!!YOU WIN!!!I LOSE!!!" "Oh yeah?? Who's the best? Say it Carter! Say it or else!!!" "YOU ARE!!!YOU ARE!!!" "And who do you love??" "You!! Now let me up you tattooed freak!" AJ stopped Tickling Nick, Leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. AJ got up and left the room leaving poor little Nick very confused and worried. That night at dinner AJ sat at the opposite end of the table, instead of next to Nick as he usually did. The entire night AJ barely talked to anyone. He never even said one word to Nick. He didn't even acknowledge him.And when AJ did eventually look at Nick only once, He had a terrible longing in his eyes, and everyone noticed. Everyone but Nick. When they did get back to the hotel, AJ didn't talk to anyone, but he went strait to his room and locked the door. Brian, Kevin, and Howie all looked at each other with concern in their eyes. Nick said a pleasant good night and went to his room. Brian looked at Kevin And Howie and said, "My room, 1o minutes, we need to talk about those two!" Kevin and Howie both nodded and went to their rooms to change. 10 minutes later All three guys were sitting in Brians room talking, Brian said "Look guys we need to do something. We all know AJ loves Nick, but he won't tell him. What should we do?" They all thought for a moment when Kevin came up with a plan. Kevin looked up to Brian and said "Why don't we just tell Nick?? I mean AJ won't so why don't we?" Brian looked at Kevin thoughtfully and then looked at Howie. "Well Howie, What do you think Howie?" Howie looked up at Brian and then he looked over to Kevin and Said, "Well, I don't know what AJ will think of it but I do know that Nick needs to know and I don't think AJs gonna tell him, so....let's do it!" Kevin, Brian and Howie all spent the next hour and a half figuring out just how they were going to do it. *****The Next Hussyfan Pics Morning***** Kevin knocked on AJ's door at 9 in the morning and yelled, "AJ!!! GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OUTTA BED!!!We've been nominated to go get breakfast.!Hurry up!" Suddenly the door opened and out popped AJ's head, with what little hair he had, all messed up looking totally groggy. AJ glared at Kevin and said, "What do you want??" Kevin looked at AJ and shook his head. He replied, "We're going to Starbuck to get coffee and then to McyDees to get egg McMuffins, so get your butt in gear and get dressed!" AJ glared at Kevin and said to him in a groggy, irritated voice, "I'll be out in 15 minutes...Wait here!" Kevin smiled and nodded his head as AJ closed the door in his face. Kevin ran to Brians room and knocked on the door 4 times. Brian opened the door and let Kevin in. Brian picked up the phone and dialed Nicks number to his room. *Ring*Ring*Ring*Ring* and finally Nick picked up and said in a sleepy voice, "Hello?" "Hey Nick, its Brian, ummm Howie and I need you to get to my room imediatly!!! We need to talk. Like really talk." "Umm...Ok..I'll be there in 10 ok?" "Alright see ya then!" And they both hung up. Brian looked at Kevin and they both high fived each other. *****10 minutes later***** Nick knocked on Brians hotel room door and the door swung open and Brian pulled him in. "What?? I ???What do you guys want??" Nick asked in confusion. "We need to talk, but first why don't you go to the bathroom and use the....uh...shower! Ok??" "umm...Alright then Bri..." Nick went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Brian called Kevin to make sure he and AJ were ready to leave. Once Brian got the OK and knew that AJ and Kevin were out of the building he knocked on the bathroom door and asked Nick, "Are youo done in there?" "Yea Bri I'll be right out." Howie and Brian looked at each other neverously when Nick came out of the bathroom. Howie finally decided to talk. "Hey Lil' Nicky, come here. Bri and I need to tell you something." "Ummm....OK" Nick said as he sat down on the bed."What is it guys?" Brian looked and Howie then at Nick and said, "Well Nick, this is going to be hard to explain, see we know someone who's in love with you but is too afraid to tell you." Nick Butted in, "I knew she was in love with me!!! Its Cloe isn't it? I can SO tell." "No Nick it isn't Cloe, its well I mean it's" "Spit it out man!" "Well Nick it's AJ." Nick stared at Brian with his jaw dropped and all he could manage to squeak out was, "AJ!!" "Yes Nick AJ, Our AJ, Alexander Ja.." "YES YES I know who your talking about but AJ?? I mean AJ??" "Yes. He's been in love with you since the band started. And he's been to afraid to tell you and we thought that we should so now that you know what are you gonna do about it?" Nick just sat there for a moment, a little in awe and then finally said, "I...I have to go and....to my room and...uh...clean it up." Nick left, and Howie looked at Brian and said, "Nick, clean up his room? I don't think so." *****20 minutes later***** AJ and Kevin had just come back with breakfast and Brian called Nick into his room so that they could all eat. Nick came in and wasn't his usual perky self, and AJ noticed. AJ looked at Nick and said, "Yo Chaos whats wrong? Are you sick or something?" Nick gave AJ this hurt and confused look and grabbed his food and left to go back to his room. AJ looked at all the guys and noticed that they weren't suprised by Nick's actions. "Ok, what did you guys do to him?" The three of looked down at the floor guiltily and for about 5 minutes no one spoke, and finally Kevin took a step towards AJ and asked him, "You love our little Nick don't you?" AJ looked around at the three guys around him and mumbled out a muffled "Yea" Kevin looked at Brian and Brian nodded so Kevin said, "All we did was notice that you love him, then this morning we...well uh we..." "You did what???" "We told him." "YOU TOLD NICK WHAT?!?!?!" "We told him that you loved him...Is that ok?" "FUCK NO ITS NOT OK!!! WHO DO YOU GUYS THINK YOU ARE???Oh my god you guys I totally trusted you and look what you've done! Now he Hates me!!!" Suddenly the door opened and standing there was Nick, looking at all of them. He finally said, "You guys do realise that I am next door and I can here everything eh?"Brian and Kevin looked at him, and AJ ran into Brian's bathroom and locked himself in.*****TBCThats the end, remeber e-mail me !!!!!

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